You Knock on My Door (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

While Serkan Bolat held a press conference about an important international investment, the meeting broke up when Eda stuck to his lips. Now, Serkan has a prestige to save and Eda has to ...

(Male) Last two, three, four.

("Aytekin Ataş - You Knock My Door" is knocking)

(Serkan) "I am not mature enough to learn from my mistakes"

(Eda) "This lie is an obligation, otherwise I am not profiteering on you"

"But there is a light in my eyes, my heart's click"

"I don't fit inside me, what about this?"

"Turn your face to the sky, look at a love star, oh my!"

"It will shine, fade, I know"

"Everything happens, everything ends"

"A star slides across the sky"

"Everything happens, everything ends"

"Loneliness always dwells in mirrors"

Where is this girl?

Look at me, you worked the road, didn't you? Your memorization is complete.

-It's not a problem, is it on the stage? - Calm down, Engin. Yes, everything is ok.

I will give a short speech. Then there will be no problems.

Okay then. Let's start slim. We are ready. Come on, brother.

Dear guests, our dear friends, welcome.

(Thriller music)

(Cenk external sound) Eda, all man's pursuit of Turkey.

(Cenk outer voice) Even the drum is its equivalent, so sorry.

(Eda outer voice) Is that so? Who is Serkan Bolat, who am I?

Now before we get into our important topic ...

... I'd like to correct a misunderstanding before I talk business.

(Moving music)

-Eda. -Eda.

Now you know, the word scandal ...


... and I never come side by side.

(Moving music ...)





Come with me.

-Eda! Eda! -What is happening?

(Angel) Eda!

Let's go too. Or let's not go. What are we gonna do?

What just happened?

Where did Serkan go? Where did that girl go?

Engin, you get on the stage quickly, you collect it, now!

-I? -Do a question-answer or something, do something ...

... I don't know, get out. Exit!

(Erdem) I love this company.

Dear guests ...

Dear guests ...


Epic war.



See you, Eda.


(Eda) Let go of my hand.

Who was he?

My darling.

Old! My ex girlfriend

Well. Will you explain yourself now? What was that?

-Sorry. -You apologize, is that so?

What do I do? It happened all of a sudden.

Something happened to me at that moment, that's what I did.

Are you aware of how you disgraced me?

In front of my client, the press, my team in promoting an international project.

It happened because of you. You started. If you didn't say my fiancee that night ...

-We need to go. -Where are you going? I am talking to you.

We need to go.

Besides, I'm not going anywhere with you ...

You know.



No. Nowhere, brother.

I also looked, nowhere.

-What are we gonna do? -How should I know.

I wonder if he ran away with Serkan Bolat or something?

Don't be silly Melo. Why would anyone go with the man he hates?

Why would a person stick to the lips of the man he hates?

Surprisingly but right.

Surprisingly, of course. -I'm always right, as if you don't know.

-What will we do then? -I do not know. We searched, looked, not.


We've met before.


Serkan Bey got into his car and went with your friend.

-Gone? -Gone.

I said. I said just that.


Then I'll go home and see, maybe he's gone home.

-Then we'll meet at the flower shop, okay? -OK let's go.

Lets go.

Come on walk.

-Ceren ... -Release.

(Melek) Brother, looking. Looking, looking, looking.

I will say something. It does its two legs like this. This is love, you know?

If you're changing a person's body language, it's called love.

- (Ceren) You finally found it. - (Angel) Wedding next year?

(Incomprehensible conversations)

Look, let's do it like this.

I'll disappear for a few days.

So I'll go to the flower shop. Flower shop to home, home to flower shop. How should I know...

At least until it's forgotten, what do you think?

We will do it like this.

The press will have learned all about you. So I'll take you home.

You will not talk to anyone, you will not tell anyone about this issue.

You will hide all social media accounts, including your friends.

You'll be at my office at eight in the evening. -No.

Look, we will contract with you as we talked about before.

Two months later, Selin gets married. You will pretend to be my fiancee for two months.

I said no to you, don't you remember?

In return, I will give you back the scholarship.

I don't want your money or anything, even look, what will I say to you ...

... I don't even want to see your face again!

Look at me...

I'm not dealing with your bullshit anymore, okay?

You have news, right? I can sue you for a million dollars and ...

... you have to work for me all your life.

What a bad man you are!

I can no longer explain anything about you to the press after this point.

So you will act like my fiancee.

This incident happened because of you, you disgraced me, you will pack it up.

I apologized to you, what more do you want from me?

You will be in the office at eight in the evening!

I hate you -Our feelings are mutual lady.



(The door opens)

Why is this door open?

Oh my God, minds are always in the air. They will drive me crazy.

(Melek) Kisses, kisses like that? What have you done, Eda, what have you done?

-What did Eda do? -What did Eda do?

What did he do, what did he say, what happened? Where was Eda?

-How do I know, girl? It is in the shop. -Yes, it's somewhere in the shop.

Good day Ayfer sister.

Moon, Melo, can't you speak properly, my child?

I swear that one day you will bring it down to my heart together.

-These kinda things happena. -How things?

-Nothing. -Good.

Girl, Eda ...

... you are a social media phenomenon. -Of Melo, I'm in trouble.

-You are kidding! -Yeah, in trouble.

You kissed the guy you don't like in front of the camera.

-Yes, I'm waiting for an explanation. -What should I say? I kissed, something happened ...

Aren't you too? You fell in love with your good looks, you kissed in a moment.

-I wish you kissed when the cameras were off. -Melo!

(Key voice) Hush! My aunt.

Don't say anything.

Is something still missing?

I called the apprentice, Eda did not go to the flower shop. At home?

Eda is not at home. No, not at home.

The weather is nice. It is so beautiful that Eda has gone for a walk.

-I was even dating. -One second!

Is there something you hide from me about Eda?

I'm at a point where I can't hide anything about Eda against you right now.

- Don't be silly. It's like we're in a place like that.

OK, so let's call together. Let's see where he is.

- Why are we looking for Eda now? -Let's find out where it is.

But you will lose the fun. - (Ayfer) Yoo.



(Ayfer) Yes.

(The phone is ringing)

Melo, why do you have Eda's phone? It plays here.

So ...

... Eda's phone ... -You.

-Me too. -Why is that?

We argued! We discussed.

I grabbed the phone and started running.

I ran, ran, ran ...

I saw a taxi on the left. When I saw the taxi, I said I would take the taxi.

-I took the taxi. I came home. -Stop. Why did you argue my daughter?

No, sir, I've been calling a lot, I'm texting one to one.

He is tired of me. Me too...

... I will not call you again, but girl, you will call me a lot, I said.

I grabbed the phone in his hand, then ran ...

... after that I saw the taxi, I came home.

-How? -Very good.

Very good. I swear you made me dizzy

-You give me that phone now. -Gee!

Give me that phone Melo! Give it to me! Off!

-I will take your statement when the evening comes. -Is.

I swear I'm dizzy!

(Ayfer) Aa!

-I would actually give the phone. -Shut up!

Ah Eda! Girl, you wouldn't hide anything from your aunt. What is happening to you?

“I'll take your statement,” he said.

“I'll take your statement,” he said. I will say everything.

I swear to God.

Melo, don't be silly, okay. I will talk to him.

I talk. I will find a way.

He took my phone, are you aware? He will know about everything ...

...What should I do? -What do I know what to do?


Should we run after it? - Don't be silly. Let's think.


(The phone is ringing)


I saw the photo now.

He could not hold a press conference. Messy mess.

Investigate this girl. Who works where, how did they meet ...

I want to learn everything. Serkan could not have fallen in love with this girl.

He has no such feeling.

Anyway. What happened to our plot business?

So we have the land?

Is it certain?

Ok, I'm sending the payment.


(Male) No, no, no.

It is not in the holding, nor in the office. He doesn't turn on his phone either.

Serkan never, never does such a disgrace.

Whoever this girl must have gotten her in trouble.

I will go crazy. Who is this girl? Who is this girl?

Aycan, how long will I be like this?

I'm thinking, Seyfi. I'm thinking.

I'm going to the company.

We do not tell anyone anything without learning from Alptekin, Serkan.

If your son were to tell something, we wouldn't get the news from the media.

There is definitely a reason. Serkan does not act without thinking.

Don't I know my son?

You go without a tie, but whatever.

- He went to Selin's engagement with this girl. -Yes, Mrs. Aydan.

Yes Mrs. Aydan?

- Did you know, Seyfi? -Yeah, I knew.

Why isn't it told me?

Now, Mrs. Aydan, you know me, I will never keep a secret from you.

But the question is Mr. Serkan ...

I will go crazy. Who is this girl? Where did this girl come from?

-Aydan Hanim, if u-- -Yes, in all details.

(Selin) Thank you very much.

(Conversations in a row)

-Friends, I've made enough explanations. - Who is Serkan Bey's new lover?


Okay, thank you very much. It's enough. My selinc, come.

We thank you.

It was a very good presentation Ms. Selin.

Thank you. Sorry for the initial unpleasant incident, please.

A kiss?

What matters to us is Serkan Bey's genius and talent.

Which genius isn't a little strange, isn't it?

You are very right because Serkan is a true genius.

It is a great honor for him to make this ecological hotel project.

I'm sure he would have said that if he was here too.

We are now a family. Give my greetings to him.

I also enjoyed seeing two people so in love.

There are no such loves anymore.

Yes, there is.

(Thriller music)

Is Serkan crazy? How can he do such a thing?

Who is this girl Engin? Where did it come out of?

-I do not know. -Engin!

I don't know, Selin. How should I know?

Don't you know Serkan? Does he tell the man anything?

He must have fallen in love, what should I know?

Fell in love?

If it wasn't for Selin alone, we would have been devastated.

But you gave a great speech, very fluent.

So uh ... uh ...

Well uh ...

