Yi San (2007–2008): Season 1, Episode 31 - Episode #1.31 - full transcript

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Episode 31

My Lady!

- My Lady! Something has happened!
- What do you mean?

- Your Highness, it is Attendant Yi.
- Enter.

- What is it?
- Your Highness, something terrible has happened.

The prince is not at the Eastern Palace.

He is nowhere to be found!

What did you just say?

How could you not know that
His Highness left the Eastern Palace?

- We deserve death, Your Highness!
- Please forgive us, Your Highness!



What is happening?
Where is the prince?

How could the Royal Guards
not know his whereabouts?

I think he has left the palace without
saying anything to anyone.

Your talent is truly worthy of a Royal Artist.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

But even so, it must not have been easy for
a Damo to become a Royal Artist.

How did it happen?

It was all due to
the prince's kindness and mercy.

- Did you say the prince did this?
- Yes, Your Majesty.

When the prince was ruling in your stead,
he changed the rule regarding positions

based on class and gender.

That is how a lowly Damo like myself
was able to have such an honor.

Other Damos are now allowed to learn how to paint.
They have been of great help to the Bureau.

Even though I have been
on the throne for decades,

the prince has observed and changed
something that had escaped my notice.

He is such a man.

When he looked at me with such bitterness,
I should have realized how much pain he was in.

What have I done to him?

Your Majesty, why did you make such a decision?

Why have you decided to cover up
this outrageous crime?

I do not understand at all.

Are you telling me that
she knew about this beforehand?

Forgive me.

I am sorry for putting you through this.

I am sorry for putting you through all this
and covering it up after it's been revealed.

What is going on?
Do you think the enemy has done something?

- If His Highness is harmed...
- No, I am certain he is safe.

When I made inquiries at the stable, they told me
that His Highness went there for a horse.

- A horse?
- Yes, I think he's ridden outside of the palace.

But... but why?

We all know how the prince
must feel right now.

He must have feel so frustrated.
He probably needed some fresh air.

Even so, how could he have left the
palace without any guards to protect him?

What if someone tries to hurt him?

- You're asking me if your master was here?
- Yes, Sir.

- I haven't seen him.
- Is that so?

- Why? Has something happened?
- No, not at all.

But if my master comes here,
please tell him that I am looking for him.


Where are you, Your Highness?

Promise me one thing.

No matter...

No matter what happens to me...

... don't keep bitterness in your heart.

You must not ruin yourself
with hatred and bitterness.

Do you hear me, San?

Do you hear your father's words?

Must I still do what you said
even in this situation?

Even in this situation...
Must I not feel hatred and bitterness?

My heart feels like it is going to burst
with all the hatred and wrath.

Must I still obey you?

I can't do it, Father.

I can... I can no longer do it, Father!

Your Highness!

Your Highness!

- Why are you here at this hour?
- Where have you been, Your Highness?

- I went for some fresh air.
- Official Nam, you didn't even leave a message.

We all know how you feel, but what if
something had happened to you?

You must always have
the Royal Guards with you!

Yes, you're right.
One never knows who might try to take my life.

Your Highness!

I have worried all of you.
Forgive me.

But I am safely back now,
so you may all go home and rest.

I'm alright.
Don't worry too much about me.

If you keep this up, I will have to hide
it when I truly feel troubled.

Won't you all give me some time to myself?

Where have you been?

I went outside the Capital.
But I couldn't find any trace of him.

His Highness has already returned.

- What?
- He returned to the Eastern Palace a while ago.

Is he alright?
Where was he?

- We don't know that either.
- What?

He didn't say where he was.
But his face seemed clouded.

I have never seen him like that before.

If I feel this way,
imagine how His Highness feels!

- Where are you going?
- I'm going to the prince to demand some answers!

I'm going to ask how he could...
I'm going to demand that he never do this again!

You crazy fool!
Where do you think you're going!

His Highness...
He's acting like a child!

We heard that His Highness has returned.
Announce our arrival.

Yes, Your Highness.

Please forgive me,
but will you come back another time?

Why is that?
Does the prince want no visitors?

- No, Your Highness.
- Then why can't we see him?

I will do as you say.

- But Mother...
- Official Nam must have a good reason.

Please forgive me, Your Highness.

We know that he has returned safely,
so let us return.

- Are you coming home now?
- Yes. Something happened at the palace.

What happened?

His Highness disappeared last night.

- The Eastern Palace was in chaos.
- What?

Fortunately, he came back safely this morning,
but he looks very troubled.

