Wolf (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Çirkin Olsam Bile - full transcript

In August 2015, BÖRÜ was compulsorily divided into two because administrative measures were put in place by the prosecutor's office. Half of the team is fighting against the treacherous in ...





Without shouting what I heard

Without embracing more

From night to daylight

I rush from duty to post

Burning inside

It cannot be told, must not be mentioned

From the bottom of the pit

An old song plays

Burning inside

There is no cure
One cannot be found

From secret and shadow

It walks, my wound is hidden

Burning inside

It cannot be told,
Must not be mentioned

From the bottom of the pit

An old song plays





Are those for me?

Both eyes burn, blurring

As if I mourned

Both eyes burn, blurring

As if I mourned

Take charge, take us to daylight

Gray Wolf, where are you?

Gray Wolf!

Take charge, take us to daylight

Gray Wolf, where are you?

Gray Wolf!

-How many are there?
-At least 40, brother.

Same in the west. Their numbers increased
again this morning.

Headquarters demands repo--

Boys, we'll retreat to the building. Go!

-We can hold on.
-Go, bastard!

Kaya, get us out of here!

Go, go, go!

First name, last name, rank.

-Asena Tümer, police sergeant.
-What happened? Can you tell us?

An SVD bullet pierced through
the terrorist leader's back.

And then...

Your Honor, it's all in the report.

It's unclear if the bullet
that killed the girl

came out of Asena Tümer's rifle or not.

An SVD and a Kalashnikov
use different ammunition,

but with the same core diameter.

Any terrorist may have caused her death.

No, it was my rifle.

-Let's not fool ourselves.

It was most likely because of me.

The chief inspector is over-emotional,
the wolf won't talk.

-Don’t write that down.
-Yes, sir.

Can you describe WOLF to me,
Commander Behçet?

Three squads, 17 officers.
Each squad has a team leader.

I'm the leader of the first squad.

Asena Tümer, of the second squad.
Barbaros Çepni, of the third.

You have educated men like Kemal Boratav.

Why aren't the team leaders so educated?

We favor merit.

Promotion is achieved on the field.
Seniority surpasses rank.

Bureaucrats cannot dictate promotions.

-Who set this rule?
-The three who founded Special Operations.

We call them the "Three Bosses."

One of them is here. Turgut Atalay.

The other,
who could not attend, is Boss İrfan.

And the deceased Boss Kenan.

The İrfan Aladağ who is under
investigation over Operation Hammer,

-and Kenan Tümer, who committed suicide--
-Those incidents are irrelevant.

-Remove that from the log.
-Yes, sir.

All right, Chief Behçet, where is
the rest of the WOLF team?

Children worry to contemplation

Gray Wolf, where are you?

Gray Wolf!

Hey, rookie! You're a college yuppie,
so count! How many guys are shooting?

Scattered around a kilometer radius,
at least 80 enemies.

-Are you sure?
-More or less.

But their numbers have increased
since this morning. This isn't normal.

OK, go to Barbaros and tell him
that air support is needed.

Go, rookie!

Chief Inspector,
how long have you been with 34-50?

Eleven years.

How long since your
first combat on the field?

Five years.

-Is this normal procedure?
-At the headquarters, yes.

The presence of women
is rare on the field.

Why is Sergeant Asena an exception?

Was she privileged due to her father?

You're calling a woman volunteering
for close combat "privileged"?

Asena Tümer is good enough
to be an exception.

If she's that good, then why are we
performing an autopsy on a little girl?

-What did you just say?

-Remove the last four sentences.

This is a sad, emotional and unique case.

But, if any police officer
went beyond the limits,

my job is to prevent their excessive--

-Did the trucks go beyond limits?
-How dare you!

Kemal, get out.

Our friends are under fire over there.
But we sit here.


Brother, that's what he said.

Bullshit. How can I make
the jets take off?

Do you see General’s stars
on my shoulders?

The number of terrorists doubled.

They are surrounding us,
and more support is coming.


34-40, command center 34-50.

34-40, command center 34-50,
this is WOLF. Do you read me?

34-50 reading.

Turan says they are surrounding us.
Skunks doubled.

Who is surrounding you, Barbaros?
Skunk buried beneath, not out.

