You Are Wanted (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Lukas continues to try to find out who is targeting him, while mounting evidence causes doubt in the mind of his wife. Directed by the hacker Kaufmann, Lukas travels to Frankfurt to deliver a package, where he meets Lena Arandt (Karoline Herfurth). Officers Jansen (Catrin Striebeck) and Siebert (Edin Hasanovic) begin their investigation of Lukas.





This is Jens Kaufmann.

I always thought we're safe here.

Then one day you realize
you aren't safe anywhere.

It's awful that a photo
of Leon was taken in this house.

We were here and we didn't notice.

And instead of believing you
and helping, they suspect you!

They shouldn't be allowed to.

What do they do when
someone commits a serious crime?

I don't know...

- Shit!
- They just want to intimidate us.

It will all be fine, I promise.

- Hanna!
- So what do you plan to do?

Close the laptop
so it all goes away, or...

- What are you doing?
- Fixing the vase.

You can't fix that.

"Justitia in suo cuique
tribuendo cernitur."

"One recognizes justice therein,
that it renders to each his due."

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you.

You cannot be serious.

If you want something from me,
make an appointment.

We used to laugh at people
gathering dust in offices.

People change.
Maybe you should try it?

Dalton gave me an important contact.

It's just that he's dead.

Do people burn and jump
to their deaths voluntarily?

I'd leave you alone,
but it's got even worse.

I got a risk person warning.

I'm on CCTV. Allegedly I bought
chemicals in a hardware store.

But I was never there.
It's all manipulation.

Here... A flight to Frankfurt
that I never booked.

Find some evidence.
You know how it works.

- I've done it for you often enough.
- One last time, please.

One last time.

- Thomas, please.
- How's my nephew doing?

He's doing fine.

You really think
someone could be watching us?

The guy took a photo of Leon.

Then I'm doing it too.
I watch "Sex and the City" in the bath,

and other things.
People don't need to know.

Knock, knock.

- Bonjour.
- Ah, bonjour.

I'll be right there.

- We're going over there.
- Okay.

He can look
through my camera any day.

Wish me luck.

- Shall I start?
- Mhm.

Although we said no color,

I chose a few
happy, bright colors for Wizzy.

Let me show you...

The idea is that the kids play
and don't notice they're learning.


- Right.
- Good.

That's it?

Is that all
you came up with in that time?

Actually it's more than we agreed.

I think it's good.


I didn't mean 'good', Hanna.

I want the best.

- Now I'm wondering if you do too.
- Yes, of course.

Then show me you're better than that.

I don't know you, Hanna,

or what's going on in your life.

- Some people have a lot of stress.
- I can do it.

I know I can do better.

Then we agree.

Come on.

That's him.


He knew where the cameras were.

- Hi. Everything okay?
- Fine.

You look a little tired.

- I'm all right.
- You sure? - Yes.

When the police come
and search our computers

- is everything all right then too?
- Excuse me?

They escorted our staff
politely through the foyer, many thanks.

It's earned you a vacation.

- I can't take vacation now.
- Call it overtime compensation.

Congratulations, Katja.
You got the job.


Perhaps you're lucky
and need an assistant.

Come with me.


Go on.





- Hello, Lukas.
- Who are you?

Just imagine
I am God, I am everywhere.

And if you cross me,
I get unpleasant.

Take that box
to Frankfurt now, unopened.

GPS data will follow.
Then it's all over.

Hey, you coward,
don't tell me when it's over.

It's over right now.

Leave my family alone and fuck off,
do you underst...

Stay on the line.
Don't hang up, you shithead.

I hate it.

Just one more time.

We checked Franke's accounts.

They're all normal payments.

Insurance, kindergarten, electricity

and mortgage payments.
Maybe he's overextended.

We secured the components,

and we have the CCTV
of him buying the chemicals.

Here's my question.

Why would Franke buy chemicals
in the hardware store

when he has plenty in the hotel?

Sandra, you're wheezing.

I'm always one pack of cigarettes
ahead of my asthma.

Let's work out, hypothetically,

from the quantities
of chemicals and components,

if he does make a bomb,
what blast force would it have?

Could he blow up a whole neighborhood?

would you just be quiet for a moment?

I want to share my thoughts.
We're a team now.

I prefer to think alone.

Where are the chemicals now?

Do you know?

You have a point.

- How's your boy? Starting school! Exciting, huh?
- Yes.

- So, contact lens solution.
- Mhm.

- Dextrose for his goody bag.
- Thanks.

And the Pranodan for your husband.
You know how to take it?


- That's not for us.
- It is, it's a faxed order for your husband.

Are you sure?



So, I'd take this again after 10 years

and not tell you?

Oh, Christ!

Do I look like I need this?

Why are you being so defensive?
That's not even the point.

So what is the point?

I just don't want
any secrets between us.

- We don't.
- It's been a lot, the last few days.

The parcel. Pranodan.

