Younger (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Episode #3.4 - full transcript

[epic music over TV]

Damn! Wha... so he's dead, right?

No, he's the lead. He can't be dead.

- [sighs]
- Right?



[soft laughter]

Hey, I thought you wanted to, you know,

Netflix and chill tonight.

Ye... babe.

You know that means sex, right?


- We shouldn't tonight.
- What?

Why not?

I just don't think it's a good idea.

- [sighs]
- Period.


Wa... It's not a problem.

You know, I have a designated towel

for these occasions.

It has, like,
a really busy pattern on it, so...

- Hey, hey.
- What?

Just give me a couple days, okay?

[exhales] Yeah.

I get it.

It's like a...

generational thing, you know?

[upbeat pop music builds]

♪ ♪

[upbeat pop music]

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You know, maybe it is
a generational thing.

David was just always so weird about it.

Oh, I bet he'd send you into the woods

until the end of your moon.

You've never had period sex?

Not on purpose. Have you?

Well, if you're a lesbian,
you have to go with the flow,

otherwise you're celibate
for half the month.

Oh, I never thought about that.

And you don't even want to see

when I sync up with a girlfriend.

My bed looks like a crime scene.

Thanks for the warning.

Hey, we've finally
synced up, haven't we?

Yeah! Happy day two.

[upbeat rock music]

♪ ♪

[jewels clatter]


[drill whirring, hammering]


[drill whirring]

[whirring continues]

What the hell is going on in here?


No, you're not.

City ordinances clearly state

you cannot begin
construction before 8:00 a.m.

It is 7:53, and it sounds
like a drone strike in here.

So tell me why I shouldn't
call the co-op president

right this very second.

Honey, unless you woke up

spackled and pressed like that,

you've been at work for a while too.


No, it looks good.

I won't tell on you.

Listen, we got a deadline to hit.

The guys got here early,
so I had them get started.

Well, have them get stopped

until 8:00 a.m.

[electric guitar music]

Guys. Cut the noise.

♪ ♪

- What you looking for?
- [sighs]

Well, I was looking for my assistant,

but now I'm looking for a sweetener

that won't give me cancer.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I stopped at the tailor on my way in

to check on your gown for the opera.

Oh, and Feliciano is all set
to do your hair that night.

Do I need to do anything for your date?

Do you know who you're bringing yet?

Still TBD, Liza.

Diana. I was looking for you.


Bryce is going to sit
in on this morning's

- staff meeting.
- Oh.

We just need to indulge him a little.

Listen to his ideas.

Keep an open mind.

Of course.

[playful music]

♪ ♪

"P is for Pigeon,"
our lead title this season,

is just weeks away from launching.

It is the story of the
world's last passenger pigeon

and a powerful meditation on the...

extinction of the American middle class.

How are the preorders so far?

Slightly lower than we'd hoped,

but 5,000 should put us on the
"Times" Best Seller list,

and that is definitely within reach.

I have put a call in
to the Audubon Society

for a bird-watching and
reading doubleheader

at The Cloisters.

Got it. Can Millennial discuss their IP?

We are planning a college tour

for "The Deciding Decade."


And, uh, we really want to
find the next Warsan Shire.

Nobody's breaking poets right now,

except Beyoncé. Dead end.


Your next authors.

What's up? I'm Kray.

And I'm Tay.

- And we're...
- Both: The Stoopid Girls!


- Tay.
- Hey?

Are you wearing an adult diaper?

Uhh... yeah, I am!

Wait, so are you.

Oh, my God!

Both: Chonie chug challenge!

First one to leak through their Depends

is the winner.

- Chugs.
- Chugs, mm-mm.

Okay, here I go.


There's another 14 minutes of this?

I can scrub through to the end

if you want to see who wins.

I'm not sure this is

on brand for us.

Great books come from great ideas.

We shouldn't be precious
about the source.

And what ideas do these girls in...

diapers have?

They have 5 million subscribers.

If even 1/100 of a percent
of them buys the book,

they're on the "Times" Best Seller list.


That is their manager's contact.

I hate talking on the
phone. What's wrong?

Comment below if you've ever puked.


[car horn honks]

Could The Stoopid Girls
really write a book?

I mean, would they even want to?

To make that much money being stupid,

you have to be at least a
little bit smart, right?