You know, I feel like going out there and
killing those bastards myself!

Imagine the torture he must be going through
to have to pretend as if nothing happened!

- Oh, you're here, Sir!
- Dal Ho!

- What brings you here so early in the morning?
- What happened to Song Yeon?

What happened to Song Yeon?
What happened?

How can you ask me that!
I came here first thing to ask you that!


You're clueless!
Did Song Yeon come home last night or not?

She didn't come home last night,
but she came home this morning.

- So it's true!
- What's true?

Don't be shocked, but Song Yeon...
Song Yeon has spent the night with the king!

- Spent the night?
- With the king?

That's right! Song Yeon was in His Majesty's
chambers all night!

His Majesty's chambers?

Song Yeon?

Song Yeon! Song Yeon!

- Hurry and see Official Park!
- Why?

Some officials from the Grand Palace
are here to see you!

So what is going to happen to Song Yeon?
Is she going to be a Royal Concubine?

I doubt it! It's difficult enough for
a palace maid, let alone a Damo!

- If His Majesty orders it, then why not?
- Wait, wait!

If Song Yeon becomes a Royal Concubine,
then what happens to the Bureau?

Are all the artists that objected
to Song Yeon going to be...?

Hey, don't say that!
Song Yeon's not that kind of person.

No, think about it!
She suffered so much here at the Bureau!

She almost got kicked out for painting,
and remember how she got scolded during lessons!

All those who opposed her will not be safe!

There will be bloodshed in the Bureau!

That's scary!
Scary, isn't it?

These are gifts from His Majesty to this child.

But the Royal Portrait hasn't
even been completed yet!

This is His Majesty's gratitude for the painting
she drew for him last night.

- Did you paint something for His Majesty?
- Yes, Sir.

His Majesty wanted a Maehwa*.
(*Plum Tree Painting).

His Majesty was delighted with her painting.

This is a priceless inkstone used only by
the royal family of the Ching Dynasty.

Do your utmost on the Royal Portrait.

It is an honor, My Lord.

- Where are you going?
- You're off then!

- Where?
- You're going to the palace!

The Palace?

We know you entered
His Majesty's chambers last night!

Isn't that why the palace officials are here?

If there was anything I did to upset you,
please forgive me!

Please forgive me!

Don't you have something
to say to me, Artist Tak?

Well... Song Yeon!

If I was that opposed to you,
why would I have chosen you as my attendant Damo?

I hope you know how I really feel.

I mean, Your Highness!

But before I leave this place,
I must complete my work.

- Shibi, let's go and do laundry.
- What? Alright.

Your Highness, how could you do such a thing?
Leave that to us lowly servants!

Where is the laundry?
Where is the laundry!

I was late because I had to deliver
something to the Personnel Minister.

I have found out what His Majesty told
the queen via my spies at the Grand Palace.

He has forbidden her from
leaving her palace forever.

He gave her orders to live like she was dead.

What does that mean?
It means the queen is finished.

She will be a live corpse
until the day she dies.

Her plans to de-crown the prince
and push Prince Eun Jun forward

so that she can rule until he comes of age
has all come to naught.

I have a question, Mother.

If the queen's goal was to rule in place of the prince,
then what is your goal?

What are your plans for me?

What makes you less worthy than the prince?

There is nothing that prevents you
from ascending to the throne.

Have I over-estimated your abilities?

We do not have any time for idleness.

Now that the queen is out of the way,
you and I can now spread our wings.

Call the others for a meeting.

Yes, Mother.

I thought so too, at one point.

Your character...
And your thoughts...

I thought I knew.

- Your Majesty!
- I don't need explanations from you.

From now on, you will no longer
speak in front of me.

And from now, you will listen
to what I have to say.

If I think about how
you fooled me all this while,

I want to chase you out
of the palace this instant.

I will let you keep your life.

But in exchange, I will give you a
punishment worse than death itself.

You are no longer the queen.

Your Majesty!
Please listen to what I have to say!

Have you forgotten my command
to be silent before me?

After I had my own son killed,

I regretted it every day.

That is the only reason why
I am not having you executed.

It is so that a tragedy like that
can never happen again.

I never want to put to death a relative again!

Do you understand?

The one who saved your life
is the late Crown Prince!

But that is the end of my mercy.

You will never act as queen again.

And you will never leave your palace again.

From now on, you are dead to me.

That is how you will live from now onwards.

You will breathe and move in silence
and never appear before me again!

Do you hear me?

Your Majesty, it is Attendant Kam.

Did you see my brother?

