You (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - P.I. Joe - full transcript

As Love looks after an increasingly skittish Ellie, Joe tries to reconstruct the events of a trippy evening -- but finds the truth to be elusive.

We're friends, Delilah.
We're good friends.

I'm not going to hurt you.


But I wouldn't have. No.

No, no... no.

I don't want to die in here.

You won't.

I promised. I meant it.
I wouldn't have done this.

I worked so hard for you, Love.

This couldn't have been me.

But she was a threat to us.

She could've exposed me. Kept me from you.

I had motive.

I want to be with you.

No, it doesn't make sense.

Because if I did this,
I don't deserve you.

What it makes me, there could be no us.

I knew that. I knew that!

The acid.

What happened last night?

I have to know who killed Delilah.

Even if it was me.

The bar. We were at the bar.

Everything was fine. And that was...
What? Eight-ish?


That is the time
you started drinking.

You drugged me?

Dosed, 8:52 p.m.

And then things were not fine.
I don't know where or when the fuck I was.

Are you really leaving LA?

My daughter's having
one of her drama queen days.

Too much time unaccounted for.

That is time to murder.

If not, where was I?
What the hell was I doing?

- Go for Forty.
- Forty, I am so glad I got you.

I was hoping that...

Sucker. Leave a message.

Hey, it's me. It's Joe.

Oh, what a night.

I wanted to check in on you,
so call me when you get this. Thanks.

Okay, step one.

She needs to be alive.
I can't have people looking for her.

Like Officer other David Fincher.

Shit. Ellie.

No, I couldn't have done this to her.

Right. Facial recognition. That's great.

Let's go.


I can't just leave her here.

Whoever did this either left in a hurry
or just wanted this to be my mess.

Is this a frame job?

Are the police on their way?

I should run.

No. I can't leave her here.

I can't leave her for anyone to find.

I also can't move her in broad daylight.
I've got to wait till dark.

It's taking a chance either way,

but Los Angeles heat,

decomp's gonna happen fast.

At best, buys five to six hours.
But I'll make the most of it.

Figure out what the hell happened
last night.

T, M.

Dude, slow down.
You'll be dead before you kiss the girl.

He was the only one who knew
this was here.

I took his name. Caged him.

I mean,
revenge wouldn't be out of the question.

Why kill Delilah, not me, though?

You exposed us, and now they're...

Could have been off his meds. Right.



Uh, hi. I'm looking for Will.


He didn't give a real number

because he is not in Manila?

He was here, killing Delilah?

Hello, friend! What's up?


Oh! See that? Living proof.

I have let people out of the cage,

made friends, even, from the experience.

Was that Gigi who just picked up?

It's everything I told you, man.

I never doubted it.

Okay, I did. But I shouldn't have.

Like I shouldn't have considered Will
a suspect.

He is a good man.

Why do you look like someone hit you
on the head with a rock,

threw you in the trunk of their car?

I'm tired, that's all.

Talk to a brother. Joe, you can tell me.

Why do you think I gave you
my real number?

Honestly, Will,
you have some real mental health issues.


I know you can get yourself
in interesting jams.

But you want to do right.

- If I can help...
- Why do you wanna help me?

We all just gotta just try
and do the decent thing, moving forward.

You know when you pick up a spider,

and you bring it outside
because you want it to live?

But let's say when it's in your hand,

it dies anyway,
and you don't know if it's your fault.

But it was in your hand?

Well, no, it's... I mean,
it's an imperfect metaphor,

but the... the point is,
you... you wanted it... to live.

If I'm hearing you right...

you have someone in your cage...

who is now dead.

But you don't think you killed them.

Will, it wasn't me.

I mean, I don't know that
because I was on a lot of drugs.

But I was going to let her go.

Just like you.

I don't think you'd kill someone
you intended to keep alive.

Honestly, Will, I don't know
what happened, and I have to know.

I really feel like I...
I would not have done this.

I believe you.

But, end of the day...
only you know who you really are.

Whether you really wanted
to let that spider go or not.

Thanks, Will.

Anytime, Will.

I don't think I did this to you.

I'm going to prove I didn't.

Find out who did.

Far be it from Forty to answer a text.

Especially when he's responsible
for my night being a black hole.

I would be sleeping off
the night's debaucheries

if I hadn't woken into a nightmare.

I'll rest
when there's not

a murderer on the loose.

It's open.



I thought I had a rough night.

