Younger (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Episode #3.3 - full transcript

What's with the canvas?

Some artist friends are coming over,

and we're gonna give Yves
Klein a run for his money.

Sounds messy.

Speaking of, how's Josh?

I'm lying and he's wasting his youth.

But I think we're happy.

Enjoy it and don't think so much.

Also take anything
out of the living room

that you care about

unless you want it back
in a different color.

Glad you could stop in, Bryce.

Have you had a chance to
look at the press release?

I have.

Any comments?

It's basic-ass boilerplate.

Excuse me. "Basic-ass"?

Bryce is being generous.

This release is vague and stodgy.

And nowhere in this
document do I read the words

"ground-breaking" or "visionary."

Kim's been my publicist since MIT.

I'd like her to take a pass.

We typically handle
press releases in-house.

I'm so sorry I'm so late.

The barista was having
a particularly bad day

and felt like sharing.

I guess I just have an open face.

And an open mouth.

- Could you...
- Okay.

You're still drinking coffee.

We switched to coffee cubes a while ago.

Oh, I've been wanting to try those.

- You can.
- This is so sad.

I'm sorry; what does this

have to do with the press release?

You can't describe a flavor

you've never tasted, Deeana.

Where you see a circle,
Bryce sees a tree.

Uh, put out the release as is.

I think we have bigger fish.

He's given us a lot of money.

I think he just wants to be heard.

Well, I hear him.

The question is, should I be listening?

I'm laughing, but I'm not happy.


Hey, what's wrong? Are you okay?

It's not me.

It's the Book Nook.

It might be closing.


That's impossible.

The Book Nook's an institution.

Which hasn't turned a profit in years.

Rumor has it a SoulCycle
may be moving in.

"Be careful what you wish for"

is the story of my life.

This is so sad.

We used to sit in those big
brown chairs at the Nook

every Saturday for hours and read.

And gossip.

Well, it's not a done deal yet.

The book club is
getting together tonight

to plan a fundraiser
to help save the store.

We really need you here, Liza.

I feel like my best memories
of that store are with you.

I'll be there.

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Okay, I don't want to do this.

Uh-uh. No, no, no.

You haven't been out since Thad passed.

And I know you, Kels.

You have to keep swimming or you die.

That's sharks.

Yeah, sharks and you, girl.

Come on, this is gonna be fun.

Okay, oh, nope. Gross.

Ooh! Yes, winner.

Do you like a super thin mustache?

Okay, can you stop pointing?

It's rude not to point in here.


Do you work at PJ Clarke's in Tribeca?

What? No.

Are you sure?

I work in finance, so I'm there a lot,

and you look really familiar.

Well, my fianc? worked in finance...


He died recently.

Wow, that's...



Eww. What a psycho.

Okay, you sit on your perch...

- Okay.
- And smolder, okay?

I'ma go find us a home base, all right?

Stay. I'ma text you.

Please tell me you're
not in a relationship.

It just ended.

What's wrong with that guy?

He died.

What, um...



Dead ex. Dead ex.


Lauren Heller?

Yes, the one and only.

Max Horowitz.

Oh, my God, Max?

Camp Rahmah!

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Last time we saw each other,
I think we were both

getting checked for lice
in the nurse's office

Yeah, I remember.

You told me that lice
was one of the many bugs

I had living on my body.

Yes, always had the mad
skills with the ladies.

Why do you have all those pagers?

Oh, I'm a doctor now. Well, intern.

God, that makes so much sense.

Hi, hi. How's it going?

- Terrible.
- What?

As soon as guys find out about Thad,
they bolt.

Okay, how are they finding out?

I don't know. It just comes up.

You try having a dead fianc?

and not mentioning it.

Hi, I'm Max.

Hi, Max.

I'm leaving.

What? Kelsey, please don't go.

I just...
I need some alone time; okay, you stay.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

But text me. Text me
if you need anything.

- Okay.
- Bye.

Ooh, that's a long story.

She's... she'll be fine.

So, uh, where were we?

Um, lice check.

Should I get us a drink

before we start talking color wars?

- Oh, yeah.
- Yes.

I have a lot to say
about that, actually.

That Blue Team was definitely doping.

All right. All right, yeah.

- Well, I'll be right back.
- Okay.

Okay, do I have to wax?


Oh, it is so good to see that face.

I've been worried about you

ever since you quit Neiman's.

Oh, I'm fine.

That commute from Brooklyn was too far.

Too far away from that boy toy of yours,

Mm. Everybody's here.

- Hey!
- Here, drink this.

We're all already two
Bloody Mary Shelleys deep.

I really want to thank all
you ladies for coming out.

Maybe I'm being stubborn,

but I am just not ready
to let this place go.

Well, neither are we.

I think we need to get
people's attention.

Let the community know

we may lose a landmark.

Attention would be
great, but we need money.

I still think the best
idea we've had so far

is the calendar.

What's the calendar?

