Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Kill the Messenger - full transcript

As the dust settles from the shootout, the Duttons deal with the potential repercussions.

- JOHN: Easy.


Easy now.

That's right.

Just like that.

Take this real slow.


(GRUNTS) God...

That is some gift.

JOHN: God damn that boy.

Easy, easy. There you go.




I think I got him settled now.


Whoa, he's going over.


JOHN: God.

RIP: That's one rank
son of a bitch right there.

You ought to take him
chest high in the river

and see how much buck he's got then.

No, no, this one, uh...

This one may surprise you.
Look at this, now he's my...

Now he's my best God damned friend.

Well, you want me to give him a go?

No, hell no.

This is a job for a young man
with rubber bones.

RIP: That horse will
make a hand out of someone.

That's a good idea. I'll be right back.

Hey, Jimmy, go ahead and put that down.


JIMMY: Look, I don't know
nothing about horses.

Well, you're getting
a crash course, Jimmy.

- Should I pet him?

(LAUGHS) I don't think it's
gonna make much difference.

- You got it on your side?
- RIP: Yeah, I'm good.

You pull this, so you don't flip back,
you understand?

All right?

He's gonna hate it for shit,
but whatever you do, Jimmy,

don't you let go.

Look, can we just...
Can we talk about this for a second?

- Good luck, Jimmy.
- MAN 1: $20 on the horse.

MAN 2: I got $40 on the wall.

I'd expect some resistance.

- Define resistance.
- JOHN: You be quiet.

Resistance the kind of thing
that defines itself, Jimmy.

Let's go.

RIP: Kick him.


MAN 1: Pull in those reins, Jimmy.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!


Whoo! Whoa!

- MAN 1: Pull your reins in, Jimmy!
- Whoo-hoo!

God damn, that thing's a freight train.


Whoo-whee, I don't miss being low man.

Low man's what turns you into cowboys.

It'll make him one too.





Fuck, God damn it. Piece of shit.

Son of a...


What happened to the tractor?

I flipped it.

Why'd you do that?

What's that for?

Get in the house.


I think the tractor's already dead.

- Get in the God damned house.

Porch ain't inside.

I don't care!

Suit yourself.

Hey, I want you to do
exactly as I say, okay?

Cover your ears.

Open your mouth real wide,
like you're at the dentist.

Stay just like that, you hear me?


You can close your mouth now.

Why didn't you do that in the first place?

Was that you?

Are you out of your fucking mind?

That's why.

Sorry, babe,
there was a thing with the tractor.


Mama owes me a dollar.

Yeah, have fun trying to collect that.

You're gonna be in a big time out.

I'm already in a time out, son.


You found a dinosaur.


WOMAN: Mr. Dutton. Mr. Dutton.

Mr. Dutton.

The Governor wants to see you.

Sure thing.


RECEPTIONIST: Governor Perry's office.


JAMIE: Morning.

There's things we'd like
to talk to you about.

Things like your future.

- I'd like that.
- GOVERNOR PERRY: So would we.

But first, there's something
else we have to talk about.

Have a seat.

What's this?

Nothing, because you never saw it.


The bullet wound inflicted on your brother
severed his spinal column at C7,

which would leave him paralyzed
from the chest down,

including his arms
from his elbow to his fingers.

Would've been impossible
for him to fire a pistol,

which means there was a third shooter.

Well, what does that matter? Um...

Self-defense is self-defense,
even if someone else pulled the trigger.

- Isn't that simple, Jamie.
- No matter who pulled the trigger,

it wasn't self-defense.
It was an execution.

The medical examiner
hasn't released his findings yet.

But when he does,
it'll go to BIA, FBI, state police,

each of whom will want
their own forensic pathologist

to have a look at the body.

Then this starts screaming "cover-up."
And it's screaming it at your father.

The real concern is
who it screams at next.

Two BLM agents stated seeing
another rider on the horse

with Lee when he arrived
at the Yellowstone.

