Young Justice (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - Episode #4.7 - full transcript

- [A'ashenn 1] Only made it worse...
- [A'ashenn 2] More hunted now than ever...

[A'ashenn 3] Nowhere is safe...
[A'ashenn 4] Are we still Ma'alefa'ak?

[Ma'alefa'ak] Hear me,
brothers and sisters.

Yes, our gene bomb failed.

But the terror
we spread among the

G'arrunns and
B'lahdenns is a victory.

And soon enough,
the jaws of

the Ma'alefa'ak will close
upon their throats...

- [crashing]
- [all gasp]

How? Why?

The G'arrunns and B'lahdenns
reap what they've sown, sister.

They are lucky
to have survived.

Not the G'arrunns, Conner!

This rage is for him?

For a mere earther?

Don't pretend you don't know
what he was.

You used Kryptonite
to kill him.

I don't even know
what Kryptonite is.


Read my thoughts.
M'gann, I am not lying.

You're not lying.

He was telling the truth,

But... but now...


Who do I blame?

Who do I blame?


Theme music playing...

Season 04 Episode 07

Episode Title: "The Lady, or the Tigress?"
Aired on: November 18, 2021.

[Tigress] In olden times
there was a

barbaric king
in a barbaric kingdom.

He had a daughter he loved,
and absolute power

over everyone he ruled,
including her.

When I ran from my father,

I swear, I never meant
for any of this to happen.

As soon as we reach
Santa Prisca,

you must
trade me for Orphan.

That's not how we do things.

You are coming to help me.
Rescue Orphan.

- I know but...
- You wanna be free of the Shadows?

First, stop thinking like one.

My team does not leave
anyone behind.

You made the offer
knowing she'd turn you down.

And you attack
my integrity knowing it

will sabotage
my chances with Tigress.

Cut it out, both of you!

We all have to work together
to get Orphan back.

[Oracle] A fine sentiment,
but the facts don't back it up.

The lead computer in Green Arrow's vault
was breached.

One of those two
has the data

and is using you
to carry it to the Shadows

You're riding with
at least one traitor.

Bruce, Dick, Tim, Kate
and Stephanie are cowl deep

in a Penguin/Two-Face turf war.

But Orphan's one of us.
And after Jason...

Well, say the word and you'll
have the entire Bat family

en route to Santa Prisca.

Okay, but you better be right.

We have to get Orphan back.

Good to have you home.

My daughter.

I am very disappointed in you,

and not a little perplexed.

You were never just a Shadow
in training,

not to me.

I molded you
into the perfect assassin,

shaped you to reach a potential
beyond even my grasp.

And I sent you on a simple mission.
Child's play for you.

And not only did you fail,

you turned against us.

Against me.

To cower in the embrace
of the enemy.

You were the silent blade.

The soul of Shadow.

Death made flesh.

You are ready.

Your first target
was once considered

a useful asset to the Light.

But no longer.

He sent
Vandal Savage this recording.

[laughs obnoxiously]

The League has accounted
for all known Kryptonite on Earth

and in the Milky Way galaxy.
None is missing.

Which does not mean
there was not more out there to be found.

True, but it does mean
we're out of leads.

I'm sorry, J'onn. Believe me.

As am I, Shayera.

Signing off.

[Tigress] The barbarian king
had won his crown in battle.

He would hold it
through subtler means.

He had his own rules,
his own laws.

And when
any of these were broken,

he had his own ideas
of justice.

If a man defied the laws
of the king,

he was taken to a huge arena,

in order to decide his own fate.

There he faced
two identical doors.

Behind one, a ravenous tiger

that would destroy him on sight.

Behind the other,

a lovely lady
who would immediately marry him.

Chance and his choosing
would be his judge and jury.

It came to pass
that the king's daughter

fell in love
with a handsome commoner.

This was forbidden.

So the young man found himself
facing the two doors.

The princess learned which door
held the slavering tiger,

and which the simpering maid.

- But would the princess save her man?
- [gasps]

For she was as jealous of the man
as she was in love with him.

When she secretly pointed to the door
her lover should choose,

he trusted her and opened it.

But which option did the princess choose
for her man?

The lady or the tiger?

[Oracle] I know
you saw that last Shadow.

So were you testing them?

When these three don't call in,
Shiva will know we're here

and that we made her deadline.

Not what she had in mind

Yet it's what she'd expect.

She'll honor the deal.

Orphan is safe for now.

But we're on the wrong side
of the island.

It'll be light before we get
where we're going.

Then we'll find a rabbit hole
to wait out the day.

[Oracle] You better know
what you're doing.

- Take point.
- [Oracle] Roger that.

- [Onyx] Both of us?
- [sighs] Why not?

Now you're getting the idea.

[Tigress] For each door
holds both results

right up until the moment
it's opened.

Section 16 has gone dark.

Either you changed
the corporate vacation policy,

or our guests are here.

Which means
the League's data's here as well.

Tigress will take her time,
I imagine. Still...

Shade, bring the vessel.

Time to hunt?

There's no point.
Our quarry will come to us

to trade one Cassandra
for another.

Of course,
they'll try to keep both.

And of course,
we will allow them to keep neither.

I see that look in your eyes.

Yes, the Light has long coveted
the Justice League's intelligence.

But make no mistake,
I was there for you.

I wanted to give my Cassandra

a second chance
to fulfill her destiny.

[Joker laughing]

Hey there, Mr. Savage.

Sorry to call so late.
Eight years late.

But I only just heard it
through the grapevine. See?

