Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - A Monster Is Among Us - full transcript

Rip stumbles upon a dangerous and dire situation; A plan is set in motion designed to squeeze John and threaten his way of life; Monica begins a tough recovery.

The fuck?




Are you out of your mind?

Get back.

Get back. All right?

Get back before that
thing eats somebody.

It seems friendly.

Well, it's not. Now get back.

We won't get any closer.

You see that fence? That's mine.

That fucking fence down
there, that's mine too.

Everything this side of that mountain,
all the way over to here, mine too.

You're trespassing.


- They don't believe you.
- What?

What's he saying?

Says that it's wrong for
one man to own all this.

He says you should share
it with all the people.


This is America.

We don't share land here.

- She's ready to go.
- Okay, let's prep this.


Record first incision, 21:54.

21:54 recorded.



Let's irrigate this.




She suffered
an epidural hematoma.

- Is she alive?
- She's alive.

She's in recovery. Uh, we had to perform

what's called a craniotomy,

where we remove a piece of her skull,

and we use the suction
to remove the hematoma.

We got her on a ventilator
to help her breathe,

and then, uh, we just continue
to relieve the pressure.

Is she gonna be okay?

With brain injuries, it's impossible

to form an accurate prognosis
so soon after the trauma.

But, uh, she survived the
surgery, many don't.

And she's young, she's strong.

You have reason to hope.

Can we see her?

- I don't recommend it.
- How about just me then?

You were right.

I shouldn't have seen her.

I wanna see my mom.

It's pretty cool, huh?

I wanna see my mom. Can
you take me to her?

Your dad wants you to stay here.

- Hey, you need to stay here.
- Move your arm.

Hey, you need to calm down. Code White.

Code White, Code White.

- Let me go.
- Code White.

Let me go.


- Hey.
- Oh, calm down.

Get off.

- Calm down.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Stop. Stop!

What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

He was Code White.

Okay, you need to take a
little break from this place.

I'm staying with my wife.

That is not an option until
you can find someone

who can supervise him.

He's a kid.

He didn't do anything wrong.
They were holding him on the ground

like a fucking animal.

Right or wrong is not my job.
Keeping people safe is,

and this is not safe.
So you can come back

when you find someone he'll listen to,

because he clearly will
not listen to the nurse.

His grandfather's on the way.

Well, he is not here now.

So you take a break.

You need it.

Come on, buddy.

Fucking cowboys.

Since 1886,

every Dutton who died is

buried 300 yards from my back porch.

From my great-great-grandfather,

to my wife,

and my oldest son.

When a tree grows on my ranch,

I know exactly what fed it,

and that's the best we can hope for,
because nothing we do is for today.

Ranching is the only business
where the goal is to break even.

Survive another season.

Last long enough for your
children to continue the cycle,

and maybe, just maybe,

the land is still theirs when
a tree sprouts from you.

Lord God,

Lord God, give us rain

and a little luck, and
we'll do the rest.

- Amen.
- Amen.

This is my favorite
part of the campaign.

Before the room is packed
with people shouting,

the terror of the polling numbers.

No sleep and cold pizza.

Not a very good sales
pitch of the process.

It's hell. In every sense of the word.

You know, but it's also exhilarating.

The sense that we can make a difference.

Shaping ideas into policy.

You know, I gotta be honest with you,

I'm not an idealist.

I don't want you to think my
goal is changing the world.

Well, what is your goal?


You... You already have power.

I want more.

Mm, what will you do
with it if you get it?

Protect my family,
and the families like it.

Stop the hemorrhaging
of Montana's resources

to people in other states.

My goal is the opposite of change.

That's the most idealistic thing
I've ever heard a politician say.


I don't know what it is about break rooms.

It's not the break room.

It's you.



Dad, you awake?

You know what a fool I looked like

when no member of my family is beside me
at the dinner my office sponsors?

Well, my campaign office opens tomorrow.

While I was in the room

with the votes you should
be campaigning for.

We already have those votes.

Well, don't bet on it.

What happened?

Don't know.

I feel a shift.

What did the governor say?

She didn't talk to me.

I'll go see her tomorrow.

That would be wise.

Where's your sister?

Pick the bar, Dad.

Come they told me

Pa rum pum pum pum

A new born king to see

Pa rum pum pum pum

Our finest gifts to bring

Pa rum pum pum pum

To lay before the king

Thank you.

Lee. Here's a present for you.

Thanks, bud.

Jamie, I got a present for you too.


Pa rum pum pum pum

Why can't we just start without her?

