Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Episode #4.4 - full transcript

[Dire Straits
"Money for Nothing"]
♪ MTV...

[Shane Smith & the Saints'
"All I See is You" playing ]

♪ The storm's running
through the Midwest ♪

♪ Like a bandit out
on the loose ♪

♪ And all the clouds
are black as nightfall ♪

♪ But all I see is you

- Get the tail.
- Yup.

- Give 'em hell, brother.

- I'm gonna give 'em something.

Want to fluff that out?
There you go.

All right.

- Good luck.

- Jimmy, luck ain't got a
fucking thing to do with it.

♪ Tea's boiling from
the spout of the pot ♪

♪ But all I see is you

- That's a plus one.

♪ 'Cause all I ever
see is you ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh

♪ I will wait

Man: Yup.

♪ A few more nights

♪ But until that time

♪ All I see is you

[indistinct announcer
on loudspeaker]

- If you don't mind,
I just want to close out.

- Horse owner?

- The Yellowstone.

- Do you call it the Yellowstone
or the Dutton Ranch?

I have both here.

- I think it's technically
the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch,

but everyone just
calls it the Yellowstone.

- When your horses show
like that

you can call it
whatever you want.


Sign here that you
received them.

- Yeah.


Actually, can you just
mail those to the ranch?

- Sure, to the address
I have on file?

- Yeah. I'm sure it's fine.

As long as you're mailing 'em,

if I wrote a little letter,
could you send that, too?

- You bet.

- Oh, thanks.
- You're welcome.




There you go.

- Thank you.

- How's that letter coming?

- Ah... No letter. Just, uh...

Just mail the checks. Thanks.


- Get skunked again?

- No, sir.

First one here today.

- Good for you.

- Morning.

- Morning.

- Where to today?

- The rock.

- So, what happened?

- We got a lot to talk about.

[ music ]

- We got so much to talk
about, why aren't we talking?

- This is where my father died.

Did you know that?

It's where I asked
your mother to marry me

and where I buried her ring
somewhere around here.

Should've thought that one
through a little better.

I'd like to...

I'd like to have that back.


You know, our cemetery may
be by the river, son,

but make no mistake:
this is our graveyard.

- Who's this?

- That's the man hired
to kill us.

- Hired by who?

- That's the question.

- Where is he?

- Prison.
In Red Lodge.

You need to ask your brother
for his prison records.

Have him set an interview
with you and the Sheriff.

If he balks....

If he stalls,
if he resists in any way...

Then we have our answer.

- I just don't think Jamie
could ever do it, Dad.

Beth has everybody so
twisted up about who he is...

Why don't you just
ask him, yourself, Dad?

Why don't you two just sit
in a room and figure it out?

- I can't sit in a room with him

until we have
an answer for this.

No matter what the answer is.

- Okay.
I'll go see him today.

- What's going on
with your family, son?

Haven't seen 'em in weeks.

Just hide out in that room.

- They were, uh,

they were in
the house when it happened.

So... I don't know...

I guess that's where
they feel safe.

- [sigh]

Well, you...

You gotta fix that.

- I don't know how.

- Me neither, son.

But we need to figure it out
or you're gonna lose them.

- Yeah...

I think I already
lost them, Dad.

[ music ]

- They even left
the towels in the bathroom.

That's what I call turnkey:

all you have to do
is unpack a suitcase.

- I'm 41 years old

and this is the first thing
I ever owned.

I own it.

- Yes, you do.

- I...

I'm late.
[clears throat]

- I'll see if I can figure out
that stove,

wrangle up some supper
when you get back.

- Thank you.

- Ah, cooking is one of the few
guiltless joys in life.

I don't mind.

- That's not what
I was thanking you for.

- You did all this on your own.

- You gave me
the strength to do it.

- You always had
the strength, son.

I just helped you to find it.

- See you this evening.

- I'll be right here.

- You know, I used
to come here in my 20s.

It was a great place
to come drink

on some billionaire's bar tab
while he tried to fuck me.

One might say I lost my faith
in humanity in this very bar.

- Sounds like a few succeeded.

