Young & Hungry (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Young & Getting Real - full transcript

(Announcer) Ladies and
gentlemen, Kym Whitley.

♪ 'Cause she's bad like that
I like that ooh, baby, ♪

- (screams)
- ♪ Ooh, baby, baby ♪

♪ I like that ooh, baby ooh, baby ♪

(cheers and applause)

Hey, y'all! Kym Whitley in the house!

Well, not my house 'cause
I wouldn't have all y'all

- in there.
- (laughter)

Well, welcome to the
set of Young & Hungry!

- (cheers and applause)
- Yes, yes!

It is Fan Appreciation Day!

- (cheers and applause)
- Whoo!

We're taking a look back at
everyone's favorite moments

and answering some burning
questions from our superfans.

And where my superfans at?

(cheers and applause)

Are y'all ready to meet the rest
of the cast of Young & Hungry?

(cheers and applause)

All right, let's show some love

for Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski,

Rex Lee, and Aimee Carrero!

Keep it up!

(cheers and applause)

Well, it looks like we
have all the stars out here.

(cheers and applause)

We have a superfan
waiting to ask a question.

(cheers and applause)

All right, we have Desiree
from Whittier, California.

- Hi, Emily.
- Hi! (giggles)

Everyone knows you from Hannah Montana.

What is it like being on a
different but more adult show?

I could never say "Oreo-gasm" on...


There's a few funny lines that...

The funny thing is that Rex actually has

a wrecking ball in his room
that he likes to swing on

- (Emily) Yes.
- before the show.

(Emily) Yes, yes, yes.

But it's great and we have so much fun

and the camaraderie of the
cast feels a lot like the

camaraderie we had
over on the other show,

and both of them were
very lovely experiences.

- (cheers and applause)
- (Emily) Thank you!

One of my favorite
things about Gabi is that

she is able to talk
herself out of any situation

- and others into them.
- Yes.

Let's take a look at Gabi's shenanigans.

(cheers and applause)


She's so nervous.

Listen to her babble.

She's definitely hiding something.

No, no, I'm not hiding anything.

I just babble! I'm a
natural born babbler!

My parents were gonna name me Brook!

I had a little bit of car trouble,

which involved jumping
out of it to save my life!

And then I was gonna call you,

but then the trolley ran over my phone.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Okay, so I didn't win Top Chef,

and I don't have any awards.

Heck, I don't even have a boyfriend.

But you know what I do have?

Lots and lots of debt.

I think talking is, uh,
really the way to go here.

You know, with talking, you... I
just... I wanna know more about you!

You know, like what makes you laugh,
what makes you cry. Do you recycle?

Have you been to Washington, DC? (gasps)

Thank you! And if she's not the
best interview you've ever had,

I will work for free.

No. Went too far.

The point is she will be great,

and you will still have
to pay me. Good day, sir.

- Okay, can I just tell you one...
- Shh.

- more thing?
- Shh, shh.

My mom used to do this to me
when I talked too much. (chuckles)

Oh, my damn,

does that girl go on and on!

Kym, I love it when you say,
"Oh, my damn," on the show.

- I don't say it that much.
- You say it so much,

- you started saying it in real life.
- Yes!

- Ah!
- That's how you know.

- That's how you know.
- Okay, Kay, Kay, Kay.

- Wait a minute, you guys have
- Okay, Kay, Kay, Kay.

catchphrases too! That's all right.

You know, I put this together,
so I know there's a clip!

Show the clip of little catchphrases.

- How 'bout that?
- (cheers and applause)


Magic gay powers, activate!



Let me hear you say, "Hey!"

(All) Hey!

- Shwa. Shwa. Shwa.
- Shwa?

- Too bad you don't have a... shwa.
- Shwa!

That's not how you shwa.

Yay! Yay! (chuckles) Yay!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey, Cupid, or as I call
it... (sing-songy) hey, Cupid.



I am Sofia Maria Consuela Rafaella
Rodriguez, and you're done!

Shh. Never say your real name.

Call me Lil So So.

How much is it?