So ... Uh ...

Ee Engin ... (cleared his throat)

If you were out, Piril.

(Ceren outside voice) Eda, where are you? We are curious, call.

(Fifi external voice) Eda, ara.

- Go ahead. -Thank you.

You're welcome. Ll see.

(The phone is ringing)

(Ceren) Hello, Eda, where are you?

(Ceren) Did you escape to the Caribbean or something with Serkan Bolat?

We are searching, searching, you are not opening. We have no hard work, right?

We wondered about you, we had a heart attack here.

(Ceren) Hello. Hello, will you answer Eda?

I came, came!

AA! Ayfer my sister ...

AA! Did you still have Eda's phone?

- Well done Melo, you just thought of it? - (Ayfer) Sit down.

Sit down!


Come on.

Where is Eda?

What time is the boss going to kill me?

Your father, you call the boss. Sit down.

- I'll take a seat. -Sit down!


Did something happen with Serkan Bolat?

Did he talk to the man again?

So what they do is not much called talking, but--

(Ayfer) What?


Tell me, Ms. Ceren, go ahead.


Let me tell.

Now my sister Ayfer, I am here ultra convincing to you ...

... I tell you ultra beautiful things, but what is the point?

Let's wait for him, let him come, tell you in the most accurate and logical way.

-You haven't heard from anyone else, as well-- -Off! Ultra silence you now!

Now they are young people, I said there are special things to talk about ...

... I didn't sound but something is really hiding from me these days, okay?

Eda is not around ...

... the cell phone comes out of Melo's bag ...

... and there was an incident with Serkan Bolat, whom he hated?

The incident occurred. It was so.

Does it happen? What?

Something happened now ...

... but why, how, why did it happen? We do not know anything, my sister Ayfer.

Ayy! Don't make me crazy.

Say it, now, come on.

The whole world already knows. Either you tell me or I will tell.

-The whole world? How? -Then...

... let's do it like this. There is no longer any situation to hide this either.

Let me present it because ...

(Ayfer) This is ...

-This ... -Ada.

The other is Serkan. And yes, something like that happened.

Same over there.

-Yeah. -Pretty?

So there is nothing to do.

-No. Held. Get up, get water.

-I get water? -It happened, something happened to the woman.

Never mind. Don't look too much.

How do you not know who this girl is?

Engin, if you know something, can you please tell us?

Her name is Eda.

His surname is Yıldız.

So I don't have any other information.

(Leyla cleared her throat)

I don't want to hear a word from any of you.

Leyla, get the to-do list, come.

(Leyla) Okay Serkan Bey.

(Engin) Don't ever look at me. I do not get involved in life.

I admire this guy, really. He never confuses business with such love.

Like, like a superhero. Pretty 'cool'.

-Virtue. -Sir?

Why do you always end up at our bottom?

-That means go. Like. Go.

My lilac, I'll get the file, I'll take care of it.

What happened today, Serkan?

In what capacity do you ask, Selin?

If you are asking as the PR of the company ...

... I will answer on the board today, but the question in another capacity--

Does it change the answer?

I want to learn.

Who, what power, which woman to Serkan Bolat ...

... get something like this done in front of such an important customer?

Understood. It's a professional curiosity.

Serkan ...

...who is this woman?

Are you really in love with him?

Selin ...

... if you want to talk about work, I'm listening otherwise--

Or go. Understood.

Well ... despite everything that happened after the meeting ...

... we met with the customer, left satisfied.

It is also one of the most interesting in the press ...

... the customers were to collect their fruits and vegetables from their own gardens.


Is there anything else I need to know?

I am asking this question a lot nowadays.

-I mean none. -No.

-Thank you. -I thank you.



Do you drink something

(Serkan) Article 1!

You will pretend to be my fiance for two months.

- (Eda) Why? -What why?

Why am I going to pretend to be your fiancee?

To separate them? -Yeah.

-What if they don't part? -They will be separated.

-What if they don't part? -Do not worry, the contract cannot be extended.

Our contract expires after two months, and you will not see me again.

What if they broke up before two months?

The sooner they leave, the sooner it will end.

Are you doing all this so that Selin returns to you?

When the contract is over, I will cover the university expenses.

I will pay for the flight ticket to Italy and all expenses in Italy.

I will not go to Italy.

I will not go.

So I don't want your money.

-I even don't want anything of you. -So, what do you want?


If I destroyed everything, I destroyed his reputation ...

... then I'll fix it.

I would also help a man in love win back the woman he loved.

Two months pass quickly, then I will leave your life.

No way. Both parties should have an interest in the agreements.

If your scholarship was cut because of me, you will win it back thanks to me.

This topic is not subject to discussion.

Then give me a job.

Until the contract expires. I work here for two months.

Do you know how hard it is to get a job in my office?

Besides, you are not even a university graduate.

Because of you, I'm not a university graduate.

You know. Then there is no deal.

You sue me as much as you want, and I will work for you for life.


A clear ...

Would you stop?

Sit down.

I would like.

With a CV like you, you can only be my assistant.

Sure. Okay. I'll be your assistant.

But there is something I want to add.

You won't offend me -How?

You are such a cold, cruel man ...

... you will not offend me, you will not offend me in human.

-You won't hurt me. -Go on.

-You go on. -Well.

Article 2! You will be with me, day or night, whenever I want.

You will be with me at all local or out of town invitations.

When I ask you for something, you won't ask me why.

-Why is that? -What why?

Why won't I ask why?

Because I don't like questions and you ask too many questions.

Is there anything else you want to add now?

There is.

I do not work on Saturday mornings, I do not meet with you.

Whatever happens, you won't be calling me on Saturday mornings ...

... you won't ask where I am. -Well.

By the way, there is something else I want to add.

I'm listening.

You won't touch me

I have to add that essential item. Especially after what happened today.

You will not hug me, you will not hold my hand.

So you won't touch me unless I let you.

Article 3!

I will not tell anyone about our relationship, the agreement.

Only your mother will know.

No way. This item does not happen.

This is not an item because I have to tell my aunt, my friends.

I do not hide anything from them.

You can't say anything to anyone. Neither to your family nor to your friends.

-Why is that? -How many reasons you say.

Why can't I tell anyone?

What you call a secret is something that spreads quickly.

So if you want to keep a secret, you can't tell anyone anything.

They know very well how much I hate you.

How am I going to make me believe I'm really engaged to you in one day?

-You say lightning love. -Lightning love?

Also your mother will know why? This is for your sake.

If he thinks we're really engaged, he'll screw you.

Nobody can ruin me either.

If I can't tell anyone, you won't be able to tell either. It's that simple.

Well. You'll be regret.

I already regret enough now. Above all.

Why are you playing such a game?

Why? Why don't you take Selin and leave that man, come and be with me?

Any other problems?


Very mysterious.

(Door opened)

-Still? -I am here my dear.

-Still. -Yes Dear?

Are you baking cake at night?

What should I do, do I do stuffed meatballs? Cake.

Can you give me sugar over there?

Let me give

How was your day?

Still, I'm engaged.


Oh, very, very, very congratulations.

Who is this lucky lad? Who?

-Serkan Bolat. -AA!

Aaa! AA!

I congratulate you very much. Very…

Does Cenk know about it?

- We broke up with Cenk. -AA!

You thought very, very well.

That doesn't really work well either.

Give me that.

-Get. -Thank you dear.

Won't you say anything?

How did I raise you?

You will make your own decisions. You will stand on your own feet.

-Is not it? Give the flour, flour. -Okay, take it.

Give it dear, give it. Nobody restricting you ...

… Didn't I raise it so that you wouldn't let it put pressure on you?

You were small, you made me want to go to school with flip-flops.

It is the middle of winter. Did I say anything?

No, you didn't say. You said it's your decision.

Do you expect me to advise now?

You're engaged, it's up to me to congratulate.

-Is that all? -So.

-Are you sure? -Yeah.

I will ask something. Should I put the cherry on the cake?

-Is, put it. -OK.

Eda, you invite this Serkan Bolat to dinner, okay?

Let me make good Mardin dishes.

What does he like? -I do not know that.

Of course, how will you know. You just met the other day.

-No, the day before. -Yes, here's the day before.

Anyway. I also do something to my mind.

Well, the girls waited for you too, they waited and left.

Anyway, Melo fell asleep inside too. Don't wake him up.

Okay, sleep.

- Still, I'll say something… -Yes dear.

I am starting to work with Serkan. So I can't come to the flower shop.


OK. Whatever you want.

Then I go to bed. I am getting my phone too.

Take it, take it. It came out of Melo's pocket.

Good night still. -You too dear.

-Goodnight. -Goodnight.


Ah Eda, ah!

(Dog barking)

But am I barking at you? I do not love you too.



It is still barking. One could not love me.

Now that you have arrived, I will ask for your permission.

By the way, this file is for you.

What is this?

Your mother had asked me to do a research on Eda Hanım.

The place where he works is related to the district where he lives. There are also a few photos.

I prepared the same for you.


-Then good evening. -Good evening.


(Emotional music...)



(Emotional music)

(Eda outer voice) Today I am starting my new life.

(Eda outside voice) With a man I don't know ...

… Pretending to be engaged to a man who is my enemy.

(Eda outer voice) All will be over after two months. He will meet the woman he fell in love with ...

… After all this time, I will go back to the senior year of university.

(Eda outer voice) Let these two months be over, what will happen immediately.

-Come easy, lad. - What have you done, Alican?

- (Ceren) Hi. - (Alican) Good morning.

Good Morning.

(All in one voice) Good morning!

Good Morning.

Are you running away from us?

What to do there? I could not sleep.

I also had orders. I said I should prepare before I go to work.

Business? You said work, right? Did you start work?

Just sit down like this. I will tell you.

-Tell it. Let's move on, tell. -Let's.

