Years and Years (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

With Viv Rook as prime minister, a new Britain takes shape, and Edith tries to investigate mysterious stories about The Disappeared. While Rosie searches for a solution to Daniel's problems...

This programme contains some strong language.

The whole world is on fire. Viv could smash the system. Astonishing!

How long have you got? Hours and hours.

Tell them about the affair you're having with Elaine Parris.

And I agree with Celeste. Get out. Do what Granny says, then?


You must be the man with designs on my granddaughter.

They're never going to let Viktor back in the UK. Go as far back as

you can and we'll surround you with bags. He could be executed.

So, what do you need? A fake passport. And I'll need your

passport? Mine? What for? Where do you think the fakes come from?


Just live our life, so no-one would even ask, he would just be my boyfriend.

Is that the boat? There's no room!

And they could be safe. SCREAMING AND SHOUTING

I mean, that's better than a death sentence, isn't it?

Great Britain stands alone in the world.

To the west, America is the lone wolf.

To the east,

Europe is in flames.

And beyond that, China is rising.

And I want to tell you that in standing alone, this country

has never been more magnificent!


But what is Viv Rook actually doing? Can anyone tell me?

I promise you freedom and the ability to enjoy that freedom.


She just says anything!

An emboldened society with the strength to enable itself.


I mean, what?! I'm only just beginning.

But what does she want? What does the Four Star Party actually want?!

I look ahead and see glories!


No, I'm sorry, you can't... Move! Listen to me, please!

Ask her about the disappeared!

Ask her out about the people who disappeared!

I'm arresting you for the possession of indecent... Get off!

Can't you see what she's doing?! She's lying to you!

Finally, ladies and gentlemen,

let me wish you a very Merry Christmas.


Well, that was nice.

It was lovely.

It's really very kind of you to have me here, considering.

Hey, it's OK, it's OK.

We have a tradition, Elaine, every Christmas to raise a toast

to those no longer with us.

And this year we have a new name on the list.


Here's to...


OK, uh...'s to our brother...

..your grandson...

..your uncle...

..that lovely man.

Here's to Daniel.

OTHERS: To Daniel.

And Viktor. Here's to Viktor.

OTHERS: To Viktor.

Good to see you. Yeah, good to see you.


Did you have a good Christmas? Not bad.

Well, not terrible.

So, what you doing on Friday? Do you have a party?

Are you allowed in here? New Year's Eve?

Yeah, for sure.

Everyone thinks it's like prison.

But we can have a few drinks,

a little bit of music.

Sorry I haven't, um...

Edith was here two weeks ago, and Rosie in November.

They say my campaign is going well. All this trouble with Russia,

it's, it's advantageous. It means communications are bad, so

they cannot deport me. Not yet.

I, uh...

I keep thinking...

..about that day.


The things we said.

We tried scattering the ashes, but...

..bad timing.

"He's going to turn into mud."

We'll try again if the weather gets better, which they say is debatable.


I keep thinking, it was the fridge that killed me.

I thought of Danny in the shop,

choosing all those things, paying at the till, coming home, putting

them in the fridge. A little bit of cheese.

It is completely your fault.

I know. No, but it really is.

I couldn't let the year pass without saying it. I've thought about this

a lot and, really, Viktor, you awful man...

I'm sorry. No, don't agree.

Cos let me say...

..when you were sent to the Ukraine,

then to Barcelona and then to Madrid,

I was so bored. I was bored of you.

Everything that Danny fancied in you was so boring.

It's OK, Stephen, I understand. Don't! HE SLAMS ON TABLE

All right, so...

Well, I know my sisters are doing everything they can to get you

released, and there's nothing I can do to stop them.

But when Rosie sends those letters saying, "love, Rosie, and Edith and Stephen" and an X...

..that's not me. I need you to know, that's not me.

He drowned, for God's sake!


Bye, then.


Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, you big lump.

So, 2028, I was thinking, if you don't mind. Will you marry me?

Oh, my God! You could have warned me! You can't warn someone

about a thing like that. I haven't bought you a ring because, A, you

wouldn't like anything I choose.