What did they, um...
Did they identify him?

They're friends.

Friends forget things.

But some of this
starts adding up real quick, Jamie.

This is already national news.

Add a racially-motivated killing
by an officer of your father's agency...

I'll have to start chopping heads,
or it's mine on the block.

What are you saying?

He's saying,
"Don't put us in that position."

Okay, um, I just...

I could use some time here.
How long can you hold this report?

A week, maybe.

I'll get into it. (CLEARS THROAT)

Do it fast.

This is the kind of ship
that sinks everyone.

That's the only kind of ship
I ever find myself on.



- Yeah.

- Are you sick?
- Do I look sick?

You're in bed at noon,
a dozen pill bottles beside you.

Yeah, I'd say you look sick.

- I'm on vacation.
- Oh, is that what you're calling it now?

What do you want?


This feels very serious.


- I could use some advice.
- Yes, I know you're gay.

No, Daddy will not still love you
when you tell him.

I'm wasting my fucking time
asking you for help.


You know, if being here
is so terrible for you, Beth,

- you can go back to Salt Lake.
- You asked for advice.

I gave it.

Well, you know, I'm not gay. I'm celibate.

Because I am terrified
to get somebody pregnant,

pass on the gene that made you.

Good one.


Well, you're almost a winner.

Day ain't over yet.

JAMIE: We have a problem.

You don't have a solution?

It requires a few.

And you're not gonna like any of them.

Did they identify Kayce?

Not yet.

Who are the agents we're talking about?

It's, uh, Tom Reynolds and Aaron McReary.

Reynolds I can deal with.

I don't know this McReary.

Yeah, he lives in
the south end of the valley.

Word is he likes his religion.

As in "won't tell a lie" likes it?

Yeah, that would be my guess.

Find out where he goes to church.

Anything else?

Anything else? You said there were a few.


The medical examiner's report.

You're not gonna like it.

Who else has seen the report?

The only ones who have seen it
want it to change.

- Then it'll change.
- It means they're doctors.

Which means they took an oath,
and it wasn't to you.

No matter what we do,
the photographs won't change.

The body won't change.
It'll tell the same story

- to anybody who looks.
- The body's buried, Jamie. Relax.

Yeah, but when they see the report...

When they see the report, what?

When they see...

You think I'm just gonna
let them dig up my son?

When they see the report, they won't ask.

They're just gonna do it, Dad.

- I think we should...
- No, don't say it.

I think we should beat them to it.

All right, don't say it.
Don't even think it.

Kayce shot him in the forehead
while he laid on his back.

- We don't know it was Kayce.
- He was executed.

Five bullets in a circle, like this.

Name the livestock officer
who could do that.

I need to hear him say it first.

You know, there was a time

when most of Montana was under the ocean.


Yeah, and I'm betting that...

I'm betting that right here...

I'm betting that right here was the beach.

'Cause you see this?

I'm thinking these washed up on the shore,
and your buddy here, the dinosaur,

he's probably out walking,
looking for dinner right here.

- Then what happened?
- I don't know.

Hard to say.

Maybe something...

(CHUCKLING) Something made
a dinner out of him.

- Like what?
- Mmm.

Maybe a sea shark.

How big are those?

From here to the round corral.

- That's a big fish.
- That's a big fish.

I don't wanna catch that fish.

No, me neither.
Don't ever wanna see a fish like that.

Do you think some day
an explorer will find our bones

and wonder what happened to us?

I think after us, Tate,

the exploring's all done.

You, uh, keep it up.

I'm gonna...

I'm gonna talk to your daddy a bit.

Jesus Christ, what...

What happened here?

- Long story.
- I need to ask you something.

I already told you.

- I need the truth this time.
- I told you the truth.

Yes, you're such a boy.
This ain't checkers, son.

This is chess, and you're
about to play it with masters.

Now, these people, they're gonna
twist you into so many knots,

you won't know where the truth begins
and your future ends.