Love, hey.

- Weren't you writing?
- Yeah, your brother's got a process.

What are you doing here?

You don't... remember?

Oh, God, was I that drunk?

Did I get this wrong
and I'm just embarrassing myself...

Of course I remember.

The greatest call of my life.

- The greatest?
- Yes.

If we're together, we're okay.

I love you.

I love you... Love.

I can figure this out for us.

Oh, about that. Um...

"I'd go anywhere for you" thing?

I meant that, I did.

But now that I am sober...

could we just slow down that part
a little bit?

Of course.

- Okay.
- Perfect.

Because time is what I need
to find out who did this to Delilah,

clear my name, protect you,
confirm I'm worthy of you, Love.


Does this mean
you're not screwing my sister anymore?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Probably just the four tabs of acid
working their way out of his system.

You were on acid last night?

That's your brother's process.

I didn't know he was gonna dose us.
I kept him out of trouble.

Okay, but where is he? Is he okay?

I can't believe
you didn't mention anything.

Forty's fine.

I saw him get in the car
when I left the hotel, like, an hour ago.

Speaking of missing people...

Anyone see my sister?

- No.
- I haven't seen her.

It's fine.

I just wanted to show her
this death threat she got.

What? Let me see that. What?

This is awful.

Because of the article?

Is that what happened?

Some Henderson crazy followed me
to the cage?

Slit Delilah's throat
because she showed them who he really was?

- We should show it to the police.
- I will.

Hey, Ellie. Maybe you shouldn't go back
to your apartment

till your sister gets back.

But we can walk to the market.
I can make you some breakfast.

Okay. Um...

Yeah, we'll let Will shower off the night,
and we can get going.

Poor girl has no idea
her life is about to change.



You don't have to hide.

Remember when we came back,

what I said?

How things would be different?

I meant it.

He's never gonna hurt us again.


You hear me?

What the...?

The hell?

Freeze, asshole!

- Calvin.
- Crying...

You know what that means.

Rule number three.

- If you cannot stop sobbing, just drink...
- Moon Juice.

You're gonna go to Anavrin.

I left while I was tripping.

Went to Anavrin.

What says
I didn't make a detour to murder?

Or I went straight to Anavrin and back.

Maybe Calvin can put me there long enough
to account for all the lost time.

- Bettelheim. Right?
- Other Fincher.

- Just what I need.
- I'm sorry, what's your nameagain?


Officer Fincher.

That's right. Delilah's friend.

You seen her around lately?

Hm, and operates
with all the nuance of Columbo.

I haven't, actually.

Now, if her phone worked, I could
have her tell him she's chasing a lead

from Paul Rudd's holistic nutritionist,
but alas, it doesn't.

I hope she's okay.

Why would you say that?

Well... her sister, Ellie,
mentioned she hadn't seen her either.

And, actually...

they got this.

I was gonna bring it by the station.

Apparently, that article she wrote
has got a lot of Hendy fans stirred up.

And I hate to overreact.

Supposedly, some real sickos
have been DMing her.

One even broke into Henderson's place

and tried to stab him a while back...
But I mean, I'm sure you know all this,

after what happened to him.

- Of course.
- So...

Again, I'm probably overreacting...

but I'm glad
someone's looking out for her.

And at the risk of laying it on...

Oh, and I should tell you...

she broke things off with me.
I think she really likes you, man.


If you see her, have her call me.

Will do.

Statistics force me to consider
Officer Douchebag as a suspect.

Too often, it's the jealous boyfriend,
spurned lover.

As much as I'd like to pin it
on him,

all I see is a heartsick puppy dog.

Okay, you gotta remember the part

where you were ranting about
how all the peaches were mad at you.

Calvin, I'm glad you find this so funny.

- I just really need to find...
- I know, find your wallet.

Uh, just, the next time you do acid,

please record it for your future self.

And by that, I mean all of us.

Believe me. I wish I had.

What... What time would you say
that I got here?

11:18. How do I know that?
Because you didn't turn the alarm off.

Made me come down here and jump your ass
like you were some common criminal.

So, I just got a Moon Juice,

and then... when did I leave?

Oh, uh, you were all on me about Cheetos.

Like we carry that ish.

Cheetos? Oh, no.

- Had to be...
- Flamin' Hot?

Ah! So you do remember some fun stuff.

For Delilah.

You kept saying you needed snacks
for the basement.