We started a Kickstarter
to do a nudie calendar

like in that movie.

Oh, wow.

But then Leslie's husband

started a Kickstarter to stop us.

He made double the amount
of money we have...

Thinks it's hilarious.

Yeah, but it's all
going to the bookstore,

so either way, we win.

We should do it.

I call July.

Me, in a star-spangled top hat,
naked as a kitten.

That's gettin' eyeballs.

I'd slip a nip for the Nook.

Oh, you know I'm all in.

What about you, Liza?

I have seen that ass at Zumba.

What do you say?


And those legs?

You could be the maypole of May.

I don't know.

April and May.

We could stretch those
things over two months.

Oh, my God, yes!

Are we sure this is the best idea?

- Yes.
- Heck yes.

How was the book club meeting?

Memorable, as always.

But we're definitely
gonna lose The Book Nook.

Everybody wants easy
and simple and online.

No one wants to go inside
an actual store anymore.

It's sad.

I used to take Caitlin there
every Saturday for story hour.

You can't replace that with a click.

Trust me, I get it.

I mean, now there's no good place to go

to the bathroom in Midtown
since that Borders closed.


I've been dreaming of this day

since I was 12 years old.

I have a girlfriend.

- Ugh.
- Wha...

Well, the press release came out.

"Hungry Tech Titan Feeds
on Publishing House."

That's not good.

Thank you, Miss Marple.

Every news outlet's reporting the same.

They're calling it a
"cultural disaster."

They're not wrong. I mean, it feels

like paper books aren't
long for this world,

and that is a cultural disaster.

Bryce wants to meet right now.

Where is he?

The Great Wall of China.

This is amazing!

Stop swinging your arms.

Where are Bryce and Kim?

Behind you.

We were in the middle of a quest

when we got the news.

"The Post" called me
a cultural predator.

This is just old media feeling
threatened by new media.

Everyone is in a technopanic.

Well, why don't we go back to the 1400s

and kill the printing press?

He's really upset.

You guys need to make this un-happen.

We will definitely put
our heads together.

No one wants bad press.

And let's not let ego get in the way.

If you need me, you
know where to find me.

Where's that, Narnia?

We should go discuss this someplace...

out of goggles.

Where's Liza?

Oh! I'm over here.

You can see over the edge of the wall!

Oh, God, this is not
good for my vertigo.

I'm going over!


Come in.


Hey, there. How's Diana?

Oh, uh,

refused to see a doctor,

but happy to treat me like a nurse.

- Please sit.
- Um, about Bryce...

I have kind of a crazy idea.

I am open to anything.

My hometown bookstore's about to close.

The town is trying to
raise money to save it,

but it doesn't look good.

If Bryce donated money to keep it going,

it would be enormous for the store

and good press for him.

Or maybe I'm just being selfish.

That store was my sanctuary.

It's where I first really
fell in love with literature.

And it was a great hang out.

My friends and I would sit around with

our coffees on the weekends for hours

and complain about our hus...


Well, I think it's a great idea.

- Really?
- I'm gonna pitch it to Bryce...

on the phone.

Thank you.

Thank you.

And it was Diana's idea.

You don't have to say that.

I do.

It was so real, Kels.

I saw a panda.


- Code Bread.
- What's Code Bread?

Lauren is on a bottomless
breadstick binge,

which means something is really wrong.

I don't have the emotional reserve

to deal with this alone.

- Okay.
- Come on.

Max is just... He's so different

than the people I'm
normally attracted to.

You know, he's my age. He's hetero.

He's a doctor.

Oh, my God. Am I basic?

No, you are not basic.

No, no, you're right; that's insane.

That's... but what if I'm straight?

- So?
- Ew!

Lauren, sexuality is
a spectrum, remember?

You told me that.

Yes, when we first met

and I was trying to make out with you!

And now I look at you
and I feel nothing.


Um, hold on.

Oh, my God, it's a
picture of us from camp.

Ah, Max's mom found it.

Oh, my God,
he's already told his mom about me.

I should end it.

Or should I run over to the hospital

and blow him in the call room?

I mean, he's on a break,
which he rarely gets,

and it would help me get my edge back.

You know, I'm gonna go. I am.

Don't tell Maggie about this, okay?

Not until I figure it out. Bye.

A man twisted his ankle running

away from me last night,
and she meets a doctor?

Life's a mystery.


You okay?

Charles had to leave,

but he told me about
your bookstore idea.

It was a shot in the dark.

I was just trying anything.

Bryce is on board.

He's gonna donate $300,000,

which will cover the rent
for the next five years

and get him a lot of good press.


good thinking.

Cradle, don't squeeze. I'm injured.

Hey, any good news?

A lot of it, actually.

This tech investor guy
showed up out of nowhere

and offered to pay The Book Nook's rent

for the next five years!

What? You're kidding me!

No, I am not.

He is flying here
tomorrow in a helicopter.

