Young Sheldon (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - A Crisis of Faith and Octopus Aliens - full transcript

Sheldon becomes an unlikely ally when a tragedy in the community shakes Mary's faith.

"That everyone who believes
may have eternal life in him.

For God so loved the world that
he gave his one and only son."

Here we go.

Yes, Sheldon?

When you said God gave
his son to the world,

did you mean Earth
or the universe?


But if God created the universe,

wouldn't he want
to save all of it?

Yes, uh, he would.

Then why did you say Earth?

"Earth" is a synonym
for the universe.

He's grabbing at straws now.

So if God's plan is
to save all of the universe,

that means a race of
octopus aliens light-years away

- could only be saved by Jesus?
- Sure.

- Even though they never would've heard of him?
- Yes.

Even though his appearance
might be terrifying to them?

W-Why would his appearance
be terrifying?

He has four limbs
and they have eight.

- Okay, that's enough.
- No, no.

I prayed people would be
more interested in my sermons.

I suppose I should've been
more specific.

Sheldon, if
these creatures

were born without sin, they
don't need to be saved by Jesus.

What if an octopus Adam and Eve
brought sin to their world?

Would they be saved by a human
Jesus or an octopus Jesus?

♪♪ Nobody else
is stronger than I am ♪♪

♪♪ Yesterday I moved a mountain ♪♪

♪♪ I bet I could be your hero ♪♪

♪♪ I am a mighty little man ♪♪

♪♪ I am a mighty little man ♪♪

And then I said octopus aliens
didn't need to become Christian

because they're not affected
by original sin.

You should've been there.

Pastor Jeff almost started crying.

Oh, now I'm sorry
I missed it.

That's your fault
for having a hangover.

Or it's God's fault
for putting Sunday morning

after Saturday night.

- Meemaw, could you take me to Radio Shack?
- Hello?

Sure, maybe later.

Later's a little vague.

Could you please
be more specific?

When I'm good and ready.
How's that?

Better, but I'd really
like to nail this down.

Why don't you ask
your father to take you?

- Dad?
- What?

Can you please
take me to Radio Shack?

I'm busy.
Ask your meemaw.

I did.
She said to ask you.

Well, ask her again.

Seems counterintuitive,
but all right.


Oh, Lord.

Everything okay?


Stephanie Hanson's daughter was
in a car accident last night.

She died.

Oh, no.

My God.

She was barely 16.

That's horrible.

Is there anything we can do?

I don't know.

Um... ugh.

I need to call folks
at the church.

Any more thoughts
on Radio Shack?

Sheldon, do you
really think

this is the appropriate
time to ask that question?

I did, but now
I'm second-guessing myself.

How you holding up?

I'm okay.

16 years old.

It's just awful.

It's all part of God's plan.

How come we don't get
to go to the funeral?

Why would you want
to go to a funeral?

I've never been to one.

When you get to be my age,
you get to go to plenty.

That's, like,
a hundred years from now.

You make it hard to love you.

Do you really see a dead body?


How close do
you get to it?

Real close, if you want.

And the clothes they're wearing,

is that the clothes
they become a ghost in?

Depends. In the movie Ghost,

Patrick Swayze has on
the outfit that he dies in.

Casper runs around butt naked.

Maybe he died naked.

That's fun to think about.

And y'all wonder why
you're not at the funeral.

Good morning, Peg.

Well, it will be once this cup
of Sanka works its magic.

Is Pastor available?

Oh, he's on the phone
with his wife.

- Oh, should I come back?
- Nah.

He usually gets his groveling
done pretty quick.

So... that little Hanson girl,
that was horrible, huh?


Reminds you that...

life is precious.

You're up, slugger.

Come in.

I have the clothing drive flyers
if you'd like to take a look.

Thank you.

You all right, Mare?

No, not really.


I can't stop thinking
about that little girl.

I understand.

That's why it's important
in these times

to take comfort in our faith.

What if that's
not doing the trick?

Events like this can
certainly create doubt.

It happens to me more often
than I'd like to admit.

What do you do?

I roll up my sleeves and I work
even harder at serving our Lord.

Mary, we each have
a relationship with God,

and relationships
take work.

Get out there.

Help the needy,
start a Bible study,

hug a stranger and tell 'em
the Lord loves 'em.

But not a child.
That backfires on you, big-time.