You kept asking me where the door was.

- I was like, "Sweetie, this is California.
- No basements."

The basement.

I must've thought
that's where the cage was.

I was headed to see Delilah.

Hold on. None of this stuff was there.

No Cheetos, nothing. So...

Did I happen to mention
where I was headed when I left?

Yeah. That would suggest a level
of clarity that you did not possess.

Which is why I didn't say anything
last night,

but you need to pay the store back,
even when Forty's with you.

Forty was with me?

You're kidding, right?

I thought he never left the hotel.

You don't remember him
trying to get one of us

to shove a Grey Goose-infused tampon
up his ass?

So he could keep his high
at a "cruising altitude"?

If Forty was with me,

I would avoid the storage unit
at all costs.

That's why none of the food
for Delilah was there. I never went.

If only my alibi would pick up
his fucking phone.

And by now, Love,
you're wondering where I am.

Hey! Uh-uh. I think one cup's enough
for a 15-year-old.


Okay, now.

If you could chop these?

- Okay.
- Here.

You can tuck your fingers underneath.

- It's safer that way and hold the knife...
- Like this?

- All right.
- Now hold your knife like this.

- Up here?
- Mm-hmm.

- Like that?
- Yeah, that's it.

So, how long have you and your sister
been on your own?

I guess my amazing life here started
after my dad got sick.

Which is awesome

when he's your only friend in the world,
and you also hate your mom.


Okay. Sounds like we have the same mom.

The punchline, obviously,
is that my dad died.

Don't. It's so awkward.
Let's just move on.


How are these?

I mean...

if the film thing doesn't work out,

you should consider culinary school
in Paris.

Those are really even. That's really good.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

So your dad left you
with the shitty parent. And then what?

Delilah bolted first.

I endured a couple more years,
and then showed up and ruined her life.

It's fine. Feeling's mutual.

- Something like that?
- Yeah. I can take those.

Thank you.

I pray your brother's home,
just so I can figure this out, Love.

Will. What a pleasant surprise.

- Wish I could say the same.
- Come in.

I was sorry to hear you're leaving LA.

Actually, I'm still working on that.

Nothing's definite yet.

Well, then perhaps
we can persuade you to stay.


I wanted to thank you.

Forty was all but inconsolable
when I picked him up this morning.

He said you were really there for him
last night.

I was?

The night's a bit blurry.

You don't have to pretend with me.

I know what he confessed to you.


I killed her.

Holy shit! How could I forget?

My husband and I appreciate the burden
our son's put on you.

We also want you to know
we're here to ease your burdens.

However great they may be.

Your secrets are safe with us, Will.

Never has a threat worn
such a luxuriant veil.

And just what is it your parents think
they know about me?

What the hell did I tell Forty last night?

- Mom!
- I'll let him know you're here.

Add it to the list of mysteries.


- Couldn't be.
- Joe...

Would you fuck me?

Come on. You would totally fuck me.

Forty's my alibi, not my suspect.

Just because he killed before
doesn't mean he'd...

Well, unless he was crying to your mother
this morning

because he killed again.

Did I tell him I had Delilah in the cage?

That she was the reason
I had to give up on you and leave town?

Would Forty kill to keep us together?

Old sport.


Comedown is a bitch.

But that trip. I mean...

We touched God.

Like, "tickled-His-balls" touched.

Inspired work, Broseph.


My Gaia. My Isis.

Oh, thank you.

Soothed my weary soul, as usual.

I love you.

Bye, boys.


What an epic night. Ooh!

Look at him.
He'd have to be a complete sociopath.

Or blacked out.

Oh, are you gonna puke?

'Cause that's totally fine,
just not over here.

It's antique camel hair on demo.

That is for you.

Bro, seriously?

You complete me.

I have to admit, I'm a little foggy. Uh...

I remember we made the run to Anavrin.

Yeah, that place.

Where did we go after Anavrin?

What was that?

You know, um...

- It's kind of a blur.
- He's lying.

Why is he lying?

We stopped somewhere else, right?

Yeah. Again, man, it's such a blur.
I don't really know. Um...

Are you okay?

You know, this is your fault.

All right? You were the one that wanted
to go see Delilah, and...

I would never have done it
if it weren't for you.

Holy shit. It was him.

I'm like, really, really sorry.

What are you sorry for?

I know that you know what I did.

I was with Candace last night.


I know that I screwed up.

