Younger (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 11 - Holding Out for a SHero - full transcript

Millennial is left reeling after another regime change. Kelsey deals with the aftermath of her social media mishap. Liza tries to be polite while letting go of the past. The gang celebrates Diana.

Wow, these tomatoes
look plump.

Supple, even.
Why, thank you.

You off work?

Yeah, I was hoping
to go in with Kelsey.

You know, help soften
the blow over demotion,

but she hasn't replied
to my many, many texts.

Give her time.

Hey, you know, you should
stop by

Josh's new space.

It's in Midtown,
right near your office.

Yeah, I can't do that.

I need to keep our interactions
to a minimum.

I told Charles
I wouldn't see him anymore.

Oh. Chaz gave you
an ultimatum?

He's full of surprises.

No, not exactly.

It was my decision.

That's rigid.

I mean, I'm friends
with all my exes.

Well, except hangnail Helen

and Libby, who had the frog
tank next to her bed.

Josh is more than my ex.

And as much as I've tried,

we are not really
friends either.

Every time I'm around him,
I get these feelings

that I don't want to be

and I don't trust myself.

That's called undeniable

Something like that.

Anyway, I've made my choice.

And it's Charles.

We're peers.
He's age-appropriate.

And it's... it feels right.

You trying to convince me
or convince yourself?

I am convinced!

I want this relationship
to work.

So the best thing for me
and for Josh

is to just have a clean break.

So Josh is your sucker.

Excuse me?

Tomatoes have these sprouts.

They're called suckers.

See? They're cute, right?

But they suck all the water
out of the main stem,

and they distract the plant
from making healthy fruit.

So, you just pinch 'em off.

How're you gonna do that
to Josh?

I don't know.

I just know I have to.

♪ Heart, eyes, overload ♪

♪ It's irresistible ♪

♪ I'm so stoked on you, okay ♪
Season 06 Episode 11
Title: "Holding Out for a Shero"

Oh, don't forget,
your bridal makeup

rehearsal is tonight.

Yes, I can read a calendar,

Just can't sync it
with my phone.

Oh, and the caterer offered
Friday night

for cake-tasting.


I was leaving that open for...

A night of merriment
and libations.

Ladies only.

Oh, a bachelorette party?

Oh, I didn't think
you'd want one.

Yes, that... that's why you're
my maid of honor.

You get me.

I was... I was bringing it up
'cause I don't want one.

Has anyone heard
from Kelsey?

No. Uh, I prepared
a press release

for the musical chairs
that is our publisher.

Oh, and we need
to tell the staff first.

I'd like to hear how Kelsey
would prefer to handle it.

It's almost 10:00.
I don't think she's coming in.

That's understandable.

She's probably suffering
from the bends.

She rose too fast, and all
the pressure, it just...

You can leave it
in this office right here.

Are you... okay?


It was my decision

to accept the Chicago

on their terms, remember?

Yes, but moving out of that
office isn't necessary.

Wait until we've decided
how to notify the company.

No one knows yet.

Let's take care of that.

Morning, all.

Well, good news.

We have found an angel investor

to replace Quinn,

so operations will resume.

That includes the reinstatement

of Charles Brooks as publisher,

and I will be back
editing with Liza.

Kept her head after all.


Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Really, I'm fine.

This is his family's company.
This is his office.

I was just...

keeping the seat warm.

You did much more than that.

You made Millennial.

The imprint you built

kept this company afloat.

Brava, Kels.

Exactly how I would've done it.

And if it's any consolation,

I thought your social media
faux pas was tasteful.

You know, for you.

Or someone like you...
We have a meeting.

It's a manners guide
for millennials.

It's sort of an updated version

of Emily Post's
etiquette books.

Does it include needlepoint
patterns too?

Ooh, gosh, I hope so.
You want to join?

Oh, not to be impolite,

I have a lot to do
to finish up in here.

Of course, of course.

And we have tons of other
projects to consider.

Stop suffocating her.

I wrote "Uncommon Courtesy"

to help my generation learn
acceptable social behavior,

because right now,
we're deplorable.

I am not proud to be
a millennial.

Neither was I.

Since we share so much of our
private lives online

and see much more than we need,

there are no boundaries.

Yeah, one of our co-workers
is learning that the hard way.

Yes, the blurred lines
between work and play.

Do we need to see our colleague
partying in Ibiza?

- We do not.
- Because it does make us

look at them differently.

And then what's proper

"Like" their post?
Comment on their summer body?

- God, no.
- Well,

some affirmation
is polite.

Right? I mean,
what's the alternative?

Stop following?

Definitely an option.

