Yong Pal (2015): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Introduce yourself.

Yes, sir.

She is...

Hello, I'm Kim Tae-hyun, a resident...

It's her.

She is Sleeping Beauty.

- What's going on...
- Okay.

Diagnose her condition, as a doctor.

This is...

She's brain dead.

Sleeping Beauty Han Yeo-jin.

She's Chairman Han's stepsister,

and Hanshin Group's major shareholder.

Yearly income of 27.6 trillion won,

Hanshin Group's true owner.

So she must not die.

No, she cannot die no matter what.

The world thinks

she makes critical business decisions
including hiring

and firing CEOs, dealing
with new businesses and investments.

So, the person who
holds the key to this room

becomes the owner of Hanshin Group.

You don't need to tell me that...


You're nervous
about becoming a co-conspirator,

hiding the fact that the decision-maker
of Hanshin Group is a vegetable?


I don't want to know about things
that have nothing to do with me.


That's not it.

It's too late.

You've already seen the culprit.

You are a witness.

It's too late to close your eyes.

This is the final interview
that you so desired.

Making you
witness this horrible crime scene,

which I tried to protect you from.


Did you expect a pot of gold or something?

Yong Pal, sorry but...

you're just a moth that flew into a flame.

A moth!

She was not in a coma.


You said she's a major shareholder.

How come it is not her older brother?

It's the lineage.

Yeo-jin's mother
was Hanshin's only daughter.

And her brother, Do-jun is...

the late Chairman Han's son
from a previous marriage.

So Yeo-jin is the true heir.

Then, because she's in a coma,
the chairman--

That's right. If she weren't a vegetable,

it's obvious that she would have
become the group's chairman.

That's it. They are forcing her to sleep.

Any other questions?

No, sir.

You saw the camera when we
entered the restricted wing?

- Yes.
- Your final interview...

was completed via that camera.

And that interview is...

the final decision about you.

It cannot be undone.

If you say a word
about anything you saw here,

you know what will happen to you
and your sister, right?

What are you staring at, you punk?

Kim Tae-hyun,

I didn't wish for you to come in here.

And you voluntarily walked into
this secretive inner circle.

But you can't
leave this place on your own will...


Kim Tae-hyun?

Be careful.

They will be watching
your every move from now on.

What happened?

- What's wrong?
- Dr. Kim...

- What about him?
- Did Ms. Young Ae approve him?

Of course.


Congratulations, Dr. Kim.

Congratulations, Chief.

Me? Why?

What do you mean? You and Nurse Hwang...

suffered so much because of Ms. Young Ae.

You couldn't take a single vacation.

You're right.

Yes, let's celebrate.

Nurse Hwang, come here
and let me introduce you.

She's in charge of Ms. Young Ae.



Then you are a co-conspirator, too?

Of course, just as you are.


The transplant center?

So-hyeon went up the list?

Did her condition worsen?

No, that's not it.

She got just lucky.



Thank you.

You don't need to thank me.

You should thank the hospital director.

The hospital director?

I see. Thank you.

What are you doing?

I'll do my best, Chief Lee.

It's been a long day for you.

Go home and rest.

Would you like one?

Excuse me.

I mean, Ms.

You can't smoke in the hospital.

And you shouldn't come
into someone else's office like this.

What? Someone else's office?

Right, you're the new kid.

You're cute.

You can't smoke in the hospital.


Then why is there an ashtray?

You're right.

It's an ashtray.

I apologize. I'm the new kid, so...

So I didn't know this office
was the clients' smoking room.

I'm sorry.

Why are you being so timid
for this silly thing?

Be a man. Don't be so petty.

This room has the best view.

Enjoy your smoke then.


Would you like one?

You seem upset.


It's me. What are you doing?

Not much. I'm just sitting at home.

You know you
have your dialysis session tomorrow.

I know.

If you don't come on time,
you'll be in trouble.

Really? Am I that sick now?

What? You little...

Did you eat? Do you want me
to buy you something delicious?