- None succeeded,
though I did dry hump

some lawyer's girlfriend
in the coat closet.

That was interesting.

- Hmm, I bet you carve them up
in the boardroom, don't you?

- You wanted to meet.
I'm here. Why?


Or maybe you just want to bump
uglies in the coat room, too.

He certainly does.

- Personally, I find
your behavior offensive

and highly inappropriate.

- 'Til you jerk off to it
later, huh, sport?

On second thought,
you might be wound

a little tight for
self pleasure.

I bet you pay top dollar for
somebody to drag you around

on a dog leash, right?

Slap you in the face
with a rubber dick.

- [chuckles]
- Uh-oh.

Struck a nerve.

- I won't be spoken
to like this.

Caroline, I'll be in the lounge.
- Bye-bye.

- Double Tito's three olives.

- That's a mean memory,
my friend.

Woo! Well, say hello to the new
boss, same as the old boss.

- I'm very different
from the old boss, Beth.

I came up at a time
when the corporate ladder

was greased
to keep women off it.

I climbed it anyway,

stepping over some little
bitch like you on every rung.

The big dog is off
the porch now, Beth

and I will tear you
to fucking pieces.

Starting with an
SEC investigation into you

for market manipulation
and insider trading.

You want to fight?

Let me introduce you to the
fight of your fucking life.

That's behind door number one.

Behind door number two
is common ground.

- Fire away.

- You put together a land trust
for Schwartz and Meyer--

- I put together a land
trust for the Yellowstone.

Schwartz and Meyer
is a minority investor

with no controlling interest.

- Smart.
- I thought so.

- We'd like to make
an offer on it.

- [laughs]

Not for sale.

- That should be
your family's motto.

Jamie leased us what
he could've sold

and made the ranch 100 times
more than the lease fee.

It'll be fifty years before
the ranch recoups that money.

Stubbornness is not
a business strategy, Beth.

It's how you lose
the ranch altogether.

You're smart enough
to know that.

- Oh, I know it.

And if we still own it
by the time my father dies,

you're my first call.

But in the meantime,
his dream is my Alamo,

and I will die on
the fucking wall defending it.

- Come and work for us
and I'll help you defend it.

- [scoffs]

- Doing what?

- What you do:
you're a corporate raider.

Come and raid
for Market Equities.

- You apply logic to your
decisions with no emotion.

I respect that.

But asking a wolf to protect
the sheep, that is a mistake.

And you're smart enough
to know that.

- You can have the sheep, Beth.

I've taken all your father's
ranch I need for the moment.

You want to save the rest of it?

Find me something better.

- What are you building now?

- Every resource of Montana

can be grown
somewhere else for less.

The fantasy of the West is
its only resource of any value.

Colorado embraced
that decades ago.

It's time Montana
did the same.

Build me Aspen,
build me Breckenridge.

I want a destination town
in every valley.

But I need an
insider to do that.

This is a name-your-price
offer, Beth.

- You have a
controlling interest

of Schwartz and Meyer
now, right?

That's my price.

- You want a piece
of Schwartz and Meyer?

- I want your piece.

You give me that, I'm yours.

- You're going to fire him.

- I'm going
to bankrupt him first.

I want his fucking
grandchildren on welfare.

You break your word to me,

lady, I'll do the same to you.

You have my number.

- What do you think?

- Oh, I think she's
a walking lawsuit.

- I think she can make Montana

the fastest growing state
in the nation.

Behind every milestone of human
history stands a monster.

And that's our monster.


- You are bullying this through
and we will not have it.
Jamie: Hm.

- We will file suit
to halt construction

until an environmental
impact study has been filed.

- The Department of the Interior
is conducting the E.I.S.

at the ski resort.

- I'm talking about the airport.

- Well, that build's
on private land.

- It's a lease-back
to the State.

- When construction is complete.

- It's a bullshit loophole,

And know this: the lawsuit
will name the State as well.

- Oh.

Well, the Market Equities
group has no obligation

to publish a study.

The government has
no authority to mandate it.

State and Federal building codes
are being followed.

But if your law firm would like
to dispute that, file suit.