- Uh, $15.
- Dammit! We don't have enough.

Well, you don't need enough
when you got Lil So So!

- (Gabi screams)
- Oh, my God!

Don't scare me like that! I
almost went Lil So So on your ass!

- Let me see if these are any good.
- Wait, hold on. They're really strong.

Bitch, please.

You think Lil So So is
afraid of a little chronic?

Oh, my damn! Gabi, come on in!

Oh, my damn!

Oh! Oh, my damn! Oh,
my damn! Oh, my damn!

Yay! We're having a baby!

- Yay! Yay!
- (Both) Yay!

- You have my blessing. Yes.
- We do?

(Both) Yay!

- _
- "Yay."

You know what I'd do in your situation?

Put a couple quarters in
and ride the spin cycle.

(chuckles) Hey.

(cheers and applause)

Well, you know, we love you guys

and we're glad that you're here.
Um, we have Graham from Nashville.

My question is for Jonathan.

- Moi?
- (Rex) Man to man? Man to man!

Do you have any pre-show
superstitions or rituals?

I have this weird thing I do.

It's more... It's not a
superstition or a ritual.

- It's more of an OCD thing.
- It's terrible.

I... I burp before every take.


because I always feel like
I'm gonna burp or, like,

have a hiccup during the
scene, and I feel like if I

burp before the scene, I
won't do it. It's very strange.

I pee and I brush my
teeth before every scene.

- But not in...
- Every scene?

- Not in combination
- At the same time.

- with each other!
- At the same time.

No, not in combination. No.

- Wow.
- That is pretty unusual.

I do... I do the, you know... (babbles)

- No, you don't!
- (Aimee) No, she...

- You're so full...
- Ask Rex!

Don't I? And you told me to stick my

- finger in my mouth.
- Not your finger!

- Oh! A pencil!
- (Aimee) A pencil!

Okay, never mind. Okay, let's move on.

- I'm so sorry. Um... this is all bad.
- It hurts!


Just because we have,
uh, pre-show rituals

doesn't mean that we don't mess up.

And what I'll tell you...
this group messes up.

- (laughter)
- Not me.

- No.
- Let's show you some of our favorite

bloopers, which I'm not in.

(cheers and applause)


- Jonathan, stop burping!
- I can't!

(burps) Uh...

- Seriously, that's so gross!
- I'm all gassed up! It's not

- gross. You burp all the time.
- I have to leap onto you.

I don't do it outwardly.

- What do you... what do you do then?
- I would walk in a corner and do it.

- Okay.
- Not in here!

- I can't believe you brought me here!
- Where... (babbles)

Juju, we're... (chuckles, clears throat)

- (Man) Cut!
- Boop!

Why don't I go... Why
don't... (chuckles)

- You can't... Aah!
- Aah!

- (Both) Dammit!
- Dammit!

Mrs. M... Mrs. M... [bleep]

But they've... but they've been on date.

- But... but...
- But... but... Aah!

They've been on a... [bleep]

No! Ugh.

Yeah, well, Josh has to go to w...

- (laughs)
- Sorry.

To help you get an apprenticeship,
it takes you away from me...

God bless America. God bless America.

- God bless America.
- (chuckles)

I'm not gonna be able to do this.

- But you're ready?
- Uh-huh.

- Start over!
- (chuckles)

- (both chuckle)
- You messed up.

Stop laughing. You're making it worse.

- You reach in and grab it.
- (chuckles)

What the [bleep] dude?

(laughs) Your face!

I can't look at your face right now.

- Okay, I'm not gonna look at you.
- Oh, thanks.

- Don't even look at me.
- Don't look at me.

My God.

- (person sneezes)
- Bless you.

- Quit whining!
- (laughs)

(cheers and applause)

(Kym) You know, I love Josh.

He's three of my favorite things:

young, good looking, and rich...

(cheers and applause)

- which can make him a little cocky.
- (gasps)

So, let's watch some
of his cocky scenes.


Julia Child was my inspiration.

Whenever I'm in a predicament,
I ask, "What would Julia do?"

