Young Justice (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - Episode #4.3 - full transcript

the tower and Lord Naga-Naga!



Gotta take down Kobra,
or his transmissions

will brainwash the world
into loyal Kobra Cultists.

Outsiders, go!

Behind you!

Got her covered, boss!

Seems that Cosmic Staff

does everything
but watch your bum.

Good save, Windfall.

Robin's got the
last of the cultists...

So I'll take down Kobra myself!

Crushed that magic,
just in the nick of time!

Score another win
for the Outsiders!

Hey! When are comms
with Earth gonna be reestablished?

I need to check in
with my Outsiders!

We've talked about this, Gar.

Restoring communications
is going to take time...

And besides, Cassie's got
the Outsiders covered, right?

Right, right. Course, she does.

We're reviewing
evidence from the cave-in,

the destruction of the
communications satellite,

the explosion at
the Science Center

and the king's
homicide. It's a lot,

so we could use a
hand or, uh, a brain.

Gar, did you get
any sleep last night?

enough. I'm fine.

Forget it.

Prince J'emm J'axx.

You honor our family
with your visit to our home.

I came as soon as I heard about

the cave-in that
injured Superboy.

Thank you, Prince
J'emm. But please, call me Conner.

And there's really
no need for concern.

No concern, my green butt!

Someone nearly
murdered you yesterday!

Do you think it's
because this "someone"

learned you are investigating
my father's death?

- Well, duh!
- It's possible.

We've been going through
the intel you gave us

on King S'turnn's murder,
but there's a lot to process.

How many people know
we've been looking into it?

E'dda, and the Queen.

And the J'onzz
family, of course.

Are we sure that's it?

Well, no.

I cannot be sure.

Psychic information
travels quickly.

That's how I learned about
the incident at the river.

You mean the attempted murder!

Gar, please, I'll get to that.

If you would allow
me to link us all...

We searched the river bank
to find the source of the cave-in.

We found evidence
of twin burn marks.

Conner's micro-vision
confirmed a match

to the two points of impact

that caused the
Zeta-Tube explosion.

I also briefly sensed a
psychic presence near the river

that I... I couldn't
locate or identify.

So whomever blew
up the Zeta-Tube

and probably the M'arzz-Earth
Communications Satellite

is most likely behind the
attempt on your lives, as well.

Probably. But
that doesn't necessarily mean

any of this is connected
to the death of the king.

Oh. Eh, Prince J'emm,

please allow me to introduce you

to Sorcerer-Priestess
S'yraa S'mitt.

Yes. We
have... met before.

Superboy... Um, Conner.

I am impressed with
your investigative skills.

I would like to show you where my
father's body was found in the palace.

Perhaps you will find additional
evidence our guards missed.

Respectfully, my Prince,

I must remind Conner
of his sacred duty

to help build the
Ceremonial Altar

for his upcoming
wedding to my daughter.

And before that,

we must meet his
friend B'arzz at the depot.

I'm, uh, eager to
perform my sacred duty.

But, M'aatt,

maybe you wouldn't mind
meeting B'arzz's transport

while Gar and I go to the
Palace with Prince J'emm?

Then we can meet
up with you after?

An acceptable solution.

M'gann, now that S'yraa is here,

your sister and I
need to steal you away

to begin our sacred ritual

of building the
ceremonial canopy.

- Oh, joy.
- Yes. Of course, Mother.

And since both our groups
will need transportation,

let's step outside...

Whoa! Bio-Ship found a friend!

Not a friend...

This is her offspring.

whoa! Who's the daddy?

Kinda her whole tribe.

But her species doesn't
really procreate the way we do.

It's more like cell division.

"Baby" has all of
Bio-Ship's memories,

but she's a whole new girl.

Why don't you guys
get to know her?


I think she's... ticklish.

This is so crash!

The Premiere Building's
got nothin' on this place!

The Grand Hall
is not accustomed to...

audible displays of admiration.


