Young & Hungry (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Young & No More Therapy - full transcript

In our last appointment we talked
about you letting Gabi start dating.

- How'd that go?
- I guess it went fine.

Sofia, I'm not dating anymore.

Okay? I'm waiting for Josh.
He's my one in a million.

A car skidded in the rain
and hit my dog. I'm sorry,

- I have to get to the animal hospital.
- I'll take you.

- How is he? Oh, thank God!
- He's gonna be just fine.

Thank you so much for
being there for me.


How awesome is it that I get to
work at the new, fancy Soul Spin

that just opened up across the street?

Now I get free lattes all day long.

Oh, wow, they have free lattes there?

Nope. Here, hit me!


I'm sorry, I'm a little
busy doing my real job...

getting ready to tell
Josh I am no longer dating.

I'm officially waiting for him.

What? Gabi, that's a horrible idea. He's
the one that told you to start dating.

Oh, please, his lips
said, "You should date,"

but his cute little puppy
dog eyes said, "Pwease wait!"

Yeah, you can wait, but
don't tell him you're waiting.

It'll just freak him out and
put way too much pressure on him.

No, that's ridiculous. If
anything, he'll feel less pressure.

This way, he doesn't have to
worry about me meeting someone

and not being there when he's ready.

This way, he can relax in
the warm security of knowing

I'm standing right outside
of his door waiting.

Just waiting.

Yeah, men love that.

Gabi, remember that cute guy,
Max, that I met at Soul Spin?

- Mm-hmm.
- Well, he asked me out tonight,

and you wanna know why?
Because I didn't pressure him.

When he asked me, I said,
"Cool," and just walked away.

Didn't even give him my phone number.

How is he gonna text you to
tell you what you're gonna do

or where you're gonna meet?

Oh, crap, I gotta go!

Oh, my God!

You just won the Australian award

for Digital Innovation
in Next Gen Optimization.

A D.I.N.G.O.!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I got the email.

Why aren't you more excited?

It's supes prestige.

They want you in Sydney this weekend.

They're paying for everything,
including a presidential suite

- and first class tickets for two!
- Elliot...

Of course I'll go with you!

I've already found tons of
stuff for us to do in Sydney.

We can take a tour of the Opera House,

we can spend the day at Bondi Beach...

we can explore Hugh Jackman's outback,

and if we're lucky, his down undah.


Hey... Elliot, can you give us
a minute? I need to talk to Alan.

Fine. I'll go buy us some sunnies!

That's "sunglasses" in Aussie.

You're not coming with me.

Aw, bugger.

- You got my message?
- Yes, and I'm way ahead of you.

I need to undo my redo of your office,

so... I'm returning your accent wall
back to its hideous burnt orange.

That's not why I called.

I kissed my therapist.

Oh, my God, that is so wrong. I can't
even listen to this. Tell me everything.

It was so crazy. In the
middle of our session,

Dr. Rounds got this phone call
that her dog was hit by a car,

- and she was so freaked out...
- That's when you kissed her?

No. She was so upset, so
I drove her to the vet.

That's when you kissed her?

No. We found out that her dog was gonna
be okay, and that's when she kissed me.

Oh, my God, making out
with your therapist?

This is so Prince of Tides.

- What?
- Streisand, Nolte, rent it.

Never mind, I own it.

You know you can never
tell Gabi about this.

- Oh, you think?
- This would crush her.

You think?

Hey, don't be smart-alecky.
I'm trying to help.

You can never go back to that therapist.

What? I can't start
over with someone new!

I'll be in therapy forever. Ah,
thank God Gabi's not waiting.

Alan, I could not handle that pressure.

- Hey, guys!
- And that's

how you play baseball, Alan! Just...


Hey, uh, Alan, can I
talk to Josh for a minute?

Sure, sure, Gabi. I'll
make myself scarce.

And a nosh.

- Hi.
- Hey.

I made you your favorite breakfast,

French toast stuffed with
strawberry cream cheese.

- You wanna know why?
- Why?