Now, brothers get their
secrets, all right?

But he was my son.

I deserve to know.

What happened that night
stays where it is.

No, sir.

No, sir, not a thing on this
planet stays where it is. Not one.

At least tell me this. Did...

Did he get to see it coming?

He saw it coming.


What'd he say?

We need that medical examiner
to take a new oath.



Um, asking the medical examiner
to sit on the report

didn't go over so well.

He shared Long's autopsy
with the tribal police.


God damn it.

(SIGHS) All right.

What do we know about this son of a bitch?

He used to be the medical examiner
in Chicago.

He was asked to resign.

Got caught smoking embalming fluid.

Smoking what?

Smoking embalming fluid.

Jesus Christ.

Now, if he was fired,
and the cause came out,

every finding he's ever issued
will be ruled inadmissible.

I think I can push this. You want me to?

Let me think about it.


Send Rip.

I won't negotiate with a drug addict.

Well, it's an even bet who quits first.


That boy quit hours ago.

If he wasn't strapped to the saddle,
he'd be laying in the dirt.

Yeah, he'll be a cowboy before sundown.

It's just a favor, Rip.

And I'm afraid that's all he'll ever be.

THOMAS: It's a pretty good shot.

Yeah, that is a pretty good shot.

Hard to call that self-defense.

If Lee Dutton was alive,
I'd press charges.

Are we sure Lee Dutton
is the one who did it?

BEN: As we can be.

I mean, I'm not sure
what difference it makes at this point.

I'll tell you what difference it makes.

Right now, we have a tragedy.

If there is a third shooter,

we have something entirely different.

We have the end of John Dutton right here.

And there's no witnesses, right?

The only person near the scene was Kayce.

He may be on our side with cattle,
but this is different.

- Kayce Dutton.
- Yeah, the hero.

The soldier.


RIP: Whoa, easy.

JOHN: Pull him down.

RIP: Easy. Easy.

There you go.

Come on.



Over there.

(SMACKS LIPS) Come on, come on.

Whoa, whoa, be easy.

Easy. Easy.


You go bathe him, tie him up,
and no hay until he cools off.

Go on.

Well, the son of a bitch is broke now.


- Here we go.
- Yeah.

There may be a little cowboy
in him after all.

I don't have the energy for you today.

Never thought of energy
as something you lacked.

Take me anywhere but a music festival.

Beth, I thought you liked music.
That's why I suggested it.

Still like music.

The festival part that bothers me.

Pick something more suited
to my personality.

You wanna go get drunk,

and watch some wolves
kill an elk in a park?

I'll drive.

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
thanks for coming out...


We got some top cowboys
in the bull riding event.

And our first cowboy out
will be Toby Reynolds.

Come on now, Toby, let's go.

All right, Toby's got a cheering section.

Here we go! Toby Reynolds.

Shaves a year off my life
every time I see him ride.

Shaved a year off mine. He's your kid.

How you kept your boys out of rodeo,
I'll never know.

I taught 'em young, Carl.

Only reason to ride a bull, meet a nurse.

Wouldn't be surprised
if nurses were behind

the whole God damned thing.

Lord knows it ain't the pay.


You know exactly what it is.

Shoot, I told him a thousand times
I'd just give him the damn buckle.

Well, that's the difference
between raising a son and a daughter.

All you do with a daughter is just try
to keep her from getting screwed.

All you do with a son is try
to keep him from screwing himself.

(LAUGHS) And that's a lot harder to do.

Well, that's why I'm here, Carl.

I need your help to unscrew something.

Your oldest boy said he saw someone
bring Lee to my house.

Yeah, that's what he told me.

Yeah, well,
he's gotta stop telling people that.

- That's not what happened?
- That's exactly what happened.

It's gonna cost me another son
if he keeps telling it.


Well, you tell me
what he should've seen, John,

and by tomorrow
that'll be all he ever saw.

You got my word.