But couldn't that send
another message,

like you don't approve
of their lifestyle

or you don't want to be friends
with them outside of work?

It could.

Everything is so fluid and
ambiguous with this generation.

Which is why manners
are imperative.

Millennials are

Not only when making plans,
RSVP'ing to weddings...

Ugh. Don't get me started.

But when dating.

We struggle to define
our relationships.

And when we no longer want
to engage with someone...

A bad hook-up or an ex...

We ghost them.

Now, this behavior is not only

it is damaging.

My book aims to right
these wrongs.

So, how do you politely
disengage from an ex?

Hypothetically speaking.

Uh, with matters of
the heart, be clear and direct.

Like writing them
a "Dear John" letter.

Isn't that a little

I mean, do millennials even
know how to hold pens?

With careful words
and quality paper,

any message,
however important or painful,

doesn't hurt as much.


Alice, let's just circle back
to the wedding RSVPs, shall we?

♪ It's gonna be
a wild ride ♪

♪ Such a free... ♪

Hey. You okay?

I've been getting asked
that question a lot today.

Do I not look okay?

Oh, come on.
You know what I mean.

We haven't talked
since Chicago.

- What's there to say?
- That I'm sorry.

I feel partly responsible
for what happened.

I posted the video.

Not you.

Yeah, but it was to me.



Look, if I can't run
a social media account,

maybe I shouldn't be
running a company.

Oh, come on.
You're a great publisher.

And one day when you really
do have your own company,

I mean...


I don't know how to do this
with you.

Whenever we try,

one of us loses.

It's like we're cursed.

How do you feel about
me being back as publisher?

I just wish Kelsey
hadn't been unceremoniously

stripped of the title.

She seems to be
handling it well.

- She seems to be.
- How about you?

Always thinking of others.
How do you feel?

I'm not sure.

There's been so many
sea changes around here,

I'm still trying
to find my footing.

Me too.

Ah, Diana.

Uh, flowers aren't necessary.

They're not for you.

They're from Alice Dwyer.

Says on the envelope.

We got "Uncommon Courtesy."

"Dear Liza and Diana,
deepest appreciation

"for meeting me today.

I want you to know that
you're such wise women."

Oh, my faith in this
country's youth...

Actual youth, Liza...
Is restored.

"However, I'm going with
another publisher

and wanted to notify you
as soon as possible."

Well, the flowers
are a nice touch.

Well, Alice is right.

A "Dear John" letter
is more polite

than not hearing
from her again.

Good manners never get old.

I'm taking these.

Dear Josh,

I can't begin to thank you

for how you've changed
my life.

And picturing you not in it
breaks my heart.

But I need to let you go...

This is unacceptable.

You just cut the shining star
from your cis male shit show.

I don't even know where
Dubuque is!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

What is going on in Dubuque?

Not Kelsey.
She's cancelled.

Four publishing events
have uninvited her this week.

They don't deserve her!

It's not all bad.

She's getting a cult following.

Roxane Gay is tweeting
about her.

I... I can spin this.

Yes, we'll be fine.

I'm gonna go tell her that
in person.

Hey, uh, you...
You want to hop into my Uber?

I'm heading into the city
to keep working on

"Infinitely 21 presents
Inkburg Midtown."

Uber? Midtown?
Yas, corporate zad.

More like corporate sellout.

No, no, no, don't think of it
as selling out, okay?

Think of it
as growing up.

I'm just so relieved
that Clare doesn't have to move

to I. now, honestly.

I mean, with this extra cash,

I get to actually
watch Gemma grow up.

Aw, yeah. I mean,
Clare's oat milk skin

was never gonna handle
that year-round sun, honey.

Okay, let's roll.
Wait, wait.

Uh, there was some mail
for you.

Here you go.

Oh, the Uber guy's here.

Okay, so the Publisher's
Roundtable don't want...

Sorry, need you,

and neither do the Young
Presidents' Club in Phoenix.

But on a more positive note...

My schedule is wide open?

Yes! Yes, exactly!

And, uh, you have been asked

to present to an all-female

featuring the next generation's
greatest minds and influencers.

Huh. Uh, what committee?

The, uh...
The Young Women's Charter...


- School?
- High school, yeah.

Okay, nice try.

Why did they ask me?

Because, dude,
you are a digital SHero.

That is hero with an S.

Yeah, they want you to speak
on the dangers of social media.

How you leaned in,
right into the lens,

and now you may suffer
permanent repercussions.

I am not a victim.

No, no, no.

But you are an example

of a woman who made a very
simple mistake,

and the patriarchy's seizing
that opportunity

to tear you down, okay?

I don't understand how you're
totally okay

with all the sexist crap.

