You (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Candace - full transcript

Beck can't shake the feeling that there's more to the story of Joe's lost former love, Candace. Determined to find out the truth, it's Beck's turn to go to shocking lengths to dig up the truth on Joe. But she might have gone too far.

- Previously on You...

- The only good thing

in my life right now is therapy.

- It's a bit troubling
when your partner

hides something from you.

Don't you agree,
Dr. Nicky?

- I hear you, Paul.

- Are you sleeping with him?
- Who?

- Our therapist.
- No!

I am not sleeping with him.

If we don't have trust,
we have nothing.

We're over.

- Karen is perfect.

I've never wanted anything more,

except you, Beck.

It's over.
- You're dumping me.

[door slams]

- Joe Goldberg?

I heard about you and Candace.

- She thought she could be
happier with some guy in Rome.

- It's just how she left
so suddenly.

- Are you gonna leave
Beck alone?

Or will she end up like me?

- He never talks about Candace.

- You must sleep
deeper than I do.

What he did to me
one of these days

he's gonna do to you, or worse.

Maybe he'll do whatever
the hell he did to Candace.


[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[woman laughing]

[woman laughs]

- Candace?



- [laughing]

- Candace!

- [laughter echoing]

- I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! Candace!


Thank God you had
that third glass of pinot.

I want to wake you
so you can hold me.

But then you might ask
what I've dreamt about,

and it doesn't matter, Beck.

What matters is what's real...

This, us.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Goddess of War, seven letters.


Oh no, that's six.

- "Ishtar"?

No, no, no, Freyja.
What about Freyja? Freyja?

- Or you could try
seven letters.

- Okay, hang on.
Can I see it?

[clears throat]

Yeah, okay.

Oh, Sekhmet.

Yeah, S-E-K-H.

She's an Egyptian goddess.

- Nothing, I just...

I like watching you
reach into your mind palace

for random bits of information.

- I like it when you say
things like "mind palace."

In mine, by the way,
you're the queen.

- Oh, wow.
- Yeah, right.

- Oh, I miss this, our routine.

Unless, of course,
this is what you do

with all your girlfriends.

- All of 'em, the whole harem.

- How many have there been
by the way?

- Girlfriends? Really?
Haven't we done this?

- I mean, besides Karen
you've only told me about one.

What's her name who went
to, like, Europe.

God, what was her name?

- You know her name

because you heard me calling
it last night, didn't you?

Now you want to know more.
Of course you do.

Why would I call
another woman's name

in my sleep?

- Oh, Candace, right?

- Is this a problem?

- Is she still in France
or whatever?

- Italy.

I don't know.
I don't really care.

- Well, why did you guys
break up?

- This is a problem.

Because she dumped me.

Because we were
thoroughly incompatible.

- The night you pulled me
from the train tracks

you said you went
chasing a girl.

Was that her?

- Yeah, and it was
really dumb of me.

The truth is some people

seem to function to show you
what isn't right for you.

And others...

show you exactly what is.

Saved, for now.

But I know you.

You won't stop asking questions

until I do something about this

and stop dreaming about Candace.

How do you exorcise someone?

A shaman? A hypnotist?

We can't sleep another night
with a ghost in our bed.

Hey, I just... I forgot.

I have to run payroll
up to Mooney today.

So, I'm gonna have to rain check

on lunch with the girls.

Is that all right?

- Yeah, that's fine.

- Okay, great.

- Don't lie to me, babe.

I know you got the messages.

Please just meet with me
and hear me out.

- Apparently, the doc's
got lady problems of his own.

- Sorry about that call.

- Is everything okay?

- What? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So... so you've been
having these dreams.

When did they start?

- Just right after
Renaldo and I broke up.

- Right, and you broke up
with Renaldo

because he cheated on you.

So now you're having
dreams of your previous ex

in the arms of another man.

Well, it makes sense
losing Renaldo

would kick all that
back up, right?

- But Renaldo wasn't cheating
as it turns out.

In fact, we're back
together now.

Things are better than ever.

- Okay, so you want to know why

the dreams haven't stopped.

- Exactly.

- Can you think of why

you don't want to face your ex?

- I don't think
I understand the question.

- Well, in your dream you say

you're trying to reach him,

but you can't because
you put yourself in a cage.

- I don't put myself in a cage.

I find myself in...
in the cage.

- Whose dream is this?

See, we are the architects
of our own dream.

You have some unfinished
business with your ex,

and you need to deal with it.

Trust me...
if you don't deal with this,

if you don't face it,
it will haunt you, man.

- Ah yes, face Candace.

I'd sooner slam my nuts
in a door.

