Wolf (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Mahalle - full transcript

2016, 22 March. Six months after Ayi Murat's martyrdom, the darkness around the team is increasing. On the day when an intelligence on the PKK leader comes from a place they never expected,...



Who is there?

Show yourself!

Tell our brother Ömer...
Tell him to keep Murat's gun with him.

He should take good care of it.

No wonder that gun is called "Immortal."
Maintain its reputation.

You know...

Dead are forgotten quickly. Take me.

-Nobody forgot you, Mert.
-You will one day, you will.

Don't bullshit me.

Wake up!

I said that, too. I said "wake-up."

But nobody listened.

Nobody woke up.

Nobody saw it, Kemal.

They carved out the eyes of those who saw.

Left them to rot in jail.

Your lies consumed us.

None of the things we shared
were lies, Asena.

You can't love anybody, Kemal.

I loved you.

Though never born, I loved the baby, too.

So what? We were all born.
We both died while living.

Don’t you realize that?

You will not die.




Don't worry.

My daughter did not die.

I know, Boss. It's all a nightmare.

Then why are you crying?

I don’t know.

Well, you used to say that
you knew everything. What happened?

Life is tough, brother.

Sure, it's tough. Tenacity is necessary.

Life and its beauties...

are only possible with tenacity.

God doesn't show mercy
to those who give up.

What about you?

Why did you kill yourself, brother?

I couldn't keep the promise
that I made to you.

It's not your fault.

Asena's like her mother, hard to manage.

Do you remember
the last thing I asked you?

"What makes you who you are?"

Did you find the answer?


Find the answer.

Otherwise, the country will lose
all its teeth.

Without shouting what I heard

Without embracing more

From night to daylight

I rush from duty to post

Burning inside

It cannot be told, must not be mentioned

From the bottom of the pit

An old song plays

Burning inside

There is no cure, one cannot be found

From secret and shadow

It walks, my wound is hidden

Burning inside

It cannot be told, must not be mentioned

From the bottom of the pit

An old song plays







Why are you here?
To stand there like a fool?

It's been six months, Turan.
Enough of your mourning.

What mourning?
It's none of your business!

-Shut the fuck up,

or I'll throw you
out of the window. Fuck off!


I had a dream.

I saw Mert. Boss Kenan, too.

There were others, as well.

So what? I'm not your shrink.

No, you're not my shrink...

But you're my best friend.

Do you know what makes me most
sad about Murat?

I was the one
who ordered him not to be captured.

I told him...

prefer death.
Oh, brother, forgive me.


Some are constantly trying to weaken us.

And we're sleeping.

One week before committing suicide,
Boss Kenan asked me a question.

"What makes you who you are?"
he inquired.

I didn't know then.

But now I know the answer, Turan.

My friends are the ones making me
who I am. We can only solve this together.

How would I know, brother?

I'm not a genius club member like you.
I quit high school.

Go tell this to Behçet.

Chief is supposedly trying to protect us.

He never shares his feelings,
always represses them,

so that if it hurts,
it only hurts himself.

But there's one thing we missed, Turan.

We can't solve this on our own.

We must get together, all of us.
Look around.

Everywhere filled with lies.
Nobody trusts anybody.

But I trust you.

I'm sure it's real.

Wait a minute.

Did you just say

that I am your best friend?


Would I ever say something like that?

Whatever I did, I did it for my family.

I told you I owe you.

I'll pay you back no matter what.

We've been neighbors for many years.

Moreover, we are from the same town.

Have you never trusted me
over all those years?

I bust may ass each day, don't you see?

Normally, no trucker would do this job.

I did.


For my family.

So let's close this book, let me take
my family and return to my hometown.

Halil, you've been sitting and talking
in front of me all morning.

I set everything aside, listening to you.
Stop the fucking babbling.

All I want from you is
one last transport.

No more books afterwards.
I'll clear all your debt.

Fatih, what is this?

-Tea, Mr. Şahin.
-What kind of tea is this, son?

Doesn't your brother Ekrem teach you
how to brew tea properly? It's like piss!

I swear, it won't be like this again,

but I'm doing whatever
brother Ekrem taught me.

Take it, get out of here.

Halil, they'll call you tomorrow.
Be home by the evening.

Don't get me involved in this,
brother Şahin.

