Young Sheldon (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 15 - A Virus, Heartbreak and a World of Possibilities - full transcript

Sheldon is caught in a moral dilemma when offered a bootleg copy of a computer game he can't afford; Mary and Meemaw takes Brenda out for girls night; Missy ask Georgie to take her and Marcus on a secret date.

Previously on Young Sheldon...

Herschel moved out.

Oh, Brenda, I'm so sorry.

I think I have a boyfriend.

What's his name?

Marcus Adam Larson.

He's 11 and a half. He has blond
hair. His favorite color is green.

And he's learning
how to skateboard.

- So how do you know he's your boyfriend?
- Because this happened.

I didn't realize you
had documentation.

I know.

As long as humans
have been on Earth,

they've had to
contend with viruses.

And as long as
I've been on Earth,

I've come up with fun
ways to avoid them.

I've heard so much about you.

Apparently not how I
feel about shaking hands.

I wear personal
protective equipment.

You come here
right this instant.

And I was social
distancing before it was cool.

But in the early '90s, a new
type of virus became prevalent,

one that no amount of
handwashing could stop.

A computer virus.

Oh, no.

But let's back up and begin
this story in a simpler time,

before an insidious
infection had upended my life.

Hey, how has Billy been lately?

I don't know.

Aren't you friends?

We're like
head-nod-in-the-hallway friends.

What's that?

You see someone in the hallway,
you give them one of these.

Ooh, there's a computer
game called Railroad Kingdom.

- Can we get it?
- How much is it?


Are you crazy?

I'll handle this.

I am not paying that
much for a game.

It's not just a game.

It's a cutting-edge simulation

teaching business skills in
the golden age of railroads.

It doesn't matter.

What if I end up running
a railroad one day

and don't have the
necessary business skills?

I think I nailed it
with "Are you crazy?"

Anyway, I just wanted to check
in and see how you're holding up.

Working extra hours, being a
single mother, living the dream.

Want me to give you a
hand straightening up?

Sure! You got a bulldozer?

Maybe we just need to
get your mind off things.

Why don't we go
out this weekend?

Have a girls' night?


Mary Cooper's gonna show
me a fun night on the town?


Where are we going?
Bingo at the church?

Not anymore.

Why do these games
have to be so expensive?

At least you have MTV.

All I have is TV.

Will you please stop focusing
on what you don't have

and try to focus on
what I don't have?

Look. If you really want it,

I know a guy who sells
bootleg games for 5 bucks.

But that's like stealing.

Aren't you going to buy
the game eventually?

As soon as I save
up enough money.

- So you're just getting it early.
- Hmm.

I suppose an actual railroad
magnate would cut some corners.

Problem solved.

Look at that.

I don't even have the game and
I'm already learning business skills.

Cool. Shh.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Do you have any plans Saturday?

Why? There a church thing?

- No.
- I'm free.

Good. Because Brenda's having a
rough time and I want to show her some fun.

Fun? You?

Yes, me.

Sorry. That came out wrong.

I know how to have a good time.

Of course you do.

- That came out wrong, too.
- George!

Where you gonna take her?

Well, I haven't decided yet.

But I did find a coupon
to Muriel's Tea Room.

Oh, Tea Room? That
sounds like a blast.

Boy, I am not good at this.

Whatever we end up doing, Billy's
gonna be hanging here with Sheldon.

So you need to watch him.

I'm happy to do that.

That one sounded pretty good.

The next day,

Tam showed up with a bootleg
copy of Railroad Kingdom.

I wore my mittens so as
not to leave fingerprints,

in case it was ever used
as evidence against me.

Also, Tam had pulled it
out of his gym bag. Ugh.

I knew it was wrong, but listen
to that seductive theme song.

Hey. Can I talk to you?

What's up?

Think you could drop me off
at the movies Saturday night?

I'm seeing Jana.
Can't Mom do it?

Mom's going out...

and I kind of want
to go with Marcus.

Oh. So you're trying
to go on a secret date.

- Kind of.
- I don't know how I feel about this.

Come on. It's just a movie.

Have you been
out with him before?

Never alone.

How old is this boy?

- Thirteen.
- Do his parents know about it?

- What, are you Mom now?
- You're my sister.

You and boys is weird.

Will you take me or not?

- Fine, - Thank you.

You best not be
hugging him like this,

or that date's gonna
be over real quick.

It's nice, you
taking Brenda out.

I'm glad someone
thinks I could be fun.

Who said fun?

I said nice.

Okay, well, if you're so
fun, where would you go?

It's not rocket science.

She just wants to go out to
a bar and have some laughs.