But anything to stop
screaming her name in my sleep.

- Come on, asshole.

I'm hungry.

Terry, are you kidding me?

- Here, here.

Can I help you out with that?

- My hero.

- You guys playing here tonight?

- Yeah, if I don't
starve to death before then.

You should actually
come see us play.

We put on a pretty good show.

We're Heathcliff's Misery.

- "Wuthering Heights"?
- Very good.

I'm Candace.

- Oh, hey, I'm Joe.

- Thanks for your help, Joe.

- My pleasure, Candace.

- [laughs]

- Fucking Candace.

I mean, look at her.

No wonder he's dreaming
about her.

She's got this whole icy redhead

"Follow me into this cave,
John Snow" vibe.

- Okay, if you think
I post a lot of selfies.

And she's not even Joe's type.

I thought he was only
into mildly slutty smart girls.

- That's so funny.
- [laughs]

- [laughing] I mean, honestly.

She hasn't posted in a year.

This account's not even active.

- She ran off to Italy,

- Look, why do you even care
about this chick?

Y'all are in mad love,
and she's in Italy.

- Well, we don't know
if she even is.

I mean, she could
secretly be here,

and they could be banging.

Or he is still in love with her,

and he's telling her
that she's his forever,

and I'm just his right now.

And then he feels guilty
for being with me.

- Okay, can we talk about what
you're really doing here?

- No, I know what
you're going to say.

- Babe, your career
is taking off.

You're falling for
a genuinely good guy.

And you think that
there must be something wrong

because good things
must be taken away

from Guinevere Beck.

- Yeah, ♪Daddylssues.

- Oh my God.

You guys are so right.

- [laughs]
- Is that the guy?

- Yeah, it's totally the guy.

Is he following us?

Hi. Hello? Hi.

Douchey man?

Do you want to join us?

Because there's room.

That's what I thought.
Oh God, what a dick.

What does he think?
One of us killed her?

- What are you talking about?

Who is that guy?

- He hasn't talked to you?

Peach's family hired him
to look into her death.

- Like a P.I.?
- Yeah.

- It's all her mother.

I mean, God forbid
the ladies at the club

think her perfect daughter
killed herself.

- What?
- She was doomed.

Her whole family
is House Slytherin.

Oh shit.

We're going to be late to cryo.

- Becks, last chance.

- I wish. I have to...
send Blythe notes.

- Well, have fun.
Love you.

- Bye.
- Later. Smooches.

- French kiss.

- Bye.

- You mean Bushnell?
Yeah, I love Candace Bushnell.

Although, honestly,
I can't really stand SJP.

- You know who I mean.
Joe's Candace.

- Yeah, I just don't
really want to get into it.

- Why?
- Where is Joe?

- Well, he said he had
to see Mooney

to sign payroll or something.

- Really?
- Yeah, why?

Uh, nothing.

- I saw you two
were friends on Facebook.

- Yeah, I'm also friends
with John Oliver

and Ali Farker Toure

and Blythe's great aunt
Siobhan on Facebook.

Doesn't mean I really know them.

- But you knew her, right?

Come on, it's just...

For whatever reason,
Joe doesn't seem

to want to talk about her.

- Yeah, I'd maybe respect
his wishes on this one.

- Why?

What happened?

He says it was nothing,
but clearly that's not true,

or you wouldn't be this way.

- It wasn't nothing.

He was really messed up
when it ended.

And he even disappeared
for, like, a week.

- Where did he go?
- I don't know.

Where do sad guys go?

But, when he got back,

it was like the same sweats
at work

for, like, eight days straight.

Shit got dark.

But then he met you,

and you brought back the light.

Serious. You make Joe happier
than I've ever seen him.

And that's what matters, right?

Just let it go.

[dramatic music]

- Dr. Nicky was right.

I don't like looking back.

I don't see the point of it.

But if my choices
are stare straight at Candace,

at what happened to us,

or end up like
lonely Dr. Desperate, well...

- Oh, hey, Santa.
What you got there?

- Well, that depends.

Have you been naughty
or nice, little girl?


I'm sorry, I got to stop that.

- [laughs]
- It's too gross.

I want to pepper spray myself.


- I thought we said no gifts?

- Did we? I... I must
have missed that.

- [sighs]

[paper crinkling]



My favorite.
- It's a first edition.

- Are you shitting me?

- Mm-hmm.
- I'll cherish it forever.

[soft dramatic music]


"For Candace,
All my love. Joe"

This is the nicest thing
anyone's ever given me.

Thank you.

"Be with me always.
Take any form.

"Drive me mad.

"Only do not leave me
in this abyss

"where I cannot find you.