Negative, they are out.

Support came from Cizre.
They're trying a strategic pincer.

They're everywhere, like bugs.
In Trench. East and west, also.

We’re losing rural areas.

34-50, you must hold on. We found
an arsenal at Hasırlı, we're attacking.

We can't, we must intimidate them.

Even a low-level flight will be adequate.

Barbaros, contact 8th Main Jet.
8th Main Jet, Roger.

Asena Tümer acting excessively
is not in character.

She is the best professional on the team.

Burcu, when will the
Forensics Report be ready?

Ballistics report may take two weeks.

Until then, Asena Tümer is suspended.

Mr. Prosecutor, WOLF is in combat at Sur.
Every team member is needed.

I'm aware of the operations, Tolga.
I must take this measure.

Oh, by the way.

I don't get why they call 34-50 "WOLF."

Why the need for such
an intimidating name?

Only the enemy fears us.

-Is that so?
-Yes, it is.

Unfortunately, I must suspend
Kemal Boratav, and you, too.

You are the closest eyewitnesses
to the incident.

No need for suspension.
I'll resign tomorrow anyway.

Suspension will be imposed.
But it's up to you.

Maybe that would be best for everybody.

Burcu, I will be waiting for your report.

Look at me! What's your problem?

I have no problems, Boss.

Despite your 180 IQ,
you behave like a fool.

Look, this mud is for me to clean up,
not you.

Besides, you'll never reveal
what's going on in your head.

You're right, Boss. I'm sorry.

We have all loved and lost.
I also felt the pain of love long ago.

But you can't let it
become your weakness.

Steel your resolve, your strength!

He won't let this go. They'll say
she's just like her father.

We have strengthened their hand.

Soon they'll leak all this
to their newspapers.

-What should I do, Boss?

Let's wait for the Forensics Report

and see if he'll insist
on her resignation then.

I don't accept your resignation.
The team needs you.

Six centers declared autonomy.

And it will increase. A storm is
brewing, Asena. Have you lost your mind?

I made up my mind, Chief.

Do you know who commands
our squads over there?

-Brother Behçet. I made up m--

Supposedly, Barbaros is his senior.

But we both know that
if we don't get there ASAP,

that crazed fool will ignite
a third World War.

Nothing on Earth
is more valuable than a child's life.

Neither me, nor you,
nor the rest of the world.

We don't know whether
you are responsible yet.

We were the only two left
who acted normal.

You and me.

You are the leader, the narrator.
I'm the follower, the enforcer.

-What shall we do now?
-Don't talk nonsense, don't make me mad.

The report has not been issued yet.

Bullets were raining there,
we don't know shit!

Doesn't matter.

No matter what the report says,
Belfin stays dead.

So you think collateral damage
is something new to us?

-In the 80's, your father fought--
-I'm not like my father!

We must be more careful
than that generation.

We must be the role model for our youth.
You know this.

I know one other thing:

Asena Tümer never takes risks
while shooting.

-I didn’t, I was careful.
-Then, so what?

I don't know.

Whenever I close my eyes,
I see that little girl. I'm going mad.

You investigate this woman, Burcu.
We'll see what her deal is.

Boss, Tolga can also do this job.

I'd like to be with my team.

You are temporarily suspended,
which means you remain here for awhile.

Now get together with Tolga,

and don't let any forged documents
derail the investigation. Be vigilant!

If they come down on you
with those Silivri lies...

I'll tear down their world.

Yes, Boss.

What the fuck is this?

They've got Howitzers and MILANs.
They are stacked like rich kids.

They have jammers, as well.
Barbaros cannot reach 8th Main Jet Base.

If we are pincered, there's no way out.
We are the only two units here.

Thank you. Who was that
Ottoman cartographer admiral?

-Piri Reis.
-Yes, Piri Reis! Any more obvious news?

No, brother.


As the first unit,
I suggest breaking the pincer.

We cannot, without artillery,
rockets or air support.

These bastards are not fools.
They're surrounding us.

That's why they have a jammer.

Asena isn't with us.
No long-range firepower.

-Or any fire support. Turan--

Remember Dağlıca, Lt. Colonel İhsan,
the Maroon Beret.

