Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Episode #3.1 - full transcript

[ birdsong ]

[ music ]

- Ride those east
pastures, Kayce.

With all this rain, see if
any of that clover came up.

- Yeah. It'll be easy to spot.

You gonna be back
by tonight?

- Doesn't... Doesn't take long
to quit something, son.

I'll be back by noon.

Let's go.

Here. You'll dress
in the car.

[ engine starts ]

[ Tate screaming ]

- Hey. Hey. Tate. Tate.

Look at me.

Tate, Tate, stop.
It's okay, it's okay.


- Don't say it.

- I don't have to.

I can't say it any
better than that.

- It's okay.

Just... Just
go back to sleep, son, okay?

[ music ]

- Exactly as I told you
to say it, understood?

- Understood.
Trust me.

- Trust me?

[ scoffs ]

- He's gonna walk in here--
- [ knocking ]

- Okay, no.
[ door opens ]

- Hello, John.

- Lynelle.

- I, uh... I don't know
where to start.

- I know where to start.

- We had evidence that
the Becks used aircraft

to poison cattle
along the highway 89 corridor

south of Emigrant.

Upon serving a warrant based
on that information,

we discovered additional
evidence of a kidnapping--

- We know all this, Jamie.

- Livestock agents
are bound by law

to intervene in
any active crime.

That duty supersedes
jurisdictional boundaries.

- You gonna fight this, John?

- Are we wrong?

- You're not wrong.
But it doesn't alter the lens.

It doesn't change the way
it looks and how it looks--

- Is all that matters
anymore, John.

Six people died.

The door is closed, John.

Let's just be honest.

When the blanket gets pulled
back on this thing,

and the nation knows
that the family member

that was kidnapped was yours...

This stops looking
like law enforcement

and starts looking like...
- It looks like a feud.

It looks like
a gross misuse of power.

Lynelle: We have been sitting
here banging our heads

against a wall,
and we don't have a solution.

- I have a solution, Lynelle.

You leave the blanket
right where it is.

I'll resign as
Livestock Commissioner

and accept full responsibility
for my agents' overreach.

And you, you stop looking.

You let it go.

You talk about militias
and human smuggling

and you take the credit.

And you leave me
and my family out of it.

- That cleans things up
on my end.

- This is a state issue and
that's where I want it to stay.

- And this keeps
it a state issue?

- It gives me
what I need, yes.

- Great.

Have you thought
about your replacement?

- Give me till next week.

- Thank you, John.

I won't forget this.

- I won't let you.

- I'm sure you won't.

- There was a closed door
meeting with the Governor,

the Attorney General,
Federal Officials,

and Livestock Commissioner
John Dutton.

Now, Dutton's office
is under intense scrutiny

for its use of force
in multiple gun battles

that led to the death
of both Beck brothers...

- How do you think
this is gonna work out for him?

- Depends, on whether he's
as smart as I think he is.

- I watched him.

In a field.

He had honor
when most wouldn't.

- What are you saying?

- I'm saying, maybe he's
not the enemy we think he is.

- When there's
one thing that two men want,

they can either share it
or be enemies.

Are you suggesting we share it?

- Suggesting things
isn't my job, Chairman.

That's yours.

- This side looks good.

- This side too.

- You feel good turning
cattle back out?

- It should have clovered up
this last rain.

I think we ought
to wait until July.

- We're running out of hay.

Feeding cattle all summer is
no way to make a living.

- Shit, we'll just do it
like the old days:

grab a chuck wagon,
bring it out here

and we'll babysit 'em
all summer long.

- It's not the worst idea.

The fuck?

- Who the fuck are they?

- Y'all lost?

- Uh, it's a possibility.

Uh, is this part of the
Paradise Valley Sporting Club?

- Wrong side of that fence.

- Ah. I told you.
[ chuckles ]

- You all staying at
the Sporting Club?

- Uh, they own it.

- Who are they?

- Providence Hospitality

I'm Ellis Steele.

my firm is representing
Market Equities.

