You (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Ex-istential Crisis - full transcript

To soothe heartache, Joe turns to ancient remedies, modern technology and drinking with Delilah. But one small slip-up could have major consequences.

It's weird,

the things you do
when you're broken up with.

I considered stepping
in front of a car the other day

just so you'd look at me.

I know, I should run.

Candace could storm in
with a SWAT team at any moment,

and, honestly, it would be a convenience.

Everything hurts,
and nothing is okay without you, Love.

You... don't make it easy to check in.

I'm shut out, and you want me to know it.

I just want to know you're okay, Love.

And, maybe, to know you're hurting too.

Goddamn curtains.


What the...?

Who the fuck is that?

There are a lot of seedy characters
in this town, Love.

It's a good thing you moved
your spare key to... to the bird house!

Shit. Shit.

If I go over there,
you'll know I was watching.

If I don't... Oh, damn it.

I get it now.

The curtains aren't to shut me out.

They're a kindness
because you've already moved on.


Not so long ago,

that was me,
with your fingers in my mouth.

Me, eating your delicious cooking.

Me, tasting the food in your mouth

when you couldn't wait
till after you'd swallowed to kiss me.

Didn't think you were one for pretty boys.

Could you really be
into all those muscles?

Who is this monster?


is Milo.

It's not really my business.

- Milo. Milo what?
- Milo fucking Warrington.

You know,
he used to be James's best friend.

Love's late husband James?


He just spent two years traversing Asia

so he could sprinkle James's ashes
all over the Himalayas.

And now he's back,

traversing Love's vagina. Again.

'Cause he does that periodically.

- So he's a...
- Scumbag.

I would Poltergeist the shit out of him
if I was James.

I need answers, Love.

Well, maybe it's a comfort thing.

I mean, they've both been
through something terrible.


Maybe for her, it is.

But he's been sweet on her since college.

He could not stand it
when she chose James.

And then guess who was Mr. Attentive
at the funeral?

Yeah. He stayed for weeks after.

Cooked, cleaned, bathed her,

went down on her every night.

Nobody does that shit out
of the kindness of their own heart, Joe.

He was preying on her

when she was vulnerable.

And now he's doing it again.

Picking up the pieces
when your body's barely cold.

He's a predator,
and you're falling for it, Love.

Don't worry, sport,
she's not falling for it.

Love will give herself permission to do
what she needs to do to heal,

but she is still very broken up over you.

She does not look very broken up.

Challenge accepted.

Watch this.

Milo Warrington,

Australian Zen Buddhist travel blogger

with a penchant for holding baby animals
with his shirt off.

Sponsored by Patagonia,

which is easier
when your dad owns Patagonia.

He free-climbs, plays guitar,
trains horses,

volunteers in third-world countries?

No, he's too perfect. No guy like this
actually exists outside a romance novel.

I smell a fraud.

And you look too enchanted, Love.

What's up?

Really? Bringing Mr. Didgeridon't
around just for Joe to see?

It's all a little Dottie of you.

You cannot possibly be into him.

Okay, first of all, never compare me
to Mom again.

And secondly, I'm actually into him.

No, this is good for me.

And I don't need you coming in
on behalf of Will,

or... Joe,
or whatever the fuck his name is,

trying to make me feel
some type of way about it, okay?

Milo is good. At least he's honest.

Is he, though?

Do me a favor.
Focus on your own shit, okay?

Move to the light, as Dottie would say.

- Hey, Forty.
- Hi, Salami Nips.

As I suspected, she is not over you.

- Did she say that?
- She did not need to.

This is what Love does when she's hurting.

She, like, gets a little basic

and pretends to like things
that she definitely does not like

in order to seem normal.

And also, it's the only time
that she'll snap at me. It's a tell.

Makes sense.

When I was getting over Beck,
I glommed onto Karen Minty.

Good, but wrong for me.

Is that who Milo is? Is he your Karen?

Okay, so you know
what you have to do now, right?

