Young Wallander (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - NA - full transcript

Use of explosives in Malmo

is now at a level that's unique
for a state not at war.

Explosions, shootings,
warring criminal gangs.

Continuous injections for the right wing...


Hey, this party's dead.
Let's go to The Cube.


Just a few friends having a bit of fun.

I suppose that's illegal now.

The noise can be heard on the street,

meaning you're disturbing
the public order and peace.

- So, yes, it's illegal.
- Hey. Turn the volume down.

- Turn the fucking volume up.
- Hey. You've been going 24 hours.

Looks like most of your guests have left.

- Time to shut it down.
- Mm.

I understand, I really do.

You show up here, you see this place.

Same age as me, but knowing
I've already made more money than you will

in your entire pointless career.

How could you not feel inferior?

Dilated pupils, flushed face, sweating...

I'd say MDMA.

Nah, he's talking a lot.

I'd say cocaine.

If only there was a way
we could settle this.

How about a urine test at the station?

I think that's a great idea.

What do you say?

Everything that's wrong
with society, summed up right there.

Too much money
in the hands of people like that asshole.

Nice move on the drug test.

We really changed the world tonight.

Doing it one noise complaint at a time.

It's still good police work.

I mean, did you see the guy's face?

I did enjoy that.

I wish I could take you
to Major Crimes with me.

You earned it.

It's only fair I let you have this one

after all those times
I beat you in the Academy.

That's not how I remember it.

Good evening, sir. Having a nice day?

- Shut the fuck up. Fucking idiot.
- You know how to play the game?

- You don't know shit about football.
- Ibrahim! Get over here! Now!

Fuck off. You don't know anything.

Fuck you. Dick head.

Are you out of your mind?

You want to throw away your entire future?

Everything we fought for?

- Hi.
- Hey. Hey, Ibra.

Look, the game isn't finished yet, Mom.

It is for you. Fighting? Again?

You shouldn't even be playing
in a game like this.

You know what'd happen if they found out?

You can walk up.


Why shouldn't he be playing?

Malmo offered him a professional contract.
They're putting him in a good school.

- Wow.
- Moving us into an apartment

- near the training grounds.
- Great.

Well done.

He's the one with the talent.

I see what you go through.

Keeping him away from things around here.

The bad things.

Must be a full-time job.

I'm his mother.

How was your day?


What job do you do again?

Wait. If you're moving away,

where am I going to get
the special pancake bread?

It's four in the morning!

What is going on?

Will someone please kill that alarm?

There's a... This is Officer Wallander
reporting a fire.

A f... In Rosengaard.

Yeah, that's the one.

Looks like a maintenance room.

What the fuck is happening?

I think someone broke in.

What's that smoke?
Is that a fire in there?

My baby is trying to sleep.

Will someone
kill that fucking alarm?

You better calm it.

What the hell is going on?
Is there a fire?

Fire's out. Return to your homes.

- Yeah, man, get him, innit!
- Let him go. This is not right!

What's going on?

Think you're better than us?
Fuck you!

Who is he?

Wish your mom
was here now, pussy?

Someone help the poor boy!

Let me go first.

Why you cryin'?

Stand still, motherfucker!

- Watch who you're pushing!
- I don't want any trouble,

- I just wanna help the boy.
- What's it to you?

Who's gonna help you?

Pushing for?

That's enough. Let's go.

- Smile, man.
- This is enough!

Who's gonna help you, bro?

Police! Police!

My name's Kurt Wallander. I'm an officer
of the Swedish Police Authority.

- Leave him alone!
- Wait, you're a pig living here with us?

This must be some kind of prank.

The fire's out.

I suggest you go back to your beds.

- Fucking police.
- Who does this guy think...

- Oi!
- What's he doing?

Leave the guy alone!

- It's a grenade!
- Back! Get back!

Everyone get back!

Officer Wallander.

I'm Detective Frida Rask.

- That's one hell of a morning.
- Yeah.

Are you doing okay?


you live in Rosengaard.

That must be... interesting.

No one there knew I was police...
until today.

Well, good luck with that.

Was there any sign on the estate
that anything like this was coming?


But you must see gang activity.

You can't avoid it.

But not this. No.

Had you seen Hugo Lundgren before?

- The v...
- The victim.


Was he known to the police?

It seems not.
He was involved in an altercation

with one of the estate residents
earlier in the evening.

In your statement,

you talk about a man in black...

with his hood pulled up.

He ripped the tape off the victim's mouth.

Walked up right from behind me.

Somewhere between 20 and 30 years of age.

I'd say, yeah.

Middle Eastern origin.