-Lt. Colonel İhsan died.
-Only after saving his soldiers.

After becoming a legend.

We can't get stuck in a pincer.
We haven't yet, and we can't start now!

Turan, I need you outside.

If we leave the ditches,
they'll just move back in.

-I'll go, Barbaros.
-Shut up!

Man, just listen to me.

Ömer, Baran, and Tan
are all needed here. I got it.

-You and Kaya cover the ditches.

I can do it. I can climb up to Abbas Hill,

radio 8th Air Force Base, and return.

All my life I ran with my FN. Without the
machine gun, I'm like a sprinter.

Brother, he's right.

Barbaros, say no.

We can accompany him until Karabaş.
Then we'll come right back.

-You all better return in one piece.
-We will, bro, don't worry.

-Why did I lose weight?
-For the girls!

Well, yes, but I'm still
the best runner here.

All right.

Murat, I'm sending the field radio.

Set a fixed channel on Abbas Hill.

Jammers won't have effect over there.

Man, why don't Kaya and I just go?

Brother, Murat is the substitute mechanic.

He can set up the radio,
knows signalling and channels.

When your decoder malfunctions,
you have a heart attack.

I have a bad feeling.

It's the gas from the lousy soup
Tan cooked last night.

Fuck off.

You're just jealous I'm stealing the show,
it's only natural.

Yeah, sure, dickhead.
Ömer, open up the map.

Guys, this is Karabaş.
Abbas Hill is five klicks east.

We'll cover Murat for one kilometer,
then return.

If he's fast enough,
he can set it up in half an hour.

Gentlemen, listen to me carefully.

Special Operations never let a single man
be captured in all its glorious history.

Not even a single man.

Not a single man
ever lost a gun, had his picture taken,

or threw himself at their mercy.


Because we prefer death
over the boasting of the inglorious.

You know what I mean?

No mistakes.

May God be with you.

There are eight of them.
They spotted ours.

-If you tell Barbaros, he'll kill me.
-My lips are sealed.

Burcu Kutlay. From Istanbul University.

-Born in '86.
-Rose up like a piece of cotton.

Might be self-success...
Her family is liberal.

That doesn't prove anything.

Nowadays, they brainwash kids.

Cast roles to families,
all Oscar candidates.

It would be impossible
to penetrate so deep, so soon.

Maybe not.

They have power. You underestimate them.

-From Izmir.

No way. Asena is from Izmir,
is she also a mole?


I didn't want to tell you at first,

because you had a very
important thing between the two of you.


Asena and I.

Do you know what my first impression
of you was?

That you were just as smart as I was.

This is bullshit talk, Tolga.

Look, I just wanted to be honest.

Even though I am from TEM,

I always considered myself
as a part of WOLF.

You are.

Anyway, sorry.

-Just forget it.
-You know what?

I used to have a forest inside me.


Lush green.

Suddenly, it burnt out, and now it's gone.

Flowers won't grow there anymore.

I'm neither angry nor resentful
towards you.


This attorney, Zekeriya...

Do we have any suspicions
of his motivation?

No, it's certain.

He's a Fethullahist drone.

They are attacking openly.
And they are proud of themselves.

What did you expect?

We handed in the keys
to the country in 2010.

I'm gonna go check out Burcu Kutlay.

-Close the door when you're done.
-OK, thanks.

I am gonna shoot.
You'll bring 'em down one by one.

-Roger that.
-Murat, do you hear me?

Loud and clear, brother.

As soon as you hear my G3,
run as if you are under fire.

-We'll return if support is needed.

You go on in one piece,
we'll manage it here.

Roger that.


Brother Turan, brother.

What the fuck is it, what?

Kaya, what's going on?

In case the pincer doesn’t work,
they've set traps everywhere.

Same with the next building.

-Do you see where the fuse is?
-No, I can't see from here.

Doesn't matter.

If they ignite...

Murat's unit is more important for us now.

Roger that.


Too many of them.


We got out, brother, we're out. Good job.

We can't hold all of them.

-Have you ever played batak, Kaya?
-No, I prefer poker.

If you are to lose in batak...

-you've got one last chance.
-What is it?

You either go all in...

or sink.

All in.

-All in!
-All in!

