Young Wallander (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - S01e03 - full transcript

- I can't look at you.
- You talk about a man in black...

It means "no choice."

Do you believe my son?

Was he brave?

Hello again.


What happened this time?

I tripped over.


I was hoping you could patch me up
to look half-way respectable.

There is a limit to my powers.

Shouldn't you be in the hospital?

They'll keep me there.

I think that's the idea.

There's no time.

This wouldn't be much of a refuge
if I turned you away.

I'll get the first aid kit.

Hey, I owe you one.

Two, actually.

When did this place
stop being a church?

When Gustav decided he wanted to create
a home for people with nowhere else to go.

- Gustav Munck?
- Mm-hm.

Noble billionaire. Whatever next?

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

- Shit.
- No, no. It's okay.

Just because his family's rich,

doesn't mean he can't genuinely
want to help people.

Any closer to finding that man
you were looking for?

Do you know something about him?


He spoke in Pashto.

I don't know.

He said "No choice,"
like he didn't have a choice in this.

I've only worked at the foundation
a couple of weeks, and in the office,

not here.

Do you think he was here?

Even if I did know, I wouldn't reveal
the location of an illegal immigrant.

Detective Superintendent Hemberg.

What's going on?

You think he lived at the refuge
based on what?

She won't say out of loyalty,

but he was there.
I could see it on her face.


"Asylum seeker murders Swedish teenager"?

That's not a headline
Malmo needs right now.

If he lived there, he has relationships.

Contact the Munck Foundation,

find out the new location
of the asylum seekers.

Talk to them one by one.

W-W-Wait, there's one more thing, sir.

No one else knows

the man who stabbed me at the riot
was our suspect.


Your little secret.

I'll think of something
when I've had a coffee.

We're out of time, Ibra.

The prosecutor is filing charges today.

- Think about it.
- I don't need to.

You and I both know
what you were doing that night.

Whatever Bash told you to.

If you're worried
about what they'll do to you,

there's measures we can take.

What? Think I'm afraid
of the boys on the estate?

Of what they'll do
if you break their code, yes.

Their code is my code.

All right? Those boys are my family.

- And so is your mother!
- You think you know shit about me

'cause you lived down with us
for a few months?

Fucking tourist.


it has been me and them since day one.

They've got my back, and I've got theirs.

Nothing is gonna change that.



I'll come back later.

Stay. Close the door.

I was just explaining to Rask...

why you lied about
who stabbed you at the rally.

You told her?

She's too smart not to work it out

and too smart to put a technicality
ahead of this investigation.

She's also very aware you did it
to help us find Hugo's killer.

We need to interview the refugees.
Where are they?

I've been chasing it up.

Gustav Munck is insisting
on meeting with us this afternoon.

Good. Rich people
sticking their noses in. It's great.

Well, you and Kurt can handle that.

- Come on...
- I would,

but the prosecutor's here
to deal with the Rosengaard kid.

Can't we ask for more time,

- now we have a big lead?
- Time's up.

Ibra's false alibi
took it out of our hands.

If I'd told the investigators
I was stabbed by the suspect,

I would've been taken off the case.

The reason those rules are in place
is to protect the officer involved.

Cases like this, if you let them,

will take everything that you have.

This is a job.

Try not to get personally invested.

- What are you going to do?
- What can I do?


That's why Hemberg told me.

Can't rat on a colleague,
and as soon as I don't, I'm complicit.

- I know you don't think I should be here.
- You shouldn't be here.

'Cause I broke the rules?

Because you're too young
to have your world turn to shit.


Too late.

Okay, this is it.


I'm Detective Inspector Rask.
This is Detective Wallander.

Detectives, thank you so much for coming.
Gustav Munck.

This is my brother, Karl-Axel.

- Let's go to the clubhouse. Have a drink.
- The clock's against us, Mr. Munck.

- We'll just take the address, if possible.
- My humble apologies

for taking up so much of your time.

I just wanted to be
brought up to speed on the case.

Up to speed?

You've been speaking to my employees,

and now you want access to the people
we work so hard to give safe space to

because you're looking for someone.

I'd like to know your justification.

This is a murder investigation, Mr. Munck.

And no one is more keen to find
Hugo Lundgren's killer than me.

It took place in one of our estates.

You can help us.

Trust takes months to build
and only seconds to break.

If a pair of detectives barge in
asking questions,

they could lose faith in the project,
end up back on the streets,

- vulnerable to crime, exploitation...
- Gus...

go easy.

They had an officer badly injured
protecting the refuge.

If there's anything we can do for him.
Anything at all.

He's getting good care. Thank you.

In his inappropriate way,
my brother's trying to show

he's very protective over the work
he does with the foundation.

