Young, Famous & African (2022–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

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[pilot] Good afternoon.
This is the captain speaking.

Flight time will be
nine hours and 40 minutes.

We will eventually reach
a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet.

[phone line ringing]

[Naked] Yo! Chibu.

-Man like Naked!
-What's good?

Bro, I'm-- You know I'm coming back--
I'm coming back to SA, my brother.

Please organize something for me, bro,
like a get-together.

Just give me that exclusive,
like a mansion, like…

-We're gonna have a crazy party.
-Nah, I got you.

I'll tell the rest of the team.

Just leave it up to me.

-[upbeat music playing]

[phone ringing]

-[Annie] Yo!

Hey, girl.

Hey, babe. What's up?

Oh, hello!

[Naked] You good?

-I'm good. How are you doing?
-Listen, Diamond called me.

He's trying to get the team together
for a house party.

Wait, wait! A party for, like, everyone,
so the group is coming back together?

I know, right?

Oh, my God.
Oh, my gosh, I can't wait to see you.

Is everybody invited? Is everyone coming?

I'm popping in
with, like, plus ones and plus twos.

You guys better be coming.

I know I'll be there because
I'm coming to Johannesburg pretty soon.

[in Pidgin] Let me check my schedule.

["Clock Running" by James Murray plays]

[Naked in English] Everybody else
is coming.

-[in Zulu] Only you're missing.
-[in English] Diamond know I'm coming?

Dude, it's a party.
He said, "Invite everyone."

He didn't say, "Don't invite anybody."

I'm game, definitely in.

♪ Push the pedal to the floor ♪

♪ In this game, we always ready for more ♪

[Khanyi] When the family comes in,

it's always a party.

[all cheering]

Take me everywhere,
but when I'm in Africa, I feel so good.

We are the people that make the tea.

We have the OGs of the game.

We make the rules. Fuck everybody else.

[Khanyi] We are real diamonds.

If you're gonna hold grudges,
you'll be stressed.

-That's right! [laughs]
-[Khanyi] Yeah!

Friends with money.

There would always be drama.

I feel like I'm going
through a break-up with Annie.


Don't fuckin' be an actress right now
and tell me--

You're acting a fucking movie.

Khanyi is a snake.

-You're bullshitting.
-Better be careful with her.

Annie wants to do a clearing-the-air
about this eighth child.

[in Pidgin] I can't anymore.
I'm tired. I can't take it anymore.

-[in English] Y'all gonna be spicy.

I'll be nasty.

[in Ibibo] My goodness!

[exciting music playing]

[in English] Ooh, Fantana, she's hot.

Are you dating Diamond?

-[Nadia laughs]

The walls have ears,
and the corridors have eyes.

Don't ever! I will drag you
across the fucking floor.

-Fuck you.
-Fuck you too.

I just feel you're being fake right now.

I'm gonna come for you, and I want blood.

I'm not apologizing anymore.

[Khanyi] Every female friend
that Swanky has brought to the group

has brought nothing but drama.

I fucked the biggest stars in Africa!
I'm still standing!

I'm tired of your bullshit.

[in Pidgin] Swanky, our house is burning.

[in English] There's no way that ended.

You fake designer-wearing old bitch!

I'm gonna fuck shit up so badly
that everybody is gonna be affected.


[Swanky] Oh my God.
Oh my God, what is happening?

[exciting music playing]

[Khanyi] I've just arrived from Dubai.
I am now a resident.

I am still everything South African,

I just take a bath in another country.

-Hey! What's good?

[Khanyi] Naked and I
will forever be oil and water,

but we understand that we are family.

-I missed you too much.
-I missed you too.

Welcome back. Where's Kudzai?

You left him in Dubai again?

-[in Zulu] You'll go back to him? [laughs]
-[in English] I know, I live in Dubai.

Hey, seeing my sister, Khanyi, is great,

'cause my confidante is here.

Look, I think from the snaps,

I can see that you guys are great.
I can see you taking--

Even your snaps are looking dope
with Kayleigh.

[in Zulu] You guys are tight.

-[in English] I'm taking the lead, right?
-You are.

[Khanyi] Pictures lie,
Instagram is not real, they look happy,

but I really want to know.
I hope they're still in therapy.

I'm dicking her down good.

You got to do that.
You've got to hose your flower.

-[laughing] That's-- That-- That's right!
-Yes. Flower!

Look, Kayleigh and I are good,
but it can never be 100 percent.

