Yong Pal (2015): Season 1, Episode 17 - Episode #1.17 - full transcript

Tae Hyun has built a clinic in a small town and is trying to lead a quiet, happy life. Chae Young still wants revenge for her husband.

Six months have passed,

and I started my own business.
In other words,

I became a director
at a neighborhood clinic.

Since I didn't finish my residency,

I couldn't get my specialist license,

so it was impossible to get a job.

So I decided to live

as an easy-going doctor in a small town,

and enjoy a simple life.

I don't need to run around
and make house calls to gangsters

or for those horrible privillaged people.

But actually,

it isn't such a simple life.



Is lunch ready?

What took you so long?

Lunchtime is almost over.

Hurry. Your patients will be waiting.


Think of the person cooking for you too.

You eat three meals a day at home.

She's right.

You should eat out at times.

How nice would that be?

Aren't you going to get a job?

Leave him alone while he's eating.

Sang-chul, do you want some more soup?

And So-hyeon

is healthy.


have you spoken
with the new prime minister?

No, not yet.

Actually, the prime minister called.

He wishes to meet you soon.

I don't know.

Who knows how long this one will last?

Is there a point in meeting him?

That's true,

but he wishes so desperately to meet you.

It wouldn't be so bad to meet him.

The elections are drawing near.

Shouldn't a business person
keep a distance from politicians?

Of course, that's true, but...

Why don't you meet him first?

And I'll decide after we see
what he wants to discuss.

I will do that.

Why don't you join me then?

That's a good idea.

Hey! Let go!

I'll be a minute.

Let me talk to you for a bit!

- Hey!
- What should we do?

Please go in.


Oh, my.

Good. The bank chairman is here too.

Chairwoman Han,

please save me just this once.

Is someone dying?

Chairwoman Han.

Please talk to the bank chairman.

If you'd give us a loan this time, sir,

I'll make sure to pay it back
in four days.

Chairwoman Han, don't do this.

Please be magnanimous
and forgive me just this once.

I know we were at war,

but you should spare the life
of the person who raised a white flag.

Must you...

be so cruel?

You said meat tastes best
if you chew it well.

How did the meat that I sent you...


Please leave now.


The son...

was killed by the brother,

and that brother was killed by the father.

And that father...

will be killed

by the dead brother's sister.

Drag him out.


by whose hands...

will that sister die?

Drag him out! Now!

With this, my revenge and the war...



How long has he had a fever?

Since two days ago.
I gave him medicine, but...


Is it not a cold?

It may be a cold,

but I'm not sure.

I don't know.

You don't know?

My specialty isn't pediatrics.

My goodness.

Are you honest,

or are you a dumbass?

You can't tell a patient
that you don't know.

You should pretend to know
even if you don't,

and act cool and just

mix some medicine
for a fever and indigestion

and stuff and prescribe it to him.

Even I can do that.

Are you trying to make money or not?

I wish I could too.

But why are you here?

Just give the kid
some cold medicine. My stomach...

Who are you to meddle in?


I'm a shareholder of this hospital.

Hi, it's me.

He's a six-year-old boy.

Symptoms are that of a cold,

but it's different.

His fever is 38.5.


His tongue?


Stick out your tongue for me.

You're right.

It's strawberry tongue.

His hands?

You're right. It's Kawasaki.

Okay, thanks.

It's Kawasaki Disease.

What disease is it?

The symptoms are like a cold,

but it's Kawasaki Disease.

I'll write you a diagnosis.

Pick it up outside

and go to a bigger hospital.

If you don't treat it now
thinking it's a cold,

it may cause heart problems later on.


His heart...

Thank you, doctor.

Thank you so much.

I have nothing to prescribe,
so you may go.

Thank you.

- Let's go.
- Bye.


I think it's better to be slightly stupid

than to be dishonest.

I can always ask.

Every time?


Is something wrong?

My stomach hurts a little,

and I have diarrhea.

What did you eat
when you drank last night?

I ate this and that. Everything.


How did you know I drank last night?

I still smell alcohol on your breath.

Of course, it's not like
you have special powers.

You couldn't tell just by looking.

You can't take medicine for it.

Eat some steamed carrots.

Nothing to prescribe again?

