You (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Have a Good Wellkend, Joe! - full transcript

Love brings Joe to a wellness weekend, where he gets a good look at her family's dynamic. But Forty's surprise guest has him feeling anything but zen.

I cannot believe
there are no charging stations.

Fucking Arizona.

Well, we could call a tow,

but, uh, you know, what the fuck,
it's gonna take way too long.

Let's just take the PJ.

I know jets are wasteful,

but I don't want you driving
through the night,

and my mom...

really hates it when people are late.

God, I cannot wait for you to meet her.

- What time is Love getting there?
- Who knows?

She's on her new boyfriend's dick
like herpes.

Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, but...

Will, right? She's bringing him?


Move, Joe.

Wait, stop! Stop!

Stop, Candace.

I love you.

Just let me go.

Tell me you don't love me.

I don't! I don't love you.

I never have.

What are you gonna do about it, Joe?

Don't do this!


Looks like it's gonna be
a proper meet-the-parents Wellkend.


Hi. Yeah.

Forty Quinn here.

Yes, like the number, but spelled out.


I now truly understand
the term "love of my life."

My life makes sense now with you in it.

Complete. Not closed.

More open to the world
and everything beautiful than ever before.

Nothing to hide.

You've asked me to meet the parents.

Might be messy, family can be.

But whatever comes,
we'll get through it, together.

I don't wanna.

Can your parents really be that bad?

Worse. They can be worse.

Okay, remember,

they charm so that they can manipulate.

My mom is a lot.

Just give in to her crazy.

And my dad is impenetrable.

Just don't take it personally.

Try not to.

I still do.

Is there anything I can do to support you?

We could have a signal.


What is that? Are... Are you Spider-Man?

No, no.

Um, it's... it's, uh...

ASL for "I love you."

In, like, a friendly
you know, like, platonic way.

I love you.

In the non-friendly way,

but I'm waiting to say it.

Why rush when we have
the rest of our lives?


My dad's gonna like that shirt.

I know. I do my research.

America's surrogate dream parents,
Ray and Dottie Quinn.

Ray is a Pasadena golden boy

who comes from old-school money.

Dottie is the spark plug
that gives him life.

They met in the naked hot tubs
at Esalen,

eloped shortly thereafter.

Joan Baez is rumored to have officiated.

Dottie opened Anavrin
with Ray's family cash.

What started as a pet project has evolved

into a global brand largely due to Dottie,

all centered on the Quinn family motto,

"Transparency and realness."

This weekend is Ray and Dottie's
30th anniversary,

and they're making up
for their quickie wedding

with a wellness bacchanal.

Ray and Dottie's vow renewal
will be the culmination

of packed community...
say it with me now...


Shoot me in the face.

But whatever you need, Love.

These people may pretend to be real,
but you and I really are.

- Speaking of messy family...
- Hey.

Did you know Ja Rule
and Ashanti never banged?

Okay. And?

I don't know, it just kind of ruins it
for me knowing their love was never real.

Can you check out?
It fucks up inventory when you steal.

- Is that kombucha?
- Stop being so codependent, okay?

'Buch has about as much alcohol in it
as fresh-pressed juice,

and I want to pour one out for Henderson.

Because it was our thing.

Did you hear they're saying
it was a suicide now?

Too good for this world.

Another melancholy clown
dies by his own hand,

and his adoring fans
and acquaintances grieve deeply

for, oh, about the next one
to two news cycles.

Are you making it to meetings?

I'm in such a positive place right now

and AA is a breeding ground of negativity.

Speaking of circle jerks,

you still coming to Mom and Dad's

Yes, of course.

Forty, just promise me
that you won't do anything...

Gotta go. Amy's in the whip.

Is everything okay?



Forty's gonna go off the rails again.
I can tell.

It's gonna be bad.

You like the girl he just met, right?


We went to the movies.

We didn't even talk.

What can I say? He's on pattern.

Meets a girl, each a new
impossible-to-predict type of bad for him,

and then he tries
to get our parents to like her,

then he flings himself off a cliff
when they don't.

Leaving you to clean the splatter.

I can neutralize.

I can distract. I'm good with parents.

We got this.

Sure, I could tell you
were my sister is, but...

what is this about?

It's about Joshua Bunter.

- You might know him as...
- Henderson.

Clearly, I need to be
in two places at once,

with you and near Ellie.

Just crossing the T's here.

We know from Henderson's IMs he was
planning on seeing your sister that night.

Yeah, I don't read the news.