Yes, exactly, and if
they're thirsty enough

to make 187 videos this year,
they'll be down

for any platform that
feeds them more attention.

Snap 'em now while they're
still just Internet famous.

Oh, we emailed their manager.

We just haven't heard back yet.

Oh, they're probably just
busy prepping for VidPop.

- VidPop?
- Mm-hmm.

It's a YouTuber convention

at the Javits Center this week.

There's a YouTuber convention?

No, there are dozens of them,

and they're insanely popular.

I had to promise the firstborn
I'm never having to get

Hector and Dorff to be
the official jockstrap

of the VidPop gift bags.

Ugh. I'll get you passes.


[coaster buzzing]

[sighs] Did we have to come

this close to Beth Israel to meet Max?

And did we have to come here?

I told you, with a doctor,
you got to take it

whenever and however you can get it.

You know, whether it's sex

or a tequila-lime chicken finger.

We've hooked up in the on-call room

three times this week.

Lucky you.

So anytime,


What if you're...

you know...

[quietly] having your period?

[laughs] Why'd you whisper that?

I don't know... I'm just a...

I'm just asking a follow-up question,
never mind.

No, no, no. It hasn't come up yet.

But the only thing I
don't do on my period

is a yoga inversion.

So everything else is on the table?

Wait, is Josh anti-period sex?

No, that's offensive.

I thought he was so woke.

No, he is.

He... wait, what's woke?

Enlightened, i.e., he's not

terrified of the female body.

Oh, ah, you know what?
There's Max; let's ask him.

- No, no-no-no-no-no-no.
- [mocking noises]

- Hey.
- Hi.

Hey, uh, Max, this is my friend Liza.

- And you remember Kelsey.
- Hey, again.

- Nice to meet you, Liza.
- Hey.

Um, honey, quick question.

You're cool with period sex right?

[laughs] Yeah.

I knew it.

- [buzzing]
- Oh, shit, it's me.

[groans] I got to get back.

My attending's letting
me do the episiotomy

on a tiny woman having
a huge baby, so...

- Bye.
- Bye.

So? What do you guys think?


- He seems really nice.
- Yeah.

He... uh, he was super cute.

Nice handshake.

You know, it says a lot.

It does, it does.

Oh, I'm so glad you guys get him.

[playful musical flourish]


[clanging and thudding]

- [tools banging loudly]
- God damn it!

You are at least 45 minutes

past the legal cutoff
time to be working.

It's not even that late.

I read 15 books a week for work.

That is impossible to do with you

jackhammering away over here.

Do you even know what a jackhammer is?

- I'm gonna call the board.
- All right, slow down.

No, I don't need to slow down.

What I need is peace.

What I need is privacy.

What I... Honey.

What you need

is to get fucked.

[metal clanging]

[upbeat sultry music]


Go, go, that way, that way.


[upbeat pop music]

♪ ♪

Okay, I have never
felt so old in my life.

Ah... me neither.

Okay, The Stoopid Girls
are on in an hour.

Ugh, but maybe somebody else
has a book you could sell?

Oh, God, I hope not.


- All right, come on, let's go.
- Yeah.

[electronic pop music]

♪ ♪

Hey, guys!

My name is Soy Random

because I'm...

- All: Soy random!
- Yeah!

I've been eating way too
many gluten-free cupcakes

so I made this exercise
bike to mix them up

so I don't feel bad
about eating all of them!


Oh, my God, she's Soy Random.

[upbeat music]

All right, anything can be hacked.

If you just use your brain, okay?


I couldn't get a date

until I figured out how to hack

the vagina! Am I right?

- [chuckles]
- Ladies,

watch at your own risk.

- Uh!
- [gasps]

[indistinct chatter]

♪ ♪

Hey, y'all.

- We're the...
- Both: Stoopid Girls!


- Ew.
- Gross.

Who wants to poke

the Dare Bear?

Crowd: Me! Me!


Hey, look at this.

Noob1993 dares me to wax off

- one of my eyebrows.
- [laughs]

- That's so stupid!
- So stupid!

- Oh, yeah.
- Do me up, Tay!

Waxing it on.

Wax it on.

Wax it off.

[both groaning]

Should I do it?

Come on!



All: One!