Because you can't, son.


Oh, she's the only child on the planet
that would show up late for Christmas.



I'm in the bathroom.

Mom, close the door.

I'm sorry.

Honey, you don't have
anything to be sorry for.

Why don't you take a warm bath?

It'll help with the cramps.


Don't come in here.

Ah, just give us a few minutes.

Let the boys open a present.

Is she okay?

She's fine.

I'm gonna tell you something
my mother told me,

and you're not gonna like it.

Everything's different now.

All those boys
you used to outrun and outwrestle,

that's all done.

And they're gonna look at you different.

See you different.

And then they're gonna
look at you like you're less.

Like you're somehow weaker today
than you were yesterday.

You're not, though.

You're stronger than all of them.

Because if men were
responsible for giving birth,

the human race wouldn't have
lasted two generations.

But after being treated
like you're weaker long enough,

you'll start to believe it, too.

It's why I'm gonna have
to be hard on you, honey.

I have to turn you into the man
most men will never be.

And I'm sorry in advance for doing it.

Because you're gonna
hate it, sweetheart.

I know I did.

But I look back
and I know my mother was right.

It was the best gift she ever gave me.

Now I have to give it to you.


Damn, you got buckaroo'd
right onto your peanut.

Repeat that in English.

I don't speak dipshit.

You wanna run, motherfucker? Huh?


Oh, damn.

You don't speak
fucking horse neither, do you?

How do you do that?

Turn around and I can show you.

How's that feel?

Like you're three seconds away
from being pepper sprayed.

Yeah, well, that's what
that horse is thinking

when you get on him.

Come on, tell me how that feels.

It don't feel bad.

How about that?

Feels like you're scared.


And how about that?

Feels like you wanna hurt me.


Think about this.

That horse can feel
a fly land on its back.

Imagine all it's feeling from you.

Every emotion, every thought.

If you're thinking it,
you bet he's feeling it.

Just get on him again
and make your body tell him

that everything's gonna be okay.

Come on.

No. Leave those down on his neck.

Don't use the reins?

You're asking him to trust you.

You ain't gonna trust him?

Ride him out.

First good thing I've seen in weeks.

New hand's a real horse whisperer, huh?

Yeah, he is something.

I saw a Grizzly in the north pasture.

I know, I saw him down there by the river.

Let's bring all the fall calves down.

Get everything to the barn.

Oh, Great Spirit,

may she walk with the Creator

back into my life.

Code red. Code red...

What the hell are you doing?

- Get security.
- Just sage.

And that's pure oxygen.
You're gonna blow the place up.

Let go of me.

Stop it.

Okay, you, out.

I need a doctor.

The property's essentially
worthless without a water source.


A 90-acre hobby farm
sold for $6 million down the street.

With a water source.

The water table on our property
is 25 feet.

I could dig a fucking well by hand.

I'd love to see that.

Your client already accepted our offer.

All you're supposed to do
is red line the fine print.

The fine print sucks.

You get our land for free

and then write off construction costs
for years before we see a dime.

Fucking Indian tribe's
trying to steal your land.

The only reason you're not choking
on irony is the size of your mouth.

Can I remind everyone that our goal here
is to make a deal?

We agreed to a percentage as payoff.

I can't afford your asking price
and build a casino.

I know how this works.

You won't spend a dime on construction.

You'll go to Key Bank or TFA Capital
and take a loan for the build.

You'll outsource management,

except for cushy jobs
you hold for friends and family members.

You'll negotiate a nice, fat
consulting fee for yourself.

Then give speeches about
how much money it'll make

for the school system.

Look, I oversaw the California Lottery.

I wrote the book on this bullshit.

And I'm fine with all of this.

But my piece of the pie
will be as big as yours. Period.

I have no family to give cushy jobs to.

And every penny of profit
will go exactly where I say it goes.

We want the same thing, Dan.
Just for different reasons.

I look at this contract,
and I can't tell what you want.

I want everything that John Dutton has.

I want the Yellowstone.

Do this with me,
and I'll split it with you.

There may be ten men on this planet
that can afford the Yellowstone,

and you and I ain't one of them.

I have a plan for that, too.

Yeah? Well, what is it?

I only tell my partners that plan.

And you are not my partner yet.

Call me when you are.

Oh, that went well.

I'm not trying to
sabotage the deal here,

but, uh, if you cede
ownership of the land,

he will push you out,
you will get nothing.

That's his plan.

Is there a way that
the percentage of the profit

could become a percentage
of ownership in the casino?

Tribal Gaming Commission
will never license you.

