Younger (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - It's All about the Money, Honey - full transcript

Liza is shocked to see an unexpected costar in her Infinitely 21 ad campaign. Kelsey and Charles head to Chicago with a plan. Josh considers his options beyond Inkburg.

You excited for your trip to Chicago?

To go beg for money?

No. Not really.

- It'll be great.
- I did my research,

and I'm gonna be the
only woman in the room.

And what is wrong with that?

You... will get their attention.

You've never had an issue

being taken seriously, have you?

Uh, I would just use every
asset I had, that's all.

Well, then I guess I have
more assets than you.

All right, you feel good?

I feel good.

Maybe a little bad, like I
should be coming with you.

You know, like... to help you prep

or grab coffees or Yelp restaurants.

Stop feeling guilty.

Quinn was a bad business
partner from the start.

- Yeah, but one we needed.
- We will get the money.

Everything is going to be fine.

- Okay.
- See you soon.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Thank you.





Oh... sorry!


my... God!

So I've done some research.

The Jacobs Group is old-school.

They made their money
in specialty metals

and they've never invested in
this kind of space before.

Well, I'm hoping that means
they'll be hands off.

And after Quinn and Bryce,
that's what we need.

You can run this company.
You don't need some

outsider pushing their agenda.

God, wouldn't that be nice?


Oh, it's my colleague. 'Scuse me.

Hey, what's up?

Hey, I just... I wanted to
wish you both a safe flight

and say good luck.

- Aw. Thank you.
- Also...

have you seen the Infinitely 21 ad?

No. How does it look?

Like a 20-foot tall
photo of me and Josh,

and it looks sort of, um, intimate?

Wait... what?

I thought the campaign was just you.

Yeah, well, I guess that wasn't enough

to sell a bodysuit. Look,

I wanna be the one to
show it to Charles.

Do you think you could
keep him from seeing it

over the next couple of days?

Come on. I doubt it's that bad.

Why don't you reach out to Lauren

and see if she can contact
the company and...


Uh... I'll see what I can do.

- Hey, Kelsey...
- Hey, I hate escalators.

Uh, they're... weird,
and I don't like 'em.

Can we take the elevator?

- It's right...
- Uh, yeah.

Uh... sure.

So... I've got news.

- Hit me.
- Google is offering me

a senior project manager position.

Hey, that's fantastic!

Which means Gemma would get
top priority for daycare.

Awesome! Yeah, we were
hoping she'd get in.

You're gonna be so smart, baby girl.

You're gonna go to Google daycare

and then just skip straight to college.

By the time she's ready for college,

it's gonna be so expensive.

Hey... or free.

Look, I-I just mean

that we don't know
what the future holds.

- Yeah...
- Which is a great reason

for me to take this promotion.

It's a lot more money, Josh.

Hey, you don't have to sell me.

It's also... in Los Angeles.

Wait... what?

Look, I don't want to
separate you from Gemma,

but... I'm trying to think
of the big picture.

This will give us a lot of security

and when she's not in school,
she can spend summers with you.

And what about until then?

She's just gonna stay with you...

in California?

Come on, Clare, that's crazy!

Josh, last year I was working in a bar.

I don't have any savings.

We're both just trying to
do the best we can for her,

and this is the best.

I can't believe this.

I have to get back.

Look, we'll figure it out, all right?

I promise.

Hey, man, is that you?

Holy shit!

Lauren, you're here.

Uh, yeah. Diva's got a dress
fitting at Kleinfeld's.

I pulled a few strings... no big deal.

- Except it's a pretty big deal.
- You're coming too.

There's nothing to do here except wait

and see if the people we sent
to catch our food return.

Lauren, can I talk to you for a sec?


- I saw the billboard.
- So here. Okay.

Why is Josh in the ad,
and why wasn't I told?

It was a hot set! I mean,
anyone in that bar

- was fair game!
- Anyone else in that bar

would be fine, but Josh is...

The ex? Let me see.

You do not...

- Oh...
- It's not "oh."

