Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 16 - Illusion of Control - full transcript

Across the nation, the team gives thanks for what they have - and for what they very well might lose.





Hey! Looks like Gardita's
in the house!


- Ow!
- Why didn't you tell me she was coming?

BART: Hey, there, hi, there,
ho, there, Gardita.


Hello, boys.

It's so nice to see you again.

Garfield Logan, Queen Perdita,

meet my girlfriend, Traci.

She's a big fan.

I'm a big fan.

Hello, Traci,
lovely to meet you.

Hey, Traci.

- Ow!

Oh, and thanks, you guys,
for keeping our arrival quiet.

What a relief not to have
to deal with the paparazzi.

If you say so.

- Yeah, I wouldn't know.

BART: Now let's get
this party started.

Um, this was supposed to be
a team building day, right?

'Cause I'm feeling a little like a
fifth, sixth, seventh wheel.

I mean, so where's
the rest of the team?

Like, you know, Cassie.

Oh, she's in Gotham trying
to salvage things with Tim.

I gotta get a girlfriend.

BOTH: (SINGING) ♪ A, B, C, D, E, F, G

♪ Yes, sir, yes, sir,
three bags full

♪ Q, R, S, T, U, V

♪ Like a diamond in the sky

♪ Baa, baa, black sheep
have you any wool?

♪ How I wonder what you are ♪


Nice of Tara and Brion
to join us.

Yes, but I thought
they were going to Taos.

Oh, well, Brion said...

"It's American Thanksgiving.

"Violet and Tara are the two
people I'm most thankful for."


decided to spend the day with us,

so did he.

- And Tara?
- Well...

Tara's been through a lot.

You know, she doesn't talk much,

but she's here.

Crash, huh?

Yes, very "asterous."

Hello, everyone.

It's so nice of you
to include me.



This car moves so slow!

Will someone please explain why
this is even slightly crash?

My friend, sit back, relax,

and watch me terrorize
the other drivers.

Well, now, that does put
a new spin on things.

Drive on, amigo.

Oh, you'll pay
for that, peasants!


- (THUD)


We got you good! (LAUGHS)

- Gotta get a girlfriend.


(CLICKING TONGUE) Forager has decided
that Earth has all the best holidays.

Halloween has candy,
and Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving has everything.

Forager asks Victor Stone if holidays
here are always crushing that magic.

Sorry, Bugg, ask someone else.

I'm not crushing
anything right now.



Aw, girl, Victor Stone
is not crushing anything.

Victor Stone is being crushed.

Forager must help uncrush Victor Stone.


What's wrong, Eduardo?

It's nothing, Your Highness.

No, no, stop that right now.

Garfield and I have a rule.

There is no "Your Highnesses,"
or "Your Majesties,"

or any of that among friends.


Then we'll start over.

What is wrong, Eduardo?

You stare at that girl.

You are concerned for her?

I failed her.

She's a newly minted meta-human,

and I was helping her learn
to control her powers.

- And that didn't go well.
- No.

She convinced herself that she
needed that inhibitor collar.

I suppose it gave her
the illusion of control.

Once she put it on,

something inside her just died.

And it breaks your heart.

Hi, I'm Perdita.

Oh, I know who you are,

Your Majesty.

Oh, I'm not
anybody's majesty tonight.

I love your hair.

Your girl, she's pretty great.


Believe me, it's been noted.

Got you some cotton
candy, amigo.

You sure about that?

Hey, it's a long way
from the booth to here,

I got hungry.

So how's it going with the
meta-kids at the center?

Mixed bag.

Some are really having trouble.

I wish I could do more.

More? You set this
whole party up!

Sure, but I wish there was some

grand gesture I could make
to truly inspire them.

GARFIELD: That's the problem
with the team.

The covert thing gets in the
way of the inspiration thing.

It's... It's just not what
I wanted when I came back.

The TV star likes the spotlight!


Not cool!

It's not about that.

It's... It's about setting
the right example.

Offering hope
to meta-teens and kids.

- Could've used some more of that when we went meta.
- Exactly.

And that's not all.

The game's rigged against us

by the Lex Luthors
of this world.