Yes, there is no prescription,

but you need to pay.

What? Hey.

You didn't take money from that lady.

Why are you making me pay?

You're well off.

That family is struggling right now.


You know how people
are doing financially, too?

Of course. I'm this town's leader.

Leader? Says who?

The owner of the supermarket

and the real estate agency said so.

They all call me the town leader.

What a load of crap.


Director, you're done for the afternoon.

Are you going to the center?

Yes, I am.

This won't hurt a bit.

It'll sting.

That hurts.

It must really hurt.

Okay, done.

Thank you.


Are we done with the flu shots?

Yes, you can see the elderly now.

You should take a break.

Should I?

May I play with the kids a little?

Would they play with the man
who gave them shots?

You're right.

Right, Madam Lee is here too.

She is?

You have to scrub here.

What about here?

Here too.

Doesn't that feel good? Over here too.

Madam Lee.

Hello, Director.

- Take a break.
- Wait a bit.

I'm done after these guys.

Let's scrub your behind.

Gosh, my back.

I should have mastered it by now,

but it's tough bathing kids.

Of course, it is.

Thank goodness they're cute.

I couldn't do it otherwise.

You're impressive.

You've never worked a day
in your life, Madam Lee.

I stopped being "Madam" long ago.

If you keep that up,

I'll call you "Brother-in-law."


What should I call you then?

Chae-yeong. You can call me Chae-yeong.


- Chae-yeong.
- Good.

See? That's nice.

Don't you regret it?

Regret what?

Giving up being the chairwoman's husband.

Not at all.


I do though.

You do?

I regret intentionally bugging Do-jun,

and not stopping him from doing bad things

to Yeo-jin.

And for not parking right by the gate

at the prosecutors' office.


- that day--
- No.

It was my fault.

I should have--


I know better than anyone

how hard you tried to save him.

And I'm sure...

he's grateful to you from where he is.

You still don't keep in touch
with Yeo-jin?

Let's go finish up.

Director, the elderly are ready.

- Okay, I'm coming.
- Okay.


Here. Use this to help run the hospital.

No, you gave us some not long ago.

Sister, you shouldn't refuse.

Our director is so forward.

He's always like that.

Let's go in.

My revenge started a long time ago.

Okay, got it.

What is it?

It's nothing.

Tell me.

Daejung's chairman

apparently tried to commit suicide.


Is he dead?

No, he isn't.

His assistant found him soon enough.

I'd like to rest today.

Yes, ma'am. If you need anything...

I'm fine.


How did you handle this?



Did I faint again?


Make sure nobody finds out.

Yes, ma'am.

But shouldn't we call a doctor?


No doctors.

Yes, ma'am.


May I say something
that may be out of line?

Whether it be an enemy or a friend,

if someone kills himself because of you,

it's only natural for you

to be shocked and stressed by it.


I mean nobody...

will think you are weak because of it.

Get me some comfortable clothes.

I want to take a walk.

I don't resent you.

My mom didn't die

because of you.

You can

enjoy a nice view from up here.

But down there,

there are people,

streams, forests,

and Wind Hill as well.

Everything that can make us happy...

is there.


will you...

go with me?

Who knows?

You may

miss the picnic sometimes.

Come to me whenever you want.

I'll be waiting.

- Cheers!
- Cheers.

I thought I'd get to benefit
from having a super rich brother.

Who knew we'd be drinking beer
in front of a supermarket?

And with these grumpy thugs, too.


How nice is this?

This is my favorite spot in the world.

Try this.

It's so comfortable.

Like this?

It is comfortable.

I have never...

been this happy before.

I'm happy even if So-hyeon nags.

I'm happy even if I don't get paid.

I'm happy even when Boss brings his thugs.

And I can enjoy a cold beer like this...

while feeling the breeze.

I can feel the breeze.


come quickly.

Isn't it nice?


I want to go to you.

What is it? Is something up there?

- Hey, Chae-yeong.
- Hi.

I brought pork trotters.

- Nice.
- Pork trotters!

What is this messed up family tree?

"Chae-yeong"? She's your sister-in-law!

Why is this bald thug here?

Where's the police?

Excuse me! Over here!

- What? Police?
- Calm down.