Oh God, it is unutterable."

[cell phone buzzes]
- I thought we said no phones?

- I'm sorry, Buddy.
It's just my brother.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- Who's Elijah?

- Give me my phone, Joe.

- He's not your brother,
I know that.

- Give me my phone back.

- Is Elijah going to be there?

- Don't start this again.

It's just business, Joe.

- Yeah, for you it is.

But guys like this
are predatory.

I don't think
you should go alone.

- You're not coming with me.
- Why?

So he can at least think
he can get you into bed?

- Exactly.

[door slams]

Yeah, I am outside.

Where are you?

Oh, I see you.

[car door slams]

- Mooney always told me

a book is far greater
than most hands

it passes through.

Some simply aren't worthy.

That's why it's up to people
like us,

people who believe
in second chances.

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Maddie Johnson.
I'm Candace's friend.

So, I heard
about you and Candace.

- Yeah, yeah.
We broke up.

- I mean, seriously, I heard
some kind of crazy stuff.

- The Peach I knew?
No way.

Why it's great
you're writing the article.

And kudos to Jezebel for
wanting to spotlight the fact

that depression doesn't present
like people think.

- Yeah, I agree.

- Wait, you were
with Joe Goldberg

the night we met, right?

- Yes, I was actually.

- Yeah, I remember you.

God, I was wasted that night.

- [laughs]

Didn't you guys have
like a mutual friend

or something?

- Did.

She... long story.

- I think they dated.

- Oh, they did.

But I can't say I was shocked
when it didn't work out.

- What happened exactly?

- Oh, there are rumors
she cheated on him

with the guy who signed her
to her label.

Which, to be honest,
sounds like Candace.

I thought
they worked through it.

But then suddenly
she was off to Italy.

Just gone.

- You still in contact with her?

- That's the weird thing.

She ghosted everyone she knew.

- So, even her family,
she's just...

- Well, she really
only has her brother,

and he's got theories
of his own.

But Jimmy's...
not exactly well.

- What kind of theories?

- Crazy ones.

Like, for starters,
he thinks Candace is dead.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- Where are you?

There you are.

- Excited to announce
I've officially signed with...

Plumchapell Records.

- World ain't ready for me
and my new rep.

- Ah, here we go.
Elijah Thornton.

♪ ♪

- Yo, so I said, "Diddy, you
drop that baseline in the bridge

and you got yourself
a hit on your hands."

Yo, you know that track.

Tell me it's not
all about the bridge.


I'll be right back.

- Hey, Elijah.

I'm Joe.

- Look, man...

just send your demo
to my assistant, okay,

and we'll call you.

- Do you get all of your clients
to sleep with you?

Or did my girlfriend
just seem like easy prey?

- I'm sorry.
Who's your girlfriend?

- Candace Stone.

I saw you in your car.

You've been texting her. You've
been harassing her non-stop.

I mean, is it fun for you?

Do you... do you like
pushing girls around?

- What are you
talking about, man?

I'm sorry, okay.
I had no idea.

I thought she was single.

Honest to God, man.

She never even mentioned you.

Okay, I'm glad
you brought it up.

Look, man...

She's been on me
from the second we met.

Sorry to have to tell you that,

but, you know, you got to know
who you're with.

She's the type,
you just give her a look,

and then just spread wide open.

What can I tell you...

Bitches are gonna
be bitches, right?

What the hell you gonna do?






Oh, shit.

Hey, man, did you...

did you want... want a bump?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Whoa, bro!



[dramatic electronic music]

♪ ♪

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- [Candace sighs] My favorite.

- It's a first edition.
- Are you shitting me?

- Mm-hmm

- I'll cherish it forever.

This is the nicest thing
anyone's ever given me.

Thank you.

- Good-bye, Candace.


- Me and Jimmy,
the first man in my life.

♪ Twins.

"Hartley Psychiatric Center"

- [sighs]


- Hartley Psychiatric Center.
How can I help you?

- Hi, can I speak
to Jimmy Stone?

Is he still a patient there?

- I'm sorry, we can't
release that information.

- Actually, I'm... I'm family.
I'm his sister.

I've been away abroad.
My name's Candace.

I should be
his emergency contact.

- One moment, please.

- Miss Stone,
my name is Janice Ahn.

We tried contacting you.

I'm very sorry to tell you this,

but your brother passed away
six months ago.

- Hey, Beck, you here?

I tried calling you earlier.

What's up?
Are you okay?

- No.

I'm not okay.

I need you to tell me
what happened with Candace.

- What?

Okay, you heard me, right.

Well, I... I don't know.

