Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - New Beginnings - full transcript

Kayce and Rip come to blows; Beth starts buying up land to protect the ranch; Monica begins a new chapter at the university.

[chatter over PA]

- Funny.

I don't remember
authorizing your release.

- That's because I didn't ask.

- You know, just because you
feel like ready to leave

doesn't mean you are.

- That's exactly what it means.

- You know, I can
have you restrained.

Just let me
look at the sutures.

Come on.
- [sighs]

- Have a seat.

You can put that on the bed.

- No, I can't

I did my best to
straighten the incision...

Looks like your vet
used a bread knife.

Well, it's healing...

Those should come out
in a few days

and then you'll be free

to terrify small children
at the rec center's pool.

- Yeah. [laughs]- Not a joke.

I want you swimming
twice a week.

With an instructor...

- I know how to swim.

- You don't know how
to swim to rehab this.

My office will put you in touch
with a physical therapist.

You're in this situation because
you ignored your doctor.

He saw a mass on your CT scan,

he said schedule an appointment,
and you didn't.

And so now you've
had major surgery

for what a pill
could've fixed.

When's the last time
you saw a dermatologist...

- Oh, for fuck's sake, Keith.

Thank you.


- You alright?

- Yeah. Just hurts to sit.

- Sorry.

Didn't see that one.

- Jesus, son.

Are you aiming for them??

- If you know
a smoother way back,

you let me know
and I'll take it!

- Just, pull over right here.

- Maybe it's a little
soon to come home.

- Yeah, well, I could
say the same to you.

- What's that mean?

- It means,
you don't fight, Kayce.

Understand me?

If wranglers get worked over,
then wranglers handle it.

- How am I supposed
to sleep in the same room

with men I won't defend?

- You aren't.

I'm gonna fix
that problem, too.

- What, you walking home now?

I don't even know
whose field this is.

- Me neither.

Ten years ago I did.

I think I finally
understand you, son.

- Yeah, well if you wanna
to explain me to me,

I'm all ears.

- You know, there's
being scared to die, son,

and knowing it's coming.

When you know it's coming,

Tomorrow stops factoring
into your decisions,

because you know you're
never gonna see it.

Then you...

Then you live.

And you realize you ain't dead,
and you're not gonna die.

And now you gotta face
all of them decisions you made.

And out of all that,
you gotta figure out

how to let yourself
living again.

- I don't know how to do that.

- Yeah.

Shit, I don't know.

I don't know.

But we'll figure it out.

[theme music]

- This is how many acres?

- 324.

Listing price is 4.9.

- How motivated
are the sellers?

- Well, they tried
to spend the winter here.

- All right. Offer 3.5.
No escrow. Cash.

Seven day close.
Don't you want to see it first?

I'm seeing it now.

- Okay...

I'll head to the office
and write up the offer...

Actually, let me
show you one more.

- Now, this one isn't
on the market-

But I know the property well,
and I think...

- Then why are you
showing it to me?

- You said every large
property in the county...

- For sale.

- It's called the Pelican Ranch

- Why is it called
the Pelican Ranch?

- Maybe they saw a goose
and thought it was a pelican,

who the fuck knows.
It's 1,100 acres-

- What's with the wit?

Doing some fast math
on your commission

make you a little cocky?
Feeling good?

Showing us properties
that aren't for sale?

Boy, you're on a tear.

You might even go home and lay
some pipe to the old lady.

Look at you, with your your
capped teeth and spray tan.

Get out of my office.

- I don't...

- Get the fuck out of my office.

Go write up the offer.

When it's done, email it,

so I don't have
to look at you again.

And when you get
your commission,

I want you to shove it
up your waxed ass,

you cheesy motherfucker.

Fuck, I hate real estate agents.

Got your checkbook handy, Bobby?

Let's take this party
on the road.

- You the teacher's aide?

- No, I'm the teacher.

- I saw this
video on Pornhub

and this is exactly
how it starts.


- Misogyny.
How refreshing.

If you can work
in a Pocahontas joke

you'll hit the trifecta.

- Now that you mention it...
- What's your name?

- Trent.

- Can you tell me
the definition of power, Trent?


It's the ability
to direct or influence

another's behavior
or a course of events.

That's what I have...

I can remove you from
this class and fail you.

I can send you before
the dean for violating

the student code of conduct.

These are all things that can
alter the course of your life.

That's power.
And you don't have any.

[class chuckles]

When Christopher Columbus
first came in contact

with Native Americans,

it was the Arawak
people in the Bahamas.

I'll read to you
from Columbus's journal:

"They willingly traded us
everything they owned..."

They do not bear arms,
and do not know them,

for I showed them a sword,
they took it by the edge

and cut themselves
out of ignorance.

They will make fine slaves...