- We don't know what that is.

- They manage resort properties.

We watch out for
their interests.

This your land?


I didn't catch your name?

- That's cause I didn't
offer it.

- Fair enough.

We'll get out of your way.

You know, I can understand
you being wary,

bunch of city folks
wandering in your field.

I apologize.

Why don't you come by the resort
and have dinner, on us?

After all, you're going
to be neighbors,

it's best
if we all get along.

[ chuckles ]

We're going this way, folks.

- The properties
highlighted in red

are the ones we've purchased.

- How much acreage total?

- A little over 17,000.

- [ chuckles ]
Ooh, damn.

Good job, Beth.

- It's what you pay me to do.

- Any of it commercially zoned?

- Most of the highway
frontage is multi-use.

But the corner properties,
they're commercial.

Why, what you thinking?

- I want you to hold off on
the conservation easements.

- That income offsets
our tax liability.

- I know, but there could be
bigger income on the horizon.

Market Equities bought
Jenkins' place.

Hired a hotel management
group to oversee it.

- That was fast.

- The estate didn't
have a choice.

He was losing
six figures a month.

Bank was going to call the note.

- So, who is running
the property now?

- Providence.

- That's a big company.

- It's the one you bring in
when your goal is expansion.

And your expansion is bigger
than casinos and golf courses.

- You heard any rumors
about their plans?

- Probably the same as their
plans in Austin and Scottsdale.

Beth, keep buying.

But every fucking thing you
can get your hands on.

- Will do.

[ country music plays ]

[ construction sounds ]

- What's wrong with
the old barn?

- It's seven miles from
this half of the ranch.

- Hey, Lloyd, what, uh...

What was that old joke
about the two fat chicks

and the wheelbarrows?
[ laughs ]

- That wasn't a joke, Jake.

That was you at
the Cooper branding.

- You guys wanna hear a joke?

- No.

- All right, check it out.

There's this big
Texas oil guy, right?

Goes into this bar down
at the border,

sits next to this
vaquero and says,

"Hey, man, you a rancher?"

Vaquero says, "Yeah, I got
fifty acres down by the river."

Big Texas oil guy says,
"Oh? Oh, on my ranch,

"I can get in my truck
in the morning,

and I still don't reach
the front gate by sunset."

Vaquero sits for a second,
nods, and says,

"Yeah, man. Yeah, I used to have
a truck like that too."


He was bragging about
the size of his ranch,

and the vaquero...
- That was almost funny.

- All right, I got one.

Y'all hear about the guy
that goes to see a doctor,

and the doctor says, "Sorry to
be the one to tell you this,

"but you got cancer head to toe.

Only have one week to live."

Man says, "A week?!
Well, that's not enough time!

"Doc, you gotta do something.

I need more than a week!"

And the Doc thinks, he sits down
and he says,

"I'll tell you what to do:

"you go find yourself
a barrel racer girl

with two little dogs,
and you marry her."

And the man says, "That's gonna
make me live longer?"

And the Doc says, "No.

But it'll make that week
feel like a fucking eternity."

[ laughing ]

- I don't know.
I think mine was better.

- Jimmy, when you're
all growed up,

and you've actually
dated a woman,

you'll think it's hilarious.

- That's it.
Let's go up to the big barn.

You're done.
Let's go.

Lloyd, let's get them
mules out of the field.

Let's clean up
that chuck wagon.

We're running a spike camp
this summer, understand?

- Ethan, come on.

- Wait, what's a spike camp?

[ music playing ]

- It's 38 even.

Care to donate to the jar fund?

- Sure.

Oh, I'm good.

You know, you should start
a "GoFundMe" page.

- What's that?

- It's, um...

It's a pickle jar
the whole world can reach.

Your boy?

Dealing with this

and he still
does that to you?

- Someone's doing it
to you, too.

- Not anymore they're not.

- How...

How did you make him stop?