That's why I dropped out of college.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

I dropped out of college when I sold
my first company for $3.6 million.

I get it and I hear ya.

What do you have with your name on it?

Corporate office building,
numerous magazine covers,

the check I write you every week.

I exercise everyday and I eat right.

- You've got killer hair.
- I do have killer hair.

Thank you so much for that.

That was chapter three: Acknowledgment.

See, Steve Jobs had it down,

Dalai Lama had it down, and Josh
Kaminski, he's gonna have it down.

Everybody wants a
piece of me today, huh?

Popular guy. Talk to me.

Okay, this is kinda serious. Can I
get sweet Josh and not cocky Josh?

You got it. What's wrong, babe?
That was kind of a halfsie.

This is what everybody's talking
about? A bunch of stationary bikes?

Guys, I rode a bike to get
here. This is lame. I'm out.

(cheers and applause)


I have way better hair than you do.

- You do have amazing hair, Rex.
- (Emily) Yeah.

Yeah, Josh. I mean,
playing Josh, yeah, it's...

it's definitely easy
to get kind of caught up

in being the whole rich playboy,

- full of himself...
- Is it a reach for ya?

- It's a stretch.
- (laughter)

- The rich part is a stretch.
- Yeah.

- (laughter)
- Um...

uh, yeah.

Uh, but I think...

the... the biggest connection
that I have with Josh, personally,

is that we're both big kids. We're both
kind of nerds in our... in our own way,

and, uh, and a trait that I'm
very proud of actually is that

both myself, Jonathan, and Josh
are very protective of our friends.

(All) Aww!

- That's very true.
- You got all sweet on us.


But we have another question, and
that is Connie from Diamond Bar.

(Kym) What you got, girl?

Rex, you and Yolanda are always
making fun of each other on the show.

Does it ever hurt your feelings?


Well, I have two things I want
to say in response to that.

The first is just very briefly that

Kym and I are professionals.

We know that, you know, the
script is probably going to have

one or both of us insulting each other.

And then I want to
say I know you wanted,

you know, whatever,
keep it light, but...

when we started, I had a lot of
professional respect for Kym...

- I just touched your boob. Sorry.
- You did.

(Aimee laughing) So, that's gone!

When we started, Kym and
I had a lot of professional

- respect for each other.
- Mm-hmm.

But now, two and a half years
later, I want to say I love you.

- (Aimee) Aww.
- I think you're an amazing mom,

an amazing person, an amazing
artist, and amazing friend.

- (Emily) Yeah!
- I just... My life is

better because you're in it.

- (Aimee) Oh! It's true.
- Whenever...

- Whenever I...
- (Jon) I've got a tear in my eye!

- Wow!
- Whenever I get a script in

and I have to say some sort of

- "Yolanda's a big girl" joke. I think,
- Uh-huh.

"Kym Whitley: big girl, big heart."

- (Aimee) Aww.
- I love you so much and I'm

- so glad that we're friends.
- Okay. I'm gonna...

- Okay?
- Damn! Thank you, Rex. Thank you.

(cheers and applause)

Why would you do that for?

- I'm so glad that
- Thank you.

- we're friends, Okay, so no joke.
- I'm glad... I'm glad

that we're friends too, and next
season, I'mma have your baby.

- (laughter)
- (cheers and applause)

Good golly.

Oh, my God.

Where is Jim? We got someone
else here from Nashville.

Emily, do the writers tell
you what's gonna happen to Gabi

or are you just as surprised as us?

Oh. Well, I write all the scripts, so...


- Uh...
- Ooh, that was a good one!

Um, but no. I mean, it's kind
of a surprise for all of us.

We don't really know what's
coming up, which makes

Friday night after the show
and they hand us our script...

- Usually warm. Our script for next week
- Yeah.

is usually warm, right off the press,

and I get in the car and I,
like, read it before I go.

- I don't. I totally just lied.
- (Jon) While she's driving.