Jeez, you'd think they'd never
heard the spoken word before.


Perhaps you should begin
your investigation near this Fountain.

Where my father's
body was found.

The crime scene memories
you shared with us are very helpful.

And we appreciate you revisiting
what must be a painful scene.

But you need to know
finding new evidence

after this much time
is a real long shot.

My father believed

peace between M'arzz's
troubled races to be a...

"long shot." Still he tried.

Solving his murder may be the
first step in achieving that peace.

We can hope so.

I'll use my infrared and microscopic
vision to analyze the area.

I'm tasting
a lot of different Martians.

What color Martians?

A'ashenn? G'arrunn? B'lahdenn?

Every Martian
has a unique signature taste.

But there's no A'ashenn
taste or G'arrunn taste.

All you Martians
basically taste the same,

and yet you're all different.

- Fancy that.
- Whoa.

- What is it?
- Let me guess.

You found traces of
another double laser strike,

like at the Zeta-Tube
and the cave-in!

No, nothing like that.

It's something else.
Something familiar.

I just can't place it.

I think we've learned
all we can here.

But we'll continue reviewing
the other evidence you provided

and try to dig something up.

I hope you
will permit me to express

my gratitude for your efforts.

I was thinking,

perhaps I could
join you in building

the sacred Altar for
your wedding ceremony,

a truly historic
event for our people.

That's... too much to ask.

I understand the
ritual is very taxing,

and, well, we have enough...

You know, I
was nearly married once.

It, uh... didn't work out.

Building the Altar is
an important tradition.

And you don't seem to
know many Martian males.

Well, how can we say no?

Thank you, Prince J'emm.



I... I... I understand.

I understand,
girl. I... I... I do.

What is it, M'gann?

It's Bio-Ship.

She's retiring.

Baby will take us back to Earth

so that Bio-Ship can live out
her final years here on Mars.

She has been a
part of your life a long time.

How did you bond with her?

Oh, not this story again.

Well, I was a
bit of a sneak, actually.

Bio-Ship had been
pledged to my Uncle J'onn,

but I secretly bonded
with her before he could.

So that when she
flew J'onn to Earth

she'd, uh... let me stow away.

I'm still sorry you
felt you had to do that,

but I know life was
very hard for you here.

I know you will miss each other,

but you can both take
heart in the extraordinary gifts

you have given one another

and the extraordinary
adventures you have shared.

A lovely sentiment.

And as your
Bio-Ship is a reflection

of your life and love,

so, too, is the wedding canopy

a reflection of we who
share your life and love.

Together, we will work
to unite disparate pieces.

And together we will
assemble a canopy

to shelter us from past discord

and shield us
against future strife.

We build this canopy
for new unions.

And re-unions as well.

It is over, Baron.

Nightwing, take all your
heroes out of my country.

- At once.
- Gar? Gar.

- I can't lose another brother.
- Gar!

Hey, easy, "Snapper"!

- Who were you talking about?
- What?

Just now. You
were a million miles away.

- And murmuring about...
- Your Highness.

Prince J'emm,

allow me to introduce...

B'arzz O'oomm,
the former Green Beetle.

I am ashamed of my actions

under the influence
of the Reach's Scarab.

-I apologize for... -No
apologies necessary.

Once freed from the Scarab,

you heroically helped
the Earthlings banish

the Reach from both
Earth and M'arzz.

Thank you. Conner.

Garfield. It is good
to see you again.

Thanks for coming, B'arzz.

B'arzz O'oomm is in the house!

Now we can get this party
started! Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Conner Kent, we have
gathered together for a trial.

Your mind, your
body, your spirit,

and our bond will
all be tested today.

When completed,
the Altar will stand

as a monument to
your devotion to M'gann,

as our testament
to your worthiness,

and as a symbol of your
bond with our entire family.

And the entire Martian race.

Yeah, no pressure there.