What about the hotel?

We'll make the casino
a separate structure.

I own the hotel, he owns the casino.

That might work.

Okay. Find a way to present it.

- I'll draft a proposal.
- Okay.

Speaking of that, what are we doing?

I have attorneys for
Clean Water Resource

filing a lawsuit against him
for altering the flow of the waterway.

Once we file,
we can present it to the EPA.

Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout
spawns in that stream,

which is a food source
of the Grizzly Bear.

That's a violation of the
Endangered Species Act.

And that is a felony.

Ah, well, as John Dutton would say,

he fucked the wrong bull.

Or fucked with it.

I don't know, I can't keep these
redneck sayings straight.

But good job, Melanie.

Good job.

Very good. Very good.

- Stay still, Mr. Dutton.
- Yeah, I will.

I'm just...

I'm just worried I'm flashing the nurse.

- She's seen it all before.
- Yeah.

The blood work looks good,
but I saw something on the scan

I wanna look into.
Let's schedule an endoscopy

- in the next month.
- Can't wait.

Just wish I could've gotten
a more dignified cancer.

What're you doing here, Tate?

- Can I help you?
- You're John Dutton?

He's not here.

- What do you got there?
- Mm?

Behind your back.

You know when John Dutton...
When he'll be home?

Let me see your hands.

Let me see your hand.

Oh, no, no, no, no gun. Ah, wait.

- Show me your hands.
- Wait.

- Show me your hands.
- Wait, don't...

- Show me your hands.
- Don't!

I'm not here to hurt him.

I got something I can only give to him.

I'm his son, and his attorney.
Give it to me.

- His attorney?
- Yeah.

You're right. I can give it to you.


- Easy.
- I can give it to you.



He's been served.

So you wanna walk me through
what the fuck we're doing here?

Looking for a bear.

What're we supposed to
do when we find it?

Shoot, shovel, and shut the fuck up.

Jimmy, hand me the rifle.

Give me the fucking rifle.

I thought you said you
were gonna grab the rifle.

You got a gun on you?

I can't have no gun.
I'm a goddamn felon.

- So what do we do?
- Story of my fucking life.

Okay, we're gonna haze it out of here.

- We're gonna run right at it.
- That sounds like a really bad idea.

- Ready?
- Fuck it.

Come on. Hyah!

Oh, this is fucking insane.

Oh, God.

Oh, God, help me.

Help me.

Oh, my God, help me. Ryan.

Help me!

Oh, my God, help me.

Ryan. Oh, God, new guy, help me.

Help me.

Ryan. Ryan!

How good a friend is this sumbitch?

How good do you rope?
A bit early to get this western, ain't it?

- You guys, help.
- Am I heading or heeling?

Whichever you can catch.

You gotta help me. Help me.

Oh God, help me!

Oh, my God, help me.

There you go. There you go.


What's your name?


Jimmy, you owe me a rope.

- Hey, where's my horse?
- Halfway to Kentucky.

One of these days we'll find
one you don't fall off of.

Hey, can you guys walk a little slower?

Fuck you, Jimmy.

Yeah, fuck you, Jimmy.


Can you feel that?

Okay, let me see you wiggle your toes.

- Wiggle your toes.
- I'm doing it.

Okay. Other foot.

Very good. Wiggle your toes for me.

Very good. Very good.

Okay, now, we're gonna
take you up to radiology,

when you get back,
I'd like to see you eat something.

Can you do that?

- I'm not hungry.
- I'd like to see you try.

How serious is this?

Well, she's through the worse.

Which is surprising.
I wasn't optimistic at all.

But I'm encouraged by the
fact that she has speech.

She seems to be aware
of her surroundings,

and she's got some feeling
in her extremities,

but I am concerned about
the lack of motor skills.

Those will come back, hopefully,
when there is sensation present.

We'll watch for bleeds.

That's the most severe
risk at the moment.

But a shower from the fire sprinklers
is not gonna help.

No more sage, okay?

Worked, though, didn't it?

Why don't I take Tate back to the ranch?

But I wanna stay with Mom.

- This is no place for a boy.
- You gotta take him.

We're gonna send your
mom to a CT scan, okay?

Let's go.

Tate, you should come with me.

Love you, baby.

Help, please. Help us.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

- Help us, please.
- No, I'll help you.

Just give me a minute.

You're in a real pickle,
I ain't gonna lie to you.

How'd you get here?

Uh, we went for hike and we got lost
and then a bear chased us

- and we jumped down here.
- Uh, I'm not looking for an answer.

