Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Unravelling: Part 1 - full transcript

Rip faces a sheriff's investigation after his accident with the tourists, Jamie's political future comes into question, and Beth goes after Dan's finances.

You stupid bitch!

Got him locked in here.

Looks like he fell in a mulcher.

It's like trying to wrestle
a damn mountain lion.

- Not sure two's enough.
- Eh, two's enough.

Was he trying to steal a horse?

Nope, found him sleeping in the hay loft.

Tried to toss him out,
went all wild-cat on me.

That's trespassing, Stan.

Call the sheriff.

The sheriff told me to call you.

Put the stick down, son.

You want it?

Come fucking get it!

Let me see your flashlight.

Put the stick down, son.

You're in a fair bit of trouble.

No fucking shit.

Get these drifters through
every now and then.

You sure roughed him up pretty good.

He was like that when I found him.

Let me see your hands.

Those don't look like drifter hands.

That looks infected.

Well, it sure feels infected.

There's a pig farm down near Miles City.

Ex-husband showed up
and beat the whole family to death

before somebody
cracked his skull with a frying pan.

They still haven't found the oldest boy.

You know anything about that?

All I know is this.

I should have killed
that motherfucker years ago.

What's your name, son?

- Rip.
- Rip.

You hungry, Rip?

Can you ride a horse?

I can from "A" to "B."

Can you rope?

I can rope.

Put the sandwich down, son.

If you're gonna work for me, everything

you ever been through stays right here.

I won't have it on my ranch.

No fighting.

- And if you steal...
- I don't steal, sir.

I ain't never started a fight in my life.

You're gonna have to prove yourself,
you want a chance.

You gotta pay a price
if you wanna work for me.

I ain't got no money.

Don't cost money, just a little pain.

Well, sir, pain I'm used to.

May I finish my sandwich?

What a fuckin' mess, John.

You'd think these tourists would learn
the wilderness isn't a theme park.

That's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about that.

Now I gotta get an agent up here
from Fish and Wildlife.

That's a federal offense.

- What's the ETA on Wildlife?
- Said a few hours.

It was self-defense, Donnie.
Let's not overreact here.

He's out here looking for a bear
you told him to hunt.

I told him to haze it out of here
before it killed my cattle.

Here's the picture Fish and Wildlife
are gonna paint.

He is up here hunting illegally,
kills an endangered species.

Witnessed by two tourists
he then throws off the fucking cliff.

Then he gives me some bullshit story
about throwing them a rope...

And both of them, John,
both of them slip.

- I'm calling Jamie.
- You're gonna need him.


I got a real problem,
and you're not here to fix it.

Call me back.

They're gonna make a real stink
out of this.

That's what I get for trying
to do the right thing.

I should've just buried them all.

- Where were you standing, Rip?
- I was right here.

I mean, if that ain't self-defense,

- I don't know what is.
- If that's where

- you were really standing.
- Hey, Donnie.

There's powder burns
on his fucking nose, man.

- Why don't you do your job?
- John, calm your boy down, here,

or we're gonna have
this conversation in town.


Go to the house
and wait for Fish and Wildlife.

I got enough problems without
you inventing more for me.

Look, John,

somebody kills a bear,
and ten thousand vegans

send letters to their Congressman.

They won't send one God damn letter
for those tourists.

Now you should have buried that thing
in a hole before I got here,

'cause I ain't the problem, the Feds are.

Good, take another step.

I can feel my thigh, but my...

- It's like my foot's asleep.
- Mm-hmm.

- Feels kind of weird.
- I'm glad it feels.


Okay, we need to turn you now.
We're at the end.

So we're gonna swing your arm around,
shift your weight...

Good, you're doing it.
Reach over here. You got it?

- Yeah.
- Okay, spread your legs.


Damn, I'm cruising now.

One step at a time.


Did Kayce take Tate to school?


When they release me,
I wanna stay with you, okay?

Just me and Tate.

Your place is not with me, honey.

It's with your husband.

I don't know who he is.

I wanna stay with you.

Don't tell me no.

I won't.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Ready for your next step?

- Here we go.
- Yeah.

Good, okay. Please step down.


Bozeman grew by almost
2,000 people last year.

In two decades, it's doubled in size,

presenting opportunities
and also challenges.

Growth brings change.

Change brings conflict.


Now those are some real issues to
keep in mind for the upcoming elections.

Do you ever get concerned that some

of John Dutton's problems
become Jamie's problems?


