Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - The Unravelling: Part 2 - full transcript

John discovers his true alliances, Rip searches for answers, Jamie's political career is threatened, Beth takes on a new role, and Kayce returns home.

I can't tell anything from this.

- Where were you standing?
- I was standing right over there.

- Any shell casings?
- Looked, didn't find anything

'cause I don't think
he was standing there.


Get my rifle.

Here you go.

- You were standing?
- No. No, I was kneeling.

- You sure you were here?
- I'm sure, sir.

Give it to me.

Give it to me.

Just forgot
you picked this up, Sheriff?

- That's evidence.
- Where'd you find it?

This time no bullshit.

Where he said.

Right where Rip said.

Say it's about 15 yards.

- Pretty damn close.
- Shit, close enough for me.

That is self defense, Sheriff.

I have no idea why

you'd want to go ahead
and disguise that.

I forgot I picked it up, okay?

- Jesus Christ.
- Gentlemen.

Look at me.

- What the hell are you up to?
- I ain't up to shit.

Now that shell casing may get him
off the hook with Fish and Wildlife,

but I just pulled two dead bodies
out of that canyon

and I ain't taking your muscle's word
about what happened.

Heard you got a membership
at the sporting club.

How much that cost you
on a sheriff's salary?

Yeah, well, it ain't cheap, John.

I'm starting a list, Donnie.

You just made your way on it.

The whole county's turning on me, Rip.

The whole fucking place.


Who the fuck are you?

Oh, I'm...

Ah, clean your mouth
for crying out loud.

He's my assistant, Daddy.

Drink this.

Walk it off. I need you focused.

Walk it off is a metaphor, Jason.

Go inside, take a shower.

Don't see much focus in his future.

Ah, he'll be fine.

Hangovers build character.

We need a new attorney for the ranch.

Why, what did Jamie do?

Chose himself.

Well, that shouldn't surprise you.

What are you gonna do about it?

I'm gonna take away
the thing he left us for.

- He's here.
- Yeah.

- Governor.
- John.


So how can we help you, John?

Well, let me be real clear about it.

I want Jamie out of the race.

Well, we're pretty far
down the road on that.

His campaign has a lot of energy.

Things are different, John.

You know, the days
of appointing politicians are over.

That's ironic.
I think I appointed both of you.

I think the irony lies
in what we're discussing next, John.

I really wish it hadn't come to this.

We need you to step down
as livestock commissioner.

You violated federal law
when you sent agents onto the reservation.

That investigation is forthcoming.

We suspect it to be the start of many.

We also understand there are
civil suits filed against you.

We heard that the EPA is investigating you
for rerouting a river, John.

Heard from who?

I can't allow a public official
under this much scrutiny

to threaten the other offices
in this state.

Mine included.

There's a giant spotlight on you.

You stepping down
dims that light for all of us.

And once you get
these things behind you,

we'll welcome you back.

You want me out of the office?

Find someone who can beat me.

Well, that went well.

It went the way
I thought it was gonna go.

So, now we start looking.

Yeah. I really miss Boston.

Ugh, so do I.

Stop it.

No, don't touch him. Hey.

Help! I need help!


I never would have
let you walk into a room like that, son.

You're gonna make a great politician.

What a waste.

He's not the next generation
of me, Lynelle.

The only thing we have in common
is our last name.

How come you can't rope like that
when we're roping for money?

Then I'm thinking about the money,
not the fun.

It's not supposed to be fun.
It's fucking practice.

Walker. Jimmy.
Get your asses in there.

Be honest.
Scale of one to ten,

how bad's the luck
from putting your hat on the bed?

'Bout as bad as
changing a horse's barn name.

Hey, what's this horse's name?

Jimmy, you've been riding
this god-damn horse for a month

and you still don't know
his fucking name?

It's Ray.

- I thought you rode Ray.
- Nah, I ride Owen.

All right, well that's not
quite the same as changing it.

Jimmy, I went to prison for seven years.

I say you're probably
the dumbest motherfucker I've ever met.

That's really saying something.

- I got him.
- Belly up, Jimmy.

- Look out!
- Let go of the fucking rope!

Let go of the rope!


That's why we take care
of our tack, Jimmy.

Ugh. Oh.

I put my hat on the bed.

- And I called Owen, Ray.
- Jimmy.

You need to stop listening to
those yahoos in the bunk house.

There ain't no such thing as luck.

But I sure believe in stupid,
'cause you prove it every fucking day.