After Rosengaard and then the church,
he's been under a lot of pressure.

This enterprise has the potential
to help so many people.

I don't want to see it endangered.

If one of our people
were involved in the murder...

Let's just say the optics
wouldn't be great.

Although, blaming immigrants
seems a little obvious to me.

We'll bear in mind
the delicate nature of the situation.

I'll see you get that address.

Enjoy your game.

I heard you spoke to Mona at the church.

Next time you need something...

you can go directly through me.

Temporary accommodation
until we open the new facility.

Hopefully only another week or so
until they move in.

- Hm.
- Over 250 rooms.

Separate rooms for the elderly,
and this is our maternity ward.

You'd think this country wouldn't need
handouts from a billionaire

to help these people.

Just focus on what we're here to do.

We can set you up in here.

It'd be better to do this at the station.

More rooms, more people.

Don't we need them to trust us?

If you're here illegally,
I'd imagine police stations are scary.

Start with the ones who speak Pashto.

Rask. Where are my interpreters?

Maybe we can have lunch later.

Be nice to them, or I'll kill you.

Can I get something for you?
Coffee, tea?

Citizenship papers would be nice.

Congratulations. I'm sure you should be
taking it easy, so I won't keep you.

I can't stress enough how important it is
that we find this man.

I think he's in some kind of trouble.

More innocent people could die,
so if there's anything you can think of...


I'm Kurt,
and I just want you to know that...

us being here has nothing to do
with you or your status in the country.

We just need your help to find someone.

Mid-20s, bright blue eyes, black hoodie.

We need your help to find someone.

Bright blue eyes. Black hood.

Are you sure that you...


It's Rickard Lundgren.

The dad?

He's threatening Hugo's football coach.

I know why.

Good. Because he's volatile,
and it's in public.

We can't be seen to be strong-arming
a deceased's father.

He knows you.
Calm him down, get him out now.

How can I leave?
There's so many people left.

There's reinforcements on the way.

You can't hide forever, you coward!


He's lost it.
He's chased him all over the course.

Come out and talk to me!


- Detective.
- I heard Erik Andersson's hiding inside.

- I wanna talk to him.
- No, you wanna beat the shit out of him.

I presume your son didn't learn

sneaking out to nightclubs
from your parenting.

That's what the liaison officer
said this morning, right?

That Hugo has been going out after hours.

His coach was supposed to be his guardian.

All those away trips and training camps.
That's where he picked up his bad habits.

You trusted him with your son.

Here's the thing...

If you attack him again,
we're duty bound to arrest you.

I don't care.

I need justice for my son.

You'll get it, Rickard. We're close.

To finding his killer?

Even if you do, nothing will happen.

You can't prosecute them.

People'll think we're discriminating.
There is no justice anymore.

Let's go home. Your wife's worried sick.

She knew.

She knew everything.

Thank you for bringing him home.

Can I call you a taxi?

No, someone's picking me up. Thank you.

Mrs. Lundgren, is there anything
I can do to help?


You let me know if there is.

Operator, this is Wallander 2-9.

Can I get a welfare flag
assigned to Birgitta Lundgren?

Five Ostergarden.

I'm not sure if she's safe at home.

Came of his own accord...
to make a statement.

He's giving Ibra an alibi?

Seems that way.

Is she buying it?

Hard to ignore... from such a good source.

We're losing a suspect.
Don't look so happy.

Thanks for coming out with me.
Sorry about the rain.

When was the last time you ate?

The days are kind of
rolling into each other.


you watched someone die...

you got stabbed...

your best friend got beaten unconscious...

you're set upon by drug dealers
in a night club,

locked in the boot of a car,
and dumped by the water.

How's your week going?


This weird guy
keeps showing up half dead.

- Sounds like a bad character.
- Hmm.

You know, you're wasting your time
questioning everyone.

Even if they know something,
they're never going to betray each other.

So what's your plan?

Try again tomorrow?

But expecting a different result?

It seems this job is a bit like that.

How do you do it?

You know the kid I told you about?

He got in serious trouble.

He's close to getting his life back.

It makes it all... kinda worthwhile.

Because of something you did?

It wasn't all me.

Mr. Policeman...

I heard you ran into some trouble
at The Cube.

I heard you did a good thing.

Better be worth it.

Wanted to throw up
walking into that place.

That's a bit dramatic.


Why are you even here, Kurt?

I promised Rez to help.

That was before.

It's the doctor.


Jasmine speaking.


Oh, my God.


Okay, doctor.

Okay. Okay.

What? What's happened?


He-He-He's waking up.


That's good news.

The intracranial pressure

is getting closer to the normal range,
or... something.