Let me do my job, earn my living honestly.
You know I'm paying my debt monthly.

Asshole, you're barely paying
a few bucks.

If we didn't run a casino downstairs,
you wouldn't be able to pay either.

For the old times' sake, Şahin,
for brotherhood's sake.

For my brotherhood's sake,
I'm letting you keep your truck.

For my brotherhood's sake,
I'm not shooting you in your knees.

Again, for my brotherhood's sake,
I'm providing you this job

so that you'll get your payment
at once and pay your debt.

-But bro--
-Have I ordered to shoot somebody?

Or go steal something?

You're a trucker, son.
Go and do your trucking.

Yeah, but this...

the guy called Ghost
is clearly a terrorist.

Get out, asshole!

-Then what happened?
-Then I went downstairs and brewed tea.

Do you know Halil?

Well, not so much.
He seldom comes to the café.

When he comes, sometimes
he goes upstairs and plays card games.

-Upstairs where?
-There's a room upstairs, you know,

where everybody gambles.
The whole neighborhood knows it.

Batak, pişti and other card games.
So, lots of money around.

Fatih, what have I told you?

You should keep yourself away from such
men and go to school, haven't I said so?

Brother, you didn't tell me not to
hang around such places...

You told me not to hang out with our gang,
and that's exactly what I'm doing.

So you found better friends! Good for you!

Let's tell Chief its location and time.

-OK, but when?
-Well, he says tomorrow.

It must be based on sound intelligence,
precise information.

It's concrete.
They'll inform Şahin tomorrow.

-Come to the café, round them up and go.
-All right, Fatih, for God's sake!

Bro, I swear, launch an operation,
make an interrogation or something.

Fatih, don't blather, son.
C'mon, c'mon go home!



Yes, brother Baran?

Don't go to the café tomorrow,
stay at home.

All right.

Do you now how to play batak?

Sure I do, Murat taught me.

What happened, man?

How do you mean "what happened"?

Murat's name...

Whenever I say his name,
I feel something in here.

It's been six months, brother.

Yeah, six months.

And tomorrow is his birthday.


March 23.

Good evening.

Work out less! You make us look flimsy.

C'mon, Tan, let it go.

Don't get sick out in the rain.
Take it easy.

All right.



Gökçe Demir.

-We were at Sur six months ago.
-F-16 pilot?


In fact, you only saw the F16
that sortied.

I'm awfully sorry.

I didn't expect to see you
all of a sudden, please come in.


Sorry, Lieutenant,
there are only two of us.

I mean, some are on patrol duty,
some on holiday.

I sometimes go to the gym.

And Tan has guard duty today.

Talking about duty, may I?

I should return to my guard duty,
or there will be problems.

-I'm glad to meet you, Lieutenant.
-Me too, Tan, good luck.


I didn't mean to disturb you.

Not at all, Lieutenant.

You saved everybody's life on the team.

Except Murat's.

Is anybody mad at me?

Not at all.

We heard the audio recordings.

Of course, we'd know even if
we hadn’t listened.

My leave just started last week.

Yesterday I visited his family.
Though, all leaves are canceled now

since we shot down that Russian jet.

Tomorrow would be his birthday.

I will have hit the road by then.

Whose birthday is it, brother Murat's?

I'm not one of the veterans.

In fact, they just quit
calling me "rookie."

But, there's one thing I know for sure.

In WOLF, everybody knows
what may happen to them.

Special Operations is a place for those
who have the courage to face death.

We're all sorry.
But we all would do the same.

I just wanted to visit the people
whom Murat called his family

to say farewell for the last time
on his last words.

We used to call him Murat the Bear.

He was an honest guy
who cheered everybody up.

But that day,
I remained in the pincer on purpose.

We thought he would
call the base and return.

We never thought he would do such a thing.
Didn't have the slightest idea.

Sorry I disturbed you. May be excused?

Please send my regards
to all the team members.


I know one more thing. Murat considered
you part of this family.

Otherwise there, at that dead-end,
he wouldn’t have entrusted us to you.

Thank you, Kaya.

Where to?

-I don't know.

Don't know, brother, drive around.

Don't go anywhere, just drive.

I'll die of stress.

Relax for a second. There's half an hour
before the verdict is announced.

Tolga, you don't understand, do you?

-If Berfin's blood is on my hands--
-I understand you very well, Asena.