Get back on the horse,
start dating around,

show Love how free
and happy you're living.

She will hate that.

I'm not the vindictive type.

And she's not really the jealous type.

Oh! I'm sorry,
did the two of you share a womb?

Yeah, trust me, okay? She gets jealous.

Now let's set you up.


Why are you helping me?
I lied to your sister.

I lied to you.

I tangled you up in this...
this Amy-Candace mess.

Hey. As Shakespeare once said,

"Bitcheth was crazy."

You lied out of necessity. Okay?

That guy is a pie-hunting snake

in Tarzan's body,
and I do not trust him.

My gut says you're good,

he's bad, case dismissed.

I'm starting to see what you see
in Forty. He is smart.

And he loves you hard. I get that.

All right. I need something good
for your Flingr profile.

Spit me some literature, please.


You are not putting this poor,
innocent man on there.

I suggest Magnolia.

It's mostly queer,

but straight girls troll
for gays to beard,

- and they are aggressive as fuck.
- Oh.

I know it's a deeper conversation,
but I'm just saying,

- I could have all the pussy I could...
- Eat.

Eat... or whatever.
So, by all means, you take it.

Goldleaf is another good one.

It's only for celebrities,
so we would need to get you verified,

but, uh, it's safer for people like us.

You up on the lingo?

"PnP," whatnot?

"Party and play," a.k.a. drugs and sex?

Oh! If someone hits you
with a "What's up," capital T,

that means "Tina," which means meth.

- Why is Tina meth?
- Oh, and you definitely need to watch

for kitten-fishing thirst traps.

- What?
- Pictures.

Like, if it's a close-up head shot,
she's fat.

If it's a group shot, she's, like,
really insecure,

but, like, wants to seem fun.
And if she has a pixie cut...

- Oh, and...
- Okay.

Thank you both. Wow.
That's a lot to think about.

And I will.


Chum in the water.

You know, I gotta hand it to this
guy, he takes a gorgeous picture.

Not that it's difficult

when the subject is you.

Uh, what was that?
No. Did I just like his photo of you?

- Son of a...
- Hey, creep.

- Hey.
- Do me a favor.

Instead of Delilah,
fuck anything else. Cool?

How... Why do you know about that?

Just be a normal person

and rebound on Flingr
instead of your literal neighbor.

- Can you do that?
- Elle?

Can you scrounge up some more quarters?
We need three more.


But if I come back
and witness anything nasty,

I'm running away forever.

- Hi.
- Apartment three.

- Delilah, I'm sorry, I...
- Stop, it's no big deal. Okay?

You can stop avoiding me

and pay your fucking rent
because it's late.

- That's right. I'm sorry.
- And stop apologizing.


But, hey, Flingr is a great idea

because you clearly need some training
on how to be a single human man in LA.


What's that,
four people now suggesting Flingr?

Do I smell desperate?

Maybe I do.

Bye, creep.

Here are your quarters.

Why do you hate Will?

I mean, he's grumpy, and I give him shit
'cause I kinda hate him,

- but, I don't...
- I don't hate him.

Ever think maybe it's because I like him,
I don't want things to blow up?

Which you know will happen.

Then he'll have to move,
or we'll have to move, and it just...

Can't things just be simple for once?

Fair enough.

"Ten Dating Apps
for Those Who Hate Dating Apps."

And the profiles of several
rather promiscuous-looking ladies.

Out of pure, morbid curiosity.

I know these apps are helpful

and there are success stories,

but how lazy and anti-feminist is this?

Swipe yes or no based off of a glance

at a retouched selfie? It's barbaric.

Bring me the days
when a man would ride horseback

for hours just to sit beside a woman

for tea, without the promise
of a graze of a single finger.

Some of the pictures
don't even have faces in it.

And what the hell is "cuffing season"?


"Hmm." The App for Readers.

Less photo-based, more conversational.

"For those interested in getting to know
someone who actually reads."

Mmm, okay. I'll bite.