Now get your stuff and let's go.

Get up.

Where's my hat?

We've got people for that, sir.


I don't mind doing it.

It's a task I can complete

and God knows
I have precious few of those.

There's a lot to fix here, Rip.

You talking about subpoenas?

Those are a smokescreen,

just can't figure out
who's hiding behind them.

You want me to look around?


I want you to start with Jenkins.

How much time do you got left?

Don't know.

Well, what did the doctor say?

Nah, I'm done with doctors.


Well, I'm sorry to hear that, sir.


I'm sorry, John.

Yeah, I'm sorry...

I'm sorry, too.

It's at nine dollars.

Keep going. Wait for a down tick.

You. What's your name?

- Jason.
- Get out, Jason.

Your firm have attorneys?

A lot of them.

I want you to put the ranch in a trust.

Who do I list as beneficiary?

Who do you think?

You're the executor.

Don't ever sell it.

Don't let Kayce sell it.

Give me your word.

You have it.

Get Jamie off the payroll.

Oh, I know Grant Cole. He's a good man.

We need someone
with relationships in Helena.

Ah, shit.

I never thought this day would come,
but here it is.

You're going to rehab.

Look at those hips. Well done, Jamie.

Now all those strap-on fantasies
can come true.

He's all yours.

And when his little
chicken heart let's you down,

you keep him.

He won't let me down.

We're doing a little restructuring.

You've been replaced as chief counsel.

- By who?
- By me.

You're not an attorney.

Well, I have power of attorney.
It's sort of the same thing.

You can't defend him
in court without a license.

You know you have to pass the bar
to get a license.

You passed it. How hard can it be?

I'm gonna need your credit card,
your bank card,

and the keys to your truck.

I spent my whole life
fighting for this family

and now I'm just not a part of it?

Can't unmake family, Jamie,
but you can take their gold card.

You'll be fine.

Bubble butt looks like
she comes from money.

This is the best thing
that's ever happened to you.

Come on.

All right.




May I?


I mean...


Well, I guess I'll just pick up
another one at a yard sale in a few months

for a quarter.

This doesn't change a thing.

It changes everything.

Okay, you have a lot of
feelings running through you.

Let them. Just let them.

You wanna know how I feel?

I feel free.

Is it my turn
to wish you were lying here?

I tend to dream you
when I'm not sleeping

Is it my turn to fictionalize my world?

Or even imagine your emotions

Tell myself anything, yeah

Is it my turn to hold you by your hands?

Tell you I love you and you not hear me

Is it my turn to totally understand?

To watch you walk out of my life

And not do a damn thing


Hey, want something to drink?

Yeah, water.

- We got a two drink minimum.
- A bottle of water.

Oh, whatever, babe
whatever, baby

If I have to take apart all that I am

Is there anything that I would not do

Since I'd die without you

Yeah, baby, since I'd die without you

Go on. Leave me alone.

Since I'd die without you

Oh, I apologize
for all the things I've done

But now I'm underwater
and I'm drowning


Is it my turn to be the one to cry?

Isn't it amazing how some things

Completely turn around?

How would you like to make $1,000?

I don't do that anymore.

No, no, no. It's not that kind of thing.

I need your help.

What kind of help?

Well, the kind that pays.

Look, it ain't dangerous
and it ain't illegal.

Why can't I have a real job?

Why does this always have to
be the conversation with you?

You need help with horses.
You need help with tack.

I can do that.
Hell, I'm doing it right now.

How are you gonna
help me with horses? Hmm?

I break colts.

Oh, you break colts?

I bet I could outride
every hand on the Yellowstone.

Riding's all in the hips.
You know better hips?

Avery, I can't have you in a bunk house
with a bunch of lonely cow punchers.

It's not a place for a woman.

Don't worry about me, Rip.

I fight off men for a living.

If one of those cowboys gets randy,
I'll break his fucking jaw.

- I'll be back.
- Okay.

- Champagne?
- Yes.

- Day worker?
- Yeah.

Tough time of year for that.

Round up's done and cabins a ways off.

To help bridge the gap.

I don't need your fucking money.

You know what a tie is, don't you?

It's the leash your master cut

'cause he know you ain't going nowhere.

What did that guy say to you?


Um, what's the matter, Miss Kendall?

My last name is Nguyen.

Sarah Nguyen, you should look it up.

Here's what I've learned
in the last few weeks.

You're a good man. Your father is not.