Kayleigh still wants what she wants,

but, hey,
we have to meet each other half-way.

[young men] Khanyi Mbau!

[in Zulu] Please come back.

I'll be back. I'm going to the garage,
making a U-turn.

[in English] Sharp.

-See? Good vibes.
-Good vibes.

-That's what I want. Mm.
-That's what you want.

-That's right. Mm.
-I agree.

[hip-hop music plays]

♪ All my haters kneel down ♪

♪ Yeah, I hope you hear me real loud ♪

♪ My crown… ♪

[Zari] The Boss Lady is back,
and I'm still fabulously gorgeous,

and very blessed.

-Hello, Zari.
-Hello, Raine. How are you?

-I'm well. How are you?
-Oh, my goodness.

I'm in Sandton, booked the whole place
for myself and Swanky.

I'm here to find a beautiful outfit
for Diamond's party.

Diamond and I have two kids together,
and we still co-parent very well.

Even though we have other partners,
we're still close.

-[phone line ringing]
-He is a diva.

Swanky loves being fashionably late.

-[suspenseful music playing]
-[line ringing]

No answer.

It's just a Swanky thing.

"I'm gonna come last.
I'm gonna show up last."

"I'm gonna do everything last.
They need to wait for me."

"It's me, Swanky."

[line continues ringing]

Nah. I'm giving up now.

I'm gonna shop with or without him.

-["First Place" by Nate Bodiker plays]
-♪ All I know is first place… ♪

[Swanky] I'm the Fashion God.
I must make an entrance.

Have you seen anyone
look better than this guy here?

Exactly. No, so… Mm.

That's the point.

The whole idea is to see the outfits.


Hi! Hello, hello, hello.

-Oh, my goodness. What took you forever?
-How are you, my love?

[both] Mwah!

How have you been? Mwah!

I'm here to help Zari pick
her outfit for Diamond's party.

I'm not sure if Zari's gonna be excited
to see Diamond,

or if she's gonna be excited
to see Andile.

-[Swanky] Whoo!

[Zari] Ooh. There we go, baby.

Whatever the case is,
I'm here for the whole drama.

How is… the friend?




Was it, "Zandile", or like, "Andizari"?

-Stop with this "Zandi", "Zandile" thing.

[Zari] Andile and I haven't seen
each other since Annie's wedding night

when he came to my house unannounced,
and finding Diamond there.

Diamond and Andile were friends.

It was very awkward,
and things are still unresolved.

There was chemistry between me and Andile.

I actually fell for Andile.

I haven't seen him in forever.

Really? I thought
you guys were building something.

No? Yes?

-Can we just leave it to that?
-[both laughing]

-To me and you.
-Cheers, girl.

-To this friendship. I love you always.
-I love you.

I mean, my relationship with Zari
has definitely grown

from a working relationship
to actually becoming real friends.

I'm glad you had such a blast in Lagos.

-It was so…
-Lagos was amazing.

It was so lit. Like, what?

[Zari] Swanky invited me and a couple
of friends to Nigeria for a party.

I expected to see Annie.

To my surprise,
there was no Annie anywhere.

That really left me wondering
what could be the problem.

How are you with Annie?

[tense music playing]

-I mean, I'm just-- I'm quite--
-Just what?

I'm kind of indifferent right now because
I haven't spoken to Annie in a minute.

How so? You guys were best friends.

Yes, but now,
things have taken a different turn.

Not the Annie you were defending?

Not the Annie
you were pulling bullets out for?

Yes, I mean,

that's what friends-- that's what friends
do for each other, you know.

But regardless,
it was not reciprocated then.

-You know, we have to fix that.

I'm worried
for Annie and Swanky's friendship,

because, I mean, they were very tight.

And the fact that all of a sudden
now they're not talking,

and there's that, you know,
space between them,

it's worrying.

'Cause I wanna know what's
going through her mind, like, you know?

-'Cause, Zari, I put in so much--
-It looks like she's been ghosting you.

I put in so much.
No one could ever ghost me.

[Swanky] To the best of my knowledge,
I have done nothing to her,

and what Annie did to me
is betrayal on the highest level.

And that's all I'm going to say for now.

[upbeat music playing]

I'm in Johannesburg, okay, yes!

Of course, I cannot land and not
call my girl, Khanyi. I must call Khanyi.