- My boyfriend put
his head through a wall,

then I smashed his skull
with an eight pound ashtray.

New boyfriend.

Big-ass ashtray.

It's just a thought...

[ phone rings ]

- Hey.

Kayce: What's Providence

- It's a problem.

- How big?

- They don't get any bigger.

Listen, don't tell Dad.

I gotta go, some asshole's
standing in our river.

- Hey.


- How ya doing?

- You're trespassing!

- Huh?

- Trespassing!

- What?

- Get out of our
fucking river.

- I can't
That would be trespassing.

- This fucking guy...

- I see the women in this valley

have gotten a
lot more fashionable.

- Yeah?

I see Chippendale's changed
their policy on capped teeth.

- What's that?

- It's an insult.

Never mind.

- Only an insult
if I understand it.

- Yeah, that's not true.

But that's a conversation
for another time.

That we'll never have.

Both sides of the river
are private property.

- I know.
That's why I can't get out.

- Well, how did you get in?

- My family owns
a place upriver.

Cross Creek Ranch.
You know it?

- Yeah, that's
five miles upstream.

- I was blessed with stamina.

- I highly doubt it.

- When I played golf,
I'd do 36 holes in a day.

I like this much better.

It's just like golf,
but with fish.

You have any interest in dinner?

- No.

- I meant in general.

- No.
I dine on my joy for life.

- Ah.

- Just stay off
our fucking land, okay?

- Yes, ma'am.

I'll stay off
your fucking land.

I promise.

Thanks for the talk!

You're the most
interesting thing

that's happened to me today.

- You should analyze that.

- [ chuckles ]

- How'd it go?

- Like I expected.

It's a good trade for them.

They were happy to make it.

- How bout you?
You happy?

- I never wanted
that office, Beth.

I just...
wanted the control.

I still have that.

- This might be
a tougher sell.

- Well, lucky I got you
to sell it for me.

- How are the fields?

- They're green.

- No clover?

- None that I could see.
Grass is tall, though.

I was thinking we should
run a camp up there

and keep an eye on 'em.

Oh, and there's something going
down at Paradise Valley.

There's a bunch of suits
wandering around up there
when we got up there.

- Suits?

- Yeah, I was gonna get to that.

- Well, one problem at a time.

I need to name
my replacement as Commissioner.

I'm naming you.

- You mean you're just gonna
tell me this now?

After you already quit?

- If I told you before,
you'd say no.

Then I couldn't quit.
- Well, I'm still saying no.

- Kayce--

- I ain't no politician!

You want a politician?

You've got one standing
right there.

You got another one
in the bunkhouse

living like a fucking orphan.
- Kayce--

- I told you I would
help you run this place,

and I'm doing that
the only way I know how.

I won't do it.

- Can I make a suggestion?

- Yeah, as long as it's you.

- Can't be me.

- I need family
in that office, Beth.

- You can have family
in that office.

- I can't trust him.

All he does is prove it.

- You can trust him to be
exactly what he is.

Jamie will always do what
is best for himself, Dad.

And he will use the office
to become popular
with his constituents.

His constituents are ranchers.

What's good for their ranches

is good for ours.

[ music playing ]
[ grunting ]

- Go, go!

Run, run, run, run!

- Go, go, go!

- Oh!
- Oh, shit.

- Oh, shit.
- Goddamn.

- Woo!
- First time you ever got me.

- Jimmy.

- Okay, okay, okay,
okay, come on.

- You get bucked off shit
for a living now.

This'll be a piece
of cake for you.

- Take into consideration that

you got to have a brain in
order to get it concussed,

so, you'll be all right.

- Hey, bro, just try not to
rope my dick.

or your mom's gonna
be really pissed.

[ belches ]

- Gimme the fucking rope.
- That's funny.

- Okay, here we go.

- Okay.
- On the clock.

- One, two...

- It's not personal,
it's not personal.
- Three!

- Jump!

- Ooh!

- That's what we call
karma, bitch.


- Your mom's gonna
be really pissed.

