Young Sheldon (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 20 - A Baby Tooth and the Egyptian God of Knowledge - full transcript

Sheldon has a scientific breakthrough at the dentist's office. Also, Dale and Meemaw go to the casino, and Georgie makes a big mistake when Dale leaves him in charge of the store.

BOWERS: So, you can see that
Sheldon has a baby tooth

that never fell out.

Is that a problem?

Well, it's gonna keep the adult
tooth from coming down, and...

it's gonna need to be extracted.

Oh, he is not gonna be happy
about that.

No, he is not.

Are you sure we can't
just wait this thing out?

It's gonna cause all the other
teeth around it to come in

crooked and, well, you know,
braces can be expensive.


He is gonna freak out
about the pain

and the needle and the blood.

Yeah, I wouldn't mention
that stuff when you tell him.

Uh, can't you tell him?

I'm not gonna tell him.

But you're his doctor.

And you're his mommy.

Which means that I have to deal
with him all the time.

- Help me out here.
- No.

Can we tell him together?


All right.

What if I put your
business card, free of charge,

in the next church newsletter?

So, Sheldon,
little bit of dental news.

You have a baby tooth

that never fell out.

Neat. Even my teeth
are stubborn.

Anyway, in order for your teeth
to come in straight,

Dr. Bowers is gonna
need to pull it out.

Why didn't I hear this
from him?

I had the same question.

But a tooth extraction
is a major procedure.

Not necessarily.

Will there be blood?

A little.

Will there be a needle?

Maybe, but you won't feel it,

'cause he's gonna
put you under first.

Put me under?
With drugs?

That's even more dangerous.

Sheldon, lots of people
get their teeth pulled.

It's not a big deal.

Stop enjoying this.

- Sorry.
- No, you're not.

No, I'm not.


♪ Nobody else
is stronger than I am ♪

♪ Yesterday I moved a mountain ♪

♪ I bet I could be your hero ♪

♪ I am a mighty little man ♪

♪ I am a mighty little man. ♪

Season 03 Episode 20
Aired on: April 16, 2020

Episode Title: "A Baby Tooth
and the Egyptian God of Knowledge"

This is not exactly the
date night I'd envisioned

when I was shaving my legs.

I'm almost done.

We're elderly, you know?

If anything,
dinner should be early.

Well, I'll tell you what,
when I'm finished,

I am gonna whisk you off
to the finest...

And the only...
Chinese food place in town.

Ying's? Their nachos are weird.

I don't know,
it's not a bad idea

to maybe venture out of Medford
once in a while.

Even better, why don't we
go away for the weekend?

Uh, come on...
You know how hard it is

for me to get out of the store.

What's the point
of being the boss

if you can't get somebody else
to do your work for you?

Uh, I might be able to leave
Georgie in charge.

My grandson?

That'd be the one.

I want to go, so I'm just gonna
say "good idea."


(both laugh)

Hi, Sheldon,
what can I do for you?

Do you have any books or videos
on the Lamaze technique?

Uh-oh. Georgie get
that girl pregnant?

It's for me.
I need to have a tooth pulled,

and I'd like to do it without
putting my brain on drugs.


I've seen that commercial
with the egg in the frying pan.

- Very effective.
- Well,

Since this is a high school,
we don't have material

about giving birth
on the shelves.


since this is a high school,

I... keep a few things here
under the counter.


And I'll let my brother know,

in case he gets himself
in a pickle.

(exhaling rhythmically)

You're having a tooth pulled,
not having a baby.

If it can work for getting
an eight-pound human

through a birth canal,
it can work for a tiny tooth.

Eight pounds?
I'm never having kids.

fact: she ended up having four.

And if I do, I'm taking
any drugs they'll give me.

That part was true.

(radio playing indistinctly)

Hey, Georgie.

I'm thinking about
taking your meemaw away

for this weekend.

Okay. You have my blessing.

Thank you.
And I was wondering, maybe,

if you'd look
after the store while I'm gone.

You saying I'm the manager?

No, I-I'm saying I want you
to look after the store

while I'm gone.

But in a managerial capacity.


You think you can handle it?

Yes, sir. I will make you proud.


Can I fire people?


- Can I get paid more?
- No.

Can I at least change the music
we play here?

What's wrong with the music
we play here?

Nothing, it's just
kind of grandpa music.

Well, how is this
"grandpa music"?

Do you listen to it?


Do you have grandchildren?


Do you see where I'm going
with this?

Okay, Sheldon, you ready?

Not really.

Yeah, that makes two of us.

Why don't you guys come on back?

