Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - full transcript

I overslept.

Yeah, well... you...

You slept.
That's what matters.

Is it too late to go
fishing now?

- Trout are like...
they're like bankers.

They don't do a
damn thing in the morning.

Can I try some?

- Nah.
It'll stunt your growth.

What does that mean?

Means it'll make you short.

I'm already short.

Yeah, well, not as
short as you'll be

if you drink coffee.

Why don't you bring the net
if you're planning on a big one.

- Why can't we live right here?

Like this.
All the time.

You know, I ask myself the
same thing, grandson, every day.

Every day.

You ever had fry bread?


My mother used to make it
for me when I was young.



So, what you want
to do is you...

Take this bacon,
put it down first.

Take the eggs,
put them over the top.

Like that.

You hungry?

- Yeah.
- Come sit.

You're not eating?

Beth, I ate hours ago.

I think I'll just watch you.

- Good.
- Mm-hmm.


Hey, are you going up
to the summer camp?

Yeah, as soon as
I get these panniers full.

- Cool if I ride with you?
I want to see my kid.

Monica, if you fall off,
they're gonna have my ass.

I won't fall off.

- But if you do...
- We ready?

She wants to ride up
there with us.

All right, well,
go grab her a horse.

All the good ones
are up at camp.

The only thing left here is

a bunch of freight
trains and monsters.

Well, what the fuck is wrong
with your horse, Jake?

Well, that's my horse.

Monica, get on Jake's horse.

- Come on.
- But...

We don't have time
for this shit.

Just go get a horse.
Let's go.

His horse seems a bit angry.

Yeah, a little bit.

- Why did he pick that one?
- You know what, Monica?

He ain't the sharpest tool
in the shed, let me tell you.

Want my goddamn good horse back!

Oh, now that looks fun.

Monica, I don't think
he's having too much fun.

Hey. Hey Monica, goddamn it.

Ws lowing ]

Well, it doesn't matter,
then, does it?

Just get it done, okay?


That's exactly how you do it.

Look at you.

Don't even need a chuck wagon.

We need lemon.

There's a big bag
of them on the wagon.

I'll get it.

- Aye.
Goddamn it.


No. Not what I said. Mm-mm.

Can you hear me?



One slice or two?

- I'd go two.
- Okay.

Goddamn it.


Work follows you
wherever you go, grandpa.

- Truer words were never spoken.


No, the BLM transfers
with the sale,

but they have to reapply.
That's right.


Goddamn it.


Everything moves up here.

I want everything up here.

The tents.
The fire.

The whole goddamn everything.

Is this a better camp?

Let's see.

Yep, this camp is much better.

Livestock Commission,
how can I help you?

Just one moment, let me check.

- Morning, Jamie.
- Good morning, Helen.

Sweet Grass County
attorney on line one.

- Put him through?
- Sure.

All right.

Hey, Randy.

You hear about these barrel
racers got their rigs stolen?


These two girls
loaded up their horses,

were making one last
check in the stalls,

and got jumped
by a couple of guys.

Worked 'em pretty good,

locked em in a horse stall,
drove off in their rigs.

Took their trucks, trailers,
horses, saddles, everything.


- Since horses were stolen, sort
of falls into your court, too.

I'm short-handed on deputies.

Can you spare an agent?

Yeah, I'll send you one.

- You can make a lot of friends
if we handle this the right way.

Umm... What's the right way?

- The right way sends a message.

You know what I mean?

I know what you mean.

Helen, could you
have Agent Hendon

come by the office, please?



- Oh, look at you, baby.
You having fun?


All we do is fish and
eat and fish and eat.

That's just what
the doctor ordered, huh?

- Yeah.
No better medicine.

Where's your dad?

Looking for wolves.

- Well, that sounds ominous.
Which way?

Bet he's that way.

Didn't think
that one was broke, Jake.

By God, after a day
like today he is.

Yeah, I see that.

That's how we used to do it.

Yeah, well, never
should have stopped.


- Well, sir, I wanted to...
thank you.

You know, I just
haven't had, uh...

...been the right time

- No need.
You deserve that house, Rip.

No, sir, I'm, uh...

I'm talking about the letter.