Anything else?

It's a bit of a blur. I'm sorry.

I lost him.

But some people were taking videos.
Maybe one would show his face.

There's nothing of use
from what we've seen.

I'm sorry.

You did your best, officer.

No rookie should have to experience
something like that.



I'm coming.


don't skip the counseling.

The murder is just
the latest in a spate of explosions

across the city.

The failure of police to make arrests
sees fresh demands

for increased police powers
to deal with the violence.

Join us...

Oh, my God, Kurt.


Are you okay?

It's kind of a long story, but...

yeah. I'm fine.

Do you need anything?

You fancy hanging out tonight?

Anyway, what was I talking about? Um...

None of these people
know what the hell they're doing.

I'm stuck in a job I hate,
working for a boss I wanna kill, but...

I'm sorry.

This enormous explosive thing
happens to you and I'm babbling on.

Honestly, I'd rather take my mind off it.

Then I know exactly what we should do.

I actually want to talk. About us.

S-Sounds deep?

Look, Lena...

I'm kind of done
with the midnight booty calls.

But we're so good at them.


That's why I feel ready
to progress to...

not having to make the calls

because the booty...

I'm terrible at this, I'm sorry.
What I'm...

The point I'm making,
the headline being...

I like you,


I think we should
take this to the next level.

I'm confused.

We've done little other than get drunk
and have sex since the day we met.

Why the sudden interest
in a real relationship?

As I said, I-I...

- Do you even know what I do for a living?
- Advertising?


Have we even had a proper conversation?

I'd say this qualifies.

You can't even talk to me
about the fact that you saw someone die.

Before a relationship,
I suggest a therapist.

I don't know
what you're looking for, Kurt.

I should've been there, man.

If you had been, I might not have
fucked things up so badly.

What things?

What things?
Saving his life. My job. Protocol.

You didn't know there was an M75
in the guy's mouth. All right?

You're allowed to react
like a human being.

Heads up.

So how close were you to it?



So, did his head, like, properly,

you know, like...

Maybe not now, yeah, Fred?

All right. Fine.
At least they caught the piece of shit.

- C-Caught who?
- They just arrested someone.

- Please, he's just a boy.
- If you'll take a seat.

- At least tell me where you're taking him?
- Hang on.

Hold on.

- Has Ibra been arrested?
- Kurt?

They think he had something to do
with this grenade.

They searched my home,
went through everything.

Please, you know him,
you know he's a good boy.

Is there anything you can do?

- Let me find out what's going on.
- Thank you.

Thank you. I know it's difficult.
The sooner we can get all this proce...

It's fine.


- Can I have a word?
- Kurt. Uh...

This is... Kurt Wallander.

He was the officer at the scene
when Hugo was killed.

I've asked him to come here
in case you have any questions.

Kurt, this is Birgitta
and Rickard Lundgren.

Hugo's parents.

I'm deeply sorry.
I don't know what to say.

Why didn't you do something?

You're a police officer.
Why didn't you stop them?

Rickard... please.

I'm sure the officer
did everything he could.


I apologize for barging in.

What was so important?

You've arrested someone for this.

The kid.

I just wanted to understand why.

Because I know him.

He's not the type.

He can see for himself.

- Want me to bring him in?
- What's your view?

Yeah, I think it's a good idea.

Where were we?

Out of everyone at the crime scene,

you're the only one
who has a history with the victim.

What was the argument with Hugo about...

during the football match
yesterday evening?

I hear you're quite a player though.

Several witnesses say
they heard you threaten to kill him.

"You're a fucking dead man," apparently.

I deny any knowledge or involvement.

I see.

Well, let's see.

What have we got here?

These were found in your mattress.

Still think he's not the type?

Holding cell. Let's go.

Bathroom stop.

Ah. Yeah, sure.

I got this.

Ibra, I'm going to ask you this once.
Hey, look at me.

Did you have anything to do with this?

I don't know... officer.

You look like you're hiding something.

- What, same as you?
- Shh!

Trust me, you have bigger things
to worry about than what I am.

I saw you there at the front,
taunting the guy.

Me and him had beef... all right?
During the game.

Swedish kids don't like being taken
to school by people like me.

He was like that when we found him,
all chained up.

We were filming it to post on YouTube.

Wanna know what happened?

- Check the video.
- We already confiscated the phones.


You didn't get this one.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

I need you to do something for me,

- when you move up.
- Is this about the kid?

What can I do?

- Just look out for him.
- Didn't they find ammunition?

You know what it's like.
They have to do things for the big boys.

Why is this kid so important?