You won't gain anything
by beating yourself up.

You know that, don't you?

I don't want to live the rest of my life
with such guilt.

What did you say?

What do you mean?

Don't blather. I don't want to hear
something like that from you ever again.

I didn't mean that. You got me wrong.

I don't care.

Do you consider anybody valuable
other than yourself, Asena?

Let alone your
closest friends, your brothers in WOLF.

Am I not valuable to you, at least?

I didn't mean that.
I am not suicidal. Calm down.

Look, when the gunshot was heard from
your dad's office,

the police that arrived at the scene first
called Boss Turgut.

-And he sent me.

When I entered the room,
I saw your dad's body.

Stop speaking.

Your dad had a gun in one hand,
and in his other hand

he was holding your graduation picture
from the academy.

You were the most precious thing for him
in the whole world.

You're the pride of Special Operations.

Do you get it?

I'm not sure what came out of ballistic
analysis, but no matter what it is,

you are our best.

Even when you don't trust
in yourself, we trust in you, Asena.

Anyway, I'll check the results,
then come back.

Tolga, stop!

You just sit there at that restaurant.
I'll find you, OK?

-So that was why you called me over here?
-Yes, Boss.

The only place I am totally sure
it is safe... My home.

Now, let me get this straight.

You want me to use you
to uncover the leaks.

And Turan Kara will help you.

The most rebellious, unbalanced officer
of the Special Operations, and the one

being problematic so much that he
may find a place in the history books.

Brother Bahçet is determined.

He can't see what I see.

Tolga, since he worships you,
he is afraid to disobey your orders.

But there will be no problem
for me and Turan.

You are humble, as usual.


Both act emotionally.

Brother Behçet's priority is
to clear Boss İrfan’s reputation. Tolga...

-is in love with Asena.
-Aren't you, as well?

Use this machine, Boss.

All right.

When you clearly see the filth surrounding
our country, don’t regret this.

When you look down the hole,
there will be no return.

I couldn't reach Tolga.

He's with Asena, getting the report.
I will inform the headquarters.

By the way, we checked the situation
that Baran mentioned.

The guy code-named Ghost

is in charge of the logistics of the
subversive terrorist organization.

His real name is Resul. Catch that fish.

-Copy that, Boss.
-And, Behçet...

Kemal will be on
undercover duty for a while.

He has to deal with something for me.
I have permission.

-What kind of a thing?
-I'll tell you later.

He'll come to you later, anyway.

All right. We're at the Gazi center, Boss.
Make him find us in the neighborhood.

Keep driving, Barbaros.

You didn’t get a bite to eat.

Come on, tell me.

Don't make me mad, Tolga. Speak up.

The shell belongs to an AK-47,

which means it was not from your Kanas.

Look at the ballistics report,
this proves it scientifically.


You didn't kill that little girl.

It proved that it was
a terrorist's bullet.

Relax a bit, come on.

Sure, now you'll wish to return
to your duty.

But the suspension can be lifted
tomorrow at the earliest.

That's why you should stay
at the headquarters, OK?

Now can I order something for myself?

Brother, can I have a kokoreç?

The game is tied at 2-2.

Halil, Adnan...

Now above the defense.

Hakan Ateş got the ball.

Running down to the final line.

-Thanks, brother.
-Give me a tea.

-No, I won't drink.

The toast is good, by the way.

Do you usually eat outside?

No, we usually order shish kebab
from the restaurant on the back street,

but it's being renovated
for a month or so.

Renovation for a month?

The guy may have gone for good.

Are you leaving, Metin?

Say hello to Şükrü, may God be with you.

What did you say, brother?

The shish kebab joint,
he may have gone for good.

They raked through his shop twice.

He was in debt to some loan shark.
They tore down the shop.

It also had two poor waiters.
They suffered the most.

-Wow, man, it must be a scene.
-Yes, of course.

It's a tough neighborhood here.

Even the police can't enter
just two blocks below.

You don't know what's going on.

Actually, we know, but...

In fact, we are here out of curiosity.

Whatever befalls upon one,
it is either from curiosity,

-Jack 10!

What is Jack 10, Halil?
Don't you see it is a 10 of diamonds?

Where is your head at, Halil?

Look, our guests got curious
and came all the way up here.

Play it properly.