- I totally... ah...
- (laughter)

Every Monday... every Monday we
do a table read for the network,

and it doesn't matter how
many times you read the script

or how many times you imagine how each
one of the... of us is gonna say a line,

without fail, every Monday, we are
completely blown away and surprised

- by how every one of us would deliver
- Yeah, that's very much true.

a line, like, completely
from, like, left field

in a way you never expected it to go,

- and it's... it's...
- At 9:00 a.m.

- At 9:00 a.m. Yeah.
- (Kym) That's true.

Like... like... like that's
really early or something.

- Dude, we have to be at work by 10:00.
- It is!

It's crazy.

That is true. That's ridiculous.


I can never make it on time.

- Um...
- (laughter)

When we come back, we're gonna take
a look at the heart of the show:

the romance between Josh and Gabi.

(cheers and applause)

In the meantime, take a look at this.


- (Man) Action!
- (Gabi) Okay, party's over.

Time to go. Bye.

- (laughs)
- (bleep noise)

Oh, no!


- Why aren't the doors closing?
- Nooooo!


- He's so freaked out that his
- (clattering)

mother's coming.


- (Emily laughs)
- I'm sorry but...

Chef Renaldo? What is his name?

Chef D'Aby. "D'Aby"? What the hell?

And then it hit me: D'Abney.

That's not his name! His
name is D'Arby! [bleep]

All you have to do is
start eating one of these

the moment you get on the elevator...


It's the boobs.


(Man) And cut.

Okay, we got Edna from
Palm Springs, California.

Okay, this question
is for the entire cast.

What kind of jobs did you guys
have before you started acting?

Um, I used to be a waiter,

like a lot of, you know,
actors that move to Los Angeles,

and my favorite thing about it was
sometimes they'd let me bartend,

and whenever someone would send
back a cocktail, like, if they,

you know, ordered it, like, with a
twist and I'd give an olive by mistake,

I'd put it into, like, a to go soup cup

and take it to my locker
and sip it all night.

- (laughter)
- (cheers and applause)

Gotta start... you gotta
start somewhere. Damn.

I was a barista, and weird people
would, like, weird, famous people

- would come in and...
- What's a barista?

- Uh, a person who makes coffee.
- (Emily) Yeah, makes coffee.

Hey, that's the coffee maker.


(Kym) What is it? Well, you just...

- Okay!
- Wait, wait, wait, wait...

You're just fancy! Quit it!


Okay, now we're gonna get
down to the nitty-gritty.

We have a question from someone
who's from Poland... Ava.

Uh, so on the show, Elliot
is the only one who's married.

I was wondering, in real life, what
is everyone's relationship status?

(Cast) Aww?!

(cheers and applause)

So I'll start because
I'm the saddest case.

Yes, Elliot's... Elliot's
the one that's married,

but in real life, they're engaged,

they both get some,

single, single, single.

- (laughter)
- Single, single, single.

- Nobody wants me.
- (Kym) Oh, my God!

- Oh, that's not true.
- That's not true.

Rex, the whole country
of Australia wants you!

- Well, I don't live there, do I?
- Very true.


(Russian accent) I thought it
never happen, but, uh, I'm in love!

He's in love!

Yolanda is "bee'z kneez!"


She is totally "bee'z kneez."

Good morning, beautiful people.

You know who's starving? Me.

You know why? Sex. You
know how much? Tons.

- I love you too.
- (coughs)

I've thought about
you every single night

since we made love on that Ferris wheel.

It just keeps going round
and round in my mind like a...

I don't know, Ferris wheel?

How old are you?!

- Age is just a number.
- Yeah. What is the number?

This guy is flirting with me
because he thinks I'm a man, right?

(deep voice) Hi, I'm Frank.

Aw, that is the tiniest bottle
of olive oil I've ever seen.

It's so cute.

I have a perfectly normal-sized penis!

I... Hi...

(Sofia) Ruben!


Hey! (giggles)

This is a ruse. You're not gay.

Oh, yeah?

You don't by any chance
have any Jewish in you?

I do not...

but the evening is young.

(both laugh)

Shauna, if I didn't know
any better, I'd think

you were trying to
hide something from me.

How about we hide something later?