And two... SHE LAUGHS

..we need to save, you and me. Well, hurry up and say yes. Yeah!

No way! Really? Yeah! OK. SHE LAUGHS

All I want to do now is tell Danny.

I want him to laugh and give me a hug.

I want him to say you're not good enough.

I want him to get all snotty about the reception.

Well, I could tell my mate Ricky instead - he's gay. SHE LAUGHS

Yeah, that'd work.

2028. When I was a kid, 2028 sounded like the future.

Like we'd all have jetpacks and monorails and be taking our food

in little pills like astronauts.

Here it is. And I'm telling you, We're not astronauts.

All I know is my broadband is still too slow,

you can't get bananas any more - they've all died out -

the kids demand 27 types of telly, all more expensive than the last,

and gas and electric are going through the roof.

I dread to think... 2028.

What the hell is it going to throw at us next?

And the blackouts continue.


The blackouts are cyberattacks.

Could be Russia, could be ISIS, could be teenagers in a bedroom.

The power cuts mean that so much information is being lost,

we're going back to printing things on paper.

It's just so...papery.

What do you do with it? THEY LAUGH

It's silly.

And tomorrow it's the same. We've now had 50 days of rain.

And we have reached 60 days of rain.

It's official - 80 days of rain.


The explosion in Leeds city centre has been confirmed as a dirty bomb.

I heard this bang, and then there's this dust. It blew all this dust!!

It's radioactive and I've breathed it in. What do I do?!

What do I do?!

Radioactivity, that's like you.


Reports of a second d dirty bomb here in Bristol city centre.

The whole city's been poisoned!

We've got to get out of here, right now!

It's a housing crisis on an unprecedented scale.

Vivienne Rook has introduced the Bedroom Law. Anyone with two

spare bedrooms must be available to take in any homeless UK citizen.


Here we go.

Can you let these people through, please? We've got a lot

of people to drop off.

Right, who have we got?

Mr and Mrs Finch to be quartered at 57 Overland Terrace,

with a Mr Naveen Chakrabarti. All yours. Next.

Lisa and Clive Montgomery. Quick as you like...

Right, we're with the CBDC charity. We can help you get rehoused. Were you flood or radiation?

Flood, darling. OK.

We've got some basics and food coupons. That's Fran. I'm Edith.

Let's get you settled. I didn't agree to this!

I said no! I don't want strangers in my house!

Sweetheart, you think THIS is inconvenient?

My house is under three feet of sewage. Drains have burst.

I've got all the poo and pee west of Bradford Road flooding my kitchen.

So, pardon me! Adrian, get inside.

I'm phoning my MP! Your MP's Vivienne Rook. She did this.

It was her idea. Oh, she wanted Mrs Rook in power.

She said, "Let's smash the system." All right, all right.

I'm an idiot.

One last thing. Do you mind if I ask? when you were evacuated, you

spent five days at Happindale Barracks, is that right?

Sleeping on the floor.

At my age! When you were there, I'm just checking, did you hear

any stories about the disappeared?

What do you mean? There's a story going around about the homeless.

They say some get rehoused, some get turned away, and some people...

..disappear. Your name gets crossed off and you vanish.

I'm just trying to find out - where do they go?

I told you she didn't know anything.

It's an urban myth.

But, the thing is, when you look it up online,

the disappeared,

there's nothing, which proves there's something wrong,

because you never get nothing.

Any reference has been scrubbed out of existence.

Do you want to stay at mine tonight?

You don't have to.

No, I'm...

It's been ages. I know. I...

Well, what do you want?

I never know what... What the hell do you want?

It's the address.

You live right opposite Danny.

We only met because of him.

His house is staring at you.

It's not your fault,

what happened to him.

I know, I do know that.

And it's not mine.

I'm absolutely certain of that.


..I was there.

And I helped him.

But he did what he did.

I'm not to blame.

Neither are you.

Oh, here we go.

I'll stay.

Tonight. Thanks.


Well, we met cos of Danny.

Never had anything better.


Muriel? I'm in here.

Who is it?

It's Mr Briscoe from the council, about the Bedroom Law. He says

you've got an appointment.