I will see you in court
where it will be

dismissed with prejudice,

at which point the state
will file countersuit

for abuse of process.

Now, the state of Montana
is the beneficiary

of a privately funded
6 billion dollar

infrastructure investment
that will yield

thousands of jobs
and billions in revenue.

We will stand firm
with the M.E. group

and their investment
in our state

and I will vigorously
defend their right to do it.

Now, if any of you want
to challenge that,

bring your best
and I'll bring mine.

- [sighs]

This a land grab, Jamie.
And you know it.

- No one's being forced
to sell their land, Ruth.

These are private
transactions on land

in which your client
has no sway.

Not that your client cares
about the little things

like legal precedent
and case law.

- My client cares about Montana.

About the rivers
this will pollute

and the animals
this will displace.

- 6,000 jobs.

My recommendation is you take
this in front of a judge

who does not want
to be re-elected.

- Look...

We're here to negotiate.

- We have no interest
in negotiating.

- So, the State's position
is essentially 'fuck off.'

- Yeah.

Would Defenders file
in District 6 or 22?

Hold my calls.

How are you, Kayce?

- I've been better.


- Just hiding in my work,
if you know what I mean.

- Yeah, I do.

- It's good to see you.

- You didn't come around.

You didn't call, nothing.
You just...


- I have yet to stop
fighting for this family.

I was the reason
there was police protection

for him at that hospital
for two months.

I was the reason that
there was no investigation

into the murders at the ranch--

- That was self defense.

- One assailant
executed in the kitchen,

one shot in the back
near the barn,

another hung from
the corral gate.

And you, without any
authority whatsoever to do so,

ram a vehicle,
kill everyone inside

with an assault rifle
in the middle

of a fucking intersection.

- Those were the men
that attacked our father.

- It doesn't matter.

There's is what's just
and there's the law.

They are not the same thing.

And I am the reason
no one is sitting in prison,

learning that hard lesson
right now.

- You didn't visit him.

You didn't call him.
Not one of us.

- I couldn't visit.
I couldn't call.

That would labeled collusion

and everything I swept
under the rug would be

out in the fucking floor
for the whole world to see.

Besides, Beth
is always by his side.

and the only space
I will share with that bitch

is a court room
or her fucking death bed.

He hates me because of her.

- He doesn't hate you, Jamie.

He's why I'm here.

This is the man who
took a hit out on us.


- This man has been
in prison for twenty years.

What makes you think it's him?

- Dad says it's
from a reliable source.

- Care to share the source?

- He didn't say.

- Figures.

What does he want from me?

- Just take a look
at his prison file,

see if you can make
a connection.

Maybe let me interview him,

- Hmm.


This must be by the book, Kayce.

These guys know
the law as well as I do.

His attorney will be present.

The interview will
be recorded.

It's got to be a detective from
homicide and a State's Attorney.

- He doesn't want
some State's Attorney.

He wants you, Jamie.


- He wants me to do it?

- Yeah.

Only people you
can trust is family.

Will you do it?

- Of course I'll do it.


- Thank you.

I love you, brother.

- I love you.

[cattle lowing]

- Hey, hey!
- Buck, buck, buck!

- Hup, hup!

Hey! This 'un too.

- Hell, the whole damn
herd has pink eye.

Let's push 'em into the arena,
we'll run 'em through the chute.

- You don't want these sick
sum'bitches in the arena.

Why don't we just
doctor 'em right here?

- Well, I fucking said so.

- I didn't know you was boss
when boss is gone.

- Hey, I'm always the boss
when the boss is gone.

- Look, he's right,
we should doctor 'em right here.

- Push them in
the fucking arena!

We start dragging 'em
in the pasture

they'll scatter
to hell and gone.

- You saddle those horses?

- They're tied outside.

- You and I are talking later.

- Am I in trouble?

- Is he in trouble?

- He pissed your
daughter off pretty good.

- Then he's in trouble.

[cattle lowing]

Thought we were doctoring today.

- So did I.

Lloyd! Get over here.

What in the fuck
are you doing?

- Running them
through the chute.