[Khanyi squeals excitedly]

[both squealing and laughing excitedly]

[Khanyi] I haven't seen Razz in a minute,
and you guys know her as Annie.

Let's not cry in public.

I'm Razz, Khanyi is Boujee. [laughs]

You know, Khanyi is bougie
like it's Khanyi Mbau.

And me, I'm down to earth.

I'm, like, girl-next-door.

I speak my Pidgin English.
I'm-- I'm razz like that.

-Hey, Boujee! [laughs]
-Oh, Razz.

[Khanyi] Annie is my soft spot.

You know, when our relationship
started out, I hated her.

I thought she's forward,

she's in everyone's business,
but after a while I realized

that she's just protecting her heart,

because she wears her heart on her sleeve.

Tell me about the boobs.

-I didn't do nothing, they are real.
-You're lying.

[in Pidgin] Khanyi, I'm never
going to touch these, I'm too scared.

[in English] For real?


[Khanyi] Is that love weight?
Is she pregnant?

What is going on there?

Ever since the wedding, there's just
such a calm energy around you.

Is it still honeymoon phase?

You guys look
like you're in such a wonderful place.

Oh, yes.

The only thing is, a lot of people
perceived me and him, our marriage,

as if…

as if I was suffering in the marriage.

Like he's a bad person,

like, oh, he brought all the kids
into my marriage.

That notion really, really pissed me off.

Why does she want people to know
how perfect her relationship is?

As long as it is perfect for her,
and they're still together…

[in Zulu] It's not our business.

[in English] She's spending too much
energy, which makes you think,

"Is there a problem in the relationship?"

You know, 'cause Innocent
is doing the best, he's a good man,

he's a good father, most importantly.

You know? And he had all these kids
before we married.

Innocent and I have seven kids together.

He had five kids
way before he got married,

from two different women,

and we have two kids from me, his wife.

You flew here alone.


Where's Swanky?

[tense music playing]

Mm, I haven't seen Swanky for a bit.


[Khanyi] It's impossible.

These two live in the same neighborhood

in Nigeria.

I mean, Annie has not seen Swanky
in a very long time?

It doesn't make sense.

[Annie] Only him knows
why he's not speaking to me.

The only reason I can think of
Swanky not speaking to me,

maybe because I had so much scandal.

He probably didn't want to be
affiliated with me,

didn't want to be identified with me,

because the blogs,
everything was going crazy.

So maybe he felt like my brand
was gonna put dirt on his brand.

[upbeat music playing]

♪ I'm havin' the time of my life
Ain't nobody gonna share my life ♪

[Nadia] I'm excited
to be back with the gang.

I'm excited to see absolutely everybody.

I think we have a good vibe as a unit.

We had our issues here and there,

and people have, like,
lost their tops here and there,

but there's love there.


I'm waiting for Andile to pull up on me.

[smooth hip-hop music playing]

[sighs] It's been a while
I haven't seen the gang,

and Nadia is going to be
my first point of contact.

I'm excited about that.

I've been busy,
but more importantly, you never graduate,

'cause I'm still a gentleman in training.

-Where have you been?
-♪ Around the world, ah, yeah, yeah ♪

[Nadia] I feel there's no way
we're in the same country,

'cause I never bump into you anywhere.

Um, Naked called me and he invited me
to Diamond's party. Did you get invited?

-Did you get a call?

-I did get a call from Naked.

[Andile] Yes, I am going,

but I'm feeling some type of way
about the invite coming via Quinton.

The only solace in this is,

Quinton says he's been encharged
with inviting everyone,

so I guess everyone
got a secondary invite, then.

So you know that you're gonna see
the whole enchilada of the people.

I can say the same for you.

What do you mean? I have no drama.

-What do you mean? I have no drama.
-You have a new relationship.

I got a new man.


And I'm so in love, and I'm so happy.

I am with Kiernan Jarryd Forbes,
also known as AKA.

He's such a manly man,
and he loves me so nicely.

I'm so in love.

I'm, like, the happiest person.

You feel like
you have to explain yourself all the time?


So, most of Kiernan's relationships,
very much like myself,

has made huge headlines.

He comes with the most
popular relationship he's been in,

as far as media is concerned, Bonang.

[dramatic cymbal crash]

[Nadia] I don't understand
why he's bringing that up.

I feel like in every relationship
we have exes,

and you will bump into them
from time to time.

Andile's being a bit shady.
I don't know what he's talking about.

But you guys have never been friends?