It don't much matter now.

Is that your boyfriend?

- Does he speak English?
- No.

- What's your name?
- Kim.

All right, Kim, well, here's the deal.

I'm gonna drop this rope down to you.

Put it under your arms
and I'll pull you up.

You catch it, you hear?

- We put it around us both.
- What? No.

That's too heavy.
I can't pull up both of you.

Listen to me.

Explain it to him that I can't
fucking lift both of you!

No, no, no, no, no, no, hey.


Hey, grab it with both hands.

Listen to me. Grab it with both hands.

It's tricky, Tom.

At a minimum, it's assault.

And if Monica...

If Monica dies,
it's involuntary manslaughter.

Now we're waiting to hear
from Tribal General Council

and the federal prosecutor
to decide how they wanna charge.

Feds don't have jurisdiction on this.

- Need to tell them that.
- I will.

He showing any remorse?

Remorse is all he's showing.

For her or himself?

A little bit of both.

He's not a bad kid.

He's just had a rough life.

Who hasn't?

Can I talk to him?

On the record or off?

There won't be any record of this.

- How's she doing?
- Hard to say.

Am I going to jail?

I don't know.

I didn't mean to do it.

That's the inmate's motto.

How about you scream something else?

You can't let killing her
be your contribution to this life.

Say that.

I won't let it.

If she dies, we gotta charge you.

There's no way around it.

But if she lives, you get one chance.

And it's your last chance.

There's only two roads in this life.

One's wide as a highway,
full of choices.

The other one's pencil thin
with only two directions.

You're on the skinny road right now.

Be very careful where you put your feet.

What do you wanna do with him?

Let him go. For now.

This isn't what I expected, Mo.

What did you expect?

Well, I had big ideas
about how to elevate...

I thought it'd be easier.

That's what the last Chairman said.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll
make any difference at all.

He said that too.

Are you okay, Grandpa?


When's the last time you ate?

I don't know.

What, what do you mean you don't know?

Well, let's fix that.


Stay here, grandson.

I need a complete portfolio
on Paradise Valley Development Holdings.


Then bring my computer
and meet me at my father's ranch.

Yes, in Montana.

Yes, it will be cold.

I don't know how cold.

Pack like you're going skiing, Jason.
You'll be just fine.

- Where's your brother?
- Don't know. Not here.

What're you doing?

Being part of the solution, Daddy.
Just like you asked.

I, uh...

I need you to watch Tate. He's...

He's in the other room.

Babysitting is where I draw the line.

God damn it, Beth, I'm not...

I'm not asking.

Are you okay?

He's in the kitchen.

Who are you?

I'm your aunt.


- Kind of.
- What do you want?

- What can you make?
- Cheese plate.


All right, I got an idea.

You wanna go see
what the cowboys are having for supper?


- Where's Tate?
- He's at the ranch.

Where's my grandfather?

Right here, darling.


There you are.

Yes, ma'am, here I am.

Here, let's try to eat some more, okay?

Yay, more pudding.

It's okay. Here.

Here you go.

I don't understand why they
feed you things in the hospital

we won't let our son eat.

Next thing you know,
they'll be bringing me bacon.

Speaking of our son, where is he?

He's at the ranch, babe.

It's very exciting to have you all here.

It's humbling that you
would donate your time,

your passion,
to the causes I believe in.

That must mean
that you believe in them, too.

I promise you this,

no matter how hard you work,
I'll work harder.

But the campaign is just the beginning.

The real work starts after we've won,
and I'm your new Attorney General.

Hey, Jamie. I need you.

Give me a call
when you get this, will you?

I'm sorry to bother you
again, sir, but, uh,

we need the sheriff out here.

So when you get this,
give me a call, will you?

Ah, it hurts.

You gotta help me here. I'm...

I'm not ready for this.

God damn it, I got too much to do.

I'm gonna get some coffee.

- You want some?
- I'm all right.


Yesterdayjust came and went

And the day dealt me another hand

Of heartache that I'll play

What we said and what we meant

Two different things,
just some words and rings

And time keeps raising the stakes

Let me tell her. You let me tell her.

There was nothing to gain, I found

By running the other way

Had to stand my ground

Keep the wolves at bay

Well, I knew somehow

There'd be better days

I stood my ground

Looks like you brought
the music festival to me.

Wrong side of town

Darkened alleyways

Wolves have gathered around

Yellow wires and blades

There was no one coming around

To save me from the frey

Had to stand my ground

Keep the wolves at bay

Well, I knew somehow

There'd be better days