Young Justice (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Targets - full transcript

Red Arrow has to protect one villain from another in order to ensure that peace talks between two warring nations go well.

This is Cat Grant,
reporting from Taipei,

where the historic peace summit

between South Rhelasia
and North Rhelasia

has completely broken down.

As a last resort, Prime Minister Tseng
of South Rhelasia

and North Rhelasia's
General Singh Mann Li

have agreed to bring in
an independent arbitrator.

But who is it?

Speculation has run from
the Secretary General of the United Nations

to Superman.

But the man of steel
seems unlikely,

as I'm told the arbitrator
is due to arrive by car, not cape,

at any moment.

- Aqualad.
- Red Arrow.

I need access to
the Justice League's database

and the exact height of the League
of Shadows Assassin known as Cheshire.


Cheshire is 1.67 meters.


She is 5'6".

And exceptionally dangerous.

Do you require back-up?

Please, the last thing
I need is the Junior Justice League.

Just our computer.

Good luck, my friend.

Aqualad out.

The arbitrator has arrived.

Did you get that?
Did you get the shot?


- Yah! Yah!
- Uhh!




Don't move.

We have just witnessed
an assassination attempt live.

Thankfully, no one seems
to have been hurt,

including our
mystery arbitrator.

Lex Luthor?

We have confirmation.

This one's
Green Arrow's pal, Speedy.

It's Red Arrow now.

He must be questioned.

Lex Luthor vouches
for him, Captain.

Release the sidekick.


And I don't need
any favors from you.

I didn't realize you wished

to join the young lady
behind bars.

You may have everyone
here fooled, Luthor,

but I know what you are.

Oh, I don't pretend
to be an angel.

It just so happens that this time
I'm on the side of the angels.

The violence outside has not
helped the peace process.

Hiring assassins, Li?

Had you no one
among your own troops

to do the North's dirty work?

I need no assassins, tseng.

Such is the method
of a Southern coward.

Tensions are running high

and troops are massing on the
border between the 2 countries.

Right now, Lex Luthor seems to be
the best, or only, hope for peace.

Why should either side
trust you?

Because lexcorp is a company
founded on peaceful enterprise

for all humanity.

Cut the act, Luthor.

I've got intel into
lexcorp's show companies

to the sale of weapons
in both Rhelasias.

You're profiting off this war.

So what's your angle?

War income is pocket change

compared to the billions
to be made investing

in a peaceful, united Rhelasia.

And isn't it better
to have peace,

even if that scoundrel
Lex Luthor profits from it?

That scoundrel may not
survive to profit.

Cheshire failed,

but the league of shadows
won't stop

until the contract
is fulfilled.

Which does beg the question,

who hired the League?

And were you really the target?

Or was your death
just a convenient way

to sabotage the summit?

Allow me to hire you
to find out.

Your money has blood on it,

and I'm not here
to make a buck.

Ha ha ha.

So you'll provide
your services, but for free?

I could live with that, Hero.

Now, excuse me,

I have a hemisphere to save.

Gentlemen, gentlemen.

Shall we attempt some smiles
for the camera?

Jealous much?

All right, all right.

Ready for school?

I made our lunches.

The first day
of a scholastic season

carries great
cultural resonance.

We want to wish you both well.

Guess it's not
a Kryptonian thing.

You may wish to change
before you depart.

Ah, I spent hours
choosing this outfit.

What do you think?

Can M'gann M'orzz pass
as an Earth girl now?


Just kidding.
Meet Megan Morse.

What's your new name?

My what?

I chose the name
John Jones for myself

and suggested John Smith
for Red Tornado.

You could be a John, too.


Conner's always been
my favorite name.

A last name will also
be required.

Perhaps Kent.

Oh, in memory
of Dr. Fate,

the late Kent Nelson.

Of course.

Ok. Sure.

I guess it would be
an honor or something.

Well, Conner Kent,
time to change your shirt.

You don't want to reveal
your identity.

Will this work?

Works for me.

Wait, shouldn't I be
Conner Nelson?

They grow up so fast.

Aren't you going to
ask me anything?

I think you know
what I'm after.

I do, actually.

Do you?
Who hired you?


Who hired them?

I don't ask.

What's the end game?

The peace summit
or Luther himself?

2 birds, one stone.

Hey, where are your
little sidekick friends?

They're always fun
to play with.

Especially archery girl.
I like her.

in my League.

And you think you're in mine?

Where's Green Arrow
when you really need him?

I don't.

Sure about that?

Oh, no.

Ugh! It had to be you.

Beggars can't be choosers,
little girl.



I admire persistence, but...

Go, go!

Are you even trying
to ditch this guy?

I really hate to admit it,

but he has a point.


Because I'm a professional,
I won't kill you.

At least not while
we're on the job.

You wouldn't have this job
if not for me.

Grow up already.