Because I made a really
big decision about us.

- You did?
- Mm-hmm.

Josh, I'm waiting.


- For... you know...
- Me?

Me? Gabi, no. Tell me
you're not waiting for me.

Please, tell me you're
not waiting for me.

No! No, I'm not waiting for you.

I'm waiting for... um,
a completely other person.

A man. I am waiting for
a man who I am dating

because I am not waiting. Knock,
knock. Who's there? Your ego.

You want some whipped
cream on your French toast?

Okay, gotta go.

- Josh.
- Hi, Dr. Rounds.

Honestly, I didn't know if you were
gonna show up for your session today.

Yeah, neither did I. Ah,
my friend told me not to,

but I felt like we were making
some real progress before...

"the whole thing with the dog happened."

How is he, by the way?

He's doing okay, thanks.

Josh, I just want to say
what happened the other night

was unprofessional and
will never happen again.

Great, because there is a
lot going on in Joshland.

Well, I'm committed to helping you

in the most ethical,
objective, and professional way.

So... how was your week?

Well, um... I won an award.

Yeah, I'm flying to Sydney on Saturday.

Congratulations. You must be proud.

I am.

But, the thing is, they
gave me this plus one,

and I'm like, "Dammit." You know,
I wish I can take Gabi, but I can't.

I don't want to lead her on and
make her think that I'm ready to

be with her when I'm not.

But I wanna be.

She's dating a lot, and what if I lose
her? What if another guy falls for her?

She's so amazing and
beautiful and funny.


We get it! You like Gabi!

I apologize for my outburst.

Go on.

Are you crying?

I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

I thought I could be
professional, but I can't.

I know I said that kiss didn't
mean anything, but it did.

I can't stop thinking about it.

Did it mean anything to you?

- Uh...
- Oh, God!

This is so not professional.

You know what? I'm gonna give
you the name of a therapist,

and you can continue
your treatment with them

and I'll just... never see you again.

Okay? You okay with that?

- Uh...
- You know what? I am falling apart.

You need to go, Josh.
Unless you wanna stay.

No. No, no. Go, go. Get out.

Whoo! Those paint fumes got
me feelin' a little sexy.

Come here my little...
Oop, now I'm nauseous.

Do you have any bagels?

How does roast pig sound?

With my cholesterol? Like suicide.

I'm talking luau in the backyard
of our AirBnB on the beach in Maui.

I was thinking, since Josh is
going to be gone for a week,

how about a little
redo of our honeymoon?

Sweetie, I love that idea,
but I don't have a job.

You know we can't afford
a rental with its own

plunge pool and sweeping views
of a hopefully inactive volcano?

Oh, God, we need to find a way.

All we need is a third
so we can go splitsies.

But who do we know who's all
alone and could drop everything

and make vacation plans with no notice?


Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

We're gonna be on that beach in no time.

And I'm gonna be on that
beach till she says, "Yes."


Gabi... look! Max sent me flowers!

Listen to this.

"Dear Sofia, I'm sending you
these flowers for no reason."

No one has ever sent me
"no reason" flowers before.

Aww, that's so sweet.

Okay, my turn.

So you were totally right about Josh.

I told him I was waiting
and he freaked out,

so I told him I was waiting for a date.

- And guess what I don't have? A date.
- Oh.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Josh.

Flowers, you ask? Indeed they are.

Sent to me by none other than that
guy I told you I was... dating.

- Nice. Have you seen Alan?
- Oh, read you the card, you ask?

Okay. "Dear Sof... Gabi...

I'm sending you these
flowers for no reason."

Oh, heck, I'm not gonna
bore you with the rest.

The point is, I'm dating,
so no pressure for you.

Great. Thanks. If you see
Alan, tell him I need him.

So, uh... I made it
clear I'm dating, right?

Or should I give myself a
hickey with the vacuum cleaner?

Gabi said you needed me?

Remember how you told me not
to go back to my therapist?

- I did.
- And?

She told me she has feelings for me.

Demon woman! I'm gonna report her!