- Hey, pretty boy,
you're up.

- Uh, no, I'm good.

- You're good?

- Yeah.
- What?

- He don't gotta
if he don't want to.

- No, no, Jamie, you gotta
pay your dues, bro.

- Yep.

- Hey!

- Rally, let's rally,
let's rally.

- Here we go.
- So how does it work?

- Spin on the Y.
- Yep, on the Y.

- Okay.

- Here?


No, this.

- There he is.
- Bro, damn.

- There he is.

- Tell us how you feel!
Show us how you feel!

[ chattering ]

[ grunts ]
- Woo!

- That's how he feels.

- Okay, okay, I don't really
understand the purpose of this,

but let's do it.

- Oh!

[ laughing ]

- Let's do it!
On three, right?

[ laughing, chattering ]

- One, two...

- Take off coming!

[ shouting ]

- Ooh!
- Oh!

- Shit!

- What are you doing?

- I tried to lay it on his waist
so he wouldn't go down hard.

- Yeah, well, you sure
fucked that up.

- His head?
- Is he all right?

- Are you good?
- Damn.

- When is it my turn
with the rope?

[ laughing ]

- What the fuck are you doing?

And why are you still awake?

- What, is it late?

- Jimmy, it's 3:30
in the morning.

Get a fucking watch,
will you?

You okay?
- Yeah.

- Be careful with these idiots.

Ain't a brain cell between
the bunch of them.

In one fucking hour you have
to saddle the whole barn.

We're pushing pairs
in the morning.

And that means
I want wall tents set up

and I want that chuck wagon
up fucking wind

or you'll be sleeping with
the goddamn grizzlies.

And you...

You're supposed to keep
a cap on these morons.

Act your fucking age,
would you, Lloyd?

[ groans ]

[ music ]

- Monica?

Is everything all right?

- Yeah.
- Tate okay?

- Kayce's with him.

Doctor gave us some pills to
help him sleep, but I just...

Don't trust pills, you know?

- Yeah. Me either.

- Anyway, I'm just...

I'm trying to find
my way upstairs.

- Yeah, I know...

You make a left turn out
of that kitchen

and you're in a damn maze.

- Ain't that the truth.

- You know, Monica, I never
got to say I'm sorry.

I just sent him down there
to feed his horse.

Trying to give
him some responsibility,

not that it's my place,
but I should've asked.

- It's not your fault
that they took him.

And I can't thank you
enough for bringing him back.

- Well, we all got him back.

- Kayce used to tell me
what a war it was for you,

keeping this place.

When this land belonged
to my people

a hundred and fifty years ago,

children were stolen
and men were killed.

Families herded
away like cattle.

And nothing's changed.

Except you're the Indian now.

- Maybe so.

- Um, Kayce said that

you're building a camp
near the cattle.

- Yeah. Don't have much choice.

Or someone will try to
kill or steal them, too.

- Will you do me a favor?

- Anything.

- Would you take Tate with you?

I can't think of
a better medicine

than stars for a ceiling.

Would you do that for me?

- Of course.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Monica?

Stairs are back there.

- Thanks.

[ music ]

- All right, coming shotgun
there, huh?

- Stick that horse
back in the barn.

Move your gear
out of the bunkhouse.

- Move it where?

- The lodge.

- Why?

- 'Cause I can't have
the Livestock Commissioner

living in the bunkhouse.

I'll make the appointment
official tomorrow.

And if you betray me again,

you are dead to me, son.
You understand?

- Yes, sir.
Thank you.


I won't betray you.

You have my word.

- Well, we're about to find out
what that's worth.

Kayce, you and Rip
take the wranglers,

start pushing the herd.

We'll be right behind.

- All right, let's go.

- Keep an eye on him.

- You know I will.

- I'm, uh...

I'm sorry about the Commission.

It's just not me.

- You're my son.

I know exactly who you are.

And don't you ever
be sorry for it.

- We're ready here, boss.

