You Are Wanted (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Hotel Manager Lukas Franke (Matthias Schweighöfer) finds himself a victim of a hacking attack, his online information altered to implicate him as having masterminded a cyber-attack on Berlin resulting in a city-wide blackout. Lukas goes to his estranged brother for assistance, who directs him to a local hacker, Dalton (Louis Hofmann).

You're next.

Your finest day.

Message sent.

New message
Leon can't wait to see you.

What on earth is hydraulic fracturing?

No idea.
Google is your best friend.

I'll be with you very soon.

I thought we weren't giving presents.

Just stocking up.
Anyway, you look like you could use one.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

That wasn't me!

If it's a surprise party,
I'll cut your vacation.

No, it wasn't me. Honest.

What happened?

Power outage, the whole city.
We're under attack.

Is anyone still in the elevators?

We're checking.
Find out where they are.

We must get them out.

What's up with the backup generator?

- Are you okay?
- Do I look okay?

I tripped on your loose carpet.
Can't you fix it in place?

Look at this!

Excuse me...

This will really cost you.
Here's my card. My name is franke.

Any problems, call me.
We'll take care of it.

Katja, take this gentleman to paul.
Come this way.

Network overloaded.

To hanna.

You all okay?

Happy birthday!
Man, are you insane?

Scaring me like that?

Your face! Classic!

Yeah, just never do it again.

What's going on?

Gull to seal, gull to seal. The worm has returned.
- Roger that.

Everything okay with you?
And you?

Dad's back.

Dad! Hey, bug. You're still up?

You can put him to bed.
It's your birthday.

His godfather can make an exception.

I just wanted to congratulate him.
For my birthday!

Know how old I am now?

Do you know?
Dad is now ancient. Right...

Off to bed with you.
Come on, old man.

Three, two, one, over.
Belated best wishes, lukas.

I'm going home.
Johnny's on about the stadium again.

He thinks I'm going to die.
Come and sit down.

It's a great story anyway.

Get a load of this.

The whole stadium was evacuated,
A bomb scare.

Everyone clueless. Everyone panicking.

Except us.

Didn't you yell, "We'll all die,"
And run to the exit?

You never told me that.
That's not the point.

We narrowly escaped a terrorist attack.

We could have been dead.
It was probably aliens. No.

It was a hacker attack.
I've always said, one day.

They'll hack the entire city.

Do you have any normal friends, lukas?


Honey, you must go to bed.

But I can't sleep.

What are you hiding behind your back?

Can I try it on?

You can try it on,
And then you're going to bed.

- Okay.
- Can I have a kiss?

Only computers.

So, honey, I know you don't
Like celebrating your birthday,

But we do...
- beware, speech!

No worries,
I'm no good at speeches.

I love you. Happy birthday.

Hey, the lights!
Back on. Finally.



"Software glitch turns lights off
In berlin." yeah, right, me too.

Hotel accident
Contact details attached. Kaufmann.


Download complete

I'm excited.

- For you.
- Thanks.

- I love you!
- Beyond words.

Our finest day.


Do you like it?


Yes? - I'm scared of the aliens.
What aliens?

That turned the lights off.
Honey, that was just a joke!

There are only nice aliens anyway. Did you know?
- No.

Don't you know the story?
No. You don't know the story?

We have to change that.
Fine, but don't be long.

Good night.

There was once a planet called schnirps.

And on planet schnirps there was...

So there are no bad aliens anymore.
What if there were?

No worries, you'd still have me.
What would you do?

I'd smack them on the nose, really hard.
And then?

Then they'd fly back into space and.

Tell all their alien buddies
Not to mess with leon franke.

Okay, that makes sense.
Know what else makes sense?


Love you, dad.

Good night. Love you too.
Good night.

And what shall we do now?

Honey, turn it off.

Antipode. Today.

You've been added.

To the antipode group.

Take that berlin!

A fist emoticon.

The blackout was just the start!

Lights out and off to bed!

The ny times wrote about it!

Our 15 minutes of fame. Ha ha ha!

Delete group and all content?

Will it be stressful today?

Depends who
Wants to sue us for yesterday.

Could you take leon to kindergarten?

Pretty please.

Shall I take you?
Yes! Okay, pack your lunch.

Let's go. Thank you. No problem.

- Okay.
- Bye. Thank you, thanks.

Bye, honey. Have a nice day.

You too. Bye.
See you later. Bye.


Not six months ago, a spokesman for.

The energy company gave assurances.
Come on, get in.

That the capital's power supply.

Would remain secure
Even under extreme conditions,

Meaning both natural disasters.

