Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - full transcript


Come on, Vic.
You know you're not
allowed back here.

Hey, if my dad
refuses to come home,

I've got no choice
but to go to him.

It's all right, Casey.

You don't have to
make a scene, Victor.

Scene? I haven't "seen"
you in days, Dad!

You missed me
crushing it at my game,

and the celebration after,

and the four college scouts
who stopped by to...

I don't know, woo me?

I am sorry about that, truly.

But you won't need
football scouts
to get into college

if you get your grades up.

I got a 4.0 GPA
which maybe you'd know,

if I was half as important
to you

as the dumb machines
in this lab!

You know my work is important.

-I know it's important to you.
-Stop it.

There are things happening
in this world

that are bigger
than you and I.

And in any case,
I will not talk to you

while you are behaving
in this way.

Behaving what way?

I'm not some
trying to get you to

taste this mud pie.

This is my life
you're ignoring.

My actual life--

Which we can discuss
when you've calmed
yourself down, boy.

Boy? Now, you're "boying" me?

At least look me in the eye
if you're gonna...

(SIGHS) You know what?
Never mind. Forget it.

Victor, wait.






FORAGER: Why is Brion Markov

always looking
at his telephonic device?

Brion Markov
never calls anyone.

Forager should mind
Forager's own business.

Brion Markov got up
wrong on the side bed
this morning.

But Brion Markov's
attitude will soon change.

Oh, and why is that?

Tigress, B-0-7. Halo, G-0-3.

Why indeed. (SNICKERS)


Mmm, it's the first day
of school.


Uh-uh, no flying
at school, please.

Forager, Zatanna created this
just for you.

Your very own
glamour charm.

So, uh...

Is Forager glamorous now?

You look human
and considerably less naked.

Is Violet sure?

Forager still looks
like Forager to Forager.

And Forager
still feels naked.

Violet is sure.
And it's Violet Harper now.

I have a new last name.

-Forager is still Forager.
-Not today.

You'll need a human name
for school.

I helped Artemis
fill out the forms

and picked a name
I thought you would like.

Fred Bugg with two G's.


Forager is Fred Bugg
with two G's.

Forager understands.

No, wait.

Fred Bugg with two G's

I'm sure you'll fit right in.

Isn't this wonderful, Brion?

Fred and I will meet
so many new girls and boys.

Just be careful
about the boys.

They only have one thing
on their minds.

What one thing?


Uh, we can talk about that
on the way to school.

And if we don't hurry,
we're going to be late.

Oh, this is perfect.

When we drive up
with the guidance counselor
and the principal,

all the other kids
will have to like us.

No flying at school!



Over here.
Dale, give me a hand.

DALE: Dr. Stone...


I'm... I'm fine.

I'm fine.

-Wait. Where is Victor?

We need help over here.

-I... I found him.

DALE: Come on,
let's move that off him.

SILAS: Careful now.






We have to get him
to a hospital.

Silas, he'll never
make it to a hospital.

-He needs to say goodbye, sir.



Hold on, son, I've got you.
I've got you.

Silas, please.

-Got it!
-WOMAN: What is that?

It's called a Fatherbox.

The Justice League told me
aliens used it

to heal their own.

Dr. Stone, you can't
use that thing on Victor.

I am the lead scientist here.

And the world's
preeminent expert
on alien technology.

When I say it will work,
it will work!

-It has to.




All right, everyone.
Settle, settle.

Let's give
a Happy Harbor welcome
to our new students.

This is Violet Harper
and Fred, uh...

-Fred Bugg?
-Fred Bugg with two G's.

Some time has passed since
Fred Bugg with two G's

was amongst a swarm
of this size.

Fred Bugg with two G's
will do whatever is necessary

to ensure the safety
and efficiency

of the Happy Harbor
High School Hive.

And I'm Violet. I, uh...

Just so happy
to be here that

I think it's making me
sick. (GROANS)

great to have you here.

Why don't you both
take a seat?


Miss Row, how thoughtful
of you to join us.

Sarcasm, Ms. Parris?
Isn't that beneath you?


Just take your seat.

All right, announcements...

Fred, I feel weird.

School also feels weird
to Fred Bugg with two G's.

Uh, hey.
Who's Fred Bugg?

Fred Bugg with two G's
is Fred Bugg with two G's.

He's Fred Bugg and I'm Violet.


-I'm a Harper.

-I thought you were Violet.

-So which is it?
-Do I only get one?

One hardly seems sufficient.

Why then would Fred Bugg
with two G's be called--

-Wait, wait. Hold on.

No, no, don't apologize.
It's just... Okay, stop. Stop.

So, you're Fred Bugg
with two G's.

Got it. And she's...

-Violet Harper.
-Violet Harper! There we go.

My name's Harper Row.

Fred Bugg with two G's
and Violet Harper

are very happy to meet
Harper Row.

(WHISPERS) You could be
our first friend.

Oh, I'm going to
like you two.

Okay, power's restored,

-but this thing's draining
a lot of juice.
-It'll be worth it.

Okay, I think I managed to
attach EKG and EEG monitors.

-Are you getting anything?

-...and no.

Silas, I'm sorry.
This is insane.

There's no heart
or brain function. Vic's gone.

We've got to stop
this thing

before it finishes doing
whatever it's doing.

Wait. Just wait.











There... there, you see!

BRION: Where are you going?

CONNER: Just finished
restoring this bike,

so I'm taking her
for a test run.

One of the perks
of the job.


(SCOFFS) If you say so.

CONNER: Yeah, well, try not to
sprain your thumbs
while I'm gone.



Recognized. Markov, Brion.


Open Sesame.


Access denied.

Access denied.

Access denied.

Authorization failed.
Not recognized.

-Lock out.

Nightwing, B-0-1.