It's okay. A patient
can't have delicious food.

Hey, I'm a doctor.

I'll buy you delicious food...

that is okay for you.

It's okay. Those things are expensive.

Save your money.

I told you, I'm on a roll.

Is that your brother?

Yes, it is.

What, he came home?

Tell him I forgot what he looks like.

Hold on.

Okay, now I am alone.

Hey, get out of there.

Don't be like that.

Dad hasn't been home in a while.

I don't care. Get out of there!

Dad has changed a lot.

He's working somewhere in the suburbs.

He even gave me money for living expenses.

Living expenses?

Do I not give you enough money?

That's not what I mean.

He's having dinner now.
Do you want to come over?

I made some stew. It's tasty.

I'm hanging up.


This is the final interview
that you so desired.

Making you
witness this horrible crime scene,

But you can't leave
this place on your own will...



Did you expect a pot of gold or something?

Sorry but...

you're just a moth that flew into a flame.

Another bottle of soju, please!

And a glass.

It's funny meeting the new kid here.

Excuse me, Miss.

Do I look that easy to you?

If you need a man,
go to a host bar or something.

Host bar?

Oh my, I don't go to places like that.

As if. It's so obvious you do.


I don't though...


is it really obvious?

Yes, it's very obvious.

Let's just drink.



Yes, Chief.

I'll be right there.

The first patient is 35 years old--

Hey. It's "Client."

Yes, sir.

Hello, ma'am.

Did you sleep well, Madam?

Yes, I slept very well, Chief.

Who is that handsome doctor?

He's new to the 12th floor.
His name is Kim Tae-hyun.

Introduce yourself.
She's the chairman's wife.

The chairman's wife? Of which company?

Where else? This guy...

She's our chairman's wife.


Nice to meet you.

I hope we get along.

Yes. It's nice to meet you too.

Next is a client who came up from the ICU.

She's 23 years old

- with a stab wound in the abdomen--
- That's fine.

The girl you brought yesterday, right?

Yes, sir.

How do you feel?

I think she
needs psychiatric counseling...

Have you lost your mind?
Psychiatric counseling?

Why don't you just announce it
to the world?


I think she has severe
post-traumatic stress disorder.

What's wrong with you?

Then ask her yourself...

"Miss, shall I get you a shrink?

Or maybe a reporter?
And return the settlement money."

What you're saying
is not what is best for her.

Miss, just relax and rest.

Don't worry. We'll take good care of you.

If you need anything
or crave anything, let us know.


And you shouldn't just stay in bed.

You must move around
for your wound to heal quickly.


How do you feel? Did you sleep well?

I slept very well, thanks to you.

Is there anything uncomfortable?

Of course, not.

Let me take a look. Give me that.

We had to make a small cut,
but once the police

finish their investigations,
we'll get rid of it with plastic surgery.

Well, this isn't so bad.

It's like a badge of honor.


There it is.

The suspect has turned himself in.

He is being investigated for attacking Cho

and the actor Cha Sae-yoon,

and for escaping the scene.

Okay. That's enough.

That punk.

He's going to get out
on a simple assault and battery charge.

He's getting a sweet deal.

Congratulations. It ended well.

It's all thanks to you.

And of course, to our Dr. Kim.

Let's grab some soju sometime.

This person is...

John Doe?

The name is a bit...

It's obviously an alias.

An alias? You can be admitted
using an alias?

Of course. They can't use
their insurance anyway, so why not?

It happens sometimes.

The reason of hospitalization
is probably a check-up.

You're right.

Let's see what they did to crawl here.



I hear it's your first time here.
Do you want a check-up?

Wow, you have quite a presence.

I don't need a check-up.

Take a look at this wound.

Yes, sir.

What are you doing? Remove the bandage.

Yes, sir.

The punk doctor who operated
on me is a total quack,

so it's a mess. He didn't
even finish stitching me up.

Oh my, he didn't?

Let me take a look.

He wasn't a total quack.

He did what he needed to.

Really? I guess so. He is famous

for being a master in his field.