- There's no "oh."
- You look happy.

I'm normally happy, so I look normal.

Okay, look, how 'bout this?
Just don't think of it as Josh.

It's just a hot guy and a hot girl/woman

who look like they're into each other.

- No one knows that's your ex.
- Well, her current lover...


This emoji!

I-I don't know what to say! I
mean, they're not gonna pull it.

I-I guess the only silver
lining is that it's regional,

so with Kelsey and your boo in Chicago,

it's tomorrow's problem.

I guess that buys me some time.

Yeah, how much time do you need to say,

"Sorry, Charles, my ex
is a big, fat snack?"

Oh, God.

I'm sorry... How did
this become about you?

So none of the other hundreds
of photos that were taken

were good enough for the campaign?

The scooter? People were really smiling

when I was on that scooter.

They were holding in a laugh, Liza.

I am sorry, listen...

I called Shelly from
Infinitely 21 and I asked her

to swap out the photos.
I told her that you felt misled

and that you were uncomfortable
with the final image.

- And?
- This was all in a voicemail.

I left a voicemail for you!

- Zipper?
- Yes.

- You look pretty.
- Eh. I think we can do better.

No, I saw a mandarin collar
jumpsuit in off-white

that was giving me
bedroom eyes... I'll B-R-B.


Sounds like there's
something wrong with it.

I wore off-white to my wedding.

I was ten weeks pregnant
with Caitlin at the time,

- so those were the rules.
- You saw my wedding dress.

It was all taffeta... It was
like wearing a bale of hay.

I was itching all day and night.

By the time I got home,
I had welts everywhere

and Andy wouldn't go near me.

Probably other reasons
for that, looking back.

Well, I don't know about you,

but I didn't know what
I wanted in my 20s.

Oh, you mean two weeks ago?

It does seem a little backwards,

all the pomp and
circumstance and... fabric

for the ones that didn't work out.

Yeah. Seems like the bigger celebration

should be for when you
finally get it right.

You know what?

I agree.

Okay, um... bad news.

The mandarin collar had a lettuce hem.

Diana Trout is not
walking down the aisle

looking like a spring roll.

Also, Shelly Rozanzky from
Infinitely 21 called.

Oh, good!

Mm, did you not hear when
I just said bad news?

No, the campaign is doing
so well that it's...

it's... it's going national.

- Liza, I am so sorry.
- What? When?

It's digital. You just press a button,

so, like... now?

If you two will excuse me.

Where're you going?


I'm just trying to think
of this as practice.

You know, it's our first pitch.

If it doesn't go well,
learn and move on.

Uh, this is our only pitch.

What? You said we had a long
list of investors to meet with.

And when I went through that list,

I realized we have hit
up every single one

except Jacobs.

So this is our only shot at
keeping the company alive?


I'm sorry.

Kelsey, Charles. Jeffrey Jacobs.

- This is my dad Ennis.
- Hi!

Glad you could make the trip.

- Hi, Ennis.
- We're excited to be here.

We made our money in specialty metals,

immutable alloys.

Ha. Do you even know what those are?

Uh, we have both done our research.

What I mean is, uh,

we're not accustomed
to the kind of change

you have to deal with in
the publishing industry.

As potential investors,

how can you put our minds at ease?

Well, this company's been
around for six decades.

We've always been competitive
with the larger houses.

We've even managed to lure away
some of their heavy hitters.

And how have you done that?

Uh, we have done that

by having an appetite for hard work

and by believing that what we
do is for the greater good.

And we participate in the change.

We're not the same company
that we were six decades ago

or even six months ago.

When I became publisher,

I immediately hired a
social media strategist

because that's really the only way

to stay ahead of the curve now.

Everyone says social media,

but how does that actually
translate to better business?

People expect access and transparency.

I post book lists and stories
to my Insta every day.

All of you can find me at
@MillennialKelsey, by the way.

Accessibility and
transparency build trust,

which means as a company,
we'll have more success

launching new authors,

and that's how it translates
to better business.


in the spirit of transparency...

we need your money.