I don't know why
I'm having these dreams.

- I don't care
about the dreams, Joe.

I want to know what happened.

I want to know where she is.

- Why? What does that
even matter?

- Because I am going crazy
over here

because there's no evidence

that she was in Italy at all.

- Evidence?

What does... what do you mean?
Are you looking into her?

- No one's heard a single word
from her since she left.

I mean, she went completely
AWOL on social media.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait.

- Who moves to Italy
and doesn't post any pictures?

- What are you talking
about no one?

Who are you talking to?

- Maddie.

- Maddie. Maddie Johnson? Why?

- Because you won't tell me
anything, why do you think?

She told me that Candace
cheated on you.

- She did. A lot.

- And the guy she was screwing,

he fell off a building.

And then Candace disappeared.

And then you supposedly
went to Italy to chase her,

but if...

if she wasn't there, then...

And her brother...
apparently he thinks...

- He thinks Candace is dead.

And that I had something
to do with it.

Do you know Jimmy was convinced

that I was a Russian spy.

Or did you hear about the time

he tried to attack his mother
with a knife?

Or the six times
he tried to commit suicide?

Having him committed

was the single most
responsible thing

Candace ever did.

He hated her for it,
and her blamed me.

Look, let me show you something.

She changed her name
when she left.

She always talked
about starting over like that.

I never thought
she'd do it, but...

Beck, she cheated on me.

She broke my heart.

- [sniffs] Oh, my God.

What is wrong with me?

I'm so sorry, Joe.

Just my mind, it...

It goes to the darkest places

- If you believe that
I'm capable of something like...

- No, that's the thing.
I don't.

I know in my heart
that is not you.

That could never be you.

- I did lie though.

I didn't follow Candace
to Italy.

If you want to know
where I went, I can show you.

- You ready?


- Joseph?

What's wrong?

Were you seen?
Did you talk to anyone?

Did anyone know you were there?

All right, your clothes,
take them off.

Give them to me.

[tense music]

- I killed him.

- Listen to me, boy.

So long as you tell no one,
you are fine.

Men, they go off to war,
kill people every day

then come back
and get on with their lives.

Hear me?

His life is over, not yours.

Now, Joseph.

[patting back]

Some people deserve to die.

I'm sure you had your reasons.

- Ah, Joe, perfect timing.

Just finishing up supper.

- Bridey, this is Beck.

- Hi.
- Nice to meet you, dear.

- Hey, old man.
This is Beck.

- It's a pleasure
to meet you, Mr. Mooney.

I'm Guinevere,
but people call me Beck.

- Oh, yeah.

It was a stroke
a little over a year ago.

I still make it up
at least, what, once a week

to visit you?

It never gets any easier
seeing him like this.

He was such a force.
You still are, of course.

Now I can get a word in.

Oh, sorry, Bridey.
- No worries.

He... he took me in

when I was just about
Paco's age.

Taught me everything I know.

He's really my only family.

It's my fault he's like this.

- What?

- When everything
went down with Candace,

I was just...
I was trying to win her back.

Or I was too busy
feeling sorry for myself.

I hadn't been able
to visit in a while.

When I found him,
he'd been lying there

for two days.

- Joe.

- That week...

I was here.

With him.


you can't talk about something

because you feel
shitty about it.

- This wasn't your fault.

And you're not alone
anymore, Joe.

- You didn't let go of my hand
the entire way home.

It feels good.

Who knew sharing
my darkest secrets

would make me feel so light.

- [laughs]

[phone buzzes]

- Emma?

- What?

- From... Emma, from Brown.
The fox?

- Oh, yeah.

She's thinking
about moving to New York

and has a million questions.

[phone buzzing]

- You should...
You should answer.

- No, it's okay.
I'll call her tomorrow.

- It was a solid excuse
at the time,

but I've scoured
your social media,

and you don't have
a friend Emma from Brown.

- Sorry, Bunny.
It's just my brother.

- But you're not Candace.
You're not.

Ah, shit. The alarm's
going off at the store.

I got... I got to go.

Don't worry, I won't go in

if there's any sign
of forced entry.

- Well, I could come
with you and be your backup.

I was an orange belt once.

- [laughs]
- That's all right.

Go on in.

You save those judo moves
for later.

- I better get in there
and shave my legs.

- I've made a lot
of mistakes, Beck.

Trusting my parents would
come back for me some day

was a mistake.

Loving Candace,
forgetting Mooney,

trying to help Claudia...
All mistakes.

But what all of that
has taught me

everything goes to shit

when I don't follow
my instincts.

Get up on the fence.

Don't move.

- Come on, be cool.
- Shut up!