Thank you, Pastor Jeff.

You are most welcome.

Oh, and tell Sheldon

I spoke to
my seminary professor,

and the official ruling is:

God would appear to the octopus
aliens in octopus alien form

and save their
eight-legged souls.

Praise Jesus!

I should put that in a sermon.

Hold on, hold on.
Thank you, God,

for this food we are about to
receive and for the nourishment

of our bodies, and bless the
hands that prepared it. Amen.

We're doing this
at breakfast now?

Yes, I think it's a nice idea.

She's eating Count Chocula.

Doesn't he play
for the other side?

I'm so glad God blessed you
with a sense of humor, George.

Mom, have you received any
distressing phone calls today?

No. Why?

Just wondering if
it's an appropriate time

to ask if you could take me
to Radio Shack.

Sorry, sweetheart,
I can't today.

I have to bring this food
over to the Hanson family.

Then I have my new prayer group.

And after that,
I'm gonna get started

on a faith garden
in the backyard.

A faith garden?
What the hell is that?


It's an outdoorsy place
for me to speak to God.

Don't you already
speak to him indoorsy?

Yes, but in the backyard,

I can enjoy the beautiful world
he gave us.

You can also smell the
Sparks' chicken coop.

Well, I think it sounds nice.

Thank you. I'm gonna
need your truck

to get all the dirt and
flowers and tools that I need.

- Sure.
- Oh, oh, almost forgot.

Can you keep an eye out
for a rock big enough

to paint a Psalm on?

I can do that.

Wish me luck!



Is Mom okay?

How the heck should I know?

She left. You can say "hell."

...our hearts
and stir us to action.

If my mother's faith was

the Starship Enterprise,
over the next week,

she achieved warp factor nine.

I can't hear you.


Let 'em hear ya in heaven!

- Amen!
- Heck yeah! Amen!

Despite his concerns
over her sanity,

my dad found a rock
worthy of her faith garden.

Ooh, right over there.

- Here?
- Mm-hmm.


Honey, it's a rock.

I know, but still.

♪♪ Spirit in the sky ♪♪

♪♪ Prepare yourself,
you know it's a must ♪♪

♪♪ Gotta have a friend in Jesus ♪♪

♪♪ So you know
that when you die ♪♪

♪♪ He's gonna recommend you
to the spirit in the sky... ♪♪

I pray that you protect
Sheldon in all that he does.

What are you doing?

I'm praying for you.

She needs it more than I do.

You think I didn't
start with her?

♪♪ Oh, set me up
with the spirit in the sky ♪♪

♪♪ That's where
I'm gonna go when I die ♪♪

♪♪ When I die and
they lay me to rest... ♪♪

Lord, thank you for inspiring me

to build this faith garden
and for your eternal love.

Also, please look after
the Hanson family

to find strength...

in their time of grief.

And I thank you
for the years they had

with their beautiful daughter.

♪♪ I eat cannibal ♪♪

So when you gonna take me
to get my learner's permit?

Georgie, you've heard us
talking to Sheldon

about asking questions
at inappropriate times, right?

Yeah, so?

So, given what's
happened this week,

do you think
it's an appropriate time

to be talking about driving?

Why? 'Cause that girl died?

Yes, that.

For your information,
I'd be an excellent driver.

I wouldn't trust you
to push a shopping cart.

Would you feel more
confident if I told you

I already know how to drive?

- Video games don't count.
- I'll have you know

I've driven Meemaw's car.

I also drove your truck one night
while you were sleeping.

Are you crazy?!

I parked it and everything.
You had no idea.

Okay, let...

let me get this straight...

you're trying to prove to me
that you're a responsible person

by admitting you stole my truck.

I said I was responsible.
Never said I was smart.

- Hey.
- Let's go out.

- Go out where?
- I don't know,

Dairy Queen, shooting range,
line dancing?

Have you been drinking?

I might've had a wine cooler
or two.

Sweetheart, that ain't drinking.

The bartender
asked to see my I.D.

Honey, he does that to get tips.

He asked me for mine, too.

Well, I like to think we're both
young attractive ladies.

To that old fart? Yeah.

- Mmm.
- Whoa.

Whoa, pace yourself, cowgirl.

I'm fine.

Now, are we gonna shoot pool
or not?

You bet.


Did you know George and I
used to come here

when we first started dating?

Is that so?