Have to admit this revelation
has somewhat poisoned

my relationship
with you and yours.

Which, come to think of it, might
be exactly why little Miss Poison Ivy,

spilled the beans.

Or whatever grows
on grapevines.

I'm not a horticulturist,
you know,

just a simple, fun loving fiend

apparently undeserving
of your full respect.

For I'm told,
the Injustice League

was nothing but a ruse,
a puppet show.

Wax fruit.

Something to keep the high
and mighty Light in the shadows.


And I'm the only one

who didn't know.

I mean, Riddler knew?


[sighs] Oh. Good versus bad.

Bad versus good.

And your old pal Joker
caught in the crossfire

of all your senseless violence.

And that's
the worst sin of all.

Because senseless violence
is my gag.

You stole my punchline, Vandy.

Made me,
me the butt of your joke.

But not to worry.

I've got a new routine

sure to entertain
the good guys and the bad.

I'm telling you, Vandy,
I think this act

will just slay.

And since apparently
you're all such big Riddler fans,

here's a page
out of his feeble book.

[clears throat]

My revenge will be untimely,

uncomfortable, and unfortunate.

Un. Get it, huh? U.N.

[Joker laughs hysterically]

Ain't it grand
how the fear of death

and Joker venom
brings every nation together?

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

But take note, Mr. Secretary.

You and your ambassadorks
are not my hostages.

No, sir.

You're my victims.

Courtesy of our dear ex-pal,
Vandal Q. Savage.

The Q stands for killjoy.

You see, Lexie,
this is about respect.

And who needs respect
more than a poor clown?

A clown who's dedicated
his life

to bringing a little sunshine
generating a few big,

stinking grins onto the faces
of the masses.

Until they choke
on those smiles and die!



[exclaims in frustration]

Well, horse puckies.


The Bat's right behind me,
isn't he?

I object!

[Joker laughs]

[crowd gasping and clamoring]

[coughs] Turning on infrared.

[Tigress] No arguments,
no noise.

We don't want Shadows
pinning down our current location.

We don't wanna fight
until we're ready.

Please don't drag this out.
You have to get her back.

She's like a sister to me.

I know you know
how that feels.

Mad as a hatter not to,
I hope.

What was that?

Nothing. Another hour
and it'll be dark.

Then, we move.

- Stay whelmed.
- [both] Whelmed?

- Keep moving.
- No need. We're here.

Not a Shadow in sight.
Couldn't be more inviting

- if they hung a free cookie sign.
- [both] We can't just walk in.

It always comes down
to choosing the right door.

[J'ann] You should stay here
with your family.

I have responsibilities
back home.

Good bye, Mom.

Good bye, Dad.

[J'ann] You don't ever plan
to return here, do you?

I'm not planning anything.

[Cassandra] They're going
to see us coming.

Not if we blind them.

[Oracle] Three, two, one and...

- What?
- How?

Please. You two aren't
the only ones with secrets.

[Oracle] It's done.
Main and backup generators are down.

They'll have emergency power only.
No sensors, no alarms.

Come on, we're going in.

[man groans]

[man groans]

I'd lay odds they're holding
Orphan in cellblock A.

It's not much farther.

Then this is as far as you go.


I want to go with you.

Learn about you
and your adopted world.

Give us a chance
to become real sisters.

You don't mind,
do you, Uncle J'onn?

You are welcome
to join us, Em'ree.


[M'gann] If you want.

Baby, all is ready.

I fear we have lost them both,
my love.

Tigress, I know you don't believe me
but I'm sure she's a plant.

We can't let her
go any farther.

[gasps and strains]

It's alright, Onyx.

I've gone as far as I need to.

A Glamour Charm.

Be flattered, Tigress.
We had the idea from you.

- [Onyx] What the hell?
- [grunts]


I'll be... Oh, thank God,
I found you.

[Joker laughing]

No! [Screams]

I've got you.

I've got you.

[Joker laughing]

Nightwing to A33.
We need a medivac, stat!

Hold on, please, hold on.

I wasn't trying
to save Joker.

I was trying to save you.

It's okay.
I'm here to get you out.

[Tigress] And I suppose that
thing processes the infiltrator's intel.

I'm on my way.

I'll be back, I promise.

I missed using that arm.


Sonic pulse has successfully
disrupted all infiltrators.

Data theft averted.

Can I just say I told you so?

Noted, though this doesn't mean
you're not a mole, too.

[Onyx] Oh, come on.

Hey, focus! Orphan's waiting.

Which way to cell block A?

You won't survive long enough
to find out.

[Onyx] An empty threat.
It's two against one.

Make that four against two.


Odds are evening.


[Oracle] Follow the leader.

Cell block's this way.

- I knew you'd come.
- Really? No doubts at all.

None I'll admit to.

Spoken like a true Crock,

- of sh...
- We're here!

[Oracle] We need
to hurry this up.

Hang on, Orphan.
We'll get you out.

[Black Spider]
Hold that thought.

The boss may have other ideas.

Just to surrender or die.

[Tigress] For each door
holds both results

right up until the moment
it's opened.

Her decision had been
indicated in an instant,

but it had been made

after days and nights
of anguished deliberation.

She had known,
she would be asked.

She had decided
what she would answer,

and without
the slightest hesitation,

she had moved her hand
to the right.

The question of her decision

is one not to be
lightly considered,

and it is not for me
to presume to set myself up

as the one person
able to answer it.

And so I leave it
with all of you.

Which came out
of the open door?

The lady, or the tiger?

Frank R. Stockton,
The Lady, Or The Tiger?

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