Well, you can tell him he might

have suggested an appointment, but I didn't agree.

We haven't got room. There are four of us living here.

It's a sizable property, Mrs Deacon.

I think that gives us at least two spare bedrooms. It's not fit!

No-one's spent money on this house since the '70s!

Half the rooms are damp. That's what I'm here to assess.

But you can't, and that's that.

I'm afraid I have every right.

Muriel, it's the law. Yes.

Well, I know.

And the Bedroom Law states very clearly that people

can't be housed if there's a danger to health.

And that's a fact. This place isn't a death trap!

I mean me!

I can't see, Celeste! I can't bloody see!

You're asking me to take people in, and every day my eyesight's getting

worse, every single day.

I'm seeing less and less and less.

It's not the house, for God's sake - it's me! SHE SOBS

OK, just look into the camera.

"Diagnosis - macular degeneration, 96% definite.

"Please make an appointment with your nearest health care specialist."

I can't see any numbers.

They're tiny. They're at the top of the door there. Look.

We create a patch out of a single stem cell, and we cultivate

that into a layer of cells, and that gets transplanted into the eye.

And what's the result? How much eyesight will I have left?

Oh, you'll be cured. I'll be cured?

That's the plan.

Cured? To what extent? 100%.

Macular degeneration is a thing of the past, Mrs Deacon.

Ten years ago, you'd have gone blind. Good God!

That's amazing. It's astonishing.

I've got to point out, there is a waiting list of three years,

but we can NHS fast-track you for £10,000.

Oh... That's a lot of money.

It's all the money I've got in the world. That's everything.

Everything I was going to leave to my grandchildren,

to my great-grandchildren.

Oh, well...

Sod them. Yes, please, book me in.

Thank you very much.

It's a terrible, terrible world,

but I want to see every second of it.

That's it. All right? I'm not blind!

Don't fuss!

Signor, call Rosie Lyons. Calling Rosie Lyons.

I thought for lunch maybe a nice little sandwich.

What do you think? Hi, Gran, are you home? How was it? Can you see?

No, it's just one eye at a time,

but they were absolutely delightful. Does it hurt?

No, it's just a bit of a nuisance, really.

I was just wondering... Yeah, I'll have ham on toast.

Just the one slice. Thank you.


I thought, make it two slices. You've got a gong?

Yes, I have. But that gong was over there. Yes, it was.

So, you stood up and you got it? Yes, I did.

OK. So, two slices? Yes, please.

The nice ham, Celeste. Not the ham I give to the kids.

There you go, guys. Enjoy. Bye!

Hiya. What can I get you? Cheeseburger, thanks. Oh, one second. Hey, Adi.

You've got to try one of these new pies. They're made of algae.

I said we should get a slogan. "Aye-aye, algae pie."

What are you doing here? What does it look like? That bit, she just tried to sell you a pie.

That was a clue. But you're in the wrong zone.

You don't have a licence to trade. That's bollocks.

You know I've got a licence. I've got N13 2M 24.

Rosie, they've changed the zones.

Since when?

I'm told you've changed the zones. Sorry, we should have pinged you.

It's the power cuts. Everything's going haywire.

Blame the Russians. But it's my business.

The food truck is my source of income. How fast can I get a new licence? Well, you can't.

What do you mean? I can't license you. Sorry. I would if I could, but I can't. Why not?!

You are real, aren't you? You're not AI? You're not a bot? I'm from Timperley. All right, Timperley,

why can't I have a licence?!

Oh, bollocks! What happens now? How do I get served in a power cut?

Anyone? Hello? What do I do?! DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES


Sorry about that.

Where were you? Just behind there.

Why can't you sit with us? People get cross.

So, the problem is your home address.

We can't allow ingress and egress of a vehicle with a portable generator.

Not now you live inside a red zone. What's a red zone? Criminal.

Your estate has been designated a criminal zone.



This whole estate - Roxie Road, right round to the park, one big circle.

Well, it'll stop the joyriders.

Well, they're not fencing us off to stop criminals. They're making US the criminals.

They're locking us in!

