Young Sheldon (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 7 - Episode #6.7 - full transcript

Previously on Young
Sheldon... So I told my folks

about the baby.


They told me I'm on my own.

They want nothing to do with me.

Give it a minute.
They still might come around.

I didn't even get to the part
where the father's 17 years old.

Something fun for next time.

Welcome to King Kong Comics.
I'm Missy.

If you have any questions,
please let me know.

I don't have any questions,

I know more about comic books
than you do.

Cool. If you need something,

I'll be at the front counter...
where I work.

This is nice.

Yep. But it's not a date.

Just dinner.

For two people having
a baby. Georgie...

Who recently spent a night
of lovemaking together.

Please stop.

I just want to know
what we're doing here.

We're having dinner,

and I'm ordering two desserts.

Don't complicate it.

Oh, no.


My parents.

Cool. Should we say hi?

We should run.

Oh, just stop it.

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Hi, Mom.



Hey, sweetie.

This is my, uh...

This is Georgie.

Hey, nice to meet y'all.


So, this is the father?

Proud father.

Very proud.

How old are you?

In March, I'll be... Georgie actually

manages a laundromat.

He's very successful.

My dad runs
his own business, too.

Really? What do you do?

I own the tire shop
up over there on...

How old are you?

Well, old enough to know better.

Most important is, I'm here

for Mandy and the baby
whether we're a couple or not.

Wait, now hold on a second,
y'all ain't together?

Good question.

You are or you aren't?
Which is it?

That's our business.

Well... it is her life.

The bill is paid.

We're leaving.

It was nice to meet you.

Yeah, you too.

Jim. All right.

You think they liked me?

In the world of collecting,

I'm what's known
as a completist.

For example, I own
every gauge of model train

from the mighty "G,"

to the tiny "T."

Look at how cute it is,
I just want to eat it up.

However, the downside
of being a completist

is when something's missing,

it's like
an itch you can't scratch,

even if you own a complete set

of Justice League
back scratchers...

which I do.

In this case that itch
was the comic book issue

Doom Patrol
and Suicide Squad Special #1.

What do you mean, you sold it?

Somebody gave me money,

and I gave them the comic book.

That's kind of
how things work here.

But there was a note on file.

If one became available,

it was supposed to be
held for me.


But there was a note on file.

I didn't see a note.

Did you even check the file?

I can't help you.
The comic is gone.

Well, who'd you sell it to?

I don't know, some guy.

Which guy?

Some weird guy.

That doesn't narrow it down,
and you know it.

How was your dinner with Mandy?

We ran into her parents.

Oh, and how did that go?

About as weird as you'd think.

Hmm. They still don't want
anything to do with her?

Nope. She was pretty upset.

Poor thing.

Were you mad at Mom
for getting pregnant?

Oh, yeah.

Did you stop talking to her?

Hell no, I wanted her
to hear how pissed off I was.

But all that being mad at her

just was a waste of time.

What made you come around?

I guess you showing up.

I do have a natural charm,
don't I?

You did,

and then you learned to talk.


Hello, Nathan. Sheldon Cooper.

Oh, hey. How's it going?

Terrible, thank you for asking.

I understand that you
recently purchased

from King Kong Comics.

Yeah, I've been trying to
track it down forever.

Me too. They were supposed
to hold it for me.

I had a note on file.

The girl there
didn't say anything.

That "girl there" is my sister,

and she should have
because I had a note on file.

Your sister works there?
That's so cool.

If it was cool, I would have

Doom Patrol Suicide Squad
Special Issue #1.

Yeah, I have it. It's great.

Let me buy it from you.

Ooh. Sorry, little man.
No can do.

it's the only thing I need

to complete my collection.

I'll tell you what,

you know Secret Wars #8?

When Spider-Man
receives his black costume?

Yeah, I'm familiar.

Yeah, well, I need it

to complete my collection.

Find it
and Suicide Squadis yours.

You got it.


I was on a mission.

All I had to do was

turn to the power
of the Internet for help.

Unfortunately in 1992,

that power had a long way to go.

I do kind of miss that sound.

Hey, Mr. McAllister,
remember me?

You're kind of hard to forget.

Thank you.
I was hoping we could talk.

Oh, uh, yeah.

You know, this might
not be the best time...

What's he doing here?

Oh, hey.

You work here, too. Hi.

He wanted to talk.Great.

Let's talk about how
we busted our butts

to send Amanda to college,

give her opportunities
we never had,

and now she's knocked up

and right back in Medford.

Let's talk about that.

Well, my meemaw likes to say

that every baby
brings a little luck.

Yeah, that's...
what she likes to say.

