Yong Pal (2015): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript

I'm the leader of that pack of crocodiles.

If I show any signs of weakness,

they'll attack immediately
and try to drag me down.

That's why they need to feel fear.

They need to see what happens...

if they ever dare do that to me.

You can never understand me...

since you were not locked up
for three years.

I will punish every single person
who locked me up

in that prison.


You forgot who locked you up there?

Your father put you to sleep,

and your brother didn't wake you.

It wasn't Chief Lee.

He's nothing more than a pathetic man

who sold his pride as a doctor for money.

He was nothing but
a guard and executioner.

I was also...

a guard who kept you locked up.

Yes, Chief Lee deserves...

to die for what he did to you.

He's your enemy.

Still, you must not kill him.

If you think about what your father
and brother did to him,

you cannot kill him.



come to my room.





The line is busy. Please leave a message--

Dr. Kim.

Please help me.


Yes, ma'am?

Who just called the master?

Just a moment.

It was the previous chairman's wife.

And he has just left the house.

Madam Lee, what happened?

Thank you for coming.

There's nothing I can do.

Please save my husband.

I'll be right back.

- Madam Lee.
- Yes.

How did it go?

- Let's sit down.
- Okay.

It'll take some time.

He's a skilled surgeon, so don't worry.

Right? It'll be okay, right?

Of course. It'll be fine.

Thank you, Dr. Kim.

This isn't like you.

Be strong.

Not "like me"?

What's "like me"?

I forgot...

what it was.

What's most "like me"

is Hanshin Group's Chairman

Han Do-jun's unfaithful wife.


tormenting and mocking him...

was "like me."

The chairman...

will get better.

But all of it

went out like a light.

Everything worked out as I had wanted,

so why does all of this
feel uncomfortable?


why do I pity him?

That's the same as me.

Everything is awkward,
and I feel pity for others.

If anything happens to him...

I don't think I can forgive Yeo-jin.

If that happens,

it'll hurt her as well.



Han Yeo-jin?

Is that what you really think?

Yeo-jin did this.

- What?
- The only person who knew he

was being released were Yeo-jin and me.

That's not possible.

I just checked.

The chairman...

must have been hit by a random--

I saw it

with my own eyes.

He stayed with your sister-in-law
by the OR and...

My apologies.


How did it go?

The brain was swollen,
so we reduced the pressure

and got rid of the blood clot.

He'll live, right?

Don't worry.

We have to monitor him,
but the pressure is normal now.


Where is he?

We took him down to the ICU.
Go check on him.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I don't know how to respond, Madam Lee.

I'll get going.

Let's go.

Chairman Han Do-jun?

No, he never came here.

He had surgery?

That's strange. They said
he was sent to the ICU.

And it's been a while.

Is there anywhere else
where they take care

of someone post-surgery?

No. there isn't.

There is one place.

Hello, Dr. Kim, Madam Lee.

- Was there--
- Chairman Han Do-jun?

- Is he here?
- Yes, he's in the restricted wing.


I'm my husband's legal guardian.
How dare you stop me?

We don't know anything.
We have our orders.

What? And whose orders are that?

Who is it?

Madam Lee.

Please calm down. I'll go in.

- What are you doing?
- I'm sorry, Master.

Good morning, Master.


Hello, Master.

What are you doing?

I want to see my husband.

How dare you stop me?

Madam Lee,

the former chairman, Han Do-jun...

asked that you be prevented
from visiting him.

He does not want to see you.

What? He wants
to prevent me from seeing him?

He does not want to see me?

That's right.

He also said...

he'd agree to the divorce
as you had requested.

Why don't you see your attorney?

You're evil... You devils!

Madam Lee!

Madam Lee!

Reduce the anesthesia by half.

Excuse me?

That way, he can hear me.

Yes, ma'am.

What do we do? I feel so sorry for her.

He should be conscious by now.


It's me, Yeo-jin.

Did your surgery go well?


Chae-yeong is causing a ruckus outside.

She's insisting on seeing you.

Now that this happened to you,

I guess she feels something for you.

Don't worry too much.

I won't lock you up indefinitely
like you did to me.

Wait in there for just three years.

After three years,

I'll cut your artery...

like you did to me.

I'm sorry, Chairwoman.

Please forgive me.


thank Tae-hyun.


are you all right?

Of course, I am, Master.

It's all thanks to you.

Please stop.

Please tell me what happened.

I mean it, Master.