Nobody's ever given me
anything like that before.

Anyways, if we're gonna
staked out this summer,

we ought to get some
more wranglers, you know?

We're gonna run out of
hands pretty quick around here.

What happened to that
girl you hired?

- She's a drifter.
Drifters drift.

You know how it is.

Yeah. Probably for the best.

Girl in the bunkhouse was
a disaster waiting to happen.

She actually, uh, she kept
the bunkhouse pretty honest.

- That a fact?
- Yes, sir.

- I'll leave it to you.
You run the bunkhouse.

Sir, does Kayce know that?

It was Kayce's idea.

I'll let you know what I find.

You do that.

Hey, if you, uh...

you hire another girl,
she needs to be mean or ugly.

One of the two.

Last thing I need is some
love-struck cowboy

climbing in the wrong bunk,
know what I mean?

- Mean or ugly.
Yes, sir.

Everything all right?

- Well...
There's no one at the house.

No one at the barn.

Just feeling kinda lonely.

Lonely, huh?


Well, we can't have that.

- Can't do that.
- No.

What do we do?

You are one
lucky son of a bitch,

you show up now.

Baby, what do we do?

If he wants to watch,
we just let him watch.

Look at him. He's sleeping.

Yeah, I know.

Oh, I never thought
he'd sleep again.

I thought the same thing.

I wish our lives were
like this every day.

Just like this.

It can be.

No, it can't.

Used to be.

But now the way we used to live
for a million years is...

it's just an event.

Something we do on
weekends or holidays.

I could do this every day
of my life just like this.

If that's what
you want, just say it.

That's what I want.


Then I promise I'll find
a way to give it to you.

I'll find the patience to wait.

It won't be easy, you know?

You'll have to give up a lot.

Baby, nothing's easy with you.

And I've given up
everything I got.

I knew the stars would help him.

Lost your pack, huh?

Don't know where to go.

You're looking for friends.

Look at me...

and know that I am
not your friend.

I'm your enemy.

Whether I like it or not, I am.

There's nothing
for you here, okay?

I'll give you the forest,
but the valley is mine.

The cattle are mine.

If you try to take them,
I'll kill you.

My father could do that... to animals
and they'd listen.

I'm not sure
if he was listening.

He was listening, son.

Sorry to wake you.

You didn't wake me.

You hear that river?

There's seven billion
people on the planet

not one of them know I'm here.

Not one.

Not a goddamn soul.

Good night, Dad.

I love you.

Shouldn't surprise you
they bought it.

Wish we'd bought it.

It doesn't surprise
me they bought it.

Surprises me they knew about it.

I mean, if a company this big

wants to develop in this valley,

we are the first call, right?

But we weren't.

And now I have New York
attorneys swaggering

through our fucking fields.

Who is Market Equities
main competition?

MGM. Marriott.

What does Marriott
own that they don't?

Ski resort?

But we're an hour and a
half from an airport, Bob.

It's too remote for...

Okay, they're not
taking over a resort.

They're building an airport.

But there's no reason
to build an airport

because there is no ski resort.

Who do you know at the
Department of the Interior?

I know the Secretary
of the Interior.

Call him. Find out if
they gave them a lease.

They are building an airport

and a ski resort...

And then they're gonna
build a city around it.

Buy everything you
can around them, Beth.


How the fuck did they
know about this place? Huh?

I mean, does Chase
manage their funds?

Goldman, I think.

All right.

Who's the big, swinging dick
in hedge funds over there?

Who runs the hot
hedge funds at Goldman?

There's Micah Greenberg's
fund, and Roarke Morris.

His fund's on fire.

All right, who's heavy
in real estate?


He bridges lines of credit
on resort properties

then sells them to his fund.

Fucking shell game.

All right,
what's his first name?


That's his first name?

Not a fucking first name.

You've got to be
fucking kidding me.

You know him?

Um, it's like Lucille Ball
and Fabio had a kid

and I have to go make
a fucking deal with him.

Goddamn it.

Uh, Susan, would you, uh...

Get me the address for
Cross Creek Ranch, please.

Coming your way.

Let me go talk to dip-fuck
first, see what their plans are.