Where I live, very few kids
have a real chance of making it out.

He does.

All right.

Where are we going? Because I'm starving.


Allow me to say a few words
about our friend,

Reza Al-Rahman.

- Reza!
- Ooh.

The bastard who's leaving me short-handed.

Oh, come on.

- You're still working the march this week.
- I know.

But, seriously, a fine police officer.

And an even better man.

Our loss is Major Crimes' gain.

- To Reza.
- To Reza!

- Speech!
- Speech, speech!

All right, okay.

I got nothing left to say, except, uh...

it's been an honor,
and I'm gonna miss you all.

Except Fred.

- He's a funny man, as well.
- Cheers!

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Cheers, man.

Excuse me.


We've never been properly introduced.
I'm Kurt.

The policeman.

That doesn't have to change anything.
You're Bash, right?

So what is this?

You're a plant?

I wouldn't be a very good one if I was.

I live here.

Same as you.

You're brave coming back.

I'll give you that.

Or dumb, maybe.

No one's going to hurt me here.

You know why?

'Cause you'll tell them not to.

They do what you say.

All right.

I'll play this game.

Why would I do that?

Because it's in your interest.

Now that sounds like a threat.

Did you know about this?

The grenade?


But nothing happens here
without your say-so, right?

This came from the outside.

Do you agree?

Help me find who it was.

One of your boys recorded the whole thing.

That video might show
the face of the killer.

Trust me, I don't care what else
is on that phone. I just want the video.

Didn't hear anything about it.

Don't you wanna keep Ibra
out of prison?

He's one of your lookout boys, right?

Ibra's done.

Police lock up
the first estate kid they find.

That's not how it works.

Okay, Kurt.

Whatever you say.

Fucking pig.

Malmo police have called in
reinforcements from the capital

in preparation for Saturday's
anti-immigration march,

which comes on the heels
of the death of Hugo Lundgren,

a murder that shook the city.

Leanne Carlson reports live,
from the streets of Malmo.

Most residents
are proud to welcome them.

One of them's a former town official,

- who says he's embarrassed.
- I just came from another meeting

where we said "welcome"
to the refugees in Trelleborg.


I said leave the guy alone!

It's a grenade!

Get back!

Everyone get back!

We are closed.

Sorry, it's time to go.

My head is spinning.

Lawyers, social workers, police.

The prosecutor granted the police
an extension of 96 hours.

By the end of that time, we have...

they have to charge him... or let him go.

But do they have enough?

Look, he threatened him,
but he didn't mean anything by it.

There's always fights.

I'd say it's borderline.

There's a man we're looking for.

The theory is that him
and Ibra collaborated.

Do you believe my son?

What matters...

is what we can prove.

Will the horrific nature
of Hugo Lundgren's murder

be a tipping point in public opinion
of migration and asylum policies?

The notion was strongly rejected
by philanthropist Gustav Munck,

whose charitable foundation redeveloped
the estate where the murder took place.

I refuse to believe the people
of this country would be so blind

as to allow the insane actions

of one or two individuals
impact the wider humanitarian issue.

Blind, are we? You hearing this, Kurt?

People would be ignorant enough
to see an isolated incident as...

- the rejection of Swedish value...
- Oh, but...

A billionaire telling people
their worries don't matter.

Not exactly helpful.

This march is gonna be fun.

Also unhelpful.

Tensions are running high enough as it is,
without us adding to it.


Everything all right?

I'm fine.

It's okay not to be, you know.
You don't have to be a hero.


Thanks for both coming. I...

- thought you'd send someone else.
- We're chronically understaffed.

Kurt Wallander.

This the car?

Are the car parking spaces communal?

Officially, yeah.

So, technically,
anyone can park here anytime?

Mm-hm. But they don't.

It's kind of an unwritten rule.

The same residents park
in the same spaces every day.

I can name every car here from memory,
but this one I've never seen before.

- Not until the night of the murder.
- Whose place is this?

A man called Chai.
Works on a construction site out of town.

The fire was started deliberately.

It was intricately planned.

Why would they leave the vehicle
for us to find?

Maybe less conspicuous to escape on foot.

Maybe they don't care if we find it.

This lock's seen better days.

Oops, looks like I broke it.

Hemberg, that could be rigged.

Better take cover.

Duct tape.

I'll call forensics.

Thank you.

Van was sold for cash
a couple of weeks back.

Doesn't know the buyer's name,
but he was Middle Eastern. Mid-20s.


Yep... All right, thank you.

I want him on the case.


He lives here. He has connections here.
He seems not entirely useless.

- We would've found that van.
- Yeah, but when?

