Young Sheldon (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - A House for Sale and Serious Woman Stuff - full transcript

When Sheldon learns the house next door is for sale, he takes it upon himself to find the perfect neighbors. Also, Missy is torn when she's forced to pitch against her boyfriend at the baseball game.

Ice cream.

Ice cream, Mom... can I?

Ice cream!

Don't you need money?

I need money!

Thank you. Don't run!


Shelly, you want ice cream?

Ice cream!

All right.

Here you go.

And no runnin'.

In these loafers? Not a chance.

I was jokin'.


It was turning out to be

the perfect Saturday.

The ice cream man
had extra napkins.

I had tons of homework.

And I was about to enjoy
an orange sherbet Push-Up,

which was the only
kind of Push-Up

I could actually finish.

Then it all came crashing down.

There's no telling
who could buy that house!

What if they have dogs?

What if they have birds?

What if they have both
and the birds

learned to bark like dogs?

Sheldon, you're gettin' yourself
all worked up.

For good reason... that house
issix feet away from my bedroom

window... who knows what kind
of smells could jump the gap?

Uh, cigarette smoke,
a scented candle, a durian?

What's a durian?

A vile-smelling fruit
of the genus Durio.

When did you smell that?

I haven't, and I'd like
to keep it that way.

It might be nice.

It might be a family
with kids your age.

I already live with a kid
my age... not a fan!

What's up?

Can I talk to you about
serious woman stuff?

Of course.

Is this a...
iced tea conversation

or a hot tea conversation?

Definitely hot.


So what's goin' on?

I think I have a boyfriend.


But you cannot tell Mom.

Oh, of course... I love not
telling your mother stuff.

So what-what-what's his name?

Marcus Adam Larson,
he's 11 and a half,

he has blond hair,
his favorite color's green

and he's learning
how to skateboard,

but he's not very good yet.

Okay, well,
I have to ask, now...

at your age, having a
boyfriend, what does that mean?

Do you, uh... go out on dates?


Um... well, d-do you hold hands?

I wish, but no.

So how do you know
he's your boyfriend?

Because this happened.


I didn't realize
you had documentation.

I know.

Something suspicious
is happening next door.

Like what?

Groups of strangers
keep coming and going.

They must be using
the house to sell drugs.

No one's selling drugs,
they'rejust havin' an open house.

What's that?

They open up the house
so people interested

in buyin' it can take a look.

That explains why 911
hung up on me.

I had no choice
but to determine

if any of these
prospective home buyers

would be suitable neighbors.

This shifty fellow?

He looks like trouble.

That woman and

whatever dark secret is hiding
in her bag?

Probably a machete.

Oh, this lady seems promising.

Not on my watch.

Please look around.

If you have any
questions, I'll be right here.

Excuse me, is there someone
in charge here?

That would be me.

Mr. Lundy?

What are you doing here?

I'm the realtor.

But you're a teacher
and an actor.

And while those both
pay so well,

I like to do this
on the weekends for fun.

Why are you here?

I live next door
and I'm concerned

about who the new neighbor
might be.

Don't you worry, I will
personally make sure that

your new neighbor is whoever
forks over the most money.

Thank you.


So if you want to
be his girlfriend

and he wants to be
your boyfriend,

what's the problem?

He also plays baseball,
and this weekend...

I have to pitch against him.

Yeah, so?

So if I strike him out, he mightget
mad and break up with me.

Well, why would he do that?

I've struck out a bunch of boys.

They all get real mad.

You're gonna pitch bad
to him on purpose?

I was thinkin' about it.

That is not
what you are gonna do.

You are gonna do your best,
and if you strike him out,

he will respect you for it.

I don't know.

When I struck out Brian Morgan, he cried.

Now everyone calls him
Cryin' Brian.

That's pretty funny.

Thanks, I started it.

Mr. Lundy?

Come in.

What brings you here?

I'm the listing agent
on the house next door.

But I thought you were
a teacher and a...

And an actor, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You've got to get your son
out of my open house.

Why, what's he doin'?


I noticed there's
hair on your coat.

Clearly yours is falling out,

but do you also have pets?

I detect a hint of garlic.

Do you enjoy
cooking stinky foods

or are you afraid of vampires?

Is there any chance
you're just fat?

Oh, dear, I'll go get him.

Thank you.