Unlock this.

There we go.

Beck. Beck. Beck.

Beck, Beck, Beck, Beck, Beck.

- Just take whatever you want.
- Shut up!

- Ah!

- You were... for months,
he tasted you.

He was inside you
in the bed I built.

He's been defiling you,
taking advantage of you.

On your knees now!

- God.

I have a family.

I can make it right.

[gun clicks]
- Please.

I have a family, man.

They don't deserve this.

- Some people deserve to die.

- I know in my heart
that is not you.

That can never be you.

- [gasps]

- He'll get what's
coming to him.

This, Beck,
is between me and you.

- Hey, you.

About time.

What happened?

- You told me I was crazy.

- What?

- You told me I was crazy

for even thinking it.

If we don't have trust,
we have nothing.

You said that to me.
Do you remember?

- What are you talking about?

- You know what
I'm talking about.

There's no Emma Fox.

I'm only going
to ask you this once.

And I need the truth.

[exhales heavily]

Are you...

or were you ever
fucking your therapist?

Answer me.
Answer me!

- Yes.

- You don't love me.
You never loved me.

- Yes, I was. I did.

I... I cheated.

But it's over now.

- It was a lie.
It was all a lie.

I have done nothing
but dote on you.

Support you.
- I know.

- Love you.
- I know, Joe.

And look... look at what
you've done to me.

What I did.

You dig into my past.

You dissect my life.

You paint me out
to be this monster,

someone who could hurt people,

who could do terrible things.

But who is the monster here?

Really, who?


- Joe...

I've never...

I've never loved anyone
the way that I love you.


I didn't know...

what to do with that because...

I didn't think
that I could have it.

Or keep it.

- Is that true?

If you love me,
we have a chance.

Say it again.

- [chuckles] I love you, Joe.

- I love you too.


No dreams.

It's the first time in weeks

there are no ghosts in our bed.

Because you love me, Beck.

- [moans] Where you going?

- I'm just going to get us
some breakfast.

You have any requests?

- Mmm, waffles.

- Okay.

- I love you too, creeper.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

"U were so right,

I'm a crazy person
and Joe is..."

"Awwwwww, U so in lerrrrve."

"Keep it in your pants."

[dings] "Lynn has a angry beaver
in her pants."


- Hey, stranger.

- Hey, Beck.
Joe's gone, right?

- You just missed him.

- Good. I just wanted
to give this back.

- Still not talking to him?

Paco, I don't know

what went down between you guys,

but I know how much
Joe cares about you.

I wish you'd give him
another chance.

- Just tell him sorry
I had it so long.

I forgot it was
still in the ceiling.

- In the ceiling?

- Yeah, above the toilet.

He said it was
a good place to hide things.

"where r my waffles??"


[tense music]

♪ ♪

- Oh shit.

[music intensifies]

[tense music]

♪ ♪


[breathing heavily]

- Phone. I must have
dropped it in the subway.

- Oh.

- What the hell?

[dark music]

♪ ♪



- Yeah, hey, I'm on my way, bro.

- Ozma of Oz,

and who said anything about Joe?

- No, no, no, no.





[breathes heavily]
Holy shit.

[door opens]
Hey, I'm back.

Hey, Beck.

- [gasps]
- You in there?

- Yeah!

I'm just...

not feeling so great
all of a sudden.

- You think it's
something you ate?

- I don't know.
Good question.

Ah! Shit.

Hey, sorry.

I think it was
the milk actually.

I'm gonna go get some more.

Do you want anything?

- What happened?

- Oh, nothing. It's just...

It's a paper cut
that keeps opening up.

- Let me see.

Beck. You're shaking.

- I just... I get weird
with blood.

- Let me see.
Ooh, ooh.

Can I get you a Band-Aid?

- No, no, it's fine.
It's okay.

- Beck, sit down.

Sit down, and let me
take care of you.

- Hey, Annika just texted.

She's totally freaking out.

Something about
her psycho roommate.

I'm gonna go
check on her, all right?

I'll call you later.

- Move, Joe.

- Don't forget this.
It's yours.

Wait, stop, stop!


I love you, Candace.

I don't care about what happened
between you and Elijah.

And, if you love me,
we can get past this.

We can get past anything.

And I know... I know you do.
I can see it in your eyes.

- No, just let me...
- Don't tell...

Don't tell me you don't love me.

- I don't!

I don't love you.
I never have.

[suspenseful music]


- You don't mean that.
Stop it.

You don't...
- You're crazy!

What are you gonna
do about it, Joe?


♪ ♪

- Oh...

[music intensifies and ends]





Joe! Joe!