Whatever did they get curious about...

You see, I am just curious about that,
you know?

I had a friend, Selçuk.

He played here,
and won a substantial amount.

He told us, too, but...

We said "fuck it," just in case.

Son, you were the one actually saying,

"Let's not get screwed, all around us
are bastards, backstabbers."

Present company excluded, of course.

Anyway, there was some sort of a setup
in one of the games. They tricked him.

Didn’t fool him, though. He quarreled
with some people, had a fight...

Fool, you go there by yourself,
and then you try to fuck them.

Isn't that nonsense?


Sure, it was not nice to shoot our guy
right over there.

You reap what you sow.

Well, what brought you here...

if there are bastards
and backstabbers here?

Didn’t we say "present company excluded"?

We're not saying you are
one of those assholes.

Feel free to say it, man,
but I can't say what happens afterwards.

I said we know, I told you.

Most likely you pull out your gun
and shoot the three of us.


You guys are smart!

Goal! That's it!

I got it!

What are you up to, Ekrem? Put it back.

The guys were curious about the gun.

Let them see it.

-You've kept it clean. Is it brand new?
-I've had it for years.

I take good care of my property.

I can see.
Do you go to the shooting range?

Well, if you like, we can
try a few shots. What do you think?

Cops don't hang around here.
Sure, you're very cozy.

Even when they come,
it's no problem for us.

Don't worry.

Watch it, brother, watch it.
There's a saying...

Eat a big mouthful,

but don't make big promises.

Damn you, sons of bitches.



On the ground!

Kneel down!

Have I punched the right guy?

This is Halil, the one you punched.
The one Ömer knocked out is Ekrem.

Then let me introduce...


Get in!

The great Special Ops
has nothing better to do but bust a café?

If the owner of the café
smuggles terrorists out of the country,

then yes. We deal with you, too.

I dare you, prove it! If you can’t,
you have no honor.

You’d be the most ignoble,
if you can't prove it. Mark my words.

Why did you spit in the car, you fuckwit?
We'll be sitting on there.

Turan, OK, Turan.

Chief, how am I going to sit there now?
He just pissed on it.

As if we never sleep in the hills,
in and around bugs and shit.

I have no problems with bugs or shit.

They're my country's bugs,
it’s my country's shit.

Even animals shitting on
those bugs are cleaner.


Where are we heading, Chief?

Halil will direct us to his home.

aren't we heading to the police station?

Assume you're at the station now.

Let the operation begin
Shut down all the doors

Multiple rats around
WOLF, stay strong a bit more

Shame on you bastards
The ones worshiping dollars

Who gives a fuck about office or position?
My homeland always comes first! You rat!

Don’t you forget
My only master is the Turk

What they wear
Is a fur of jackal's skin

We're ready! We're ready!
Death cannot deplete us

When necessary, we burn,
We are burned, we cannot be depleted

Hey, Turk! Never despair
Surely the reckoning comes soon

Behold! Behold!

Everyone’s ready, there is no return
Let the countdown begin

You did not scratch
Nor dig ditches

Soul by soul, troop by troop
You infiltrated within

You've dreamt the dreams
Of one hundred million corpses left behind

Alas! A riot again!

Relax, WOLF, this is HQ
Everything under control

Inside or on streets
Spit blood, shut the fuck up

O, you venerable imposter

If I am born a thousand times
I die a thousand times

While you leech off of my country
Leaking in its vein

Kneeling down, kissing hands
Always in vain

Buried shall you be
under all that rightful deed

My ashen mane
Don't think we are shushed

Stand up, my kin
As they are the cloths of the dead

Armageddon is near, cut loose
As this red flag tells me to be brave!

Ask me what he wants from this country

By God
My homeland’s foundation is so strong

Should you disrespect it
It would cost you a lot

What you hear is
The soldiers of Mustafa Kemal

Stabbed in the back
It is the hour of reckoning

Time is running out
The circle tightens

We are all alone, no one to trust
Get ready, Armageddon is near!

Stabbed in the back
It is the hour of reckoning

Time is running out
The circle tightens

We are all alone, no one to trust
Get ready, Armageddon is near!

You didn't have to come.

Sister, I just wanted to say
how happy I am...

They say the ballistic report
came back clean.


I rarely visit my father's grave.

May God rest his soul.

It’s strange.