Thanks to you talking to the chairwoman,

I am alive today.

Thank you.

And thank you for forgiving...

my past wrongdoings.

I will not betray you

and the chairwoman,

and I will devote myself to you.


Good morning, Chairwoman!



I've returned.

Next on the agenda

is the vote on the removal

of the current CEO, Han Do-jun

and the installation of Han Yeo-jin
as the new CEO.

All of the shareholders
and their proxies--

I don't think a vote is necessary.

The shareholders
have voiced their opinion.

If no one opposes,

why don't we applaud
to welcome our new chairwoman

and CEO of Hanshin Group, Han Yeo-jin?

I agree!


Do you accept this post, Chairwoman?

I accept.

I declare Chairwoman Han Yeo-jin as...

Hanshin Group's fifth chairman.

What do you think?

It's nice.

When I first got
to Hanshin Hospital's 12th floor,

the office they gave me was nice too.

Really? You had an office?


Well, I soon realized
that it wasn't my office.

That office was the consultation room,

and the clients' smoking room.

How disappointing.

No, it was a relief actually.

Since nothing in life is free.

If they had really given me that office...

I would have had

to partake in even more crimes.




You know very well...

Hanshin Hospital's 12th floor...

is actually a crime scene

where you were locked up.

Up there...

they turn a criminal like Cha Sae-yoon
into a hero...

and make his crimes go away.

They help many white-collar criminals

get hospital sentences
or removed from prison

based on false medical reports.

And many clients

are young kids who ran away
after doing drugs or drunk driving.

We pumped their stomachs

and swapped their blood samples
to pass drug tests.

That's what I did on the 12th floor.

Not as a surgeon...

but as a servant of Hanshin Hospital.

If you hated it that much...

you could have quit.

You're right.

My choice was the problem.

I could have chosen
to give up my medical license...

to let my sister die...

and to continue

being chased by loan sharks.

You and Chief Lee are different.

He chose that to live comfortably--


We're not different.

And in some ways...

he may have played the biggest role...

in why you are alive today.

- What?
- Along with...

the late Director Park.

Code blue OR One.

Code blue OR One.

On the day you came in
after your accident,

every department was on high alert,

and general surgery was even more so.

Your internal organs were a mess,
and you had multiple fractures.

So general surgery, as well as

thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery,
and respiratory...

Every department's professors

were called to the OR.

In the OR, Director Park

oversaw the surgery.

Okay. Kim Mi-han.

- Yoo Chang-soo, go in.
- Yes, sir.

Chief Jin, pull out.

Stand by on the side.

I can guarantee...

that if someone else

oversaw the surgery instead of him,

you would have died.

And the person

who became a star after that surgery

was Chief Lee.

Chief Lee

was the rising star
in hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery.

His confidence pierced the sky.

Maybe that's why he was involved

- Bring him back.
- in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Bring him back! Why did you kill my son?
He's still young!

Bring him back, you jerk!

Case number 2012-K3250.

We will now begin the trial.


The lawsuit progressed...

and the trial

was becoming more
and more unfavorable to him.

Naturally, the OR didn't call him...

and patients avoided him.


Don't stay here. Go to OR number three.

Are you rebelling?

But the chief told you to go.

How dare you, you punk.

I told you to go.


And Director Park called him...

into your surgery.

What's wrong with her?

Lee Ho-joon! Get inside!

Yes, sir!

Regardless of reputation...

Director Park knew that Chief Lee...

was a good surgeon.

The senior surgeons
who recognized his talent...

tried their best to kick him out...

but he hung in there.

Let me see.

Sir, it's done.

The next moment decided his fate.

It will take some time.

Can you do the Whipple operation?



You've done it before, right?

He's making him the scapegoat.

We need someone to take the fall.

Director, we do not have time.

I can do it, sir! Trust me!


Lee Ho-joon, I'm betting my life
on you today.

Thank you, sir.

And her vitals?

They are normal.

It's over.

In that short time,

Chief Lee successfully operated
on the liver, spleen, pancreas,

and performed a Whipple operation.

He became a star thanks to your surgery.

You don't believe me?

Check the article of the academy...

because that miraculous surgery...

was recorded as a historical achievement.

Guess what Chief Lee...

did that very next day.

He had to return to court.

As he was exhausted and agitated...

he had to try to understand
the unfamiliar legal terms,

which the other party's attorney
threw at him.