Soon the entire country
will know what I know.

The question I have to ask you is:

Do you want to be a subject
of this article or a source?

That sounds like blackmail.

Blackmail requires me
asking you for something in return.

I'm just asking for the truth.

Which is an elusive thing
out west, I'm learning.

Can I talk to you alone?

Uh, yeah. Give us a second.

I fucking knew it.

I need to know everything
your father's done

and everything you've helped him do.

He's no saint but does he bend the law?

- Yes, he bends the law.
- I'm not talking about bending it.

What is she going to find
when she starts digging?

Depends on how deep she digs.

That is the end of your career in there,
if we don't play this perfectly.

What are you proposing?

We do a story that focuses on Jamie
as a new kind of politician.

The kind that seeks out corruption.

And there's no greater source
of corruption than your father.

New Montana versus old Montana?

- That the focus of the piece?
- Something like that.

I think you'll be
a good Attorney General, Jamie.

And I don't think
you can win this without me.

- He's running unopposed.
- Really?

What happened to your face?

- Car wreck.
- Fell down.


You're not running unopposed.

You can't win without me.

I don't think your father will let you.

So we're committing
to 400 rooms in the hotel?


I'd like to survey the build site
from the air as soon as possible.

I'll arrange a plane.

I see good things in our future, Dan.

With us working together,
John Dutton doesn't stand a chance.

Well, wait till you see
the blueprints for the castle I'll build.

Right where his fucking house is.

This one here from wildlife defense

is gonna require a litigator
who specializes in environmental law.

We need to find an attorney
who does everything.

They don't exist, Dad.

One thing I'll say about Jamie,

his melon head can absorb
a lot of information.


- Can it wait?
- No, it can't wait.


Give us a minute, Beth.

You ought to listen to this.

They're building a casino

with a 400-room hotel
with a housing development around it.

Right up against your fence.

Rainwater and Jenkins
are working together?

When I'm gone,
they will gobble this place up.

Rainwater will annex that land
into the reservation.

I don't have a child
who could fight for this.

I'm running out of time, Rip,
and they aren't ready.

My children aren't ready
to protect this place.

What do you want me to do?

These problems have
to go away before I do.

Well, how far away
do you want them to go?

When they go away
they never come back.


What was that about?


Hey, what was that about?

It's not my place to tell you.

I can't help him if I don't know.

You can't help him with this.

I'm trying to get a handle
on all these messes.

Okay, so just don't
do anything reckless.

That's good advice.
Maybe you ought to take it yourself.

Men are such fucking children.

I thought I made it clear.

This, it was never exclusive.


Beth, I don't care who you fuck.

I care about you.

And I thought we knew
each other better than that.

If you have three tens
we're fist fighting.

Actually I do.

- Yes, yes.
- We all know I do.

Here's the river.


Did you get it?

Is that your poker face, Jimmy?

'Cause you look like
you got to take a shit.

I don't think your bad luck's run out yet.
I'm all in.

Ooh, I think you're bluffing,
but I'm too broke to take that chance.

This ain't Go Fish, Jimmy.

- I'm all in, too.
- Ooh.

- Turn them over, boys.
- What do we got?


Looks like the bad luck's
done with you, Jimmy.

Hey, boys.

This here is Avery.
She's the new groomer.

You treat her like a cowboy.

You understand what I mean?

Which bunk's free?

Uh, back on the left.

Didn't you used to be at the...

Yep. Where's the pisser?

- Shower that way, too?
- Unless somebody moved it.

Well, might as well get this over with.

I don't know why you're all so nervous.

I had my ass in every face in this room.

For the record,
if I wake up in the middle of the night

to one of you assholes
standing over me beating your root,

I'll cut it off.

Give me 15 then deal me in, would you?

God, this is not a test I was expecting.

Where you going?

I've worked for some
strange outfits in my day.

This place beats them all.


There's something evil about this place.

You feel that?

It's like this land,
it don't want us here.

And here we are.

I felt that way my whole life.

Ain't a very good feeling.


I'd like to quit.

They won't let me.

I don't know how to get away
from this place.


I hate to tell you this,

but you ain't going nowhere.

Is that right?

Where's your fucking brand?

Mine's on the inside.

I'm stuck here, too.

Let's go.

Pack of wild dogs, your crew.

What happened?

Drifter pulled a knife on him.

Your boy took it too far.
He took it way too far.

But I ain't pressing charges
against a veteran.

And I don't mind the message
this sends to drifters.