It's, like, so depressing,
but I... I thought he...

offed himself.

Delilah's smarter than these guys.

Yeah, well, it seems that way.

And I've got parental tech
to keep an eye on Ellie

and the fallout
from Hendy's tragic suicide.

Well, Ellie's not home right now,

but I can call you when she is
if you want, or, like...

Oh, no. I have to go into work.

I'm sorry.


Were you at Henderson's
the night he died, Ellie?

What are these?

- What do you think they are?
- Don't evade with a question.

- You evaded with a question first!
- Jesus!

Half the time you treat me like an adult,

but, wait, suddenly, I'm a kid because
you can't get it together to be an adult?

You really wanna know?

Those are Henderson's.

No, they're not.

They're random.

They're... He's not even in 'em.
They're just...

I know...

because he did it to me.

I don't believe you.

- Where's your photo then?
- You don't believe me? You need proof?

Listen, don't get mad at me because
he was a bad guy and you fell for it.

He was my friend!

He wasn't your friend, Ellie!
Let me guess.

He made you promise not to tell anyone
you were hanging out alone together?

Basic predator move.

You are a lot of things...

but you're not stupid.

Ah, ooh, ooh! Hi.

- Hello.
- Hi, babe.

Oh, my God,
I'm so glad you guys are here.

Oh, my God.

- How are you?
- I'm good.

Yeah, this is great.

Well, thankfully,
teenagers text emotional gibberish,

so I know Ellie's okay.

All right, put the phone away.

Welcome to the Hellmouth.

And I'm in a Wes Anderson movie

set in a weirdly Caucasian ashram.

- Hey, Dad.
- Lovey, hey.


This is Will Bettelheim.

Oh. You related to Bruno?

Ray's a not-so-secret fantasy fan.

He's referring to Bruno Bettelheim,
author of...

The Uses of Enchantment is a classic.

No relation, I'm just a fan.
It's good to meet you, Mr. Quinn.

Call me Ray.


Finally we meet.


You are delicious.

The pleasure is all mine, Dottie.

Come here, darling. You look beautiful.

- Hey, Mom.
- I'm sorry, I'm all over the place.

- Let's get you a drink.
- Okay.

Sounds good.

- Forty.
- Sport! Hi, Love.

Where'd she go? There she is.

You gotta meet my girl, Amy.

Amy, come here.

Hi there.

Will Bettelheim,

Amy Adam.

Nice to meet you.

It can't be.

Am I hallucinating?

This is her hand, this is real.

Candace is here.

Will Bettelheim...

What a great name.

Almost sounds made up.

Is she trying to spar with me?

That's funny, I was just thinking,
"Amy Adam."

How totally un-google-able.

This is a game to her.
She's enjoying this.

I'm so happy to see you again.

She's crazy, Love.

I'm also so hungry
I could eat my own hand, so let's...

- Oh, no, don't worry. Just eat mine.
- Oh!

Like the kids say, "Fuck my life."

Oh, good, you're awake.


It's okay, you are totally safe.

I have a surprise for you.

Can you promise to be calm?

Okay, good.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean what I said. I'm an idiot.

Okay, I'm stupid. Let's just go home.

You're just saying that
because you think it's what I wanna hear.

No, I'm saying that

because I'm tied up in the back of a van.

I had to...

so we could get here...

to talk.

I am so sorry.

- But it's all gonna be worth it.
- Where are we?

Lake Mahopac.

You remember that amazing picnic we had?
I brought all your faves again.

No, just, okay...

I know... I know you don't want to hurt me.

- I would never hurt you.
- Just untie me. Untie me.

I can't do that yet, you know I can't.

Just hang on.

Thanks. Thank you.


Listen, you don't understand.
Don't do this!

Stop! Please, don't do this!
Shh! Sh-sh-sh-sh!




How did she manage this?

So tell, tell! How you two met.

We're dying to hear.

- Yeah, tell us.
- Well, we were at...

- South By.
- Yeah, and...

- Amy was giving me stalker eyes.
- I was interested, but so was he.

- So she reached for the queso.
- Oh, the queso!

- And, um, it felt like...
- It was fate.

Inseparable ever since.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Yeah, we actually road-tripped
back from Austin.

Got to know each other
a little bit better.

And what are you doing?

- Amy is an indie film producer.
- Oh, come on.

[Forty[ Yeah,
we're actually already in soft prep

for a film we're trying to get going.


He could pretend to care,
like, if he wanted to.

Wow, these waiters are so slow!