We need to change...

Okay. (GROANS)

Maybe I did eat
too much cotton candy.




It's Vertigo.

That's Count Vertigo
to you, peasant.


No... Perdita.

My dear niece,

I believe it's time
for a family reunion.

PERDITA: Uncle...

You cannot win the crown
by killing me.

You have
so little imagination, child.

Bring her.

Lead the way, boss.


- (GRUNTS) Ow!
- Karabast, girl.

That was pathetic.

(GRUNTS) Perdita!



Guys, don't get too close,

or Vertigo's power will
have you feeling the mode.

Blue, can't your armor protect
you, or compensate or something?


BLUE BEETLE: Apparently not.

(GROANS) So what...
What do we do?


We follow Beast Boy, keep that whirly
bird in sight and wait for our moment.

We will get Perdita back safe.


Victor Stone should come
into the warm inside.

It's just "Vic," okay?

You don't have to say
my whole name every time!

It makes you sound like my dad.

Ah, understood.

Now, will Vic come enjoy
Thanksgiving dinner with Vic's hive?

I don't have a hive, Fred!

Vic does have a hive

with many drones
who want to help Vic.

Don't you get it?
I can't be helped!



Caterpillar Vic
cannot be helped,

but butterfly Vic can.

In any case...

Drones must feed,
and drones should feed with hive.

Where drones can be warm.


Look, you like the hive
so much, you go feed with it.

Victor Stone...

Go inside!

Warm up.

No one likes a frozen bug, okay?

(SHIVERING) Vic speaks true.

This is so frustrating!

We're so close,
but we can't get any closer.

SCARAB: Scarab can stop the Count
Vertigo, Jaime Reyes,

by blowing his vehicle
out of the sky.

Scarab, no!

The goal is saving Perdita,
not sending her to a fiery death.

SCARAB: It helps when
you specify such things.

It's implied!

Scarab wanted to blow it up,
didn't he?

How'd you guess?

You know,

I think I can bring it down
without injury.

That should do it.

They'll have to make
a controlled landing now.

SCARAB: I could've
taken out the fuel line

with a precision attack.

Dude, you are
the king of overkill.

You never suggest precision.


They're down, in the pueblo.

It was my first time
making it. (CHUCKLES)

It's good, Artemis.

ARTEMIS: Thank you.

Could use a little salt.

- ARTEMIS: Oh, not on the...

Well, I must say,

my first American Thanksgiving
has been lovely.

I'm so thankful
to have been included.

My daughter does set
a nice table.

Something I'm sure she never
learned from me. (CHUCKLES)

I had a little help.

Or a lot of help, really.

I helped Auntie Mouse.

Yes, you did, baby girl.

I'm not a baby!


You must be so proud of Artemis.

It's not just the meal,
of course.

Of course not.

It's the degree in Comparative
Literature that makes me proud.

My daughter will be
a college professor.

That's wonderful.

But I was actually talking
about the way

she's mentored
these young people,

brought them onto the team,

worked with them as Tigress.

You're back with the team?

You're Tigress again?



Mom, wait.

What are you doing?

What I've always done!

Not always.

You left the life behind,
then came back to it

at a cost that nearly
destroyed you.

- Don't.
- Two years recovering,


And now you have a real chance
at a normal life.

Soon you'll have your master's
degree, and then your doctorate.

- Which doesn't mean...
- Look at me, Artemis!

Look at your friend Barbara!

Is this what you want
for yourself?

What will it take
to convince you?

Mom, I am helping people.

You don't have to fight crime
to help people!

You can get out of the life,
once and for all.

You and Will.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Me and Will?

Nothing, he's my brother-in-law.

Oh, please, I've seen the way
you two look at each other.

I wish things were different.

But the hard truth is your
sister isn't coming back.

Even Will knows it.

And Lian needs a mother.


Lo siento, I can't find them.

I've run up and down
every walkway, every alley,

and every building
in this moded place

looks exactly like every other.

And I mean exactly.

I'll get a beetle's eye view.

SCARAB: This makes no
sense, Jaime Reyes.

Gee, you think?