What's in a name, indeed.

Oh, the saga
of Will Bettelheim must continue.

Joe and his heart are reserved
for one person.

Are you really the jealous type, Love?

I guess we'll see.

What are your favorite books?

Total honesty, I'm not the biggest reader.

I just really want to date a guy who is.

4-Hour Workweek changed my life.
You should read it.

Anything Tolstoy.

And Bukowski.

Bit of a romantic.

What's your story?

- I moved here a few months ago.
- For the industry?

Me too!

From where? What are your goals?

Any fetishes I should know about?

"But you can't get away from yourself,

moving from one place to another."

That's... The Sun Also Rises.

You know your Hemingway.

It's very sexy.

I couldn't agree more.

Uh, cheers.


It's in portrait mode, right?

I'll get the room. You walk in two steps,

get on your knees, we fuck,
you leave, no talking.

- Um...
- "If you think it long..."

and mad..."

Take some on your phone.
Your camera might be better.

"I shall lift my arms",

and my roots shall set off
to seek another land."

Let's get you an Uber home.

Thanks to Forty's constant reposts

to his Stories, I can see you've been
looking at my profile, Love,

but choosing not to engage.

Now that's a sign, right? You're jealous.

Oh, my God.

- You went all the way to Glendora?
- Yeah, of course.

Meanwhile, Milo's account
is getting more and more intimate.

And now you're eating sex crime donuts
with him and not me.

- Hey, Will.
- Hey.

- What are you doing?
- I'm... I'm just reorganizing. Per Forty.

Is that the garbage?

- Yeah.
- Oh. I got it.

- You sure?
- Yeah. I'm already back here.

Okay, thanks.

What did you want to talk to me about?

Well, as you know, I go to Bali next week,

and I should be there
for about ten months.


Yeah, you said you were really excited.

This is the moment he asks
you to come.

He's trying to Peach you,

- and I have the pleasure of hearing it.
- Well,

not anymore.

I'm tired of traveling.
And this,

you and me,
has been really good, hasn't it?

- Oh, no.
- Yeah, it's great.

Right. So, I'm thinking,

what if I stick around a while?

What if you and me give this a real shot?

I want you to be my girlfriend, Love.

I'm sorry...

Just a little dry.


Milo, that's, um...

I don't want you to make that decision
because of me.

But if staying in LA feels right, then...

you should.


So, the big guy is sticking around
like a stupid fucking boomerang.

Do you want to be his girlfriend, Love?

Enjoy. I hear the beaches
in Manila are beautiful.



I heard you're... online dating.

Forty told me twice

- or, like, 100 times.
- Yeah.

- He's very supportive, I guess.
- It's going well?

You are curious.

It is, actually. Yeah, I mean, it's all...

That's really great.

I'm glad
you're putting yourself out there.

I was just also curious.
What name are you using? Will or Joe?




Forty was wrong.

You aren't jealous. You are disgusted.

And I don't blame you.

While I've been on a fool's errand
of pointless dates,

Milo has leveled up,
and you are falling for it.

I think I've been putting my attention
in the wrong place.

Is it the Avengers bod?

Or the "born into old money
but went the New-Age route" thing?

Oh, is it the sex?

Damn. This is really uphill.

Is it his lung capacity, Love?

- Will?
- Shit.

Of course, your best friend, now.

Gabe! Man, what...

That's crazy. I just saw, um, Milo.
He, you know, he's...

It's a coincidence. I guess he's hiking.
Everybody's hiking today.

- You hike often?
- Uh...

I'm getting into it, yeah.

Will, I have
an especially potent bullshit detector.

You mind if we just sidestep
these forced niceties?

Stop the little white lies.

Love values radical,
it-hurts-even-to-say-it honesty

above anything else.

And she caught you in a fucking whopper.

I know.

- I know...
- That being said,

in almost ten years of our friendship,

I don't think she has ever talked
about someone

the way that she has talked about you.

Not even James.