Listen, before all that,

we need to get Conner to
the surface for some sunlight.

He's gotta recharge
his solar cells.

That can wait, Gar.
There's no hurry.

No hurry? What if
someone takes a shot at us again?

See, Gar?
Baby's got us covered.

View each crystal

as a reflection of
us as individuals,

the canopy as a reflection
of our family, our people,

whether A'ashenn, G'arrunn,
B'lahdenn or Y'ellonn.

Let this joining of
sacred elements

serve to strengthen our
joined hearts and minds.

S'yraa, if I may ask,

you said you only
joined the order recently.

Was that after your
time with Prince J'emm?

You... You...
You invaded my mind?

No. No. I've
studied body language.

I could see you
two had... a history.

Our hearts were joined.

For a time.

But I was G'arrunn,
and he was the Prince.

Ah. I understand.

You guys okay?

I know Martians
and heat don't mix.

We will endure this trial

to honor our sacred obligation.

Although Garfield's
Ma'alefa'ak form

is unnerving to say the least.

Yeah, when
Gar took that form in town,

the crowd went nuts.

Gar? Gar?

- You sure you're all right?
- Leave me alone!

I... I'm fine.

- It's just really hot.
- Okay...


M'aatt, your
guidance and strength

through this ritual
is an inspiration.

Thank you,
son. I am truly honored

to partake in these rites
for you and my daughter.

Did you do this with
J'ann's family when you were married?

Well... no.

J'ann's entire family disowned
her for marrying an A'ashenn.

Except for J'onn.

His time on Earth
changed him for the better.

Oh, I'm... so sorry.

But it's good to hear J'onn
learned racial tolerance

on Earth of all places.

It's not exactly something
humans are known for.

He did not
simply learn tolerance.

That is insufficient.

He learned acceptance, empathy.

You escaped the
cave-in, Superboy.

But now you're truly vulnerable.

Now I can finally
take my revenge

for the secrets
you kept from me!

Something is wrong.

I cannot feel his mind.

Uh, Gar?

Burn in hell, Superboy.

Superboy! Look out!

I got ya, Conner.

- What is he doing?
- Gotcha covered.

Gonna get you outta here, SB.

Up to the sun to recharge!

- So Brion can't hurt you!
- No, Garfield, stop!

In his weakened state,

Conner cannot survive
the surface of M'arzz!

Oh. Such a
splendid wedding canopy!

Such beauty you
have all created.

I didn't bother with a canopy

at either of my weddings, even.

"Even?" What's
that supposed to mean?

Oh, come on, M'gann.

You're only doing this
to please Mom and Dad.

That's not true.

Our traditions mean
something to me.

- The beauty. The faith...
- Oh.

Don't pretend you care about
Martian religious orthodoxy.

If you did, "Miss Martian"

wouldn't be marrying
"Mister Earthling."

Daughters, please, now is not...

Okay, first off, Conner
identifies as half-Kryptonian.

Second. Don't you
mean, "Miss A'ashenn"

wouldn't be marrying
an Earthling?

I am not a racist, M'gann.

- We are out of synch.
- We must calm... - No?

Is that why M'ree M'orzz
became Em'ree J'onzz?

Face it, you didn't
switch to Mom's name,

you switched to a G'arrunn name.

- Because I'm a realist.
- Oh, please.

You've always been ashamed
of me, of M'comm, of Dad.

I'm ashamed?

- Look at you!
- At me?

I took this form to
make your friends feel comfortable.

No one asked you to do that!

But you're ashamed to
even be seen as a Martian!

"This" is not me.

Not who I am inside.

And I'm done pretending
I'm something I'm not

just to make you
more comfortable.

Em'ree, when we were kids,

you saw what was
happening to M'comm and I.

How we were bullied.

But you didn't want to risk your
popularity with the G'arrunns.

You were our big sister.

You should have protected us.

I was just a kid, too.

I was a child, too.