Walls don't normally do that.

SCARAB: The walls
are not involved.

It is Jaime Reyes
that makes no sense.

Why do you hover
one meter off the ground?

What are you talking about?

I'm like a hundred feet up!

SCARAB: Your visual input does not
match with my site-mapping of this area.


Meaning Vertigo's using
illusions to fool us.

Ugh! Hello, Megan,
I was running in circles.

Checking the same building
over and over.

But Vertigo doesn't have
illusion power.

So how do we find Perdita
if we can't trust what we see?

Let's see if we can trust
what I smell.

Close your eyes and follow
the sound of my voice.



Sorry, boys and girls,
this is as far as you go.


- (CHUCKLES) Tickles.


Ow! What are you made of?


Sugar and spice
and everything nice.


Makes no sense.
It's just one guy.

Scarab, are we
seeing this right?

SCARAB: I read one
heat signature.





Be careful, my love.

This is for the murder
of my father!






- She was Devastation!
- Well, that explains a lot.

Let's go!


- Perdita.
- I'm all right, really.

Psimon, of course!

The illusions, the nausea,
all telepathically induced.


Are you...
Come on!

I've got to get a girlfriend.

Do we follow?

Wait, this makes no sense.

Psimon and Devastation
are both part of Onslaught.

They're Queen Bee's enforcers,
not Vertigo's.

Since when is Queen Bee
interested in Vlatava or me?

Where's the rest of Onslaught?

Oh, I'm so stupid.

Wendy and a bunch of the
other kids at the center

were rescued
from Onslaught in Bialya.

Then Perdita's kidnapping...

Was just a distraction.



Nice of the do-gooders here
to collar these kids.

Makes 'em easier to control
when they wake up.

Want to put a meta-human
in a box?


Then start with yourselves.

Wait, aren't you Holocaust?

One of Queen Bee's thralls?

I'm no slave,
ain't no chip on me.

Onslaught pays me top dollar.











Don't wanna know where
that would'e landed us.

We need to deal
with that Father Box

so they can't open
any more boom tubes.

SCARAB: Preparing a precision
attack to destroy the Father Box.

No! Superboy says Father Boxes
are living machines, like you.

We're the good guys,
we don't kill.

SCARAB: There's just
no pleasing you.






Knew these collars had to be
good for something.



Gas is starting to wear off.


Everyone will be
recovering soon.

And no way we'll be able
to keep the press away now.

Maybe you should sneak away.

We are supposed to be
a covert team, right?


(CHUCKLES) That is the
last bribe you get, puppy.

That dog should not be
accepting bribes!


Please, leave it to me.

You know you can
tell me anything.

It's Gabrielle.

I've accessed
more of her memories.

She took a bribe
from Vertigo's men.

I don't think she knew
what she was doing,

but she's the one
that let him into...

Let who in, dear?

The assassin.

The meta-human who killed Brion
and Tara's parents. (SNIFFLES)

It's all her fault.

My fault. (CRYING)

Now, now, it's not
all Gabrielle's fault.

In any case,
you're not Gabrielle,

you're Violet.

I'm sure Brion would understand.

You can't tell him! Or Tara.

They'd never look at me
the same way again.

All right, it's all right.

We'll keep this
between ourselves.

Just go back inside, return to the
table, and try to act normal.

I've never been very good
at normal.

Then they'll hardly notice,
will they?

Go ahead.
I'll be right there.





Yes, it has been a long time,
I know.

But I need your help.

It's not about the limelight.

I'm more
of a lemonlight person myself.

Look, we were here,
so we helped.

BEAST BOY: The point is,
we have meta abilities...

This is crazy.

I mean, against the rules
crazy, right?

BEAST BOY: ...better place,
a safer place...

Your guy, he's pretty great.

Believe me, it's been noted.

If people just give
meta-humans a chance,

they'll be amazed not just by
what we can do,

but by what we choose to do.

It's crazy.

Those hero boys
are pretty cool, man.


Mmm, and not just cool...


Well, you know, I'm a, uh...

A friend of theirs.

Sure, you are.


You gotta get a girlfriend.