But if you hadn't booty-called Delilah,
I never would have called her.


Forty has no idea what happened.

I told you that we should go back to work,

but you made Igor drive us
to that random corner downtown.

What is this place, Betteljuice?

Is "Delilah," like,
code for you getting homeless vag?

He didn't do it.

He dropped me off
and then went to screw Candace.

You told me to go.

Worse, he left me there alone.

So youleave me on a corner?

- Completely out of my mind?
- Yeah.

Look, I fucked up, all right?

And I fucked her, and I fucked us.

I told you we were only sexting
now and again...

Motive, I had.
He gave me means. Opportunity.

I was lonely, okay? And, like...

redheads, you know?
I just figured what's the harm in...

"What's the harm"?

I had to leave everything behind
because of her.

- She is the reason I lost everything.
- But you found Love.

How could you leave me for her?

I'm really, really so sorry.

Please forgive me. Joe, come on. Please?

I can forgive your brother
for seeing Candace.

What I can't forgive
is him leaving me there

with a head full of acid.


Oh, God.

Okay, I'm gonna be right back. Okay?

I'm just gonna be right back!

Unless this was Candace.

Some elaborate plot to set me up.

But why kill Delilah?

Why not just kill me?

She had her chance.
Still, this doesn't mean it was me.

Forty can put me there.
What's to say I went in?

Hold up.

Hey, wait.

Take this.

Give it to Delilah.

And when you fuck her,

you think of me.


So don't ghost me.

All right?

Or do.

Get it?

Oh, man.

But why can't I remember it?

Am I just clenching my eyes shut
against some truth I don't want to face?

Hey, you.

You need to get over here now.

Ellie's freaking out.

Hey, hey. Um...

Everything was fine, and then...

She's convinced something happened
to her sister.

Stay the hell away from me.


I said stay the hell away from me!

Don't! Let go! No!

- Stop!
- It's okay.

Stop. Let go. Let go of me. Stop.

Let go.

It's just me.

It's gonna be okay.

It's not gonna be okay!

It's always gonna be a mess!

- What? What's gonna be a mess?
- My life.

My whole fucking life!

Why won't she respond to my texts?

I'm sure she has a good reason.

She's never left me alone
this long before.

I know something happened to her.

You don't know that.

She was pulling away from me.

I could tell.

Everybody wants to get away from me!


What's wrong with me?


There's nothing's wrong with you.


It's not you.

It's me.

Don't ever think that.

I know what you see, Love.
A good man.

But I have my doubts.

You are a genius, Forty Quinn.

If I was your agent,
I would be sucking your dick right now.

That's quite an endorsement.

Well, somebody woke up
on the wrong side of an acid trip.

Okay. Um, look...

- Last night was a mistake. Okay?
- Yeah.

The good kind, right?


- I was high.
- Yeah.

I hate when I slide
into a girl's vagina without meaning to.

Stop. No. I'm serious.

If Joe hadn't booty-called Delilah,
I would never...

Wait, what?

The manager from his place?

That Delilah?

See? He's right.

You are all about him.

- And you were just using me...
- Wait, Joe said that?

- Did he tell you what to say to me?
- God. Just stop.

You are obsessed with him.

I mean, why else would you still be here

after my sister paid you to go?

I am trying to protect you...

and your sister
from a guy who buried me alive.

So you say.
You also said your name was "Amy Adam,"

which, come to think of it,
sounds really stupid.

What, was "Britney Spear" already taken?

If you had a brain,

you could read
between the lines of your own script

and see that you cracked the case.

Hector, the hot sculptor boyfriend
who got jealous and killed Beck

and framed Dr. Nicky?

It's Joe.

Okay, so now if Dr. Nicky is so innocent,

why don't you take your theory to him?

I tried.

He wouldn't talk to me. No one will.

You know, it's a little hard
when everyone sees you as the crazy ex.

Maybe ask yourself why that is.

Oh, God.


What is it about Joe fucking Goldberg?

Why is it that no one can see him
for what he is?

Careful. You're talking about my family.


Don't come crying to me
when he kills your sister.

One of those days,

it seemed the sun
was in a rush to come down.

Good thing.
With it comes the cover I need.

No closer to knowing who killed Delilah.

But I got to get her body off my hands.

Only question is how.

Not getting caught, that I can manage.
I've been here before.

It's Ellie. What is best for her?

That is what I promised her.

Promised them both.

Is it better to know Delilah's dead...

