Yong Pal (2015): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

Tae Hyun returns to the hospital to find that a lot of things have changed. He agrees to trade his life for his sister's safety.

- Honey!
- Don't worry.


- Oh my gosh.
- Don't worry and get inside.

What do we do...

I'm sorry...

but you need to go
to the church with Sister.


I need to go somewhere.


I'll go too.

No, you can't be there.

Where is it?

Tell me.

Hanshin Hospital.

Are you insane?

Don't worry. I'll send the mom and baby

to the 12th floor and come right back.
I promise.

- No.
- I'll be right back.

We don't have time for this.

If we don't go now
both the mom and the baby...

will die.

Promise me...

that you'll return quickly.


I'll come back right after I
see So-hyeon off to the U.S. tomorrow.


Be careful.

Don't worry. I'll be right back.


- Honey.
- Mom.


It's an emergency.

Call the doctors
from obstetrics and pediatrics.

- Dr. Kim!
- Is there an empty room?

- I need an incubator, too.
- But we're full.

- Is Madam Lee here?
- No.

Then send an incubator
to Madam Lee's room,

and I need to do an EKG,
so get me an oxygen mask...

and prepare heparin in an IV bag. Hurry!

What's going on?

What are you doing? Go call the doctors.

What? Okay.

You're insane.

The Apgar score is a seven.

Is that safe?

Yes, luckily.

But we can't let our guard down.

Thanks to your prompt emergency care,
it's not so bad.

Thank you so much.

Dr. Kim, what's going on?

Who is she?

Her name is Hong Gil-soon.

She's a VVIP.

Whose name should we register her under?

Under my name.


But seriously, what happened?

No one could reach you.
Where have you been?

I'm still out on sick leave.

This is not the time for jokes.

What's wrong? Did something happen?

You must really not know.

The director passed away,

and Chief Lee went missing.


And it was right after
what happened to Nurse Hwang.

What happened to Nurse Hwang?

You must really not know about anything.

Nurse Hwang died in an accident.

I'll put him to sleep.
You can go to bed now.

I'll stay until he's more deeply asleep.


Don't worry.

The Lord has already

heard your prayers.

Do you think so?


Dr. Kim will definitely return.

Hey. Welcome back.

Why are you showing up now?
Where have you been?

You left the boss all alone.


are you better now?

Of course.

Drugs tend to work well

on wild beasts like us.

Then leave now.

He's not well enough.

You're not, right?


I don't feel comfortable

here anymore anyway.

Then... is this

goodbye forever?

I may see you when I do house calls again.

House calls? Again?

Why is his life so difficult?

What are you doing here?

Can't you see?


So-hyeon, why are you here?


Your sister can't stay
in a nice room like this?

Why is she here?

Why you...

How dare you yell at your dad?

You're leaving for the US tomorrow.

Why are you here? Are you sick?

No, I'm fine.

The hospital said to come here.

The US? What do you mean?

Where can you take a sick girl?

If you leave her here,
it'll be really dangerous for her.

Will you take responsibility?


Fine, I'll take responsibility now.

She's my child.

I'll take responsibility.
You stay out of it.

Mom died because of you.

Now, So-hyeon, too?



You bastard.


Your sister is being supported

by Hanshin Foundation?

Hanshin Foundation?

Yes, Hanshin's charitable foundation.

Wow. They usually only
take a few applications once a year.

The chairman

is really looking out for you.


Dr. Kim.


Where have you been?

Come to my office.

"My office"?


Yes, he's the new chief
in charge of the 12th floor.

Chief Lee should have at least
taught me what to do first.

What happened with...


Oh, that...

Hanshin Foundation is paying
for the surgery in the US,

but they said they don't have
sufficient funds right now.

Why don't you talk to the chairman?

You're close to him.

There was an order to make sure

you continue working up here.

You have the money?


The item first.

- Are you sure about this?
- Of course.

This is a real one.


So-hyeon, we need to go somewhere.


Like this?

Yes. Just get your wallet
and passport. Hurry.

What's going on?

Your sister will get hurt if you do that.


Why in the world did you come back?

What about Ms. Young Ae?

She's safe.

If you had called me first before you--

I would have come anyway...

since So-hyeon...

is being held captive on the 12th floor.

- So-hyeon?
- They needed a hostage.

Nurse Hwang, the director, and Chief Lee.

And I'm next.

- Ali.
- Let's take a walk.

A walk?

Ali, let's go another--

No, we have to go.

I promised Mr. Kim...

that I'd take a walk with you once a day.

Mr. Kim?

Okay, let's go.

- Let's take a break.
- Okay.

Tae-hyun, I'm nervous.

Come back soon.

Madam Lee, your room--

I know.

It's okay. Tend to her.

Oh my. How tiny.

- Is he okay?
- Yes, he's stabilized.

Tell everyone if anything
happens to him, they're dead.


You're lucky.

I'll take good care of you.

Don't worry.

Thank you, ma'am.

Good work.

Don't worry. As long as
I'm around, they can't kill you.

Madam Lee,

if you keep this up,

wouldn't the chairman
want me dead even more?

That's why life is fun.