Oh, you want a drink?
I'll... I'll grab you a drink, bunny.

Yeah, could I get a 'buch, please?

- Virgin, obviously.
- Yes.

Appreciate you.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

What are you doing here?

I told you I'd show up
to give you what you deserve.

So here we are.

Merry Christmas.

How do I get this time bomb
away from you, Love?

- Want to know how I found you?
- I would love to hear.

So, I was feeling like shit
one fine afternoon,

when I saw this clickbait
about how the stars live.

I mean, who doesn't need
a little escapism?

So I clicked and there was this link

about how all the cool kids
go to Henderson's house,

and although
I wasn't familiar with his work,

I was curious about this random douchebag

high as balls on his coffee table,

which is when I first set eyes
on my new dreamy beau.

Of course, your brother
destroyed my life,

our life.

And he's such an idiot.

And I keep watching and...


Couldn't be.

Could not be.

I was trying to help you, Love.

Altruism is dangerous.

Shocked you'd choose LA.

But I found you.


What's the move?

You gonna tell them this dramatic tale?

I mean, it is their special weekend,

so I'll wait if and when I have to,

But in the meantime, I am going
to protect them from you, bunny.


your gorgeous girl.

Lucky man, Will.

- I missed you, babe.
- Aw!

Yeah, we can, uh,
situate ourselves for dinner.

The fuck?

I didn't know you bite your nails.

I don't.

Not since I was a kid.

Well, what, is meeting my parents
making you nervous?

'Cause I don't care what they think.

And now I have to do this vow renewal.

I cannot believe
I have to call my parents "lovers."

Then don't.

- Do you.
- No, I can't. My mom gave me a script.

I mean, she said, "Make it your own,"

but I'm pretty sure
that means, "Don't change anything."

Do you want some space to work?

I can go to Forty's yurt.

Yeah, actually. I mean, if you don't mind.


The kombucha thing
is not a good sign. I just...

- I know, I get it.
- Okay.

Don't get lost out there.

I will help you, helicopter sibling.

I need to keep eyes on Candace
so I can protect you from her,


lest I accidentally stumble
into Jeff Bezos' lodge,

I need the blessed yurt map.


Everything okay?

It's perfect. Thank you.

I just, you know,
wanted to check out the Truth Yurt.

- I was also looking for...
- Care to partake?

- I don't really...
- I insist you be here now.


It's fine. I won't inhale.

Now inhale.

So, fresh in from New York, huh?


I remember being in New York
when I was a kid.

Ah, to be young.

Oh, you're still young.

Tell that to my vagina.

No one warns you.

You wake up one day drier than the Sahara.

If it weren't for this wonder lube
we've developed,

I don't know what I'd do.

It's already so difficult
to reach orgasm at this age.

Is this really happening?

it seems like you understand, Will.

What a chin.

She's not flirting,
she's testing me.

I'm drugged. She hopes it's truth serum.

I think your daughter
is the most amazing woman...

I've ever met.

I like you for Love.

Between the obstacle course
that is Dottie,

and the more fundamental issue,

that every millisecond
of this Wellkend is scheduled,

how do I get Candace alone?

How do I do this, Love?

How do I get her away from you?

Let the wolf awakenyour unconscious.

Meet your id.


On the plus side,
she's striking out with the Quinns.

Schadenfreude is karmic suicide.

Dad, do you actually...
Do you have a minute?

Not now, son,
I've got doubles with Bozzi from the Palm.

Right. Sorry, Bozz.

Let's go, Bozz.


It's okay.

Forty always...

you know, tries to impress our parents
with these girls.

Can you just help?

Ali Wong's in studio
to talk about Henderson,

or as she knew him, Josh.

I will make a film that premieres
Sundance 2020 at the Eccles.

Friday night slot.

Then goes on to sweep the Gothams,

winning two, no,
three Indie Spirit awards.

Fuck the Oscars.

I hear and accept you, Forty.

Is this gonna work?

'Cause my car is really old.

Yeah, that shiny, new Prius is all yours.

All you need is a group hug and 35K.


will find the perfect partner.

That's good.

We hear and accept you, Gabe.

I will fulfill my life-long dream...

of... traveling to Italy.



She is obsessed with me.

Okay, come on,
somebody needs to help her. Go.

- I accept you.
- I accept you.

I hear...

and I accept you...


You... sorry um...

I'm not feeling well.

- I... I think I'm just dehydrated.
- It's okay.

Don't fear love.


I'm... I'm sorry,
I... I just need to lie down.

Don't... try... anything.