MAN: (SINGING) Whee-hoo

Thank you.

ANNOUNCER: Derek de la Casa. Here we go.

(SINGING) Whee-hoo



I hope I never meet
the first man who thought

it was a good idea to ride a bull.


I don't know, Carl.

First man might be worth meeting.

It's the second man I wonder about.


ANNOUNCER: Let's give another
big, big round of applause

for our hopeful Dan Tana.
Give it up again.

Thank you.

- RIP: Hmm.

That's a big fucker right there.

Look at that. That's a big fucking wolf.

I've done some morbid shit
on a first date,

but this takes the cake, Rip.

It's far from a first date, Beth.

Statute of limitations on our first date
ran out years ago.

Oh, yeah? (CHUCKLES)

When something dies in the city, it's...

It's roped off,
zipped into a bag and carried away

before anyone can bother to notice.


Well, pretending it don't happen
don't make it not happen.

That's very astute, Rip.
I should embroider that on a pillow.


It makes you think it doesn't.
It's almost the same thing.

Yeah, well,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news,
but everything you know,

and everyone you see everywhere
is gonna die.

You got old.

Mmm, yeah.

God, you haven't aged a day.


Shit, you might just cheat death yet.




- RIP: Get!


RIP: Get, get.



You should try Zumba. Get that cardio up.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Cheatin' death, like you said.


You're the craziest person
I've ever met in my life, you know that?

It's only the things I love that die, Rip,
never me.


Come to think of it,
I'm surprised you're still standing.

Guess God ain't done punishing you either.





Bad news travels like wildfire

Good news travels slow

Next up.

They all call me Wildfire

That's you, shit stain.

I'm gonna wait for the water to warm.

You keep saying that
and keep not doing it.

I'm the one who's gotta
sleep next to you.

Take a fucking shower.

Cold shower's in your future, Jimmy.

Till they hire someone new.

So you might as well get used to it.

Shit. We did.
It's better than being dirty.

- Gonna give it an hour.
- You'll be asleep in an hour.

You smell like a God damned goat.

Get up. Get up.

Everywhere I go

Hey, man.

Looks like you're taking
that shower now, Jimmy.

I'm going. Get the fuck off me.

- Then fucking go.
- Get off, get the...


You can take my shower
in the morning, Jimmy.

It's plenty hot then.


A little cold water don't bother me none.

Fuck you.

The story's all the same


Where you been, sweetheart?

The park.

What are you doing?

Trying to make a...

Another decision
a father shouldn't have to make.

What're your thoughts on judgment day?

It's every day in my experience.

And the Bible says
a cremated body can't rise.

Well, fortunately, that's not a decision
you have to make today.

Yes, it is.

Something Lee did?

Something he didn't do.

Okay, who did?


Then the decision's easy.

Kayce was her favorite.

And we promised to protect him.

Well, I've done a piss-poor job of that.

You haven't broken it yet.


I remember when you were a boy,

up on scaffolding,

hanging beams, right up there.


I think that was
the last time you were in here.


I've seen too much bad in my life
to believe God exists.

Guess you're here just in case.


Don't question the house
you've built, John.

It's not uncommon

to doubt one's faith
in the face of tragedy.

It's when you need it most.

Faith is where you find comfort.

Well, I'm well past seeking comfort.

Uh, I'm here for something else.

Any sins you've committed are forgiven,
John, you know that.

All you have to do is believe it.

Tell you the truth...


I don't regret one sin I've committed.


It's the one I'm about to commit
that worries me.

And it should worry you too, Father,
because you're gonna help me commit it.

I'm collecting old debts, Bob.

And you owe me a big one.

FATHER BOB: False witness.

It seems odd that God
would find it necessary

to make two Commandments
that instruct us not to lie.

But the Ninth Commandment
has nothing to do with lying.

It is about your neighbor,

the men and women
sitting here with you today.

It's about your flock.

It is about your shepherds.

