Young & Hungry (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 20 - Young & Younger Brother Part Two - full transcript

Josh makes a surprising announcement to Gabi and Jake that will affect their future. Elliot and Alan finally get married.

So... how about that truck?

Isn't she a beauty? Just like you.

It has my name on it.


Bro, bro, bro...

I'm a little confused.

You were on your way to a very expensive

cooking school that I
wrote a very big check for.

And now you stand before me...

with a food truck.

That has my name on it.

I totally get your confusion, man.

I was in a cab going to the airport.

And I was thinking about
Gabi when all of a sudden,

I see this food truck for sale.

I was like, "stop."

I told the cabbie, "You pull over, cabbie!"

And then I bought it.

- With the $36,000 I gave you?
- Shwah!

That's not how you shwah.

That is not how you shwah!

Look, Gabi's an amazing
cook, so why shouldn't I learn

and make money at the same time?

Oh come on, Jake!

You change jobs every two weeks.

What makes you think Gabi's just gonna

jump on the crazy train and
start a food truck with you?

She just said she loved it.

Well, she was being polite.

Tell him how you feel, Gabi.

This is the nicest thing that
anybody's ever done for me.

And it has my name on it.


Alan and I are meeting
with Rabbi Shapiro today.

Um... what's yiddish for "Who cares?"

According to Alan's mother,
we need him to give us

his blessing before he marries us.

No couple he's married has ever divorced.

Oh, that's too bad...

'Cause divorced men are my specialty.

Oh, you still can't find
a date to my wedding?

Oy. That's yiddish for "What a shocker."

Good morning.

Hey! Is that Gabi from
Gabi and Jake's food truck?

Yeah, it is.

I thought you'd be busy
driving around town with Jake,

my brother.

No, I'm here cooking
breakfast for you, my boss,

'cause that's my job.


You think you can do both jobs?

Yeah, I'm gonna work here
for you during the day,

and I'm gonna take the truck out at night.

That's cool with you, right?

Yes, Gabi. That's totally cool.

Why is that funny?

Why is that funny?

No reason.

I am completely positive and confident

this will be a wise and lucrative decision.

Really? Because, ah, you know,

your tone is kind of suggesting otherwise.

Well, I suppose my tone
might be pondering the notion

of, ah, how much thought you put into this,

you know, since last night.

More specifically what's
your culinary target market,

is there a certain
niche being under-served,

and what's your marketing strategy?

Yeah, like we haven't thought
through all that already.

Okay, we haven't.

But you want to know
why? Because unlike you,

me and Jake don't think...

We do.

- If you say so.
- I do, okay?

This is gonna be a huge
success. Do you want to know why?

Because we have a food
truck with our name on it!

What do you have with your name on it?

A corporate office building,
numerous magazine covers,

the check I write you every week.

This truck is gonna make so much money!

And I'm gonna open a bank account,

and Josh is gonna be like, "What?"

Yeah, well I'm already like, "Why?"

Gabi, have you thought any of this through?

Well, after Josh made
me think I didn't, I did.

I'm gonna use the money I
make catering the wedding

to buy the ingredients to make
the food I sell in the food truck.

Damn it! Why didn't I think
of that when Josh asked me?

Okay. I just think it's a little bit naive.

I really don't understand
why you'd risk everything

over a guy... hi.

- I'm Sofia.
- I'm Jake.


Wow, wow, wow.

Do you have any brothers?

- Yes... Josh.
- Oh, right.

Ah, It's nice to meet you.

I am going to check on the intake manifold.

I just said that to impress you.

It worked.

I'd like to intake his manifold.

Well, well, well...

Gabi in a short skirt in a dirty alleyway.

Some things just make sense.

- Gabala, hey.
- Hey.

So, my mom called.

It turns out a lot of our
guests eat strictly kosher,

so the appetizers have to be, too.

Oh, okay. Well, I'll just make them kosher.

What do I gotta do to them?

Make them all again in a whole new kitchen.

Kosher food has to be
prepared in a kosher facility.

Ah well, hey, maybe the kitchen in
this food truck is a kosher facility.

It's in the shape of a pig,
sweetheart, so, I'm guessing no.

I'm sorry, Gabi.

If it helps... I never wanted you to be

a part of this in the first place.

Well, there went my dreams.

Oh, God, Gabi. I am so sorry.

Jake, I just got fired from the wedding,

and now all I have is no money

and a thousand non-kosher appetizers.

That's sweet! Wa...

You have food... we have a food truck!

Let's take this baby for a spin tonight.

Oh, my God. That's an amazing idea!

- You're an amazing idea.
- Oh, okay.

Remember how amazing you
were when you said we could

sell my appetizers to
a whole bunch of people,

and then you took me to a
park where there are no people?

- Is somebody a little nervous?
- Uh-huh.

Gabi, it's all good.

My buddy Ed from my tuna boat days

is playing a small gig near here,

and I'm sure people are gonna
be hungry after his show.