I am texting someone
on the outside every hour.

You hurt me or the Quinns,

I reveal your identity to everyone,

and everything to get turned over
to the authorities.

Are you crazy?
I'm just trying to talk to you.

Oh, you mean like the time
you left me for fucking dead?!

She can't hold a knife.
One swift move and...

No, no, she's wrong, I don't hurt people,
especially women,

especially when they're
out of their minds.

No, that is not me.

Candace, can we...

- please just have a truce?
- Stay...

away from me.

I think this is just
some big misunderstanding.

Stop gaslighting me!

You don't want to protect them.

You want to hurt me.

Go ahead.

Do it.

I can't.

It's a lot harder than it looks.

What are you guys doing in here?


Is everything all right?

Yeah, um...


Will snuck me some Claritin. Thanks, man.

No problem.

Let's go.

Time to get pretty.


All right.

All right, well...

So, I brought two,

and you can pick whichever one.

Oh, I'm... I'm fine with either.

Amy, are you okay?

Look, I know my mom can be a handful.

And I know my dad can also be a handful.

Thanks. It's... it's...

not really that, it's more...

You can tell me anything.

I am a vault.

I don't want to sound crazy.


you won't and you aren't.

Something bad happened to me...

out in a place like this.

Just, I... I got lost with a guy
who I kind of thought was bad news.

It... it turned out fine, though.

Well, that's good.

Yeah, I mean, you're...

probably being triggered.

Trauma lives in the body, so,
you know, you can't control it, but...

At the risk of sounding like my mom,

maybe Shaman Open can help.

It's... it's really no big deal.

You and your family
have been so welcoming.

- Oh...
- And also cool.

I'm glad you think so.

So tell me,
how did you and Will meet?

You two seem so great together.

Oh. Um... work.

I basically forced him to date me.

Ooh, does that get complicated?

- Working with someone you're dating?
- Not really.

Does it get complicated
with you and Forty?

Oh, no, we're great. We're... we're good.

He... We're actually hiring.


Isn't that a bit early?

No, just... just establishing...
like, tone.

Yeah, where do you work?
Have you met my friend Lucy?

She works at United.

- Oh, I'm independent.
- Mm-hmm.

And I usually just fly Southwest.

I meant the agency.

- United Talent?
- Oh, right. Um...

No, no. I don't think I've met her.

No, it's...
It's an easy mistake.

Dad. Finally.

Um... did you get my email?

It's not every man
that can pull off linen.

Can you say hi to me at least?

Forty, I don't want to hear it.

Okay, okay.

Uh, look, I know, but...

Amy actually has a really
incredible idea...


Ugh, another walking visible panty line.

Let me guess. She wants to open a...

vegan junk food restaurant,
like Krystal-with-a-K?

ask him how much he wants.

In times of triangulation,

it's best to stay awkwardly quiet.

Did Forty tell you how he doodled
on his SAT Scantron?

I had to donate a building
to Dartmouth to get him in.

Okay, Dad...

you know that I've struggled
with drug addiction on and off, my...

It's not eczema, Forty.

Addiction's not an on-and-off thing,
and it's no excuse for being a bum.

One hundred K,
this is the last time I ask.

Will... Will has heard the pitch.

Yeah, I have.

I think it's a great idea.

Your son shows real promise.

Well, if my son wasn't such
a big flapping pussy,

he wouldn't need other people
to carry his water for him.

I'm not writing you another check.

Get a job.

And a life.


That is my Postmates.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

Forty. Forty, are...

Are you okay?


He's a douche, and I am so done

with all of this vegan bullshit.

You should come with.

Uh, you can service my sister

What does the future hold?

Okay. Um, what were you and Amy
talking about earlier?

Oh, why? Did something seem...

No, no. I just...

I caught her in a lie.

And, uh... now I'm worried.

I knew we were on the same page.

I agree, she's...

she's the worst.

Get rid of her now.

Wait, what?

No, that's aggressive.

And, plus, it would upset Forty.
I mean, what is going on with you?

Wrong page.

I know we're not in the Truth Yurt,

but we can still be honest
with each other, right?

You've been... off.

You feel weird, ever since we got here.

I want to tell you everything.

And I will, soon, but for now...

You want to know why I'm weird?

'Cause your family is insane.

I warned you.

You warned me? Your mom can't stop
telling me about her vagina.

She did what?

And your dad,
I just stepped in it with him

trying to help Forty,
which you asked me to do,

and then he made me eat a chalupa,
and now I'm sick.