And one of our shepherds is suffering.

The pain of his loss
reverberates throughout this congregation.

And his suffering is not over.

Because Satan has found an open window

and he is climbing through.

The Ninth Commandment forbids

speaking against your neighbor
in any manner.

It forbids you
from destroying his reputation

or threatening his position
or the sanctity of his family.

Because his family is your family.

His flock is your flock.

But Satan does not attack the flock.

He attacks the shepherd.

He attacks him by tricking your mind.

By making you see
what he wants you to see.

And when he has destroyed the shepherd,

we are a flock no more.

We are merely lambs
awaiting the slaughter.

Hello, Aaron.

Sometimes it, uh,

feels like your sermons
are meant just for me.

Sometimes they are.

I don't choose the sermon
or who it speaks to.

My job is just to deliver it.

I'm, uh...

- I'm having a...
- Let's... Let's go inside.

Hey, Cap, how's the team?

A little light right now.

We leave for Riyadh in a week.

Don't believe the hype on CNN, brother.

Syria ain't shit. Yemen is the domino.

Sure wish we had you here.
This shit's gonna get salty.

That's why I'm calling.

I was thinking about jumping back in.

Don't fucking tease me, Kayce.

I wouldn't do it to you, sir.

You can get me back on the team?

You're not a year from discharge, are you?

Uh, just under.

Then hell yes, I can.
Pack your shit, sailor.

I never unpacked it.

Stay by your phone.
Keep your powder dry and get ready to fly.

Roger that.

We're gonna be late.


What did I do?

You didn't do anything.

Okay, what did you do?

It's what I can't do.

I can't provide for a family
selling horses.

Maybe you could if you'd actually sell 'em
and not give 'em away.

I got two skills,
and only one of 'em pays.

I'm not gonna have my wife
providing for my family...

Don't you dare invent a way
to make this my fault.

You had no problem
being a broke horse trainer a week ago,

and neither did I.

What, you let your father back in

and all of a sudden
going to war is the best option?

I'm no good at this, Monica.

Ain't that the truth.

You might be the worst liar I've ever met.

So just stop lying
and tell me why you're leaving us.

KAYCE: I just...
MONICA: The truth, Kayce.

We've always told it. Don't stop now.

- I was the one...


- You all right?
- Yeah.

- What was that?
- Meth lab's my guess.

Call 911. Stay here.



MAN: (WEAKLY) Family.

Family. Family.


You ain't got one no more.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Hey, I've got 911.
Are there people back there?

Not anymore.

What are you doing?

- Stay here.
- No.

You don't wanna see this.

Kayce, I go where you go.

Okay, fine. Cover your mouth.

Don't breathe in the fumes.

Please kill me.

How long on the ambulance?

How long on the ambulance?

They... They said 45 minutes.

- Kill me.
- He ain't got 45 minutes.

There's no pain like burning.

Do it.


Oh, it was the right thing to do.

No question.

What do you wanna do?

I'm not ready to play this hand.

Not like this.

Just make it go away.

You got off easy.

I would've let you burn.

I hear you SEALs like the G-19.

Is that what you used?

Give me your slide.

I like 'em too.


You were there.

I put that piece of shit
out of his misery.


You're my witness.

I'll put it that way in my report.


THOMAS: Follow my vehicle with your truck.

Uh, we gotta pick our kid up from school.

We are covered in evil. You and me.

We gotta wash it off.


You know what I think?

I think a man who does that
to himself never changes sides.

I know I won't.

I didn't do this to myself.

We don't get to choose our fathers.

Wouldn't make any difference
if we could.

We'd just choose wrong.

Son doesn't look like you.


He got lucky.

Looked like you when he was born,
though, didn't he?

Just like you.

Like a mirror.

Every child looks like their father
when they're born.

Doesn't matter, boy or girl.

Doesn't matter who they look like
three days later.

When they come out of the womb,

they are a perfect reflection
of the man who made them.