This don't change things
with your wrangler.

Dan Jenkins is not the future
of this valley, Donnie, and you know it.

I wish I could snap my fingers, John,

and make all these pirates go away,
but we can't.

Yes, we can.

You just don't have the stomach for it
and that's a shame.

'Cause I remember a time when you did.

Stomach ain't got nothing to do with it.

Sit down.

You win.

I'm not trying to win anything,
I'm just...

Just trying to preserve.
Just trying...

You know, I'm trying
to leave you something that

you can leave your son one day.

It feels like that's all I ever say,
I just can't...

I can't get any of you to hear it.

I hear it.

I'd like to come home.

If you'll have me.

Just give me, um...

Just give me a couple days.
I can move into the guest house.

- You and Monica take my...
- She left me.

Cowboys stay in the bunk house.

I don't need another cowboy, Kayce.

The only thing I got left
is to make a future for my son.

This is the only thing I got to give him.

I know what you need.

All right, all right, whose turn?
Let's go, let's go. Whose turn is it?

- Pretty sure it's your turn like always.
- It's my turn?

All right, just give me a second.
Give me a second.

Hey, you ride your own horse, cowboy.

I'll ride mine.
All right, I'm... One, two...

You're bleeding me dry here
and somehow I kind of like it.

- All right, um...
- I'm in.

- Everybody's all in.
- Okay, great.

- Oh, God.
- I got the Jackson Five.

- Take that, bitches!
- Oh!


She cheated.
She doesn't even have sleeves.

Get me a beer. Get me a beer.


- Jesus Christ.
- All right, settle down.

- Okay.
- Somebody point me to an empty bunk.

Top, back left.

Don't put your hat on the bed!

I don't believe in that shit.

Nobody told me that was an option.

It's not.

All right, come on.
Let's play again.

- You, big talker.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's your deal. Let's deal it.

Uh, I could use a small but tasteful loan.

Yeah, here. Just help collect.

All right, here you go.

All right, big talker...

Who would like
to give me a small loan?

I just did.
Someone just give him one dollar.


Come on. There you go.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Sorry I'm slow.

That's okay. Little bitty steps.

How long are we staying here?

Till she can take care of herself.

What else you wanna know?

Okay. You okay?

- Thanks, Grandpa.
- All right.

Look who's home, Momma.

Let me know when
you want to come inside.

I'm, I'm ready to go inside.

I'm ready to go inside now!

Oh, God.

What have I done?

Whenever you're ready.

I realized something last night.

The only way to protect
my father's legacy

is to destroy the man.

I didn't think it was gonna be this hard.

Take your time.


I'm ready.

You guys are fucking idiots!

You'll rot in prison for this
the rest of your fucking lives.

No, no, no. It happens all the time.

The lost souls, they come out here
into the forest

and they can't bear to live another day.

So they decide to end it all.

It's really toughest
on the kids, you know?

They never understand why.

Fuck you.

Don't you look at me, you piece of shit.

You look at him.

He has to understand what he's up against.

That semi that ran into
Mr. Dutton's truck,

was that an accident?

It was a convenient opportunity.

Well, it ain't so
fucking convenient now, is it?

I want you to tell him about the land.

Tell him how you'll get it. Go on.

We'll inflate the land prices.

Run up the property tax.

And price people out.

You know how much
the Yellowstone is worth?

You think I'm gonna be the last person
who's gonna wanna take it?

Now your father, he has two choices.

Either to sell it or to lose it.

And that's the fucking truth.

Now you know, Kayce.

Jimmy, go on and cut him down.

Fuck you guys! Fuck you!

Fucking idiots.


Let him hang.

You should buy a smaller table, Dad.

I remember a time when

every seat at this table was filled.

No, you don't, Dad.

That's not a memory.

That's a dream.

I thought you said Kayce came home.

He did.

Where is he?

He's learning.

It doesn't matter
how many people sit at the table, honey.

What matters is they have a place to sit.

The table's the only thing that matters.

I need you to understand that.

I'm not doing this for a table.

I'm doing this for you.

And when you're gone,
I'll sell the table first.


I'm not going anywhere.

I sure hope not.

My father

Could use a little mercy now

The fruits of his labor

Fall and rot slowly on the ground

His work is almost over

It won't be long, he won't be around

I love my father

He could use some mercy now

People in power, they'll do anything

To keep their crown

I love life and life itself
could use some mercy now

Every single one of us
could use some mercy now