It's YOUR fault - you and your stupid little mates! They've branded this a red zone because of you!

No. You went to the police and you reported me. YOU did it! You!

Jesus! Do you want me to... No, I don't care! Leave him!

We got any more beers? Sorry.

You've had your alcohol consumption for the week.

It's like you've swallowed the spina bifida website. Get me a beer!

God... Ow...

You all right? Just, I was aching, that's all.

ID cards. We're going to need ID cards to get in and out!

Otherwise you get disappeared.

Don't start that again.

Thing is, Rosie, It's not exactly the right time,

but Fran has asked me to move in. Oh, that's nice. Like rats leaving

a sinking ship. Anyone else? What Rosie means to say is,

that's great news. Congratulations.

But she pays me rent. Fran's earning. I'll give you money now and then, OK?

But when you two get married, you don't want me here.

True enough. Not being rude.

This flat's been the longest I've ever stayed anywhere.

God - you and Fran.

You've never liked anyone before.

Well, I'm slowing down.

And Danny...

You know, makes you take stock.

And I'll come and visit. You'll see me all the time, I promise.

You'll need an ID card. No.

I'll just topple the government, how about that?

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo! GIGGLING

Can I see your ID, please?

Great. Thanks. It's ridiculous. They won't let me in.

Said, "Your registration' not on the list." I said, "I didn't know

"it had to be." They said,, "That's your fault." I know. Come on.

Let's go.

Vivienne Rook done the same on the Barton estate and the Maltings.

All fenced off.

Bye! Bye!

The problem is legal aid is gone completely.

But there's no movement from Russia, so you're safe for now.

I could ask Stephen for a bit of money, but I don't think

his new job pays very much, so...

No, let him keep his money.

He's got the family, that's more important for him.

Is he OK? He's all right, I think. I don't seem so much these days.

We're all a bit broken,

I think, really but it's Danny's birthday soon,

so we thought we'd try again, scattering the ashes.

We talked about waiting for you. No, go without me.

Thanks. Yeah, Gran needs it, really.

And we're inviting Ralph.

It seems only fair.

He was married to Danny, but you don't mind, do you?

No, not at all.

No, it's nice.

We should all remember him.


So...come on.

What about the disappeared? Have you got anything?

Nothing for sure. And I haven't got any evidence.

They say people are definitely being moved. Off the record, at night.

I know, but moved to where?

That's what I don't understand.

They say they've gone to Erstwhile. Erstwhile? Yeah, that's what they say.

Like, "He's gone to erstwhile," or "the Erstwhiles".

I don't know, what is it? Is it a place, like a village?

No, no, it's a word. It means former or previously.

Like, I'm an erstwhile campaigner.

You're an erstwhile free man. OK.

But that's what they say.

People don't just disappear. They've gone "erstwhile".

Erstwhile - copyright 2028 Slight & Weight Holdings.

Slight And Weight assert ownership, January 2028.

Little bit of news, everyone.

And it's congratulations to Bethany, because they're said yeah.

The Home Office have said that they'll fund you. You're kidding me!

They're going to pay for it. You did it. You got it. You're in! Yes!


And just count down.

Ten. Ten. Nine. Nine.

Eight. Eight.




Any word? They said she's fine.

Just.... God knows. Plugging her in.

Did you get the train? No, I drove.

You? Coach. Mm.

How's Gran?

How are the eyes?

That's a point.

She's your gran, but I'm the one looking after her.

The Lyons have got themselves a nursemaid, free of charge.

She's ready.

Oh, look at you!

Sweetheart... You're OK?

Are you OK? I am. I really am.

I'm fine. Honestly, I swear, I'm fine.


You can let that breathe for ten minutes.

All looking good. I'll come back and I'll dress them.

Do you see? These are interaction nodes.

If I use this finger, I can open all the doors at work,

no ID. And if I just scan this in the shop,

I can pay for anything up to £1,000. And, look... Dad?


HER EYES CLICK I've just taken your photo.

Send, and send. PHONES CHIME

It doesn't need the sound effect. I just added that because it makes me laugh.

You promised me they wouldn't touch your eyes.