When you were a child,

you would sometimes
shift your skin to G'arrunn,

trying to pass.

It never worked, of course.

Everyone knew you were A'ashenn.

But just now,

when you took your old form,

the form you were born to...

it felt just as
psychically false.

This is your true form, M'gann.

I'm so sorry I never
understood that before.

I know this has been difficult.

But just having these
conversations proves

you possess a
strong family bond.

You are truly blessed.

Now... shall we start again?

I will kill you both
for failing me!

I'll boil the flesh
from your bones!

No, no.

No! Where's the sun?

I can't fail him, too.

Conner! I'll find the sun
and come back for you!

No! Gar, don't run off!

Not good.

No, no, no!

You will never escape me.


To the
right! I see Garfield.

He has reached
the surface. Hurry!


gotta find...

- He's out of air.
- Gar...

Restore his environment.
I'll be back with Garfield.

Prince J'emm,
it's too dangerous.

- Let me search...
- Seal the hatch.

I... I failed Conner,

just... just like I
failed you, Brion.

First, you!

Then Superboy.

Brion isn't here, Garfield.

He isn't real.

When you turned into
a Ma'alefa'ak beast

during the riot,
you scared the mob.

They lashed out at you
with multiple brain-blasts,

leaving you
psychically "bruised."

No, I failed them.

I... I...

I failed them all.

You're the
leader of the Outsiders,

a family that you built.

You're afraid of
losing that family

like you lost your mom
and Rita and Wally.

Brion was the first
loss of your new family.

So you feel responsible.

But no leader can
control everything,

and Brion made his own choices.

To the extent he was
making choices at all.

Please, Gar, let
me heal your mind.

I'm repairing the
psychic damage.

But this is just a start.

The mental and emotional
trauma is still there

and requires treatment
which you must seek out.

Where's Gar? Where's J'emm?

- Gar!
- Conner!

Man, for a minute, I
thought I'd lost you, too.

Brother, I'm not going anywhere.

Uh. I'm so sorry.

I lost it. My...

My brain was ma'al moded.

But M'gann, she reached
out from wherever she is

and she fixed me.

Gar? I
didn't do anything.

I feel horrible
about it, but I...

I didn't even realize
you were hurting.

But if... if you
didn't fix my head, then...


Whoever it was did
repair the psychic damage

and left no nasty surprises
behind, either.

- What?
- I recognize the mind-touch.

It's the same signature I
sensed at yesterday's cave-in.

So whoever tried to kill us...

saved me?

Nice work, Cham.

They might not have found
Superboy in time without you.

And Beast Boy?

I thought we weren't supposed
to intervene on anything

except, you know,
the one big thing.

The history books don't
mention this incident one way or another.

Maybe we always intervened.

Garfield was
hurting. I had to help.

Or else why do we do this?

You did great today, Baby!

Totally had us covered.

I'm happy you're
part of our family now.

But I'm gonna miss you, girl.

I guess I'll just have to
learn how to accept it.

Not sure how
Forager's gonna take it, though.

Conner will be okay,
Lois. I trust him and M'gann and Gar

to handle whatever
comes their way.

Plus the Javelin
will be here soon

to take us to Mars to help.

J'onn and I might even get
there in time for the wedding.

I miss you and Jonny, too.

Looking down at you
both right now, actually.

No, I am not on the Watchtower
just to avoid diaper duty.


Well, yeah, he's taking
his time potty training.

But Iris said that's
perfectly normal.

Especially for boys.


He escaped his diaper again?

You found poop on the ceiling?

No, Kryptonian poop
does not defy gravity.

But if his powers are awakening,

if he's learning to
hover... -

Wait, I heard
crying. Is he crying?

Is he cranky?

Lois, his eyes... are they red?

Glowing red?
No? Did you say no?

Lois, you're breaking up.

Lois? Lois! Can you hear me?

Lois? Cyborg,
I need a boom tube.


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