And that Julia...

- Don't start that again.
- Hey...

I don't get sent photos
of guys' naked butts.

Don't you see?
He invented the whole thing.

- You don't believe me.
- I am confused, yes.

Does that woman exist?

Yes, that woman probably exists.

But I don't know her.

What's happening to us?

Whatever happens,
you have to trust me, okay?

This, us, that's reality.
That's the point.

And nothing else.

- Want me to carry that?
- It's okay.

I'll get the shirt
and you get the pencils, okay?

- I thought we're sticking together.
- Balloons! - Leon, wait.

- I'll be quick.
- Okay.

Don't run off like that.

- Sure.
- Yes?

Do you want one too?
Then we can't fail to notice you.


Leon? Christ, Leon!



Excuse me.



Sorry. Apologies.

Dad, I got a present for you.

- Put that down right now.
- Why?

- Who gave you that?
- A man.

What did he look like?

I can't remember.


It was your birthday.
I thought you'd be glad.

Leon, listen. Never take presents
from people you don't know.

- Not everyone is nice. Okay?
- Yes.

I told you not to run off!


- There you are!
- Let's go. - I think...

- Please can we go!
- What's that?

- A present.
- Who from?

- The hacker.
- What?

- It was by the hotel yesterday.
- Throw it away!

- No, I have to take it to Frankfurt for him.
- What?

Here. I'm taking it to the police.

- Take Leon and go home. Yes?
- Yes.

Come on, Leon.

To Mrs. Jansen, please.




Hey. So?

I need a while.
They kept me waiting.

- What is it?
- What?

- You called me.
- No, you called me.

I didn't call you.


- Hanna?
- What is it?

Someone's aiming at you. Get down.

Please, Hanna, get down.

Get down!

There's a sniper, goddam it!

Get down! Hanna!

- Come on.
- Hanna!



- Where?
- Room four.

So, Mr. Franke...

- There was a laser on you.
- Laser?

Keep away from the window
till the police arrive, okay?


It's about this fucking package.

I'll do what he wants
and take it to Frankfurt.

I love you.

Why didn't you stay
at the police station?

That would have spared you
a lot of trouble.

- Was your family ever threatened by a sniper?
- Sniper?

Don't you find that story
a little absurd?

Isn't that yourjob?

To find out what is absurd
and what isn't?

Did you see the red dot too?

No. It was on my forehead.

My husband saw it on his phone.

It's happened a lot lately.

Kids playing with laser pointers.
They think it's funny.

But we'll check it out.
For your safety.

No need to worry.

Maybe it was nothing at all.

Sometimes the mind
believes these things.

In times of stress.

I feel much better now.
Thanks for your help.

No problem. It's my job.

Fine, then...

I'll see you to the door.

I can manage, thanks.

That package. Again.

Enjoy your flight.

The package!

Are we done?
Can I go now?

What is this shit?
I've done everything.

- Who sent you?
- Some guy.

- What did he tell you?
- If I deliver the package, it's over.

Let me guess.
You got hacked and then blackmailed.

How do you know?

Because I'm in the same boat.


- Give me the phone.
- Why?


- Are you crazy?
- He needn't know everything.

- He knows we're here anyway.
- But not what you'll do next.

I just want my life back.

Here, take the package.

I'm out of here.

Take your package!

Don't you want to know what's inside?

Why us two?

Maybe we have common enemies.

I had none till now.

I did.

I blog about politics. Intelligence
agencies, the economy and military.

People in the shadows.

Not everyone likes it.

And what's the connection?

Coincidence maybe?

Perhaps a game?

Maybe just bad luck.


You see, Lena?
I told you he'd do it.

Let's go.

He said we've done our job.

I hope we never meet again.

I'm sure we won't.

If a stranger speaks to you again,

you can only talk to him
if he knows the code word.

What's a code word.

A secret word
that only friends know.

- And Dad and you.
- Right.

Want to choose one?

- Johnny always calls me Seal.
- Yes.

Okay. Seal.

- Seal.
- Great. Right...

one more night,
then it's your big day.




- Hello?
- Hanna?

I delivered it. It's over.

Oh, Lukas.
What's this number?

- New phone. The old one broke.
- Phone off, and in the tray, please.

Got to go. Boarding soon.
I'll hurry. I love you.

I love you too. Are you on time?



You excited?

When is Dad coming?

He'll go straight to school.

- Then I'll get my schoolbag.
- Yes.

Raise your arms please.

Okay. Turn around.

- Okay, thanks.
- Thanks.

- Would you come with me please?
- What's wrong?

Come with me.

70. 49. 56.




70. 63. 56.


No, no!


Please can we have on stage
Mike Heinz.

And next up is Lisa Schulz.

And then we have Leon Franke.

If I could ask Sven Lehmann.

Sorry, this is taken.

Didn't you hear me?
This is taken.

I'm Julia.

I slept with your husband.