Young Sheldon (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Teenager Soup and A Little Ball of Fib - full transcript

Sheldon fakes being sick to avoid a swim test at school. Also, Dr. Sturgis spies on Meemaw's new boyfriend.

Previously on Young Sheldon...

I saw Connie

for the first time since
I broke up with her,

and it's making me wonder if she also

is feeling lonely, and I made
a bad decision for both of us.

I hate to be the one
to tell you this, John,

but she's kind of been
seeing someone new.

She seems to be doing okay.

Oh, I hope he gets lost
at sea and never returns!

I'm having a lot of feelings.

- Hey.
- Connie.

I thought I'd just, uh... say "hi."

Would it be awkward if
I asked her to join us?

Oh, couldn't be any more awkward.

In many ways,

a high school is like an
academic house of horrors.

There's the cafeteria,

which when even freshly cleaned,

maintains a subtle aroma
of tater tots and throw-up.

The schoolyard, where one is exposed

to bullying by delinquents
and attacks from above

by eye-pecking demons.

But all of these pale in comparison

to the most horrific location of all.

A place teeming with
the sweat and secretions

from hundreds of unwashed bodies.

The swimming pool.

Sorry, Sheldon. Water
safety is a required

part of your P.E. class.

But other kids use that pool.

It's basically a big
bowl of teenager soup.

It's out of my hands.
It's a state requirement.

If you don't like it, take
it up with your congressman.

I did.

He won't return my calls.

Then I guess you're swimming tomorrow.

Except for the laughter,
the glowing eyes

and the lightning, that's
exactly how it happened.

I'm a little nervous.

You're the first ex-girlfriend

I've ever been friends with.

And you're also my first ex-girlfriend.

And that's because you...

How about you just think
of me as your friend?

Okay. Yes, that's good.

So, I understand

you're seeing someone new.

Tell me everything.


I assumed that, uh, as friends,

we could tell each other
about our personal lives.

Trust me, John, you-you don't
want to hear about these things.

Actually, I do.

Your happiness is very important to me.

Oh, what the hell.

His name is Dale.

He owns a sporting goods store.

And we've only been out a few times,

but so far, so good.

Well, that sounds wonderful.

Good for you.

Thank you.

Now, would you like to hear

about the women I'm dating?

You're dating other women?

Heavens, no.

Come on, Jesus. This is for
your birthday. Help me out.

Boy, Sheldon is really worked up
about this whole swimming thing.

Don't you think he should
learn for his own safety?

You really think he's ever
gonna go near a body of water?

Yeah. It's only a matter of time

before someone throws him in one.

Well, break it to him gently.

Wait... Me?

Swimming's a sport, and
you're a sports person.

And he's a mama's boy,
and you're his mama.

How about we do it together?

Fine, but you can't hang me out to dry.

Of course not.

We're a team. We're in
this together, right?

You bet.

She's gonna hang me out to dry.

Observation is an important part

of the scientific method.

Darwin observed the finches,

Jane Goodall observed the chimpanzees,

and for some reason,

Dr. Sturgis wanted to observe
my meemaw's new suitor.

Couple days, so...

Excuse me just for one second.

Howdy. Can I help you?

No, no, just browsing.

Yeah, well,

any particular sport
you might need that for?

Depends. What the heck is it?

It's a cup.

A cup?

What kind of a cup has holes in it?

Well, it protects your private parts.


Well, I can see how

that might be useful.

Well, this has been very informative.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

You just, uh...

If you have any more
questions, you let me know.

I certainly will.

All right.

Georgie, I want you

to keep an eye on
that weirdo over there.

I know

that weirdo. He used to date my meemaw.

That guy?

Yeah, he's, like, super smart.

I'm not sure I believe you.

Hey, Dr. Sturgis.


Wait. Uh-oh.


I may have made a
questionable, uh, decision

regarding our friendship.

What have you done, John?

I went to the sporting goods store

to check out your new fella.

Did you speak to him?

Oh, yes. In fact, he sold
me an athletic supporter

to protect my genitals.