What happened, man? Fuck, what happened?

Turan, Kaya, come in. Kaya, come in!

-What happened? Are they OK?
-OK? The fucking building collapsed!

-Calm down, OK? Calm down, brother.
-Go back and help them out.

Skunks will also come to check the ruins.

-We need to act fucking fast.
-C'mon guys, no problem!

I left Karabaş, return back.

Brother Murat!

Son, when you were kids,
I was in operations.

I'm the king. Keep it cool, c'mon!

Bullshit! You're two years ahead of them,
and one ahead of me.

Guys! I've got the command. I order you!

Return! If Turan and Kaya are alive,
help them out.

If not, maintain their position. Clear?


Give me your M4.

-"Immortal" is too heavy for running.
-I'll take good care of it.

-It won't have a scratch on it!
-Not even a scratch.

If you see any skunks outside the pincer,
you will return.

Don't worry, my beautiful sister. C'mon!

Don't give me bullshit, man.
Don't you dare take any risks.

-Bears don't take risks!
-No risks, my ass! Ömer, c'mon!

Do you know what Turkey is?

A dream.

A dream that
the named and unnamed millions

were ready to sacrifice their lives for.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s dream.

To become modern.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet's dream.

So that Europe would covet us,
as much as we covet her.

Alp Arslan's dream.

So that we have a homeland.

I never saw this picture of you before.

Is it Şırnak?

Kenan Tümer's dream...

To make Gabar Mountain
as safe as Sarıyer.

His daughter Asena's dream.

So that she'd be a role model,
and her father would be proud.

In the 90's, when you were a team leader,

you never missed any prayers,
even at the mountains.

I still never miss them.

He would watch over you till you finished,
just in case.

Your father wasn't a religious man.

But trust me,
he was more fair than any of us.

Yes, he was. What happened, then?

Where is the justice?

I was thinking the other day... you know,
here there is plenty of time to think...

Our radio code is 34-50.

Surah 34, ayat 50 commands us that

if we derail from fairness,
that would be our fault.

But if we find the right way,
it's because God inspired it.

God is aware of everything.

A homeland is not just a land, Asena.

The people living in it
make it a homeland.

Their rights,
the rights of the innocent...

You, too, are innocent.

You've got nothing
to do with those slanders.

-My dad's memory is innocent, too.
-We don’t mean anything, my daughter.

The true innocent is the nation itself.

They don't know you.

Lucky for them that you
are fighting for their rights.

Don't ever doubt yourself, dear.

We will burn so that our nation shines.


Here I come, brother. Here I come.

Here I come, brother.

Any pain?


Wait, I'll save your leg now.

Are we dead, brother?

-Are we dead?

-I don't know.

It's dark, I can't see anything.

I flicked the lighter.

To hell with the lighter...

Brother, I don't see a thing.

You don't see?

Brother, is the lighter near my eyes?

-Nothing is wrong.

Nothing is wrong.

Brother, have I become blind?

-Eat that, eat.

-Brother, I can't see!
-Son, do you eat with your eyes?

You're in shock.

Your blood sugar dropped,
it'll make you feel better.

You'll be yourself again.

This is 8th Main Jet.
34-50, do you read me?

34-50, answer. 34-50, do you read me?

34-50 here, repeat.

34-50, if you read me,
this is 8th Main Jet.

This is First Lt. Demir.
Timur Gür called for aid.

I am ready to support you.
But your radio frequency is broken.

Lieutenant, this 34-50.
We are under jammer intervention.

-I read you, confirm.
-Not clear.

Go up where I can receive
your signal, 34-50.

I'm leaving the frequency open.
My jet is ready to take off, on standby.

-They're not ready yet.
-It's now or never, Commander.

Other jets will fly to Erhaç.
Has PÖH confirmed the request?

Does it matter?

If not, we will be held responsible.
Commander, please.

If they need help,
we won't leave them without support.

Commander, please.

Diyarbakır, tower. Demir, take off.

Timur Gür's help request confirmed.
I must take off.

Demir, Diyarbakır tower,
take-off confirmed.


-Are you out?
-Yes, brother.

34-50, I took off. You need to contact me.

My fuel is limited.

-34-50, do you read me?
-Patience, sister, give me a break.

