Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Evolution - full transcript

Aliens once again threaten the Earth, but with the Justice League split and scattered, only Earth's first and greatest hero can save us!

Olympia, what is that--

You've come of age, Cassandra.

As the daughter
of Vandal Savage,

these are the things
you should know.

This is the story of man.

Of all mankind.
Of one man.

The history of
human evolution,

traced with the light of truth
through time immemorial,

leads back to a time
of darkness.

And to him. Man has known him
by many names.

But the truths in these pages
will define him
as the savior called...

OLYMPIA:Vandal Savage.

We have a problem, sir.
Incoming from space.

A meteorite?

What? No.

An armada.



Hey, Stompin' Steve Lombard
coming at you.

The Steve Lombard
Sports Show brought to you
by Goode World Studios.

Get happy, sports fans.
Football season is
once again upon us.

And I've got the names of
some up-and-comers

that are sure to be
future first round
draft picks.

My picks for this year's
national high school
all-star squadron.

Topping the list,
from Henry Heywood
high school in Detroit,

Wide receiver, Victor Stone.

Trust me, this kid is
a touchdown machine!

Gather up.

Oh, someone's come
bearing gifts.

I think I love gifts.

Yes, I do love gifts.


DICK: One for you, Violet.

Sorry, super-suit.

And one for you, Brion.

Thank you. As you have
clothing for action,
now I do, too.

And of course,
it is form-fitting.

As you super heroes
seem to prefer.

CONNER: Some of us.

Yours was specially designed
by Fire of the Justice League

so it won't burn up
from your lava.

DICK: Now you won't be
naked when training.

Thank you.

Naked was, uh, not my style.

What is wrong with naked?
Forager is naked now.


Can I pretend
I don't know that?

(SIGHS) Fine.

Now Forager is not naked.


Wait. Did you say "training"?

The fire from the sky

had touched the ground
not far away.

It seemed to call to him,
and he was compelled
to follow that call.

But an old nemesis
found him first.


The cave bear
was twice his size.

With claws and teeth evolved
to shred flesh and bone.

And the bear set upon Vandal.


To eat him alive.


Connection established.
Cycling encryption protocols

and patching through
our private satellites.

You learn fast. Good.

Hello, old friend.
To what do I owe
the pleasure of your call?

VANDAL: It appears we have
uninvited guests on the way.

Hmm. Anyone we know?


An armada of warships
is currently beyond
the Kuiper Belt

on a course toward here.

Cassandra. Have you read
the part about the bear yet?

Uh, yes. Yes, Olympia.

Ooh! That was
my favorite part
to write.

Can you alert
the Justice League
to this threat?

Well, half the league resigned
thanks to the restrictions

I persuaded member nations
to impose.

And the other half
don't have the firepower
to stop an armada.

What about the leaguers
deployed on their
galactic goodwill tour?

I'm keeping most of them
busy on Appellaxia.

LEX: The Green Lantern Corp?

Half the corp is battling
the Reach thanks to us.

The other half is occupied
fighting our partner.

What about Klarion?

-(GRUNTS) Project...

(CHUCKLES)Yes, I'd forgotten.

Well, we've done too good
a job, old friend.


I'll protect our interests

CASSANDRA:In the game of life and death,
fear makes one weak.

But when fueled
by purpose beyond survival,

man can become powerful.

Vandal's quest
for the Sky Fire gave him
the power to defeat the bear.

And standing victorious over
the dead creature that once
haunted his dreams,

Vandal felt...

(YELLING) a God!

Baptized by the blood
of his adversary,

the spearhead
of human evolution
had been forged.





You're quick,
but mind the line.

This will teach you to be
aware of your surroundings
in combat.

Hmm. Forager understands.
Forager will try again.


Dick Grayson is quick,
but mind the short arms.

This will teach Dick Grayson
that Forager fights dirty.



(STAMMERS) But I missed.
And I fell...

Aim takes time to learn
and falling is part
of the game.

But you just demonstrated
more control of your auras
than ever before.

And I call that a win.


Good lava control.

Now you just have to hit me.


Perhaps I only hit you
by accident.

But at least I'm not
naked this time.

You should get one of these.

Got your covered, CK.
As usual.

Guys, real improvement today.

You're ready
for the next step.

I am Vandal Savage of Earth.

And my home world is
off limits to all incursion
or invasion.

Leave now
or suffer the War World.



(WHISPERS) Olympia.


(GASPS) Vandal,
the armada is--


So strange.

To risk attack
by the War World
is to quote certain death.

Cassandra, have you read
the part about the bear yet?