Look, I know you're
not happy about it,

but you're gonna
have a grand kid.

And cutting Mandy out
ain't gonna change that.

He's not wrong.

Well, he's not right either.

You know, it doesn't necessarily
have to be a bad thing.

My mom got pregnant with me

before she
and my dad got married.

So you're gonna
marry my daughter?

Well, if she'd stop saying "No."

Well, that's something.

Jim. All right.

Why won't she marry you?
What's wrong with you?

Hmm. Tough to say.

Maybe I'm too ambitious
and put work first sometimes.

You know what,
I do the same thing.

I do.

Well, it was lovely
to see you both.

Maybe someday
you can tell me more

about the tire business.
I bet it's fascinating.

Oh, well, I'd like that.

You know, my son
takes no interest in it.

His loss.

Goodbye, Mr. Cooper.

Goodbye, ma'am.

Steel-belted radials,
who came up with that?

Oh, that was Michelin.

Oh, yeah.
There you go.

He asked.



Are you comfortable?
Can I get you anything?

I wouldn't say no to a water.

I wasn't being sincere.
Why are you at my desk?

I needed to use your modem
to check my bulletin board.

Why can't you use the library?

Then I wouldn't get
to see you, silly.

Ooh, I got a response.

Someone named Red Wolf

has the comic I'm looking for.

Oh, joy.
Oh, dear.

Someone named Sucka MC
just offered to buy it.


Red Wolf sold it.
This is a disaster.

That's too bad. Move.

These message boards
are so frustrating.

You have to post
what you're looking for,

then hope someone responds,

and then hope you see the reply

before they sell it
to someone named Sucka MC.

Oh, you're frustrated?
I'm sorry.

I can only imagine
what that feels like.

Too bad there's not
a comic book database

so I could search through it
and find what I'm looking for.

Well, CERN
has something similar.

You can search a database
of scientific papers.

But there's no database
for comic books.

You should make one.
Somewhere else.

Mmm, sounds like a lot of work.

Or does it sound like
a lot of fun?

Go find out.

Do you want to do it with me?

Only if you share credit,
and my name comes first.

Never mind.

I knew that would work.

What the hell were you thinking?

What'd you do?

What'd I do?

You went and talked to
my folks behind my back?

Oh, Georgie.

I was trying to patch
things up between 'em.

That's none of your business.

Our baby's gonna be
their grand kid.


So we're gonna need
free babysitters.

He's got you on that one.

They cut me off.

If they want to be
a part of this kid's life,

then they can start
by apologizing.

I don't know,
your mom don't seem like

the apologetic type of gal.

Oh, so now you're
the expert on my parents?

I got a handle on your dad.
Your mom, she's a tougher nut.

She kind of reminds me of you.

You think that was
smart or dumb?


Missy, I need to speak
with your manager.

I didn't mean to sell
your stupid comic book.

It's not about that,

although I'm still
upset about that,

and will be
for as long as I live.

Then why do you need
to talk to him for?

I have a business proposal.

It touches on the burgeoning
field of informatics

and could revolutionize... Nigel!

What are you doing?

Oh, you know,
just one of them days.

Put that back.

I'll split it with you.



What's going on?

Mandy's pissed at me.

I believe that.

Pretty sure her folks are, too.

She introduced you to her folks?

Mmm, I sort of
introduced myself to them,

and it didn't go great.

Well, you're ass
ain't full of buckshot,

so it could have gone worse.

I don't know,
it feels pretty bad.

Your Pop Pop decked me once.

Oh, yeah.

Got me good.
But it all worked out.

He end up liking you?

He died.

So if you let me build
a search able database

of all your titles,
then theoretically,

anyone in the world
can see your inventory.

That sounds all right.

All right?
This is revolutionary.

Other comic book stores
will follow suit,

and someday, if you want to find

Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad
Special Issue #1,

then all you'll have
to do is type it in.

I just sold one of those.

Despite the note on file,

but that's
water under the bridge.

So you're gonna input my whole
inventory free of charge?

Yes. Well, can you do it

at night so you're
not in the way?

My bedtime is 9:30,
so that's a solid two hours.

Well, there's
a lot of comics here.

How long is this gonna take?

This is quite the undertaking.
Would you like to help?

You got it.

Missy, you're working
late tonight.

Freaking Sheldon.

Can't believe this is
how I'm spending my night.

I know, alone
in a comic book store.

A dream come true.

Your dreams are sad.

Hmm. At least
they've been realized.

So what do we got to do?

We just need to
take every comic book

and input the title and issue
number into the computer.

Fine, I'll call them out,
you type them up.

New Teen Titans #42.

Got it.

New Teen Titans #43.

Got it.

