Young Justice (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Episode #4.5 - full transcript

Big girls need
a healthy breakfast

before kindergarten.

So here's
everybody's favorite...

A Man-in-the-Moon-Cake!

Down, Brucely.


Who said it?

- Victor Hugo, Professor Crock!
- Oh, the bishop!

Myriel said it
to Jean Valjean!



What is it?


It's Conner...

Theme music playing...

Season 04 Episode 05

Episode Title:
"Tale of Two Sisters"



It's great.

It is great.


But I alternate
between being numb

and barely managing
to hold it together.

I miss Conner.

He was like
a brother to me.


I know exactly...

exactly what she's
going through.

And there are some things
you can just never prepare for

and... some things
you can never get over.

I better leave
before I start sobbing.

Hey. Nothing wrong
with sobbing.


Ah, well,
it upsets Brucely.

Now that's how
you do it, little girl.

Your opponent makes
a mistake,

you take full advantage.

No mercy.

But you,

In the field, a mistake
like that'll get you killed.

Learn or die, baby girl.

It's hard to see
out of this mask.

You need that mask,
the way you fight.

It's too damn big
for her, Crusher.

How's she supposed
to succeed

wearing your hand-me-downs?

You wouldn't go out

in gear
that didn't fit,

so why force her to...

Worry about your own ass,

I know
the formula, Mom.

I know what works
for me,

what helps me
through the grief.

Hitting criminals over the head
with a bo staff?

Helping other people.

That's how I survived
losing Wally,

and-and that's how
I will survive this.


whatever gets you
out of bed.

But helping strangers

also gave me the excuse
to take a pass

on helping the one person
I thought was beyond my help.

- Wally?
- No! Jade!


Jade is
beyond your help.

Beyond all our help.

She had everything here
and threw it all away.


I don't care.

All I know is
I need to try.

There's only one problem.

Finding her.

That won't be
your only problem.


Do you know
where Jade is?

When Will gets home,

tell him I'll be
at University Library


- Evening, Professor!
- Hey Ms. Crock!

Mm, 'night.

Big mistake.

someone made one.

Drop your weapons.

You're not
taking me back.

Uh, not sure
where "back" is,

but I'm not opposed
to taking you there.

You're sure
not wanted here.

No one asked you.

Watch it!

We may need to take her
more seriously.


You followed me from my home.

My home!

You broke the rules.

Makes me want to break
some rules, too.


What are you
waiting for?

If you're going to finish it,
finish it.


I'm sorry.

I-I didn't mean to,
um, frighten you?

- Oh, like you could ever...
- Let her talk.

I-I wasn't following you
to attack,

and I thought these two
were working for the Shadows.

My name is Onyx.
Nyx Adams.

And I need your help.

Plus, I have help
to offer in exchange.

What kind of help?

I've defected from
the League of Shadows.

to warn you.

- Look, can I stand up?
- No.

But I'm listening.

Okay, fine.

Cassandra Savage
is on her way here.

She'll claim she defected

and she'll pretend
to need your help,

but her true intent
is to become a mole on your team.

I think I've heard
this one already.

About Red Arrow?
Or Terra?

About Onyx,
like two seconds ago.

So you want us
to believe

that Vandal Savage's daughter
would believe

that we would believe

that she'd ever in 50,000 years
betray her father?

Hell would have
to freeze over.

as a matter of fact... might want
to break out your mittens.

I'll only need the one, thanks.

Why have you come, girl?

I know the Shadows have had
a contract on me

ever since I betrayed them
to save Red Arrow.

That is a truth,

but hardly one
that answers my question.

I've come to end the conflict
once and for all...

by ending you...


You must be aware
that we are no longer

in the business
of Shadows here.

Or Light,
for that matter.

The Master has declared

that the world is
full of shades of grey.

Once a Shadow,
always a Shadow.

You taught me that,

I taught you many things,
Jade Nguyen.

Foolishness is not
one of them.

This isn't the act of
a fool.

Something quite different
is at play.

Cheshire may pretend

she is here to brave us
in our home,

but truthfully,
she came

because she is afraid.

So this is true?

You've "defected"?

Yes. And I'm asking
for your protection.

I told you
that's what she'd say!

But I swear she's lying.

I overheard her
plotting with Lady Shiva.

That is why I came!

That's the lie.

After I escaped, the Shadows
must have sent Onyx

to sabotage
my reception with you.

But if you turn me

you're signing
my death warrant.

Our intel is that you're loyal
to your father, fiercely loyal.

I was.

Until my father
killed my sister Olympia

right in front of my eyes.

It's been eating me up

Eventually, I-I realized
I couldn't stay.

Oh, tell me
you're not buying this.

I tried to escape
once before... and failed.

I thought he'd kill me,

but Vandal Savage
doesn't believe

in wasting
a potential asset.

So instead,

he did this
to teach me a lesson.

He gave me a choice between
the Shadows and death.

So I went back
to Santa Prisca

where Deathstroke and Shiva
watched my every move.

I had to bide my time
before I could escape again.

There was no
"first escape attempt"!

She lost that arm

on a failed mission
to recruit Killer Croc.

- You witnessed that?
- No, but...

Once a Shadow,
always a Shadow.

Or so I've heard.

