Young Wallander (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - S01e02 - full transcript

Oh, good. You're conscious.

Yeah, that's gonna hurt for a while.

But you're lucky.

Two inches to the left,
and you'd be on a life-support machine.

You were, uh...
quite insistent that I wrote this down.

I think you were a little delirious.

Turn around!

I'll check on you in a few hours.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Listen, Hemberg,
there's something you need to know.

The person who stabbed me
was the man in the black hood,

from Hugo's murder.

- Can I just speak to him?
- I'll be there first thing.

- Please, sir...
- Please, calm down.

- We'll go to the front desk and talk...
- Please.

But right now...

- Jasmine.
- We can't let you...

Kurt... W-What happened?

Uh, I-I don't know.

They're saying
Reza's in intensive care.

Please, tell him to let me through.

Oh my...

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

How did this happen?

Were you not with him?

We got separated.

Kurt, a little help here, man!


All in one piece?

Just a scratch.

Talk me through it.

We were trying to hold the line
against the Norse Protection League,


when I saw him,

the hooded man from Hugo's murder.

I left my unit...

gave pursuit on foot...

eventually cornered him...

approached to put the cuffs on...

and as I took his arm,
he swiveled around, stabbed me, ran.

Reza Al-Rahman's in intensive care
because of me. Because I left.

This job's full of tough choices, son.

Your boy Ibra is refusing to talk.

Friendly face might help convince him.

Superintendent Hemberg, you know how much
I appreciate the chance you've given me.

But I won't be able
to continue working on the case.

I've been attacked by a suspect. I can
no longer act as an investigating officer.

The internal team's
waiting for my explanation.

Think of the number of investigators
who've been attacked chasing a subject.

You think they all recused themselves?

It's the law.

What do you... How would I even...

You say what you need to say
to the investigating officers.

They conduct an investigation
that comes up short...

Are you asking me to lie?

It's time to ask yourself
how much you want to be a detective.

Your access to the neighborhood
is essential.

Sometimes rules need bending
for the greater good.

Nielsen and Edman are waiting for you.


talk us through it.

I was with my unit.

Outnumbered, we understand.

What was it that made you leave your unit?

There was a man.

I saw him brandishing his knife.

He was approaching civilians
with what seemed like intent to attack.

So, concerned about civilian casualties,

I made the decision
to neutralize the threat.

Physical appearance?

- Can you describe him?
- Hm.

I'll try.

But it happened so fast, you know,
I didn't really get a good look at him.

But he was very average.
Medium build, medium height.

So, you're back
on the case. Good.

Don't look so worried.

I'm sending them to look
for someone that doesn't exist.

So they won't find him.

When you didn't see the guy in black,
where did he come from?

He was just there.

Go back to where you first saw him.
Might jog your memory.

We've all been working for hours
to get it to this state, but...

Here's this one.

seeing how much damage is there.

They got everywhere.

The shower units, the bunk beds.

- How was the location leaked?
- I don't know.

But at least no one was hurt.

Right. Gustav, we need to go.

Small matter of a board meeting.

- I believe it's in your calendar.
- Fuck going to that.

Mona understands.

Don't you?

I'll forgive you this once.


And you're coming
to that gallery opening.

I don't take no for an answer.


This isn't a functioning place of worship,
if that's what you're after.

We met at the rally. I'm a policeman.

You were, kind of, you know, insulting me.

I look different without the uniform.

Shame you couldn't protect this place
the way you did the Nazis.

If we only knew about the refugees here,
we might've been able to.

Giving police the location
of people in the country illegally

would... kinda defeat the object.

It's about that day. The rally.

I'm looking for someone and I'm...

wondering if he might've
come from in here.

Why would you think that?

The people that took refuge here
were evacuated,

- so I thought he might be one of them.
- Is he guilty of something?



So you presume he must come
from a group of undocumented refugees?

That's not how I wanted it to sound.

I'm... I'm just covering my bases, really.

I'd say he's mid-20s, bright blue eyes,
dressed in black.

Doesn't really narrow it down.

- No?
- No.

You work here, right?

Only since recently.

So you must know these people.

The ones that come here anonymously
on the understanding they stay that way?

Yeah, not really.

Well, thanks for not insulting me
this time.


Are you bleeding?

Oh, shit.

Come with me.

You'll have to take your shirt off.


Don't worry.

She won't mind.

So how'd this happen?

The rally, funnily enough.