So I think there's still hope.

But this whole Flingr-whore,
jealous stalker thing,

it is not a good look.

You wanna know
why Love is so attracted to Milo?

- Yes.
- He worked on himself.

Damage attracts damage.
Healthy people like healthy people.

- What if I'm damaged?
- Honey...

everybody came here because they are.

The point is what you do with it.

Maybe it's time you faced this
like a true Angeleno, hmm?

Terrified to know what this means.

Come along.

How are you feeling?



What are you afraid of?

That one of these will graze a
nerve, and I'll become Sloth from Goonies.


I don't know.


What are you afraid of?

I don't know, I'm afraid this won't work.

That is what you thought I wanted to hear.

What are you afraid of?

Okay. Breathe.

Think. Answer honestly
because your psycho friend Gabe

is a human lie detector.

I'm afraid...

this will work.


I'll say something... true.

Something bad.

You'll tell Love.

And I'll lose her forever.

What is in these needles?

The truth does not scare Love.

This would.

Love, your friend is a sorcerer.

So, you believe your truth...

makes you unworthy of love?

I need to stop talking now.


And, therefore, unworthy of Love.


- Mommy?
- Joe.


- Get in here.
- I was afraid you left.

I'm so sorry.

What's happening?

My home is you.

Who would you be
if you didn't have anyone to love?

Joey, you're such a good boy.

What did you lose...

that makes you chase love so much?

Today's the day.

We're getting out of here.

Where are we going?

I don't know yet.

But we're never gonna see him again. Okay?

I'm sorry I did this to you.

I thought he'd be better this time,

but he was worse.

We're done.

We're out.

- What are we?
- Out.

That's right. Pack your stuff.

Take only the important things,
none of those books.

You hear me?

Okay, you can take one.

I'm gonna go to the bank,
and I'll be back at four to get you.

And it'll be just the two of us.

As long as we're together,

we'll always be home.

You have been in the pursuit of someone
to love and care for for all of your life.

What if...

you were that person?

What if you're all that you need?

Say it with me, "I..."

- I...
- " all I need." all I need.


I am all I need.

How are you feeling?



It's the power of self-love.

As Mama Ru says,

"If you cannot love yourself,

how in the hell
are you gonna love somebody else?"


Okay, easy.

Easy now. You're gonna feel
a little out-of-body for a while.

All right?

You're a wizard.

Thank you.

But this is not a cure-all.

It's a practice.

You're still gonna experience
dark thoughts and emotions.

What is important
is that you follow it up with,

"And I'm okay with that."

"I'm okay with that."

Good. Good, good.

It's also important
you keep that temple clean, okay?

I'm gonna suggest
a quick seven-day cleanse.


Dude, I love green juice,
but celery is basically Satan's butt plug.

It's not that bad.

Oh, I can't look at you
while you drink that.

But we do need to chat, re: D-FOL.

We gotta find a big name to play Beck.
Or maybe...

we take the auditions on the road.
Like, look for our Scarlett O'Hara.

Do you have any thoughts?

It's kind of nice how Forty
sabotages his own process so much.

It takes it out of my hands entirely.

Shouldn't we write a script first?

What you writing?

Ellie, what are you doing here?

Checking in to see
how the dating world's treating you.

Being neighborly.

I don't buy it.

Celery juice?

Ugh, what is wrong with you?

This kid knows what's up.

He's on a juice cleanse,
trying to fix himself, win back my sister.

Flingr was a bust, huh?

The kid is Ellie Alves, by the way.

Read in the trades you acquired
a pretty big piece of IP, Forty Quinn.


I had my agent put out a press release.

Shit. Fuck. Damn it, Forty.

If you need any help with development,
I'm really good with coverage and notes.

And there's the real reason
she's here. Little opportunist.

- What are you, 12?
- I'm almost 16,

and I can guarantee you
I know more about film

than any idiot assistant
to come out of WME.

- Oh, here we go.
- All right, Hermione,

who was originally supposed to play
the Terminator?