Nobody is free of weaknesses.

It's not fun for me.

So I'll take care of myself.

No. There's nothing you can do anymore.

Running is futile, too.

They'll find you somehow.

Get it? You're dead without me.

You're the safest next to me.

I'd like to see the chairman.

This way.

Kim Tae-hyun.


Are you feeling better?


save my sister.

What's wrong with him?
Did anybody say to kill his sister?

As you promised before,

please save my sister.

In exchange,

I'll die on my own.

No, there's no need.

I'll take care of that.

I'll make Madam Lee think I ran away.

You rude--

There is nothing between us.

Shut the fuck up!

I'm not interested in

what happened between you and that woman.

I have no use for you anymore,

so I'm just disposing of you.

To me, and to my wife,

you're disposable.

Do you get it?

Once Yeo-jin died,

your usefulness ran out.

You may go now.

Get rid of him.

Let's go.

Send your sister to the US today.

- Pardon?
- But as you said,

Madam Lee must
think you ran away on your own.

Yes. I understand.


can I trust you?

About your sister?

I have leeway to do that much.

Your offer is reasonable.

But today, you insulted...

the man's ego.

I'll convince the chairman.

Thank you.

I don't know
if I should be thanked for this.

Do it after Ms. Young Ae's funeral.

Since people will be watching.

Oh, cleaning out myself?


The car is here.


Thank you.

I hope you

have time left before your expiration.

- Expiration?
- The date you'll be cleaned out.


you'll probably call me rude
for saying your name like that.

Are you doing well?

I'm curious already.

The mother and the baby are doing well.

He's tiny and cute.

Let Ali know as well.

The hospital hasn't changed.

It's super busy.

Everything is going well
for So-hyeon going to the US.

Once she leaves, I'll come back.

I'm sorry.

It's all a lie.

I may not be able to go back.

They make me do rounds

on the 12th floor
because Chief Lee is gone.

They should have just
given it to me, then. Right?

Yes, sir.

I wouldn't take it anyway.

Hey, Tae-hyun!

Let's talk.

What did you want to talk about?

Since we're alone now...

If Chief Lee is gone,

shouldn't General Surgery take over?

Just because the director
passed away, the vice director

shouldn't turn it over
to Internal Medicine.


You're close to the chairman.

Tell him General Surgery should take over.

Who will do house calls, then?

If you don't do something,

you'll get pushed out, too.


I need to come up to the 12th floor

for you to be safe.

Don't you agree?

What? Am I wrong?


Even if you're on the 12th floor,
you're in our department.

You know there is only one

General Surgery fellow position, right?

No matter what anyone says,

I always thought you
were the right person.

You understand, right?


why do you want to come to the 12th floor?


I understand.

I'll try to talk to him.

Good. Of course, you should.

You finally understand me now.


Dr. Kim, how are the mother and the baby?

- They're both better.
- They are?

Thank goodness.

This is all God's grace.

I think you'll have to

go back to the church alone.


I have something to do.

You do? But Sophia will be very worried.


Please give this to her.

Once the mother and baby are better,

the hospital will give you a call.

Come pick them up then.

You can bring them yourself.

You're right.


Thank you.

I'm so glad the mother and baby are well.

- So-hyeon.
- Tae-hyun.

Pack up. We're going to the airport.

- Airport?
- She's too sick to go anywhere.

Sir, the test results were good.

She may leave.

I'm sorry?


Let's go. We don't have time.


Even if you're on the 12th floor,
you're in our department.

You know there is only one

General Surgery fellow position, right?

No matter what anyone says,

I always thought you
were the right person.

You understand, right?


What are you thinking about?

- What?
- What are you thinking about?

What else? About you.

Whether you will eat the food well there

or you will tell them if anything hurts.

Don't worry.

I bet my English is better than yours.


That's good then.

- So-hyeon.
- What?


be well, okay?

Of course.

Don't worry. I'll come back alive.


What's wrong?

I'm not on my way to die.

Don't worry.

Of course not, you punk.

So, don't cry because of me anymore.


it's embarrassing.

Okay, you punk.

Okay! Yes!

Let's go, Detective Kim.

He's at the airport!

The airport?

It's time.

Go in.


I'll be back soon.

Thank you.

Silly girl.

Have you checked your gate number?

I have. How many times
are you going to ask?

There's a sign that says "Arrivals"
when you land.

Go there. Ask a Korean person
for help if you get confused.

I told you I'm okay.

I'm really going now.

Okay. Go.



Listen carefully.


are not living for anyone else.

Not for me.

Not for dad.

You live for yourself.

Got it?

Tae-hyun, what do you mean?

No matter...

how lonely or difficult it is,

you have to endure it...

for yourself. Got it?

I meant the treatment.

Of course.

After all you did to send me,

I'll beat it...

and come back cured.

Of course, you must.

I'm sorry.

Why are you sorry?

I'm sorry I can't go with you.

Even if we're far away,
you're always with me.


I will...

always be with you.

How embarrassing.
I hate things like these.

I know. What's gotten into you?

You're late. Go in.

I'll call when I get there.

It'll be expensive.

Don't call.

Fine. Don't you call, either.