We can't just...

- There are procedures in place, sir.
- And?

- Let's discuss this at the station.
- What's to discuss?

Well, even if it were possible,

he's compromised
due to a friendship with the suspect.

So the suspect's more likely to open up.

Reza Al-Rahman's
already been offered a contract.

- He starts on Monday.
- Un-offer it.

I don't think
that would look very good.

Uh, s-sir, as much as I appreciate this,
I can't possibly take the job.

Reza is a close friend of mine,
and he's a fine policeman.

Whatever you need,
I'm still here to help.

He's not getting the job, you are.
That's an order.

Do we understand each other?



Hope I'm not too late.

Hey, monster.

- Can I get a high five?
- Hm?

High f... Hi...

- Hey.
- She loves me, really.

There he is. Get in here.

Here's my dad's brännvin.
Handle with care.

Look at this. Come here.

Oh, mad.

- Beer?
- Please.


There's something I need to say,
and I might as well just get it out there.

Did you tell him?


We exchanged.

- Oh, on your new place.
- Mm-hm.

- Totally forgot about that.
- Two spare bedrooms...

- an extra bathroom.
- Yeah. A huge mortgage.

Let me enjoy it for five minutes.


Hey, that's just one of them.


how's it going with, um...

What's her name?

Helena. Helena.

- So gorgeous.
- Yeah.

We're-We're breaking up.

- Oh.
- I told her I wanted to get serious,

and she bailed.

D-Do you want that?

Mm, no. Maybe. I don't know.

Classic Wallander.

Maybe it is time.

A crazy tragic thing happened to you.
That changes a person.

You're right.

It has definitely changed me

from having casual sex on tap
to not having it.

Boys, boys, boys, boys.

I'm bringing you the good ice cream.

Thank you, baby.




I hate to say this, but I...

What's wrong, are you okay?

I want you to hear this from me first.

Hear what, man? W-What's wrong?

Hemberg gave an order that I move
to Major Crimes for the Rosengaard murder.

Well, that's great.

No, no. For that to happen,
someone else has to drop out.

Well done, man.

I swear, I tried.
There was nothing I could do.

They'd already informed Becker.

She insists I work on the march tomorrow,
then that's it.

Hey, look, it was too good
to be true anyway.

No. The next vacancy that comes up
will still be yours.

They said that to me.

- Okay?
- Yeah, look...

not a word to Jasmine...

all right? Not a word, do you understand?

There she is. My little angel, come here.

What's that in your hand? What is that?

What, did you make those?

Go on, give one to Uncle Kurt.

An anti-immigration march
was always going to be tense.

The timing of the Rosengaard murder
hasn't helped.

There is a lot of anger out there.

Kurt, running point.

Fred, Ebba, to the rear.

Reza, I want you behind the wheel.

- What?
- I need a driver.

And it's me because the driver
stays in the van? Find someone else.

- Probably for the best, Rez, yeah?
- Who asked your opinion?

Last time I checked,
I was the senior officer in this unit.

So get someone else to drive.

All right. All right.

Keep the peace. Be there for each other,

and whatever happens,

do not break the chain.

Well, let's defend free speech,

Justice for Hugo! Justice for Hugo!

Justice for Hugo!
Justice for Hugo!

Justice for Hugo! Justice for Hugo!

Justice for Hugo! Justice for Hugo!

Shame on you, shame on you!
Refugees are humans, too!

Racist fuck!

Back in line.

Hey! Is this why we pay our taxes?

So police can protect fascists? Huh?

- Trying to do my job, miss.
- How can you live with yourself?

Something to say? Fascist pig?

All units.
Potential hostile mob

approaching from the northwest blockade.

Be prepared for a code yellow.

I repeat. All units, hostiles approaching
from the northwest blockade.

Pure blood, clean mind!

- It's the Norse Protection League.
- Helmets!

Pure blood, clean mind!

Push them back.

Hold the line.

They're breaking through!

- We are pure blood!
- Where are they going?

- They're headed for a side street!
- What the hell's up there?

We have intel

about a church round the corner
harboring illegal immigrants.

We're evacuating them
from the church's north exit.

Detain the hostiles
for as long as possible. I repeat...

Keep 'em in the sack!

We need to stop them
from getting into that church.

It's a bomb!

We take down the fucking church. Now!

We don't have enough men to hold this!

Request immediate backup!

Over here, guys!

The church is over here!

It's him!

Hey! You!

Stay exactly where you are!


Stay down! Lock this down!

You're under arrest!

You're under arrest.

I don't understand what you're saying.
Turn around, hands on your head.

Just stand still.