We were friends a while back,
and now we're not friends.

-Why'd you stop being friends?
-It's a long story.

-I've got time.
-I don't want to talk about it.

People think
it's because of my relationship

with my boyfriend being her ex-boyfriend,
but that's not the case at all.

Our relationship actually fell apart
long before that.

I've wanted to ask you a question.
After the wedding, where did you go?

I went to see Zari.

-Diamond was there.

[gasps] No!

-I told you.

-You told me when?
-I told-- I told you

that you can't be pushing up
on Diamond's hon if he's your friend.

So, did he give you his blessing then?

I don't need his blessing.
What do you mean, blessing?

Of course, 'cause, I mean--
Not his blessing, but just like as in…

He's not her father.

…him being comfortable, because that's
the mother of his kids. You have to be--

That's why I faced him then and there.

Is he okay
with you having feelings for Zari?

That's my question.


[upbeat dance music playing]

[Diamond in Swahili] Waasup.

I'm in South Africa, the land of Madiba.

I'm about to meet Naked.

How are things, Naked?

[Naked in English] What's good?

Diamond is back in South Africa.
It's great to see him.

He's a great ball of energy.

I told you that I'd have your back.
You like it?

This is your town, so you know everything.
I love it.

Diamond's gonna really enjoy
what I've got set up for us tonight.

This is not just, uh, you know, a reunion,

but we are all getting back together.

We all need to catch up.

Come on, dawg! I got you.
I told you, "Don't worry about anything."

-How have you been?
-No, I'm good, I'm good. I can't complain.

So who are the invitees?

I know you like to hunt.

Have you ever done hunting in Ghana?


I've got somebody
that I want you to meet later on.

She's a singer from Ghana.

Fantana is a friend of mine
I met through social media.

She's an artist from Ghana.

Through my radio shows
we focus on cross-pollination

between different artists
from different countries around Africa,

so I invited her.

But how is everything going?

Uh, everything is good,
but the guest list.

-You don't have a problem with anybody?
-No, I'm cool.

-I didn't call Andile, though.
-[dramatic blade swish]

[Diamond] Well, last time I saw Andile
was at the mother of my kids' house,

and I expected him to be a person
telling me or advising me

on how I can bring
the family back together,

and not want to jump into my family.

It does not make sense.

I will have to have
a conversation with him,

talking to him like…

-Mm. Mm.
-…like boys talk, like men talk, like…

I want him to explain
to me, like, out of everybody,

out of all the ladies…

South Africa got lots of beautiful ladies…

[Naked] Mm.

…and you decided
to go after the mother of my kids?

So, when I see you, Andile,
how do you want me to act?

Is that now, so me and you,
shall we become enemies?

Eish! Clearly there's still an issue,

but it's late now, 'cause I have
already invited Andile. My bad.

Tonight, don't deal
with that bullshit tonight.

I don't know. It depends on the mood.
I'm gonna get so drunk tonight…


…and whatever I feel,
that's how it's gonna be.

["Run Jozi" by AKA plays]

♪ Started from bottom
Rolling around in that Toyota bakkie… ♪

[Diamond] You know my friends,
all of them are stars,

mega superstars.

Everybody will come here,
amazing, beautiful, classy.

That's how it's supposed to be.

I'm about to see everyone.
I don't know what to expect

because things between us
ended very horribly,

especially me and Annie.


-How have you been?
-I'm good. How are you?

-[in Swahili] Good.
-[in English] So what's the party about?

Just celebrating my…
I'm getting together with my people.

Who did you invite?


-But except…
-Except who?

…of course, Andile and…

You didn't invite Andile?

[chuckles] Hey. Mm.


Do you think
he was gonna make you uncomfortable?

Yes, uncomfortable.
I'm calling him like who?

I don't know. The last time I checked,
you were hitting on Nadia.

[exciting hip-hop music plays]

[Nadia] I just arrived at Diamond's party.

Honestly, the situation with me,
Diamond and Zari is nonexistent.

I need to make it clear
that I have no issues with Zari.

Not anymore.

Unless she starts shit.

-[Nadia] Ooh, this is pretty.
-[Kayleigh] Wow.

[Kayleigh] Today I'm arriving with Nadia.
Quinton is coming later.

We haven't argued. Relax.

Let's hope it stays that way.

-Hi, stranger.
-[Diamond] Hello. How are you doing?

[Zari] I don't know
what to expect from Nadia,

given the fact that last time

we didn't hit it off.