[ cows lowing ]

- Nothing prettier
on this earth.

- It's as free as a man can be.

- Makes you wonder...

Who's gonna feed this world when
there's none of us left.

- Nobody, Lloyd.

This world's just
gonna go hungry.

- Zorro, Pedro...

[ music ]

- I'll head back to the ranch.

You guys good?

- Yeah.
- Enjoy.

- This how they used
to do it, Grandpa?

- Just like this.

Why don't you run up there,

see if you can steal
some of the last kindling?

- They have a cease
and desist order.

- State court
has no authority here.

Get them out of here.
- State court didn't issue it.

Circuit court out of Helena.

- Are you council
for Chairman Rainwater?

- I am Chairman Rainwater.

- Huh.

Ellis Steele, my firm is
representing Market Equities.

It would be best if you
spoke through legal council.

- I'll speak for myself.

- Without council
present or advising,

you could claim lack of capacity

and the court could nullify any
agreement suggested or implied.

- Are you saying
I'm incapable

of understanding you
when you speak?

- Unclear at the moment.

- But I can assure you this:

When I'm done,

my client's position
will be perfectly clear.

- Look at you guys.

I thought moving the class
outside for a day

would get you off your phones,

but you're still staring
at your tiny screens.

liking photos of people
you've never met

and commenting on their lives
while they comment on yours.

Do you have any idea
what is happening

in the world you live in?

Do you think that the
photo on your screen

has anything to do
with that world?

The world you live in
is slowly shrinking.

There is a tiny a group
of men who are buying it

and stripping it naked and
selling you what they extract.

They are raping your world
and selling you what they take.

I mean, they sell you the water
you drink, the air you breathe

and you line up for
it like sheep.

They will kill your brother
and steal your child

and pollute everything you love.

And you'll never notice
because you're so hypnotized

by a world that doesn't exist.

[ sighs ]

What a waste of
my fucking time.

- You know, houses
are like boats:

they need to be Christened.

- Well, the thought's
crossed my mind.

- To your new house.


Thank you.

[ music ]

Just kidding.


Let me pour you another.

- No, no, no, you don't.
I'll take that one.
Come here, honey.

[ music continues ]

[ wolves howling ]

- Don't worry about
that wolf, mamas.

I won't let him get to you.

[ cows lowing ]

- Dad's not back yet.

- Not coming back.

He's with the herd tonight.

He got the easy job.

[ wolf howls ]

[ horse whinnies ]

- Hey. Where are you going?
[ chuckles ]

You're all right. Hm?

You're all right.

So, that wolf, he's out there

walking around by himself,

calling out to his friends

so they always know
where he is.

- Cause he's scared?

- No. Wolves don't get scared.
It's not in their genes.

They get weary.

They get smart.

- Like people.

- Yeah.
Like some people.

- I have nightmares.

[ music ]

- Wanna talk about 'em?

- Well...

I'm in that room.

The floor just disappears...

And I fall.

Keep falling.

I scream.

No sound comes out.

No one hears me, so no
one comes to help me.

- Know what dreams are?

It's your memories
and your imagination

all mixed together in...
into this soup

of what's real
and what's made up.

But the thing
about this soup is:

you can change
the ingredients, Tate.

You can put in
whatever you want to.

Any memory, any fantasy.

You can... You can be
a baseball star

who opens Christmas
presents all day long.

So, when you close
your eyes later...

decide what you're gonna dream.

And that'll be the dream.

- Have you ever
had a nightmare?

- I have this one...

Where I'm driving
down the road

and there's these
people pulled over.

I pull over to help, but...

They don't want help.

They want something else.

- What do they want?

- Doesn't matter.

- 'Cause you changed
the ingredients.

- That's right,
I changed the ingredients.

[ music ]

- So now it won't come true.

- ♪ There's a place
where the sun does shine ♪

- Now it won't come true.

- ♪ That's the home
of my Caroline ♪

♪ She's dancing in the sky ♪

[ music ]