[crowd groans]

- Yeah!
- [screaming]

- [grunting]
- That was so stupid!


They're gonna save the
publishing industry?

Ah... Ah...

[upbeat music]

- [catcalling]
- Oh, yeah!

I wonder if Bryce would
be into a lifehacker book,

but, like,

like a sexy one?

I don't think you should let

anyone who calls themselves a lifehacker

anywhere near your coin purse.

Oh, ooh. Guys, we're up, we're up.

- Come on, move it along.
- Yeah, go, go. Go, go, go.

Hey, dummies.

Hi. I'm Liza,

- and this is Kelsey...
- Hey.

And we're from Millennial Print.

We'd love to talk to
you about doing a book.

- Really?
- But...

how can I write a book if I
never learned how to read?

Wait, where'd you say
you guys were from?

Millennial, it's a imprint
with Empirical Publishing.

Bah! Big words hurt my brain stub.

- Picture time!
- Whoo!

- Whoo!
- Oh.

- Ha-ha.
- Yay. Okay.

- Oh.
- All right, let's go.

Uh, do you think you can

center the jockstrap on your...
on your chin?

But then I'm gonna get teabagged

by this big nasty thing.

Yep... no, just so they
can read it on Instagram.

Dude, it's, like,
three grand for social media posts.

My manager will kill me.

Okay, I'm just gonna sneak one.

- Go, take her off.
- Real quick, I'm sneaking one.

- Buh-bye.
- Okay. Bye.


Uh, excuse me?

Uh, you're from Millennial Print, right?

You're... Tay?

Uh, Taylor.

Nice to actually meet you.

Um, look,

I don't know if you would
be into this at all,

but I actually have a novel that
I started when I was at Iowa,

and I just, like, never did...

You went to the Writers' Workshop?


Yeah, um, this whole
Stoopid Girls thing was

supposed to be, like, a goof.

Wow, this is... not
what I was expecting.

I'm so grateful for it,

but I just... I feel
kind of boxed in now.

And my manager says that
dense historical fiction

isn't trending, so for now, I'm stuck

acting like a drunk child

while I pay off the
rest of my student debt.

You know what? Um...

Send me a few chapters of your novel.

I would love to read it.

Oh, my God.


Thank you so much.
That would mean so much to me.

You have no...

Now slowly back away.

[playful music]

Just... just trust me.

♪ ♪


Selfie? Hello.

♪ ♪

It's a historical novel about Theodora,

the empress who went
from prostitute to power

during the Byzantine era.

Oh, I think I know a
drag queen by that name.

- [laughs]
- Very funny.

She's so cute when she
nerds out over books,

- isn't she?
- No.

This is about more than a book.

I mean, if this hits,

she could finally be who she really is

and stop pretending every day.

Oh. Hmm.

[both laugh]

Are you going home or
you wanna... [tsks]

- Ugh... I just... I think...
- Oh, all right.

No, it's good, it's good.

I got a full sleeve tattoo
to do in the morning,

so I'm gonna go home and sketch.


Good night.

- Good night, ladies.
- Bye.

Good night.

- Girl.
- Ugh, I know.

Am I a prude?

Uh, a little bit.

But, you know, sooner or later,

your desire to get laid is gonna trump

your desire for your awkward modesty.

And you're just gonna go for it.



Now, come on. It's our heavy flow day.

I want to get home before
we get mauled by a bear.


[tool clanking]

Excuse me.

[drill whirring]

It is after 7:00 p.m.

And you know the rules.

You're not gonna get off

- so easily this time.
- [tools clanking]

So put down your big tool

and stop all that...


You done?

You're liable to

flood the basement?

I don't... know... if that...

♪ I'm fabulous, I'm major ♪

♪ All you other girls in danger ♪

♪ I'm fabulous, I'm major ♪

- I know.
- Good morning, ladies.


She's smiling.

With both rows of teeth.

[phone ringing]

Oh, no, thank you.

I had one when I came in. Here.

Is there a problem
with the opera tickets?

No. I want you to have them.

Take your boyfriend or...

whatever it is you're doing now,
I can't keep track.

Enjoy the opera.

But your dress?

And Feliciano...

I already called him.

I'm busy tonight. There's some

construction in my building I need to

stay on top of.