How is he doing?

Even the tribunal guards will not speak with me,
let alone the officials.

- What?
- What shall we do, Your Majesty?

Lord Kim Gui Joo is scheduled
to be exiled shortly.

What will happen to you then?

If Lord Kim is sent away,
who will protect you in the palace?

I am sure all of you realize that was Secretary Jung's
quick thinking that saved all of your necks.

Even though this was
the only way to save all of you,

I will always be filled with regret at having
abandoned the queen at such a time.

For the sake of the queen,
I hope all of you will further your commitment.

This is why I have called this meeting.

Even though Her Majesty can no longer join us,
our goals remain the same.

We must now unite our scattered forces
and join hands again.

But Your Highness, isn't it better to lay low
for the time being and assess the situation?

Assess the situation?

Do you think this incident has been concluded?
I do not think so.

Don't you know His Majesty's character?

He has a reason for covering up the truth.

I'm saying that he has a plan.

- My Lord!
- What is it?

Her Majesty the Queen is here.


- Your Majesty!
- Your Majesty.

- What brings you all the way here?
- What do you mean what?

Have I come to a place
where I am not welcome?

Why are all of you outside?
I can go in.

- Let us go in.
- Forgive me, but you cannot do that.

What did you say?

Did you just tell me that I can't go in?

Yes, Your Majesty.

I heard that His Majesty has given an order
for you to remain at your palace.

So how can you come here?
How can you be so reckless?

Do you intend to endanger all of us?

- Princess!
- You know that we cannot help you.

So return to your palace at once, Your Majesty.

Is that how you all feel?

You want me to turn back?

Do you all feel the same way as the princess?

Your Majesty!
Are you alright?

- I'm fine. I said I'm fine.
- Your Majesty!

I will become a living dead
just as all of you want.

- Your Majesty!
- But remember this.

I will not die.

All of you will remember this day.

The day will come when all of you will
vomit blood and beg me to spare your lives.

- Let's go.
- Yes, Your Majesty!

I will never forget today's humiliation!

From today onwards, the prince will oversee
all audiences with the government officials.

Use your mistakes and errors
in your previous reign,

and run a successful government.

Your Majesty, I lack the ability to do so.

I cannot accept such a responsibility.
Please take back your order.

Are you still troubled by the incident
at the Year-End Festivities?

I know exactly how you feel.

But if you are truly aware that there are still
those who mean you harm in the palace,

you must not be so weak.

You must step on them and crush them
so that they cannot stand against you again.

Help the prince to uproot
the enemy's foundation.

I will give you my full support in this matter.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, Your Majesty!

We must now do as His Majesty suggested and
crush the enemy and reverse their power.

- No.
- What?

I no longer wish to pull the palace into
chaos on account of me.

Your Highness...!

I no longer have any desire or will to rule,
so you can do whatever you want.

- Sir!
- Sir!


You're like a baby crying
for his mother's breast.

We've been waiting for you all day!
How is the prince doing?

- Is he feeling better?
- It isn't good.

You fellows! Why should you lose your energy
because His Highness has lost his?

- Sir!
- His Highness needs some time.

He has gone through so many things.

He will grow stronger through this,
so do not worry too much.

In the meantime, you must help me do something.

What is it, Sir?

We must prepare a gift for him when he
is finally recovered.


Do we have to risk our lives again?

It won't be so dangerous this time.

Then what is it?
Please tell us!

I want to reveal the No Ron faction completely.

Even though we have a vague idea of its power
through its involvement in the Year-End Festivities,

we still do not have a grasp of the level of
power and influence it has.

My plan is to reveal the complete scope of the
No Ron faction's power and influence in government.

But Sir, do you think they will fall for
our plans so easily after what happened?

Don't be naive.

Once man has a taste of power,
he will not let it go unless he is dead.

Actually, power is not easily forfeited even in death.

They may be laying low now, but
they will soon strike the prince again.

You're right, Sir!
Let's finish them off!

This time, we must not only monitor Secretary
Jung Hu Gyum and Personnel Minister Choi Suk Joo,

but also Finance Minister Min Tae Shik,
Second Minister of Industry Park Won Myung,

and the Chief of the Prefecture Baek Dong Chul.

Why are you leaving so early?

Why have you left your room, Sir?

We have some business and must leave first.

May I speak with you?

- What is it?
- The Chief Inspector inside...

I heard that when he coughs,
all six ministries tremble in fear. Is that true?

News travels fast.

Chief Inspector Hong not only has the support
of the prince, but the ear of His Majesty.