DICK: Looking for something?

Actually, yes, because you
won't tell me anything.

There was nothing
to tell until now.

That's why I'm here.

Your sister, Tara,
was on Santa Prisca,

but has since been
shipped elsewhere.

We're trying to
track her now.

So, she was there.

And your delays cost us
the chance to rescue her.

It's more complicated
than that, Brion.

-I need you to be patient.

Do not turn your back on me.





So, what's your next move?

Roast me alive for suggesting
you exercise patience?

Patience, patience.

What is the magic of patience?

You preach patience.
My brother preaches patience.

Once upon a time,

my parents sang
the same song of patience.

Where did all that patience
get any of us?

Huh. Okay. Yeah, now I get it.

See, I think you know
we're doing everything
we can to find Tara.

So, is this really about her

or is it about Markovia?


You've been online
every day, every hour,

obsessively following
your brother's every move.

(STUTTERS) You hacked
my phone?

Stay focused, Brion,

because right now,
you have a decision to make.

Are you a man
perpetually looking
back at what he's lost?

Or a man looking forward
to what he might become?



-WOMAN: Something's happening.
-Get me a light!

Here, doc.


SILAS: Victor? Vic?

Can you hear me?
Are you all right?



FRED: Why does Violet Harper
want to sit outside?

There was nowhere
for us to sit inside.

Oh, and I need air.
Ugh, I feel strange.


Strange that no students
wish to sit with Violet Harper
and Fred Bugg with two G's.

How will
Happy Harbor teenagers

learn about Violet Harper
and Fred Bugg with two G's

if Violet Harper
and Fred Bugg with two G's

do not interact with
Happy Harbor teenagers?

Are Violet Harper
and Fred Bugg with two G's

Because Fred Bugg with two G's
doesn't feel like a freak.


But Fred Bugg with two G's
must look like a freak.

HARPER: Of course,
you're freaks.

But that's a good thing.

All those jerks
in the cafeteria are cliquey,
high school cliches.

Not worth the effort.

-You guys on the other hand...

...(LAUGHS) you're cool.
Freaky, but cool.

Have a seat.


FRED: Hmm.

-(WHISPERS) Two hands only.



Ugh, I still feel weird.

Yeah, the goulash'll
do that to you.



There was an explosion.

(STAMMERS) An explosion?

I want you to stay calm.

I believe you're out
of danger now, but...

But you were dying, son.

And I had to save you.

I had to do whatever I could
to save you.



What have you done to me?

You ruined me.
Murdered my future.

Now, I'll murder yours.

-Victor, wait.

Vic, you gotta calm down.

-Do I?

'Cause I think
I'll crush you.

-SILAS: Victor.







I've got history.
What about you guys?

Violet Harper
and Fred Bugg with two G's
have English.

Although, Violet Harper
and Fred Bugg with two G's

both speak
the language flawlessly.

You know,
you don't have to say
"with two G's" every time.

I mean, you can if you want,
but it's optional.

Fred Bugg with two G's
can just be Fred Bugg?

-Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

Just being Fred Bugg is
a great relief to Fred Bugg.

-Cool, see you later.
-FRED: Cool.

Fred Bugg with optional
two G's will see
Harper Row later.

-Lovin' those two.

Violet Harper?


Is Violet Harper, all right?

I still feel very weird.

Whoa, Violet Harper is indigo.

That's a new one.

Violet Harper opened
a boom tube.

Violet Harper is so full
of surprises.

How did Violet Harper
accomplish the boom tube?

Violet Harper is... Wait,
where does Violet Harper go?

Fred Bugg better get
Megan Morse.

Where am I?


What are you?

What kind of
abomination are you?



I'm not an abomination,
I'm a freak.

But that's a good thing.
My new friend Harper said so.

Then your friend was wrong!



SILAS: Stop. Don't hurt him!

-I never want to hurt anybody.

But maybe you should
tell that to him.




(PANTING) There's that
weird feeling again.

It's very strange.
But I think...

I think I know
what I'm supposed to do.




What did you do to him?

Wait for it.


I think I cleansed you.


Yeah, I guess something...
something like that.

I feel... I feel...

I don't know.
Less murderous, maybe.

That's promising.

Well, I think
my work here is done.



Can you get
this stuff off me?

I'd very much
like to fix you,

but I don't know how.

Honestly, I'm not even sure
how I did what I did.

But you healed me!
I felt it.

My Violet aura
doesn't work that way.

And if it was going
to heal you, it would have.

-Just try.
-SILAS: Victor, no!

Those prosthetics are
the only thing
keeping you alive.

They're alien in origin.

Made from something
called a Fatherbox.

I don't know exactly
how it works,

but together, we can learn.

Yeah, you'd love that.

I'd be your latest
lab experiment.

It's not like that.

This was the only way
I could save you.

Save me?
You turned me into a freak!

You are not a freak, Victor.

Not a freak?

You think I could go back
to school like this?

You think they'll let me
catch a football
with this thing?

Do you have any idea
what you've done to me?

I'm a freak,
but that's a good thing.

Wait, can I go with you?

I suppose so.


Victor, please!

You don't know
anything about this girl.

You're safer here with me!

But you are not.

I need to leave
before I do something
that we both--

That's the Fatherbox
talking, not you, son.

The League... The League
tried to warn me.

You just don't get it.

The murder thing,
that was your Fatherbox,

but the anger,
that's all mine.

I don't want to be
anywhere near you right now.

-Let's go.
-Victor, wait!



MEGAN: Here?
FRED: Right here.



Violet Harper is all right?

Yes, I feel
much better, Fred.

Violet, what's going on?
And who's this?

Just another freak.



You and I, okay?

And are you okay?

(CHUCKLES) I wasn't,

(SIGHS) moving forward,
I think I will be.