No! No, no, no! I don't
want her to lose her job.

You like her! Prince of
Tides! Prince of Tides!

I like Gabi.

Gabi's the one I like.
Alan, this is hell.

I can't go back to therapy,
so I can't get better for Gabi,

but I can't tell Gabi that I can't
go back 'cause she'll ask why,

and then I'll have to tell her
because I kissed my therapist,

which you and I both agreed I cannot do.

Alan, what are you doing?

Wha... Oh, my God, that feels good.

I know. My Nana used to do this

every time I had to do something sporty.

Josh, listen to me.

This trip to Australia
couldn't come at a better time.

You need to get away,
clear your head, and

come back and find yourself a new
therapist. Might I suggest a man?

No. I'm not seeing any more therapists.
I am officially done with therapy.


That worked fast!

Oh, my God, what took you so long?

You texted me, like, two minutes ago!

- What are you doing?
- Well, I'm

in the middle of teaching a class.
I have to keep my heart rate up.

It's fine. Just talk fast.
I turned the lights down

and put on an extended remix. Go!

- It worked, Sofia. It worked!
- What worked?

The me dating, no pressure thing!

It totally sealed the deal with
Josh! He's done with therapy!

Oh, my God, that's so
great! I'm so happy for him!

For him? What about me? Don't
you know what this means?

Well, I don't know. Talk quick
'cause I only have a minute left

until we do arms.

If he's done with therapy, that
means he's over his commitment issues,

which means he's ready to be with me.

- With me!
- Wow! He said all that?

No, he didn't, but he's about to,

which is the other reason
I asked you to come up here.

I need to borrow your Poppin' Pink
lip gloss. I want our first kiss

back together to be poppin'.


- Well, I only have 15 seconds left.
- Okay!

You pop that lip gloss,
girl! Do it, do it, do it!

- Thank you! Bye!
- You look amazing! Bye!


I am so excited about our trip to
Hawaii! Thanks again for inviting me.

- Oh, it's our pleasure.
- Just remember the rule:

Bellinis, not bikinis.

And you remember:

cru-di-tay, not nu-di-tay.

Ooh, check out all this
stuff I got on my lunch break.

A hat to keep the sun out of my
eyes while I'm on the lido deck...

and some Dramamine for my seasickness.

Yolanda, you know we're
flying to Hawaii, right?

Flying? No, no, no, no, no. No
one said anything about flying!

We only have a week off.

If we took a boat, by the time we got
there, we'd have to come right back.

Oh. Heh, that makes sense. Ha!

I'm out!

You can't back out now! We
already booked the rental!

I'm sorry, I've never been on a plane.

And I'm never gettin' on one.

You do know there's
booze on planes, right?

You know where else there's booze?

In my purse!

Right here on the ground!

Okay, so an acceptance speech under
two minutes and no kangaroo puns.

But what if I'm feeling jumpy? Hello?

- Got your dinner.
- Oh, good.

Okay, well, tonight's menu
features butternut squash soup.

Don't spill it...

unless you want to. Do you
want to? Spill it, I mean?

Nope. Too good to spill.

Okay, well, I'll just be... goin'.

Headin' to the door to...

leave, unless you... wanna
say something. No? Okay.

All right, I'm... leaving.



You know what I thought would be nice?

A little dessert. So, I whipped
you up an apple tarte Tatin.

- That looks delicious.
- You know what they say,

an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

All kinds of doctors.

Okay, well, bye-bye.

Coffee? Tea? Pineapple sorbet?

Gabi, why are you still here?

Just thought you might
have something to tell me.

Oh! Yeah! I do. I completely forgot.

- Finally!
- I'm flying to Sydney tomorrow night.

Oh, my God, I have waited so...


No, I already know that.

I want new news. New news! Just say it.

- I won an award?
- Oh, my God.

Josh, what award?

"The person who waited the longest to
tell Gabi he's done with therapy" award?


Where did you hear that?

Um... I overheard you talking with Alan.

Why didn't you tell me?
I've been waiting all night.