Oh, now I feel bad
for saying mean things to you.


Hold it.

I'm no doctor, but...

how did the hospital let you go?

Listen, I'm sorry if it seemed like
I was stereotyping anyone.

After what happened to Hugo Lundgren,
we expect immigrants to be targeted.

More than usual?

More than usual.

Meaning they need
all the help we can give them.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

You're all done.

Ready to fight crime.

This may seem like
an incredibly long shot, but...

I want you to know that if something
happens to occur to you...

my name's Kurt Wallander.
You can always call the station,

Malmo South and-and...

ask for me.

- I'm gonna go.
- Hm.

Bye... Kurt Wallander.


I went back to where
I first saw the hooded man.


I spoke to someone at the church.
I thought he might be one of the refugees.

- Mm.
- But no one would confirm it.

Time to put some pressure on Ibra. You can
take the lead, now you're sticking around.

They have a day and a half
to charge you or let you go.

You, all right? Not "they."

Me-me. Yeah, the person around here
fighting your corner.

We're mapping out Hugo's movements
leading up to the explosion.

You had a fight.
You threatened to kill him.

There's detectives out there right now
working on the theory

that you're connected to the hooded man.

By not talking,
it looks like you're hiding something.

Or protecting someone... like him.

Let's say you get charged.

Maybe it goes to trial.

Maybe you get found innocent.

But do you think there's a football club
that will touch you after that?

After the headlines?

Whatever you were really doing that night,

I promise you, it's not worth this.

Police remain open-minded

on whether the brutal murder
of Hugo Lundgren

was a terrorist attack.

But as yet,
no one has claimed the killing.

With one suspect in custody
and another at large,

the 17-year-old's death
has left a city gripped by fear,

anger, and demanding answers.

A police call for calm fell on deaf ears,

as Saturday's anti-immigration march
spiraled out of control,

leaving an officer critically injured.

Everyone, get back!

Get back! Get back!



You like opera, Mr. Wallander?

I'm open-minded.

- Superintendent Hemberg...
- Hemberg!

Considerably fewer syllables.

Where are we on the grenade?

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong,
but I can't find a thing.

I went through every case Rask gave me.

What about forensics?

- Haven't got the reports in yet.
- What?

I'll chase it up.

No, I will.

Where we going?

The dead kid's parents.
Best take a look at their statement.

Hugo's parents say he was home with them

and wouldn't have gone out
on his own accord.

There's no evidence of abduction.

- So what happened?
- The mother knows something.

She seemed evasive during her interview.

You're gonna help me find out what.

Okay, cool.


Detective Hemberg, can we get to it?

Is it, five, six times
we've spoken to you, your people?

You seem to forget that we're the victims.

It's, uh...

uppermost in my mind, sir,

but we're still trying to trace
your son's movements that night.

He played the match in Rosengaard,
came home,

ate supper, went to bed.

That's it. That's all we know.

It's just there are no signs of abduction,

so we have to conclude
that Hugo went out...

after you went to bed.

My son was up at 6:00 a.m. every morning.

Ninety minutes of training then school.

He was never anything
less than top of his class.

He was ambitious and disciplined.

Mrs. Lundgren...

is there anything
you can think of that might explain...

how Hugo came to be back in Rosengaard
at that time in the morning?


Are you all right?

Detective Wallander
was stabbed at the rally.

Lucky to be alive.

Well, we all know who by.

- Rickard, please.
- Oh, what?

They're even attacking men in uniform.

Something's wrong with our democracy
when even free speech is under attack.

You see? He gets it.

Mr. Lundgren, all we want
is to find out what happened to your son.

Can you show me his room?

Thank you.

Shouldn't be at work really.

Should've seen his mother.

Terrified she'd lost her son.

More grieving mothers, more dead sons.

Unless we can get
to the bottom of this thing.

If there's anything,
anything you can tell us...

How's the investigation going?

I'm not at liberty to discuss it.

It's all right.

I've got a friend in SAPO.

I find stuff out from him
before it's even happened.


You were there.

You were with him.

At the end.


Was he brave?

Sounds like a wonderful young man.

- I'm truly sorry.
- No, no.

Pity is for the weak.

You just make sure
you find the bastard that did this to him.

What did she say?

Hugo snuck out nights.

She didn't tell the father.
Thought he pushed Hugo too hard.

Does she know where he was going?


But his friend Isak does.


All right. Keep it going, lads.