I'm sorry, but I like a happy ending.

Duly noted.

If you two are so in love, why
don't you lay a kiss on her?

(Both) Denzel, Denzel, Denzel...

Gabi's just gonna have
to get over this car!

Limo sex?

Is there any other kind?

- Get over here.
- (giggles)

If you care about her,
you gotta leave her alone,

because when it comes to
you, she has no self-control.

The hell I don't!


Where do you get these teeth from?

- I break into morgues.
- (laughs)

She breaks into... yep, time to go.

You gotta admit, we were
good steaming up that screen.


But there's one couple that we
tune in every week to watch...

- Elliot and Alan?
- Shut up, fool!

Josh and Gabi!

(cheers and applause)


- Who is this?
- Hopefully your new chef.

- You made an amazing dinner.
- Wait till you see dessert.

- Did we...
- We did.

- Are you sure?
- So sure.

- I never should have slept with him.
- Oh, you think?

- I'm in!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow your roll!

- Great talk.
- Yabba-dabba.

- Are we in a... Oh, thank God.
- I'm not pregnant.

- Nope. You are jealous.
- Jealous of what?

You heard him! He lives on nine!

(Gabi) What are we?
Friends, boss/employee,

- one-time drunken hookup?
- All of the above.

No, Josh is supposed
to be getting married

six months from now,
not... not now. Not now!

Cooper flew in from China and
surprised me in the middle of the night.

(Both) Cooper?

China gets cold, so why
don't you take that with ya?



I love you.

(Gabi) He told me that he
loved me. I felt nothing.

I'm glad you came by. I don't
think we finished our con...


it's you.

- Stop, stop, stop!
- (screaming)

I can't take this, okay? I quit!

- Josh, I really wanna be your chef.
- Girlfriend. Chef. Yes.

Son of a bitch.

You pulled the rug out
from under me, Gabi!

Got this food truck for me and Gabi!

- What a piece of...
- I love it!

All I ever wanted was
for you to be happy.

(Josh) I'm crazy about you.

I always have been.

(Gabi) It's not a dream!

Do you know how long
I've waited for this?

- A year and three months. Roughly.
- (gasps)

(elevator dings)

(door opens)

- (door closes)
- (ding)


Y'all crazy!


Uh, now, um, I heard you talking, boo.

What's your question?

- Hey, guys. Uh, I just wanted to know
- (Jon) Hey!

what you think if Gabi and Josh
ever get their happily ever after.

I don't know. I haven't
talked to the writers.

- But...
- I have.


I mean, you gotta admit, it's kind of
fun watching the ups and downs, right?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.

We're kind of taking
the audience on a ride.

Yeah, I don't... I mean,
even... and this is my opinion,

I don't think it's about whether they

wind together or they
don't wind up together.

I think it's about how they get to
being together or not being together.

- I think it's the whole process along
- It's the...

- the... the show. Yeah.
- chase, yeah.

- It's the climb.
- It's the climb.

- Hey, guys...
- No.

- (Rex) Why is this show all about her?
- (Jon) It really is.

- Aimee Carrero!
- How's it going?

(cheers and applause)

Well... well, guess what?

I want us all to find
love, but we're out of time!

And my Spanx is rolling down.

But I know one thing is that
we could not have done this

without each one of you.

Thank you to our Young & Hungry fans.

- Thank you!
- (cheers and applause)

Please keep watching, everybody.

We promise we won't let you
down by what's in store next.

We love you! Give it up for the cast!

- Come here with me. Come on.
- (cheers and applause)


Ladies and gentlemen, One-Take Whitley.

Uh... (burps) 'Scuse me.

- (coughs)
- (laughs)

Distracting, huh?

- Lock it up, Kym!
- I got this. Let me do it.

You just bend down and get into it.

- (chortles)
- That's what she said.


- Um... I know!
- You're making a lot of horse noises.

Are my breasts at the table?

(Kym) So... so uncomfortable.

Sorry. Mm...

(both laugh)

No problem. (snorts)

(sputters) Sorry.

- You know what? Just go home.
- (both laugh)