There's not much
you can do about that, huh?

Distance him as much as I can.

I hear rumors this cover-up
about the shooting near the reservation...

What cover-up?

The investigation was led by the state
and the Bureau of Land Management.

- Jamie wasn't involved in that.
- You don't think?

I asked you to research issues,
not the candidate you're working for.

It's sort of the same thing.

He's running unopposed.

There is no one to ask those questions.

Yet. I mean, you really think he's
the only ambitious attorney in Montana?

Remind me where you're from.


- And your girlfriend's here...
- Working on her doctorate in the park.

Right. I'd love to meet her.

Oh, great.

Yeah, we should...
We should all grab dinner.

I mean, you know, with all our free time.

I'll make time for that.


Back in five, four, three...


Did it to my place, too.

Tore it to pieces.


Treasure hunters.

Should have let me shoot him.

You the one taking me to see the bear?

Yes, ma'am.

Officer Skyles.

Not ma'am.

- Okay.
- How far's the ride?

Mm, it's a few hours.

You Mr. Wheeler?

- You the one who shot the bear?
- Yes, ma'am...

Officer Skyles. I am, yeah.

- Is this the rifle?
- Yes.

Heard a lot of rumors
about you, Mr. Wheeler.

- All of them bad.
- Mm.

Well, most are probably true.

I sure hope not.

For your sake.

Hey, ride in front of me, please.

He's got a horsefly on his rump, there.

- I don't see a horsefly.
- Well, I could sure see it.

You want me to swat it
before your horse...

Don't fuckin' touch my horse,
you understand me?

Ma'am, if that horsefly bites his ass...

Don't you touch my horse...

Nobody ever fucking listens to me.

You lost the reins!



Oh, my God.

I'm... I'm gonna die.

Oh, no.

You ain't gonna die, 'cause if you die
they're gonna think I did this, too.

Viggo, I need the chopper at Pasture 23,
right fucking now.

Give me your gun.

Give me your gun.
I'm gonna shoot the horse.

You listen to me.

When that horse catches its breath,
it's gonna go berserk against those wires

and it's gonna drag your ass
to your death.

- Now give me the gun.
- You do not get my gun.

All this time I'm wasting
cutting this horse loose

I could be saving you.

Easy, easy.

Okay, come on.

You're all right.


Okay, now, if I pull this post
from out of you, it's gonna kill you,

so I'm gonna lift you
from the ground, all right?

Put your arms around me.

We should call... call somebody.

There is nobody to call.

All right?

Now listen, you got no reason
to trust me...

- Uh-huh.
- But you have to.

Now, please, put your arm around me.

- Come on.
- Okay...

Okay, it's okay.

Are you ready? Here we go.


I'm sorry I lost the horses.

Don't worry, horses always come home.

I'm sure there's a lesson
in here somewhere.

Well, you figure it out you let me know.

Don't be dying on me, now.

I'm not getting killed
by a fucking fence post.

My ego won't allow it.

Listen, when the pain gets really bad,
I want you to try and break it.

- Okay.
- All right?


I was bad at my job today.

What did you do?

Ran my big mouth.

I think she's on to me.

Good, then we can go home.

No, my editor wants the story.

I have a job, too,
and I'm gonna lose it if I don't go home.

You know, John Dutton
is exactly what's wrong with this country.

He's a rich, entitled politician

that's breaking the rules he makes
to make himself richer.

Booked a flight for Friday.

Uh, no...

You didn't. Absolutely not.

What is on your face?

I was on the river, and mosquitoes
the size of hummingbirds ate me alive.


There's a thought.

No fun for you till you come home.


Look, let's not...

Look, these are the kinds of stories
that affect real change.

Can't wait to read it.

You're an evil woman.

- That's not the point.
- That's exactly the point.

Why do you have to own the land?

Because tribal casinos can only be built
on reservation trust land.

That would mean selling you my leverage.

You own the hotel, Dan.

We lease it from you, and we manage.

Your leverage is safe, Dan.

Understand, if the tribe owns the land,

there are no more zoning issues,
no more permits.

We can build a city if we want.

And once we announce the build,

the property values
in this valley will double that very day.

And that doubles the property tax
on John Dutton's ranch

to approximately $11 million a year.

- He can't afford that.
- No.

But we can.

This is everything I promised.

Sell me the land,
and I'll give you Yellowstone.

Let's get our attorneys on there
to work it out.

No, no. No more attorneys.

That requires a lot of trust on my part.

Can I trust you, Rainwater?

