Young Hercules (1998–1999): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Treasure of Zeus: Part 1 - full transcript

Zeus has placed a protection order on his son Hercules so any god who kills him is doomed to spend an eternity in the abyss of Tartarus. Ares, god of war is angry that Zeus favours Hercules, so he sends his bumbling nephew Strife to trick Hercules into stealing a chalice belonging to Hera in hopes that Zeus' protection order won't extend to such an act.

You know? Being a god...,

living in Olympus...,

is no job for a weakling.

Take me, for example.

The god of war.

Even I have to work hard.

Well, I'm tired of being
a nobody, Ares.

I mean...

The god of war's nephew."

I mean, what does it say
to anybody?

I mean, I'm ready
for the big time!

Why can't I be, uh...,

or..., uh, "Catastrophe"?!

Okay, well, that's hard to spell.

If you wanna be a real god...,

you gotta prove yourself

You gotta act like a god...
and make mortals suffer!

Been there, done that!

I'm Strife! I'm bad!

Try "naughty".

If you were any good
at being bad,

you'd dare what no god
has dared before:

destroy a mortal son of Zeus.

A-ha. You mean Hercules.

My half-brother!

Alcmene's brat!

The apple of my father's
all-seeing eye!

Hera wants him gone,
and so do I.

Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Don't get up.

No god can destroy Hercules
without being fried forever by Zeus.

Am I right or am I right?

You're half right.

Obviously, we can't
attack him directly.

But sometimes, a little Strife
can lead to a major...



Here I come.




He attacked me, Ma.



You been working out?

Hey, expect the unexpected.

I was moppin' the floor with you
till your mom saved you.

How about mopping the floor
with this?


Hey, Iolaus.


Expect the unexpected.

In an age of light and darkness,

Zeus, king of the gods,
ruled the universe.

He had a son, young Hercules.

Half-god, half-man,

young Hercules longed
to find his place in the world,

the father he's never known,
and what it means to be a hero.

Before the man
became legend,

before the legend
became myth,

came the greatest adventure
of all!

Young Hercules

Huh, you missed a spot, huh?

Hmm? Ha.

- Oh no, you didn't.
- No, I said... No!

- Oh, really?
- Hercules?


I've packed your things
for the academy.

I'll go grab my stuff.


You know, there's still a lot
of work left to do. I could, uh...

How do you think I get by
when you're off at the academy?

I don't know. I know
Zeus doesn't help.

Oh Hercules, I wish you weren't
so obsessed with your father.

Since you were little,
you've taken every dare...,

no matter how dangerous
or how foolish...,

always trying
to prove worthy of Zeus.

That's not true.

Even though you've never met
your father,

you can't escape
your birthright.

But what you become...,
that's in your hands.

Be a good man.

- Be nothing like Zeus.
- Hercules.

Mom, he abandoned you.

He gave me the thing
I treasure most: you.

Oh, uh...

Now get going, both of you, before
I put you back to work.


Take care, Hercules.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Bye, Alcmene,
thanks for everything.

"Mommy! Bye, Mommy!
I'll miss you, Mommy!"

Last decent meal before
Cheiron and his academy food.

Hercules, Iolaus.

- Hey!
- Jason!

Looking good.
How're things in Corinth?

Ah, same old,
same old.

How's your mom?

She's okay.

Hey, you been working out?!

Yeah, just enough
to kick your royal backside.

Yeah? You and who else?

Hey, is that new?

It looks like fine Corinthian leather,
almost fit for a king.

Hey, does it come
with a matching crown?

Knock it off, knock it off.

That's what I like
about Cheiron's academy.

There I'm just a student,
I'm not a prince.

Did I hear that right?
You some kind of prince?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, actually, I'm gonna be
the king of Corinth.

- Just another student.
- Just another student, right.

Maybe if you're ever
in Corinth,

you could drop by
and I could show you the palace.

Gee, a palace?!

I think I might faint!

Now, are you two archdukes
gonna order

or are you waiting
for the king's leftovers?

- Uh...
- Uh...

We'll have what he's having,
and put all three on my... bill.

Mm-hmm, looks empty.
No dinars, no dinner.

That's okay, that's okay,
I'm buying.

Uh... I'm really tight
with the owner here.

He always gives me credit.

Nice try, curly.
I'm the owner.

Get ready, here comes Strife.

Tuition's due this week.

How you gonna pay for it
if you're broke?

Uh, who says I'm broke?

Not so rough, guys.

Uh... Why don't you keep
your hooves to yourself?

What are you gonna do about it?

Please, no violence.

We're all humans here,
more or less.

If I were you,
I'd get out of the way.

Academy punks...

Hold it right there!

You kiddies wanna play,
you take it outside.

When I want things broken
around here, I'll hire a dishwasher.

Yeah, like they know
how to fight.

Looks like I'm gonna have
to put up a sign.

"No shirt, no feet, no service."

Hey, thanks for standing up
for me.

No problem.
Listen, what's your name?

Ny... Nysus Gaius.

I'm, uh, heading off
to Cheiron's academy.

I'm gonna be
the new top student there.


That's great!
You wanna come sit down?

- Surely.
- Let's go.