How have you been?

Well, thanks to you.

- Let's go.
- Yes, ma'am.

There is so much.

I'm glad

you're happy.

Next, Chairwoman Han Yeo-jin
of Hanshin will say a few words.


Thank you for coming on this beautiful day

to celebrate this happy occasion,

The prime minister,
and all of our esteemed guests,

and the true stars
of this event, our colleagues.

Thank you again.

Hanshin Alexon will dedicate itself

to the future lives of...

To the future lives of--

What's wrong, Yeo-jin?

Are you okay?

Get help!

Tae-hyun! Come eat!

I want the hangover soup.

- What are you watching?
- Hi.

Next on the news.

Hanshin Alexon,
one of the largest biotech companies

opened its second state-of-the-art factory
this morning.

Meanwhile, Chairwoman Han Yeo-jin fainted

while giving a speech and caused concern.

But Hanshin announced it was

due to fatigue and the flu,

and that her health is fine.

The next story is--

Let's go.



Take that out.

Yes, sir.

I'm late because I was reviewing
the test results.

How is it?

The CT scan came back clean,

but you have a little anemia, Chairwoman.

It's from fatigue and stress.

You must rest, ma'am.

I'd like to,

but this isn't the time.

Stress is the source of all diseases,

If you keep overexerting yourself...

Then what?

Will I die?

Wait outside.

Yes, ma'am.

Everything I say now must be protected

under doctor-patient confidentiality.

Yes, please go ahead.

Can that anemia

and stress that you mentioned

cause hallucinations?

For example,

seeing people who have died?


Medically, stress is more
than annoyance and rage

that people can control.

You should stay in the hospital--

Stay in the hospital?


That will really kill me.

It's done.

- What? Then...
- It's stage two liver cancer.

That's great!

She's hallucinating, too.

Great job, Madam.

It's too soon to celebrate.

Don't worry, ma'am.

She has no way out.

Madam Lee played a huge role in this,

so the shares will naturally...

I've heard that a lot

from President Ko.

Forget the shares.

Split them amongst yourselves.

I just want revenge for Han Do-jun.

If you don't want
to end up like President Ko,

watch yourselves.

We still...

have a long way to go.

Is this another hallucination?

Long time no see.


What brings you here?

I came to see a friend.


are you here?


I came to talk to the director.

I see.

Are you feeling well?

You don't look well.

It's just stress.

I've been so busy.

I've been keeping up on you
through the news.



Are you really not sick?



Are you okay?

Don't you have work to do?
Why are you making a fuss over nothing?

Chairwoman, what do you mean?

You must be healthy for--

Keep it down.

I'm fine as you can see.

You must be busy.
I won't take up more of your time.





Congratulations on opening your clinic.




Oh my. Doctor!

Hey, Tae-hyun.

This is great.

I should get one.
The elderly patients will love this.

Stop the nonsense and get over here.

You look much better.

I do?

It's all thanks to you.

I operate often now as well.

How's your clinic?

Good. It's fun.

I'm jealous, Director Kim.

I'm no director.

Yes, you are.

So what's up?
I never thought I'd see you here.


I want to check something.

Really? What is it?

Did you see him?

What did he say?

That's strange.

Something's wrong.

I can't access the chairwoman's scans
even with my ID.

You may go.

Chairwoman, I really think...

you should see a doctor.

I said, no doctors.


isn't there a doctor that you can trust?

A doctor I can trust?

Not him.

Just as a doctor and patient.

Look at me.

I'm a monster now.

I don't want

to hurt him anymore.

No, you're just a patient

who needs a doctor.

And he isn't someone
who would refuse a patient.

I'm going by myself.

Yes, ma'am.

Where is she going?

Why do you need to know?

I'm sorry.

She's driving by herself?

You don't know where she's headed?

Don't worry. I have an idea.

So, do your parents like their new house?

Yes. I'll be right there.

Where are you going at this hour?

To the center.

Chae-yeong is bringing a patient there.

Why doesn't she bring them here?

She must have her reasons.

I'll be right back.



It is you.

You came to see Tae-hyun?

Are you embarrassed? Why?

A wife can visit her husband.

You look well.

Yes, I'm doing well now.
I'm at peace, too.