He was. (SNIFFLES)

You wanna know why?

It's nature's way of proving
that you are the father.

So that you don't think
the baby belongs to someone else,

and kill it.

There's no such thing
as a good man, Kayce.

All men are bad.

But some of us try real hard to be good.

Stones are ready.

Your first sweat?

The ceremony doesn't end
when the sweat ends.

Study the things you see.

They're a map of your future.

The good thing about maps

is if you don't like
the path that you're on,

you can always choose another.

When does the ceremony end?

When you die, and the next one begins.





This oven will incinerate
a horse in an hour.

Never had a person in it, though.

My guess is you'll have ashes
in about ten minutes.


- RIP: Why do you do that?

Make you feel better?

Makes it so I don't feel anything.


Well, what're you trying to forget?


If you were willing to forget everything,
I wouldn't be here.

You wanna go, motherfucker? Huh?

You wanna fucking go? You wanna?


- Huh?
- Come on.


MONICA: Hey, sweetie.

You want a bug book or a snake book?

Dinosaur book.

You want me to read it to you?

No. My dad needs to because we found one.

And it's our secret.

You can't know about it,
'cause if you tell someone,

they might steal it.

Well, Daddy's not here, honey,

so you're either gonna
have to tell me the secret

or settle for looking at pictures.

- Pictures.
- Suit yourself, kid.

- RIP: What's the green one do?
- It's oxygen.

Mmm-hmm. Go on, pull that one too.

- Now, come here. Come here.

I want you to take these tools here
and put 'em in the tray.

- I don't want to.
- That ain't what I asked you.

Come on, man, can we talk about this?

- You had your chance.
- I... I will never say a word.

I swear to God.

- Please.
- Why are you so scared?

I don't wanna die.

- No?
- I don't want...

Don't seem like you wanna live either.

So which one is it? Wha-ah-ah.

Which one is it?


You see, it's the habit of living
that you're scared of losing.

That's all.

Now, pick the fucking tools up

and put 'em in the tray like I asked you.



That's enough now.

Now we're gonna put it in the microwave.

Now, don't move.

Is this the only computer
that's got this report?


Not the one at your house?

No. Wha... Who do you think
this is gonna fool, man?

Everyone's gonna know this is arson.

No, no, it doesn't look like arson to me.

Looks like suicide.


Deep down that's what you want, isn't it?


Can I have one?

Sure, go on.






If I'm gonna lose you,

it's gonna be because of what I did,
not because I lied to you.

If I give you this lie, will you stay?

Well, if I stay, you'll learn it.

Well, I guess that's what we meant
when we said for better or for worse.

It's gonna get worse than this.

TATE: Daddy.

Please say you'll stay.

Whatever I do,
it's because I love you, I'll say that.

Baby, look at me.

There is nothing you could do
I won't forgive you for.

Yeah, there is.

TATE: Daddy!

I wanna be with my son.

TATE: Do you think
ours is as big as that one?

I don't know. Might be bigger.

We need to dig him up tomorrow.

Well, we can start,
but that's gonna be a lot of work.

I ain't scared of work.

Where should we hide him?

How about the barn?

No, people will look there.

(GASPS) Maybe we should dig a cave.


Whatever you want, buddy.


MAN: (SINGING) Spending time today

Is the only way

To buy a new tomorrow

And I'll agree

That you and me

Have the same price to pay

For nothing sane

Was ever gained

You know, most fathers don't have to...

Don't have to do this twice.

Since I do, I thought I'd bring you
some company, sweetheart.

Forever seldom lasts

Goodbye, yesterday

Goodbye, dreams

I won't be dreaming

Goodbye, memories

Of a love I thought was true

Goodbye, reasons why

I cried all night

And wished that I could die

Goodbye, yesterday



At the break of day

I'll find a way

To face the new tomorrow

And with the dawn

I'll carry on

And I'll have no regrets

Oh, memories

Of you and me

Will fade and pass away...