Not after last time. That was years ago.

Gran's had stem cells in her eyes since then.

I can't help thinking... Don't laugh.

All these power cuts... SHE LAUGHS

Well, what would happen to you?

Nothing. What happens to you in a power cut?


So, what about your head? Can't feel a thing.

They inserted the tiniest wafer into my brain.

Oh, my God! Look at the result. Synced this up, no keyboard.

I don't need a keyboard ever again.

You did that by thinking? It can't read my mind. Not yet.

But the wafer tracks activity in the neural pathway and micro

movements in the retina to predict what I'm thinking.

But that IS reading your mind.

Let's see where everyone is.

There's Aunt Rosie. She's at home.

Lincoln's in school.

Lee's not in school. Should be. Where is he? In the park.

Don't tell Rosie. Gran's at home in the kitchen.

What a surprise. Let's find Ruby.

She's in a bar called the Marine Tide and she's just bought a bottle

of house white for £56.

It's 4:00 in the afternoon! 56 quid for the house white?!

Oh, my God! How did it go, Beth? How are you? Did it work?

Are you completely synched up now? Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm with Mum and Dad, and I've just realised, you're in trouble.

You should be in college!

56 quid?!

For God's sake, Bethany!

That is amazing.

A little bit like spying.

What if I didn't want you tracking me? Well, that's a good question.

Can you imagine?

What if your father was having an affair or something.


You're in my contacts. That's permission, according to the law.

But I still don't understand.

You can run software like this on a keyboard,

so why did you need the operation?

I'm trying to explain it in ways you can understand,

but the connection is so much more.

While we were talking, at exactly the same time I wondered about the

80 days of rain - where it came from, why it was, what comes next.

And I keyed into satellites just 30 seconds ago, so I can see the course

of El Nino and I can tap into pressure sensors

along the Atlantic coast and biometric readings

from the ships at sea.

If I put all of that together, I'm there.

I'm inside it. The tide,

the depth of the sea and the curl of the waves within me.

And right now, in Charles Street, Pasadena, a 15-year-old girl

called Ephanie Cross has written her first song and put it online.

Ah! She's got the sweetest voice.

So, when I combine all of that, it's a joy.

In my head, it is absolute joy.

She's fallen asleep.

They own her.

The government paid for this upgrade, so... the government owns my daughter.

But she's happy, I suppose.

If she was a drug addict and said she was happy, we'd do something.

Stephen, we surrounded her with screens from the moment she was born.

We did this.

I just wish...

If I could have paid for it myself, then she wouldn't be indentured

for the rest of her life.

I couldn't afford this place in a million years.

We're on the wrong side.

Hey, Woody.

Yeah, it's been such a long time.

I was just wondering if we could talk if you're free, please.

It's been ages, it's been years!

You know, we had that school reunion thing -

"No sign of Stephen Lyons."

I said, "He's too posh now.

"You won't get him coming back from London, not for us lot."

Still, Debbie Bishop noshed me off, so it's all good. HE LAUGHS


That was a long time coming, so to speak.


Yeah, I would've thought you'd lose weight, riding a bike all day.

Well, can't do that job forever.

The girls don't get any cheaper. The cost of two daughters is, whoosh!

So, um...

..I wanted to ask if you had any jobs, maybe.

Stephen... Mate!

You're the man that lost a million quid!

That's me. That's your name. "The Man That Lost A Million Quid."

Yeah, I know. Did you cry? Hmm?

Did I what? Did you cry? HE CHUCKLES

It was very upsetting, yeah.

But I'm still good at my job.

I've got to say that I know my stuff, Woody, I really do.

And if you need any help on the financial side...

We don't need help. Well, I know you don't need help... We need monkeys. Cos you know my dad?

He's got me in, right at the top.

Truth is we've got tons of work coming in.

That's the thing with Viv Rook's Britain.

Do you know what it's like, inside her government?

No. Fucking chaos! HE LAUGHS

They never expected to get in.

They're idiots, mate. There's no plan.

There's nothing, just panic.

Which is perfect for me, because I'm focusing on property management

now, and I clean up their shit.