Everybody except me went to my dad’s
office where he shot himself.

Tolga did, Boss Turgut did, Behçet did.

-I'm the only one who didn't.

Colonel Kırca, Lt. Colonel Tatar...

Kenan Tümer.

Why did these men kill themselves?

I understand it now.

Years pass, they retire.
All they have left is dignity and honor.

And when these were stained...

nobody raised their voice.

We broke these men's hearts.

We broke their hearts.

I'll go to the headquarters by myself.

Inspector, my wife and child are home.
If we barge in, they'll be scared.

They're not scared of the terrorists you
smuggle, but they'll get scared of us?

They don't know anything, Inspector.

The child is only five months old.
My wife takes care of the baby.

So, now they’ll learn.

-I got him!

Halil, stop!


Brother! Brother, please let me go.

I'm a trucker.
I transport grains, I transport furniture.

I've got nothing to do with
this shady business. They forced me.

What did you expect, Halil?
You think the universe cares about you?

As if they forced you...
You shouldn't have let them.

You should have been like steel.
Broken rather than bent.


Ömer, park here.
Away from the houses, that's perfect.

-What are we gonna do here, brother?
-We'll wait.

-What if it lasts the whole day?
-Then we'll wait all day long.

Have you got something better to do?

No, brother, that's not it.
I don’t want to be away from the action.

You don't say a word waiting in cover with
20 men on a mountain, but you whine now?

Now that you're waiting for somebody else,
why did you handcuff us?

You're waiting for your guy,
that's why you're cuffed.

-Who is "our guy"?
-Ghost, your terrorist friend.

You're big now,
you still believe in ghosts?

Today, we believe.

Look, brother, you don't know
what you are talking about.

We manage a café here. We know everyone.

Is everybody
who comes in supposed to be our man?

Stop bullshitting!

Or I’ll smash you from one side
to another.

Brother, telephone ringing.

We both know who is calling.

Answer it and tell him all is well.

He won't believe me.

Look, they are terrorists, we're not.
Their trust in us has limits.

Then you make him believe.


Inspector, see, nobody's coming or going.

Clearly, it is a false call.

Don't wait here all day.

It won't do you any good.
Besides, we don’t know anything.

Ma'am, your husband knows
exactly why we're here.

He'll tell you in detail sometime.

Smells good.

-Is this pişi?
-Yes, officer, help yourself.

I’ll get you some tea.

My mom used to make these.

It's been a long time. I missed the smell.

God bless your hands.

So, you're eating at the house
of the man in custody.

Dear Kemal, shall I get you some pişi?
It tastes good.

You'll love it.

You can't have these
for breakfast at Bebek.

Kids from Robert College have no clue.

I’ll get you some tea.

This Ghost...

Did you meet him in person?

You can try lying...


Well, you can say you're a poor fellow,
innocent, a victim of circumstances...

And, see, my partner
sympathized with you, as well.

Yes, a lot.

This is not a simple business,
like you think.

Looks like you still aren't aware
of the hood you're in.

-We should make you understand.
-Hey, shithead, you threatening us?

No, brother, not at all!
We never threaten police.

Now you're polite.
You were boasting at the café.

There are rules
in neighborhoods like this.

There are promises given.
Promises which must be kept.

Are you trying to show off?

Whatever you call it.

They have brainwashed people
with absurd TV shows.

Tough guys, whatever they call themselves.

You think everything's showing off.
I'm talking about streets. Streets!

Hey, you, handsome.
Do you know of the streets?

Did they teach you the rules
of the streets at Special Operations?

-Or did they skip those lessons?
-No, they didn't.

I teach that lesson in my squad.
Ask me anything you are curious about.

I grew up on the streets.
See, with that guy.

We beat and got beaten up.

-How great.
-Sure, how great...

If you are a psychopath, so are we...
So don't give me that shit.

"We grew up on the streets,
gone dirty, or so..."

Forget all that, Şahin Agha.
Forget all that one by one.

We didn’t sleep
on a comfortable bed, either.

-But we’ve never dishonored ourselves.
-How come we're dishonorable?

As you are a mere tool to those dogs

that attack the innocents,
you've become dishonorable.

The blood of innocents this bastard
murdered are on your smuggling hands.

Get well soon.

How many were there?


They all got away?

I broke one of the guy's noses, I believe.