I don't want to be
an example or a SHero, okay?

I want to distance myself
from the situation.

Tell them no.

I'm not doing it.

Bronwyn Madigan.

Travis Jason.

Gloria Rivera.

A confident slate
of established writers

and bold new voices.

Many of these are a credit to
Kelsey's impeccable instincts.

- And Liza's.
- Not my moment.

So thank you all for your
patience and your hard work

during this, uh, sea change.

Which brings us to this.

Wha... I thought I passed
on the seafaring book.

You did, but we think we
should, uh, turn the tide.

Good one, Charles.



Is this how it's gonna be?

Just watching all of my
decisions be reversed?

Well, each publisher
has their own instincts.

And apparently mine weren't
so impeccable after all.

Got it.

We have several other titles

that fell through the cracks
of Kelsey's desk.

Fell through the cracks?

Didn't have time for.

We have a satirical
reimagining of Apollo 11.

An exposé on Deflategate.

- Who cares?
- Kels.

Charles does.
And he's in charge.

Charles in charge.

Oh, you're enjoying this,
aren't you?

I get knocked down a peg,

and your list expands,

all because I sent you
that stupid video.

- You do blame me.
- Let's not discuss that here.

Boundaries, Kelsey.

I agree.

Pay attention, Charles.

And you too, Liza.

Yeah! I didn't have
any boundaries at work.

And look what happened.

♪ Guess who got the money ♪

♪ Guess who got the money,
honey ♪

♪ Money, the money ♪

♪ The money, money, money ♪

♪ Mon-mon-mon-mon... ♪

Did you make that?!

♪ Money, guess who got
the money ♪

She got the money, honey,
and that is why you have a job!

That is why we all have a job.

She's a goddamn hero.

Told you. SHero.


I will speak at the school.

Good. They just have, uh,
two teensy requests:

a picture of what
you're gonna wear

and what your pronouns are.

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Hey, hey ♪

My favorite artiste at work.

Hey, uh, since you're here,
do you want to weigh in

on some of these
paint options for this wall?

Do I? Yes.

Legally, I have to.

I'm thinking here somewhere
here in this, like,

midnight void.

I think these, uh, they tie
perfectly with our fall line.

It just... it's...

It's not really
Inkburg's aesthetic.

And they're the three colors
that ad sales approved.

- Copy.
- So pick one of these.

Totally your choice.

Citrus zest it is.

Between you and me,
I don't like these colors,

but I can't officially
dislike them, you know?

If you ever want to unload
your corporate frustrations

to a sympathetic ear...
Because believe me, I get it...

Here's my personal number.

Oh, handwritten and stamped.

Where do you even find
a mailbox these days?

- Beats me.
- Okay.

I'm gonna let you
get back to work,

but seriously, Josh...

unload on me.

I'll leave you to it.

"Dear Josh, I can't begin
to thank you

"for how you've changed
my life.

"And picturing you not in it
breaks my heart,

but I need to let you go."

Got you a cold brew.

Josh, are you okay?

I-I'm gonna take a break
real quick.

I'll be right back.


"From the first time we met,

"you saw me in a way
no one had in a long time,

"not even myself.

"And since then, we've made
so many memories.

Some that still make me

"Some I'll never forget...

"And some I wish I could.

"And now I've left my lie

"and you're a dad.

"Look at us, all grown up.

"The problem with memories is,

"they lock us in the past,

"and we both need to move

"As much as I want you
in my life,

"I can't right now.

I hope you understand why."

♪ Are you ready? ♪

♪ Baby, don't you
feel the love? ♪

There's so many of them.

Yeah, that's because
this is an issue

that affects so many girls.

I mean, imagine having
rampant hormones

and being on the verge
of womanhood in this era.

There are no men in here
for a reason...

They would tear their
pussy-grabbing limbs off

like a pride of lionesses.

Terrifying pep talk. Thanks.

You're welcome.
Go get 'em, tiger.

♪ Money, honey ♪

♪ Money, the money, honey ♪

♪ I got the money, honey ♪

It's a banger.

Right? I would dance to it.

But I'm not okay with it.

I'm angry.

And today, I'm here to tell you
that it's okay to be angry.

This is the story of a women
who rose to be publisher,

made a tiny mistake
on social media,

and lost it all.

♪ I was all caught up
for a while ♪

You guys,
Kels was fierce today.

Those girls were looking at her

like they were in the presence

of a modern-day Betty Friedan.

Okay. Couldn't you have
picked a cuter feminist icon?

We're all feminist icons.

- Yes!
- Amen!

Ooh, ooh, here she comes.

- Put your hats on.
- Ah!

I don't see your van, Enzo.