Charge them a fortune. I'm laughing. But that's my point, exactly that.

Cos I've made a study of property after the collapse of asset values.

My brother was very big on that.

And because everyone pins it on Hong Sha, the collapse,

but I think we were headed that way long before. If it really happened.

If what really happened? Hong Sha.

Well, it did. I've been reading up on it. A lot of people

saying it was fake.

No, but it wasn't.

Prove it. I can't, but...

It's one of the biggest events in history.

My sister was there, Edith, you remember? She was there.

She actually went to Hong Sha Dao. She saw it. She says. No, she did.

She THINKS she did. No, she really did. She was poisoned.

She got radiation poisoning. Is she dead?

No. Well, then.

No, but...

It really, really happened. What I need in the office

is someone who says yes.

Do you see?

Well, um...

..I suppose Hong Sha was debatable.

Is that a yes, though, mate? Cos I really need to hear it.

Oh, I can say yes.

It's all I ever do.

Yeah, OK. Yes, you're right.


My money's all gone. Not a word from my friends.

Not one of them. All gone.

My wife and kids, I threw them away.

And I'm living with a woman I don't particularly like.

But, yes, I'm fine.



Yes, I can say yes, Woody.

I think I've found myself a monkey.


Now, look there for a second.

"Confirmed - macular degeneration 100% cured."

"Please rate your satisfaction from one to ten, one being bad,

"ten being good."

I'd say ten. Definitely, a great big ten!

But don't tell the council. CHUCKLING

Signor, open family message.

Stephen, Edith and Rosie Lyons. Opening family message.

WHISPERING: "Thanks, Celeste."

Now, then. Long message, hence family link, but I'm cured.

It's ten out of ten for my eyes,

so I thought, let's have a celebration,

like the old days before the bad news battered us down.

A nice little feast at my house.

What do you think? A proper Lyons family do.

Right, then, Muriel. Have fun tonight.

We'll be back late and drunk.

My daughter is buying me a £56 bottle of wine. And for one night

only, I do not care.

You're quite welcome to stay. Well, it's a family do.

If you don't mind, I'm only half family now.

I'll leave you to it.

Phone call from Rosie Lyons.

Oh, Signor, accept.

Gran? Are you on your way, sweetheart? Gran, we can't get out.

I'm sorry. It's the bloody fence. They've sealed it off. It's ridiculous.

Well, how late will you be? No, I mean they've closed it, early.

Locked for the night. It's unbelievable. We're like prisoners!

I'm sorry, just have fun without us. Bye, then.


Oi, mate! We live here!

Well, go back home, then. HE CHUCKLES

Edith Lyons... Hurry up. It gets full. Edith?

Rosie's had to cancel.

Oh, God. Listen, I'm in London.

This thing came up.

Sorry, it's one of those charities. Oh... They need me.

Don't worry. Work comes first.

Yeah, right. I better go. Bye.

Signor, call Stephen Lyons. Calling Stephen Lyons.


Hi, Gran. Hello, darling.

Just to warn you, Rosie and Edith won't be coming.

Oh, bollocks! Oh, I was going to call you. Sorry.

Listen, I'm busy. Some work things just came out of the blue

and I can't say no. I haven't seen you for ages!

It's this consultation think tank. They said they needed me.

It's got to be good, hasn't it? You're coming on the 21st for Danny?

Oh, God, yeah. I wouldn't miss that. Hi, here I am, hello. LAUGHTER

Sorry, Gran. I've got to go.

Grandma?! You pussy! LAUGHTER

My dad played a blinder getting us on the list. Who got chosen?

We got chosen. SHOUTING: Who got chosen?

We got chosen! Who got chosen?

We got chosen! Who got chosen? We got chosen!

Who got chosen?! ENGINE ROARS

Do you know what? I don't really fancy a wine bar.

Well, that buffet looks lovely.

Don't be silly.

Don't worry about me. You go out, go and have some fun.

No. It'll be nice. We'll stay.

And you made that spinach dip. I love that stuff.

I'm skipping the wine, going straight to vodka. OK?

And if I drink too much and make a disgrace of myself,

you can watch me, Muriel, with your brand-new perfect vision.