-She said business, right, I didn't get it wrong? -Come come.

We live in the same house, I do not know that he is employed.

I'll tell you, Melo, let me finish this, I'm coming.


Alican, can you pack it?

(Alican) Okay, sister.


-Yes, I'm starting work. -Then?

I'm starting to work with Serkan.

When you say Serkan? Is it Serkan who is Bolat?

I swear by God, I am afraid that my sight will be worth it, Melo.

Tell me.

Girls, we are engaged to Serkan Bolat.



My dada.

My dear.

You remembered your memories on your graduation day, that's how you got it, right?

I mean, your scholarship was cut off in your last year, you couldn't go to Italy.

… That Cenk lacking in power treats you a little bit indifferently…

… I don't know, you've been in stress or something.

My Dada, close the shop, let's go to the psychologist.

-Yeah. -I'm fine.

I'm really fine.

We got seriously engaged yesterday.

Are you crazy? Does a person get engaged in a day?

What is happening to you?

Besides, why don't we know he's engaged?

After we kissed yesterday, we decided between us.

Did it threaten? He threatened you, didn't he?

Ugh! Don't be silly girl. To threaten me? No way.

Look at me, Eda, if he threatened something, my family is seven core lawyers, you know.

We'll get down on that Serkan Bolat.

I know. OK, calm down, I'll tell you.

-I will tell. It was like… -Yes?

-When Cenk left me… -He also abandoned you, he had no capacity?

You were going to leave him before he left you.

Tooth for tooth, blood to blood, revenge. This is what you call relationship.

Well done, you said it right. Well done. You said it right the first time.

Ok girls, that part is not that important.

I will tell you at length that part.

I'm telling. When Cenk left me, my head was thrown.

My head was thrown, I went and suddenly kissed Serkan.

At that moment, something like that happened to me. Lightning flashed in my mind like that.

So something happened ... It was very nice.

What was that thing, exactly what was it?

It's love. -Yeah!

Serkan also thinks so. We could not be separated all day yesterday.

Moon! My dear Dada.

It means something like this that they say love is born out of hate.

I understand you now.

Melo, there is no such thing as love born of hate.

Because there is no such thing as love.

By the way, there are no Santa and tooth fairy, just be aware.

Besides, how quickly you started to accept everything Melo.

The girl says I fell in love. The girl who fell in love. This is Love.

Yes, this is love. Why not?

It says love, look, something is happening to me. I'm going to get angry.

Melo, we are talking something serious right now, we are talking logically, you know…

Speak logic then come on.

Where's your ring?

He will take it later.

My daughter was very sudden. What break will it take?

- Shall we have tea? Let's drink. -I think let's drink too.

Alican, is there any tea?

(Alican) I have my sister. I bring.

(Thriller music)

-Is it fresh this time? -Fresh.

The teas are fresh. Come on.

Shaking hands, girls, hold it firm.

-Thank you. Health to your hands. -Bon Appetit.

We thank you.

(Cleared his throat)

Now, my Edacule, if you did it to go back to college, you wouldn't.

You don't, we know.

But if you did it for him ... Or money or something, so what?

Don't be silly girl. What money? I don't care about the money or anything.

You have an extremely rich grandmother. Your aunt wants the school money for you.

Yeah. Ask your grandmother to buy you a vampire castle in Italy.


Sure, sure.

You promised not to mention my grandmother's name.

I would also want something from him--

We apologize very much, I am sorry, we are very, very sorry.

But we said let's help you.

-Yeah. But you are always with me.

-I love you so much, isn't it enough? -We love you too.

You also love Serkan Bolat now.

Yes very.

Actually, it's like a fairy tale. A romantic, rich, handsome man ...

… In love with you too.

Moon, my Dada, you look good on each other.

I'm really going crazy right now.

What does that say? Make sense, Melo.

You did it to make Cenk jealous. Otherwise, what is the engagement in a day?

You wanted to make Cenk jealous.

(Cleared his throat)

Look, he insisted so much ...

… I don't know, he seemed crazy like that.

This is very affectionate, emotional, romantic.

He even said, let's get married immediately. Right now!

I said what are you doing, let's take it slow Let's make an engagement first.


It happens in movies, they go to Las Vegas, they get married and come in two days.

Do you believe him, do you not believe me?

I believe.

I say it was very affectionate, my daughter, very emotional.

Serkan Bolat, very emotional?

Vallahi is not what it seems. How can I say that…

… A very neat, sympathetic man. Look, you would love it if you met.

We would love to meet you?

Introduce My EdacI. He's here now.

Let's see how affectionate, how sweet, how gentle.

It really came!

(Eda) Serkan?

-Come on, let's meet. -Get it, bring it, come on.

I am coming right now.


- (Fifi) What brother-in-law? - (Ceren) Not your uncle.

Why, my dear? The man is uncle from head to toe right now.

He didn't even say hello yet. You haven't met the man, what brother-in-law?

My dear, then say hello, never mind.

(Fifi) You were going to introduce it, Eda?


My future.

Do you meet the girls right away? He meets urgently--


(Angel) It's gone!

(Ceren) Uncle's gone, look.

What are you doing?

In the morning, we talked about going to the company together. According to the contract.

But how does he know where the florist is ...

OK. Okay, I'm not asking you such things anymore.

A person says hello, that is, he says hello.

I was disgraced by the girls. I was just telling you that we were engaged.

I did not know. I say hello next time.

Sure, your sure lesson dear, for sure.

Also where are we going? Seven o'clock.

-To my home. -Pardon?

If someone asks you where I live, you should know.


He has a flower in his hair.

Come come.

-Maybe I need it. -Keep it.




Do you have horses?


Really? You are the luckiest person in the world, do you realize?

-May I look? -We are in a hurry. Next time.

You are such an annoying.


From here.

-Amazing. -What is that?

This house is very hot. Not like you at all.

-Do you drink coffee? -I will drink.

How old are you?

Don't do it now. You learned everything about me before the contract.

-Do you have a sister? -No. Your?

No. Your mom dad?

No. Your?

What happened to your parents? -It does not concern you.

Well. Your girlfriend?

There was until yesterday, we broke up. You saw it too.

-Have you? -Are you living alone?

With my friend. With angel.

-Who raised you? -My aunt.

He's even waiting for dinner tonight.

You say I have a job.

Don't be silly. What could be more important than your fiancee?

Do not do that. I'm already in trouble.

OK. Maybe I'll drop by for a coffee.

It does not happen either. Because the woman is preparing food. Mardin dishes.

-Mardin? We are from Mardin.

Didn't you see me examining?

Unfortunately I do not eat fatty and cholesterol foods.

Then you eat lettuce.

Do you want to walk around the house?

I want.


(Dog barking)

What happened? Stop, okay. Are you barking at me?




Come. Sit down boy.

Sit down. Good for you.

He doesn't like strangers very much.

I'm good with dogs. Because I grew up with a lot of dogs in the neighborhood.


(The phone is ringing)

My mother is calling.

I ask for the last time, shall I tell the truth or not?

-No, don't tell. -You know.


Serkan, why don't you answer my calls baby?

Did I hear it right? Who is this girl?

My fiancee, mother.

(Laughs) What fiancee? Who are you engaged to?

Are you engaged to a flower girl, when there are so many options in your life ...

… When there is an option like Selin?

Please take a look at our family tree since the Seljuks.

-Since the Seljuks? -Hush!

Then turn around and look at that girl. I strongly request.

-Aydan Hanim. -What?

They are there.

Who is that girl next to you?

My fiancee, mother.

Is that your mother?

I want to meet him right away.

Okay, but we have 15 minutes.


No. Would you stop for a minute?

I will say something, do you live with your mother?

Look, if we had a talk please. Isn't it so sudden now?

-Come. It happens very suddenly.

-Serkan Bey. -Seyfi.

Mrs. Eda, come on.

(Serkan) Mother.

(Breathing out)

Hello. Eda is me.


We have ten minutes, mom.

Serkan, I never accept your engagement with this girl.


You are irrelevant. Don't be offended at all.

So our family, our traditions, our customs, our sensibilities ...

You know this very well, Serkan.

There's nothing to do, mom. We are engaged.

The girl with a flower shop?

I am a flower designer. I am also a florist, yes.

We don't know who it is ...

We don't know who it is I just told you.

Eda is me. Eda Yildiz.

-No education. -I am not without education or something, ma ma'am.

While graduating as the top of the landscape architecture department ...

… All my dreams, all my efforts were wasted because of your son.

Can you say something?

I told you.

Speaking, head of hair, sitting up ...

What is in my take-off while sitting?

Enough. Ok enough. Say it. Can you tell? Look…

Ma'am, we are not engaged to your son or anything.

You just relax, take a breath.

We are not engaged or anything. We'll pretend for two months, that's all.

So until Selin got married.

A minute. Get out.

How? So you did this to make Selin jealous?

Yeah, that's why. Until I pull them apart. Is it OK?

I am not your bride, nor will I be. Do not worry.

Do you still love Selin?

Reposition these orchids as well. It will fade here.

Only you will know. You are not telling my father.

You too.

I loved this girl.

-Get out. - I'll get some tea.

What a terrible person you are.

You enjoyed how your mother put me in the ground, right?

I warned you.

I was going to have a nervous heart attack.

Is there a problem in your heart?

I said the coming of the word. In the sense of being so stressful.

You will have a checkup this week. -What?

I will not go alive. Especially because you said it.

I need to know that someone walking around with me is healthy.

(Eda) Are you sick or something?

You will have a checkup this week. It is written in your contract. Open if you want.

(The phone is ringing)

Sir Engin?

(Engin voice) Brother, there is a big crisis.

When not. I'm on the way

Where is this Fifi?

How can I know? He was in a hurry to go to work.

It's like we're not going to work, we're in no rush.

Mysterious woman.

-Melo. -What?