Go on.

- Chief!
- Tae...


Let go. I'm not running away.

I said, let go!





What's going on now?

You can't get any closer.


Help me.

He's trying to kill me.

What? Who?

Call an ambulance!

Let's take him
to the airport's infirmary first.

We have an emergency patient.

We can't help him here.

Take him to a hospital!

He'll die on the way.

Bring out the equipment.


I'm a doctor too. Hurry.

Open it.

Yong Pal...

didn't run away.

Tae-hyun, help me.

If I go to Hanshin, I'll be dead.

Please help me.

Don't worry.
There are many hospitals nearby.

They won't go to Hanshin. Let's go.

Kim Tae-hyun, you need to come with us.

- What is it?
- You'll see when you get there.

Is it required?

If you refuse,
we might just arrest you instead.

Yong Pal.

Hold on.

His intestine ruptured by a stab wound.

I stopped the bleeding for now,

but his BP and pulse are unstable.

- Tell them he needs enterorrhaphy.
- Tae-hyun...

It may get infected,
so tell them it's an emergency.

- Yes, sir.
- Please go.

Let's go. Come on.

Yes, sir.

- Hanshin Hospital!
- Hanshin? That's far.

No. Not there.

Not there!

- Stay calm.
- No. Not there.

Wait. Not there!


Father, you're back.

So this is where you were.

Where is he?

He said...

he has something to do
and that he'll come later.

- What?
- And here.

It's from him.

Read it. I'll go to my room now.


It's time for me to wake up from my dream.

If you forget...

your painful past,
you can live a happy life.

But for me,

my painful past is still in progress.

As long as you're with me,

you can't escape from your painful past.

I realized when I got back

that I have to be a doctor...

and why...

and what I went through
to become a doctor.

I can't give that all up for you.

I'm sorry. I'm not coming back.

You'll be fine without me.

Please be happy.

From Tae-hyun.

What? Kim Tae-hyun was arrested?

Okay. Report back.

What? He went to the police?

I don't know. I'll have to look into it.

What have you done?

You said if we send his sister to the US,

everything will be fine.

I'm sorry, sir.

I'll look into it and report back.

You pathetic...

What are you doing? Go!

Yes, sir.

Hello, Ms. Young Ae.

I'm Kang Soo-min, the chief nurse

of General Surgery at Hanshin.

How did you...

I'm on Dr. Kim Tae-hyun's side,

so don't worry.

Something happened to Tae-hyun, didn't it?

Dr. Kim...

is safe for now.

"For now"?

I was at your father's...

the founding chairman's side
when he passed away.

The founding chairman passed away

not six months after what happened to you.

Enough. I don't want to hear it.

You must hear this.

Why are you doing this?

As his illness worsened,

he refused any further surgery.

But while he was unconscious,

the directors voted
that he undergo surgery.

And his son, the current chairman,

prevented the founding chairman

from talking to anyone.

But I was the OR nurse,

so I was the only person

permitted to stay by his side
when he passed away.



Just before he passed away,

he regained consciousness briefly,

but because he was so weak,

he looked at me,
while I was still wearing a mask,

- and kept calling me...
- Yeo-jin...

- "Yeo-jin."
- Yeo-Jin...



And he gathered his last bit of strength

and raised his arms...

to hug me.

I mean, to hug you.


So I dare...

pretended to be you

and accepted his final hug

and final words.

I'm sorry, Yeo-jin.

I love you, Yeo-jin.


this is just for you to know.


And now...

I'll give them back to you.


I love you, Yeo-jin.

I'm sorry, Yeo-jin.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Dad.

Listen carefully to what I'm about to say.

These are the chairman's final words.

God, you really don't listen
to my prayers.

Okay, then.

Let's not waste time or energy.

Let's not.

I die either way.


If you're wrong, you're dead.

Illegal house calls?

Shouldn't a doctor...

go anywhere if a patient needs him?

Why is that illegal?


it depends on the patient.

So, you mean the identity of the patients?

Will you tell me everything?

I would want nothing more
than to tell you,

but I can't.

It's against the law.

The law requires doctors

to maintain the confidentiality
of his patients.

It's the law.

It's illegal for you to tell us yourself,

but it isn't illegal
for the police to obtain the information

from a third party.

A third party?

Hyun Man-sik.

You know him, right?


What's your relationship with him?

He's my loan shark.

Oh my. A doctor borrowed...

from a loan shark?

Why? Did you borrow gambling money

from Du-cheol's gambling house?

My sister is sick,

so I borrowed money for her treatment.

You shouldn't use your sister like that.

You're a doctor.


my sister?

What is it?

The Commissioner asked...

not to leave when you're done...

and to have coffee with him in his office.

I'm dead. Shit!

The Commissioner must be busy,

so tell him we'll have coffee
in his wife's hospital room.

Yes, sir.

The identity

of one of my house call patients
is unintentionally revealed.




Come quickly.

- Why?
- You'll see.

This is worthy
of an emergency x-ray, right?

What happened?

For some reason,
no one wants to operate on him.

What's wrong, sir?

Oh my, Kim Young-mi!

Subtitle translation by Seul-ki Kim