- Well, I'd be happy to...
- No, Liza!

This is something I need
to supervise personally.

Enjoy the opera.

[playful music]

♪ ♪

Bryce will be here in a minute.

Oh, cool.

- Oh.
- Uh, I'm in the wrong room.

No, no, no. This is Tay... lor.

Uh, you might recognize her

as one half of The Stoopid Girls.

I thought I cancelled that
when I read the chapter.

I'm... I'm supposed to be
on a VR meeting with Venmo.

I'm acquiring Venmo. Don't tell anyone.

Wait, Br... Bryce, why...
why would you cancel the meeting?

The chapter was great.

Great disappointment.

Who wants to read historical
fiction from a Stoopid Girl?

Feminist historical fiction.

I love feminist historical fiction.

Ask Doris Kearns Goodwin.

I have her number. She's
a huge fan of mine.

But she can't do
"smell my finger" like she can.

Are you okay?

Kray and I are starting the

human pincushion
challenge in an hour, so

I may as well get started.

See, now, that's stupid.
That's your brand.

Maybe we can do something with that.

It's for digital, and
MTV already bought it.

Oh, my meeting is at Venmo.

Don't tell anyone.

I am so sorry. Excuse me.

[hip-hop instrumental music]

♪ ♪

That was very rude.

You tried to game the system.

Clever. I'll give you that.

You wanted a YouTube author.

Liza, relax.

You're an asset, okay? Your job is safe.

Why wouldn't it be?

Because I'm recommending we cut staff

by 45% next quarter.

Not you, just the old people.

Like Diana.

Empirical has to change.

Uh, can you?

Your nostrils are flaring.

I... I should have softened that.


♪ ♪

[elegant orchestral music]

- Babe, am I underdressed?
- [chuckles]

People are wearing capes.

- That's 'cause she's a vampire.
- Ah.

[laughs] Is it free?

Yeah, it's a benefit.

Everything's free.

Thanks. Cheers, babe.

[glasses clink]

They all go to the same plastic surgeon?

'Cause they all look exactly the same.


The 1% likes to keep
the bloodlines closed.


♪ ♪

Wait, isn't that your boss?

Yeah, should we go say hi?

Uh, no. No-no-no.

Uh, he's on a date.

Huh. Good for him.

She's hot.

Actually, I'm gonna go use the restroom.

- I'll meet you inside.
- All right.

[sultry pop music]

♪ Call me up, baby,
call me up, call me up ♪

♪ ♪

Excuse me?

Uh, where is the, uh,


Who, Enzo?

He's already moved on to the
next jobsite in Westchester.

What? [whirring]

Pipe's been laid, ma'am.

[whirring continues]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

[wrench clangs]

♪ ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

[sprightly orchestral music]


Charles, hi.

- Hi.
- Wow, um.

I... I didn't know you
were gonna be here.

This is such a surprise.

Diana gave me tickets.

How wonderful.

Do you need a hand with that?

Yes, I do...

Do you mind?

♪ ♪

[zipper buzzing]

♪ ♪


Radha. This is, uh,

a colleague of mine. Liza Miller.

Ah, it's lovely to meet you.

Oh, you too.

And what do you do at Empirical?

Oh, I'm just an assistant.

She's being modest.

Liza's co-running our
Millennial imprint.

How did it go today with
those Internet stars?

The Stoopid Girls.

A favor to our new investor,

a young guy in tech.

And Liza's imprint is the

shiny penny that keeps him
interested in Empirical.

That's me.

Shiny penny.

I wanted to talk to you about something

- that Bryce said today...
- Liza.


Figured I'd hit the bar before we go in.

Josh, you remember Charles.

Yeah, nice to see you again.

You too.

- Uh, this is Radha.
- Pleasure.

Hi. [bell chiming]

Oh, we should take our seats.

Have fun tonight.

Both: You too.


♪ Try to keep your arms up ♪

♪ Watch the ceiling light up ♪

[lively opera music]

[man singing operatically]

[sighs] That was fun.

Never again, though, right?


[singing operatically]

♪ ♪


Good thing I already ordered a Lyft.

Denang will be here in 11 minutes.

- Come on, this will be faster.
- What?


[singing operatically]

♪ ♪

We can go to the opera

whenever you want.

[opera music flourishes]

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- -