Even if he realised

the need for emergency surgery,

he should have considered other factors

prior to conducting
such a dangerous surgery.

The victim's white blood cell count

was higher than normal.

The victim showed clear signs

that it was not an acute cholecystitis.

Furthermore, he failed
to conduct an FDP examination

and other examinations
that are necessary in such situations.

He performed a surgery
that must not be done

on someone with leukemia,

which resulted in his death.

Thus, he was negligent of his duties

as a doctor and is guilty

of malpractice.

But right then,

a miracle occurred.

The hospital, which had said
Chief Lee was negligent

and that he was on his own...

sent an attorney.

Along with...

Hanshin Group's legal team as well.

Your Honour, we request a change
in representation.

Please permit it.



I'll permit it.

A rope fell from heaven...

to a man in hell.


They say Chief Lee...

cried so much that everyone
in the courtroom felt bad...

because he was so happy.

Because he was so scared
and was finally relieved.

And because he was so sad...

about his position.

I don't think...

his situation when he put you in sleep...

was any better than...

when I went into your room.

He was as desperate as I was.

That's why it killed him

to use my weakness
to make me walk in his footsteps.

Because that's what happened to him.

But I didn't know anything.

And as soon as I got to the 12th floor...

I tried to get into your room.

The reason you're alive today is...


it's also because you
had a powerful father.

But that's not all.

Doctors are human too,
so we want to make money,

and we want to succeed and all.

But we have our pride,
and the blood, sweat, and tears

that you can't buy with money.

And also...

it's due to the deaths
of other patients...

who couldn't even get surgery...

because all the surgeons
had swarmed to you.

That's why I

spared Chief Lee because of you.

Ever since he went to the 12th floor...

Chief Lee had been living...

in a prison that's worse
than death for a surgeon.


you are trying to kill his soul, too.

Chief Lee...

is no longer a doctor.

He was already not a doctor...

when he locked me up.

It was because of his malpractice suit.

He's paying for the sin he committed.


how do you plan to pay for all the crimes

that you are committing?

You said you would...

tear down that prison.

- What?
- That's what you told me.

And that was why...

I wanted you to reclaim your throne.

To destroy Hanshin's 12th floor

and rebuild it as a decent hospital.


What do you want to do most
when you get out of here?

Destroy this place.

I'll destroy this place...

along with the people who locked me up.


I found the reason...

to put you back on the throne.



That place was a prison for me, too.

Release your brother...

from that prison.

You've become the chairwoman of Hanshin...

and Do-jun...

has already lost everything.

He'll never regain power.

Who would dare stand...

with him to oppose you?

No matter where he is...

it will be his prison...

and his hell.

You think I'm worried
about him regaining power?


I can't forgive him...

for what he did to me.


Please stop taking revenge.

And return to me.

Return to the Han Yeo-jin that I love.

I've always been by your side.

Maybe it's your rage...

that is pushing me out.

You give in.

You take a step closer to me.


the person in power can give in.

What the person without power does
is surrender.

You have power...

and I trust you.


on becoming the chairwoman.


Please don't mind me.

Please remember my request
that you succumb

to the chairwoman.

Like I said...

I don't want to be in power over anyone.

I will never...

succumb to anyone either.



Hanshin Electric's settlement
signing ceremony will begin soon.

Can't the president of Hanshin Electric
handle that?

After Kim Young-mi's funeral,

you've become a star there,

so it would be nice if you went.

It will help the stock prices
as well, of course.



Yes, Madam?

On the day I was brought to the hospital
after my accident...

Find out

if someone died because they...

couldn't get surgery.

Yes, ma'am.

Don't worry too much.

I met with Yeo-jin.

I'm sure she'll change her mind.

You think so?


She's just so angry right now.

Let's give her some time.

So, don't worry and get some rest.

When I think
about all that he has done to me...

I can't forgive him.

But now I pity him.


can't you...

forgive him?

I think the chairwoman
is beginning to waver.

Waver? What do you mean?

About Han Do-jun.

I'm nervous already
about not killing him for three years.

But Kim Tae-hyun
is asking her to let him go.

That would be a disaster.

If Han Do-jun wakes up,

what he may do to you...

That's why we must kill him.

Three years? My foot.

Then, what about now?


I think we may be able

to have someone else to get rid of him.

Where should I take you, Master?


I want to go home.

Shall I take you to the house?


Not the house, but my home.

I won't go. Why should I?

You must go.

I hate parties.