With fifty men we could
subjugate them all

"and make them do
whatever we want."

You ever feel like that, Trent?

Ever feel like making
someone do you want,

whether they want to or not?

It's a very European mentality,

stemming from
the oppressive political

and religious structures
of the Renaissance.

Kings and priests
with absolute power

ruling masses who have none.

That was the mentality of the
men who discovered America.

And it is the mentality our
society struggles with today...

What you know of history
is a dominant culture's

justification for its actions.

And I don't teach that.

I'll teach you what happened.

To my people.
And to yours.

Because we are all the
descendants of the subjugated.

Every one of us.

You did well.

Were you nervous?

- Terrified.

- [laughs]

So, um, that's new?

What happened?

- I fell down.

- Excuse me, Miss, um...
- Long.

- Miss Long.

I'm sorry. I wasn't...

I didn't mean to...
I was just...

- I know what you were doing.

- I'm sorry.

- Insult me or anyone else
in my class

and you're out.

Apology accepted.

- Thank you.

- Day one and you're already
winning hearts and minds.

- That mind is far from won.

- But it's not lost either.

This opportunity is
what you make of it, Monica.

Now, in the classroom

I have every faith
you're gonna make it count.

But there are plenty
of other resources

that are available to you,
as well.

Physical therapy,
if that's something you need.

- It is.

- It's covered under
your insurance policy.

Just call and make
the appointment.

And you should look
into faculty housing.

- There's housing?

- You need to read over
your welcome packet.

See, a university is like
its own little world.

And this whole world
is open to you now.

So, go enjoy it.

- Can I help you?

- Why do you call
it the Pelican Ranch?

- We moved from San Francisco.

Always worried
we'd miss the ocean.

When our agent
brought us here,

there was a pelican
sitting in the pond.

Like the ocean
followed us here.

Our agent said he'd never
seen a pelican here before.

- Sandy hair,
great tan, white teeth?

- You know Mike?

- It wasn't a pelican.

- Sure looked like one.

- Did it fly away
when you drove up?

- No, it sat
in the center of the pond

the whole time we were here.

- Haven't seen it since, though.

That's because it was a decoy.

A big strange bird
in the middle of the pond

scares away other birds.

Birds that like to eat
the trout in the pond.

Got any trout in the pond?

- Not like we used to.
- Mm-hmm.

I'd like to buy your ranch.

- Oh, it's not for sale.

- Everything's for sale, buddy.
How much?

- I mean...
- Name your price.

- Nine million?

- Now, get out of my house.

["Breakdown in G Major"
by Eliot Bronson plays]

- Whoa, whoa.

- This is what you call
low-man work. Jimmy.

- What do you think you are?

- Why isn't Cowboy out here?

- He's a day-worker, Jimmy.

His ass stays in the saddle.

- I've worked years on ranches

where my ass never
left the saddle neither.

- Maybe you should've
stayed there, Walker.

- Don't I know it.

- What's that?

I didn't hear you.

Won't fight.
Won't work.

But you'll sure eat our food
won't ya?

And sit in our field,

and sing like a fucking tourist.

- Oh, it's your field,
is it, Rip?

- These are set.

- Jimmy, get on the quad.

It's grinding, square it off.

Keep it tight boys.

Bulls will walk through a loose
wire like it ain't even there.

Hey. The fuck you doing
standing there

Start wrapping wire.

- Hell I'm leaving tonight.

You can spend
my week's wages at the bar

for all I give a shit.

- All these great ranches
you worked at, Walker,

why not go back
to one of them?

How'd you get in my truck?

- Because I can't
leave the state.

- There's plenty
of ranches in Montana.

No, you're here because
they wouldn't have you.

Why is that, Walker?

When I start making phone calls,

what am I gonna find
out about you?

- Well I reckon I got a fondness
for the farmer's daughter.

I guess we got that
in common, don't we?

- Come on.

- I'm gonna take
your fucking heart out

through your throat, Walker.

And shove that little fuckin'
knife up your ass.

- If this goes down,
we gotta pick sides.

- I'm on whatever
side you're on.

- You won't die today, Walker.

But you've taken your last step.

Let's see what kinda cowboy
you are in a wheelchair.

- Here you go.

- I'm done with this place.

Want to shoot me
in the back, old fart?

Go for it.

- Wherever you go, Walker,

I'll find you.

- The whole bunkhouse
is watching.

- Why do you think
I did it, Lloyd.

We got two miles
of fence to build.

Let's go to work.

- Fence work don't suit you?

- Nothing about
this place suits me.

- Where you headed?

- You know the deal...

gonna wander around
'til the next job finds me.

- Walker,

You run into trouble,
walk the other way.

- Nice seeing you, cowboy.

- Where you headed?

- I quit.