Why do you think I just keep
coming in here like a crazy person?

Do you think I just have
pineapple sorbet lying around?

No, I've been killing myself out
there to get in here so you can tell me

that you're done with therapy
and you want to be together.

So, are you ready or... or not?

- Uh...
- No uh's. I want words.

- Gabi, it's complicated.
- Oh, not those words!

Why is it so complicated?
Either you're done with therapy

and you wanna be
together... or you're not.

I mean, what's so difficult?
Why can't you tell me?


I, um...

I kissed my therapist.

Gabi... she kissed me.

I didn't kiss her. It meant nothing.

Oh, really? If it meant nothing,
then why didn't you tell me?

- Because of this.
- Don't talk to me, okay? Not one word.

Did you kiss her back?

- Gabi...
- I don't wanna hear it.

Oh, my God...

do you like her?

- No, I...
- Save it, okay?

I gotta get outta here.

Gabi, wait.

No, Josh. All I've
been doing is waiting.

Waiting for you to be with me,

waiting for you to be
finished with therapy,

waiting for you to tell me
you're finished with therapy...

Well, I'm not waiting anymore.

Gabi, are you seriously
just gonna walk away?

I never walked away from you. Even
after all the stuff you put me through.

Me? What did I put you through?

You dated Cooper when
I asked you not to.

You kissed your therapist.

You stood me up on our first
date and you flew to Switzerland.

You kissed your therapist!

You kissed my brother!

You kissed your therapist!

And after all those
things, I forgave you.

You can't forgive me for this one thing.

No. We're done.

- Gabi...
- Done!

God, I wish the doors would close!

Oh, hey! I'm on my way to meet Max,
but how did everything go with Josh?

He kissed his therapist.

I'm not going on this date, am I?


Tell me everything. What happened?

He kissed his therapist. The
end. Nothing else matters.

So, you did that thing
where you get really mad

and don't let anybody talk
and then you stormed out.

Yup, I did.

- What are you doing?
- I have de-Kaminskied this apartment,

I have re-Kaminskied this apartment,

and now, I am re-de-Kaminski-ing it.

I swear, Sofia, this is the last time.

Well... that's what
you said two days ago.

Gabi, look, I realize that
Josh kissing his therapist

is a complete betrayal, and you have
every right to be furious, but...

No! No buts!

As soon as you say "but," that
means you're taking his side.

- All I'm saying...
- Saying "all I'm saying"

is taking his side too.

Listen, just go on your date, okay?

Ah, I'm not ready to
talk calmly about this.

I am so pissed, and I don't
want you to talk me out of it.

- Fine. I will leave you alone.
- Thank you.

- Can I just say one more thing?
- No.

You have found your
one in a million guy.

I would give anything
to know who mine is.

And if I ever found him,
I'd never let him go.

And hey, this is in no way
me telling you what to do,

but just in case, here's my lip gloss.

Thank you.

Oh, my God, what are you doing here?

Coming with you to Sydney!

Oh God, this is a huge mistake.

I don't know what I was thinking
buying a ticket to surprise you.

I never do anything
spontaneous. Now I know why!

- I'm gonna go.
- Wait.

Gabi and I are over.

She found out about our kiss
and ended things for good.

You okay?

Not really.

Wanna talk about it?


Poppin' Pink lips. Check.

Here goes everything.


I can't get over it.

You're telling me this
whole thing is fake?

Yes. It's a simulation. It's
the latest and most intensive

therapeutic technique available to help
people get over their fear of flying.

And it was very expensive,
but you're worth it, Fro-Yo.

Oh! I can't believe you
made me pack my bags too.

It's all part of the process.

So everyone on here is afraid
of flying, just like me?

Not all of them.

A few of them are actors.

You know, to make it seem real.

Well, damn. They really go all out.

What's that?

Have they started the plane?

No, no, no.

It's just a sound effect.

Okay, Yolanda, time
for your fake Valium.

This all seems so real.

Wait'll you see how real
they make Hawaii look.