I'll just see where it heads.

[in sing-song] Ooh!
Somebody is dating a new man.

Yeah, you too?

-[Nadia laughs]

[both] How's it going?

[both laugh]

-It's-- It's going okay.
-It's going good. [laughs]

[Zari chuckles]

-It's going good.


-Yeah. Yeah.

Diamond, is Andile coming?

[tense music playing]

Why are you asking me that question?

-I'm just asking if he's coming.
-Why do you have to ask me that?

-[Kayleigh] You'd know best.
-Why don't you ask Zari?

-I didn't know it was a touchy subject.
-[Nadia] Guys, Andile is coming.

I'm sorry if it's a touchy subject.
I just…

-Cheers, everybody. Let's…
-Let's change the subject.

[women chuckling]

-[all] Cheers!
-[Zari] Oh!

This is about to get interesting.

["Bo$$" by Fifth Harmony plays]

♪ Every day is pay day
Swipe my card, then I do the nae nae ♪

♪ It's time… ♪

[Khanyi] I'm with my girl,
and, um, we are big girls, come on.

And this is a big party. I mean,
we haven't seen our friends in a minute.

And that house is big.
You need to pull up.

-[Kayleigh] Oh!
-[Diamond] Hello!

-Hi. How are you?

[Zari] Khanyi and Annie just walked in.

Khanyi obviously gives me a hug,

let's-just-get-it-over-with type of hug,

and that's okay.

-You look amazing.
-[Zari] Thank you.

The food is right there.
We're just dishing out.

I didn't even bother to look at Annie,

because it kind of felt like
she wasn't also ready to,

so we both looked away.


[Annie] Really and truly,
I'm not gonna lie,

what the fuck
am I gonna be talking about on that table?

What the fuck are you gonna be
talking about on that table?

-It's your friends. No, come back here.

What do you mean? It's your friends.

-Aren't you happy to see everyone?

Nadia, Kayleigh, yeah, sure.

So speak to the people you like.

I mean, I'm cool with everybody,

Kayleigh and Naked.

Diamond, we just chat a little.

Zari, I don't have her number.

I'm not interested.


-[Annie] Hmm.
-No, but you're too far. Move the chair.

[Annie] No, wait, how am I-- Just…

[in Afrikaans] Let's wait.

[in English] Why don't you
sit there, Annie?

[chair scraping floor]

[Khanyi] She wants--
We want your interview.

[Kayleigh] Mm.

When is this thing
between Annie and Zari gonna end?

Like, we had a whole year to mature.

Did we do nothing in that year?

["Caught in the Crossfire" plays]

♪ You better watch what
We don't care what's what… ♪

[Swanky] Even if Annie
makes it to the event today,

I'm not excited to see her at the party,

because, like, when someone offends you,

when someone hurts you,
when someone breaks your trust,

are you excited to reach out to them?

[blows raspberry] I think
the answer is definitely no.

Hello, guys, guess who's in the building?

-[Zari] What? Whoo!
-[Swanky sighs dramatically]

There's something weird going on
with Annie and Swanky.

I mean, even the blind can see
that there's something going on,

and I can see trouble.

God help us.

[Zari] Hey, baby.

[Zari] Swanky being Swanky is walking in.

I'm missing a vibe.

Like, I expected excitement,

but there is so much awkwardness.

How have you been? Mwah, mwah.

Upon arrival, people need to shake.

You know, they need to feel the heat,
people need to adjust themselves,

so it's like,

"Mm, you dare not disrespect me
wherever I show up", because…


Still late.

-I'm learning. I'm sorry.
-[groans loudly]

[amusing music playing]

Swanky really said, "Pull up, skurr."


When he got to Annie and turned around
and didn't greet Annie,

I couldn't believe it.

-Don't go there. Don't!
-Hi, Swanky.

Don't go-- No, don't go there.
Do you-- Would you like a drink?

-Yeah, I left my drink by the fire.
-Let's go get it.

I need to tame my poodle right now,

because Nadia… knows
how to evoke emotion in anyone.

If I allow Nadia to open her mouth,
we'd all be going home now.

[Annie] This act… [chuckles]

Hey, Swanky.


That was extremely childish.
It was low of him,

it was dirty.

Did you just see what he did?
He ghosted Annie.

I thought… I thought, like…

I thought it was just, like, maybe
you'd seen her before and I missed it.

I could never have seen her before.