- Hey.
- What's going on?

Do you have any weed?

Yeah, but could have texted me that.

Uh, Clare is taking a new job in L.A.

- What?
- Yeah.

It's a big new promotion which
means a lot more money,

which is great... I mean, we need it,

and obviously, I wanna do
what's best for Gemma.

So hire a lawyer, okay, Josh,

and fight to keep her here.

No, no, no, I don't want to get into

a big legal battle over custody.

Well, no one does, but
sometimes you have to.

I mean, you know me, right?

You know that I fight to
keep people in my life.

I just don't know if it's the
best thing to do anymore.

- What are you talking about?
- There's all these ads

all over the city of me and Liza,

reminding me that no matter
how much you love someone,

it doesn't mean they stick around.

It doesn't mean that you're
what's best for them.

I don't know. I think it's a sign.

No. It's not a sign.

Uh, it's literally a sign, Maggie.

It's in Chelsea, it's in Midtown,

it's on a deli in Gowanus.

- I mean, they're everywhere!
- Okay, okay, okay.

All right, look...

maybe... maybe you take
this new publicity

as a business opportunity.

Maybe... just sayin'...

it's a sign that you
could make more money

so that Clare doesn't have
to take that new promotion.

Okay. How?

I don't know, but Infinitely 21

is making bank off of you.

Why not make bank off of them?

Mm, eh... kinda seems
like a reach, Mags,

don't ya think?

Well, if I were you...

I'd start reaching.

Okay, just to... to
triple, triple check,

"We would love to be in
business with Millennial"

means we got it, right?

We definitely got it.

- Whew!
- I know that was hard.

But you did such an amazing job, Kelsey.

You have my gratitude forever.

This company means a lot to me too.


Let's commemorate this.

Come on, the obligatory
glass-clinking post.

- Ah.
- Just cheesy enough

to make people forgive you
for rubbing your success

right in their face.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

- Go!
- Go.

Cheers. To you.

Hi! So the meeting went well?

- Liza!
- Hi.

What are you doing here?

I didn't have plans for
the weekend, so...

Hi! I, uh...

God, this day just keeps
getting better and better.

- Aw.
- You can celebrate with us.

'Cause we got the money!

Oh, my gosh!

She was un... believable.

- Let me get you a drink.
- Okay.

I am so proud of you!

Thank you.

- I was kind of amazing.
- Tell me everything.

I will, but first tell me
why you're really here.

The Infinitely 21 campaign
is going national.

And so I just wanted to talk to Charles

before he sees it.


- What?
- Not now... come on!

The company's back in black,

and we are celebrating.

You're right. I'll wait.

What? You made out with Chrissie Hart?

Yeah. It was a really "Don't meet
your heroes" kind of moment.

- I'm so sorry.
- Are you?

Actually, no, but I'm a little jealous.

Okeydokey. All right.
I'm gonna go to my room.

Don't keep him out too late,

'cause deal isn't signed yet.

- Night-night.
- Good night.




Guess who got the money, honey?

Guess who got the money,


Kelsey... Lorraine!





No, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!


Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Mm.

Mm. This is my fantasy...

- you, me, coffee, paper.
- Mm.

Mm. You are right.

What am I doing reading the
paper when you're here?


The, um, the Infinitely 21 ad is out.

It's out everywhere. It's in the paper

that you were reading
which is now in my hand.

- Well, let me see it.
- No, no, um...

Can't be that embarrassing.

It's just not what I expected.

There were a lot of photos taken,

mostly just of me, but...

sometimes there were other
people in the shots as well.

You were in some of them.

- Am I in the photo?
- No, um...

Josh is.

- Oh.
- They liked that he was

sort of the inspiration behind
me passing for 26, so...

- He saw it.
- Charles saw my boobs?

What? No, no, the Infinitely 21 ad.


Hey, we might have a big problem.

- What is going on?
- A private video

that I meant to DM to Zane...

I accidentally posted to my story.

What does that mean?

It means everyone that follows
Kelsey potentially saw her...