OK, I've got the diagnostics and the 2025 schematics,

and the blueprints of the building. I've worked out a path.

If we can get you out by 15 minutes past the hour,

you can avoid security completely. Good luck.

Harriet Fry. I'm here for acquisitions.

Breathe here.


Floor ten. Thanks. Sure.

We did it. Stage one.

Long way to go. I can't believe you do this sort of thing all the time.

Working late? Lots to do.

Night, then. See you tomorrow.

This is breaking the law. Never should have said yes.

Mm. Oh, but you love me.

Where did you get the name, Harriet Fry?

Harriet Fry? She's a spy. Oh, Christ! I'm working with a kid!

Floor ten. Turn right.

And turn left.


Another door.

You lot can have all the quantum security you like. Since the power

cuts, they've been printing stuff on plain old paper and archiving it

in room 157.

Oh, my God! Do you even recognise these things?

Filing cabinets. Seen them in films. Period dramas.

16, 16, and 16.

Ah, locked with a key.

This is how we did it in the old days.

Slight & Weight pays £500,000 a year for clinical support to Yes Chain,

and sitting on the board of Yes Chain,

Vivienne Rook. Oh, I bet she is.


Slight & Weight run employment centres.

They created 400 new jobs - private security guards,

overnight, 400 guards.

What does that mean? They're guarding something.

And I think the erstwhiles are recorded in here.


Security. They must have changed the pattern. Sorry.

They're about 90 seconds away from your corridor.

If you leave now, I can get you out the way came. Aunt Edith!

Edith, can you hear me? Oh, yep. EDITH BREATHES HEAVILY

You all right? You need to get out.

Edith, what's wrong with your breathing?


Oh, my God, your heart rate! Leave me alone. It's your lungs.

The condition of your lungs. This is Hong Sha, isn't it?

I said so! You got poisoned at Hong Sha, and it's worse than you said!



Oh, God!

They're on your corridor!

They're getting closer!

Don't move! Edith! Stay where you are!

I can't find it. They're two doors away!

Oh, my God!


It's in here somewhere.



It's OK.

They've gone.

And your heart rate's coming down.

That's it.

Nice and easy. Thanks.

How long have you known?

Is that the radiation? They say...

..the Chinese...

..had all sorts of stuff on Hong Sha.

I breathed it in.


Just sit there.

Get your breath back. We've got all night to get you out.

It was my fault.

Danny. Do you think?

Look at me.

Like I'm so clever.

I told them.

The whole thing.

It's my fault.


..yeah. You can't say that.

Well, it was, slightly. I mean, you know what he was like.

I loved him, Uncle Dan, but he could be a bit full of himself.

Yeah, righteous... He'd never say it was your fault.

Right at the end, he'd be saying, "This is all about me."

That's so him.

Yeah. I miss him.

Yeah, me too.

Thanks very much. Give him a tip.

Have you seen? It's Gerard Linstrum.

You said the government was in chaos. This looks like the opposite.

All the better for us. So, the plan is, you listen, get me the

assessment and I make the bid.

I thought this was a think tank. It's an auction.

You idiot. HE LAUGHS

Jim! Woody! How's that father of yours? Keeping out of trouble?

Yeah, yeah. He leaves that to me, the old bastard.

Excuse me. Sorry.

Not in your way? No.

I didn't know...

No-one said that you were here. I'm not.

I see, of course.

You met my sister once. Did I?

Well, you must meet millions of people. Was I nice?

Yeah. Yeah. You were lovely.

She always goes on about it. She was thrilled. Did she vote for me?

Yeah, well, as a matter of fact I think she did. Good.

Bloody papers. I know, yeah. Me, too.

I thought we'd done away with paperwork. it's like we're going backwards.

You know, all because of the Russians. Don't be so stupid.

Nice to meet you.

My brother died.

He was from Manchester, and he was trying to help these refugees.

Well, they were technically illegal immigrants. And he got on the boat

with them across the Channel.

Really, really stupid thing to do. Really, really stupid.

And those boats, they have this aluminium deck, and if you put

too many people on top of it...