Well, how could I not know
what it looks like?

I know what your face
looks like, don't I?


Get in the hummer, bitch!

- Ooh, hey, Lauren?
- Yeah, what?

- Less.
- Oh, okay. Sorry.

You did do something.

I get you.

Okay, so how does this work?

Oh, really easy.
You just pick up 20,

and you go like this... bam.

Oh, fascinating.

- Um, yeah...
- Okay, so just hold up this...


You're a lot.
No thank you.

Uh, hi, little one.

Oh. He's athletic.

Well, it's over with Zane.

He didn't take a beat before
exploiting this

to his advantage.

Why do men always win?

Hey, here's a fiver.
You should smile more.

And now the balance of power
has shifted back to them.

Can we stop making this
about men versus women?

Oh, thanks.
Uh, you look good. We're good.

- Are... are you defending them?
- No!

Ladies, there are
bulging crotches in your faces.

Can you focus?
Yeah, I'm good. Okay.

Let's go.

Uh, why are you guys
not getting grinded?

What is it, the lesbian
has to be the wing-woman?

God, if only I could unsend
that stupid video.

There's a letter I'm not sure
I should have sent.

But you did,
so move on.

What letter?

I wrote John
a "Dear Josh" letter.

No... other way around.

A goodbye letter.

What gave you
that stupid idea?

From the meeting you skipped.
The manners book.

Oh, God, thinking about being
in that conference room

bums me out.

When am I ever gonna be happy

to be in there again?

Like, what am I supposed to do?

Climb all the way back up?

To where?

I'm sorry, how did tonight

become all about you?

This is my night!

It's not a coffee klatch

in the Millennial break room.

I want the full
bachelorette experience.

I want to make mistakes I will
regret for the rest of my life.

You want regrets, Diva Bride?

I know just the place.

- Okay.
- All right.

Okay! Here we are!


Get out of the hummer van!

Okay, cheers, diva.
Diva, come on.

Oh, no.

Oh, no-no-no. I...

I can't see Josh.

Did you know we were
coming here?

I forgot we were in a car.

- Hello, sir.
- Hey.

- Lauren texted me.
- I did.

Y'all ladies called me
right before closing time.

Listen, Diana wants a tattoo.

John, just something
small, tasteful...


Something only Enzo can see.

Oh, I would love to, Diana,

but you're just a little drunk.

We're not drunk,
they're drunk.

Um, you're gonna
bleed a lot, so...

- Yeah, I don't want that.
- Yeah, okay.

Okay, no-no-no, Diana.

Let's go to...
Let's go to Metropolitan.

Let's do karaoke
at Metropolitan.

- Yes!
- Thank you for nothing, Josh.

Be careful.

We'll be careful.
I love you.

- Hey, bae.
- I love you too,

Hi. Hi.


You're just gonna
write me a letter?

And then never
talk to me again?

That's the plan here?


Because I care about you.
That's the problem.

I'm calling bullshit.

You convinced me to sign
this lease.

You told me you'd always
be here for me.

That you were gonna be Gemma's
Aunt Liza, right?

Now, what?
Now you're just abandoning me?

I want to give things
with Charles a shot.

I can't go around riding on
motorcycles with you

and having late-night calls,

and you know this is gonna
hurt me too.

It's gonna kill me
not to see Gemma!

Then why are you doing it?

Is Charles that much more
important to you?

Are your feelings for him

than your feelings for me?

Yeah, look... I get it!

Okay? I do.

You're scared...

of us.

Scared of what we were.

Of what we still are.

So now you're making
the safe choice.

You know what, you don't know
anything about Charles!

And don't you tell me
what I feel!

- Okay.
- I know that this is hard

to accept, Josh.

But we were a moment in time.

It was amazing,
and I will cherish it.

But the time has passed.

Then just say it.

Just say it.

Say you love him more
than you love me.

Is that what
you need to hear?


Then fine...
I love him more.

You know, you...

you forget, Liza.

I know you.

I know when you're lying.

Especially to yourself.

You wrote a letter
to the wrong guy.

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♪ Throw the past
in the riverbed ♪

♪ I'm gonna live again ♪

♪ Throw the past
in the riverbed ♪

♪ I'm gonna live again ♪

♪ I know the road ahead
will burn ♪

♪ I know the road ahead
will turn and turn and turn ♪

♪ One, two, three, four ♪

♪ One, two,
three, four ♪

♪ One, two, three, four ♪

- ♪ One, two, three, four ♪
- Thank you for everything,

- ♪ One, two, three, four ♪
- but it's time for me to move on.

♪ One, one, one, one ♪

♪ One, the eye, the contact
we make, two ♪