A small gig?

We have a thousand appetizers to sell.

I mean, what if Josh is right?
What if our business fails

and we're no longer business partners,

and then we're no longer
any type of partners,

and... and then we... We're not a...

I am really into you.

- You are?
- Oh!

And another thing...

Oh, my God.

Um... who is Ed from the tuna boat?

Oh, his last name is Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran?

The grammy nominee who's best
friends with Taylor Swift?

What? I thought I was his best friend.

Hi, Joel, this is Yolanda
from church choir...

I have an issue, I have this
little event on Saturday,

and I was just wondering...

oh, your wife came out of that coma?


Permanent vegetative state, my ass.

Isn't this cute?

Gabi and Jake started a Twitter
account for their food truck.

They just tweeted a photo of
Gabi, Jake, and Ed Sheeran.

"We are killing it, hashtag blessed,

"hashtag almost sold out."

Well, guess what, Yolanda?

- Mm-hm.
- "Almost sold out"

is a lot different
than... "hashtag sold out."

Thank you.

We did it!

Hey, officer, we just
sold out of everything.

- I'm sorry.
- Me, too. So, what did I miss?

Oh, my God. Ah, lobster pot pies,

Korean short rib waffle cones,
bacon mac and cheese pops,

you name it, we had it.

Did you happen to have a permit?

For what now?

Business permit, health permit,

- commercial driver's license...
- Hold on! Ah...

one second.

- Jake?
- No.

- No to...
- All of those.

Okay, um... Officer,
we may have a little...

Ma'am, hand over the keys.

- We're towing your truck.
- What? No! Jake, do something.

Um... maybe we should call Josh.

Here you go, officer.
Guess we're shut down.

- We should call...
- We're shut down!

Elliot, this is the worst day ever.

If I give you a check
for a thousand dollars,

can I not hear why?

Yeah, I wish.

Alan is insisting we pay you for
the work you did on the wedding.

Oh, my God. This is amazing.

I can surprise Jake with the truck!

- I love you, I love you, I love you...
- I have this, I hate this, I hate this...

And that's why I'm convinced

that Stevie Wonder can see!

Anyway, Rabbi Shapiro...

to get your blessing
would be a real mitzvah.

So, tell me more about your relationship.

I think that we're fated to be together.

He's my Woody Allen, and I'm his Soon Yi.

We laugh, we kid...

We stop.

So, ah, what are the areas of
conflict in your relationship?

- Conflict? As if.
- Us?

The only thing we argue about
is who loves the other more.

We even finish each other's...

We finish each other's...

So as you can see, Rabbi, we are a delight.

Do we have your blessing?

I think that we are going
to have to meet again,

and then we'll see.

- So it's a maybe?
- Well...

It's a we'll see.


We finish each other's sentences!

- Hey, Josh, have you seen Gabi?
- Why? Did you guys have a fight?

Did something go horribly
wrong? I hope not.

Actually, something did.

Gabi didn't want me to say
anything, but I hate to keep secrets.

The truck got impounded last night,
'cause I didn't know we had to get permits.

So, it wasn't a huge success?

No, dude. It was a fiasco.

It was!

It was... and I feel horrible.

You don't look like
you do. What's the deal?

Are you still mad 'cause I
spent the money on the truck?

No. It's not about the truck.

- I don't care about the truck.
- So then it's...

Gabi? No. It's not about Gabi.

Oh, my God.

I can't believe I never thought about this.

- Are you into her?
- What?


Where would you come up
with something like that?

Well, you just blurted
out her name for no reason,

which would explain the
way you've been acting.

What? That is ridic... what?

This is totally making sense.

That's why you wanted to
send me across the country

to cooking school... you
wanted to get rid of me

because you like her.

Jake, that's...

Fine. You don't have the
balls to admit it? I do.

I like her.

Josh, I really like her.


You want balls?

I like her, too.

Jake! Guess who got the keys to the f...


Because the mayor, Ed
Lee, loves our food truck!

I ah, I... I'm out of here.


Jake, what's going on?

I'm sorry, Gabi. I...
I just need some space.

Josh, what's going on?

Okay, Jake's not talking to me.

Well, Josh isn't talking to you, either.

Well, what if Gabi asked nicely?

It's just a little issue
between me and my brother

that happened to flare up.

Okay, I don't mean this in
an egotistical way at all,

but could it possibly be about Gabi?


Look, he accused me of being into you.

Well, did you tell him that you're not?

I told him...

I told him...

Gabi, how can you date my brother

when three months ago
I told you I loved you?

What, Josh?

We talked about this, okay?

You said you wanted to be friends.

Yes, Gabi. And friends
don't go dating their ex...

a-a-almost something's brother.

But shouldn't friends be happy
when their friend is happy?

Then I guess we're not friends.

Well, I guess we're not.

I don't even want this truck anymore.

My house keys are on there.

Thanks for coming back, Rabbi.

