You Are Wanted (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Rollo - full transcript

Lena reveals her connection to Lukas, and opens up about her past. Lukas finds a clue from a previous meeting with Case, involving Leon. Arrested by the police, Lukas manages to send a ...


...the two suspects have left Berlin
and are probably heading east.

Polish authorities have been alerted...

Please would you switch off the TV?

- Please turn off the TV.
- It's possible that Franke and Arandt...

I hope your hideout is good.

- What now? What are we doing here?
- Waiting.

What do you mean waiting?

We've no other choice. We wait here.

- I can't wait here. - But you can't head back out there.
- No, I...

- Screw this. Fuck!
- Trust me!

I don't even know who you are,
so why should I trust you?

Why should I trust you?


Case asked me four weeks ago if
I was interested in breaking a story.

He was onto something big.

Now you tell me?

Why didn't you tell me before?

Why didn't you say that before?

I didn't know you either.
How was I to know I could trust you?

Did he tell you anything else?

He was onto a
secret NSA program: Burning Man.

He had information on it.
That's all I know.

It's all connected.

- What?
- 1.8 by 10 to the 10.

Does that mean anything to you?

Slomo gave me 72 hours
to find out what that code means.

1.8 by 10 to the power of 10.
Any idea?

I have 72 hours to save my family.

I can't just stay here and wait.

Lukas. If you go back out
and they get you, it's game over.

Franke and Arandt are on the run.

They're armed. These are
murder suspects we're dealing with.

The search for them
takes absolute priority.

We're boosting the team.
The State Attorney

and the investigating judge
have granted us all legal powers.

Dilara, you take charge of the search.

Sandra? Do you have a minute?

Did you have Dilara check me out?

She's no good undercover.

Information is leaked to the press.

Observation units are stood down.

- What should I think?
- Read through this.

Jeryczek worked for
K&P Security Solutions as a pen tester.

Yes, the company responsible
for our IT security.

He got into our administrator's account

and gained access
to our email and IT systems.

Jeryczek intercepted my email

and he's the reason
the surveillance was terminated.

Good work.

Shall I take that as an apology?

Do you seriously believe
that I would betray you?

Anything else would be unprofessional.

Screw you, man.

It's a shit feeling being stuck here,
unable to do anything.

My son would love it here.

Do you have children?

I don't know much about family.

It only hurts when you lose someone.

I don't want to take the risk.

The risk's worth it, though.

"Then the smallest mouse
came out of its hidey-hole

and stood before the others.

'I will free Princess Knabberzahn
from the cat's dungeon. ""

This is boring.

- I want the dinosaur book.
- Honey, we don't have it with us.

I asked you specially
what you wanted to pack.

I want to see Dad.


- Hello?
- Hello, Hanna.

I'll be right back.

I saw the news.

How can they say that?

I just wanted to ask
if everything is okay.

Or if I can help at all.

That's kind,
but I need to get some clarity...

Did you know I was
pretty fat as a teenager?

And I don't mean cute and cuddly fat,

I mean real, no-friends fat.

I sat at home all day, sad and alone,

with the blinds drawn.

So I'm speaking from my own experience.

Stewing in your own juice
just makes you even unhappier.

And I'd like to save you from that fate.


Would you like
to get out for a bit tomorrow?


Why not?

I have to go.

- Okay?
- Sure.

I'm coming with you.

Look after yourself.

Sorry... I didn't know...

What are you doing here?
The cops are after you. Piss off!

1.8 by 10 to the ten,
that mean anything to you?

If you lead the cops to me...

Just listen! Case talked to Lena
just before he died.

He hacked into
a program called Burning Man.

He wanted to go public with it.
Heard of it?

- I've no idea what you're talking about.
- Please!

1.8 by 10 to the 10.
What could it be?

Well it's not an access code.

How should I know?
Maybe it's a reference.

Sounds like serious mathematics.

How are you two connected?

- I was working at a day clinic.
- What did you guys do there?

Nothing much.
Played board games.

MEANING 1.8 x 10 TO POWER 10

What are you doing?



Game variants...



The number refers to a game
with 1.8 x 10 to the 10 permutations.

Case's board game!

So? What about it?

Basket Case!

Monsieur, no.

No, Monsieur, no.

No, Monsieur, no!

No. No, Monsieur!


People usually steal key cards
to get out. No one wants to get in.

You've changed a lot.

You haven't at all.

I saw the news.

Don't believe a word of it.

I've worked here for over 30 years.

I can tell if someone
is a psychopathic killer or not.

Why are you here?

About Jens Kaufmann?

- I'm sorry, he's dead.
- I know.

Or do you want your job back?
I hoped you would.


Jens was onto something,
but he couldn't finish it.

You and Kaufmann
were always a bit of a riddle.

You know I can't just let you in.

My break's over.
I should be getting back.

Shame the door closes so slowly.



As a kid I imagined
everyone has their own note.

Some are bright, some are dark.

Not all are perfect,
but together they create a melody.