- Well, a couple of those got
pink eye, I can see it
from here.

- They all do. We got to doctor
the whole damn herd.

- Well, don't
bring them in here.

You'll give every animal
we got fucking pink eye.

- It's faster and easier
in the chute.

- Doctoring cattle ain't
a fucking timed event, Lloyd.

And easy doesn't
factor in at all.

- Lloyd, you listen to me.

You move those fucking heifers
out, do your fucking job.


- Push 'em back out.

- Let's go, move 'em out!
Push them back!

- Push 'em back out.
That means you too, Walker.

- Hell, you're the boss.
Hear that, boys?

The boss is going to let us
play cowboy today.

How about that shit?


- Ho! Ho, ho!

- Let 'em go!

- Lloyd.

Not like you to take short cuts.
What's the matter with you?

- Didn't mean it to be a
short cut, it just seems...

Them girls,
they can't rope and--

- Not looking for an answer.

[clicks tongue]

[clicks tongue]

How was he?

- I asked for the file,

I asked for the interview
and he didn't blink.

Just said yes.

He's gonna notify
the inmate's attorney,

and that homicide detective
at the Sheriff's office.

Just the way
you're supposed to do it.

- Good.

- I, uh, thought about our talk.

- Come up with an idea?

- I think so.

It's not gonna be easy
on either of us.

But it feels right.

- [chuckles]

Then it probably is, son.

[clicks tongue]

- He's getting a little old
for that, ain't he?

- [sigh]

It's the only way he'll
let me do it.

Some day soon
he won't let me do it at all,

and another thing
we've shared is gone.

- Can I talk to you
for a second?

Did you mean it?

- Mean what?

- Do you hate me?

- Kayce, I don't have the
strength to do this right now.

- Find it.

- If I hated you,
I would've left.

- He's never gonna get better
staying here.

And neither will you.

I was thinking
we could go

stay at your grandfather's
place for a while

until we find another
place close--

- [heavy breaths]


- How fast can you pack?

- Where are we going?

- Grandpa Felix.

- You coming, too?

- Oh, yeah.
We're all going, son.


I'll be back in a couple days.

- The Rez?

- Yeah, somewhere near it.

Close to her family
and friends.

She could use a dose of that.

They both could.

- Yeah, no doubt.

- It ain't permanent,
I'll just be

back and forth for a while.

- Yep.


[engine starts]

[Shooter Jennings'
"The Low Road"plays]

- I'm up two.
- I'm up five games.

Five games, so that's...
- All palaces are temporary.

♪ When I was in school some
bullies were picking on me ♪

♪ Pushed me down
at the playground... ♪

- Would you stop eating
that fucking garbage?

Dinner's almost ready.

- You're wasting your time,

no one is gonna eat
a thing that you cook.

- When does Gator get back?

- Thursday.

- Thursday?
I'm gonna be dead by then.

I can already
feel my organs shutting down.

Walker, you know
any hunger songs?

- No.

- Oh, um... No, I'm good.

- Come on, baby,
I keep cooking,

you keep not eating.

I need you strong for later.

- Fuck it, I'm so hungry I'll
eat anything right now.

- Oh, I wouldn't,
it's probably gonna be...

- Come on.
- Don't fucking lie.

- Good or bad?

- It's fucking great.
- It's fucking great.

- It is?
- Yeah.

Teeter: Uh, uh, uh,
wait your turn.

I slaved over this fucking meal.

- What's in it?
- Everything, baby.

- I think there's a vegetable,
I could be...

- Like a vegetable bisque?

- Kinda like little sausages?
Teeter: Just everything, baby.

- Tomato.

- This baby doll is my favorite.
My favorite.

- And, um... I don't know
if that's chicken.

- I'm hungry.
- You ever heard of manners?

- I'm the short, fat guy.

- I don't know, it's just
kind of different.

Colby: What does that mean,
like, what's in it?

- Not really sure, but never
tasted anything quite like it.

What do you call it?

- Sum bits.


- For fuck's sakes.

Colby: What does that mean?

- It means it's good
for you, honey.