- How come?

- I'm a cowboy.

And that's all.

- You know what I mean?
- No.

- You know, that's
all we need from you.

- That's not all you needed
the other night.

- The other night
won't happen again.

- You say that.

Then someone else says
something different.

Can't figure out
who runs this deal.

- I run it.

And he runs it.

You don't listen
to nobody else.

Head on back
to the bunkhouse.

Head on back.

Take me to the house.

We're making some changes.

- All right, just, ah...

just sign these two
at the bottom,

I'll have Beth
fill them out.


That was Lee's.

- When do I start training?
- Soon.

But let's...

Let's get this bunkhouse
figured out first.

You haven't mentioned her,

Not once.

Or Tate.

Or why you're not with them.

- What's talking
about it gonna do?

- It'd help you form
a plan to get them back.

- Plans are not change
the way someone feels.

- When Lee ran this place, he...

he was honest

and he was fair.
With everyone.

That's what I need from you.

But you can't
be that way with others, son,

until you're that way
with yourself.

- I miss them.

- What happened?

- You happened, Dad.

Then everything happened.

- Kayce.

Send Rip up to the house.

- You enjoying
your fuckin' self?

- Beautiful day.
Until now.

- He in there?

- He who?

- Hey Rip.

- Come here.

- My father wants to see you.

Hey, hey. Now.

- You wanted to see me, sir?

- Yeah, have a...
Have a seat.

In a lot of ways,

you're the only person
I can trust, Rip.

Because you're the only person

that doesn't benefit
when I'm gone.

You do it for me.

- Yes, sir.

And I always will.

- I hope so.

'Cause what I'm asking next...

it'll be the hardest.

Kayce needs to learn
how to run this place.

Needs to learn how
to lead these men.

And he can't do that while
he's living with them.

You understand
what I'm asking?

- There's beer in the fridge.

- I don't drink.

- Figures.

- That's not a penalty!

- It is a penalty 'cuz he sucks.

- You still want the bet?
- Yeah, I'll take 3 and 1.

- Why do they both these teams
have the same fuckin' mascot?

- Jimmy, you've literally lived
here for your entire life.

- Be quiet. Be quiet.
- And don't know the difference?

- So those are the Wildcats,
and those are the bobcats.

- What's the fuckin' difference?

- Just stop, he doesn't know
what he's talking about.

A bobcat is a specific breed.

A wildcat is just a cat
that went wild. That's a run!

- So they named their team
after a cat that just like,

got out of the house?

- It's not rocket science.
It's football.

- Kid's got a point.

- Y'all are ruining
this for me,

shut the fuck up.

[guitar playing]

- Bobcats look good.

- I got my money on 'em.

- Okay, so just to clarify,

Colby's mom,
that's a cougar?


- That'll be the last time

you ever refer to
my mom as a cougar.

- She prefers wildcat?


- Rawr.

- And you thought
you got out of prison.

- Nope.

Hell, I just stumbled
into another one.

[guitar playing continues]

- Should we mount up?

- Not up to me, Jimmy.

- What's going on?

- No clue.

- The sooner you
push it to a head,

the sooner it's behind you.

- You know he's
not gonna follow me.

Just you.

- Ain't about his respect, son.

It's about everyone else's.

- We'll push 'em up
the valley

then over the saddle
to East River Road.

We'll take that
up the canyon.

Ryan, you and Colby got point.

Walker, Cowboy...
you're on swing.

Avery and Jimmy
you got flank.


You and Lloyd are riding drag.

Let's go.

- Hope you boys
got your wild rag.

It's gonna be a bit dusty.

- What the hell's going on?

- Just a little reminder, Lloyd.

They may let us stay here
and get old and rusted.

But we're just tools.

And that's all we'll ever be...

["Bread and Water"
by Ryan Bingham plays]

♪ I've lived without bread and
I've lived without water ♪

♪ Stuck outside the middle of
the desert wishin' I was home ♪

♪ Long way from nowhere,
wishin' I was somewhere ♪

♪ Sangre de Cristo
to the Devil's Backbone ♪

- Goddam it, Jimmy!

- It's too big a gap!

- Hold your spot
or the whole herd goes.

- Here I'll give him a hand.
- I got him, goddammit.

- I'll flip that horse right
on you, you son of a bitch.


- Are you dead?

You're about to be.

- Hey!

What the fuck are you doing?

- You needed an excuse.
Now you've got one.

Not here. I'll do it
in front of everybody Kayce.

And I ain't gonna
it easy for you either.

- You all right?

- Funny how you can do something
you love your whole life...

and it just takes one man to
ruin the whole fuckin' thing.

- Ahhh!


- You want us to get in there?

- No...
This needs to happen.

- Ahhh!

- Go on.
Go on Kayce.