34-50, answer.

34-50, answer. Do you read me?

34-50, time is running out.
Have you gotten out of the jammer’s range?

First Lt. Demir, roger that.

Negative, 34-50. Repeat.

-Negative, 34-50. Repeat.

I said confirmed!

34-50, you must climb higher.
I have 40 minutes of fuel.

Lieutenant, this is 34-50.

The terrorist convoy
carrying ammunition to Sur

is going around Abbas Hill.

If you read, wait for
another 10 minutes, OK?

I can't say a word about my investigation.
I hope you understand.

-Bon appetit.

The reason why
I spared my time for you is

the effect your publication
at Harvard made on me.

-Which one?
-Forensic anthropology, your thesis.

Cultures and their crimes.

I'm having lunch with a fan of mine.

Just the opposite,
you're having lunch with a critic.

The essence of my thesis is that
Turkish cultural heritage is conquest.

You don't agree with me.

No, I don't. A publication
which creates prejudice internationally.

-It presents us as aggressive, militarist.
-Aren't we?

Our being or not being so
should not require a scientific analysis.

Then what should we do, tell them lies?

Write up a rosy, revisionist history...

presenting Turks not as warriors,
but as tulip growers?

Would this have made you happier?

Then you could tell your friends
in Amsterdam that you're like they are.

-This is very prejudiced and chauvin--
-Ms. Burcu.

Look, I see you're smart. That's why
I am gonna be honest with you.

I am not here to convince you,

to change the direction of the
investigation or discuss the publication.

The reason I'm here is to see
if you are part of a malevolent group

who infiltrated all levels of government.
To judge and analyze.

OK, am I their drone?

Well, they are sinister.

They keep silent like insect larvae.

They wait as scorpions,
until the perfect moment presents itself.

But you have passion, a flame.

You like polemics, too.

It's a bit naive, but...

at least it's real.

Maybe I'm such a great liar
that I can fool your notorious intellect.

I don't think so.

They don't tell you.

Tell you what?

About the reality of war.

What a human does to another human.

How they quiver while they die.

How they moan deeply,
they don’t tell you that.

While the sparkle in his eyes fades,
they don't tell you how it feels

to look directly into the eyes
of the terrorist that you shot.

What they've been told is
they can snatch land from Turkey.

How people like us would give up,
be afraid.

But see what happened?

They dreamed of killing us,
and their death was dreadful.

Because everything has a price.

Nothing is given for free,
be it a traitor or a hero.

And us?

What price will we pay?

Whatever is necessary.

Demir? Do you read me, Demir? I repeat.

-Demir, do you read me?
-Getting clearer, 34-50.

It's better. Confirm support.

I'm confirming, air support needed.

But, I'm not safe.

Two enemy support convoys behind me.

The battery may die.
You have to give me 10 minutes.

34-50, how many of you are there now?

Only me, the others are engaged.

-I'll set up on Abbas Hill.
-I have 30 minutes of fuel left.

-Are you injured?
-Sort of, First Lt.

-What's your name?
-Murat the Bea--

Murat, just Murat.

Murat, I need the exact coordinates.


I'll get on top of the hill soon.

-But my team doesn't request bombing.
-What do they want, then?

Low-level flight and sonic boom.

Chief Inspector Barbaros's order.

To save the battery
I have to turn it off, Lieutenant.


Hang on, Murat.
We'll make contact in 10 minutes.

I wouldn't say there is a world
after this world

if I did not hear the sonorous
call of duty...

This summons definitely
comes from the beyond.

Comes from far away, where God resides.

-Kaya, you hear me?
-Brother Turan? Kaya?

Do you hear me? Turan!

-Hear them?
-I do.


-Brother Turan!
-Murat! Murat!

Murat went to the hill. This is Baran.

Hang on, we'll get you out.

Are you morons trying to save us
in the middle of the fight?

Brother, we won't leave you here.

Brother! The building is shaking!

The building is shaking!

Guys, get out of here.
The pincer is closing, you'll be trapped.

Kaya, sorry brother, but you are
a rookie compared to me.

As are you, clown!

Go back to your positions,
you're not covered!

Brother, we are under steel!

Nothing will happen to us.

Brother Turan?