That's it, that's good. Nice and tight.


Quicker now. Pick up.

- You're Hugo's coach?
- Yeah.

Superintendent Hemberg.
This is Detective Wallander.

Can't be easy motivating your players
after what's happened.

No. Find it quite hard to motivate myself,
if I'm honest.

Football doesn't seem
very important right now.

We hear Hugo was tight
with a boy called Isak.



The kid's devastated.

Is he here?

Yeah, he's that one.



Keep it going, lads.

Do you know
if Hugo had any connection

to this kid, Ibra, prior to the fight
at the football match?

No. No. I-I don't think
they knew each other.

Good. Looking good.

Hugo was my best friend...

since we were six years old.

So on the night of the murder,
do you know where Hugo was?


He went home after the game.
I don't know.

I know there must be stresses involved
with being a kid your age.

I'm not gonna insult you
by pretending to know what they are.

Just gonna come out and tell you,
I know Hugo went out nights

to places he took measures
to prevent his parents finding out about.

Which means
you're not telling the truth, and...

I-I'd like to understand why.

I dunno what you're talking about.

What is it? The cube?


It's an optical illusion.
You know, like...

- see things from different points of view.
- So it's not The Cube? The nightclub?

Never heard of it.

Ex-girlfriend tried to make me go.

Did she?

Is this the kind of place
Rickard would want his son going to?


It's what they call subversive.

Lying to the police,
what do they call that?

I-I should've said something.
I'm sorry.

I didn't want to change the way
they thought of him.

And honestly, I was scared.

I don't even know why.

But I swear...

So you were in The Cube the night
he was killed? When did you last see him?

I left quite early... maybe two?

- You left him in the club?
- He left himself there.

He liked disappearing in that place.

I swear, I don't know
what happened to him.

It's okay, that's good.


What do they want from me?

What does it mean?

What does what mean?

The police. Needing to interview me again.

When did this happen?

This afternoon. Detective Rask called.

I'm sure it's just procedure.

I apologize.

You're the one trying to help us.


Take a seat. I'll make you some malawah.

No, no. You... It's really not necessary.

You have family?

I never see you with anyone.

Oh, not around here.

Closest thing to family I have
is my best friend who's in the hospital.

You cook?

I make a decent egg sandwich.

Do you wanna try?

I know you're dragging this out
just to make me feel like shit.

And guess what...

It's working.

But, for the sake of your family, Rez...

quit screwing around.

Wake up.


My daddy's hurt.

I know, sweetie.

It's gonna be fine.

Mommy says he's sleeping. Is that true?

It's one hundred percent true.

You know what?

Your dad,
he is the strongest person I know.


I just need to talk
to your Uncle Kurt first.

The report says he's hurt
because you left his side.

Is that true?


I can't explain it right now.
It's an ongoing investigation.

Fuck an ongoing investigation.

We're family.

You know the explosion I witnessed?

I saw the prime suspect at the rally,
and I just couldn't let him get away.

Well, then notify someone whose job
it is to do that, and then you do yours.

I can't look at you.

- Just go.
- Jasmine...

Baby, let's go.

Wait, Ja-Ja-Jas!

Jas, wait!

I need your help.

Bala caranishta.

You know what it means?

Bala chaara nishta.

It means "no choice."

"I didn't have a choice."

Now you can make excuses in two languages.

- Bye, Uncle Kurt.
- Bye.

Morning, Kurt.

Morning, Detective Rask.

So, Ibra talked?

Gave his mom as an alibi.


I thought you would have mentioned
something like that.

I deliberately didn't tell you.

Also known as doing you a favor.

I wasn't joking when I said
that you were compromised.

You care about the kid,
and you care about her.

I just want the truth.

Have you talked to her
about the state of the case?

What we know?

What this could mean for her son?

That's called conflict of interest.

This is a job with real life stakes, Kurt.

You break laws,
you tell lies, you get fired.

Or worse.

And I don't expect Hemberg
to explain that to you.

You're welcome, by the way.

Could you talk me through your movements
on the night of the murder?

Ibrahim was playing football...

when he had a disagreement
with that poor boy.

We went home.
I made him dinner. I went to bed.

What about your son?

He was at home with me.

So he was at home with you all night?

I think so.

"Think"? I thought you kept
a particularly close eye on him.

You cannot watch a child
every minute of every day.

Your son claims
that he was at home all night

until... the fire alarm went off,

and you woke him up and asked him
to go down and check it out.