I could do that.

You don't sound too sure.

It's been a while,
but there's no...

- You want me to come?
- I'll pay for all your drinks.

You're gonna regret that.

I was so wrapped up in my game,

I didn't even know
where Tam went.

The things you say,
mmm You're unbelievable


But I didn't care

because I was building
my locomotive empire.

Little did I know, as I was spreading
tracks across North America,

a computer virus was spreading
itself across my hard drive.

Next stop, Infection City.

You're unbelievable

I'm leaving soon. How do I look?

Good, actually.

Well, you don't have
to sound surprised.

Well, it's nice you want to
look good for Brenda Sparks.

What are you looking for?

Deck of cards.

Why? Are you going
to play with the kids?

Of course not. I invited
the guys over for poker.

You're supposed
to be babysitting.

They don't want me around.
They're gonna be watching TV.

But do you really
need to be gambling?

I thought you were
trying to be fun tonight.

I am.

Well, this seems like
a good place to start.

- You have a nice time with your friends.
- Thank you.

But so help me, if the house

smells like cigars when I get
home, you will not hear the end of it.

It's your first day being
fun. You keep trying.

Right now, I'm about to take out a
loan so I can build the first railroad line

between the Atlantic
and the Pacific.

Cool. What do I do?

You watch me take out a loan
so I can build the first railroad line

between the Atlantic
and the Pacific.

Don't you have a game
that two people can play?

I do, but not one that
lets you take out a loan

so you can build the first railroad line
between the Atlantic and the Pacific.

I'll pick Jana up first,
then we'll go get Marcus.

- Okay.
- So what movie are we seeing?

What do you mean, "we"?

You think I'm letting you go
to the movies alone with him?

What do you think's
going to happen?

Nothing's gonna happen,
'cause I'm gonna be there.

Relax. I'm not gonna sit
with you. I'll be in the back.

But you'll be watching me.

Depends. What movie we seeing?

Beauty and the Beast.

I'll be watching you.

So how come it's taken
us so long to hang out?

Well, my husband
never left me before.

We can joke about it?

Good, 'cause that's gonna
make this night way easier.

Here we go.

Is that three beers I see?

It's girls' night out

and I said I was going
to show you a good time.

All right, then, party
girl. Give us a toast.

Oh, um...

Well, uh, bless these beers

and the bartender
who poured 'em.


I thought it was good.

I... I'll handle this.

To friends.

- Mmm-hmm.
- Mmm-hmm.

And to Brenda's crap husband
who made this night possible.


It's okay. She said
we could joke about it.

You have a serving
bowl I can put these in?

A serving bowl?

I didn't realize we were playing
poker with Martha Stewart.

I will make civilized
men of y'all if it kills me.

I was just laughing
'cause he's my boss.

I'll get you a bowl.

Hey, Billy.

I thought you were playing
computer games with Sheldon.

I got bored, so I came out here.

You want me to go get him?

No, I'm fine by myself.

Where is my serving bowl?

Uh, Wayne, this is Billy.

- Hey.
- Hello.

His mom is the one
Mary took out tonight.

Oh, right.

Billy, you just make
yourself comfortable.

Watch whatever you want
and help yourself to the fridge.

Thank you.

You can't just leave
this kid by his self.

Why not?

His father is gone.

He's lonely.

What do you want me to
do? Invite him to play poker?

Hey, Billy, why don't
you come hang with us?

What is happening?

Oh, no!

Hello! You've reached the
Tandy Tech Support Hotline.

I need help. I
think I have a virus.

- I was playing this game and...
- The current wait time is 28 minutes.

It wasn't bad
enough I had to wait.

I also had to
listen to rock 'n' roll.

So, how serious
is it with you two?

Well, we've held hands, hugged
once, and we haven't kissed.

But we did share a straw.

Wow, pretty serious.

They haven't even
been on a date yet.

We got pretty serious before
you ever took me on a date.

Cool it with that.

Can I ask you a
relationship question?

- Of course.
- Who said "I love you" first?

Funny you should ask.

Yeah, I think he cared more about
those stupid chickens than he did me.

Oh, that's not true.

He took them when he left.

Okay, that's a tough
one. Give me a sec.

Why are we talking about this?

We should be having fun.

Actually, it feels good
to get it off my chest.

Well, let's get into it.

What happened? If
there's another woman,

she's a tramp and
you're way prettier.


Although, sometimes
I wish there was.

Then I'd have someone to
be mad at other than myself.

And here I thought this one
was going to be the sad sack.

Mom! That is enough.

Oh, there's my little killjoy.