We're inside the elevator.
Steel cage, no bad shit, go now!

-Brother Turan!
-Ömer, we are shaking!

Are they gone?

Yes, they are.

Why did you lie?

Nobody else will
get killed because of me.

I have that emotional baggage
to last a lifetime.

Good job.


-It ran out of gas.
-No problem.

The building would collapse
long before that.

You have your cell phone with you?

-Do you have your phone?
-Yes, I do.

Give it to me. I broke mine in Mardin.
I want to call my daughter.

When her mom wanted to divorce...

she thought I'd resist,
give her a hard time.

I said under one condition:
that Ece would have a cell phone.

She got mad, of course,

that I could think of an eight-year-old
having a phone.

A douchebag like me,
my uniform is my life.

My only remedy is my daughter's voice.
So I convinced her mom.

She... She hated me so much that...

she'd accept anything to get rid of me.

She's right.

You're not easy.

Take it.

-Put your shoes on, we're going out.
-Where to?

Wherever the civilians go, that’s where.

-Older brother Behcet--
-You do as I say, girl.

We're forced to stay in the city
once in a while, let's enjoy it.

-Brother, I don't feel like it.
-Neither do I, Asena,

but what is this? Are you gonna
lock yourself up in a henhouse...

You're not a chicken.
You're a wolf, a wolf.

Even your name is "she-wolf," sister.

Please, for my sake, we'll just walk
around the waterfront.

Brother, can you keep me out of this?

I get mad thinking the rest of us are
fighting there. I'm going to go insane.

If I don't open up to somebody,
I'll be exactly like Turan, Asena.

C'mon, don't break my heart.

If Asena's ballistics report is clean,
they'll leave us alone.

Burcu Kutlay is clean.

Or she found a way to deceive you, huh?

Do you know
the fatal mistake of a rat, Tolga?

-The biggest mistake that gives them away?
-I do.

They are more royalist than the king.

Spotless fellows, cronies in the system,
carefully trained perfect overachievers.

But this girl chose to
pick on me, she criticized.

She took the risk of making a mistake.

I don’t know what we'll see in Burcu's
report, but there won't be any lies.

Do you know why they couldn't infiltrate
our Police Special Operations for years?

Because here, appointments are not
done at bureaucrats' desks.

Best performing officers, distinguishing
themselves in command and combat, rise.

This was Boss Kenan's idea.

But he became very anxious
in the late 90's.

He said that the ones
climbing up the ladders

through favoritism and partisanship
would plague this country someday.

He made me and İrfan plan an organization

that would be impossible to infiltrate.

Nothing is impossible, Boss.

True. Next to impossible, then.

Westerners call this "meritocracy."

It's not which political party you
belong to, which faction's ass you kiss,

but rather how competent you are in
your duties. That's the measure of a man.

Or, in the case of Asena Tümer,
the measure of a woman.

Do you know why I became a cop?

My father was also in the force.

He used to patrol by the borders at Hatay.

Back then, terrorism wasn't a pandemic
like it is now.

The world was more or less
a better place to live.

We'd wait for him at home, as if he
weren't a police officer, but a grocer.

A child’s mind, right?

We thought our father was invincible,
we didn't care much.

It was the summer of '78.

My sister and I
went out to buy Biji Biji,

a local dessert. Tasted great.

We were penniless, as usual,
trying to eke out a living.

But the proud Korkut Orbay would
never disappoint his children.

Each time, he'd get out of the patrol car,

buy the dessert, bring it to us,
pat our heads and go back to work.

We thought it was one of those days.


the bomb planted in his patrol car...

exploded as he turned the corner.

My last memory of him.

May his soul rest in peace,
brother Behçet.


Yes, praise his soul.

But what happened to his children?

Who killed my father? We still don’t know.

Smugglers? Or those assholes
he put in jail?

Why did my father become a martyr?
Why was he taken away from us?

We never found out.

This bothers me so much inside,
I can't put it into words, Asena.

A child's soul, losing its innocence.

Witnessing evil triumph
right before his eyes.

That's why I became a police officer.

I joined Special Operations so that these
bloody bastards hiding in shadows...

would never be able to
cause such pain to the kids

of ordinary people who are only
doing their jobs, like my father.