That must have been painful.

I'll take good care of you.

But you won't ask how I got the wound?

Some punk knew just by looking at it.

Ever since I first met you,

I knew you weren't just a quack.

But I had no idea that you

were a real doctor
at a big hospital like this.

What do you want?


Watch how you speak--

Hey, hey. Calm down.

That's his way of saying
he's really happy to see me.


That jerk, Man-sik, drives me crazy.

Hey, Dr. Savior. Don't be like that.

What did he do wrong?

We're the ones who
made him tell us where you were.

So, why did you look for me?

Yong Pal, once you treat a patient,

you must take responsibility all the way.


I really can't be fired from here.

Of course not!
I can't let you get fired either.

Who would treat me then? Right?

And, if I get caught here, so would you.

So, I thought, given the situation,

who would fix me the best...

and hide me the best other than you?

But Yong Pal,

when you made house calls
to treat my boys,

you looked like a doctor
more than real doctors.

But why is it that here
in a real hospital,

you look like...

a hotel bellboy to me?

Aren't I right?

- Hey, can I order room service?
- You punk.

Keep screening my calls? Gosh.


Hey, you really...

My beloved Yong Pal. I'm so sorry.

Have you lost your mind?

How could you tell them where I am?

I'm really sorry.

I really wanted

to withstand any and all torture, but...

Stop bullshitting.

I heard they didn't touch you at all.


Physical torture
isn't the only form of torture.

Listen carefully.

My illegal house calls are over.

So do the calculations...

and tell me the balance.

You psycho. Who cares?

If the police find Du-cheol,
I'll be locked up too.

Then my sister...

will really die, you jerk.

Police? Illegal house calls?

What does this all mean?

And who is this guy?

Ms. Han Yeo-jin,

can you hear me?

What is this?

Does he know that I'm conscious?


If she is conscious
when the body is like this...

No. You have an easy life.

You've never been chased
by a loan shark because of a debt...

or chased by the police.

No! I hear you! I hear everything!


although I've lived like this for years,

I've never felt as disgusting
as I did the past two days.

What are you doing here?

What else? I'm making my rounds.

How long has she been in a coma?

Why do you ask?

Because of her reflexes.
How long has it been?

You don't need to know that.

What are you trying to do?

When a doctor asks a nurse
a question, you need to answer.

"I don't need to know"?

A doctor?

You used to make house calls to gangsters,

but you want to be treated like a doctor?

- How did you--
- This isn't like any other rooms.

I'm the most senior here.

Know your place.

I know better than anyone...

about how she's doing.

The cafeteria makes everything so salty.

I know.


Hey, come over here.

- Yes?
- What did I tell you?

Didn't I say to make sure
this is always locked?

You said you were going to test--

Look at this.

Didn't I say this switch
must always be on "Auto"?

Do you know what happens

if this is on manual and gets overheated?

- I'm sorry.
- The whole hospital will be gone!

Everyone would be dead!!

I'm sorry.

But this switch is off, so--

You punk.

Follow the protocol!

What if a one-in-a-million... No.

One in a billion chance...

that the technician turned it on
while it was on manual,

and then passed out?

What would happen?

I'll keep that in mind.

Do this again, and you're fired.

Yes, sir.


I wasn't smoking.

Madam Lee.

What? Just thinking about it
makes your heart race?

Madam Lee.

I made a huge mistake last night.

If you'd be generous
and not say a word, I'll--

You'll what?


If I keep it a secret,
what will you do for me?


what could I do for you?



Let me see my sister-in-law.

My sister-in-law,

Han Yeo-jin.

- Where is Madam Lee?
- In Dr. Kim's office.

Excuse me!

She said not to disturb her!

Why don't you ask the chairman...

directly for permission?

If I could do that, why would the wife
of the chairman of Hanshin

spend a night at a hotel
with a lowly resident?

Madam Lee, what do you mean
"spend the night"?

I was just drunk...

I know nothing happened.

But will the surveillance cameras
that captured us show that?