The evening's agenda

was to create strife
between nations,

not my assassins.


And client.

So twice disappointed
in your failure.

Luthor has been a thorn
in my side for too long.

Peaceful countries rarely call
upon the League of Shadows.

Ra's al Ghul?

So I expect better outcome,

less interference
from that boy.


I hear you go by Red Arrow now.

Ha. More like Broken Arrow.

Ah! Hey!


Explain this.


What's your problem?

Put my man Marvin down.

I don't think
he likes my shirt.

Your shirt's fine.

Everyone's shirt is fine.

Someone's fine.

Hi. We're new.
I'm Megan Morse.

This is Conner Kent.

Double allitfration.
I like it.

Ok, time to get
to homeroom, gang.


I'm gonna...

Hi, I'm Wendy.

I was new last year, so I know
how hard it is to fit in.

But you look like instant
bumble bee material to me.

The Bumble Bees.

Tryouts are after school.

I'll be there.

Dude, facing down Mal Duncan?


Not too bright, but fierce.


It's me.

I may possibly
be in over my head.

The League of Shadows
wants you dead.

Doesn't every League?

It's not just Cheshire,
it's Sportsmaster

and Ra's al Ghul himself.

I can't say I'm surprised.

Ra's is something of
a competitor of mine.

Then maybe I should stand aside

and watch you two
take each other out.

Your stab at pragmatism
is, well, adorable,

but the summit and the peace
are at stake. Remember?

We'll increase security.

Though, if the Shadows
think you're dead,

maybe we can surprise them.

I've got a better surprise.

If Lex Luthor's unknown
strategy for peace fails,

the 2 Rhelasias are looking at
all-out war before morning.

Who can tell me more
about Rhelasia?


Well, Mr. Carr, it's...

Better than Fakeasia.

Anyone else?

Modern Rhelasia
was created in 1855

and ruled by
the Boquoon Dynasty

until it was divided
by the Great Powers

into North and South Rhelasia
after World War II.

Very good.

But why are they fighting?

They're all humans.

I mean, Rhelasians. Right?

Right on both counts, actually.

It's no different on Mars.

The White Martian minority are
treated as second class citizens

by the Green majority.

Of course, I'm green,

but that doesn't make it right.

The unification is unthinkable!

Our peoples no longer
have anything in common.

this is mere rhetoric.

Despite your differences,

you still share an appreciation
for many things,

such as the exquisite art
of the Rhelasian tea ceremony.

That is far enough...


- Yah!
- Aah!

That is far enough...



It's over, Cheshire.

You would think so.

Take Sportsmaster.

Cheshire's mine.

So territorial,
and only our third date.



You called one of
your little sidekick friends.

But didn't you tell me
they weren't in your League?


Ok, Megan, you're up.

Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee.

Hornets, hornets,
can't be beat.



How'd I do?

I thought you did great.

And I'm really sorry
about this.



Conner, no!

Uhh! Ahh!

Sorry. It's a stupid
initiation ritual

that I wish my teammates
would abandon.

Wait. Initiation ritual?

Hello, Megan.

That means I made the team.

Um, I did, right?

You're a Bumble Bee, girl.

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you!

So, is that your boyfriend?

'Cause he's hot,
but kind of a freak.

You're carrying my books?

What, you want them to get wet?

Not bad, Lad.

Better than your team did
at Santa Prisca

- and Bialya.
- How did you--

Let's just say I have
an inside source.

Very inside.

Aqualad, let's end this.





Gives new meaning
to the arms race, doesn't she?

That technology
is most impressive.

We owe you our lives, sir.

They owe him their lives?

Yes, quite a coup
for Lex Luthor.

Under his leadership,
North and South Rhelasia

are signing a treaty,

which could eventually lead
to reunification.

I can't believe we just
did a solid for Lex Luthor.

Not for Luthor, for peace.

Beyond that, if Ra's
and the League of Shadows

wanted to sabotage the summit,

the signing of the treaty
renders their contract moot.

It is over.
Is it?

I heard what Sportsmaster said.

Do you really think
there's a mole on your team

feeding him intel?

I cannot rule out
the possibility.

I will investigate quietly.
Not tell them?

I don't not want the unit unraveling
over baseless suspicions.

And if there is a mole,

I have no wish to tip
him or her off.

Good luck with that.

One moment, my friend.

Tonight you could have
called Green Arrow for help,

or the Justice League.

Instead, your first instinct
was to call the cave.

You're right.

The team deserves...
Has my respect.

I'm still getting used to
this solo act stuff,

but if you need me,

I'll be there.

That went well.

Both Li and Tseng were quite
impressed with Mercy's equipment

and are quite literally
buying into the peace.

How plan to ensure the eventual
reunification of Rhelasia

under Lexcorp's political
and economic guidance

is a success.

And thus, another
corner of the world

sees the light.