He drowned.

So I'm, I'm taking this seriously,

these housing problems, and I will do my very best to help.

Was he brave or an idiot?

I... I don't know.

Well, if I could do it, I'd go. Sail away, far from all this.

Just head for the horizon and...gone.

Imagine if I did.

You're the Prime Minister, you can do what you want.

SHE CHUCKLES They'd kill me.

Who would?

They would have me killed.

The difficulty is, never mind refugees,

we've got problems with our own population.

Floods and radiation, and we predict another million homeless

from coastal erosion within the next five years.

We need more room. Simple as that.

Now, we have a number of what we call "erstwhile sites" - so-called

because this was an erstwhile army base,

this was formally police training facility,

this used to be a hospital, now empty.

We're using them as overflows, but to be honest, we're full.

And we can't expand. And that's where we come to you.

Now, bear in mind that anything can be said within these walls.

No consequences.

If we were to hand these camps over to you for governance,

how would you cope? Little problem, Jane.

Excuse me. Tiny detail.

Not everyone approves of the word "camps".

I'm sorry.

Facilities. "Camps" have negative connotations.

The erstwhile sites are being kept off the record in case people get

upset, although personally I think the public are more stoic than that.

As Victoria Wood once said, "The British would only

"have a revolution if they changed the laws on caravanning." LAUGHTER

But let's look at the words, Let's stare them down. The word

"concentration" simply means a concentration of anything.

You can fill a camp full of oranges, it'd be a concentration camp by dint

of the oranges being concentrated - simple as that one.

Made it sound rather tasty. LAUGHTER

The notion of a concentration camp goes way back to the 19th century,

the Boer War.

They were British inventions, built in South Africa, to house the men,

women and children made homeless by the conflict - refugees.

You see, everything is much older than we think, and everything

old happens again. Anyway, I'm sorry, I'm interrupting.

No, no, no, it's fine. I'll let you get on.

But, actually, it is worth pointing out, when we consider these

erstwhile sites and how to make them work, they will never

stop filling up. Never. Absolutely never.

These problems will never go away.

I can see the vast migration of people stretching

ahead for centuries.

So, what if we look back through history? Because the British

found a way to empty those camps in South Africa

all those years ago.

They simply let nature take its course.

The camps were crowded,

they were pestilent, they were noxious, they were rife

with disease, which was on the one hand regrettable, and on the other

hand fitting, because a natural selection process took place,

and the population of the camps controlled itself.

You might call it neglect, you might call it efficient.

And it was Kitchener who did this. Kitchener.

"Your country needs you."

And let's say another word, because some people call

this policy genocide.

But have you ever heard of it?

The camps, the Boers, the result.

Have you? Have you read about it? Were you taught it?

Do we remember it? No.

We forget it, because it worked.

I've said enough. Thank you. Thank you.

MANIC LAUGHTER We did it, we did it, we did it!

Yes! But, so, what did we get? Two of the erstwhile sites.

What, we're running them? Fuck that! They're death traps! I'm not touching any of that shit.

We're just property management.

We maintain the bricks and mortar. They can do what they want

inside them. Who got chosen?! We got chosen!

Who got chosen?! We got chosen! Who got chosen?! We got chosen!

Good man, Steve.

COMPUTER: Open transfer protocols.

Select inmates.

Select Viktor Goraya.

Transfer Viktor Goraya.

Transfer to Erstwhile Site Four.


Transfer complete.


Right, guys, should we just have a quick toast before we go outside?

A little toast to Danny.

ALL: To Danny.

Oh, Danny.

I remember when you were born.

And when you took your first step.

And when you confessed and came out to me... you thought I didn't know.

HE SOBS I warned you...

COMPUTER: Select Viktor Goraya.

Transfer Viktor Goraya.

Transferred to Erstwhile Site Four.


Erstwhile sites are like tar pits.

You get thrown in and you disappear.

Transfer complete.

This is the world we built.

My family will find me. Fake news. To start a war.

Declaring independence.

Tear the fence down.

It's killing him!


Who's watching you?!

Congratulations. Cheers, all.