OJ Simpson, but James Cameron thought
he looked too nice to play a killer.

What's the longest narrative film shoot
in history?

- Boyhood, 12 years.
- Not even close.

The Thief and the Cobbler, 29 years.

- Doesn't count. It's not live-action.
- Not what I asked.



What say you, sport?
Should we hire ourselves an intern?

Well, Forty's no Henderson.

And Little Miss Ballsy
is bound to find opportunity elsewhere.

Probably with less honorable people.

The devil you know, right?


After homework,

limited hours,
only with Delilah's written permission.

Okay, Dad.

Beautiful and artful,
though a bit of a violation.

Because I know
you would've never consented to this.

Uh, not my business.

If you want to be with someone
who posts intimate pictures

without your knowledge for millions
to enjoy, it's your choice, Love.

And I'm okay with that.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So, remember how you mansplained to me
that I should write my Henderson story?


Am I sweating? Why am I sweating?

Well, I'm not saying I did it,

but if I had written it and submitted it,

I might have gotten confirmation
that it's gonna be published

in Variety fucking magazine.

Holy shit, Delilah! That's so great.

Let's be clear, though,
this is not a thank-you.

I will never thank you. Clear?

- So...
- What is happening here?

Yeah. So clear.

What is happening here? Are you...

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. That is so good.


It's Meyer lemon and plum curd
and Italian buttercream.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

My favorite so far.

You've said that
about all of them.

And I meant it every time.

Sunrise and Lucy will be stoked
with any of these, babe.




But if you call me "babe" again,
I'm gonna stick you in the oven.


I found a place.

Little bungalow in Atwater.

Close enough I can jog to you,
but not so close it's clingy.

- What about...
- I canceled Bali.

You said if it felt right for me to stay,
then I should.

And... this feels right.

I want to see where this goes.

Milo, I care about you a lot.

And this has been great.

I just...

I like the way things are.

I'm not sure
I'm ready to change the dynamic.

The dynamic where you call me
when you need to get over another guy?

Yes. But it's not just that.

You, more than anyone,
know that I am a package deal.


he needs me.

He's working on this film, which,
quite frankly, is bound to fail

because they all do.

And when he does, he'll implode.

I can feel it.

It's just like the earthquake.
We all know the big one is coming.

- He's a grown man, Love.
- But he's not, really.

One thing I love is your honesty.

Maybe it's time to get honest
with how codependent you are with him.

Hey, look.

I'm... falling in love with you.

And it's okay if you're not there yet.

I can wait.

Just... let me.


Will? Will, wake up.


What happened?

You Exorcist-vomited
all over my favorite top

and then passed out.


Same thing happened to me
a couple years ago

when I read that celery
was negative calories.

I ate nothing else for three days

and then projectile barfed
all over my own birthday cake.

- Oh.
- Enough of this juice shit.

I'm ordering burgers and shakes.



It's hard to read.

But I still couldn't put it down.

It's incredible.

Well, don't sound so surprised.

It's weird
how powerful vulnerability can feel.

I don't think I would've had the guts
if you hadn't angered me into it.

Still not a thank-you.

You know you can always count on me
to say the wrong thing.

If I told you I was proud,
would you want to hurt me?

- Probably.
- Okay.

- Yeah.
- Well.

I'm definitely not proud of you.

So... did you really think you
were gonna juice your way

back into Love Quinn's heart?

Wasn't about her.

Not really.

What? You trying to reach
your goal weight?

Just want to clear the noise.

Did it work?

I don't know.

Maybe I'm cynical, but I...

really don't think any of that stuff works
for anyone who's truly broken.

Serves us better
to just keep barreling forward

and hope the demons can't keep up.


might as well be who you are.

This is not outrunning demons.

This is slaying them.

- No thanks to you.
- Zero thanks to me.

Nice to meet the real you, Delilah.

You're really quite beautiful.

Oh, no.

This is good.