You know what?
I'm just gonna stay here.

Um, you don't need me
getting in your way.

Oh, it's no trouble at all.
Come on.

I've got my crochet.

- You're coming.
- Fine.

So, you don't need to worry
about needles

'cause we're gonna put you under
for the procedure.

No, thank you. There are risks
associated with anesthesia.

Feel free to jump in.

Are there any other options?

Well, he could stay awake
for it, but we'd have

to give him novocaine.

No needles. Just pull the tooth.

- Okay. Just so you know...
- (exhaling rhythmically)

I'm gonna be using this.

(loud, echoing banging)

Drugs, please.

You go to this casino often?

Kind of.

So don't be surprised
if everybody knows my name,

how I take my whiskey
and the color of my lucky bra.


No, that's my "get lucky" bra.


So, what are you into?
Craps, roulette?

Well, not much of a gambler.

You just left Georgie in charge
of your store, so... disagree.

Mm, he's a lot smarter
than you think.

Maybe you're not
as smart as I think.

Well, if you like me just for
my body, I'm okay with that.


♪ If you could hear me think,
this is what I'd say... ♪

There you go. I hope you enjoyed
your shopping experience.

- I did.
- I'd let the manager know,

But he already does,
'cause it's me.

I'll take it.

It's been a pleasure
to serve you.

You might want to slow down.
We don't have a license

to sell guns in here.

(laughs softly)

Just kidding, it's Texas.
We got them in the back.

Okay, Sheldon,
we're gonna put the mask on.

Now you just breathe normally
and count back from 100.

But counting back from 100

isn't complex enough
to occupy my mind.

You're up again.

Why don't you think
of something more sciencey?

Like counting pi.

That's a thing, right? Pi?

I can't count pi,
it's an irrational number.

But I can embrace the spirit
of your proposal and calculate

the matrix coefficients

for a unified field theory.

Do that. Hit it.

(slurring): Of the four
fundamental forces,

the most difficult to unify
is gravity because...

Oh, thank God.

(carnival music playing)

Step right up.

Step right up

for your chance to meet Thoth!

The Egyptian god
of knowledge.

He has all the answers.

No question too big

or small.

Hello, young man.

Do you have a question
you'd like to pose?

I do, but nobody
in the history of science

has ever been able to answer it.

(laughs): Well, they haven't
asked the great god Thoth!

Right this way!

Ask your question.

Do you really possess
all knowledge?

You only get one question, kid.

You want that to be it?

Oh. No.

How can I unify
the four fundamental forces

of the universe?

Now we're talking.

In order to unify gravity,
you must first understand

that it is a distortion
of space-time.

Gravity. Of course.

He even talks in his sleep.
Why am I not surprised?

(plastic clacking)

Didn't feel it at all.
That's how good this helmet is.

Want to take a whack?

Try it on.

I'll be up front when
you're ready to buy it.

Oh, no.

Damn it.

(roulette wheel spinning)

26 for the twins'

birthday, three for Georgie
and Mary wouldn't like it

if I used her birthday
for gambling, so 13 for her.

All right. For my grandson's
birthday, I'm gonna go black,

'cause I don't remember.

No more bets.

26 black.

(Meemaw whoops)

Whoa! Yep! Hey-ah!

Hooray for the grandkids!

- Whenever the hell they were born!
- (laughs)

You want to go to the bar?

No, we've hit.

We gotta ride this out.

Double zero.

Ride's over.

To the bar!

- (moans softly)
- (TV playing indistinctly)

Where am I?

Oh, you died.
You're a ghost now.


Look who's awake.

How are you feelin'?

I had a dream.

I solved a unified field theory.

Well, good for you.

But I can't remember it.


Well, you were
mumblin' something

about gravity and forces.

You need to be more specific.

Shelly, you weren't makin'
much sense.

Mother, a unified field theory
is the holy grail of physics.

Solving it would be
the greatest breakthrough

in the history of science.

And you forgot it.

That's funny.

Hello, Dr. Bowers,
it's Sheldon Cooper.

I need you to administer
more anesthesia to me.

No, I don't have
a dental problem.

I need to reenter a trancelike
state so I can communicate

with Thoth,
the god of knowledge.

I would argue that the greatest
discovery in physics

is worth losing
your dental license.

Well, it's not
my fault you let them

publish your home phone number.

(line clicks, dial tone drones)

Well, this is
my favorite table here.

Well, sure, every time
you put down money, you win.

Oh, this is nice.

You know, I really don't get
away from the store enough.

How come you're still
workin' at your age?

What do you mean "my age"?