After all, the wedding is tomorrow.

Is it?

Not for nothing, but God willing,

when I go to heaven,
it'll pale in comparison

to the eternal bliss I feel
every moment I spend with Elliot.


That's it. I have seen enough.

So, do we get your blessing?

I don't think so.


Oh, God. My mother will
never let us get married now.

Let us?

Cut the damn umbilical cord already!

You're 90.

It's not about my mother.
It's about tradition.

You'd know that if you'd ever
watch Fiddler with me.

Who needs to watch it when
you're always quoting it?

That is enough.

Rabbi Shapiro, I'm so
sorry you had to see this.

No, you shouldn't be. Finally,
I get to see you as a couple!

Couples fight. Couples have arguments.

That's healthy and normal.

Well, then we're the most healthy,
normal couple you'll ever meet.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

There you go. You have my blessing.

- We do?
- Yes.


Oh! Let's go call my mother.

- And pray we get voicemail.
- How dare you!

Hey, Rabbi Shapiro.

Joshua, thank you so much

for inviting me into your lovely home.

I gave the happy couple my blessing.

- My work here is done.
- That's nice.

Hey, ah, do you want a splash of this?

Oh, no, thank you. I only
drink on high holidays

and just before a circumcision.

Is there something on your mind?

A lot, actually.

Well, I'm sure you'll work it out.

I can really use someone to talk to.

All right. Start pouring.

My younger brother's in town,

and normally, we get along great.

Can you make this quick?

I have a JDate with an Asian
who's willing to convert.


I did something bad because I was jealous

about this new relationship
that he's getting into

with somebody I used to have feelings for.

Used to or still do?

I don't know.

Both maybe?

Joshua, you are swimming
in dangerous waters.

Have you ever heard the
story of Cain and Abel?


Spoiler alert, it does not end well.

The point is, you're the older brother.

You have to set an example.

Do right by him, lest the relationship end

in anger and bloodshed.

- Is that also in the Bible?
- No.

- Godfather: Part II.
- Mm.

Ladies and gentlemen,

for the first time as
husband and husband...

Mr. and Mr. Park-Lowenstein!

I take it you haven't
heard anything from Jake.


He wouldn't answer my calls.
I don't know where he is.

Hmm... maybe Josh knows.

I wouldn't know. I'm not
talking to him, either.

Aw, look. Everybody's dancing.

Well, yipee skippy for them.


May I have this dance?

Oh, all right.

But you're not getting past second base.

For the last time, I was invited!


I am sorry I didn't return your calls.

I've been very confused about everything.

So have I.

Dance and talk?

Let's do it.

Joshua, sometimes we have to be steady

and give up the things we
want most, even our dreams.

- Bible?
- Spider-man.

You know Gabi, I don't want to be the guy

to come between you and Josh.

Well, I don't want to be the girl
that comes between you and Josh.

So what do we do?

Excuse me, I'd like to propose a toast.

Elliot's been my best
friend for many years,

and I've never seen him
happier than he is today.

And that's not just 'cause
I'm paying for the wedding.

- And the honeymoon!
- Ha ha, we never discussed that part.

You guys have found something amazing.

And best part about this is
that it's just the beginning.

And there's magic in beginnings.

They're full of surprises,

and you never know what's gonna happen.

So, raise your glasses.

Guys, here's to a lifetime of beginnings.

So, about beginnings and surprises...

I have one for my brother...

And my friend.

Oh, my God. Is that our truck?

Yeah. It's got top
of the line new appliances,

a new engine, an A.C. unit... the works.

It looks amazing.

And it's got your name on it.

I figured if Ed Sheeran is tweeting
about how awesome your truck is,

you should capitalize on that
and drive it down to Coachella.

Coachella? That's like, the biggest
music festival in California.

There is no way we can
get a permit for that.

Oh, right.

That is unless I already got you one.

- Shwah!
- Shwah?


And if you leave now, you guys
can get there before it starts.

Gabi, you have two weeks off.

Go follow your dream.

I... I can't believe you did this.

Are you sure about this?

I'm sure.

I don't know how to thank you.

Yeah, you do.

You take good care of her.

- Josh, I...
- Gabi...

All I ever wanted was for you to be happy.

Okay everyone, it's
time to toss the bouquet!

Line up, you single losers!

- Ooh, we got the best spot.
- Right?

There's no way we don't catch this!


Hey, I got it!

I'm okay! I'm okay!

- Hi.
- Ruben?

You look so handsome
without your sandwich suit.

Did you crash this wedding as big romantic

gesture to get me back?

I'm a waiter.

And an idiot.

I can't believe I broke up with you.

You're the prettiest girl here.

Go on...

- Can I buy you a drink?
- Well, it's an open bar.

So you know, you can buy me several.

So, I guess that means you're single.

I am.

Thank you, Jesus!

- No offense.
- No, ah...

You don't by any chance
have any Jewish in you?

I do not...

But, the evening is young.