And punched the other one in his face.

But they got up and ran away.

-Where did it happen, at your place?
-At the park.

An old lady with shopping bags
was passing by

while those guys
were drinking, sitting on a bench,

making lots of noise, then they
began throwing pebbles at the lady.

The lady warned them. The bastards
continued to harass her, cursing.

Then they started throwing larger stones.
I couldn't take it anymore.

OK, it's over.

There seems to be no physical damage.
You look good.

Let’s go home.

I'm sorry.

Why do you apologize?

They asked who to call, I told your name.

I didn't want my family to learn
about this.

All right, no problem.

Did you head butt the guys?

Only one of them. On his nose.

But I couldn’t place it perfectly...
my first time.

What happened to your neck,
did they try to choke you?

The took my necklace.
I realized it after coming here.

-Is it valuable?
-It was my mother's.

She gave it to me before she died.

Family heirloom.
She had inherited it from her own mother.

-Keep your hands off!
-Fuck off! Hands down!

-Come on, brother, stop!
-Keep your hands off!

What are you trying to do?

Let go. Don't make me do this!

Are you angry with me?

Fuck off!

Look, Zeynep.

You are trying to solve your problems
by acting like a man.

By using brute force.

Staying strong doesn’t mean this.
Our path is the path of the mind.

They were harassing the lady...
What should I do, warn them sweetly?

I'm not saying you are doing it
right or wrong.

All right, you are trying to be
a strong woman, I understand.

But being a strong woman
doesn’t mean acting like this.

I'm going to finish
the discharge procedures.


The signal will come from there.
Keep your eyes open.


You see the roofs over the trees?
There, the red building.

-That's where they'll give the signal.
-What kind of a signal?

When the terrorist called Resul arrives,
they set some birds free.

Provisions, guns,
they give him what they have.

They'll do the same today.

I'll park the truck in front of the door.

If you tell us their phone numbers,
we'll have each of them traced.

Sir, Şahin will kill me.

Think hard, Halil.

These sons of bitches
will use these provisions

to kill our soldiers. Think hard.

Your have a little kid sleeping inside.
You have a good life.

Why did you get involved
with this, Halil?

When I was nine years old,
my father died of stomach cancer.

All I inherited from him is this truck.

Whatever I did in this life...

I did it because my father
left me this truck, sir.

Five years ago, Zehra had
the same malady in her lungs.

In the beginning, I said, "Mighty God,
what you are testing me with?"

Then I was silent.

Stopped complaining.

I worked, struggled.

Hospitals became our home.

Eventually, thank God, it was over.

How much do you owe?

Health care is not cheap
in our country, sir.

Is that the why you began
gambling at Şahin's joint?

When I was a child, Şahin was
the bully of this neighborhood.

The neighborhood’s big brother.
I thought he would help.

But it was a mistake.

I lost a few days in a row,
I became indebted to Şahin.

Brotherhood, same hometown, friendship...
nothing worked with Şahin.

It’s like that. The streets bring up
each child differently.

Some become victims, some tyrants.

Some become needy. Some kick the needy.

What are you?

I'm the prisoner. He, the guardian.

The bastard is holding my debt
as a collar in his hands.

When Resul's men came,
he put me in. So I become an accomplice.

I begged him not to,
but he wouldn't listen.

Otherwise, he would seize my truck.

-Are you joking? Come and see.
-Brother, for God's sake.

Are we hungry?

I'm definitely hungry, but I didn't
want to be the first to say it.

I just saw a place... look there.

That's Master Selami, sir.
He makes great Adana kebab, so you know.

-Adana kebab. Really, man?
-What's up, Baran?

You heard the word "Adana,"
and your eyes lit up.

Brother, frankly, I am excited.

-Is he also one of your men?
-Here, everybody is our man.

-Yes, brother?

Order wraps for everybody, son.

For the two dickheads here, too.

OK, I’ll order medium spiced wraps
for everybody.

-I want mine hot.
-Roger that.

-Get two for me.

-Get some buttermilk.
-We’ll see.

Come back soon.

-Got any cash on you?

We should've ordered some whorehouse
dessert. Did you ever taste it, handsome?

Ever taste a rifle butt?

Right, they don’t sell it
in your neighborhoods.

Its real name is "sultan’s turban,"
but here we call it "whorehouse dessert."