You know what the hardest part
of the academy is?

- What?
- The ground.


Nysus, say hello
to Cheiron, our headmaster.

Oh... Hi, sir.

I didn't recognize you.

I see you're showing
the new cadet the ropes.

I hope you're being gentle
with him.

As gentle as if you were
teaching him yourself, sir.

The tree that grows on the stoniest
ground has the strongest roots.

And my uncle said
I was hard to understand.

- Does he always talk in roots?
- Yep.

- Uh...
- You'll get used to it. Come on.

Let's try that drill again.


Yeah, my uncle's the reason
why I'm here.

He used to tell me about this place...
and the academy...

- and a cave up on the mountain.
- What cave?

Ah, it's nothing famous.

They got a chalice there...
made by Zeus himself.

Watch your footwork, Hercules!

Uh... Hey, hey, Nysus.

Ah, how you doing?

Good. Listen, uh,
I was just wondering...,

you know that chalice
you were telling me about?

The one in the cave?

Did you say that Zeus made it?

Wedding present for Hera.
But they say he wants it back,

now that they don't see much
of each other.

Oh, well, uh, if he wants it back,
why doesn't he just take it?

Well, maybe he promised not to.

Even Zeus has to keep his word.

All this fuss
over an ugly old cup

she probably never even used.

Yeah, you know?

She probably never even
used it, anyway, right?

Yeah. Ha.

- Thanks, Nysus.
- Okay.


Is my dear brother hooked?

Like a little fish, Uncle,
ready for Hera to fry.

Uh, I've gotta quit doing that.

If Cheiron catches you
sneaking out after curfew,

he'll kick your rear.
And he can really kick.

I bet he's sneaking off
to see that girl at the inn.

She liked me more than him.

Guys, she didn't like
any of us, all right?

- Hmm.
- Good point.

Well, if you're not going
to the inn, where are you going?

Yeah, there's nowhere else
to go around here.

There's a cave.
It's up in the mountains.

There's a treasure hidden
inside it.

The old treasure in the cave story.
Come on.

It's dangerous, okay? And I
don't wanna get you both hurt.

- He's trying to get rid of us.
- Keep all the glory for himself.

Oh, I don't care about the glory,
I just want the treasure.

Hey, uh, Herc, so what
are we talking about here?

Is it gold? Silver?

- It's a chalice.
- A chalice?

A goblet, a drinking cup.

Thank you, Jason,
I know what a chalice is.

I mean, is it gold?

Well, I don't really know
what it's made of, you know?

All I know is that, uh,
it belongs to Zeus.

W-Whoa, hold it. Time out.

You're gonna snag a chalice
that belongs to Zeus?

Is this one of those
father-son things?

No. Listen, it's not like that
this time.

I'm not taking it from Zeus,
I'm taking it back to him.

We're gonna spend all night
climbing a mountain

so you can get a pat on the back
from your dad?

I didn't ask you two to come,
and I can do this on my own.

All right, all right,
we'll come with you.

But if there's anything
in the chalice like gold,

- we split it three ways.
- Two ways.

All I want is the chalice.

One way. I'm just coming along
to keep you jerks out of trouble.

Oh. I love you guys.

Where are the guards
protecting this thing?

You figure, a chalice that belongs
to the king of the gods

would be protected.

There's no one around here.

- Yeah, how hard can it be?
- Really?

Ask him.

Uh... Just in case.

Just in case. Uh.

Uh, uh...
I'm just gonna... Excuse me.

So, what kind of cave is this,

Are there slimy things in it?

'Cause I really hate those slimy
things that live in caves.

Whoa, whoa, guys,
get down, get down. Whoa!


I think it's a phoenix cave.

Well, how do you know?

Well, there's a phoenix
sitting on top of it.

That thing's twenty feet tall.

Yeah, it-it's probably just a statue
to scare people away, huh?

- You sure?
- Well...


There's only one way
to find out.

One..., two..., three.

Hey, sounds like wood.

Oh, you think so?

Come on. Let's do it.

Whoa, whoa.

Well..., it's a booby trap.

- Eh, it looks easy enough.
- That's right.

Let's think about this.

- Iolaus!
- See?

What is...

Iolaus, don't let go.

You never listen, do you?

I just got done saying that we
need to think about this,

- and there you go...
- Hey... Hey, Jason!

Talk about bad timing.

- Thanks for the lecture, Jason.
- You never listen.

- You know, I might be falling...
- You deserve it!

Hey, hey, hey. Shh!

The chalice.

Cool. Zeus does nice work.

Look out!


What do you think's in it?

I don't know,
It could be a trap.

Oh, uh...

You have a look then.


It looks like water.

Maybe the cave leaks.

Ah, let me see that.

You telling me I came all this way
for a drink of water? Ah.

Hey, I think, uh, I think
we should get out of here.

Remember that time
when they served us beans

in the dining hall
for a whole week straight?

We had a blast.

Everybody will be
in the training hall by now.

Great, I missed breakfast.

All for this dumb cup.



Hey, Herc!
You gonna do something or what?!

What do you think
I'm trying to do?!


Thanks, Jase.

Herc! Hang on!

Oh, like I have a choice?!


Have a nice flight.

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