Regardless, we went
into a hotel room together.

Surveillance camera?

I'm sorry for calling you
a "lowly resident."

But please understand how desperate I am.

Yeo-jin is in danger.

What do you mean?

Madam Lee, you need to come with me.

Why? What is it?

It's code red.
You must evacuate immediately.


Evacuate Ms. Young Ae through the garage.

Security will have an ambulance waiting.

- What's going on?
- I don't know.

What do you mean, you don't know?
Then how can we evacuate?

All I know is,

no one can leave this building

until Miss Young Ae
and Madam Lee are evacuated.

- What?
- Move quickly.

That way, we can evacuate, too.

If you waste any more time,
everyone here might die.

Open the door!

You'll kill us all!

Open the door!

What on earth...

Is the VVIP out yet?

No one makes a move
until the VVIPs are out.

What took you so long?

Not that!

I'll get the cart.



You know you have
your dialysis session tomorrow.

I know.

If you don't come on time,
you'll be in trouble.

Where are you?

- That's no way to answer--
- Where are you?

What's wrong?

You skipped again, didn't you?

What? No, I didn't.

I'm here. I'm doing my dialysis now.

The VVIP is in. How are things there?

Who are you? What are you doing?

What are you doing? Give me the keys!

Hey! Stop! Hey!

Stay away.

Stay away, asshole!

Tell me... what's going on,

or you'll be looking
for these keys down there.


I'm here. I'm doing my dialysis now.


This area is restricted.

Move. I need to see her.

I said no. Go back.

Look, I'm her doctor.

No one can go in.

Fine. Then go tell the person in charge

that I'll call the police,
the fire department, and TV stations,

and tell them everything
that is going on here.

Hold on.

You're her doctor?

The cyclotron won't hold for long.

The cooling system
is holding up for now, but soon...

Can't we break down the door?

The engineer said it'll take two hours
to cut through the doors.

And if it takes two hours?

The cooling system
will have reached its limit,

then radiation will be released,

and everyone in the hospital...


there is no other way?

There is. It's getting her
to turn the switch in there.

You're her doctor, right?

What's wrong with her?

- Can I talk to her?
- She won't pick up.

But you can use the PA system.

Please hurry. We have no time.

Hae-in, do you hear me?

I'm the doctor who treated you.

Remember my voice?

I understand how you feel, so...

let's talk face-to-face.

Others may not know,

but I know everything.

I was there at the scene,
so I will testify

to help you and make sure...

that bastard Cha Sae-yoon gets punished.

You can't just stay there like that.

So, open the door and come out,
and let's talk.

Chief Lee was such a jerk this morning.

You were offended, weren't you?
Even I got angry.

Die. All of you.


You will die soon.

Are you crazy? How could you say that?

You will die soon,

but it won't be today,

because you'll die very slowly...

after experiencing the most
excruciating pain possible.

I don't know how you found this room,

but the explosion
would be nothing like your imagination.

An explosion to destroy this hospital,
who teamed up with...

Cha Sae-yoon.

That explosion...

won't happen.


No, it's the truth.

An explosion here
isn't the explosion you're thinking of.

Once the cyclotron behind you
stops running,

an ash-like substance will fill the room.

That's the "explosion."

You and everyone in this hospital

will be exposed to the radiation
coming from that room.

And everyone will die
a slow and painful death.

Everyone in this hospital.

But Cha Sae-yoon...

is not among those
people. He already ran away

along with all the high ranking people
of this hospital you want to kill.

The powerful people of this world
aren't killed that easily.

And about testifying and punishment
that I said earlier?

That's all bullshit.

But the people who will die here...

are the innocent people
who just came to the hospital.

They will die without hearing

a single evacuation announcement.

Among those innocent victims
who will be sacrificed...

is a girl that I know.

She was sickly ever since she was a child.

If her family had a little more money,

or her parents cared a bit more...


if she didn't have such a stupid brother,

her condition wouldn't have
gotten this bad.

Her brother already
donated his liver once,

but her body rejected it.