Everything's better with a little whiskey.

In fact,

this night could do
with a little bit more.

You up for a walk?

My first impression of you was...


Oh, come on, you can't be surprised.

- You had no social media.
- Oh!

You show up with a backpack, all New York.

Most people show up
like overeager labradoodles.

I couldn't pull shit out of you.

Almost like you were purposely trying
to have no personality whatsoever.


In vino veritas.

Hey, you asked for it.

Okay, my turn.

What was your first impression of me?

Be honest.

- Definitely do not be honest.
- I thought you seemed nice.

Okay, you're such a liar.

Why don't you wash your mouth out,
try again. Veritas.

Oh, well, here goes.

I thought you seemed sad.

I could see how much you had
on your shoulders.

It's a lot.

Also, I have this bad habit
of trying to fix people.

Thus, the unfriendly New Yorker.
So I'm sorry about that.


Stop apologizing.

You still think I'm a weirdo?

I mean, I always trust first impressions.

Thing is,

I like weirdos.

Damaged finds damaged.

Every time.

Fuck me.

David Fincher.

Come on. He's a personal friend.

Can we just get him in here,

so we don't have to do
the whole phone call thing?

No? Okay.

What if they take fingerprints?
What if they take DNA?

Not like there's a crusty jar of piss
in Peach Salinger's house or anything.

Guard's playing deaf and dumb.
It was worth a try, though.

What a night, huh?

How long do you think they'll keep us
in here?

I don't know.
I think it's like a six-hour hold.

And then they take our fingerprints
and shit.

Shit, shit, shit.

Are you okay?

- I just...
- Benji, Peach, Beck, Jasper, Hendy.

...don't like confined spaces.

Okay. Well, don't worry.

I got this.

Is this really your first time
being arrested?

Is it not yours?


Fincher, thank God!


Can you get us out of here?
It was just a big misunderstanding.

We were barely tipsy.
We weren't even driving...

I heard why they brought you in.

That doesn't sound

- like a misunderstanding to me.
- Finch.

You need a lawyer.

I'm sorry, but, uh...

I can't help you.

Will, you know anybody with pull
who isn't a jealous fuck?

It's no problem, sport.
I have a guy for these things.

Just sit tight. Oh, and, hey...

I'm so proud of you.

Oh, my God. In an alley.

Bettelheim. Alves.
You're next for processing.


Mexico's only a few hours away.

I could start there.
Will did say I'd like it. Then go south.

Keep going.

There you go.

All right, let's go, D.

You and your friend are free to go.

you have some pretty powerful friends,

William Bettelheim.

Thank you, Officer.

Wait, I know you.

Yeah, he's my neighbor.

You've probably seen him
around the building.

Thanks for your help.

Is that it?

If not, I know where to find you.

Well, the sun's already up.

It's beautiful.

I actually have to get to work,

but thank you

for a night I will not soon forget.

Yeah, that was fun.

Should probs stick to friendship
from now on, though.

For Ellie.


You're such an idiot.

Are you guys fucking kidding me?

Elle, I...

You left me alone all night
so you could get laid?

Why do you have to be such a slut?


Indecent exposure.

It's a really good title for something.
It kind of rolls off the tongue.

Indecent exposure.

I'm not telling you anything.

How lewd... conduct.

Hey, gents.


You don't like surprises.
And you hate roses.

She hates roses.

It's like he's not even trying,

and yet, somehow he still tries too hard.

- Later, fellas.
- Bye, Vagemite.

Oh, hey,

really looking forward
to your next failed attempt

to lock down my sister.

I'm loving the enthusiasm.

Don't do it.


I know it's not easy for you
when Love's attention's on someone else.

But I'm gonna be around,
so it'd be nice if we could be cordial

like adults.

Your sister and I are happy.

And it'd nice if you could be happy
for her, too. Huh, champ?


Interesting. See, the way that I see it,

you're not gonna be around long, at all.

'Cause you're a Neanderthal.