We're doing our best.

But darkness is always a step ahead.

It's been 40 years.
Those shadows are saturated now, Asena.

Bloody eyes are staring
at us with hunger.

Innocent people like my father,
just doing their jobs,

are falling like autumn leaves.

I need you, Asena.

I need friends that I trust
without hesitation.

You can't leave us.

We're supposed to be at Sur right now.

I know.

Let's get on a plane and go.
We'll support them with shotguns.

Don't be ridiculous, Asena.

I am sure that would look great
in the investigation, too.

Asena Tümer is suspended,
but goes fighting.

It bothers me greatly, Chief.

They have no sniper, no squad leader...

Asena, maybe you keep quiet for a change?

Look, you still have your ice cream.
Enjoy it, finish it up.

Just chitchat, how the sea
is so blue, the weather is great.

You know,
you're quite the persuader, Chief.

But not as good as Kemal.

Look at her now.
I thought you were bummed?

I have a badass brother.
He asked me to get over it.

When you smile

Roses bloom, Rosepink

Nightingales would sing to you

We'd listen, Rosepink

34-50, Murat, are you there? Got a signal.

34-50 Murat, do you read me?

-What's your name?
-My name?

Yes, your name.

Sorry, just curious.

My name is Gökçe.

Forget that. How are you? Tell me!

The first bullet only scratched me.

The second one went through my spleen,
rupturing it.

-Hang on! I’ll contact your guys.
-You can't.

Still, there's a jammer.

This is the only channel.

I am giving you the coordinates.

I don't have much time left, Gökçe.

Murat, you have to hang on.

I can...

a little bit longer.

-But only if you talk to me.
-Here I am, I'll talk.

Give me the coordinates.
I'll fly low and talk to you.

Don't drop a bomb!

I won't, I’ll just scare them.

40-02. 11-983 to 05-17.

Give me the phone, I'll try again.

Maybe they got rid of the jammer.

-Murat, are you there?
-Still here.

I have an idea.

We can use F-16’s radio equipment
as an antenna sending signal down.

-We will bypass the jammer.
-You're right.

That may work.

You're smarter than I am, Gökçe.

Spelling Combat F-16’s
communication code.

Key in there.

-No signal?

Try again.

What good would that do? It doesn’t work.

I can't hear my daughter's voice
one last time.

Come on, try it once more. I got a good
feeling about it, it'll work this time.

It's ringing!

It's really ringing.

Murat fucking did it!


-It's me, of course.

-What are you doing?
-Having my afternoon snack at school, Dad.

Great, what are you having?

Cookies, milk.

Hmm, what was the name? Pudding!

What? Pudding? I love pudding.

Come over here, Dad. We can split it.
Where are you?

-Do you know...

how much I love you?

I do.

Very, very much, Ece.
I love you very much.

No words are enough.

Dad, when are you coming over?

Let me see you again once more.

-Of course I'll come over.

Of course.

Look, listen to what your mom
says while I am away, OK?

OK. Dad...

Come, let me see you just once more,
then you can go again, OK?




-I can’t hear you.
-I have to hang up now, OK?

-Daddy has to hang up, OK?
-OK, Dad. Bye.

Thanks, Kaya.

If we had lived...

I wouldn’t call you a rookie anymore.

I'd keep on calling you elder brother.

-Turan. Brother Turan, Kaya?
-They are back!

-Kaya, can you hear me?
-Baran! Baran!

We're here! Hand me your rifle.

We're here, boys!

We're here!

Turan! Clear up!

Get ready. Take the rifle, here.

Brother, they're here in one piece.

Come on, bastards! Hurry up!

-Brother Turan!
-No time left, the fuckers are here.

-Get out, out!

Come on, man!

Thank God!

-Give him a hand.
-He has temporary blindness.

-Get over here.
-Kaya has temporary blindness.

-May God always be with you, Barbie!

Stupid of you to come here, Barbie.

You're not gonna die under my command,
you bastard. Had I not permitted,

they were going to disobey me
and come scrape you out anyway!

Baran, Ömer.

I do all the dirty work,
they get the credit.

Don't worry, Tan, I'll buy the kebabs.

-You know my appetite.
-Help yourself.