-Ever been to a whorehouse?
-Never had the need.

Well, you're good looking,
you can get any girl you want.

We did not have those
opportunities at your age.

Ours was a life spent wandering
around the streets, always in an action.

Eat when there was food,
run away when there was a fight.

-Right, Ekrem?
-Yes, big bro, what else could we do?

What do you mean "what else could we do"?

This kid here worked hard and
became a sturdy Special Operations police.

Why do you think he worked so hard to
become police, big brother?

That, I really don't know, Ekrem.

Why would one enter Special Operations?

My guess is...

they hurt him, Ekrem.

Somebody caused him great pain.

Wounded him.

Maybe cheated him heavily.

Maybe he lost a family member.


He lost a family member, Ekrem.

He hurt a lot.

He went berserk.

You can see it in his eyes.
The way he looks at me.

What would you be doing here
if you're not mad?

If you're not wounded and bled out.

We all got hurt in
these streets, handsome boy.

We are all bleeding.

We are all lonely, helpless.

Don't think these big brothers of yours
became your family.

Don't think they'll protect you.

Nobody protects you.

You protect yourself.

Then, you’ll die in the streets all alone.

Guys, the wraps are ready.

You’ll manage without buttermilk,
there wasn't any.

Haven't you been
punched in the face before?

You put pressure, not directly
on the bruise, but next to it.

Turan knows because he has
been beaten up so many times.

Sir, remind my friend here
who dislocated whose chin,

the first year we came here?

In fact, as I remember, the late Murat

knocked both of you guys' heads
together when he was still fat.

We bet if we both could
take him down, right?

-We couldn't knock him over.
-He never went down.

-Today is his birthday.


-What's wrong with him, why is he crying?
-I don't know.

He sometimes cries like this.

He finished his food, he also burped,

but he doesn't fall asleep unless
you rock him, he becomes bad-tempered.

Hey, my lion cub.

Why are you crying? Huh, why?

-What's his name?

Come here!

Hey, you, come here, little master!

Hey, you, come here, little master!

Let me give you a hug. Come here.

What's the matter?

Why are you crying?
Is something bothering you?

You're asking questions
this baby cannot answer, Chief.

Look, who's this brother?
Look, Murat, who is this guy?

This is a dumb-ass called Turan...

Is he a dumb-ass, this brother?


Take it and you rock him a little.
We'll see how you keep him quiet.

Let me take a look.

This is my expertise, Halil.

When I take I look,
I see deficiencies, weaknesses...

Fragile parts.

All right... Turan, let me have him.

Big boy.

This is it, come.

OK, it is over.
You're in the right hands, OK?

You go inside,
I'll put him to sleep and be right there.

You shush him perfectly, sir.
How many children do you have?

Never had any.

The woman I loved got pregnant.

We were to marry right after the mission.

She had a miscarriage in the third month.

I always dream it lived.

How that would be, what we would be like.

Not in our fate.



Here we go.


Hush, little baby, don’t say a word

Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird won't sing

Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring

Kaya, what's the matter?

Nothing, brother, nothing.

Are you brooding over
what the bastard inside told you?

Don't pay attention to these jackals.

Weren't you taught in training what
the enemy does when it is cornered?

Answer me, damn it.
What would a cornered enemy do?

It either surrenders, or it...

becomes wilder.

Attacks with all it has.
Son, you're well aware of these concepts.

We know what war is,
what battle is, what a fight is.

-You got my sister’s necklace?
-What necklace?

-Give me the necklace!
-I don't have it. Stop, stop.

Stop... Here.


You can fight
even without pulling your gun.

Without digging any ditches,
spending time in the trenches

or shooting a single bullet.
Without shedding blood.

War is not over there, Kaya.

War is always here.

Always right inside this.

For the state, for its citizens,
for us, always here.

If you win the one in here,
you win the one over there.

You are not alone, never.

Damn it, Ekrem!

Piss on your work. Look at us.

We’re sitting here handcuffed.

What does that have to do
with me, brother?

Damn, I spent my life covering your ass.

If you were man enough, you'd keep
us away from a situation like this.

You screwed yourself up, now you're
also screwing us up, you son of a bitch!

Watch your language, Şahin.
Don’t make me get up.

What can you do, you bastard?