Look, my mind doesn't really get it.

There is something that this girl did not tell us. I know.

There is something he does not tell. I print my mold here.

Think about it, Serkan Bolat and Eda.

Serkan Bolat and Eda. Impossible.

The girl says I fell in love. So what's not going to believe it?

Why would Eda lie to us?

Why would he lie to you, why would he lie to me ...

… Why would he lie to the black girl? Why would this girl lie?

Melo, first of all, my dear friend, pure pure speech.

Once again, pure pure talk!

Come look, let's think together this time. What do you say?

Let's think.

Now weren't these two people with bloody knives until two days ago?


So how could they fall in love with each other in two days?

-Yes, they are. -Hay!

Well, let's say they fell in love ...

… How did they make the decision to get engaged in one day?

Come on give me the answer to that.

Because I'm in a big question mark.

I mean, I give you a fair share in that part, but ...

… I want to believe in fairy tales. Gee. Whatever you say

He still says a fairy tale.

You still call it a fairy tale!

It all happens to us because of fairy tales.

Sure dear.

It would be our choice of furniture. What colors were we?

Serkan Bey came. With Eda at his side.

Moon! What are they talking about?

In other words, I think he is not making such a complete sentence except for the imperative.

Come here right now!

Come to my room now!

Where are the projects?

Leyla, come over for two minutes!

He did the same.

I have such an observational ability. Erdem 'power' is the name of this.

Virtue, enough.

Brilliant, what did you do to your hair today? Such a change came to me.

No, I did nothing. I scanned it. Was it bad?

No, no, that's why I didn't say it. It just felt different.

-There is nothing. -Understood.

Anyway. I will ask you something. What is this girl doing here, Engin?

I swear I do not know. I am seeing what you see right now ...

… I know that much.

You come.

We need to take that girl away from Serkan, Engin.

Do you hear me?

(Pırıl) Serkan's concentration is overwhelmed.

In the midst of so many business and crisis, our daughter was missing.

Why are you telling me this? Tell Serkan himself.

Because I'm talking to you right now, Engin.

Why would I say these to Serkan?

What are you going to tell me?


Friends, let me introduce you.

-Eda. -Hello there.

He's my fiancee.

It will also be my private assistant in this office.

Can I quit anymore?

No, Leyla. You will teach Eda the job, okay?

You will also share the office.

Pırıl, Engin, can I let you in?

Leyla, Erdem, show the office to Ms. Eda, and also explain the process. Let's.

- 'Chikloti'? -No, Thanks.

So where do we start?

My lilac, thank you, I'll take care of it from now on.

Yeah ... my predator come, I'll show you the office ...

... let me tell you what happened. Come come.


-Serkan. -Sir?

Congratulations. For the aim.

What is the crisis?

Our ecological hotel business ...



-Yeah. - (Serkan) How did it explode?

Where was the customer satisfied?

Let me show it like this now. Let me show you on the project.

So ...

These are the parcels in the area where we will make the hotel.

We were going to build the hotel here, and we would use this area as agricultural land ...

... we cannot use it because Kaan Karadağ bought this place.

Kaan Montenegro? Has he taken it?

- My brother, the peasants en masse-- -I don't understand, where was his land ready?

He collectively agreed with the villagers.

Ok, we can get some parcels but the guy who bought it gave up at the last minute

Very good! The job is canceled, so?

Actually not quite. So Kaan Karadağ ...

... offered him to do the project himself in return for the land.

Kaan Karadağ will do this project alone, I understand correctly?

OK. Pırıl, you are looking for the customer, they come here immediately.

Serkan, not. We cannot do this project. Our space is insufficient.

Brilliant, call the client, request a meeting!

Well Serkan, you know.

It's seriously unbelievable. Seriously! How can such a thing happen?

What are we gonna do? Tell me what do we do?

Okay brother, but we cannot solve it this way.

Serkan, are you okay? I'm really asking, are you okay?

My brother, this is Eda, engagement or something, what are we going to be?

We're engaged, Engin, okay? Is there something you want to know?

We're engaged!

I don't understand you, you made Selin wait for years.

The girl waited for you to propose marriage, you didn't. Now suddenly this girl ...

Do not say you fell in love with me.

- Okay, I'm not saying. -Do not say it!

You don't tell me anything, bro.

He open his mouth and you don't say a word to me.

I talked to the customer, he's coming.

Beautiful. Let them come.

Then let's get ready.


(The phone is ringing)

I will ask something. Do you know my phone by heart ...

... or is it from the directory?

Come to the restaurant.

Of course.

(Leyla) Here, we have an archive room like this.

Why does he look at me weird?

She is Pırıl Hanım. He looks at everyone strangely, strangely.

The interior designer is also the partner of the company. Engin Bey, too ...

... but whatever Serkan Bey says will happen.

"Whatever Serkan Bey says, it will be.", Of course!

Moon, sorry, I forgot for a moment that you were engaged.

So I forgot for a moment that we were engaged.

This is my room, our room.

Are you okay?

-We ... Can't we just not work here? -It happens. Of course it will.

Come on, let's go somewhere like this.

It is good that we keep an office on the same street as you.

What are you trying to do?

Business. I'm trying to do my job.

I know your only concern is to undermine me.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, it won't be.

-I won't make that hotel to you. -I already did.

If you want, we can get together as old friends, what do you think?

Maybe you can give me an idea.

-I won't make that hotel to you. -We'll see.

Try, beat, beat better philosophy, right?

I secured myself this time.

I will ruin you just as your father messed up my father.

One day of course. Then it will be your father's turn.

It's a shame Kaan. You confuse feelings with work ...

... unfortunately your father did the same, so he went bankrupt.

You are not taking any lessons.

I will sink you so much that Serkan Bolat ...

... nobody will remember your name.

We'll see.


Yeah, why did you call me? What will you talk about?

For today...

I didn't tell you to sit down.

I sat.

If you want the bucket.

-Ee? -You can go home today.

-Why is that? Why wouldn't we ask?

Why can I go home? We did not agree like that.

-I pay for working here-- -You start working tomorrow.

No today. I don't want to be in debt to you or anything.

-I will work today. -Well, you know.

Do you have anything else to add to the contract?

There is. I open the flower shop every morning and you can pick me up from there.

I can keep that in mind.

(Serkan) These notes are yours. You have to be a better assistant than Leyla.

That was good.

Now I sit and work until morning.

There is one more thing.

-Take this too. -What is this?

Credit card. Inside the password.

Now I want you to go get yourself an engagement ring.

To myself?

You probably won't make me mess with this thing, will you?

Good, I'll take it. Everybody keeps asking.

You keep the card. Maybe you need something else.

No, thanks.

Also what is the limit for this? I should not be disgraced at the jeweler.

Don't worry, you won't be disgraced.

Sorry, I asked a very wrong question. I'm so sorry, so my mind is almost!

Of course no limit!

What's the latest?

Aydan Hanım, I wonder if you don't talk while doing sports?

Am I unable to exercise both my brain and body muscles while doing sports, Seyfi?

What's the latest?

Your friends are constantly calling. They want to see you.

Tell them I am traveling abroad.

Sure, I'll tell!

Aydan Hanım, everyone knows that you cannot leave the house.

Okay, they understand that I don't want to talk.


Kissing is still on the agenda. So everyone talks about them.

Newspaper, magazine, social media.

But Serkan Bey's social media followers are increasing every day.

I wonder if I wanted to put a photo of us together?

Maybe three or five people will come to me.

You already have 350 followers, Seyfi, who will come to you!

We have to aim as soon as possible.

-Engagement? -Yeah.

If we aim, the agenda will change. Also a family like us ...

... it draws a lot of attention not to aim.

Call Serkan.

Have a nice day.

(Male) Come on.

Hello, I was going to buy myself an engagement ring.

-To yourself? -To myself.

Well, will you take it to the gentleman too?

He'll take care of it. So if he can't handle it, he sends me, I get it ...

... I don't know right now. May I look?

-How did you want something? -Tiny.

Quite small.

When you look carefully, it is barely understandable what happened.

I'll show you what I've got.


I'll take this.

This is the first time I've ever seen someone buy an engagement ring this fast.

That's why it won't be my last engagement.

I did joke.

Can you put it in the box?


One second.


Thank you.

-Let it be easy, thank you. -Feel happy while using it.

Serkan, even in holding news, your love life comes out.

We need to engage this girl as soon as possible.

(Aydan ses) Otherwise, we will not be able to prevent the gossip.

Ok mom, okay.

(Engin) Erdem, why are these cost tables still on my desk?

(Engin) Didn't I tell you to take it to the construction site?

(Erdem) You said but did not say when to take it.

(Erdem) You didn't give it full time.

(Transition voice) (Serkan) Are you okay?

In the narrow space ...

... I have claustrophobia, it just got hold of it. (Transition sound)

God, give me patience. Take these now, take them away.

Engin, will you come?

Let's tear down that wall, let's make glass.

-How? -Urgent.

My brother, why are we tearing down the wall while we're standing still?

Engin, aren't we an architectural office? So are we not tearing down a wall?

-We'll wash it to wash-- -Okay, let's wash it then.

Are you still here? Jump! -No, what does it have to do?

Good luck with.

Eda, you turned out very well.

-What does it mean? Where? -Look out there.

(Moving music)

-Zehra sister, what did you do? -What happened?

I knew you as my neighbor, I pressed my bosom. What is this?

Girl, am I writing the news?

Why are you getting mad at me? They bring it, I put it there.

Be selective, don't put it. Look who's here, who are they!

-I am taking these. -Get.

How much are they? - Give me a look. Will you take it all?

Vallahi these people are crazy.

Hush! Are the news correct? Everyone is asking by God.

Photomontage too.

-You can even give me a water? -Get it.

Vallahi is also beautiful, it's not a lie.

-Let's take it easy. -Good bye.