He kissed me right over there
in that booth.

Why, was there some
barbecue sauce on your face?

It's a fat joke.

I got it, Mom.

Come on.
Come on.

Why are you putting us to bed?

- 'Cause your mother's out.
- Where is she?

She's with your grandmother.

- Where'd they go?
- I don't know.

- Why don't you know?
- Because I'm here with you.

Good night. Sweet dreams.

Mom gives us kisses.


Mm, your beard's scratchy.

Too bad. Sheldon?

I respectfully pass.

Mom also does
the good night dance.

Now you're just screwing
with me.


You should've gone with
"sings us a lullaby."

Yeah, I got cocky.

Slow down there, sister.
You got church in the morning.

Who says I'm going?

What is happening with you?

Do you really want to know?

So, the other day
I was making a casserole

to bring over to the Hansons,

and I wanted to include
a sympathy card.

So I started to write...

"Your daughter's
in a better place."

And I had to stop.

Because how could that
possibly be true?

How could a better place
be anywhere

than at home
safe with her family?

She was just a little kid.

That could've...

been Georgie behind the wheel.

How could that possibly
be God's plan?

Looks like you could use
a shoulder to cry on.

No, she does not need
a shoulder to cry on,

but I do need a place
to store my pool stick.

Maybe I'd like that.


What the hell?

Your problem now.

- Ooh.
- Watch it.


What am I supposed to do
with her?

I don't know.
But be careful.

Last time she was this drunk,

you ended up
with your first son.


He's not that fat, Mom!

Now you're cooking breakfast
for us?

Your mom's not feeling well.

- Is she contagious?
- No.

Just tired.

Did you check her for ticks?

Soon as she wakes up.

You can check her
while she's asleep.

Sit down!

Do you even know how to cook?

Believe it or not, I am capable
of making breakfast.

Sorry. It's not like we see you
do much around here.

How 'bout,
"Thanks for cooking, Dad"?

Chocolate chips?
Thanks for cooking, Dad.

Is Mom going to church?

I don't think she's up to it.

But she never misses church.

Are you feeling better?

Yes, baby, I'm fine.

All right, here we go.

Chocolate chips for breakfast
and pizza for dinner?

I'm loving Dad.

Where were you last night?

- Out with your grandmother.
- But where'd you go?

- Enough questions.
- Y'all ask me questions

when I come home late.

Oh, I can explain that. You're
an idiot and we don't trust you.

Mom, you didn't say grace.

Don't worry about it.

Come on, y'all.

Can I sit with you?

I think Mommy needs to
be alone right now.

All right.

Mom, I'm scared.


You didn't go to church,

you stopped saying grace.

I don't understand
what's going on.

It's kind of hard to explain.

Is it me?

Did I do something wrong?

Of course not.

Come here.


faith means believing
in something

you can't know
for sure is real.

And right now,
I am struggling with that.

So you don't believe
in God anymore?

That isn't something
for you to worry about.

I need to figure this out myself.

Can I help? Maybe I could
provide a fresh perspective.

I don't think so, baby.

Did you know that if gravity

were slightly
more powerful,

the universe would
collapse into a ball?

I did not.

Also, if gravity were
slightly less powerful,

the universe would fly apart

and there would be
no stars or planets.

Where you going
with this, Sheldon?

It's just that gravity
is precisely as strong

as it needs to be.

And if the ratio of the
electromagnetic force

to the strong force
wasn't one percent,

life wouldn't exist.

What are the odds that
would happen all by itself?

Why are you trying to convince me
to believe in God?

You don't believe in God.

I don't, but the precision
of the universe

at least makes it logical
to conclude there's a creator.

Baby, I appreciate what you're
trying to do, but...

logic is here.

And my problem is here.

Well, there are five billion
people on this planet

and you're the
perfect mom for me.

What are the odds of that?


Thank you, Lord,
for this little boy.

I knew I could fix it.

Maybe it was you
and the Lord.

I don't like sharing credit,

but I knew in that moment
it wasn't the appropriate time

to say it.

And Jacob said: "For I have
seen God face to face,

and my life is preserved."

Is this
an appropriate time to mention

that John 1:18 says,
"No man hath seen God

at any time."
Who's right?

Jacob or John?

Let's talk about it
in the car.

...the Lord.

Yes, Connie?

My grandson has a question.

Let 'er rip, kid.