Wait, what?
Yes, Olympia. I have.


Death was nothing new
to Vandal Savage.

So, he could sense
when something was
different about it.

The corpses lining
the path to the Sky Fire
warned him away.

But his quest
urged him forward.

To the source of the Sky Fire.

A rock from
out of the darkness.

Yet alive with light.

Heart racing,
he reached out to touch
this gift from the stars.

And was halted
by intense pain.


And as blood and spirit
drained away,

the last thing Vandal saw
before surrendering,

was the shadowy
but unmistakable form of man.



OLYMPIA: Mmm. Interesting.

What is it?


Father, more armada ships
are heading toward Earth.

From the other side
of the Solar System.

Someone's making a move
on my planet.

Someone who knows
War World can't be
in two places at once.

I must rectify this,

or many ignorant humans
will die.

It's hard to believe I'm here.

Training with heroes.

As children, my sister,
brother and I would
pretend to be

Wonder Woman, Batman
and Superman in our play room.

I used to say Superman
could beat anyone
because of his powers.

Gregor argued Batman
could beat Superman
by outsmarting him.

CONNER: That's stupid.

Why would they ever fight?

Hmm, if they were being
controlled by bad guys.

Nah, that could never happen.

It was just fun
to think about.
Man versus Superman.

Who would win?

In Forager's hive,
there is a similar question.

Bugs versus New Gods.
Who would win?

DICK: Man and Superman.
Bugs and New Gods.

Balance is key for
both species to co-exist.

But when balance is lost,
when one species grows
stronger than another,

it rarely works out well
for the weaker group.

DICK:50,000 years ago,
humans shared the world
with another species.

The Neanderthal.

Humans must've had a genetic advantage over them.

They thrived and outgrew
Neanderthals in number.


While the details are unclear,
Homo Neanderthalensis was
driven to extinction,

while Homo Sapiens survived.

Then, whether through
random mutation, evolution,
or something else entirely,

a new species
of human emerged.

The first Meta-human.

Now humans share the world
with Metas.

And we find ourselves
grappling with
the big question.

Can we all achieve balance?

Greetings, Darkseid.

Greetings, Savage.
What news?

Our plan progresses.
But an outside player
threatens Earth.

To protect our investment,
I require resources.

Our arrangement grants you
this privilege.

The might of Apokolips
is yours to unleash.

Send your request.

Our partnership
is strengthened

by your benevolence
and wisdom, Darkseid.

Indeed, Savage. Indeed.

Sending the requisite details.

In his 50,000 years,

Vandal's ambitions
have touched
all of human civilization.

But in a single day,

the quest of another would
change his purpose forever.

His name was Darkseid.

In our history's 13th century,
he came from the planet

to claim the Earth
for his empire.

But Vandal, known in this era
as Genghis Khan,

ruler of the largest empire
in human history,

had his own plans
for his world.


Backed by two of
his gifted sons,

the great Khan
waged war against
Darkseid's superior forces.

And were easily defeated.

But not before impressing
Darkseid with their unique
genetic gifts.

Sire. Sturdy stock
for the anti-life equation.

Eyes opened by
his opponent's power,

and the fact of his existence,

Vandal seized the moment
and made a proposition.

Together, Savage and Darkseid
would conquer the galaxy.

Intrigued by
this brazen human,

and the gifted armies
he might raise,

Darkseid agreed.

Both men knowing
that when the galaxy fell,

Earth and Apokolips
would wage a final battle.

Winner take all.

(LAUGHING) Then he said,

"Your experience
in Markovia's
genetics program

"casts a questionable light
on your resume, ma'am."



I'm only 34. Is that when
you become a "ma'am"?

Oh, I am not touching
that one.

Kids today.

How are they doing, Jeff?

Getting more comfortable
with their abilities
every day.

Helga, I'm sorry I haven't
been able to get you
more time with them.

It's just--

Jeff, please. It's all right.

I understand your friend's
point of view.

You people have
more experience training

Meta-kinders than I do.

You were kind to even try
to keep me and Brion
in Halo's lives.

Hey. Who says
we're done trying?

The Art of War says,

"Oh, divine art,
of subtlety and secrecy.

"Through you we learn
to be invisible."

Tonight, you'll choose a word
that will help you become
invisible to our enemies.

Tonight, you choose
your cryptonym.

Your nom de guerre.

Yeah, those are Dick's fancy
words for "code name".

(LAUGHS) Ah, yes.
Our superhero names.

It sounds a little silly,

but you need one for
our field comms to keep

your identity secret
from the bad guys.