They came.

OK, let them come.

(Engine stalls)


What are you doing, off!

Okay, okay, stop.

Come on, man. You couldn't take another three kilometers!

(Thriller music)

What am I going to do now?


Get well soon.

-Thanks. -What is the problem?

I do not know that. Everything seems in its place.

Would you like me to have a look?

I used to call a mechanic, don't bother.

If it's something I can do, maybe you won't need to wait for a repairman.

Ok, thank you. Then come on.

By the way, I'm Kaan. -I am also Eda, nice to meet you.

Me too.

Fikret, look ...

... this project should stay with us.

So if you have time, I want to go over your criteria once again.

Sure, but I'm going abroad tomorrow morning.

We will meet with the committee and decide. So if you don't have your project--

Please don't tell me that you will accept Kaan Karadağ's project.

(The phone is ringing)

- Excuse me, I have to look at this. - Go ahead.

If you want, you can switch to a contact and we will try to start it.

I am trying.

(Eda) It worked!

It worked, it worked! Thank you.

Thank you, really.

The spark plug is loose, I put it back, but it still needs to go to the repair shop.

OK, I'll take it. Thank you so much. Thank you very much.

If we don't talk to you anymore. After all, we sort of became a troublemaker, right?

You are right. Nice to meet you, Kaan.

I'm Eda too.

By the way, you can call whenever you need something.

My office is nearby. -I have your card ...

I was going to request your card. I would like to send a flower to thank you.

I never say no to beautiful flower.

-Have a nice day. -Good day, Eda.

Serkan, this is not going to happen. We will not be able to do this project ...

... why are you pushing? - I can never get this job for Kaan.

There are no more criteria. Can't do the job ... Okay, you tell me then, what should we do?

I will find a solution but whatever we are doing ...

... that man won't get on that plane. -Pardon?

He will hold a board meeting.

The board will put pressure to reach an agreement with Kaan as soon as possible.

What are we going to do, brother? Should we take the man prisoner?

Yes if needed.

Hello, my aunt.

I was going to call you too. I'll send you a photo now.

To the address in the photo, to Mr. Kaan for me ...

... can you make a bouquet of flowers?

Kaan or Serkan?


Who is my lamb Kaan? Your fiancee today?

Still what are you saying? Let it be love!

My car broke down on the way, we ran across it, he helped me. He's a very sweet guy.

I want to send flowers to thank you. Can you send?

(Ayfer ses) I will send it, my lamb, of course I will.

You send blue beads to every man you come across these days ...

... I also send flowers.

What are you doing?

I ... What isn't I doing ... I'm crazy.

Well ... I cooked stuffed ribs. I made Mardin soup.

After that I made stuffed meatballs. Have harira for dessert.

Our cherry cake from yesterday is already there.

So whatever I know I cook, I can't stop myself.

But my aunt, Serkan does not eat such fatty foods.

Oh dear, who doesn't like stuffed ribs? Is this boy crazy?

-Vallahi does not eat because of his health. -What disease does he have?

I think he's not sick, he's sick of disease like a radish.

Haa, it is! OK, I'll feed him.

You leave that and what time are you coming, tell me that.

I don't know, I'll call you on the road when I come.

Come early, let's have a long conversation ...

... let's get to know our son-in-law, okay? -Okay, see you.

Sure, you found her son-in-law to have a long conversation!

Serkan Bey, we reviewed every option, but ...

... nothing to do, sorry.

All right, Fikret.

We will do business with you again. Say hi to your father.

I missed your mother's chat too. It's been years since we met.

Come on.

Mr. Fikret ...

... let me introduce you to my fiancee Eda.

Yes, I remember you from yesterday.

It made me very happy to see such a couple in love.

You reminded me of my old days with my wife.


I will have a request from you. Our...

... we have an engagement party tomorrow night.

(Fikret) Is that so? Congratulations.

Yes, and frankly, if your job is not urgent ...

... we would love to see you there as a guest of honor.

So I'm sure my moms would be very happy too.

Please ... Please join. Serkan talks about you a lot.

I had a plane tomorrow morning, but ...

Well, I'll delay too.

-Terrific! We'll meet tomorrow night. -OK.

I'll send a driver to get you. -Okay, see you.

Ll see.

(Serkan) Very beautiful.

(Eda) What do you think you're doing?

Can we talk inside?

You won't yell at me again -Then act like a human too.

For example, make a statement first. What is the engagement party?

Why do not I know? Do you think me your toy?

You drag it from here to there, and I say yes ...

... will I follow you everywhere? -Yeah.

No. No.

The engagement will be held tomorrow night. -No, it will not.

You will explain to me first. Why tomorrow evening?

You wouldn't ask why?

OK, then I'm going.

About work.

I have to get a job with that guy.

That's why I said there is engagement so that he doesn't go abroad.

About work.



I got the ring.

May I look?

-What? -What is this?

Wedding ring.

Come with me.

Engin, look.

Gather the team, again according to the land we have for the ecological hotel project ...

We will design ... -Baby, the man said no now

-Why are you still like this-- -We have time until the evening, Engin.

Brother, we worked for months while preparing that first project.

How do we get it out overnight? - Gather the team and let them think.

No, no, I understand by God! Where we stayed with you in London ...

... there was a dorm room, remember? -Yeah.

When they first introduced you, I had to say ...

... I never liked this guy, I was supposed to say I don't stay with that ...

... but I didn't say. I am doing what I am doing, I am aware.

I'm taking care of it, don't worry.

I love this Engin Bey. Honey is dripping from his mouth.


-Serkan Bey, welcome. -Hello.

How are your mother?

Good, thank you very much. I hope you are fine too.

-Thank you very much. -Beautiful. We came to look at the solitaire rings.

Of course, of course, sir. Come on. Come here, come on like this.


Yes sir.


Yes sir.

Choose one.

All of them are beautiful...

... but I can't wear it. Very big.

Your fingers are very thin, but that's okay. We'll arrange it, sir.

I did not say that in that sense. The stones are very big, I said it in that sense.

Serkan Bey, you are really, very lucky.

To come across such a modest lady ...

... it is a great chance. Especially about one stone.

By God, a smaller stone does not fit well.

Then you choose.

You both ask and get angry when you say my opinion.

The stones are the same in size, but our master's special manufacture ...

I have rings. If you want, I can take it out of them.

-Please. -Now.

Why are you so stubborn? Choose one, let's go.

Then you choose.

You have already chosen that ring worthy of Serkan Bolat.

Sir, come on.

Our master who made these stones ...

... is a very important craftsman.

Madam I hope they like it.

Sir, you got me very wrong.

I do not like showing off very much.

So at least if there was something that appeals to my soul.

Serkan Bey chose the ring, would you like to try it?



Is it OK?

This is huge ...

...but it's so beautiful.

- I'll pack it right now, sir. - Go ahead.

Thank you very much.

Add the ring to the contract. I will give it back.


(Aydan) Ayy ...

My headache does not go away.

(The phone is ringing)

Your phone is ringing, Ms. Aydan. Serkan Bey.

- Sir Serkan? -Mom, we're doing the engagement.

Whether in our garden, will you arrange it?

AA! Of course, dear, of course I would be happy to organize!

When do you intend to do it? -Tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow? Evening?

-Tomorrow evening? Did I hear it true? -Yes, mother.

Serkan, are you crazy? Impossible. I cannot do such a thing.

When will I organize? Music, food ...

Who am I going to call at the last minute?

Mom, it's a little something, okay? Don't forget to call Selin. See you later.

Serka-- This kid will drive me crazy!

There was that stone massage, can you do that for me?

Ay, Seyfi, what am I going to do now?

Don't get excited, Mrs. Aydan.

I got that job. Come on.

-What is this? -We worked before ...

... 'catering' companies, organization companies ...

... a guest list of musicians and the most important people.

When did you find these?

When you call Serkan Bey and say let's aim.

What would I do without you, Seyfi?

Moon! Moon!

-Sir, come on. -Thanks.

- Dear sir. -Thanks see you.

My lunch time has come, let's have dinner.

Thanks, I'm very hungry too.

(Woman) Serkan Bey, your table is on this side, come on.

Thank you.

You haven't seen the view since we sat down.

The place I come from. I know the scenery by heart.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in the world.

-What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard? -You cannot know the landscape by heart.

Something changes. I don't know, the cloud changes, the light changes ...

The passing ship changes. Take a look, is it the same as you came before?


You are right.


They have erected more buildings.





Girl, I see you!

Come here!

(Ayfer) Come here.


I said I would not know, let me come slowly.

(Ayfer) Come, I will not eat, come.

How are you, Ayfer sister?

I'm not very good. Joyful?

-I'm fine. -Look at me...

... Any new developments about Eda?

Vallahi, I know what you know.

But I believe in this love.

Ah, Melo. What can I tell you?

Look at me, I invited Serkan Bolat to dinner in the evening.

-Vallahi? -Yeah.

So what do I know ... Let's have a look, right?

I think there is already a job in this business.

You also keep your antennae open.

Look, there will be a look, there will be a stance, I should not know, there will be a word or something ...

... if you sense, you come and tell me. Okay?

Ayfer sister, can you relax a little bit.

Look, what did Eda say? The boy said very sweet, said honest, said romantic.

I think you will love the child when you see it.

The important thing here is Eda's happiness.

- Is the man happy? -How can I know?

I think a woman with a blond man cannot be unhappy.

-Melo. -Yeah?

Will not happen with you. You are leaving now ...

... you're calling me Ceren right away.

I'm talking to him. Come on dear, walk.

Oh well, okay! I'll call Ceren.

You like him because he is thin, don't you?

-AA! AA! -It takes up a small space.

But one day the time will come for fishermen.

- (Ayfer) Aa! -You see!

Girl, are you crazy? (Ayfer laughs)

(Ayfer) My place, let me fish!