And terrorist attacks.

Just a moment.

Just a moment!

Are you mrs. Franke?
Yes. What's that? A parcel.

Your signature please.

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

Even if it was a one-off,
We have to learn.

To handle things
More professionally and responsibly...

How good of you to come!
Sorry. My apologies.

You okay?
I was with my guests too long.

So, a power outage.
What? I feel so sick.

Got anything on you?
- But challenges Are a manager's daily bread.

Great, thanks.
Our friendto-all and figurehead.

Mr. Rosenberg
Naturally wants to make up.

For the curtailment of his conference.

I.E. Be compensated for it.

And mr. Franke, who isn't listening,

Was yesterday
Wearing his donator hat.

A 20,000 euro bar tab.

That really hurts me.
How about you?

- Sorry!
- How did it happen?

Do you have an explanation?
Damage limitation?

Damage limitation.

I know the term
From the car industry.

Power outage throughout the city.

Orgies in the streets.

And I was at a garden party.

The dullest place in the world.

Thanks, vero.

You know how I mean that.

You really mean that.
Did lukas turn 90?

What was that about?
How about some food?

Vero, are you hungry?
Hunger, no,

But cravings.

Is that a yes, or...
we'll be there in a minute.

Okay, cool.

Why are you cruel to him?

Because he loves it.
He just doesn't know it yet.

You coming?

I'll catch up.


I'm away for two days,
And you create chaos.

Must I do everything myself?

Didn't you ever learn
To take responsibility?

Trying to take me for a ride, or what?

Shall we play a game? Yes / no.

You're not serious, right?

Y / n.


What is going on here?

What are you doing?


I have to go.


- Hanna?
- Hey!

- Where are you?
- Out and about.

Why did you order
800 euros' worth of electrical goods?

What? I didn't order anything.
A parcel came for you.

And the money's been transferred.

It must be a mistake. I'll check later.

- Ciao.
- Bye.

May I see your id?
And please put your name on the list.

With pleasure.


- There you go.
- Thanks.

That'll be 239 euros, please.

- Eleven euros change.
- Thanks.

First it goes in the flour,

Then the eggs and the breadcrumbs.

If you stick a finger in,
It could be that.

Your hands get bigger
And the breadcrumb coating...

Julia gracht: Thanks for the night.


Noah's getting a remote control car
In his goody bag.

What? It wouldn't fit.
It fits in the big one. Can I get one?

What does mom say?

I'll ask her.

Can I have a remote control car?
Honey, I said you can.

Have something small, but a car
Is something for santa claus.

You said I can make a wish.

You can eat in front of the tv.

- Okay.
- Need any help?

Scrape the black bits off,
Add ketchup, and it's done.

Is something wrong?

Maybe yes.
Maybe something I don't know about.

Look what came for us.

- What is this?
- Who is julia?

No idea. I don't know any julia.

What do you think?

What am I supposed to think?

That I love you?

That I'm not into any other breasts?
Hanna, I don't know any julia.

So what's that doing on our tablet?
Spam, phishing mail?

This morning, someone must
Have accessed our data.

Know what I'm going to do?

I'll get rid of it.

Start virus scan?

Re-installation in progress.

Complete recovery.

Scan in progress.

System successfully installed.

I deleted everything,
Ran a virus scan on everything and.

The password for child safety
Is your birthday, february 7.

That's right, isn't it?

Come on, let's get to bed.

Berlin shutdown - antipode attacks!

Accident in hotel
Contact details attached, kaufmann

heart surgeons.

File damaged, can't be opened.


This is jens kaufmann.
I'm not available right now.

If it's urgent,
Leave a message after the tone.

Please be aware
That everything you say.

Will be passed directly
To the american intelligence agencies.

This service is free of charge.

I need to talk to you.
Professor lovebird, I'm waiting.

Who is this?


I don't know what he promised you,
But this here...

Ain't gonna happen.

I need your help. What is this?

You think I have
Nothing better to do than help you?

It's important. Or I wouldn't have come.

I haven't seen or heard from
You in years,

And quite honestly,

I didn't miss you either.

Thomas, please, listen!
This is serious.

I've been hacked.

So why come to me?

Ask dalton!

Do you dream?


Do you dream? At night.

What's this about?

Two thirds of all germans
Can't recall if they have dreamed.

What about you, mr. Franke?

What do you want from me?

To get inside your head.

I want to know everything
That you remember.

Let's begin
With a very simple question.

How did your brother know dalton?

No idea.

I think he was a client of his.

And what's his real name?

Everyone just called him dalton.
So I never asked.

And you paid this dalton a visit?