- He is truly powerful!
- What are you saying?

It's the truth!

So treat him well.

After the prince becomes king, when Chief Inspector Hong
coughs, the whole nation will tremble in fear!

Let's go.

Your Highness, please go to bed.

You haven't slept for the past few days!

You may leave.

No. You're going to be up all night sighing.
I would rather be with you.

You are always nagging me.

I wish the prince would nag me as well.

Your Highness...

His Highness said this to me once.

He told me to that he would try his best
to be a good husband to me.

He promised me that he would not make
me lonely or cause me pain.

And he has kept his promise.

He always smiles when he sees me,
and inquires about my well-being.

And he would hold my hand gently and lovingly.

He has never made
an ugly expression in front of me.

But I am becoming more greedy.

I wish that he would also show me
his weariness and his exhaustion.

Your Highness...

Remember the task I gave your brother?

- Yes, My Lady.
- Deliver this message to your brother.

- Sir!
- Dae Su!

You're back now?

What brings you here, Official Nam?

I'll tell you the details later.
Come with me quickly.

- His Highness is looking for the two of you.
- What? His Highness?


Where are we going?
This isn't the way to the palace.

- We're not going to the palace.
- What?

- Thanks for the meal!
- Alright!

I told you it's cold!
Let's go inside!

Why are you suffering here
when there's a warm room?

That's alright.

I don't need a warm room.
My heart is boiling as it is.


It's really warm!

What are you doing?
Are you trying to tempt me?

Why shouldn't I?

It's not just your heart that is boiling!
My whole body is on fire!

- Is that so?
- Let's hurry into the room!

Come on, Sir!

- Your Highness!
- Your Highness!

- You're here!
- Your Highness!

- Your Highness?
- He is the prince!

- What?
- Your Highness...

Your Highness!

You may leave us.
Make sure you never speak of this to anyone.

Yes, My Lord!

Why are you all just standing there?
Come and sit down.

Your Highness!
What are you doing here?

I'm here to meet my friends!

Come and sit down with me.
I want to talk with you.

I think the only time when I was happy
was back then.

Your Highness...

- Song Yeon!
- Yes, Your Highness.

I am so happy you're here,
but why are you crying?

Your... Your Highness!

You're all silly.

I can't even shed tears.

But look at how well you two are crying.

- Your Highness! Are you alright?
- Dae Su!

- Carry His Highness!
- Your Highness!

Your Highness, it is Attendant Kim.

- How is His Highness?
- That...

What's the matter?
Has something happened to the prince?

The prince left the palace last night and
returned completely drunk!

Your Highness!
Will you let the prince continue like this?

You must go to him and
make his resolve strong again!

Your Highness!

I am his mother,
but there are things I cannot control.

There is no choice now but to wait.

Your Highness, the princess is here.

- Mother!
- What is it, Princess?

Last night, the prince left the palace again
without any protection,

and returned completely drunk.

- How can that be?
- I confirmed it with the eunuchs at the Eastern Palace.

I don't know what to do, Mother.

He is in so much pain,
but I don't know what to do.

Do we just sit and watch him ruin himself?
I don't know what to do, Mother!


Your Highness, your mother and the princess
are here to see you.

What do you want me to do?

- Let them in.
- Yes, Your Highness.

It's alright, my son.
Please sit down.

- Forgive me, Mother.
- Your Highness...

Why would I not know how you feel?

My heart is twisted in bitterness,
so how else would you feel?

But my son, you must guard yourself.

Think of me and the princess, and
please protect yourself from harm.

This is my final request.

Yes, Mother.

Your Highness...

Princess! Didn't you go back to your palace?

I came back when I heard
you were in your garden.

My weakness of character has caused you worry.

Not at all, Your Highness!
Please do not say such things.

The night air is cold.
Please go back and rest.

But what about you...?

I have some things to think about.
I'll be here for a little longer.

Then if it's alright with you,
I'll stay by your side, Your Highness.

A little night air is nothing.

If you stay here a hundred or a thousand days,
I can be by your side as well.

I do not want to leave you behind in your
own worries and anxieties.

Will you not share your worries
with me, Your Highness?

Are you still troubled by the incident
at the Year-End Festivities?

I know exactly how you feel.

But if you are truly aware that there are still
those who mean you harm in the palace,

you must not be so weak.

You must step on them and crush them
so that they cannot stand against you again.

Chief Inspector Hong!

- What is it, My Lord?
- His Highness is looking for you and the Minister.

Do you know what it is about?