- What does that mean?

- Literally everything from
the cow that nobody else wants.

- It's the whole cow.

- You mean everything
in the cow?

- Evidently.

- Ew, I got a eyeball.

- That's disgusting.

- Still good.

- Tastes good to me.

- Come on.

- You're just full of surprises,
aren't you?

- I told you, my organs
were shutting down.

That shit will surely kill me.

- Hey, you hungry?

- It's rodeo season, Laramie.

We should be on the road.

- Oh.
That's not what I asked.

- I'm pulling out tomorrow.

Colby: You know, you're eating
intestines you should be
ashamed of yourself.

- You ain't eating?

Colby: Oh, no, bro.
He's intermittent fasting.

- Getting ready for
swimsuit season.

- Yeah, cold water doesn't
bother him too much.

So he's just...

Sorry, you didn't think that was
funny? I thought it was funny.

I'm hungry. Very hungry.

- You want to fucking
dance, old man?


- Whoa.
- Hey! Stop it!

- Shit!
- Stop it!

- You ain't fucking
singing now, are you?


- Stop it!
Stop it!

- What a fucking mess you've
made of your last second chance.

Life is a lesson, boy.
One long lesson.

But you gotta look
to learn them,

and you ain't fucking looking.

[glass shatters]


- Stop it!
Stop it!


You motherfucker!

- What's the rule
about fighting, Lloyd?


Goddam you for
making me do this.


There's no fighting
on this ranch.

You want to fight somebody,
you come fight me.

I'll fight you all fucking day.

Son of a bitch.



- I stand corrected.

- Horses I know, honey.

We gotta find a way to
make a business of this place

beyond cattle.

- You'll get
no argument from me.

- Good, 'cause you're
running that end of it.

- I got a job offer today.

Market Equities, they want me
to oversee

all development
projects in Montana.

- What did you tell them?

- I made them an offer
they can't accept.

- What if they do?

- Well, you went into politics

to control the things
a ranch can't control.

Kayce, Jamie the same.

You shit the bed with Jamie,
but control was your intent.

It might have the same effect,

me working for the company
that you're fighting against.

And my loyalty is
the one thing on this planet

that you don't have
to worry about.

- Do what you think
is best, sweetheart.

- I'll still make a business out
of this place for you, Daddy.

Just don't come bitching
to me when

there's 300 people in that
arena for a fucking wedding.

- No weddings. No.

- Big ones and lots of them.

Good night, Dad.

- Kayce left today.

- Left?

- To Monica's folks.

Needed a break from this place.

- Well, that's understandable.

- Why do all of my children
have to leave to find happiness?

[pours drink]

- It's a unique situation.

- The reason is unique,
I'll give you that.

But the situation
is exactly the same.

- It's because there's
no peace in this place, Dad.

Never has been.

It doesn't bother you or Kayce
because you aren't peaceful men.


Guess I'm not peaceful either.

You know what you need?

- What's that, honey?

- You need some pussy.

I'm gonna get you a girlfriend.

- Beth, that's too far, okay?
- No, it's what you need.

- This whole man-to-man shit
thing we got going is just--

- I'm on it.
- Beth.

- I got it.
- Beth.

- I'm on it.


- You have no future...


Beyond this place.

And if you don't find a way
to get her trust back,

you're not gonna
have this either.

And then your life
is, well,it's like your
father's life.

And you know how that ended.

There's two roads in life.

One is you're winning
or learning.

And the other is
that you're losing all the way

to the fucking grave.


Boy, you'd better choose quickly

or life's gonna
choose it for you.

- [sniffs]


You want me to drive?

- I drive.

- You're the only one
who hasn't slept.

- 125,000 dollar truck
pulling a million dollars

worth of horses
in a 150,000 dollar trailer.

I drive.

- Just thought
you might be tired.

- Buddy, I'll get all the sleep
I need when I'm dead.

Remember that movie?

- What movie?

- Best movie ever made:
Road House.

- What, you're saying that Road
House is the best movie ever--

- Ever fucking made.

Goddamn, when I grow up
I want to be Sam Elliott.