Kind of a dump.

But I could sell it.

Why are you reading
about property code?

The house next door
to mine is for sale,

and I'm looking for ways
to control who moves in there.

When my family moved to Texas,
they burned our fishing boat.

Tam, we're talking about
my problems right now.

We usually are.

Ooh, listen to this:
"A seller

"or seller's agent
must disclose if a homicide

has occurred on the property."

Why is that helpful?

That could scare off
any unwanted buyers.

Hasthere ever been
a murder next door?

I sure hope so.

Hello, Officer Robin.

This is Sheldon Cooper.

What's wrong, Sheldon?

I was wondering
if anyone was murdered

in the house next door to mine.

You mean murdered today?

No, ever, but today
would work, too.

It'll take me a while to check.

That's fine, I can hold.

Tell Mr. Givens I may be
a little late to class.

It's a police matter.

Sheldon's gonna be late.

Well, all right!

It's a police ma... Don't care.

Yes, I'm still here.

Sorry, no murders.

Just one death from
natural causes in


How can we be sure
it wasn't foul play?

The man was 96 years old,

That's a lot of years
to make enemies.



you playin' the
Tigers on Saturday?

Should be an easy win.

Their best player's
parentsare getting a divorce.

He's pretty distracted.

Well, there's a lucky break.

I just hope it dragsout through playoffs.

So how you feel about

not pitchin' Missy?

Why would I do that?

Well, she's growin' up

and she's going through
some new stuff...

Oh, I don't wantto hear about that.

No, no, no, she's...

She's got a crush on a
boy on the other team,

and she's worried that
if she strikes him out,

that it will embarrass him.

Well, that's too bad, she's our pitcher.

She's gonna do her job.

Well, she's also an 11-year-old
girl with big feelings.

And I'm a cranky old manwith no feelings.

Well, I've always thought that
underneath that tough exterior,

there was a shred of compassion.

Yeah, I know whatyou're doing.

What am I doing?

You're using your
femininewiles to get your way.


Smart and handsome.

You forgot tall.

Don't say that.

Never... say that.


never say die.

Well done.

Very moving.

And speaking of moving,

if any of your parents are in
the market for a two-bedroom,

two-bath ranch-style
with a updated kitchen,

have them give me a call.

All right, very good.

How about next week we try
somemonologues from actual theater?

Just a thought.

Mr. Lundy.

Oh, what now?

What happened with
the open house

after you had me kicked out?
Were there any potential buyers?

And if so, can I have
their names so I can run

a background check
with my friends in blue?

if you think you're gonna

stop me from selling
this house, you're wrong.

Oh, am I?

They tried to stop me
from staging The Crucible

on roller skates.

A lot of understudies
went on that day...

but so did the show.

You do not want me as an enemy.

Or as a friend, sibling
or student, I've been told.

All right, look,
if it's so important to you,

why don't you just go out

and find a buyer
that you'd be happy with?

So if I find someone
I deem acceptable,

you'd sell them the house?

If the bank approves, so do I.


I wonder if Stephen
Hawking would like Texas.

It's very flat.

Oh, I can't afford a house,

but I'm flattered
you'd want me next door.

Of course I would. You
don't have enough friends

to throw a party.

Yeah, well...

Neither-neither do you!

So, you think after
seeing you every day at school,

I'd want to go home,
look out my window

and see-see more of you?

Yes. Hey, maybe we could ride
to school together.

We could play car games.

Stop, you're killing me.

I'm sorry, why would I want
to live next door to you?

Ask Mr. Givens.

Apparently, I'm hilarious.

That's sweet of you for asking,

but I'd rather

stick my finger in
a pencil sharpener

and crank away.

I would love to, Sheldon,

but there's a district rule

that says a principal can't
live next door to a student.

That makes sense.

Does it? Good.

Hey. Robin says the house

next door to y'all is for sale.

Oh, yeah, it is.

Is it nice?

Uh... nice enough.

Why? Are you thinking
about moving?

I wasn't, but Robin's not
crazy about living in a house

I shared with my ex-wife.

That's understandable.

I want her to be happy.
'Cause I love her.

Not just 'cause she's a
cop with a gun.

But that's part of it. Well,

I'm sure there are lots
of wonderful houses out there.

I'd be happy to help you look.

Do you not want us to look
at the one next to you?