Because he's an expert.
I have no idea about that stuff.

Even updates make me nervous.

Yes. I get that.

But updates are important.
Otherwise we're vulnerable to attack.

I'm looking for dalton. Is he here?
He's not here.

I need him to track a phone number.
There's no dalton here.


I got hacked. Someone is threatening
My family. Taking secret photos.

Of my son, moving money
From my account and...

I don't know what to do. So...

Can you track the number?

The guy's called jens kaufmann.
We don't do that stuff.

But in theory you could.
Use public data,

And protect private data.
We don't act against individuals.

Even if they're assholes?
Maybe you're the asshole.

- Hey, come on. Please!
- No!

- So you won't help me.
- Sorry.

Rules are rules.

Bye now.


- Let's go.
- Fuck!

Who are you?
Just drive! Who are you?

Get going and I'll explain.

How did you get in here?
It was open.

Okay, that's enough.

Are you dalton?

I heard what you said in there.

I want to help you.

Give me the number.

We could have done this then.

You don't discuss some things
In front of everyone.

I know jens kaufmann.

Well, case.

We're hacktivists. Understand?


Kaufmann was a crasher, not some
Kiddy shit, he was big time.

Oil, pharmaceuticals...

Entire systems.

Dude, case and me.

Everything that I am,
I learned from him.

He created me, man.

Case is one of the good guys.

One of the good guys.
He's a white hat.

He doesn't attack soft targets like you.
The whole thing,

It's not his style. No offense, but...
fuck that, I want it to stop.

He's a white hat, man.
- What does he Want with me? - I don't know.

I lost all contact with him.


You'll find him there. Go to case,
He can explain everything.


Hey! Wait.

How can I find you?

You'll find me.

- Hanna?
- Hey.

Where are you?
- I got the address For the guy behind all this.

I'm on my way there now.
On your way?

Are you crazy? Go to the police now.
What would that achieve?

"I want to report an unknown person,
Some total idiot.

Who sends parcels and nude photos"?

You think they'd listen? I'll fix it myself.
- Bad idea, lukas.

We don't know who this guy is.
Trust me, please. I got this.

I love you. Bye.

Excuse me?

Excuse me, I'm looking for jens kaufmann.

- Why?
- I need to speak to him.

You're a bit late for that.

He's dead.

Nasty thing.
He jumped out the window on fire.


Four weeks ago.

Yeah, you kind of wonder
What kills you first.

The fire,
Or splattering down there?

Why did she only show her tits?

Let's google her.

Tits, julia.


How many tits-julias there are!

If it was her, just admit defeat.

Yes, I admit defeat.

Hey. Everything okay?

The guy doesn't live there now.
You were right.

I'm going home, getting the computer
And going to the police.

I have a meeting at the 'freischwimmer'.
Can you pick me up there?

Sure, will do. Love you.
Love you too.

Yes, aunt vero will cancel her date.

Who needs sex when you can
Watch "Toy story" for the tenth time?

Vero, you're the best.

Drop the bat, please.
Who are you?

Criminal police berlin.

Put the bat down.

What are you doing in my house?

Search warrant.

Search warrant?

No smoking in here!
Please take a seat.

No, I don't want to.
Tell me what's going on.

My colleagues took a look around.
Why my house?

Listen, I...

I got hacked,
And I don't know who by.

I was about to report it.
How convenient.

And here we are!

How long would it take?

Realistically, a week.

Okay, listen. Write on your napkin
What you want to earn.

If my napkin says more,
You do it in three days.

If your sum is higher, I'm out of luck.


Okay. Three days. Sketches only.

They must be to the point.
We have a tight schedule.


I'll do my best.

The check, please.

Can I give you a ride anywhere?

I'm getting picked up, I think.

Can I at least buy you a drink?

That's kind, but you needn't wait.
You'd be doing me a favor.

I need a good reason
Not to go straight back to the office.

Mr. Franke,

Are you a member of antipode?

Antipode? - Mhm.
- What's that?

The activist group that claimed
Responsibility for the blackout.

No. I have nothing to do with them.

So why did they claim responsibility
From your ip address?

Because I was hacked,
I already told you.

Mr. Franke, do you know
What a 'risk person warning' is?

Imagine someone wants
To commit a crime. We know about it,

But don't have enough evidence.

Now let's assume
That someone is you.

Then you can take this chat
As a warning. In other words,

Whatever you're planning,
Drop it.

Do you understand me?

What do you think I'm planning?

You're making a bomb.

What? I'm making a bomb?

Totally absurd!
Nonsense, I'm not making a bomb!

Do you happen to know...

This man?