I love it when that happens.

Kurt, come and check this out.
I've got something for you.

You recognize this dickhead?

Otto Norlen.

The Nazi who stamped on Reza.

- Him?
- Mm.

Married, father of three.

Prominent member
of the Norse Protection League,

and worse yet... an estate agent.

Go in and fuck him up, if you want.
I won't say anything.

He looks so normal.

What is normal these days?

You're getting him for this, right?

His lawyer's employing
all manner of smoke and mirrors.

- Can I?
- Please.

Look, I've told you,

we were just there to have a bit of fun
with illegal immigrants.

It's disrespectful, you know?

Flagrant lawbreaking
inside a Church of Sweden.

But, of course, the police overreact,

and, uh... well, your little...

officer was trying to force us back,
and we had nowhere to go, so...

he went down in the melee,
and sadly got trampled on.

How did you find out

there were illegal immigrants
in the church?

Well, there's this new invention,

don't know if you know it,
called the internet.

I think I've got something.

You do or you don't.

This is a darknet forum
the NPL use to communicate.


This user, WhiteWash,
he knows the layout of the entire place.

The account was created
two days before the march.

Okay. So what?

Hugo's murder was carefully choreographed

to look a certain way
to escalate the immigration conflict...

and so was the hit on the church.

This poster, WhiteWash, he fires them up

to do it on the day of the march,
and more or less plans the whole thing.

Both were planned.

Within a few days of each other.

Can that be a coincidence?

No such thing.


The church and the estate
are both Munck charity projects.

What if this is some kinda attack
on the Muncks?

A family like that must have
its fair share of enemies, right?

I'm speculating, I know.

You are.

Look into it.




You know I had to tell the truth.

You haven't seen anyone
who fits that description here?

Okay, so she's ten minutes late.

If you could give her that 15 minutes
contingency that's standard with...

Yeah, that'd be great, cheers.

There might be traffic.
She might have forgotten something.

Yeah. Can you call me
as soon as she gets there? Cheers.

Thank you.

Something wrong?

Remember Yara, who you met yesterday?
Very pregnant.

She hasn't shown up
for her hospital appointment.

- Does she miss them often?
- No, never. They lose their healthcare.

This area belongs to Yara?

- When did you last see her?
- She was here when we went to sleep.

Ten o'clock. Gone when I woke up.

Kurt, are you allowed to just...

You don't think she's the one you're
looking for. She's about to give birth.

The father.

The father of Yara's child.
Is he in the country?

She must have a way of contacting him.


Is this hers?

It's yours?

Does she have a phone? A number?

- Is it in here?
- Kurt, take it easy.

Listen to me.

Your friend is in a lot of danger.

If you want her to safely
give birth to that child,

I'm her best chance.


I need the room. Please.

The subscriber cannot be reached.

Yeah, don't worry.

Is this yours?

Medication for acid reflux?


This shop's in Vastra Ingelstad.

Any reason she might have to be
all the way out there?

I have to go.

- Hey.
- She made a call.


Yep, techs just notified me.

She turned her phone on
and made a 23-second call.

That enough to get her location?

Yep. We're assembling a team now.

- I'm on my way. Where is she?
- Vastra Ingelstad.

I'm already there! On the Bosing Highway.

Okay, I'll send you the coordinates.

I'm close.

Okay. Good.

Now once you get eyes, keep her there.

Don't engage unless you have to.
We'll be ten minutes.



Yara! Stay where you are!

I just want to talk.


- He doesn't understand you.
- Then translate for me, Yara.


No! Hey! Stay where you are.

Running's not a good option,
I promise you.

I just want to talk.

Just give me a minute to talk.


I wish you hadn't done that.

Fuck you!

Yara, tell him I got his message.

Do it! Tell him!

It means no choice, right?

Why didn't you have a choice?

Whatever you've done...

I know you did it...

for them. I can see that.

You did it to protect them.

I'd feel a whole lot better
if you stop pointing that gun at me, okay?


I have a gun, too.

You know why it's not pointed at you?

Because I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Don't worry. Okay?

How did you have no choice?


Did someone force you to do this?

A man made him do it.
Blackmailed him.

And this man, who is he?

He doesn't know his name.
A man with power.

He said if he didn't
carry out his instructions...

we'd be deported.

I understand.

W-W-We go home... we die.

We will work this out together.


But first...

can you please...

put the gun down?

Disarming yourself like that
was stupid and reckless.

I'm not in the habit of losing men.

You do anything like that again
and you're fired.

That means he likes you.

- Everybody on the ground!
- Zemar!

Oh, my God!


We need men in every building, now!


Help him! Please, help him!