What does it sound like?

Everyone's different.

For me it's like the cosmos.

Usually I pick up someone's note
quite quickly, but...

with you it's difficult.

I don't think I have a note.

If I ever had one, then...

then I can't hear it.

Do they have any leads yet?

Do you think the hacker really exists?

My husband probably found him.

If you need it,
I know some people who can help.








Police Emergency Berlin, hello.

Who's that?

It's irrelevant,
we're just about to leave.

No, it's not irrelevant. Who is he?

Come with me.


He's my brother.

Your brother?

What's he doing here?

I was scared of the days
when the curtains stayed closed,

and she couldn't get up,

when she forgot yet again
that we were there.

Sometimes the door was unlocked
and we could get out and be free.

One day a neighbor realized
things weren't right with us.

No foster family
would take both of us.

But I always took care of him.

I always protected him,
and I'll protect him now too.

Protect him from what?

What have you done?

He put me under pressure.

He threatened to hurt him.



What did he want?


To know what you're planning.

You didn't!

Because of you,
I'm wanted for murder!

My wife doesn't recognize me.
Everyone thinks I'm sick.

- I had no choice.
- We always have a choice.

You should have warned me.
You could have helped me,

but you play your little games
and talk of trust and...

I believed you!

I still believe you.

I'm sorry.

Do you want another?

That taste good?

Does Christina know where you are?

Okay, eat up
and I'll take you back.

Take a trip with Christina first.
Maybe to the ocean.

We went once, remember?
With Mom and Dad. You were little.


Give me the gun.

I'll... protect... you.

Other side, other side!

Stop! Stay where you are!

Stay where you are!

- Thomas? Leon's in danger.
- Hands up!

Get Leon to safety.

Get down on the ground!

Get Hanna and Leon to safety!

Do you hear?
Get Hanna and Leon to safety!



Excuse me? We'd like
two more gin and tonics.

Same again, yes.

But make mine a little weaker.


Let's dance.

I'm the world's worst dancer.

You can't be
any worse than me, I promise.

No, I really can't dance.

Shall we play a game?

First one to laugh loses
and buys the next round, okay?

By the way...

I think I know how you sound now.



What? Oh God.

I have to go I'm afraid.

Thanks. I'm sorry.

No need to be.

Nothing happened.

- Where's Hanna? - What do you want?
- I'm taking them somewhere safe.

- They are safe. - Thomas.
- You have to leave. Leon's in danger.

- What? Says who? - Lukas.
- What if Lukas is imagining it?

The hacker needs Leon.

Thomas. Leon is in danger.
The hacker needs him.

- He's the key to his problem.
- Get down on the ground!

- On the ground!
- Get Hanna and Leon to safety!

Do you hear?
Get Hanna and Leon to safety!

Do you still believe
I killed Frank Jeryczek?

That's why I'm here, isn't it?

I don't believe you did.

I know you did.

Do you know the video with the gorilla?

A little kid
falls in a gorilla enclosure

and the whole world only reports

that the ape almost
shook the kid to death.

As a result the gorilla was put down.

Why are you telling me this?

Turns out it was only shaking the kid
to see if he was still alive.

Then it took him in its arms
put him by the door

and waited till a keeper came
to get the injured kid.

Look at it like this...

Perhaps I'm the gorilla.

- Excuse me!
- I'm questioning someone!

I'm sorry, but the gentleman...

- Lorenz, BND. We'll take it from here.
- What?

Don't worry.
All I want is an informal chat.

You have no jurisdiction!

Mr. Franke, would you come with me?
And you!

- We have a few questions for you.
- You don't have the right.

The Chancellery Minister
takes a different view.

Mr. Franke, please come with me.

Do you dream?

What is this? What do you want from me?

To get inside your head.

I want to know
everything that you remember.

So Case hacked into our agency?

- Was your family ever threatened by a sniper?
- Sniper?

Don't you find that story
a little absurd?

I didn't take it seriously at first.

- When I got the email, I went to see Case and...
- He was dead.

Is that everything?

That's everything, believe me.

You know what I believe?

You were inspired by
your friend Case's conspiracy theories.

There is no evidence
that you were hacked.

You conspiracy theorists
bug the shit out of me.

I doubt you are the victim
of a giant plot, Mr. Franke!

And we shall see in a moment
whether we were hacked.

Mr. Wessling!



Everything okay, Marc?

Number 503! Number 503!

Number 503!

Excuse me,

that Mr. Wessling,
what exactly does he do here?

You can stop your investigation.
Your case is solved.

- How does Franke know about Burning Man?
- You ask too many questions. Go home.

POULTRY... 092... 093... 094... 095

DESSERTS... 401... 402... 403.



Number 503, please.


I think he looks
more and more like Lukas.

He misses him.

We both miss him.

What is it?

The doctor who was
supposedly treating Lukas

has no patients called Franke.

Lukas wasn't lying.

Have you spoken to him?

Local police don't have him now.

And I've no idea
where they've taken him.


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