We're all gonna go to
the park and meet him.

God, I cannot believe it.

And to think how he found out about us.

How's that?

Well, obviously the Kickstarter

for the nudie calendar.

I mean, how else is
some Silicon Valley guy

gonna hear about our little bookstore?

Well, if that's the case,

he might be expecting a show.

Oh, honey, you know I'm ready.


You ready to go to Jersey?

Oh, no, I'm gonna stay here
and hold down the fort.

- What?
- Oh, here you go, sir.

You're coming.

When we land at the bookstore,

people are gonna want to thank you.

Lean in, girl.

Oh, no, it's okay, really.

You know, I still have some PTSD

from the whole mall experience.

Isn't it your hometown?


But you know what they say:

you should never go home again.

Or you probably shouldn't.

Especially with coworkers.

Plus I need to stay in
the office for Diana.

Oh, is she still "hurt"?


But she'll tough it out,

because that's what we do in publishing.

This was your idea, Liza.

I'd like you to be there.


It's all over, Maggie.

As soon as that helicopter lands,

my two worlds are gonna collide.

Oh, my God. Liza.

What am I gonna do?

Do you have a parachute?



Here it comes!

I've got to tell you all something.

People in this town know me.

And it's possible they might
be saying things about me

which might be confusing.

I'm not the person you think I am,

and I... I don't want you to be shocked.

Take it back up.

We're not landing.

- What?
- What do you mean?

Kim just told me that Old Man Zuckerberg

rescued an independent
bookstore in Detroit

staffed by orphans or some shit.

I can't look like I'm copying him.

Well, you can send it anonymously.

Take it back up, Ryan.

Oh, God, it's like

the Great Wall of China all over again.

It looks like it's turning around.

Oh, no, it's just circling.

No, it's going back up!

Do they not know it's us?

Hey! Hey!

Someone show their tits!


Come back!

What were you gonna say?


You said you didn't
want us to be shocked.

- Did I?
- Yes, and you also said

you weren't the person
we thought you were.

Who are you then? What's
the big bad secret?


I... I was a slut in high school.


- Hey, hot stuff.
- Hey.

Hey, can we hang out later?

I'm kind of in the middle of a project.

This is important.

Um, Maggie... I...

I ran into an old friend

that I haven't seen in, like, forever.

- Uh-huh.
- And, um, we hooked up.



What's her name?

Uh, his name...

is Max.

- Oh.
- He's nice and he's sweet

and he's cute as a little button,

you know, but, God,
he's so traditional, you know?

I mentioned a thruple,

and he said that he
didn't want to share me,

which, I mean, that's 100% adorable,

but I don't know;
this whole thing is just so not me.

Look, Lauren, I mean this with love.

Stop trying to be so interesting.

Excuse me?

Just date the guy.

What? Really?


Oh. Maggie.

You'll always be my owl.

That's sweet.

You're gonna be okay, right?

I think so.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- Um, I'll call you.
- Okay.


So... where were we?

I still don't know how we
fix this negative publicity.

Don't worry about that.

We'll release good books,
and good press will follow.

I guess.

So I heard your fianc? was
pancaked by a steel beam.

He was.

So then you're single?



The fact that my fianc? died,
that doesn't bother you?

I mean, I didn't know him.

Why would I care?

Thank you for not caring.

People say hot, meaningless sex

helps the grieving process.

Bye, Bryce.

I still have the helicopter.

We can go hover over the
Coldplay concert in the park?

I am so sorry this didn't work out.

Me too.

Honestly, I'm starting to question

whether it was smart to
bring someone like Bryce on.

The company needs the money.

Yeah, but you never know

what's gonna happen when you get in bed

with a 26-year-old.

That's a... business term.

Of course.

See you tomorrow, Liza.

Okay, I'm gonna have
one, maybe two drinks,

and then say good-bye.

You have as many as you want.

I'm sorry again about the bookstore.

It's okay.

Bryce was only a temporary fix.

I'd have had to say good-bye eventually.

Have fun.

Isn't this where we used to stand

every Saturday and listen
to June read to the kids?

It sure is.

That's when we had the
idea for the book club.


I thought I had the
idea for the book club.

Well, maybe an early permutation,

but not the book club.

That was me and you.


Here's the wine stain from when Sherry

explained sensation play to Joanne.

Oh, my God.

If we're gonna re-live the
"Fifty Shades" night,

I gotta get the hard stuff.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What are you doing here?

I thought I'd stick around

in case Liza needed a designated driver.


Which it looks like she might.



You are the real deal,

aren't you?


Helicopter was coming down. And then...

It went back up.

What's that for?

Oh, I'm just happy for you, is all.

Tom didn't even offer to drive me,

and he knows how much I like to drink.

And guess whose pubes
went white overnight.

Listen. I'm not sad.

Nothing lasts forever.

And we sure enjoyed it while we had it.

That's the most important thing.

Here's to the next chapter!

The next chapter.

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