- message.
- That includes, like,

editors of "The New
York Times" and authors

and all of those investors

that I convinced to follow me yesterday!

Look, I have deleted it,

but it comes up when you Google my name.

Or Millennial. Or publisher.

Or... "Guess Who?"

"Guess Who"?

Guess who got the money, honey?

Oh... I see.

- Well, you look good.
- I'm a meme!

What if this affects the deal?

I don't know.

I mean, I have to think
if it was going to,

they would have canceled
the meeting already.

I hope you're right.

The only thing that we can do is

go down there and sign those papers.

Thanks for meeting me.
I really appreciate it.

My pleasure, honestly.

I mean, I don't have a
ton of time, but...

However much you need.

I, uh, hear that the campaign's

doing really great for you guys.

Oh, I think we've really
tapped into something

- with this ad.
- Nice!

Well, I would like to keep on tapping.

Ha ha ha ha.

- Okay.
- So, I've been wanting

to franchise Inkburg for a while now,

and I've done a ton of
research and I've found that

people associate more
strongly with a brand

when they can link it
to a fun experience.

- Retail-tainment. I'm... familiar.
- Great. So...

what do you think about
partnering with me

to bring your customers the experience

of getting a tattoo
right here in the shop?

- Hmm.
- This is obviously

what it could look like...
I've done some exteriors,

and then inside, I would
just operate one chair,

so I wouldn't need a ton
of space or anything.

In the storefront window? Okay...

Rivington Tattoo just did it at Saks,

and it was a huge success.

We set up shop facing Broadway

so we get every tourist's attention,

and we call it Inkburg Midtown.

It would have to be Infinitely
21 presents Inkburg Midtown.

Absolutely. Yeah.

We offer a certain set of flash pieces

that people can only get in the store.

So a very exclusive line.

The most exclusive.

- I love it.
- Yeah?

Mm. And I love you.

- For bringing us that.
- Right.

So what do you think?

- I'm a hugger.
- Okay.

There was a...

slight social media slip-up last night.

I don't know if any of you saw it,

but it was a silly inside
joke intended for one person,

and it's embarrassing,

but I'm sure it's gonna blow
over by this afternoon.

We understand wanting to share

your big... news.

Bu when we invest,

we want to feel comfortable
in our decision,

and right now, we're all
feeling a little...

- uncomfortable.
- Well, the real issue

is that it's just too
much of a good thing.

Meaning Kelsey's internet presence.

She has quite a following,

which is a great thing for Millennial

and the only reason this post
is even being discussed.

Ms. Peters, have you ever thought about

separating your "presence," as it were,

from the Millennial brand?

After this, I think that
might be a good idea.

You know, we think so too.

We're still interested in Millennial.

That hasn't changed.

But not with Ms. Peters as publisher.

Now, if Mr. Brooks could
return to that position,

we'd keep funding in place.

Kelsey's judgment should
not be up for debate.

This is a woman who has made

nothing but smart decisions
for this company

since she has been in a
position to make decisions.

Which is exactly why I...

understand where the
group is coming from.

This is the right move for Millennial.

What are you doing?

Thank you for your investment.

You guys are in great hands.


- Hey, how'd it go?
- I need to stay behind a day

to finalize some things
with the investors.

What about Kelsey?

You should go back to New York with her.

She needs you now.

And I need you to know
that that photo...

it was just an ad to sell clothes.

That is all.

And it just happened to be with Josh.

I agree, but it made you get
on a plane to fly out here.

I think that's what we
need to talk about.

I just didn't want you
to see it and wonder.

Yeah, I don't have to
see that to wonder.

Everybody's got a past.

But in order to have a
future, you move on from it.

Some people. Other
people live in the past

in order to have a future.

Is that what you wanna keep doing?


It's too complicated.

And that last-minute plane
ticket was really expensive.

I'm not gonna see Josh anymore.

I went to bed last
night with everything.

You'll get it back.

I don't wanna go home.

Me either.

- One more ride?
- Yeah.