This girl is crazy. I swear.

You crave.

Do you always eat like this?


Do you always feed like this?


You live for a hundred years at this rate.

Well what about the stress?

Stress drives the man out.

Why are you so aggressive towards life anyway?

Would you be quiet a little bit?



Why are we eating here, not eating out with people?

I don't like people very much.

True. I forgot you were a robot.

Do you think Selin will come to the engagement tomorrow?

-Yeah. - So what's this?

The man you beckon. What job will you do?

What? I wondered.

Is it that hard to explain? Summary.

You don't have two conversations.


We were going to build an ecological hotel.

On two plots.

One of them is hotel, one is agricultural land.

It does not fall into the ecological class without agricultural land.

But unfortunately, Kaan is a very despicable guy called Karadağ ...

... bought one of the plots.

So if I don't figure it out, the hotel will stay for him.

Is it OK?


Let's go.

Lets go.

(Selin) Serkan?

Oo, who do I see. Of course, Serkan Bey came to the special table.

Well, the press is shaking with your love.


-Hello there. -Eda, Selin. Eda, Ferit.

I am very pleased. We had met before, but Serkan didn't say his name.

-Hello there. -We were just getting out.

Where are you going? Sit down, let's chat for five minutes. Is not it?

Come on.

Come on come on.


You like to hold chairs.


Thank you.

We went out to air with Serkan.

He said let's eat somewhere. His favorite place was here.

Is that so?

I did not know.

Your ring is very beautiful, my Eda.

Thank you.

My love, yours is more beautiful. Vallahi yours is more beautiful.

It has a very romantic story.

-I'm telling. -No...

I'm telling.

I have to explain. (Serkan clears his throat)

Serkan said ...

... let's make an engagement, let's wear a ring.

We had enough time.

Let it be official now.

I said, what do you need a ring for? The bond between us is enough.

But doesn't he say ...

... if we don't buy a ring, I'll get your name tattooed on my arm.

(They laugh)

(Ferit) Serkan, what tricks you have alone.

Yes, Serkan, what tricks do you have?

Don't ask, don't ask.

Well, then?

Then I said so ...

... I said we're just meeting. We don't even meet.

-So. -There is no need.

That's why I said let's not exaggerate, let's wear a ring.

But I said that it should be small like that, it is between there and now ...

But of course ...

... such a thing is not possible.

There had to be something to remind me of.

Therefore, it could not be anything between existence and nothing.

So I too ...

... came together with a very famous Armenian master ...

... as Eda would love ...

... we made a flower motif ring.

Very romantic.

-You thought very well. He's the only one in the world, you know?

- (Selin) Is that so? -You spoil me so much

My life, because you are the only one in the world.

You are very original.

Very original, really.

Very romantic.

When did you meet?

-Two days-- -It has been two months.

It's been two months. It was ...

-I was! Look at the time.

Two months.

Haven't you been in London for two months?

Yes, he was in London. But we had met a few days before we left.

Do you even know ...

... when we were in London we were on the phone 24 hours until morning.

On the phone? Serkan and phone?


Is not it? So ...

I guess when it comes to you ...

... the phone is another.

Look, I have to tell you this.

Ah ... what?

Please tell. I'm really curious.

One day I got off work. A limousine at the door.

Serkan took me to London with his private plane.

What a beautiful day it was. How you missed me

Very much.

Eda ...

... I really want to get to know you.

Of course I would too.

I would like to, even more often.

Next time, let's come here for dinner. Say what?

- (Selin) Please. -It would be super, yeah.

Is not it?

-Yeah. -Serkan ...

... what happened to the ecological hotel business?

-Canced, Selin. -Yeah?

I guess there is no time left.

Kaan Montenegro ...

... bought the land.

How so?

What will you do now?

He must be thinking of placing the hotel in a huge agricultural land.


What a wonderful person you are.

You too.


Shall we go now?

Wherever you want.

Friends, calm down. There is a family here.

A calm, what the hell?

Sorry, we sometimes ...

... we forget where we are, I guess.

Anyway, let's leave you alone. Let's get up too.

Honey, just a second.

We have an engagement tomorrow.

We are definitely waiting for you. We would be very happy, right?


-Very. -Of course.

Sure, sure. We will definitely come.

-Bon Appetit. -See you.

-Thanks. -Goodbye.


You can let go of my hand now. -I can't stop. They are looking.

-Get it off now. Do you think I want to hold your hand?

Yes, you want.

Inside, I said you were gorgeous ...

Yes, I said to you too.

I said because you have a very good idea about the job.

I said because you told me you're gorgeous.

By the way, Selin is a very beautiful girl.

Very elegant, very kind.

I can see why you are in love with her.

Good for you to engage.

Of course. What did you think?


(Knocking on the door)


Mr. Kaan, this has come to you.

(Kaan) Thank you.



Ok, give me some time. I'm thinking, okay?

What do you think, Engin?

How are we going to do the project that ended in a year in one day, Engin?

What are you still thinking about?

What can I do? Serkan does not want to give up until the last moment.

What can I do?

Because Serkan's head is gone.

Look, I'm telling you, something has happened to Serkan since that girl came into her life.

Not healthy at all.

I'm canceling the meeting.

-Well, you know. -Good.

What is this? We officially opened our hands ...

... we are waiting for a miracle to happen!


I have good news for you.

Just before Eda ...

... solved the problem with the project with a great idea.

-Me? -Yeah.

We will place all the trees and plants that will settle on the agricultural land in the hotel.

How will that work?

We will make terraces in front of the hotel rooms.

In other words, its side facade, its roof ...

... we will expand the hotel with complete terraces.

(Serkan) Yes.

So instead of building an orchard on the side of the hotel ...

... we will turn the hotel into a complete garden.

Vallahi is a good idea.

(Engin) Very good idea!

-I loved it. But he deserved it.

He deserved. Bravo!

(Engin) Bravo!

(Engin) Come on, let's get started now.

Pack it up. I'll be back soon.

Eda ...

... which department did you graduate from?

Landscape architecture, senior descent.

Does anyone want a coffee?

Vallahi I'll take it.


(Moving music ...)



(The phone is ringing)

-Hello, still. -Hah!

When are you coming?

Ready table.


Still, we can't come.

There was a huge crisis in the company. I can't tell you.

If you're not here in 15 minutes ...

... what kind of crisis will break out here, you can never imagine.

Look, we still can't come.

So don't be angry.

Are you passing me off? -What fudge still?

(Eda ses) There was a huge crisis.

If you see this place ...

Ok, let me come, let me see then.

I didtn said that. Don't come.

I'll come, you know. I'm coming, Eda.

-I am coming! - Okay, my aunt. OK.

OK, we'll come. Do not come.

-We'll come. -OK.

Ll see.

(Serkan) But I will say this, you see ...

... the terrace can't be that crowded.

(Serkan) Flowers, trees.

Ok, so I say this ...

... if it's an air pass here ... -Serkan.

-A nice air channel ... - (Eda) Serkan.

-Serkan. -Sir!

-We have to go. -Where?

My aunt is waiting for dinner.

I said cancel.

I also said I can't.

Then call aunt and cancel.

We promised he'd drop by for coffee.

Are you aware of what's happening at this table right now?

We need to prepare a project tomorrow.

Then you continue after the meal.




Let's go then.


Don't look at me like that.

A thousand beavers!

I can't believe it! I can't believe it!

Serkan Bolat ...

... behind someone who spoke to him in imperative ...

... she went like a lamb.

I swear to God, this is Eda.

Good job.

-I'll do it hard from now on. -Do, do it!

It works, I'll do it hard too.

Do it, do one, do it.

-Phew, go! -You are laughing now ...

... I am guilty when I say so.

Well, do you understand what I mean?

Is this Serkan himself?

Do you think Serkan is normal, Engin? Can you tell me please?

Well, if I haven't been able to recognize this man in 20 years ...

... nobody knows.

So let's get back to our work.

Let's study ...

... I am saying let's get back to work. -We have a lot of work.

If your inside behavior repeats again ...

... you can't step into this office.

What do you do?

Are you firing me? Your fiancee?

Don't strain my patience if you want.

You know what's funny?

You are such a brutal man ...

... even a person wouldn't be surprised if you fired me.

A woman who was really engaged to me would not do such an unlimited.

He was smart enough to call me out of my room and talk.

This is all I can do.

Sorry for not meeting the criteria.

Where does he live aunt?

In the same building as me.


We'll sit for five minutes and go.

(Moving music ...)



(Moving music)


-Welcome. -We still found it nice.

-Hello there. -Hello there.


My aunt.

Hello, I'm Ayfer.

I am Eda's aunt.

-I'm satisfied. - Her aunt.

-Yeah. -How young are you.

Thank you so much.

Well, you go like this.

I have a few jobs left in the kitchen. I'll take care of it and come right away.

-Would you be a little smiling face? -Why is that?

I don't know, when people get engaged, they are smiling.

I guess so.

Vallahi is not in a position to act. We get up in ten minutes already.


-Melo? -Hush! Ornamental!

-Come here, come! -Where?



-I knew! I knew! -That's Eda with Serkan Bolat!

Yes they are! Event, event, event!

My daughter really brought the man to her aunt!

Bloody alive!

(Ayfer) Aa?

Are you still standing? Please.

Come on, sit down.


Aa, Eda. Come to your fiancee, dear.

No, well, from afar.

So I want to see Serkan's face.

No, that wouldn't be the case. Come on late.

It was a great table. You took a lot of trouble.

What it means.

Well, Eda's fiancee is coming to my house for the first time.

What a bother.

(Ayfer) Gladly.

Still, we're not going to eat like that.

Actually, I can buy some salad.

(Ayfer) Of course.

-Thank you. -Bon Appetit.

How happy are they but aren't they? -Yes, but Melo, shut up!