I mean you're old.

I'm not old.

Well, I'm old and
you're older than me.

Yeah, that's true.

But we make it
look good though.

You don't want
to be that guy

that just works
till he drops dead.

I mean, maybe you
should retire.

Have a little fun.

Well, I'm here with you.

That's a good start,
'cause I'm fun.

Oh, man, you sure
as hell are.

(both laugh)

Hey, you know
what'd be fun?

New Orleans is just
an hour away from here.

Oh, I like where
this is headed.

And they got
themselves a 24-hour

wedding chapel.



What do you mean "no"?

We're good together
and we're both old.

That's what you said.

We-we haven't even
said "I love you" yet!

All right, fine.

I love you.

You... you're not gonna
say anything back?

Not under these

Ah, goddang it.


I'd like to report

a robbery.

Well, before I tell you my name,
is there any way we can do this

where the owner of the store
don't find out?

Because he left me in charge
and I really screwed up.

At least $400.

I know it's a lot.

That's why I said I screwed up.

I got to think about this.

I-I'll call you back.

going to recapture my insight

into a unified field theory,
I needed to find a way

to put myself back into an
altered state of consciousness.

Native Americans would

sit in sweat lodges
for hours to achieve this.

I lasted a minute and a half.

Self-hypnosis is another means

of bringing stillness
to the mind.


When it isn't giving you
a heart attack!

The whirling dervishes
of Central Asia

employ a repetitive
spinning technique

to achieve a trancelike state.


(TV playing indistinctly)

You didn't have to storm off.

You're being childish.

So I don't want to get married.

It's nothing personal.

Well, it feels personal.

I'm not rejecting you.

I'm rejecting marriage.

If it helps,
it's not the first proposal

I've turned down.

How the hell does that help?

After everything that I've done

for you and your family!

You give my grandson a job,
so I'm supposed to marry you?

Well, you can forget
I even asked.

ADULT SHELDON: After my other
attempts to return to the trancelike

state of anesthesia failed,
I turned to something

Nancy Reagan herself told me
to "just say no" to.

My mind-altering
substance of choice was...

chamomile tea.

But not your grandma's
chamomile tea.

A highly concentrated super
chamomile of my own making.

All the relaxing power
of 30 cups of chamomile tea

packed into a teaspoon

of calming sludge.

Sorry, Mrs. Reagan.


Okay, grand unified
field theory,

here I come.


This isn't working.

I disagree.

Seems to be working
fine and dandy.

Mr. Einstein?

I'm very excited
to talk to you,

but I was
hoping to hear

from Thoth, the Egyptian
god of knowledge,

so he could teach me the grand
unified field theory again.

Ooh, the grand
unified field theory!

Well, la-di-da.

He told it to me in a dream,
but I can't remember.

All right,
hang on.

Where is the fun
in finding

things out if some joker
with a bird head

just tells you the answer?

But a grand unified field theory
would explain the universe.

Answers are
all well and good,

but a real scientist loves
the thrill of the chase.

Am I right, Hawking?

I would agree.

I do also enjoy the thrill

of rolling over bubble wrap
with my chair.

It-it is fun to pop
that stuff, isn't it?

- So fun.
- But what if I never figure it out?

I never did

and my scientific career
is nothing to sneeze at.

- Same here.
- Agreed.

Uh, don't-don't look at me.

I-I drive a Yugo.

So none of you can help me?

I believe I can.

Sheldon, if I was offered
a choice between all

the knowledge of the universe
or the endless pursuit of it,

I would choose the pursuit.

That's very insightful.

Hold it, hold it...
He didn't come up with that!

He stole it
from Gotthold Lessing.

Who's-who's Gotthold Lessing?

He's an 18th century
German philosopher.

Now do you mind?

We girls are trying to have
some fun over here.

- Apologies.
- Sorry, Cyndi Lauper.

Our bad.

I-I like fun.

While I made my peace

with not having the solution
to a unified field theory,

my intestines
did not make peace

with concentrated
chamomile syrup.

Oh, dear.

Bathroom emergency!
Bathroom emergency!

What the hell?

I locked this.

Who's here?

I'll call the cops!

It's just me.

Why you back so soon?

None of your business.

How'd it go yesterday?

It was good.

Until it wasn't.

What do you mean?

I was helping a customer,

and I guess I forgot
to close the register,

'cause when I got back to it,
all the money was gone.

Are you kidding me?

I screwed up.

Did you call the police?

I didn't want
to get them involved.

But I was gonna make it right.

Here, take it.

So we good?

You're fired.


Get out of my store

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