- Forty ordered Taco Bell?
- Yeah.


What? What's happening?

Well, I have to go.

Forty always orders Taco Bell
before he relapses.

You are so obsessed with your brother.
This is not normal.

Just to recap,

you now have a problem
with my mom, my dad,

Forty, me,

- this chick Amy for some reason...
- You don't like her either.

I'm... I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I am trying...

to be the perfect boyfriend.

I want to be so badly,

But you fed me to the wolves, literally.

Thanks for making a stressful weekend
so much worse by starting this fight.

Our first fight.

I blame Candace.

It's time for her to go.

Um, no, I... I...
I look like cat shit right now.

I'm on my period.

Okay, who gives a fuck. Just let me in.

Jesus, what kind of assholes have you
dated that care about that kind of stuff?

Why are you here?

Uh, I need those pictures back.

Um... why?

I think you look great...

for the record.

Yeah, uh, they're trying to get a full
picture of what Henderson was into.

I told them that I got a lead on someone

who has some knowledge of some
young girls that we could follow up with.

D, they want to know why he did it.


What's wrong?

I left them right here. I...


Have you guys seen my brother?

No, not since cornhole.

Are we literally drinking
the Kool-Aid right now?

Goodbye, cruel world.

Candace must go,
but first things first.

Time to apologize.

You're more important than my pride.

Love, I'm sorry.

I cannot be the one
that makes you feel better right now.

I am looking for my brother
and trying to handle my mother and...

Okay, I'll help. I'll find Forty.


Thank you.

- Delilah, hey.
- Hey.

Any chance you're with Ellie?

That's what I get
for not parent-spying on her for an hour.

No, but I... I have some texts from her.
Hang on.

Okay, uh, the... the Alex Theater
is doing a Chandler thing.

- You could try that, but I gotta go.
- Okay, thanks.

Fucking crackheads.


My parents aren't just parents,

they're lovers.

They're, um...

I hate rom-coms.

I do. Take away my ovaries.

Want to know why?

Because throughout my life,
when I look at my parents,

their love doesn't feel like one.

You know, it's, um...

fighting over which toilet paper to buy.

And then...

plunging the toilet together
when it gets clogged.

It's being there...

when someone's damage
makes them impossible.


that they are so much more
than their worst moments.

You're not talking about them.

Contrary to internet opinion,

my parents' love is not perfect.

You're talking about us.

It's, uh...

It's sticky,


often potentially way too much to handle.

But it is so much better than perfect,

it's real.

Wait. Wait, I want to go.


No, I want to go. I want to go.


- Forty?
- Um, remember...

when they, uh, they dragged us
to the Hoffman Institute

because, uh,
they had differing definitions

of the word "monogamish"?

That was real.

- I have more. I just, uh...
- Enough, son.

I... I just need a smoke.

Just need a smoke.

Oh, um, not that one. No, it's fine.
It's... it's okay. Got it. It's okay.

- It's okay.
- Oh!

It's fine. Everything's...

You look lovely, Mom.

Let's go. It's okay. Shh.

- I don't feel good.
- Yeah.

I do.

Let's party!

Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

- How are you guys doing?
- You've done enough.

All you ever have to do
is keep your brother safe. You failed.

You disgust me.

You're a fucking hypocrite.

Earth mommy dearest.

Oh, Love.

It's okay, it's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I saw what your mom did.
Are you okay?

My dad hit me a lot.

Why couldn't you tell me?

same reason you couldn't tell me.

I couldn't tell you
because I wanted us to stay us.

I didn't want it to be polluted
by all this fucking...

I guess...

my life has been dark.

Well, who you really are...

the dark, that's not a burden.

You don't have to push that away from me.

I want to know you.

I want to know you.

You know, the more I get to know you,
the nicer it is.

I don't just mean the cute parts.

As far as I'm concerned...

we will stay us...

no matter what.

Yeah, I feel like I've been, um...
I've been acting weird,

and I feel like it's because
there's all these things

that I felt like I couldn't tell you,
but, like, fuck that.

Okay, um...

You remember the, um...

the Nilla Wafers, the au pair?

Of course.

My parents started Anavrin

when we were, like, 13.

And they hired this woman, Sofia.

She was, like, 19. She was from Spain.

The way Forty tells it...

she was his first love.

To this day, he does not acknowledge

that it was was abuse.

And eventually my parents
caught them together,


so much shit ensued.

And... they let her go.

And she was troubled.

She killed herself.

Forty's the one who found the body.

Yeah, and nothing has ever
really been the same.