There is a center up the hill

that cares for orphans and the elderly
that are without families.

I know.

I've heard.

You still get reports on me?

I'm not very curious,

but they still report to me.

Then you must know
how Director Kim is doing, too.

"Director Kim"?

I meant Tae-hyun.

You two must be close.

We're like a real brother and sister.

Tae-hyun is happy now.

He says...

he's never been this happy before.


just leave him alone,

so he can be happy.




keep seeing Do-jun.

You do?

I see him every day.

I see him when I eat.

And when I walk down the street.

He must not have...

crossed over to the afterlife yet.

- I'm sorry.
- When he was alive,

I tormented him so much.

We all...

bear the burden

of the sins that we commit.

Of course, if you want,

I'm sure Tae-hyun...

will share the burden with you.

That's strange.

She said she was coming.

Something must have come up.

No need to see me out.

Okay. Bye, Director.

Bye. Take care.

Tae-hyun, wait a little longer.

I'll come down from the 13th floor soon.

What's wrong, Yeo-jin? Are you okay?



Are you okay?

Are you awake?

Look at you.


First Floor Clinic?

I like the name.

You named it that to show me, right?

Are you sick?

Is it stress?

A disease you get
from doing too many bad things.

Is it...


Yes, it is, Tae-hyun.

This doesn't feel right.

You don't look well.

Let's get a complete check-up.

I've done it all.

They say I'm fine.

It's an illness of the heart.

Whether it's an illness

of the heart or the body,

I'll cure everything.

Don't worry.

Thank you, Tae-hyun.


I'm sorry.

I didn't know you were so sick.

I'm fine.


I'm going to

come down from the 13th floor now.


I've made up my mind.

When I come back,
you'll take me in, right?

You're already back,

you fool.

You'll need to wait a few more minutes.



Chief Secretary Min is downstairs.

What should I do?

- Tell him to leave.
- Okay.


Tell him to wait.


I should go back for today.

Tell him I'm coming down.

I should take care of my baggage
before I come here.

You can have others do it.

Not that kind of baggage.

The baggage that I'm carrying.

I can't ask you to share the load with me.

I don't care,

so don't go.

Let's go together once you're better.

Don't worry.

Who am I?

Once I make up my mind, I don't waver.

I'll be back.

I'll be back soon.

Water, please.

Yes, ma'am.

Chief Secretary, sit with me.

Yes, ma'am.

Call an emergency board meeting tomorrow.


A board meeting?

May I know in advance

what it is about?

You'll find out tomorrow.

You may go now.

I need to rest.

Yes, ma'am. Have a good night.

You seem better.

Yes, I am.

Is the master well?

Of course.

I'm glad I listened to you.

Thank you.

How long have you been with our family?

Just shy of 30 years.

You're right.

I was a small child back then.

You liked my brother
more than me, didn't you?

Of course not.

It's okay.

You were always confident,

and he

was... someone I pitied.

Thank you...

for taking his side.

I will leave you now.

She is in bed now.

The chairwoman has cancer.

I see.


why are you telling me this?

Because the future of Hanshin Group

lies in your hands.

What do you mean?

We mean the successor.

If the chairwoman passes away,

Master becomes the heir.

So, we will draft a new will.

The chairwoman must not

see him before she dies

unlike today.

Can you do that for us?

I am always loyal

to the current master.

Is that a no?


when time passes,

the master is bound to change.


we can trust you?

People like us

have no soul.


the future master is here in this room.

Thank you.

I won't forget you.

It's an honor.

The court will issue

a restraining order
against the master tomorrow.

Don't worry about it.

Just take care of the chairwoman
and the staff

at the house.

Yes, sir.

Chief Secretary.

How's the chairwoman?


Listen here!

These are the chairwoman's orders.


The war room is now being shut down.


You are to return
to your original positions

at your original teams until you

are called up again.

That is all.

What do you mean?

What about our current project?

The chairwoman gave us
a project herself a few days ago.

When the hunt is over,

you don't need the hunting dogs anymore.

The chairwoman spoiled you guys.

Do you want a word of advice?

When you return to your place,

make sure to wear your ties.

You morons.


Did you sleep well?

Subtitle translation by Seul-ki Kim