You know anything about poker?


That's all right.
Neither does this guy.

Good one, boss.

This is fun.


Glad you're here.

My dad never let me
play cards with him.

And then he left.

Sorry, are we still playing?

'Cause I've got a
really good hand.

Tandy Tech Support. This
is David. How can I help you?

Hello? I'm having a problem
with my Tandy 1000 SL.

What's going on?

I think I have a computer virus.

Well, let's not jump there
yet. Could be lots of things.

What did you see?

Pixels started disappearing,

and then a message
read, "Disk destroyer,

your hard drive
is now corrupted."

Yeah, that's a virus.

Oh, dear.

Have you used any
unlicensed software lately?


I'm not sure I should answer that
without consulting an attorney first.

Hey, I get it.

I play a lot of games.

Not always officially purchased.

I'm just here to help get
your computer up and running.

Thank you for
understanding, David.

I'm not usually a rule breaker,
but it was Railroad Kingdom,

and I really wanted it
because I love trains.

And it was $49.95.

My mom said it was too expensive,
and I was going to buy it eventually

and Tam said that
was good enough,

so I got a bootleg copy

and now I have a virus
which I very much deserve.

I'm sorry. Who's Tam?

So no one's gonna say
anything for the rest of the night?

Wouldn't be the first
time no one said anything

when the subject
of love came up.

I said something.

That doesn't count.

Missy, if you said "I
love you" to Marcus

and he said "Samesies,"
would you be okay with that?

- Well...
- And before you answer,

remember who agreed to
take you on a secret date.

Don't ask her. She's a kid.

She held hands
and shared a straw.

You ready to start dating again?

I think I need some time.

If you change your mind,
there's a gentleman over here

at the bar who would like
us to see his butt crack.

So then was there no
big blowup when he left?

Not really.

Well, what happened?

Let's see.

We used to be happy.

Little by little, we weren't.

Then there was bickering.

Then there was
silence, and then...

it was over.

I mean, all couples
bicker, right?

You worried about
you and George?

- Of course.
- I'm sure you guys will be fine.

And if it doesn't
work out, I'll be happy

to introduce you to Butt
Crack Bob over here.

Well, I know it's rough, but my old
man left when I was around your age.

What are you, about
16? Seventeen?

I'm 12.


You know, maybe he
doesn't want to talk about this.

Sometimes it's good to
get stuff off your chest.

My man's been through a lot.

We're here for you.

Thank you.

I'm gonna raise.

On the bright side, you
can look after your mom now.

That's what I did.

Made a man out of me.

You know, Billy,

sometimes these
things are for the best.

Why would you say that?

My parents had a bad marriage.


it was hard to be around.

Full boat. Read 'em and weep.

Come to Papa.


Should we just
forget it and go home?

Fine by me.

Does the back seat get a vote?

You put me on the spot.

I never said that
to anyone before.

Me neither.

And it didn't go well.


I'm sorry.

I'm not even sure what
it's supposed to feel like.

Well, if you felt
it, you'd know.

I know that I like you.

A lot.

More than anybody else.




By the way, when
Marcus is in the car,

you can't be this lame.

Okay. So what we're
going to need to do

is wipe your hard drive clean
and reinstall the operating system.

But what about all my files?

Do you have
everything backed up?

I back up my files
every Thursday night.

I call it "Backup Thursdays."

It's not the catchiest, but
it sums up the situation.


After we wipe your drive, you can
restore it and you'll be good as new.

Thank you so much.

No problem.

So start by turning the computer
off and inserting the DOS disk.

Wait, what if I used
the backup disk

after the virus was
already on the computer?


Then I'm afraid
it's corrupted, too.

But how do I get my files?

You don't.

But I have all my
old papers on there.

My parents' taxes.

I'm sorry.

You ever play football?

- No, sir.
- Think about it.

I will forge a birth
certificate tomorrow.

- Dad, something terrible happened.
- What's the matter?

I lost all the files
on my computer.

Oh, I'm sure you
can get 'em back.

I can't, and it's all my fault.

All right, calm down.

I can't calm down.
This is a disaster.

- It'll be okay, Sheldon.
- You don't understand.

They're gone, and
they're gone forever.

And no matter what I do,
they're never coming back,

so it won't be okay.

I wish I could tell you

I realized the cruel irony of
what I had just said to Billy

and apologized.

But I didn't.

Like a virus, heartbreak
can also spread.

Once it does, it's
hard to contain.

In some cases, you can
try to reboot and start over.

But it makes you
appreciate those early days

when your hard
drive was clean...

and the world was
full of possibility.