-Wait, is there--
-[Diamond] What's wrong?

Look, I don't do--
I don't like fake stuff, you know.

So if I-- If I'm not talking to you,
I'm not talking to you.

If we're not vibing, we're not vibing.
There's no in-between with me.

Why am I saying hello
to someone to whom I don't speak?

[Nadia] This is a very awkward…

I'm moving you from there
because you're being shady and dirty.

-No, because I wanna ask--
-Why are you asking at a party?

Just keep swiping, baby,
keep swiping, like and swipe.

Like, swipe. Like, swipe.

[Khanyi] Nadia's acting
like she wants to fix this.

No, she wants to know the tea.

She's that typical,
"Oh, I care about you." It's like, "Mm."

"I care. Mm."

She's naughty.

You definitely know what's coming, though.

I don't, I swear to God.

-You don't?
-I don't.

So you just took me away
in case I say something?

-I know you.

[upbeat music playing]

[Naked] So I'm arriving on time, not late.

Andile and I just finished
our respective radio shows.

Let's have a good night.

You got my back, right?

I've got your back. Stay out of trouble.

[Andile] I'm excited to attend
Diamond's party, 'cause for one,

I need to know where Diamond and I are.

You know, since the last time
that Diamond and I were together,

we haven't really spoken
or seen each other.

I think he's excited to see you.

-Who's this?

-Why would you say that?
-I spoke to him.

[chuckling] He's at the dinner table.

-I'll join in a bit.
-I asked him if you'd come.

[Andile] There's a big question mark

as to how Diamond and I are going to
deal with being in each other's space.

But for me, I'm not ready
to have that conversation right now.

-[Naked] Hello, hello, hello!
-[Diamond] Who's that? Who's in here?

[Naked chuckles]

[Naked] I'm arriving
to this divided energy.

There's one group
on the west wing of the mansion,

another group on the east wing
of the mansion.

Why are you guys
sitting here by yourselves?

-This is the main table.
-Oh, my gosh.

[Naked] This kind of energy
isn't what I was looking forward to

after us not seeing each other
for such a very long time.

Come on, I think-- I think it's time
we join everyone else.

[Zari] If you say so.

Yeah, this is gonna be interesting.

[amusing music playing]

[clicks tongue] This is awkward as hell.

[Khanyi] No, don't bring it this way.

[in Pidgin] Where's my phone, please.

[in English] Well, well, well,
what do we have here?

Ah, Naked, where's your shirt?

[Annie] I'm sitting here,
I'm feeling uncomfortable,

and-- and even the air in the room,
and the people,

I wasn't feeling nothing.

I wanna leave here,
I don't want to be here,

but I'm just-- just looking around,
like, where's Andile?

[Naked] Ah.

Hello, hello, hello.

[Swanky] Oh!

[Zari] Hello.

King, how are you?

The walls of Jericho completely coming
to the ground as we speak, around us.

-How's it going, my brother?

-Are you good? I'm good. You're good?
-You good? You're fine?

-Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Welcome, my brother.

[Nadia] I told you this was gonna happen.

I told you
Andile and Diamond's energy is off.

Did you see that hug, that greeting?

I told him. I told him.

-[Andile] Hello.

-[Andile] How are you?
-This is too tight.

-[Andile] You look beautiful.
-Thank you.

That's very weird.

Andile holding Zari too tight for a while
in front of me is disrespectful.

They can do that not in front of me.
I don't like it.

[Diamond] Can my shisha be sorted, please?

-Good to see you.
-You too.

[Zari] Truth be told,
I actually fell for Andile.

He's-- He's got that thing, you know,

player boy type of thing.

You know what they say.
Good women love bad boys.

[Zari] You really look good.

-You look sharp.
-[Zari laughs] Stop it.


[Swanky] So, guys, I have…

-You okay?
-…a big surprise, as always.

I come with the surprises.

My friend, and I'm talking
the biggest television queen,

is joining us tonight.

["Wish You Was Me" by 5 Alarm plays]

♪ You can't handle it
Why you mad at the party? ♪

♪ Standin' there
Yeah, you wish you was me ♪

I am Bonang Matheba.

I am what we call an "on-air personality."

♪ I've got the royal touch… ♪

[Bonang] So, I'm a TV presenter,
a radio broadcaster,

just turned businesswoman,

and just an all-round badass 'Swana girl.

I'm very stubborn.

I'm very selfish, I'm very self-centered.