Call you later.

Market Equities.

Schwartz and Meyer.

You're Bob Schwartz's girl.

I'm nobody's girl.

You're somebody's girl.

Okay, let's stop speaking
in Billy Joel songs

for starters, okay?

The Sporting Club.

- Jackson Browne.
- What?

"Somebody's Girl"
is Jackson Browne.

Okay, my mistake, you
fucking cheese dick.

- The Sporting Club.
- Yeah?

Good place for an airport.

It is.

What kind of airport?

Is it the kind of airport for you
and your buddies' Gulfstreams?

Thinking a little
bigger than that.

How much bigger?

- Two terminals.
Fifty-two gates.

Why here?

- Wind. For one.
There isn't much.

Could build northeast
of Livingston, but...

Too much wind.

And let's be honest,
people don't want to fly,

then drive another hour to ski.

It's why Big Sky never took off.

It's the largest mountain
in America.

The best snow in this hemisphere
and the slopes are empty

because of the drive.

People are just
that goddamn lazy.

Did you secure
a forest service lease?

I didn't secure anything.

I manage a fund that
invests their capital.

I sit on the board so
I know what's happening,

but I don't control
what's happening.


You, on the other hand...

Militias and casino owners
killing their competition.

It's fucking fascinating.

The Old West.
Still wild.

Not anymore.

Not when we get here.

All that shit stops.

Think so, do you?

Pretend your family
doesn't live here.

Pretend you don't know anything
about this place.

What would your end game be?

I'd turn it into Park City.

- Now you're talking.
Dan Jenkins was a smart guy.

But his dreams
just weren't big enough.

Why dream about
building golf courses

when you can build cities?

And you, your family's the
largest landowner in the valley,

you've made Schwartz and Meyer
the second largest.

Don't play babe
in the woods with me.

You've been head-hunting
since Salt Lake.

- I feel ridiculous asking this,
but I'm just so curious about

how your pickled mind works:

have you given
any thought at all

to the ranchers who live here?

And what'll happen to them?

What'll happen to them?

They won't have to
be ranchers anymore

because they're all
so fucking rich.

Good answer.

My dad told me once:

there will come a day

when the only noble job left
is fishing

because no one's figured
out a way to own the ocean.

- Yet.
- That's right.

I'm working on it.

I bet you are.

Mind the flowers when you leave.

Will do.


I like this girl.

- Head's up!
You tying cow lover?

No? Go get my rope!
Country muh-fucker!

That Spanish?

I don't know.

I'll tell you one thing,
though: she's a hand.

You hear me, Motherfucker!

- Fuck you bad later.
- Ride the hair off a horse, that's for damn sure.

But we need someone
who can speak English.

Hey! Yo!

Where'd you learn to cowboy?

I been fuckin' pullin'
and draggin' since

I kud bounce piss off a rock.

- That's ain't Spanish.
That's Texan.

- That's ain't Texan.
That's gibberish.

No, I'm telling you, it's Texan.

I can smell 'em a mile away.
What's your name?


What's that?


- Did you hear that?
- I think she's saying "Peter".

Your name Peter?

Do I look like my
fucking name is Peter,

you skunk-hard motherfucker?

She just called
me a motherfucker.

You understood,
that, didn't you,

you bow-legged bastard.

Hey, you look like you all
got bent over on one of them

nurse things, fucked up the ass
'til your knees buckled.

This is the kind of girl
that got drove to high school

wearing a damn hockey helmet.

She's gonna go through
the bunkhouse like wildfire.

- She's perfect.
Trust me. Hire her.

What is this?

A little job fair.

Hiring cowgirls now?

We're equal opportunity
here at Yellowstone.

Plus, women work twice as
hard and eat half as much.

Wow. You're a real
renaissance man, you know that?

Don't tell anybody, now.

Seen my father?

Yeah, he's up at summer camp.

With everyone else.

- He's not answering his phone.

Well, that's by design.

Something wrong?

I can get a message
to him if you want.

Nothing's wrong.

It's just life.

Always changing.

The one thing
he doesn't want it to do.

See you soon.


- We're well past playing "hard
to get", don't you think, Beth?