Is that what happened?

I don't know.

Did you wake up your son and ask him
to go down and check on the alarm?


My son did nothing wrong.

You can confirm it or you can deny it,
but you can't do neither.

Look, he is a good boy.

I'm going to insist.

Did the conversation happen?

We have our answer.

Look, he would never hurt anyone.

I don't see many like you.

Most people lie without a second thought.

What does this mean?

It means he's hiding something.

Giving a false alibi. How bad is it?

We'll see what the prosecutor thinks,
whether it's enough to charge him.

Let's go.

If he's the commissioner,
why can't you meet at the station?

He insisted.
I'm asking myself the same question.

Mr. Commissioner.

Detective Superintendent Hemberg.

He's okay.

I hope this isn't about pressuring me

- to charge the Rosengaard kid.
- It's not.

When your office ran the search
for the Hugo Lundgren grenade,

the serial number flipped a switch

on a case that intelligence
had been building for months.

What kind of case?

Import-export route.

Former Yugoslavia straight into Malmo.


Amongst other things.

A few weeks back, our man in Bosnia

sent word about a shipment
coming in by boat.

A big one.

We took it down, but the boat was empty.

We concluded
that the intelligence was bad.

Till now.

Our grenade was part of the shipment.

So the intelligence was right,
but the boat was wrong.

What else was on the shipment, Tommy?

You didn't bring me here to tell me
about a delivery of Kalashnikovs.

Our source tells us of another shipment
about to arrive in Malmo.

Containing a metric ton
of Composition C-4.


Enough to blow us all
into the Northern Lights.

In the hands of someone who likes
to put grenades in people's mouths.

Is the C-4 a criminal case yet?

I want it.

Thought you might.

You have no idea
who is breathing down my neck on this.

It has to be swift, decisive,
and by the book.

You understand?

That C-4 needs to be found and seized.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

Send Katrin my best.

Same to Anna.

Oh, Jesus.

As if there isn't enough pressure already.

Yeah. Wait until you see
who's running the smuggling route.


Who's Dodo?

Eman Dodovic.

He immigrated to Sweden
in the mid-'90s with his then wife, Lejla.

Former Bosnian soldier,

he now runs a fairly robust
wholesale cocaine business.

Rumored to work directly
with South American cartels.

Expanded into weapons in the mid 2000s.

If we know all this,
how come he's still out there?

Dodo's sheltered behind
layers of legit businesses.

Restaurants, investment properties,
a taxi firm.

- We can't get near him.
- Hm.

Pull every CI we've got at the docks.

See if there's any whispers
on who picked up this shipment.

Wallander, with me.

Where are we going?

Ruffle Dodo's feathers.

- Good evening. Do you have a reservation?
- No.

Oh, at last. Hugo's toxicology report.

On the night he died,
he had ketamine and GHB in his system.

The GHB looks like a knock-out dose.

So it was spiked?

Yeah, but the ketamine
would've been recreational.

If he bought it at The Cube,

the dealer would've been
one of the last people to see Hugo alive.

You go there tonight.

- To The Cube?
- On-duty, but just to observe.

Look for dealers, be discreet.

Detective Superintendent Hemberg.

Eman. Fancy seeing you here.

How long has it been? Please, join us.

Premier detective
in the whole of Sweden.

What's up?

How's it goin'?

They're prescription.

Another water, please.

Do you know where I can get any GHB?

Or some K?

No idea, man.



What is it with you, man?

You're fucking everywhere.

Is there somewhere we can talk?

It's important.

It's about Ibra.

Let him through.

What the fuck are you doing?

Can't protect you in here.

I don't need your protection.

Believe me, you do.

Ibra needs it.

Heard his mother ratted out her own son.

If you mean he lied
and underestimated her integrity, yeah.

This madness...

it worked out nice
for you though... Detective.

Tell the police where he was.

Ibra was your best look-out boy.
If your enemies came looking for trouble,

he'd get you the message
faster than anyone.

It's out of loyalty to you

that he won't say where he was
before the explosion.

He's sacrificing his future
for your code of silence.

He could be playing for Malmo.

Our agreement...

was that you keep your face
out of my affairs.


And in return,
I stop people kicking your head in.

Okay, I'm changing the deal.

If Ibra goes down...

you go with him.


Why would they believe me?

'Cause guys like you never talk.


Excuse me. Kurt, is it?