You may want to be wearing
that next time I see you.



can you turn the TV off for a second?

But after this commercial break,

Professor Proton is
going to use a candle

to suck a hard-boiled
egg into a milk bottle.

We'll make it quick.

Go ahead.

Your father has something to tell you.

- Your mother wants you to swim.
- George!


Who's ready to suck eggs?

That was the lamest
tantrum I've ever seen.

I'm being forced to
swim tomorrow in P.E.

Poor baby. You have to play in a pool

instead of sit in a classroom.

A pool of sweat, germs
and dead skin cells.

Still better than learning.

Maybe it's time for me
to run away from home

and join a traveling math club.

Just pretend to be sick.

But that would be lying. I'm not a liar.

Well, you better be a swimmer.

Or a drowner.


Why don't you like me?

You're full of bacteria.

So are you, but you don't hear
me saying, "Ugh." It's rude.

Look, I may just be pool water,

but I still have feelings.

Sorry, water.

Come on.

My pH level is 7.4,

and with three parts
per million of chlorine,

I'm cleaner than your daddy's plate

after Thanksgiving dinner.

Wow. That's pretty clean.

Look how clear I am, Sheldon.

You can see all the way to the bottom.


A little closer.

A little closer.


Pool monster!

I don't feel well.

What's wrong, baby?

I don't know. I just feel awful.

Well, there is something going around.

Billy Sparks got some kind of bug.

That is consistent
with what I said. Good.

You're staying home today.

I'll go make you some tea.

Welcome to the dark side.

Mom says you're sick.

He's faking.


Why? You love school.

Swim test.

Oh, sure. You would die.

If you're gonna do this,

let me give you some pointers.

You've done this before?

Tell him.

Oh, he's the master.

He coached me through my last two...

sore throats.

I slept on the couch during those.

I know.

First of all,

you got to cough even
when Mom's not in the room.

Got it.

And don't put the
thermometer in the tea.

114 fever is a giveaway.

- Smart.
- Told you.

Oh, don't be afraid to let
her look in your throat.

She's checking to see if it's red,

but it's always red.

You are good.

Here, try spitting up a little phlegm.

We got work to do.

I'm sure he'll feel better tomorrow.

And you can send any
homework that he needs to do

with his brother.

Thank you.

Doesn't this all seem
a little convenient?

You think he's faking it?

Today's the swim test.

It's pretty suspicious.

Sheldon just coughed up
something gross in a tissue.


And that's why he's staying home.

Mary, come on.

No, I am not changing
my mind. My little boy

is not a liar.

Connie Tucker?

- Yeah.
- Here you go.

- Well, thank you.
- You're welcome.


"I overstepped

the bounds of friendship.




So, why in the hell
would your ex-boyfriend

send me a giant cookie?


My little boy is not a liar.

My little boy is not a liar.

You don't have a temperature.

That's good. You want
to get comfy on the couch

and watch your Star Trek tapes?

No, thank you.

I know what'll make you feel better.

♪ Soft kitty, warm kitty ♪

♪ Little ball of fur ♪

♪ Happy kitty ♪

♪ Sleepy kitty ♪

♪ Purr, purr, purr ♪

♪ Soft liar, warm liar ♪

♪ Little ball of fib ♪

♪ Happy liar, sleepy liar ♪

♪ Fib, fib, fib. ♪

Feel better?



Cooper's out sick?

What a baby.

Really? Cooper's out sick?

Oh, baby!


Happy birthday to me.

Shelly, I'm gonna run

to the grocery store real quick
so I can make you some soup.


I had lied to my mother
and gotten away with it.

The guilt was more than I could take.

I had to make this right.

I could confess and
break my mother's heart,

or I could turn my lie into the truth

and actually get myself sick.

Hi, Sheldon.

Hello, Billy. I hear
you're not feeling well.

I'm not. I have a cold.

That's too bad.

Put her there.


Just shake my hand, Billy.

But my mom says that's
how germs get spread.

- I know.
- You do?

When did you talk to my mom?

Just, eh...