How nervous is the girl, can't you see from her face?

What tension? He is standing upright now.

The woman standing upright is beautiful. I taught.

You are too tall. You stand straight too.

-Hush! What are you doing? -Hush! Come here!

-Come here! -Come quickly! Come come!

-What are you doing? -Daughter, look at Eda with Serkan Bolat.


What are they doing?

These are the events!

Ayfer Hanım, I know, this has developed a little fast.

Fast ne word, as if with the speed of light.

No, so what you were in a hurry, it is not possible to understand it either, but ...

-There are examples though. -Of course.

Still, people get married in two days.

Is not it? There are people getting married in two days.

-Of course. -We wanted to make the job official.

We wanted us not to wander around like that.

-Hmm. -Yeah.

Sure, I know, very ...

... not unusual.

It is not unusual at all.

But okay.

Your agreement is important to me.

We understand each other very well.

We are very happy, we get along very well.

Do you even know that Serkan has such a good conversation ...

... when I speak, I can't stop talking. That degree.


Though, after Eda put the handcuffs on me, I could not leave her side again.

Well, uh ...

What clamp?

What clamp?


Didn't you tell your aunt about handcuffs?

You would tell everything to your aunt?

What clamp?


(Ayfer) Where did you find the handcuffs?

Let's say you found it, why did you handcuff Mr. Serkan?

Nice question.



You don't know.

Eda has such a strange sleeping sickness.

If he was in stress, he would sleep like that.

He will wake up soon, don't worry.

Shouldn't we take it to the hospital? Are you sure?

No, no, no need. Wakes up.

I'll get him a lemon water.

Handcuffs huh?

Eda, what are you doing?


It's not funny. Please wake up now.

Eda, what are you doing? You do it on purpose, wake up.

Where is Ayfer sister going?

-How can I know? -What are they doing now?

-I can not see anything. Open up! -What happens, I don't see it either.

- (Ceren) You're watching everything. Romance, romantic right now ...

... the boy is stroking the girl's head.

- Where is Ayfer sister? -They look very cute.

This man is both romantic and very sweet.

Let me take a picture of you. -Don't be silly, Melo!

-A photo taken? -AA! The first photo.

-Melo, what about the photos. -This is the first photo. Stop wait.

(They talk over and over)

Wait a minute.

-Look at me. -Melo, don't pull.

- Hold on. -Do not.

Do not force me if you love your God.

-Do not suffer! -Stop my daughter ...

Eda, Eda ...

Are you kidding?

There is no such disease!

(Shutter sound) Hi!

Melo! What does Flash mean, Melo?

What's the flash? -Escape! Escape!

-Yes Melo, go on. Did they see?

Come on. Eda!

(Serkan) Come on.


Am I asleep again?


(Ceren) What about taking pictures with a flash?

Take it dear.

Where did you come from?

When Serkan Bey was in a hurry in the morning, we could not meet, we wanted to meet.

Yes, when Eda says I'm in a hurry ...

-Can you do whatever Eda says? -Yeah.

-You got engaged. -Yeah.

Of course, you know, I don't know, we have an engagement party tomorrow.

(All in one voice) Yo!

Engagement party? Tomorrow?

(Ayfer) Wait a second. Eda?

He didn't tell me.

It was very sudden. We just decided.

Today, today. A moment ago.

We also want to make the business official.

Wedding next week.

No aunt, I promise you about it ...

... there is no such possibility. So right now ...

... in that case he is after a long time.

- (Ayfer) Very, very good. -Yes...

... we want to get to know each other.

You know, it is not easy to get to know Eda.

-She's a little ... -A little bit?


Do you like Eda?

Oh dear!

On the cake I made ...

... I forgot to put the cherries.

Eda, can you take care of it?

Come on dear.

-But my aunt ... - (Ayfer) Sir?

Serkan has no relationship with such a dessert.

We offer it. If necessary, he should not eat.

Is not it?

Of course.

Girls, help you too.

-Of course. - (Ayfer) Melo!

Melo! Help.

Melo, let's help.

Come on dear.

(Ceren) Come on, Meloc.



Let's get to the point?

Of course.

Stuffed ribs. You eat, I'll talk.

Because I'm really trying hard not to have a nervous breakdown.

You are right.

Look, Mr. Serkan ...

... I supported all of Eda's decisions.

I never questioned him and raised him like that.

Why Eda is getting engaged to you, I have no idea.

Because he is not a girl to be engaged to someone he met in those two days.

And he doesn't tell me why.

But somehow I will learn someday.

-I understand your concerns. -No.

You don't understand, Mr. Serkan.


... Eda's childhood, life is full of serious trauma.



He will tell you if he wants.

He built a small, lonely, beautiful, dignified life for himself.

If her beautiful heart ...

... if a single strand of your hair is damaged, I will know from you.

And I'll dungeon the world for you.

(Ayfer) Okay?

I promise you there will be no harm to Eda.

It is obvious that you are a man of your word.

I believe you.


Stuffed ribs.

-I-- -Eat.

Let me have a bite for you.

Eda said, you are sick.

- Did he say that? -He said so.

-How beautiful. - Anyway, to you next time ...

... I make boiled vegetables or something.


-Good, delicious. -Is not it?

Bon Appetit.

-Good. -It is.


Won't you talk?

What do you want me to say?

Everything is as clear as day.

Eda, you are getting away from us day by day ...

...Are you aware?

So I'm saying you wouldn't do it like that.

I never caught sight of that man.

- Who is your eye holding anyway? - O Melo!

The girl says I fell in love. This is love, love.

Give her a break. Whew!

Still says love, do you realize?

What is it? She's like that ...

... melül melül looks at the admiring child.

The child looks at him in such a loving way.

This is love. One kiss, one sniff.

What should he do, go back to Cenk?

I say come back?

We sing for the sake of the girl. -I am telling for evil?

Are we saying something for its evil right now?

What to do there? I know the girl and speak for her.

(They talk over and over)

Girls! Would you stop talking like I'm not here?

What happens if you are with me, not in front of me?

Can't you trust whatever I do as before?

We are always with you.

I will hug too.

You are my dear.

You stepped on me! -You can not fool me.

Come on girls, let's go have a drink. I contracted.


Come on, kissed you. -Come on Melo, come on.

I hope it will be very nice. Come let me kiss you.

Oh, and from here, oh!

I'll get one of these.

Mardin Castle is an incredible structure.

-So I think it's 1600 years. - (Ayfer) Yes.

My childhood was always spent there.

-If you go to Mardin again-- -We will not go to Mardin.


Serkan, aren't you late for work?

Yes, I have to go.

Ms. Ayfer, thank you very much indeed.

I'm sorry.

I couldn't eat anything but maybe next time.

Stuffed ribs were very good.

Then see you tomorrow at your engagement.

Yeah. I am very pleased to meet you.

I felt more relieved.

I'll take you home if you want.

I'm sitting here. I told you.

Is it okay to say it?

Show your fiancee home -No.



-Come on. -Is.

-Goodnight. -Goodnight.

(Moving music)

"My name is Eda, if you don't love goodbye"

I also love the back of the truck.

-The back of the truck? -Is it like that ...

... they write on the back of the truck, arabesque, arabesque.

I'm collecting them here too.

Okay, it might sound strange to you.

(Eda) Let's go like this.

(Eda) This is the hall.

It is beautiful.

The top is the terrace. If you want to see.

(Moving music)

I think this is the love of Serkan Bolat?

Yes, I'm a big fan.


(Serkan) The house looks like you.

(Eda) How?


I love it like that. Flowers, candles, little notes.

(Emotional music)

By the way thank you.

You relieved my aunt, relieved her worries.

For the contract.

It's part of the game.

You are right.

- Part of the game. -Yeah.


I'll go now.

Good night, Eda Yıldız.

Good night, Serkan Bolat.

(Emotional music)

(Pırıl) Take a taxi.

(Serkan) This is okay, but we have to get it out.

Look, brother, let me tell you, your team is on the pitch.

There is no longer any energy or efficiency in these.

... what a sign of cuteness. Nothing left.

(Engin) Let's leave it now. Ha?

Well. Friends, this project will be finished by tomorrow night.

Okay? Tomorrow night at my house ...

... There will be a presentation to Mr. Fikret. So rest.

Come fit in the morning.

One minute, one minute. Why are they going home?

No, their concentration will fall apart, so I'm telling you.

I think they should stay here tonight. They continue tomorrow morning.

Vallahi is sick of your maniac ambitions!

I'm going home. Come on everybody home!

Come on, there will be nobody left!

But let me change that. - Have a good rest.

We will continue tomorrow.

It is not enough. How will it catch up?

("Aytekin Ateş - Unsaid" is playing)

"I am in a freak world"

"I know neither road nor track"

"You exist, go after the mind"

"There is a day, I'll come too"

"This is a lost dreamland"

"I live, I die"

"A broken jukebox"

"I spin the same tune"

"In a hell of unspoken words"

"In a hell of unspoken words"

"I'm roasting"

"My figure is big"

"In the sea of ​​unspoken dreams"

"I'm blown away, my heart is a little boat"

(Horse neighs)

(The phone is ringing)

(Horse neighs)

Sir Engin?

No son, we cannot bring up today brother drawings.

-We are way behind. What shall we do? -I finished the drawings.

Tell me once again. When did you finish it, son?

Didn't you sleep all night, what did you do?

There is engagement tonight, Engin.

Look, get the team together today. Let's do things at our home.

Also, get the printouts.

Brother, what's your operating system?

Tell me, I'll load it myself.

Engin, don't be late. When Mr. Fikret came ...

... we have to present the project. -Okay okay.

(Aydan) Yavrum, you put those candlesticks like this.

(Aydan) I want those glasses brightly.

Follow me.

Bar, right to the center.

(Aydan) Let's take the track to this side. Let there be such a distance between them.