I'm not quite sure, but the fact that he
wants to talk to you and the Minister

must mean that he is now ready to take action.

The Equalization Policy?
(Policy to influence power in the various political factions)

That's right.

It will seem petty to root out the other people
involved in the incident at the Year-End Festivities.

I will use this opportunity instead
to limit the power of the No Ron faction,

and to increase the power
of the other factions.

I understand your purpose in this,
but it will not be an easy task.

Although His Majesty has been
ruling for decades,

he has not been able
to change the Equalization Policy.

I know that.

But because of the assassination attempt,
they will not oppose me too much.

In that case, you must meet the Personnel Minister
and let him know of your plans.

Alright. There is something else
you must help me with, Minister.

Please give me your command.

I wish to resolve the tense foreign relations we
have with the Ching Dynasty.

Our relationship with the Ching Dynasty has
a direct effect on our people's lives.

I want to send a special envoy
to the Ching Dynasty.

More specifically, I want to finalize negotiations
on our exports of fur, ginseng and medicinal herbs,

and the limits of their imports
of silk, paper and hats.

Please look into who we should send
and the negotiations we should be prepared for.

Yes, Your Highness.

- Is that true?
- Yes, My Lady.

Well done.

- Not a word of this to anyone!
- Yes, My Lady.

His Highness met with Song Yeon?

Yes, I heard that he met with her and
that was why he came back drunk!

And not only that, it wasn't the first time!

What did I tell you, Your Highness?
I told you we had to get rid of her!

Will you sit by and watch her do this?

Even if you tell me otherwise,
I will not sit by and do nothing!

Don't do anything. If she can be of comfort
to the prince, then we are fortunate.

Your Highness!

I know she has a kind disposition,

but that is just ridiculous!

This is so frustrating!

Your Highness, Attendant Kim from
the princess' palace wishes to speak with you.

- Attendant Kim?
- Yes, Your Highness.

- Let her enter.
- Yes, Your Highness.

What is it?
Has something happened to the princess?

Your Highness, I have something to tell you.

What is it?

Please keep my visit here a secret.

If the princess finds out that I told you,
she will have me put to death!

What is it?
Why is this a secret?

Please promise me first.

What is it?

To be frank, I should have
told you about the prince a while ago.

- About the prince?
- Yes, Your Highness.

- Please take a seat.
- Yes, Your Highness.

The reason I asked to see you was to
let you know something.

What is it, Your Highness?

Before I get into that, do you know what
Chief Inspector Hong is up to these days?

Under His Majesty's orders, he is investigating
all those involved in the incident at the Year-End Festivities.

What do you mean by that?

Didn't His Majesty say that it was an accident?

You and I, as well as His Majesty all know
that it was not an accident.

Amongst the people investigated
by Chief Inspector Hong...

You are included in the group, Minister.

Your Excellency, your face is clouded.
Has something happened?

Have you heard what Hong Gook Young
is up to these days?

His Majesty has ordered him
to investigate all of us.

I thought he was going to forget about this,
but I was wrong.

It's not over yet.

Be careful.

What did you say?

You're volunteering to go to Ching
with the special envoy?

Yes, I must go to Ching.

If you must go, then why do you want to
go as a special envoy?

His Majesty has ordered Hong Gook Young and
the prince to investigate the No Ron faction.


So this isn't over yet?

Yes, Mother.

In times like this,
it is best to avoid scrutiny.

Go to Ching and get some fresh air.

Song Yeon, you lied to me!
How could you!

Sorry, Chobi.

You seem so innocent and pure but
you're great at telling lies!

You've defeated me with
your talent and your skills!

Is this funny?
Fine, go ahead and laugh.

- Oh, did you hear the news?
- What news?

There is special envoy leaving for Ching soon.
That means the Bureau will be going along!

It's winter so it'll be a torturous journey,
but everyone says it's great!

What's so great about it?

If you're part of the special envoy,
you'll make lots of money!

- How do you make money?
- How naive you are!

When the special envoy leaves for Ching,
the merchant clans also go with them.

If you take ginseng with you to Ching,
you can make multiple times the profit!

- Multiple times the profit?
- That's right. Isn't the Bureau going as well?

- Well, aren't you?
- Of course we're going.

Try your best to go with the special envoy.

Use this opportunity to settle your woes
once and for all!

What woes are you talking about?

I have to make money.


Is there a Damo by the name
of Sung Song Yeon here?

Song Yeon?

Song Yeon, you're wanted at the palace.

Did you ask for me?

I have something to say to you.

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