Most people call me very bossy,
very mean, quite intimidating.

Kind of, the success that I have amassed

comes with a little bit of discipline,
so I'm quite an alpha female.

[Bonang] Hello, my darling!

-[Swanky squealing excitedly]

[Swanky] Oh, my baby!

Mwah! I love you.

[Bonang] My expectations for tonight
is a lot of tension.

I am quite a big personality,

but a lot of people
are gonna feel surprised,

probably shocked.

-Can we talk somewhere?
-No, I wanna tell her something quickly.

-[Andile] What is going on?
-[Diamond] Hey…

[in Sotho] My goodness.

[in English] What's happening?

[dramatic music playing]

[Zari] Naked, do you know
what's going on there?

I have no idea.

Khanyi has disappeared,
Nadia has disappeared,

and I don't know what to make of it.

Everyone, this is Bonang.

-[laughs] Hello. Hi!
-[Swanky] The one and only Bonang.

[Naked] The one and only Queen B.

I've known Bonang for almost ten years.

[in Sotho] Hey, baby, my goodness!

-[in English] How are you?
-Come here.

[Naked] Yo, she's one of the baddest
that has ever done it.

She set the trend. She's larger than life.

[Andile] Didn't think
you're in South Africa.

Yeah, I only arrived yesterday,
or two days ago.

As if the night couldn't get even weirder.

I don't know how she got there,
but there is now a Bonang

in this weird-ass party.

Swanky, you cannot bring
your friend's boyfriend's ex to a party

without telling your friend
that that's what you're gonna do.

-[Bonang] How are you? You look amazing.
-Thank you.

How are you?

-Nice to see you.
-Nice to see you too.

Me and Bonang aren't friends.

It's literally industry.

I've never quite understood her,

so, if I cannot figure you out,
I create a distance,

because I can't figure out who you are,
and that makes me uncomfortable.

-Hi, darling. You look so good. Mwah.
-[Annie] Hey, you!

Mm. Nice to see you.

[Annie in Pidgin] When she entered…

and seeing that it's Bonang.

[in English] As I'm hugging Bonang,
I'm like, okay, and I turn,

Swanky is on my seat.

Swanky, that's my seat.
Could you excuse me?

I was sitting here.

I was sitting here and my bag is…

All of a sudden,
he's deaf, he has no ears. Hmm.

-Let me get my purse.
-[Diamond] You can sit here, it's fine.

[Khanyi] What?



[Annie in Pidgin] Hmm.
That's not how we were trained in Nigeria.

Nigerians don't behave like that.

[in English] You must respect your elders,
no matter what.

[chuckles] Please, I'm a queen.

I'm not gonna argue
with that behavior, no.

Diamond, we're moving,
'cause more friends are coming.

[Bonang] I feel very awkward,

because just how people welcomed me,

I think, was very, very awkward and cold.

[laughs] So…


-Guys, do you see what's happening now?
-[Annie] What?

Since I got here,
there's been two sectors.

Every time there's one section,
one pulls away.

[Khanyi] No, in fact, you know what?
Let's leave it tonight.

Let's let people
parade their cowardliness.

They didn't tell me
we were coming to a theme party,

because everyone is wearing a mask.

This is stupid. What is this?

-I can't be here, I'm sorry.

See, I'm an old woman, I'm not a child.

Diamond, at least I respected him.

He called me, invited me, I'm here.
I've done my bits.

I love the fact
that Diamond invited me here,

and with friends that I like,

but I am not going
to be here with that child

who disrespects me.

[in Pidgin] I have to respect myself.
I don't need to be here.

[in English] And that's how I feel.

[upbeat hip-hop music playing]

[Naked] Swanky is not the only person
bringing someone into the group.

I'm bringing a new friend to the party,

and I'm hoping that the group
will welcome her with open arms.

So, welcome.

-You'll meet a couple of my friends.

When they meet new people,
they become a little bit messed up.

-But just hang in there.

I am Fantana.

I was born in America,

and I moved back to Ghana after school.

I'm 25, and I am the biggest female
dance-hall musician from Ghana.

I used to have a quick temper,
but I'm working on it.

-I'm just the life of the party.
-["Touch Me" by Fantana plays]

I would describe myself as a trendsetter
because of the stuff that I wear.

I do show a lot of skin.
That's just how I am.

I feel like if you're sexy
and you want to show it,

you should be able to show it,

and that is like very different
living in Africa.