Oh, no, of course not.

You should absolutely
look at it.

As well as other houses.

I have to say, this isn't
the reaction I was expecting.

No, it isthe reaction
you were expecting.

Excited that my
bossmight live next door to me.


Well, my boss lives everywhere,

and you don't see me
getting weird about it.

And then after you buythe
house, you rent it out

to people who arepreapproved by me.

I can't afford a second house. Georgie,

you make as much money as Dad.
Why don't you buy it?

He does not make as
much money as me.

No. But I don't have
to spend mine

on stupid stuff
like food and kids.

Mary, where's dinner?

So, is that a yes
to buying the house?

Sorry. When I move out, it
ain't gonna be 20 feet away,

and it's gotto have a hot tub.

Sheldon, you need

to stop involving
yourself in this.

You upset Mr. Lundy,

and you were rude to the
people at the open house.

And he was bugging his
teachers at school all day.

But Mr. Lundy said
I could help him.

I don't care.

Even Pastor Jeff is talking
about buying that house now.

That could work out.

His wife's a police officer,
so built-in security.

And whenever I have
a theological zinger,

I can call it right
over the fence.

You want your bossliving next door?

Not exactly.

You don't have to worry

about your boss. There's
a district rule that says

that Principal Petersen
cannot live next door to me.

That sounds made-up.

A principal who tells lies.

What are we gonna do
with this one?

Here's the payroll checks.

Thank you. If you need
anything else,

I'll be in my office,
which is next door.

Sorry it's so close.

Lord, I am trying my best.

Please help me
with this situation.


I meant fix him, not me.

Excuse me,

Mr. Lundy. I'm afraidl have some bad news.

Oh. What's going on?

My mother has forbidden
mefrom helping you sell the house.


is beyond bad news.

I don't think I
can do this alone.

I'm sorry. It's not me.

No, I know it's not.

Just enjoyed being in
the trenches with you.

As did I.

All right, Sheldon, I...

I guess I'll see
you in the halls.

Again, I'm sorry.

Me, too.

And scene.

Hey, uh, Cooper,

you know, I think I'm
gonnahave you sit this one out

and let Powell pitch.

Really? Yeah.

Kind of like to save your
armfor the playoffs, okay?


Do you want to save my arm, too?


How about my legs?

You know, Billy, you
never failto brighten my day.


Pastor Jeff, you got a second?

Of course.

I might've called
before dropping in,

but that's just how
I was raised.

I owe you an apology.

I was worried about us

working together

and then living
next door to each other,

but I like you
and Robin very much,

and if you want
to look into that house,

we would be lucky
to have you as neighbors.

Thank you. That's nice to hear.

I mean it.

Good, 'cause Robin already
looked at it, loved it,

put up police tape so no one
else could get in.


Ball four.

Oh, damn it.

We're gonna lose.

Oh, we're gonna be fine.

Powell's got this.

I'll strike Marcus out.

Put me in.



I thought Marcus
was your boyfriend.

Meemaw told you?

She's my girlfriend.
You know, we talk about stuff.

So, all that about saving my
armfor playoffs wasn't true?

I was just being nice.

Since when are you nice?

Well, don't get used to it.

Just go strike out
your boyfriend.

Player change!

Come on, Cooper.

Good job.

Kind of.

Strike one!

Yes! Two more, Coop!

Two more! Come on.

I thought
we were saving her arm.

Not now, Billy.Okay.

Foul ball!

Yeah, okay!

You got this!

- - Strike two. - Hang in there!

No coddle. Come on, Coop.

Bear down.

Strike three! Yeah!

You're out! That's my girl!


Good job! Way to go!

We won!

Good game. Good game.

Good game. Good game.

Good game. Good game. Good game.

Good game. Good game. Good game.

Good game.

Good game.

Where the hell is she going?

Missy! Where you going?

He held my hand!

High five! Don't touch it!

We've got some exciting news.

They accepted our offer
on the house!

We're gonna be neighbors.

That's wonderful.

Come in, come in.

What's going on?

It looks like
Pastor Jeff and Robin

are gonna move in next door.

And that's not the only news.

We're expecting.


What a beautiful blessing!

Aw.Hey, Sheldon, maybe someday
you can babysit for us.

Where you going? To apply for college.

When he sees the baby, he'll come around.

No, I won't.