New Mutants #87.

Why would New Mutants
be next to New Teen Titans?

Because they both
start with "New"?

But one's Marvel
and the other's DC.

Would you put Aquaman and
Sub-Mariner next to each other?

I don't know, they could
talk about fish.

This is madness.

I have to fix this.

Aren't we here to type
stuff into the computer?

There's no reason
we can't do both.

It's gonna take forever.

We could use some help.

A comic book store after hours.

It's a dream come true.

And we get to organize it.

We don't have to.

Don't listen to her,

she doesn't
appreciate the dream.

May I help you?

Are you Mary Cooper?

I am, and you are?

Jim McAllister.

I'm Mandy's dad.

Oh! Oh...


Okay, so we're agreed,

we'll have Marvel over here,
DC over there,

and indies in the back.

But within each section,
how do we organize them?

Alphabetical, by title.

But then you'd have
Amazing Spider man in the A's,

Spectacular Spider man
in the S's,

and Web of Spider man
in the W's.

You see the insanity.

Okay. So we'll do it
alphabetical by character.

But then we file
Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen

under "J" for "Jimmy"
or "S" for "Superman"?

How about under "I"
for I'm going home.

What if we go crazy
and organize them by artist?

All the Steve Ditkos
in one place? 'Nuff said.


So, Jim, your daughter
is just lovely.

Oh, thanks.
And, uh, your son seems...


Brave, dumb,

it's a coin toss.

What can we help you with?

Oh, well, uh,
I got some money here,

and I was just hoping
y'all could give it to Mandy.

She's just right across
the street at my mom's.

You could give it
to her yourself.

Oh, no, I couldn't
do that and stay married.

Sounds like we got
the same wife.


Just trying to lighten
the mood, honey.

I-I'll make sure she gets it.

Thank you.

I'm sure your wife will
come around eventually.

Well, I'm hoping that
when she sees the baby,

that ice cube in her chest
might start to melt.

Yep, same wife.

Come on, it's funny.

So, you can just type in

whatever comic
you're looking for,

and the computer will
tell you who has it?

Once enough people
enter their inventories

in the database, yes.

That's really cool.

Would you say
it's revolutionary?

I would.

Will you?

It's revolutionary.


Could it be used
to catalog other things?

Yes, the applications
are endless.

So there could be a database of,

I don't know, available women?

Available for what?

At this point, anything.

Ooh, there could be ones
for scientific grants.

Yeah, or my idea.

Finding grants is such
a time-consuming process.

If there was
a centralized database,

it would change the research
landscape entirely.

Yeah, that's cool, I guess.

And many grants
never get applied for

because people
don't know about them,

so this would be good for
the grantor and the grantee.

Well, shouldn't we
finish this first?

This idea is too big to wait.

I got to go.
Will you lock up?

I'm gonna steal so much stuff.


I was wrong, go ahead
and yell at me.

It's not up to you.
I decide when I'm gonna yell.

Okay, which way you leaning?

What the hell is wrong with you?
You went to his store?

Is it his?
'Cause your mom

seems to be calling
all the shots.

Is that my dad's truck?

Well, Mandy's not gonna
apologize to her mom,

and her mom's not
gonna apologize to her,

so I got to figure out
some way to broker the peace.

Maybe we could have everyone
over here for dinner.

Mary, when has that ever worked?

Food is healing, George.

You should know.

Hey. What? I'm just
lightening the mood.

What are you doing here?

Oh, hi, sweetie.

Yeah, hi.
What are you doing here?

Mandy, your mom
and dad miss you.

Then they
should be talking to me.

Well, you know how
stubborn your mom can be.

Too well.

But, uh...

maybe she's not the only
one being stubborn.

Excuse me?

I came to you for help
and you kicked me out.

Okay, how about
we all take a breath.

Ooh, I could make
brownies. Mary.

Look, this is my life.

If y'all want to be
a part of it,

you know where to find me.


Oh, don't help me.

Good to see you, Mr. McAllister.

Quit following me.

Food would have helped.

So, as you can see on
the chart on page 34,

the amount of time spent
searching for grants

would be cut by 80%.

Do you see what this could do
for the scientific community?

Yes. We could charge
an access fee

to every university
on the planet,

and I can retire
on a yacht in the Bahamas.

You're missing the point.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Uh, good for science.
I love it.

So, our next step is
we get legal involved

and start drawing up
the contracts.

Shouldn't we build
a working prototype first

to prove it's viable?

Well, do you think it's viable?

I do. Well, that's
good enough for me.

I'll call legal.

Wait, what should I do?


Here's a dollar.

Go get yourself a Yoo-hoo on me.

All right.

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