-Okay? -Okay Mrs. Aydan.

-Good morning Baby. -Mom what are you doing?

I said a little engagement. What are these ornaments, candlesticks?

Friends, could you please remove them?

-Tell Sevda-- -Eda, mother.

Please come to me as soon as possible. There are things I want to talk about urgently.

It will come if it's time. Okay?

Would you stop by a father before he leaves?

-Mom. -What?

I have a lot of work today.

When he heard that he was getting engaged, he almost had a heart attack.

Please do not have a problem in the evening, baby. Let's.

(Aydan) Are we sure about these flowers?


-You are getting engaged. -Yeah.

Don't make the mistake of introducing me to that girl.

You know.

Look son ...

... with this behavior, you risk your future in the holding.

The future of the holding is already at stake.

If you ask me, talk to Selin and her father ...

... we need to get 50 percent of their shares.

Why is that? Is it because you left Selin?

Even if I married him, I would manage the holding.

You know, his father is sick ...

... and Selin has no problem managing a holding.

Sorry, I can't manage based on your feelings.

That's your problem anyway.

You are so guarantor that you have no vision for the future.

Kissing and smelling you too ...

... you can't see the tip of your nose.

He's a girl with a vague name.

Okay then.

It was a good speech.

Bon Appetit.

(Thriller music)

(Eda inner voice) And that day has come. I'm getting engaged to Serkan Bolat.

(Eda inner voice) Everything is developing so fast that I feel dizzy.

(Eda inner voice) A man I have never known has added me to his wind ...

... stuck right in the middle of his life, dragging him after him.

(Eda inner voice) There is something about it that scares me.

(Eda inner voice) I will never know what you are thinking or feeling ...

... built a wall for himself.

(Eda inner voice) Whoever approaches it hurts.

(Moving music ...)


Good Morning.

Are you ready? I came to get you.

Don't you ever say good morning?

(Eda) We're getting engaged today.

At least we must have the sincerity to say good morning.

Good Morning.

-Beautiful. -Shall we go?

I have a minute or two of work. If you want, visit the greenhouse.

(Birds are tweeting)

(Serkan coughs)

Are you okay?

(Serkan coughs)

Here, take this.

- (Eda) Take it, drink water. -Thanks.

(Serkan coughs) Do you have an allergy or something?

It shouldn't be.

But it's true, you're allergic to every good thing.

Drink it. (Serkan coughs)

(Serkan coughs)

(Birds are tweeting)

(Serkan cleared his throat)

(Serkan cleared his throat)


-Hello Kaan, welcome. - (Kaan) Hello, Eda.

What are you doing here? -Eda sent me flowers.

I stopped by to thank you in passing.

How do you know this man?

My car broke down yesterday.

We met on the way. He helped me, thank you.

So why don't you call me when your car breaks down?

Sorry, but where do you meet from?

We are engaged. Can you tell?

Look at this coincidence.

Yes, coincidence. I'm sure it's a coincidence. Can you tell?

Where do you meet from?

We are childhood friends with Serkan.

We know each other very well.

I don't know how he's engaged, I'm broken.

You don't need to be spoiled. Tonight is already at Serkan's house.

Come if you want.

I really want it. What do you say Serkan?

-You can come if you want. -Do I ever miss it?

Thanks again Eda for the flowers.

I haven't been able to take my eyes off since yesterday.

You're welcome, what do you mean.

(Thriller music)

Do you know who this man is?

-No. Who? -Kaan Montenegro.

-He? -Yeah.

How can I know?

How should I know? He gave me his card yesterday.

I didn't even look at the card properly.

(Eda) What have I done?

And I invited the man you hate to engage.

I'll go after him, say don't come.

No! Eda, will you stop?

-Recover status. -Late, never mind. Let it come.

There's something I want him to see anyway.

But you do not want.

It does not matter. Can we go now?

-Well okay. I'll get my stuff. -OK.

(Serkan cleared his throat) (Serkan coughed)

Did you check your pulse just because you coughed?

You are seriously ill.

Can we go now? -I am ready.

I bought clothes from home to dress for engagement.

Make-up artist, hairdresser, seamstress, nothing needed?

Yo, no need. I will handle it.

Alican, these places are entrusted to you.

(Alican) Okay, sister.

(Moving music)

(Seyfi) My dear, really please be careful.

Anyway, be careful please.

- (Seyfi) Serkan Bey. -Seyfi.

Eda, welcome. Serkan Bey, there is a big crisis.

-I need your help. -What's happening in here?

Have you planned an engagement as cool as Selin's?

What is the crisis?

Since I started preparations at the last minute ...

... I cannot fulfill some of Aydan's requests.

So for example, he wants these candlesticks ...

... but this is the closest among those who come.

I don't see any difference between the two.

One's handle is silver. So this handle is silver, this is dark metal.

Is this the crisis? -I do not think so.

But you know Aydan Hanım.

This is a small detail for humanity and a big detail for Aydan Hanım.

I have a lot of work. You can handle it.

Me? And ...

These two are very stylish. Isn't there anything simpler?

-There is. Aydan Hanım? -Aydan Hanim ...

... I am sure he will be very happy that I made the choices.

-Let's see? - Yes, come on.

Now we will look at drawings, calculations, budgets.

Look, if the project is not finished today, you all one by one

... I screw it up.

We don't have much time, let's get started.

Let's use these lamps.

No, they are not among the options.

So that they can use it while the team prepares behind.

But I think this is it.

Mrs. Eda, they are ten lira lamps.

-Does it give a bad light because it costs ten pounds? -Yo.

Then definitely this.

-Well. -Another problem?

Napkins, flowers.

-It. -Candles, garden ornaments and candlesticks.

This this.

So much.

Look, we got it done very quickly, right? Are you relieved?

-Yes, but Mrs. Aydan-- -Tell Aydan Hanim ...

... Say Eda organized her own engagement quickly.

May that beautiful heart be comfortable. See you Mr. Seyit.

See you, Mrs. Eda.

(Moving music ...)



That's it, that's it!

This is Art Life Architecture!

This project has blood, sweat, tears, everything.

God I can't believe it!

The project was even better than it was before.

So, then we got the project?

We did that too, my friend.

Come on guys, the drawings, the printouts, whatever you have, let them in

Fikret Bey will come soon and we will make a presentation to him.

Let's get a good print out. Let it be colored again, okay?


Our office is accustomed to such crises.

But it seemed to me that you were the cause of this chaos.

I like chaos. It forces people to be smarter.

(The phone is ringing)

(The phone is ringing)


My Dada, my dear. Look, we're aiming now ...

... we are trying to choose a dress, but I could not decide.

Look, let me show you this first. There is this. Okay? Longitudinal line.

It shows long like that, like a pheasant.

This is the cross line. I think it will show weak.

But our Kara's mother once said ...

... said your weak display.

- (Fifi voice) Makes it look fat. - (Angel voice) He said it shows fat.

I could not decide. Should I be tall or thin?

Be yourself Melo.

(Ceren ses) Eda, forget about it and look ...

... I bought this dress for engagement. Gold too ...

... bought these shoes. How?

Is it too pretentious? Or is this what I am, what I am?

Girls, this engagement is not that important.

I wish you didn't spend any money. So two months something ...

So for me.

Girl, I tell you I have no clothes. Do not you understand?

You tell me whether my shoes are beautiful or not.

-What? -You don't have any clothes?

What does it mean?

You have a wardrobe as much as our home, girl.

Also, what does shopping have to do with need?

Tell him whether you like it or not. Look at that.

Yes, very good, I love it.

Eda, I bought something black. Is he too depressed?

Black looks good on you, Fifi.

(Eda) You have been pretty good, I will stay with you.

(Eda) At least I'll go and get dressed.

-See you. -See you.

Come on kissing. See you in the evening.

Soon the guests will come. Get ready if you want.

-OK. -My mom also wants to see you.

OK, I'll change and come.

Aydan Hanım is a really stylish woman.


Have the accessories I selected for the engagement come?

Yes, Eda Hanım chose them all, Ms. Aydan.

Did you allow that too, Seyfi?

-Show me. -Of course.

(Aydan) Moon, moon!

Oh my!

It will turn this place into a country wedding.

But since it will be in the garden ...

... I think the concept of a countryside wedding is acceptable.

No, it is not acceptable. Call the team back again.

Not enough! Guests are coming, Ms. Aydan.

How can you allow such a thing, Seyfi?

Mrs. Eda will organize her own engagement ...

... he said you would be pleased with this.

Give a water, don't do anything.

Is that water?

This was the closest.

(Playing "Sam Clunie & Daniel Marantz - Friendly Competition" ...)


(Door knocking)

(Serdar) Shall we go?

No way. So there is a problem.

("Tolan Shaw - Gold" is playing ...)


What happened?

I cannot close the zipper of my dress.

Is it funny?

Would you call Pırıl or Leyla? Can they help?

Won't it be a little awkward when your fiance is around?

- If you want, I can call my mother. -No, never have your mother.


I will say I do it, but in our contract ...

... I am forbidden to touch you unless you allow it.

Do you allow?

("Tolan Shaw - Gold" is playing ...)



("Tolan Shaw - Gold" is playing ...)



(Playing "Tolan Shaw - Gold")

("Aytekin Ataş - You Knock My Door" is knocking)

"This lie is an obligation"

"Otherwise I am not in your favor"

"But a light in your eyes, a click of my heart"

"I don't fit inside me, what about this?"

"Turn your face to the sky, look at a love star, oh my!"

"It will shine, fade, I know"

"Everything happens, everything ends"

"A star slides across the sky"

"Everything happens, everything ends"

"Loneliness always dwells in mirrors"

"Everything happens, everything ends"

"A star slides across the sky"

"Everything happens, everything ends"

"Loneliness always dwells in mirrors"