I went a few times
for seminars with the chiefs,

and it was awkward.

It's not like a casual barbeque.

I won't know anyone
and will stand around like a loser.

And I need to be careful
not to spill anything.

Still, you must go.

Today is the chairwoman's
inauguration celebration,

and also a wedding celebration

that will introduce you to the world.

If you do not attend,
the chairwoman will be--

Will be what?

Will be utterly humiliated.

Hearing you say that

makes it seem real.

My apologies for speaking so crudely.

Isn't there a way to avoid going?

Only if you pass away.

If you're so uncomfortable,
invite your friends.

I have no friends.

No one really has no friends.


Are you doing well?

Is Sophia well, too?

Ali misses Sophia too.

Stop by sometime.


She is...

Hello, Chief Nurse.

Congratulations, Chairwoman.

Take good care of her.
She's a very important guest.

Go in.

- My turn.
- Behave.

- Let's go.
- I'm sorry.

Thank you for inviting me.

- She is--
- My big sister.

Dr. Kim, you look great.

Do I?

You called your fan here?


Yes, I'm his fan.


Thank you. See you later.

I think everyone is here.
You should go down.

Not yet.

They said they were almost here.

There they are.

- Yeo-jin!
- Ali!

Welcome, Ali.

Father, Sister, welcome.

Ali, how are your mom and the baby?

They're well. My sister is super cute.

Come visit.

Okay. I will.

Here you go.

Thank you.

You're so smart.

How so?

Your friends.

Talk about pressure.

That's not it.

I invited them
so I wouldn't feel out of place.

They're my friends too now.

I'm glad you invited them.

Thank you.

How have you been?

Thank you for coming.

- Ali, eat up.
- Thank you.

Stop drooling.

You like her that much?

You're completely out of it.

Stop it. He's a newly-wed.

Have you given her the ring yet?

No, not yet.

Hey! My lifesaver!

Hey, Boss. I mean, Chairman.

Cut the crap.


- What's this?
- A wedding gift.

You didn't have a wedding ceremony,

but I won't feel right
unless I give you a gift.

It's okay.

No, that isn't right. Here.

You already gave me a gift.



What are you talking about?

The gift?

You don't remember it?

You don't remember?

What's that?

Isn't that Daejung's Chairman Choi?

- It is.
- Why is Daejung's chairman here?

Hello, child!


You're the chairwoman now.

Chairwoman Han!


Let me shake your hand!



we have a lot to talk about, don't we?

He's the Master.

The chairwoman said not to let anyone in.

If Seong-hun were alive...

on a day like this,

I would have been so happy.

But what can I do?

My son is already dead and gone.

Do you have something to say...

to me?


why are you being so cold?

You used your son to toy with me

and stole confidential information
of our company.

That should be enough.

You found out?


I'll return that company to you.

The one I built using
that confidential information.


give me back my son.

I heard something strange yesterday.

I can't figure out...

what it meant.

Of all the things that Han Do-jun did,

what's the thing

that I should never find out?


I must know what that is.

Do you know anything?

If you do, would you please tell me?

Right. You've been in bed all this time,

so you wouldn't know.

Let me ask Do-jun...

directly, will you?


give me...

Han Do-jun.

What? You don't want to?

Why are you keeping
that enemy by your side?

Give him to me,

and I'll take care of him. Okay?

You think you...

have any right to ask me for that?


That's why I apologized.

I'm truly sorry.


you're alive.

But our Seong-hun...

is dead.


was ashamed...

so I made sure nobody else knew.

But after Seong-hun's accident, his mom...

lost her mind.

She went crazy!

I'm sorry but I can't give you...

Han Do-jun.



this means war.

Go right ahead.

Fine. You may not know
since you've been in bed,

but your company

isn't what it used to be.

Since Han Do-jun took over,
your company has been failing.

You have no supporters or connections.

That's because he didn't have the ledger.

The one from my father.


have it?

Han Do-jun...

must die by my hands.



It's good if he dies
by his little sister's hands.

Fine. I got it.

I've wronged you,

and you need your revenge.

Fine. Let's do that.

But I wish you'd give me

a slab of meat...

from Han Do-jun.


that I can eat it up.

I should get going now.

on becoming the chairwoman.

By the way...

I want him dead...

within three days.

I have everything...

but I lack patience.


if three days pass without an incident...

it will be war.

Got it?

Don't see me out.
You're not well yet anyway.

Subtitle translation by Seul-ki Kim