Eat as much as Murat the Bear.
Kaya is paying.

-I will, brother, no sweat.
-Stop talking!

The pincer is closing, get behind this!


We'll do our best.

Martyrdom is the choice, don't surrender!


-I told them not to come, but...
-I volunteered, brother.

How could we leave you behind
in that rubble?

I'd prefer dying here with you
instead of carrying that guilt.

They're coming!

Get ready. See you on the other side!

34-50, this is First Lt. Demir.

Murat sends his greetings.

I promised him not to bomb.

But I don't think you'll say no
to some 20mm support.

Are they out?

Yes, hang on, I'm coming to you.

Murat, do you copy? Answer me.

Murat, where are you? Talk to me.

I love you all, brother.

You're my family.

I'll do anything for you.

Pray for me.

What is he talking about?


-Gökçe, do they hear me?
-No, you closed the channel.

No tears left because of bleeding.

What are you trying to do, Murat?
Let us help you.

I'll faint in two minutes.

I'm about two meters tall.

They call me The Bear.

That's the reason why I am still alive.

It took a while for all of my
blood to drain out.


Please listen.

It's getting harder.

Even to think.

Please listen.

-Ten minutes ago,

I used my rifle to set up
a trap to gain some time.

I'm only left with my pistol.

It won't be enough
for 20 guys and two pick-ups.

That's why I’m giving you
one last coordinate.

Drop bombs there at will.


14-103 to...



That's Abbas Hill...

Your position.

Yes, it is.

Are you pretty?


You sound pretty.

You are smart, anyway.

Are you pretty, too?

Be honest.

Don't be humble.

I don’t know, I'm not bad. I think...

I'm just a normal person.

Oh, man, you are pretty!

These words, this modesty...

Damn it...

The real question is this:
If I were not dying...

if I lived...

would you have coffee with me in the city?

I would.

-For real?
-Yes, for real.

Even if I were ugly?

Even if you were ugly.

Murat, we still have time left,
we can do something.

No time.

Even a helicopter can't get here on time.

I don't feel my fingertips anymore.

Colors have started fading.

But you...

You can knock out these
20 bastards with one swoop.

Two pick-ups, full of ammo, 20 men...

They shouldn't harm anybody else.

Shouldn't hide...

Tear them to pieces on a wide open hill.

I've said my prayers.

I am ready.

-I'm here.

We have a very smart elder brother.


Always talks about physics.

Once he said...

According to quarium physics...


Yes, quantum.

According to that theory,

there are alternate universes.

Other universes.

In one of those...

After having coffee together,

you and I fall in love...

live happily ever after.

But in this one...

I will die, Gökçe.

We have to accept this.

I'm so tired.


Not in this one, but...

in that other universe...

I'll flirt the hell out of you.

I'll fall in love with you, Gökçe.

But in this one, please don’t...

Don't let them take me prisoner.

I must complete my mission.

Demir sorties for 2 GBU bombings.

Copy, 34-50, over.

Copy, over.


I am listening, Gökçe.

My shift ends around 19:00.

I am usually at the cafeteria.

I brew myself some green tea.

Otherwise, I get very tired after flights.
I fall asleep.

After having my tea, I go out
from the barracks.

You come meet me there.

I'll meet you there.

I will...

When you smile
Roses bloom, Rosepink

Nightingales would sing you

We'd listen, Rosepink

When you arrive, springtime comes with you

The streams flow like you

We'd cheer up, Rosepink

Along with autumn showers

You left us one day, you went away

We couldn't believe it, Rosepink

Our cities became quiet

Our cities have no meaning

Without you, Rosepink

A last song on my lips, Rosepink

Still talks about you

Still calls you, Rosepink


Along with autumn showers

You left us one day, you went away

We couldn't believe it, Rosepink

Our cities became quiet

Our cities have no meaning

Without you, Rosepink

A last song on my lips, Rosepink

Still talks about you

Still calls you, Rosepink

A last cloud in my eyes, Rosepink

Still looks for you

Still waits for you, Rosepink

A last song on my lips, Rosepink

Still talks about you

Still calls you, Rosepink

A last cloud in my eyes, Rosepink

Still looks for you

Still waits for you, Rosepink