With Patrick Swayze's hair.

Man, I wish the mullet would
come back in style, don't you?

Well, I guess you don't.

Speaking of hair,
next truck stop we find,

you need to shave
all this shit off.

You look fucking homeless.

They will not stand
for that in West Texas.

- Girlfriend likes it.
- Girlfriend's a fucking idiot.

So, you like to rodeo, huh?

- Its kind of the only thing
I was ever any good at.

- What, you're fucking
good at rodeo?

Fucking neck broke, back broke,
everything all fucked up.

So, why do you do it?

- I don't know,
I liked the...

I like the lights.
I like the crowd.

I liked that...
they fucking liked me.

- What about the horses?
You like them?

- It's kind of more
like facing a fear.

I'm too fucking scared of 'em
to like them.

- Let me tell you something,
Jimmy, to be any good

at this game, all right?

Ranching, rodeo, show horses,

You got to do it for the horse.

And where you're going...

a horse is gonna
be your only fucking friend

and you two are gonna have
to figure it the fuck out.

And that's all cowboying is,
all right?

It's you and a horse
doing a job,

trying like hell to not
let the other down.

I'll say this.

When the Sixes is done with you,

you will either spend
the rest of your life horseback

or you will never
get on another one.

Get some rest, Jimmy.

You are gonna fucking need it.


- Morning.

- [chuckles]
Not yet it ain't.

- We've established this pattern

where you wake up
at dawn to go to work,

and then I wake up
and want to fuck

and then I have to convince
you that the day can wait,

The day hasn't started yet,

so you're out of
fucking excuses, buddy.

- [laughs]

- Get to work.

- You are the perfect woman,
you know that?

- I am aware.

When's your birthday?

- Hmm?

- Your birthday.

- Sweetie, let's talk about
this in fifteen minutes--

- When is it?

When is it?

- I don't know, Beth.

- What do you mean,
you don't know?

Look on your driver's license.

- I don't have one.

When I said to you
that there's no proof

of my existence, I meant it.

- Did you know it
when you were a boy?

- Being brought into
this world wasn't something

that my family celebrated.


I don't want to make
you upset.

Hell, you don't even
celebrate your birthday.

- I choose fucking not to.
I know when it is.

- I don't know what to say.
I mean, it is what it is.

- Then we pick it.

- Pick what, Beth?

- We're gonna pick
your fucking birthday.

September 28th.

- I don't want to celebrate--

- Your birthday's is on
the 28th of September.

- [laughs]

- And we're gonna celebrate you.

We're celebrating you, baby.

- Doc?

Yes, sir, yeah.

Yeah, we're here.

Where do you want him?

All right I'll have him there
in about twenty minutes.

Yes, sir. Bye.

- This is it?
- This is it.

- How far does it go?

- To the horizon
in every direction.




Oh fuck.

Secretary: Yeah, I've got it.

All right, I have to go.

This came over from
the Bureau of Prisons.

- Mm.

Thank you.




[deep sigh]

Oh, my God.

- [exhales]

- [grunts]


- See you around, Jimmy.

- You're not staying?

- Nope, I've got to haul horses
up to the Yellowstone

then Ft. Worth
for the Snaffle Bit.

- Well, where do I go?

- Doc said to go out
back by the corrals.

- Where's the back?

- Well, Jimmy, if this
is the front,

then the back is the exact
opposite of this.

That make sense?
- Yeah.

- All right, well...
[laughs] Good luck, Jimmy.

- Thought you said luck has
nothing to do with it.

- No, I said luck has nothing
to do with horse showing.

For this, you're going to need
all the luck you can get.

See you around.

[Willie Nelson's
"Hands on the Wheel" plays]

♪ At a time when the world

♪ Seems to be spinning

♪ Hopelessly out of control

♪ There's deceivers
and believers ♪

♪ And old in-betweeners

♪ That seem to have
no place to go ♪

♪ I looked to the stars

♪ Tried all of the bars

♪ And I nearly gone
up in smoke ♪

♪ Now my hand's on the wheel

♪ Of something that's real

♪ And I feel like
I'm going home ♪