...or always wonder?

Which version of this is worse?

Get Delilah's phone fixed, man.

Give Ellie a sister a little longer.

She hears what she needs to
before losing Delilah forever,

and the rest would be on us.

If there can be an us.

If I'm not the monster
who took Ellie's sister,

we could take care of Ellie.

Be a family.

That's the best ending of all.
The one where love makes everything okay.


It's Amy.

Will's ex.

Look, if you're in there, open up,
all right?


Amy Candace.

I was just thinking.

We never got to live out
our spectrophilia fantasy.

Ours is a forbidden love,
but if I'm a ghost, right?

I mean, I'll be in and out,
and you won't even know it.

I mean, you'll definitely know it, but...

Wait. Hold up! Hold up.

Take this. Give it to Delilah.

And when you fuck her, think of me.

Promise? Anyway, so don't gho...


I'm so sorry.

I don't know what happened to you,
and I want to know.

I told you you would walk out of here.

And I failed you.

But Ellie will be okay.

She will know you love her.

And no matter what...

I will never let her get hurt.

- Back the fuck up!
- Easy, easy. Easy, easy.

Ah! Oh!

I told you, Joe.
It was just a matter of time.

This isn't what it looks like.
I didn't do this.

Oh, bunny.

Your phone.

- Now!
- Oh, shit!

- Give me your phone, Joe.
- Okay, okay.

- All right.
- Unlock it.

- I can't fucking see.
- Now!

Hang on.

The police are never gonna believe you.

You're locked in a cage
with a dead body, Joe.

I think they might believe me this time.

What are you doing?

What are you gonna do?

Thought Love might like to come
and see what you've done.

No, please! Candace...

Candace, don't do that.

- Leave her out of this.
- You wish.

Sucks to have someone pretend to be you,
doesn't it, Joe?

If I killed this woman,

then I deserve this.

I thought I only ever acted
from a place of love.

To protect.

- No!
- Stop!

But what type of man would do this?

I'm gonna show you
who you really are.

Has Candace been right all along?

Have I been fooling myself?

Have I just been refusing to face
who I really am?

- Fucking lying!
- No!

Stop! You're hurting me!

- Get off of me!
- Fucking lying!

- Stop!
- Tell me his fucking name!

Get away from me!
Let go of me! You're crazy!

What am I?

What did you do?

What did you do?

You shouldn't have done that, Joey.

You shouldn't have done that, Joey.

You shouldn't have done that, Joey.

What did you do?

- Love.
- What's going on?

What did you do?

Told you what he did to me,

Beck, and God knows who else.

You couldn't believe me, so I proved it.

Let him out of there.


This asshole is going to be in a cage
for the rest of his life.

Call the cops.

I just wanted you to see it first.

You're crazy.

Tell her.

Tell her you didn't do this!

I did.

She's right.

Everything she said about what I did...

is true.

I'm sorry.

You're not crazy.

I tried to kill her.

I blamed it all on her.

But that was a lie,

like so many others.

I thought I was doing it
for the best reasons,

for love.

But, Love...

it wasn't.

It was never really love.

I never knew love until I met you.

I would do anything for you.

I just want to be good enough for you.

I told myself that I could be different,
I could do it another way.

But if that was true...

Delilah wouldn't be...


I couldn't face the truth
because I didn't want to lose you.

I did this.

She figured out I'd killed Henderson,

and I killed her.

Is this how I was always
destined to end?

Alone, unloved,
waiting for the police to arrive?

Could things have gone any differently?

If I'd walked
into a different bookstore...

- Who am I to you?
- You're an asshole.

One not run by a Soviet
prison guard.

Or maybe...
if I'd had different parents...

Mom? Mommy?

You were protecting me.

It had to be done.

You're a good boy, Joey.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Listen carefully to every word I say.

You would never hurt anyone.

And that's the truth.


Much less kill someone.


You're a good boy.

It was just an accident.

A terrible... accident.

Yeah. Yeah, okay?

I'm done with excuses.

I'm done blaming everyone else
for the things I've done.

I once told Beck,

I learned a lesson
when Mooney locked me in.

Hide a spare key.

Love! Hey!

God, leave me alone!

So you can get out
of the goddamn cage.


But it's time I take responsibility.


Accept the punishment for my crime.

That a cage is where I belong.

Where's Candace?

What happened?

I took care of it.

Subtitle by Matheus Modesto