Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - full transcript


-You two look adorable.

I thought we were
trying to be scary?

(LAUGHING) We're scary enough.

On the inside.

Ah, yes. We're freaks.

Can we get a picture
with all the freaks?

Of course.
Gather around everyone.


Fred Bugg is ready for
the Happy Harbor High School
Halloween dance.

No costume, Fred?

Fred Bugg's thought long
and hard about Fred Bugg's
Halloween costume,

and Fred Bugg believes...

Forager is the perfect
Halloween costume
for Fred Bugg.

-Very crash.

And your shell's
healing nicely.

No costume, Victor?

I don't even know
how you guys talked me
into going to this thing.

Forager understands
Victor Stone won't know
any of the other teens.

-That's the saving grace.

I can be a stranger
crushing a costume
but not an alien metal freak.

-I know, I know.

Being a freak's a good thing.

And the Halloween dance
will be good fun.

DICK: Halloween's canceled.

Sorry guys, but we're going
to Greater Bialya
and we're going now.

We have a solid lead
on Tara Markov.

I'm ready.

VIOLET: So am I.

Although I would prefer
to change into
my Halo clothes first.

Sorry Violet, I need you
to stay here in case Vic needs
another Halo cleanse.

See? Maybe being
a potentially murderous freak

is not such a good thing
after all.

But, but Brion...

He'll be all right.

I'll watch over these two.
Go. Save Tara.

Bio Ship time!

(CLICKING) Good girl.

Violet, I want you to know...

No speeches, Prince,
we're going. Now!



CONNER:Using the rotation
of the Earth,

the Bio Ship should
reach Greater Bialya
within the hour.

May Forager drive?

Forager lives inside Bio Ship.

Forager and Bio Ship have a...


...good relationship.

Well, that's great, but...

Okay, sure, you drive,

Good girl.


What do we know
and how do we know it?

What we know begins
with these VR goggles,

manufactured by
Gretchen Goode's
Goode World Studios.

A friend of ours,
Garfield Logan, learned
the hard way,

that the goggles were designed
to test for the meta-gene.

If the subject tests positive,

subliminal messages
begin to brainwash
the potential meta-human,

sending the subject
to a specific location
in the vicinity.

These locations
seem to be depots,

trading posts for meta-teens.

As we speak,
the Justice League
and the team

are sending squads to
take down all these
depots simultaneously,

so one location
can't tip off another.

We're hitting the depot
in Greater Bialya.

Since when are we
working for the League?

We're not, but Garfield gave
the goggle intel to M'gann,

who took it
to the League first.

Fortunately, she made sure
we got the Bialyan gig because
of the Tara connection.

What is the Tara connection?

Intel from another source.

A tip that the Shadows
handed Tara over to someone
named Granny.

Unfortunately,Granny was too generic a term.

Could've meant anyone
or anything.

But since Gar made
the Goode goggles connection,

we now believe
that Granny refers
to Gretchen Goode's nickname

in the popular press,
"Granny Goodness".

And remember Jakar Marlowe?

We thought he might have
been killed by a Shadow
wielding Geo-Force powers

It turns out Marlowe worked
for Goode R&D on the goggles.

Moreover, he was
the buyer off record
for a Goode shell company,

which purchased
an abandoned mall
in Greater Bialya,

one of the meta-depot
locations the League
hacked off the goggles.

We even found a list
on the dark web

of merchandise available
for purchase at this depot.

Note item 16,
female, aged 15, Earth powers.


JACE: You sure
you two don't want
to go to the dance?

Without Brion? No. No!

I'm so sorry, Victor.

Hey, it's cool. I never wanted
to go in the first place.

went on a mission
without me.

What if he's hurt?

What if I never
see him again? (GASPING)

you're hyperventilating.

You must try to stay calm.

How? How?

I once had a little girl.

Brushing her hair
always seemed
to relax her.

You had a little girl?

What happened to her?

It's a very sad story.

She was taken from me.

But let's focus on you now.

You be my little girl,
just for tonight, all right?


If you wouldn't mind?

Sure, pretend I'm not here.

That does feel nice.

But I don't understand
what's happening to me.

I don't understand

any of this.

You are emotional.
It is to be expected.

After all, you are a teenager,

full of teenage hormones.

These new feelings you have
for Brion will affect
your natural body chemistry,

-will make you want to...

I know I said,
"Pretend, I'm not here,"
but I am here. So...

So you can behave like
a mature adult, Victor.

Violet is troubled.


I doubt the Mother Box
that helped create her

was designed to cope
with such feelings.

Greater Bialyan air space.

Bio Ship is already
in camouflage mode.

That's why I traded
Sphere to M'gann.

Her squad is raiding
a meta-depot in Utah,

where being spotted is
less likely to create
an international incident.

DICK: We're here.

Now lets get a closer look.



-You in a sharing mood?

What? Oh yeah, sorry.


JEFFERSON: That's a crowd,
but they don't look too tough.

You're focused on
the spectators, I'm more
concerned about the security.

Queen Bee's
meta-human enforcers.

Code named Onslaught

MISTER BLISS:Willkommen,
bienvenu, welcome.

I am your host, Mister Bliss.

And these are our
first items up for bid.

In this corner...



And in that corner...



Brion Markov finds
Brion Markov's sister.

This is a good day.

Just one problem.

This isn't just a depot.
It's a fight club
for meta-teen gladiators.

And sensors show they're all
enslaved by control chips.

Not for long!

Look, I wasn't
expecting this either,
but you have to be...