Now, her kidneys are failing,

so she's undergoing dialysis.

Her father was abusive.

Whenever he got drunk,

he broke everything in sight
when there was nothing left to break,

and beat his wife.


Mom! No!

Her mom took the beatings...

to protect her kids.

Then one day,

after raising her kids
and when she could finally rest,

she died in an accident.

The girl's brother
was an intern at a hospital,

but he was incompetent...

and couldn't even
get his mom an operation.

He promised to make lots
of money as a doctor...

and let his mom and sister
live in luxury, but...

Yes, Cha Sae-yoon deserves to die
for what he did to you.

But that doesn't take away
your part of the blame

for walking into his hotel room
just to become famous.

And you must not kill people

just to hide from your guilty conscience.

And you may be

using your position
behind that steel door...

to exert your power...

to kill people.

No. I'm not like that!

Drop me off here.


I need to go to the hospital.


It's dangerous there.

Drop me off!



It worked!

I did it!

- What is it?
- What?

I tricked the computer into thinking

the radiation level
is higher in there than it is.

- Then?
- Then the system

will shut it down automatically.

Then we can restart the machine
before the cooling system

hits its limit.

We're okay now. We got it.

Thank, goodness.

Hear that? There's no point sitting there.

Come out.

Let's go to another floor.

You don't belong on the 12th floor.

What's this? Did it explode?

No. The system sensed the risk of fire,

and is emitting a gas.

But she may not be able
to open the door from inside.


If it thinks
the radiation level is too high,

the system locks the doors.

Hae-in, get out of there. Now!

Hae-in, you need to open the door.

What if she can't open the door?


the room will lose oxygen
and then, she'll die--

Hae-in, get up. Pull yourself together!

Turn off the computer.

- What?
- Turn it off, so that the door will open.

Are you serious?

We should all die to save that one girl?

No, all we did was trick the computer.

The radiation level in the room
hasn't exceeded the limit.

That's true, but...

once I undo it, I can't redo it.

What if...

- we manually turn the switch off?
- Yes, but--

Isn't it much faster
than waiting for it to shut down?

Fine, okay.

But who will go in there?

They may pass out...

and the radiation level
must be quite high in there already.

It's impossible.

We can't risk another life
to save one person.

Let's let it run its course--

I'll go in.

- What?
- Stop the program.


- Open it.
- What should I do?

He's crazy.

Open it!

Dr. Kim!


Situation has been handled.
You can turn back.


- Turn the car around.
- Yes, sir.


You're home.

Sit down. The stew will get cold.

Eat up.


Am I... dead?

What? You idiot.

Eat up.

It's good.

I'm sorry, Tae-hyun.

This is all I can do for you.

I wanted to eat this so much.

This is what I missed the most.

Your soybean stew.

You did well, my son.

And I'm sorry.

It was hard, wasn't it?


It was hard...

so much.

I'm sorry.






He isn't contaminated.

Are you all right?

You're crazy.

What about So-hyeon?

Is Hae-in okay?

She's being treated.

She isn't fine,
but they say she won't die.


What's wrong?
Why are you so out of breath?

I ran over...

so I could see you sooner.


You got scolded by your superior again?

What's wrong? Did something really happen?

No, I had a dream.

What is it? Did I
die in your dream or something?

No, you punk. Don't say that.

Yes, I did. Right?

That's why you ran over.

Don't worry. They say dreams
are the opposite of reality.

You're right.

Hey, Dr. Kim. Did you go out?

If you were going to let me out,
we could've had some--

What are you doing?


He knows how to fight, too.

Now he looks like Yong Pal.

What are you doing?

If you pull something like that again,

I'll report you to the higher-ups.

I'll get a new IV bag.

I said not to call.


How much is it?

You thieves.

After all that I made and paid back?

How can I pay that back, jerk?
I can't even moonlight now.

I'm throwing out this phone
that you gave me.

It never ends.

Do you want me to give you that money?

Subtitle translation by Seul-ki Kim