You can't trust anyone, Dan.

You been doing this long enough
to know that.

But you can trust me on this.

I want you to build that for me.

That will fit in the powder room.

Can't wait to see your powder room.

I only see one legitimate bank
on this proposal sheet.

Goldman Sachs and Chase won't go near him.

- He had a bankruptcy in '09.
- What a fucking hack.

- "Akron Capital"?
- VC firm out of Encino.


That's how he does it.

Dumb money in California,
of which there is an endless supply.

Evidently not.

Look at his credit. It's the next file.

He has two mortgages on his house?

Jason, this guy has leveraged everything.

Every penny is tied up
in this development.

Moving that river really fucked him.

Look at file three.

He's trading on the OTCC.

Ah, I am not that lucky.

It's at three bucks a share.

I'm gonna be on his board by Monday.

Pull over.

Hey, stranger.


Love your new look.

- You were the inspiration.
- Ooh!

Well, that's a first.

Mm, who's this strapping lad?

This is my assistant,
but I'm willing to rent him out.

Can I buy you a drink?

Unfortunately I'm on the wagon,
but that's good news for you.

You have a designated driver.

You got any homework?

Boy, do I.

Did you get my bones?

They took 'em, son.

I told you.

I'm really sorry, buddy.


- Hi, baby.
- They stole my bones!

My dinosaur bones.

They're gone.

Hey, why don't you run inside
with your grandpa?

I gotta talk to your dad, okay?

Come on, grandson.

Your, uh, memory's coming back?

I didn't forget you, I just...

I just see differently now, Kayce,
that's all.

Different how?

Look what bringing him back
into our lives did.

I mean, it's like we're 18 again

and you're running off to the Navy
'cause you think I need to be saved.

But it's not for us, it's for you.

You invent situations to run from,
and you did it again.

And I'm done begging you to stay.

In fact, the opposite.

I'm telling you to go.

It's funny how we choose not
to see things.

But I see it now.

But I need to hear you say it.

If it's the last thing you ever give me,
give me the truth.

He killed my brother.

He was gonna kill me. I had no choice.

The choice was not to go.

That's not what you chose.

My job is to protect our son,
and the best way to do that

is to keep him from your father,
and keep him from you.


It doesn't mean I don't love you,
Kayce, 'cause I do.

I love you with my whole heart.

I just love our son more.

Excuse me.

No direction but to follow

What you know

No direction but a faith

In her decision

No direction

But to never fight her flow

No direction, but to trust

The final destination

You're a stranger till she whispers

You can stay

You're a stranger till she whispers

That yourjourney's over

Weigh your worth before her majesty

The Verde River

What are you doing here?

I'm not gonna smoke
in your living room, Dan.

I do have boundaries.

Where's my wife?

You are hot!

I took you for a cuckold.

I guess I was wrong.

You brought this on yourself, Dan.

I'm gonna ruin you.

I'm gonna ruin you
and your entire fucked-up family.

You hurt my father, I hurt you back.

But this isn't hurting you, Dan.

This is just fun.

No, hurting you is gonna be
tomorrow morning,

when I purchase every share
you've put up for trade.

I'm only telling you this,
'cause I know you can't stop it.

So I recommend begging
your friends in California for more money.

Maybe they'll be dumb enough
to do it, and frankly, Dan,

God, I hope they are,
'cause this has been too fucking easy.

You'll regret ever having met me,
you have my word.

No, Dan,
regret is the one thing I just won't do.

Hey, man.


Can you help me out?

I... I ran out of gas.

Can you help me out, man?
I'm just trying to get, like, ten bucks.

You can just set your can there.

- I'll fill it up for you.
- Uh...

Nah, man, why don't you just
give me the cash?

That'd be better.
We're parked down the way,

my girl's waiting near another station,

that way I don't have to carry this thing,
you know what I mean?

Fuck off.

You don't need gas.

Man, why you gotta be like that?

I'm just trying to ask you
for some fucking help.

- Fuck you.
- What?

I said fuck you!

- Today's not the day.
- Yeah?

Maybe today is the day, motherfucker.
Now you can give me everything you got.

Hey, buddy! Break it off!

Get off, now!

We need help over here!

- She gonna make it?
- Yeah.

She's tough as a mule, that one.

They're sending
another ranger out tomorrow.

See if you can keep this one on a horse.

Yes, sir.

Wow, I can't wait to see
which disappointment this is.

Where you been?

- I needed you!
- I was campaigning.