Be patient? You cannot
seriously expect me
to walk away now.

No, but Psimon is down there.

He's a powerful psychic,
and if you project strong
emotions, he'll notice.

So can you stay
whelmed or not?


I will follow your lead.

Good. Here's what
we're gonna do.


Wolf? What's going on?








I'll help you, Victor.

I'll cleanse you.


Jace was correct.

Mother Box cannot handle
human emotions.

-My powers...
-Have abandoned you.




Let the games begin!













Ha ha! Tell them, Bliss,
the girl is toast.

Or should I toast her
to prove it?

No, thank you, Holocaust.

A living loser
still knits a pretty penny.

Tara is down for the count.

The winner is Holocaust!


-Devastation to Onslaught.

Psimon's down. High alert!

MISTER BLISS: Bidding is open
on these items.

Starting bid for Tara
is 500,000 US.

Huh? I see
we have our first bid!







FATHERBOX: Come out,
come out, wherever you are.






Violet, go!

I'll hold off Fatherbox
as long as I can.

-Victor, please!





reprieves, Mother Box.

I'm coming for you.

No, Fatherbox,
you are hurting Victor.
He needs me.

I may not understand
all my new emotions,

but helping those in need,

that a Mother Box understands.


You can't help him.

You can't stop me.

You have no powers.


Nothing isn't the problem.

The problem is
I have too much.

All these new feelings,
they can get in the way.

But I believe
they may also be
a source of strength.

I believe I have all I need.




You are free now, my sister.

Free and safe.


It's the first time
I've felt safe in years.

Tara, I have to tell you
something difficult.

-Our parents...
-I know, Brion.

My captors took some joy
in telling me
about their deaths.

But how did you find me?

Who are these, um, people?

(CLICKING) Forager is Forager.

These are my friends, Tara.

And we can explain everything.

Wait, what's going on?

There are more kids
back there.

DICK: We made sure
Tara got out safe.

ARTEMIS: But now
we've got to go back,
rescue them.

And shut that place down.

DICK: Stay on the Bio Ship.
You'll be safe here.

But Forager wants to help.

DICK: You will.
But your shell's still
too soft for combat.

Keep the Bio Ship
in camouflage mode.

When we signal,
lay down cover fire
and be ready to extract us.


DICK: Bio Ship, hatch.



There, there, folks,
No worries.

It's a circuit breaker.

Be fixed in no time.

ARTEMIS: Emergency generator.

Don't you hate it
when the bad guys
are prepared?

CONNER: Forager,
we need a distraction.

Open fire on the venue.


Oh, no, no, no. That was just
one of our combatants...

Uh, farting. (CHUCKLES)

Everyone please remain seated.

Everything will be
all right, baby.

Terror Twins,
guard the slave pens.

Mammoth, Shimmer, Junior,
check out that explosion.

Kill whoever caused it.


That mask doesn't fool me.

I know it's you, Superboy.

-SUPERBOY: Hey, Junior.

Good to see you.


Don't play nice!
You think I've forgiven you?

You stole my girl!

I mean, sure, I didn't know
she was Miss Martian,

but I was totally into her
and you knew that!

but I was into her first.

I just hadn't figured it out
till you helped
bring us together.

I owe you for that.
Hey, we're engaged now.

Dude, congratulations!

No, really, that's awesome!

I always thought you guys
made a great couple.

Maybe that means
there's hope for me too.

SUPERBOY: I hope so.




Perhaps, an orderly evacuation
isn't the worst idea.

Dang it, Tupp,
we're missing all the action.



Now we'll have some fun.


That was kinda fun.


Can't disagree.

Ha, tickles!







Good girl.

Forager didn't see
vehicle coming.

But Bio Ship did.

Brion, look, my fellow slaves.

They didn't want
any part of this.

They have been forced
into this life
of violence and terror.

You have no idea
what I've been made to do.

I know about Marlowe.

No one holds you responsible
for what you did
under the control of others.

That's just the point.

If you hadn't got me out,
that would be me in there.

We need to help!


-NIGHTWING: We're moving out.





NIGHTWING: Go, go, go!



-ARTEMIS: Nightwing.






SUPERBOY: Forager,
west maneuver.



Everyone onboard, now!


-You coming?
-Kinda in the middle of this.

Ha! I can take
anything you throw at me.


You have no idea
what a relief that is.



-Thank you.
-Merci beaucoup.

Just heard from M'gann.

All League and team raids
were successful.

Rescued teens from
every Granny trafficking depot

are safe at the town's
meta-human youth center.

Congratulate yourselves.

Meta-human trafficking
has been dealt
a major blow tonight.

VICTOR: There's more news.

Violet's permanently
cleansed me of Fatherbox's,

uh, influence.

Uh, you're sure?

Yeah, I can feel
the difference.

So can I.

Princess Tara.

Please, I am
no princess anymore.

That's my fault.

No, Doctor.

I am well aware my uncle
threatened to kill me

if you didn't activate
my meta-gene.

And I am also aware that
you were the only person

who was kind to me
during that time.

Then, you can forgive me?

If I can be forgiven my sins,

how can I not forgive
others theirs?

And you say you're
no longer a princess.

Tara, I want you to meet
Violet Harper.

My girlfriend.



Why don't we go inside,

and let the kids
get better acquainted.

Oh, Conner,
before you go in...

M'gann's gonna kill me.

DICK: I'm not sure
what to do with Vic,

but Geo-Force, Terra,
Halo, and Forager,

maybe, just maybe.

They might be
ready for the team.