My parents kept everything quiet
with money.


I get that Forty is a lot. I know.

And I know
that I take care of him too much.


you've met my parents now,
so you know why.

I'm stuck with him.


We are.

I don't think
I've ever been in love before.

It's been infatuation.

This is it.

Accepting you're not perfect
and loving you more for it.

What the fuck?

I'm sorry, did that trigger you?

Can I tell you I love you yet?

Whenever you're ready.

In the meantime, let me say...

I love you...


Ugh, it's a complicated word.

Oh, yeah.

Is there another word we can use?
Our word?


I wolf you.

I wolf you too.

I like it.

It's like you're part of my pack.

I am your pack.

- Hey!
- Klepto.

The police came for these.

- The actual police or your fuckboy?
- Why would you take these?

I couldn't believe he would do this.

But I do now.

I'm sorry I was being such an asshole.

It's okay.

I think we should burn those.

If these photos were ever leaked...

every time someone googled the girls,

it would just...

What would you want done with yours?

Hey, just so you know...

nothing could ever
make me see you different.

Tell me again what happened.

Um, my boyfriend... ex...

We fought.

And he...

He took me to the woods.


I don't remember what happened next.

I just... I... I woke up.



We sent a car out. No tire marks.

No, he dug a grave.

A lot of tree removal in that area, right?
Loose dirt.

No one saw anything?

You happen to take any pictures
or save any texts between you?


He has my phone!

I mean, isn't there any DNA
where he buried me alive?

This isn't CSI, all right?
We're in Putnam County.

So you have no proof?

Honey, let me level with you, all right?

I looked you up.

You have a rap sheet.

Ever had any friends go through
with reporting assault?

This'll be labeled domestic violence.

This isn't...

He tried to murder me.

The best we can do
is get a restraining order.

Right, temp for three months.

For a permanent one,
you'll have to stand before a judge,

- so will he.
- But it will be permanent?

Well, three years.

And then file again.

If you have no pics, no proof...

What am I supposed to do?

He thinks you're dead?

You want some really
off-the-record advice?

Stay that way.

This is unreal.

Figured you'd come find me.

Crazy family
we've fallen into, huh?

So now you see I'm not...

I'm not afraid of you anymore.

If you really had something on me...

- you would've turned me in already.
- I'm not afraid of you either.

Why would you be afraid of me?

Candace, it was an accident.

End of story.

I never tried to kill you.

Yeah. You know what they say?

You never know if you're fight or flight
until you're forced to find out.

Turns out...

I'm fight.

So now I found you,

I'm not going anywhere,

and I don't care what story
you tell yourself,

because all I have to do
is wait for you to mess up.

Murder has a way of following you.

And you're not getting away with it.

Things aren't over with Candace.

But I have to rest
before I plan my next move.

Wellness is exhausting.


A postcard from Will in Manila.

It's going well with Gigi.

If I stay committed to being a good man,

things might work themselves out.

My God, why aren't they burning?

We need kindling.

Oh, man.

Evidently, there's toxins in Polaroids.

All right, there's one more.

- Aw.
- I wolf you.

Mm. Do you now?


Do you want to go to the stockroom?

Yes, I would like that very much.

Stop with the PDA.

Before anybody asks...

Amy picked me up from a meeting,

where I found a new sponsor.

Can't name names, but, uh...

let's just say the Academy robbed him.

Anyway, I will have to make amends.

So I promise I will apologize
to both of you...

whenever I get to that step.

You don't need to do that.

I'm just glad you're okay.

I really am.
And, um, I'm staying busy too.

I mean... adapting this book
Amy found for us is going to consume me,

in the best way possible.

Thank fuck we got that option.

What's the book?

I thought you were busy prepping
Bang, Marry, Kill.

Yeah, that felt like more
of a second feature.

But, uh...
Amy turned me on to this memoir.

Yeah, this main character, Beck...

she really speaks to me, you know?

- She just wanted to be loved.
- Mm.

- She's worse than Eva Braun.
- Oh! Ugh!

Anyway, just waiting for the deal points
to come through, but...

Oh, my God.

Holy fuck.

- No way.
- What?

- Hold on.
- What happened?

No way.

Now they're saying
they think Henderson was murdered.

Benji, Peach, Beck,
Ron, Jasper, Henderson...

Well, if... if that's true,
a famous man like Henderson,

they won't stop
until they find who did it, right?

- Right.
- He won't get away with it.

Murder has a way of following you.

Subtitle by Matheus Modesto