-Hold it, brother Barbaros!
-What's going on?

Goddamn it!

Stop it, sit down!

Goddamn it! Behave yourselves!

What kind of a neighborhood is this?

You should have left
them alone to settle it.

I didn't want to, I said I wouldn't work,
but I couldn't get out of it.

How would you defy them, Halil?
How would you defy Şahin?

-With all this debt--
-Who cares if we are in debt, Zehra?

How'd I become their dog
because of my debt?

Then come home and look at you?

The police are right.
If only I didn’t bend.

We all have responsibilities, Halil.
That's life.

Life is not this, Zehra.

We must not live like this.

This is Şahin's life.

Fighting for your living.

These are Şahin's excuses.
Illiteracy, ignorance.

This neighborhood, these people.

It's all empty talk.

I minded my own business.

Drove my truck.

Şahin blew up stores. Robbed people.

Jailed, got out.

His wrists always in handcuffs.
His will, his choice.

Thanks, brother.

They sent the signal, Halil, come and see.

Is this it?

Yes, sir, they set the birds free.

They're signaling.

If you want,
I'll let you have their cell phones.

The operation would run easier.

What about Şahin?

What if he wants to exact revenge on you?

He can go to hell.

Enough of this.

You were right, brother Kemal,
I won't bend.

Give us the cell numbers.

Turan, call TEM, inform them.

My beautiful girl.

Never guessed it would be like this.

No excitement.

Not a bit.

Just the opposite, a perfect serenity.

All the exhaustion, the disappointment of
the past few years flash before my eyes.

We have fulfilled our duty
so perfectly that

the only thing left to them,
is to attack our honor.

We should take pride.

The sole thing you pay back
to the country that gives you

identity and ownership is love!

This love is the cure for everything.

For pain, war, doubt, death,

life and even faith.

What more sacred and valuable thing
can you give back to your country?

What is death or loss compared to

the grandeur of love?

Never forget...

Everybody looks.

Not everybody can see.

Everybody may be born as a Turk.

Not everybody can feel as a Turk.

Everybody sleeps.

Not everybody wakes up.

Everybody dies.

But not everybody lives.

I have lived for you.

And I can die for you if needed.

No matter how they try to slander
your brother İrfan and I,

we will never give up.

Now and always,
you give meaning to my life.

With love, your father.

All right, Chief, copy that.

It's like we talked about.

We'll head there now.

Are we ready, gentlemen?
ŞAHAN and TEM are also participating.

The informant gave cell phone numbers.
Helicopter will be in the air, too.

It will be like hunting ducks.
We won’t be needed much.

Well, that takes away
the excitement again.

People would think
you're here for excitement.

Be smooth, let the beautiful girls
think that way.

Throw the ball, sir!

The ball, sir, the ball!

-Sir, the ball.
-Would you throw the ball?

Hey, man, where to?

To a mission.

Happy birthday, Murat.

The organization providing ammunition
to the disruptive terrorist organization

has been taken under custody by
security forces after a joint operation

by two Special Operations teams:
Riot Squad and TEM.

Security forces arrested the gang members

without shooting a single round...

İrfan Aladağ, you have a visitor.

At this time?

I am sorry, it was Boss Turgut's idea.
Moles would pay attention during the day.

We wouldn't be in the news in our era.

The country needs morale, Boss.

A grand operation where
no harm befell anybody.

A captured terrorist leader.

These are good news stories.

You're right, job well done.
I am proud of you.

You were in my dream last night, Boss.

What was it about?

Now, you're considering whether
to trust me or not.

You're a smart guy.

Harvard graduate.

Smarter than we need.

Lived in the States for 10 years

with a spotless career.

-Yes, too many things in my bag.
-But I trust you.

If a smart mind like Turgut
shares secrets with a man,

that man can't be a rat.

Neither you, nor Tolga, nor Behçet.

Thank you.

But I am unable to understand why
Brother Turgut sent me here.

Sometimes, the man you consider a prisoner
held in front of your eyes at arm's reach,

can be the most dangerous man.

They think I'm done for.

Every step Behçet takes is under scrutiny.

So are Tolga and Turgut’s.

But you are outside the equation.

Before they include you,
we're going to make our move.

You will assist one of
the greatest heroes of this country.

-Osman Alan.

How am I going to help him, Boss?

You'll kill him.