I'm Halo. It was
the first name you gave me,
and I like it.

I'm Violet at home.
I'm Halo during a mission.

Halo is a beautiful name
and describes
your powers well.

I will take a name
that describes my powers, too.

From now on, call me...

Hot Lava.


What? In my new
form-fitting super-suit,

I bring the hotness,
do I not? (LAUGHS)

Hot Lava!


I'm not calling you Hot Lava.


(CHUCKLING) All right.
All right.

Seriously, then.

Dr. Jace had a name
for the powers
in my bloodline.

She called it, uh, Geo-Force.

Huh. Geo-Force.
That's a bit less
of a stripper name.

Says the girl named Tigress.



Says the guy who took
his name from
an 80's mullet rock band.

Not true.

Okay. Forager,
what's your codename?

Um. Forager is... Forager.

If it ain't broke...

Great. Names chosen.
Time for team maneuvers.

Miss Halo.

Thank you, Mr. Geo-Force.

Maneuver seven, people! Go!


Vandal once wrote,

"It is better to capture
an army than to destroy it."

He had learned that more
can be gained controlling
men in peace

than in the chaos of war.

For war is death.
Death is waste.

And life should not be
wasted while it may yet
be controlled

to serve a greater purpose.

So, your Eroson spears
don't work out here.

Eh, Savage?


Kalibak. Darkseid honors us
by sending his favorite son.

(SCOWLS) Watch as I prove
I am the only son

who should concern you.

Kalibak has daddy issues.



OLYMPIA: Disgusting.

Vandal would never waste
a life that might yet be--

...controlled to serve
a greater purpose.

Both armadas suffer

and still do not respond
to our hails.


I know how to win this.


The War World
is yours to command.

Yes, Father.

The control diadem will
make you one with War World.

But your consciousness will
be no more than a drop

in an ocean
of circuits and steel.

Do not try to move the ocean.

Focus on what must be done.

And the ocean will
move for you.

I understand.


Vandal, then known as
the demigod hero, Marduk,

led his children into battle
against the star creature.

Its origin unknown.

Its intent. To enslave
all of Babylonia.

Marduk's Babylonia.


Amidst the carnage,
Marduk's son Nabu
fell to the scourge.


But Marduk did not stop
to mourn him.

Instead, he led his daughter
Ishtar forward.

Daughter. Cassandra.


I am the War World.

As only a strong mind
could be.

Check long-range sensors.

Yes. There is another ship.

In the darkness, holding
out of range of our weapons.

That is where I must go.




Remind me never to take you
on a covert mission.



You are bad at this.

Here. Let me help.






Marduk, the demigod,
and Ishtar, his daughter,

raged against
the star creatures.

In a battle for all mankind
that shook the walls
of Babylon.




CASSANDRA:The alliance
between father and daughter

defeated the star creatures.

And in defending Babylonia,

in leading its people through
the city's darkest hour,

Marduk and Ishtar together
would become known
by all as...

the Light.

DICK: All right, everyone.
Excellent work.

You guys made
real progress today.

Mastering your own abilities
and working in concert
with each other.

Plus the fact that you've
chosen to stay together,

train together,
fight the good fight
at each other's sides,

and... Well, I... I, uh...

(LAUGHS) Careful.
You almost sounded
like big blue.

Now I think it's time
to celebrate
with some more s'mores!

S'mores? I love s'mores!


Uh, that's new.

All right, everyone, uh...

We're starting over.


you will always be Earth's
first, last and greatest hero.

To fight at your side,
to fight for humanity,

this has been
the honor of my life.

Cassandra. Have you read
the part about the bear yet?

Olympia, for the third time,

That was my favorite story.
Until today.

(LAUGHS) I'll record
this new chapter immediately

while it's still fresh
in my mind.

VANDAL: Olympia.
We've been over this before.

We... We have?

My story must not
be recorded.

I have long-term plans.
Some millennia long.

They must never risk
being revealed.

Tell me.

Why do you like the story
of the bear so much?

It's the only story
from before your encounter
with the meteorite.

Before you became the savior,

Vandal Savage. (CHUCKLES)

It defines who--


It was a mercy, Father.

Olympia's mind has been
deteriorating for some time.

But she died happily
in your arms.

I'll bring you
her journal immediately.

A... And I will make
the appropriate arrangements.

VANDAL: Please...

Any daughter of Vandal Savage
deserves a funeral worthy
of the Gods.

Do right by your sister.

Of course, Father.

For war is death,
and death is waste.

A life should not be
wasted while it may
yet be controlled

to serve a greater purpose.