A lot of people would say
I am materialistic, but I'm not.

I just like nice things.

I am a very flirtatious person,

but I want a guy to say yes
to everything I ask for.


-[Swanky] Fanta!

[Swanky] Big Fanta! My love, wow.

Fantana is my friend.
We met in Ghana years back.

It was super cool.
Fantana is a dope artist.

Oh, you girls are so pretty.

Nice to meet you. You look amazing.

-Fantana. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

-[Fantana] Hi, how are you?

Fantana. Nice to meet you.

-How are you? I'm Bonang.
-I'm good. Nice to meet you. Fantana.

[both] Nice to meet you.

-Just watch behind you.
-Oh, shit!

-It's a glass. There we go.

-I'm clumsy. I'm sorry.
-I've got it. I've got it.

You got it. Are you such a gentleman?

-Because I'm part organizer…
-No, relax.

The fact that Quinton has invited a friend
and didn't tell me,

a female friend,
I mean, that's so disrespectful.

He would not be okay
if I had to do the same thing to him.

-[Swanky chuckling]
-[Bonang chuckles]

-[Diamond] All right?
-I'm good, how are you?

[Diamond] Wow,
Naked with this new friend, Fantana.

Her body is amazing.

The body complement the dress.

I don't know if the dress complement
the body, or body, but…

Ooh, does she look-- [exclaims] She's hot.

-[Zari] Baba T, are you okay?
-I'm good.

[Zari] Are you sure? Okay.

-Isn't this so weird?

It is, right?

-So awkward.

Man, I've been to parties before.

I've partied in clubs
where I'm the only Black person there,

and it was not
as awkward as what this was.

[amusing music playing]

[Diamond] We invited all my friends.

Of course, sometimes I understand

the more time goes
when the party's going on,

it's like everybody will have to leave.
You see?

But how people are leaving now,
it's like, I don't understand.

It makes me feel like there's something
going on that I really need to know.

[Diamond] I love the way
you play your cards, mister.

So you-- you're're my role model now.

[Andile] You're welcome.

I like your suit.

[Andile] He loves my suit.

I'm his role model.

This is not a compliment.

[chuckles softly]

Andile, my brother, my family, my G.


Is Andile your-- your boyfriend?

-[Zari] Oh, no.


-Wait! I didn't know.
-[Zari] No!

I was vibing with him.
He's not my boyfriend.

-We're just, like, vibing. We never dated.
-Oh, there's vibing?

-Wait, y'all finna fight?
-Yo! Like, we were talking.

-Okay, good. That's what I'm saying.
-[Fantana] Update me, please.

But you were talking to Nadia.


-[Diamond] Where does Nadia come in?
-You was talking to Nadia,

Nadia dating your ex-boyfriend,
you date Andile?

I know it wasn't, like, my place
to jump in and be asking questions,

but I just really need to know,
like, why the three of them

are just moving like that.

I just feel like that's just messy.

[Bonang] Why does everyone leave?

-Who left?

-…the tension is too much.
-Who left? Who left?

Why did Annie leave?

[Swanky] I think Annie left
because she was uncomfortable.

I'm just like, whatever.

Swanky needs to sit with Annie
and they get to the bottom of it,

because right now we are stuck
in something that we don't know.

-It's affecting us.

-It affected the whole mood today.
-It's not affecting me.

-You all go fix yourselves, and please--
-I'm fixed, baby, as you can see.

[tense music plays]

I genuinely want to tell you guys,
'cause I'm hurt.

-So why don't you tell us?
-[Fantana] Yeah, tell us.

I feel like-- I feel like

just only because, you know,
I'm paying Annie her last respect.

-[Fantana] There is no last respect.
-[Zari] Is she dead?

-No, no, no, no.
-When you disrespect someone,

-there's no last respect.
-Regardless, regardless, Fantana.

[Swanky] You know, I'm not messy at all,
but I could be messy.

I built this man sitting here
from the ground,

so if anyone ever attempts
to shake my foundation,

or any of those things
that concerns my wellbeing,

you're really in
for, like, some deep shit.

We had moments together.

-I still will appreciate those moments…

-…and I will respect those moments.
-Does she appreciate those moments?

I don't care.
That's on her and that's her karma.

I'm still dealing with the shock
of the level of betrayal from Annie.

Until I have a conversation with her,
I'm not about to talk shit with anyone

about what exactly happened.

I'm done.

[dramatic music playing]