Wow, when are you gonna grow up?

When are you gonna realize that
natural deodorant is not working for you?

Guys, let's take it down.

What's going on?

You're the reason why Love
can't do anything good with her life.

You're a fucking albatross
around her neck.

- Milo...
- I wonder what James,

your best friend, is thinking,
sitting up in heaven,

watching you fingerbang his wife
'cause you can't keep your dick hard.


Oh, my God. Forty.

That's enough.

Get the fuck out, Milo!

He started it!

- Oh, grow up!
- Me?

I've been biting my tongue
for a long time.

But maybe if you paid less attention
to your idiot brother,

and more attention to what's actually
in front of you,

you might've noticed sooner
that James was sick.

She said get out.

Yeah? What are you gonna do?

Be a big man?

Hope she takes you back?


I remembered
where I knew your friend from.

Great. Bye.

Stopped him for jaywalking,
right outside your place.

Pulled some limited-edition headphones
off him.

Really? You were that cop?

He was throwing them away, D.

William Bettelheim
drives a beater Honda Civic

and makes $12 an hour working
at a grocery store.

Those headphones alone cost
more than he makes in a week.

You ran a background check, Finch?
What the hell is wrong with you?

Listen, Delilah, that was the same night
that Henderson was murdered.

What's a guy with no real money,
no assets doing,

getting rid of $600 headphones

at 4:00 a.m.
the same night a celebrity was killed?

The same celebrity

who is the spokesperson
for those fucking headphones?

Okay, just stop, Alex Jones.

Look, I know you didn't like seeing me
with another dude,

but this look is not cute.

If you wanna be exclusive,

you can ask me out on a real date,
and then we'll talk.

But I'm not entertaining your ego anymore.

No, D.

Doesn't mean anything.

My skirt was pulled up.

So you're saying Henderson...

- Or, hey, maybe my skirt just rode up.
- How much did you pay Will to follow me?

Just wanted to make sure you got
that envelope on your doorstep.

- How did you know about that?
- This is quite a who's who.

- Oh, look, I made the cut.
- Apparently,

you have some pretty powerful friends,

William Bettelheim.

There's no way.

You see? Nothing.

All right.


That was the most disgusting display
of toxic masculinity.

Okay, I don't need you, or you,
or anybody to defend me,

or my honor, or whatever you think
makes you entitled

- to do what you just did.
- Okay.

Miss "Sic the PI on my Girlfriend
for My Protection,"

retract the claws,
lest you scratch yourself with hypocrisy.

Yeah. We're all a bunch of assholes.

Yeah, you're right. It wasn't our place.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry too.

We just...
We love you too much. Don't we, sport?


I should get going. I have dinner plans.

Another date?

It's just dinner with a friend.


You're a good friend...


My name.

My real name in your mouth is like poetry.

No matter what happens,

no matter how much self-work I do,

a part of me will always miss the home
that is you.

And I'm okay with that, Love.

What in the actual... fuck?

Holy shit, perv!



Hey, Finch, it's me. Uh...

Just call me back.

I got a nanny cam

in my apartment
when my crazy ex... broke in.

I was gonna ask
if you wanted to have dinner tonight.

Until I saw you'd already been by.

And found some keys.

Give me the phone.

Don't make me take it.

What are you gonna do?

I will scream.

It's soundproof.

Just think about Ellie.

She will be alone.

Hey, booger.

This is Dale.

Say hi.

Come on. Get in the car.

Your dad will be home any minute.

You said it would just be us.

How exactly did you think
that was gonna happen?

Come on. I don't have time for this.
Get in, Joey.

Get in the car.


Oh, no, no, no.

No, no, no!

Don't panic.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

I would never do anything
to hurt you or Ellie.

Will, please, do not leave me in here!

I just need to make some arrangements,
and you will never see me again.

I promise you and Ellie will be fine.


I just need you to trust me.

Can you trust me, Delilah?

Subtitle by Matheus Modesto