You been gone two fuckin' days, Jamie.

You can't make one phone call?

God knows I've been calling you.

- I'm sorry.
- Sorry?

Hell, you don't even know
what you're sorry for.

I'm sorry. Christina has my phone.

Christina has your phone.
God damn it, Jamie.

When Rip takes
Fish and Wildlife out tomorrow,

- I need you with them.
- Okay.

Why is Fish and Wildlife coming tomorrow?


I have campaign stops
in Helena and Great Falls...

No, you don't, because the first thing

you're doing tomorrow
is withdrawing from the race.

What? I'm doing this for you.

No, you're doing it for you,
and now you're not doing it anymore.


I won't quit.

My entire career is based around this.
I've earned it.

It's not your place to decide
what you've earned.

Don't take this away from me.

I've earned this!

After everything I've done for you,
after everything I said...

What have you done for me, Jamie?

What have you done for me
besides help me build

the empire that you stand to inherit?

Sorry, son,
I just don't see the sacrifice.

Don't you take this away from me.

- You took it from yourself.
- After everything I have done for you?

I have earned this!

All you earned today is that.

Mr. Dutton!


I swear to God,

I never met a man
more in need of a beating.

Jamie, you touch me again,
and I'll give you one.

By this time tomorrow,

Attorney General Stewart's
gonna announce

that he's not stepping down.

So if you want to run
against the candidate

I'm supporting, you be my guest.

Until you're ready

to put this family first,
you don't step foot

on this ranch, you understand?

- You're not welcome here.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Listen to me... Whoa.

Easy now.

This is between family.

You're gonna fight yourself
right out of it.

Now, go get a hotel, okay?

And then calm down.

You okay?

No, Rip, I don't know that I am.

Hundred and thirty-two years
this ranch has been in my family,

and I'm the one to lose it.

To be honest,

I don't even know who I'm trying
to save it for, anymore.

There any problem?

Nah, no problem.

Just like to have a word with you.

All right, come on.

Thank you.

God damn. I've seen some nice ranches,
but nothing like this.


Been hearing the boys talk a bit.

Swapping stories and whatnot.

I just figured I'd come over here
and be up-front.

I ain't gon' break the law for you, Rip.

You should've thought of that
before you took the brand.

You said that brand was to prove
I could be trusted.

Trust is do what we ask, Walker.

That ain't what that word means.

Walker, I'm sure glad
you think it's pretty here,

'cause your chance to leave this place
has passed you by.

See you in the morning.

What happened to you?

We have a real problem.

I don't think AG Stewart has the stomach
for another term.

- My father's leverage over the Governor...
- not what you think it is.

The Governor isn't supporting you
to appease your father,

she's doing it to control him.

Even if it isn't Stewart,
he'll find some other candidate.

How do I run against my father?

You start by looking in the mirror.

Fathers who love their children
don't do this.

I just...

I want it so bad.

Is that wrong?

Is it wrong to want it?

Wanting something for yourself
isn't selfish, Jamie.

I don't know how he convinced you
to believe that.

Maybe I do.

When's the last time
you did something just for you?

I don't know.

I want you to do something
just because you want to.

Be selfish with me.

How much money do you have
in your pocket?

Hit me hard.

No, and...

Oh, this is dangerous for you, boys.

I would advise staying away.

Hit me hard.

No, because that's to you.

- No, it's your turn.
- Yeah, I know.

- Okay, well, I'm all in.
- What did I just say?

- I'll call him.
- All right, let's see.

Jimmy, sit down.

You're making us all fucking sea sick.

All right, where is it?

Where's what?

- You know what.
- We don't know how to help you find

what we don't know
you're looking for, Jimmy.

Where's my fucking hat?

Oh, that.

Yeah, we got rid of that.

Retarded scarecrow
ain't a good look, Jimmy.

Cost us each a weeks' pay.

You lose it, pay us back.

It ain't a damn soup bucket, try it on.


You were in on this, too?

Oh, look at him, honey.
Our little Jimmy's all growed up.

- Thanks.
- All right.

Yep, beat it.

Thank you.

- That's I wanted.
- Okay, no, I'll...

No, no don't put it on the bed!

Jesus fuck.

That's bad luck, Jimmy.

You can't give him anything.

Is there any way to undo that, or...

Hell, Jimmy,
if you cowboy into this outfit,

you're already cursed.

Lost as I may

Go in the fog of my own noise

And trivialities

I am standing on the edge

Of forever