Wait, want to play?


Ooh, is that for your patient?


He's still under the weather.

Oh, that's too bad.

Running a fever?


Sniffly nose?


But he couldn't even

bring himself to watch
his Star Trek show.

Oh, dear. I better go call an ambulance.

You're not funny.

And he ain't sick.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.


Now, don't fill up on those.

We still got two giant
cookies to finish.

I'm sorry about all
that stuff with John.

I... He means well, but sometimes

he can just be, uh... a little quirky.

Yeah, I kind of figured
that; yeah, I watched him

play ping-pong with his own crotch.

I don't know what that
is, but I'm sure he did it.

Well, I mean, how'd you meet this guy?

What, did you try to
steal his pot of gold

at the end of the rainbow?

Okay, okay, he's a very sweet man.

Well, I bet he is.

If you must know,

he's Sheldon's college professor.

Smart, short and weird...

well, that's the whole package

- right there.
- Hey, okay,

that's enough.

Well, I got to ask.

Do you feel like you're dating

a supermodel right now?

You didn't touch your soup, baby.

I'm not hungry.

You aren't feelin' any better?

Well, it'll be in the fridge

if you change your mind.

Young man.

Yes, you.

Pretending to be sick.

You should be ashamed of yourself!

But I was afraid to go in the pool.

You are in a pool.

A pool of your own deceit.

If my mother were alive,

I'd never lie to her.

And I'd always eat her soup.

My grandson's trying to steal home,

and he trips and he
falls and lands face-first

on the plate, lost a
tooth, we won the game.

Get this.

He finds the tooth two days later...

when he goes to the bathroom.

That's it?

You don't understand.

He found the tooth...

I got it.

What's going on? You okay?

Actually, no.

I don't like the way you've
been talkin' about John.

I was kidding around.

Well, it bothered me.

Wait a minute, hold
it, hold, hold, hold.

Your weirdo ex comes sneaking
around, checking me out,

and all of a sudden,
I'm the bad guy here?

You don't get to call him a weirdo.

You don't think he's a weirdo?

Of course he's a weirdo.

You just can't say it.

Oh, I didn't think it
was that big a deal.

Well, it is. He and I

are friends, and if you
don't stop makin' fun of him,

you and I are gonna have a problem.

Are you saying that I'm being naughty,

and you're threatening to punish me?

'Cause I might like that.


See, you're tryin' to be
mad at me and you can't.

Now you are getting punished.

Check, please!


Oh, baby.

What are you doing out of bed?

I don't need to be in bed.

I'm not sick.


I lied to you

so that I wouldn't have
to take the swim test.

You lied?

I feel terrible about it.

Well, you should feel terrible.

I trusted you.

I'm sorry. It's just
that I was so afraid

to get in that pool, so I let Georgie

and Missy teach me how to fake it.

They said it was easy, but it's wasn't.

It really wasn't.

Georgie and Missy taught
you how to do this?

I cannot tell a lie... they sure did!

Okay, calm down.

Now, you listen to me,
you shouldn't have lied.

It's always wrong.

But you made up for it
by telling me the truth.

So, you forgive me?

I do, but...

I need you to do me a favor.

As far as your father is
concerned, you were sick.

Isn't that lying?



The following day, I returned to school.

I had no choice but to fulfill

my swimming requirement.

Much like Batman,

I suited up and faced my fears.

Unlike Batman, I did
it with a doggy-paddle

across the shallow end of the pool.

Uh, regarding pool sanitation,

it turned out I was right.

It was teeming with germs.

Only I was the one

who put them there.

As it happens,

my interaction with Billy Sparks

did get me sick.

I, in turn, created a small epidemic

taking down 128 students,

four teachers...

and one principal.

It didn't stop there.

I also infected my mother,


sister, brother,


and Meemaw's friend Dale.

The newly established
boundaries of friendship

helped keep Dr. Sturgis healthy.

However, in an unrelated incident,

he crashed his bike
into some garbage cans.

Luckily, he landed on his
recently acquired athletic cup.

That was a wise purchase.