Neither of your stories
is particularly convincing.

But shouldn't we give them
the benefit of the doubt?

I mean, how can we be sure?

I dunno.

We may some need help
working this out.

I assume you have
a good therapist

lined up for your son.

He will not need one.

Unlike your daughter,

he will have grown up
with his mother.

I did what was best
for my girl.

What is best for my boy
is to be by my side.

I will never give
Damian up.

you're a selfish fool.

And you are a coward.

Cheshire... came here to die.

Come back
when you are ready to live.

Please, please don't go!

Sorry, sis,

mom's not getting out
of prison any time soon,

and I refuse to live
in this house with just Dad.

Dad and you and me!

We have to keep this family
from falling apart.

Toothbrush, duh!

Knew I was
forgetting something.

Dad'll come after you...

Let him.

I'll disappear,
like the Cheshire Cat.

You should get out, too.

I'd let ya come with me,
but you'd slow me down.

Someone has to be here
when Mom gets out.

Haven't you learned

In this family,
it's every girl for herself.

Is this really the best place
to bring these two?

We don't have
a lot of options.

Can't take 'em
to the Watchtower

or the Premiere Building.

I checked with Ollie,
and he gave his blessing.

If the Vault
winds up compromised,

it's no huge loss.

He did say to keep you away
from the rocket launchers.


- He really said that.
- Yeah, great.

- No, honest, he did.
- Okay!

I know
you're Sportsmaster's daughter.

You should understand
my position.

Look out!


I'm hit! Tranq dart...

This is helpful.

Stay put. You're safer here.

- The truck.
- On it.

- With minimal property damage.
- Spoilsport.

Let me out! I can help!

Property damage!

Shadow noodle trucks
don't count.

- Sniper.
- On it.

- No property damage.
- Spoilsport.

That was my favorite

Mother of Goat!

Keep the pen.

Compliments of
Bowhunter Security.

Our number's right on there.

On second thought,
I'm gonna need that back.

Thank you.

I go through more SUVs
with you people...

Ignoring you now.

So, basically,
both of you

could have freed
yourselves at any time.

- Basically.
- Of course.

And escaped, too.

- Basically.
- Of course.

Those Shadows were after me,
not Onyx.

It should be obvious now
she's lying.

They attacked Savage
to make her story seem truthful.

But she's obviously lying.

Temporary Cells
A and B secured.

Terra, you knew them both
when you were a Shadow.

What do you think?

Onyx had talent.

But she wasn't bloodthirsty
enough for Slade's tastes.

He never thought
she'd make the cut.

Which would explain
why she might run.

But Cassandra was always
a true believer.

She worshipped her father.

Hard to believe she'd ever
betray him,

the Light or the Shadows.

In that world,
she'd be quite the scandal.

Um, yeah, no.

If I learned
anything from Cluemaster,

it's that no matter
how hard it is to admit

your dear-old-dad's
one of the bad guys,

sooner or later,
you have to walk away.

You know
what I'm talking about.

Some walk away.

But some definitely follow
in dear-old-dad's footsteps.

Icicle, Jr.


Yes, what is that expression?

The falling apple
does not bounce far from one's head.

I think you're conflating
genetics with gravity.

But, yeah.

As the tree is bent,
so grows the twig.

Sometimes the apple
doesn't even fall.

It just sits on the branch
and turns rotten.

Are we still talking about
Cassandra and Onyx?

all this apple stuff

has made me very confused
and kinda hungry.

Orphan, you were a Shadow, too.

Should we trust Cassandra?


They could both be moles.

And he's a former mole,
so he'd know. Ow!

It's an old Cold War strategy:

The bad guys
send us two options,

and don't really care
which one we trust.

But wait, if they're both
equally untrustworthy,

doesn't that make them both
equally trustworthy?

Both could be legit,

but the Shadows got them
to mistrust each other.

Geez, kick 'em both loose

and let the Shadows
sort 'em out.

No. If there's even a chance

one of them or both
is telling the truth,

we have to protect her
or them.

You get the idea.

Everyone deserves a chance
at redemption.

Where's your sister?

For real.

You'll never find her.

Why would I look for her?

She'll be lucky
if she survives a week.

But if she thinks she's ready
to be out on her own, fine.

let's get you ready.

Ditch the books,
baby girl.

Time to train.

I suggest you find
another seat, yeah?

- What's wrong with Lian?
- Jade?

You signaled me.
What's wrong with Lian?


I mean, sh-she asks about you
all the time,

but Lian's fine.

She's upstairs, asleep.

Then why did you call me?

I didn't.

I did.

"I see
a beautiful city and a brilliant people

rising from this abyss,

and, in their struggles
to be truly free,

in their triumphs and defeats,

through long years to come,

I see the evil of this time

and of the previous time
of which this is the natural birth,

gradually making expiation
for itself and wearing out.

I see the lives for which
I lay down my life,

peaceful, useful, prosperous
and happy.

I see that I hold a sanctuary
in their hearts,

and in the hearts of their descendants,
generations hence.

I see her, an old woman,

weeping for me
on the anniversary of this day.

It is a far, far better thing
that I do,

than I have ever done,

it is a far, far better rest
that I go to

than I have ever known."

Charles Dickens,
"A Tale Of Two Cities".

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