You and me, we're never past
playing "hard to get", baby.

Folks, Black Round 1.

Start in 30 minutes.
Black Round 1 in 30 minutes.

But first, let's get the kids
out there.

Do some mutton bustin'.

You get a good look
at who did it?


Yeah, it was those
sons of bitches over there.

Where you holding 'em?

Couple bull riders saw
'em getting in her truck.

- Tackled 'em and held 'em for us.
- Mm-hmm.

- They're in the horse stall.
- Okay.

These fuckers need
to learn a lesson.

Something they'll tell
every criminal

in county jail who'll listen.

You got any ideas?

Can't do it here.
There's too many people.

I got an idea.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.


Excuse me, ma'am?

Do you mind if I see if they did

any damage to
your truck and trailer?


May I see your keys?

Great, which rig is it?

It's the black one
with the black truck.


I'm gonna take care
of those pieces of shit.

I want you to
meet me at the trailer.

Leave the zips on, okay?

- Got it.
- Go.


Look up here, assholes.

I oughta hang you
for what you did.

But this could be a
teaching moment if you let it.



Does it hurt?


I think they learned
their lesson.

Good. Let's take
these assholes to jail.

All right, boys.

Holy shit.

Holy shit.
What the hell did you do?

Always fucking something.

What in the fuck
are you doing now?

In 35 years, I've have never
been alone on this ranch.

And we're all alone, Rip.

We can do whatever we want.

Baby, you've been doing
whatever you want

your whole damn life.

But no one can see us.

We could take off
all our clothes

and we could go running
naked through the field,

and no one will know about it.

I'll tell you what, why
don't you run butt-ass naked

through that field,
and I'll sit here in my jeans

and I'll watch you do it,
what do you say?

Is there anything you
ever wanted to do

that you didn't do because
everybody would watch you

and question you and
now doing it is in spite of them

and it's about something else

and the moment
you imagined is not

the moment that you were living?

Does that make sense to you?

Honestly, I don't even
know what you just said.

You know, there is something
I want to do.

Just, uh, just stay here.

This sounds interesting.

We're fucking in
the dirt, aren't we?

Maybe in a little bit.

But first we're gonna dance.

Any more biscuits?

Yeah, well, I think
there's plenty.

There you go.

- I'm gonna need more than that.

All right.

Another one.

- You're just...
You're just like your father.

You know my wife...
she used to make

two Dutch ovens
full of biscuits:

one for your father
and one for the rest of us.

He'd stand right by the fire
and ask his mother, "How long?".

And she'd say,
"Five more minutes".

Which just meant
"soon" to my wife.

It didn't mean five minutes.

Didn't mean
thirty minutes sometimes...

He'd stomp off and pout

and walk away and come back

and ask again and that shit
would go on for an hour...

And when they were
finally ready,

he'd take a plate of biscuits,
nothing else,

and he'd just go sit at
the edge of the firelight

with his back to us
and he'd just go at it

with both his hands.

They were really good.

- Why is that funny?
They were really good.

Like a wild dog.

After an hour of standing
over that Dutch oven,

she'd sit beside me,
her hair a mess,

smelling like smoke,
madder than hell

because she hated cooking
those damn biscuits.

And I looked at her and said,

"Sweetheart, he'll eat anything
you put in front of him.

Just make him something else
that doesn't take all night."

Your mom looked at
me and she said: "I know."

"But if I don't make 'em
I can't watch him eat them."

Then she went to the tent,

laid down and fell asleep.

We were branding
so I was up before her.

That was the last thing
she ever said to me.

Branding cattle
on her goddamn birthday.

Makes you wonder
the point of it all.

Find someone you love
so much just to lose them.

I'd like to believe there's
a plan to it all, but I...

I don't see a plan.

That's just 'cause
we're inside it, Dad.

We see the plan.

We're standing on it.

Yeah. Guess we are.

This is a collect call from
the Sweet Grass Valley jail.

Please press one
to accept this call.

- Comm...
Commissioner Dutton, sir?

Agent Hendon?

Is everything okay?

Um, no, sir, it's not.

I, um... I've got a...

Sir, we have a problem.

Commissioner Dutton, sir?