Take it. Come on.

- There ain't no fighting
on this ranch.

If you want to fight...

You come fight me.

- We made him earn it.
Thank you.

Now I need you two
to get along.

He needs to be able
to depend on you, Rip.

- Well. I hope you
can depend on him.

'Cuz I've never seen a shred
of proof that you can...

But I guess you see
something I don't.

- He's my son.

That's what I see.

- Jamie's your son, too, sir.

What did you see in him?

- Sorry I'm late.

- Hey.

- Rough day at the office?

- It was hard.
But good.

- What happened?

- Let's not talk about work
at the dinner table.

- Did you meet
with the governor yet?

- What did I just say?

What would you like
to talk about, Daddy?

What should we share?

He's been up
since 4 A.M. working.

You go to bed night
thinking about work

and wake up doing the same.

We don't talk about work,

we have nothing to talk about.

Are you suggesting
we eat in silence?

I mean, Is that what you want...

Are you 'shushing' me, Daddy?

I'm a 35-year-old woman.

When I sit at a table,

I will talk about whatever
the fuck I want.

- I see nothing's changed.

- I don't think she's made
it through a whole meal

since she was eleven.

- [chuckles]

- Oh, uh...
[clears throat]

You got physical
therapy tomorrow.

- I know.

- You ain't missing it either.

- I won't.

- Things are becoming
a little clearer to me.

Quite the sacrifice.

- Yeah, well,
it's what your father want.

- I remember the first
time I saw you.

So wild.

So angry...

God, you were beautiful.

I remember the way
you looked at him.

Such devotion.

Made me so jealous.

And the way he looked at you.

I always worried that
he'd love you more someday.

But he doesn't.

- That was never in doubt.

- Don't leave.

- This is my family.

Whether any of you all
think of me that way or not.

- Where are you going?
- Home.

- What's that?

- It's for this.

- We're moving?!

- You like it?

- Where are you moving?

- Run to bed, buddy.
I'll come tuck you in in a bit.

The university offers
housing for faculty.

- What about Kayce?

- This is closer to Kayce.

- That's not what I mean.

You gotta really think about
the decisions you make, honey.

- I have thought about it.

Feels right.

For Tate.
And for me.

- Remember this.

You two were married
in ceremony.

Not in some courthouse.


That means you're married
to him in the afterlife

no matter what
you do in this life.

You two are stuck together.

Want to decide something?

Decide how you two
are gonna work it out.

Or you'll be miserable...

- So, you're
the big man now, huh?

- Uh...

Couldn't run the bunkhouse
while I was living in it.

- So, go live in the main house.

- Grown men don't live
with their fathers.

- Yeah they also
don't kick other men

out of the only home
they've ever had.

- Well he could
use some little humility.

He ain't nothing but a bully.

And that's all he's ever been.

- No. He's not a bully, Kayce.

He's exactly what our father
turned him into.

What do you think
he's turning you into?

Boy, it sure was easy
for you to walk away

from a life that
you worked so hard to build.

- Well, she doesn't want
that life anymore.

- Let me guess.

She left you because...

she was afraid that
you would turn into him.

Instead of proving her wrong,
you come here,

and you take the crash course
in how to do it.

- This place is all
I have to give them.

I'm just trying to protect it.

- I'm protecting it.
I'm protecting it.

You're really going
to sit on boards

and run for office
and navigate

the filthy fights a place
like this requires?!

No you're not.

Kayce, you're gonna
lose your temper

and put somebody
in the hospital

or worse and go to prison

and get sued
and lose this place...

Just go home, Kayce.

Go work on this...

And you stay
far away from him.

When he dies,

you can have
this fucking place.

I will give it to you.

- All right.

Meet me out front
in half an hour.

- I'll meet you inside.

- Out front in half an hour.

- Oh, no.

I wouldn't miss this
for the world.

- Great.

[chatter and water splashing]

- Oh my God.

- Kick to me.

- No.
- Come on.

Kick to me.

Kick to me.

- Why can't I just swim to you?!

Not a word.
Not a goddamm word.

- We need to isolate the muscles
without overstressing them.

- Fine.

Stop moving back.

- You're doing great.

- Stop moving.
You're moving back.

- Okay, let's
go back the other way.

- I don't need the kickboard.

- Need to use the kickboard.

Come on.
One more time...

Let's go.

- Just kick your leg up
and back slowly.

- Okay.
- Now that the leg is straight,

I want you to wiggle
your toes, okay?

There you go.

- Did they move?
- Mm-hm.

So weird, I can't feel it.

- It not your nerves...

it's your brain's ability
to process the information

your nerves are transmitting...

- Sorry 'bout that.

- You need to swim your laps
two lanes over.

- Daddy! Daddy!